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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  December 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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apparent terror attack next. gton county. chopper 6 is live over the scene southbound between exits 3 and 4
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of the new jersey turnpike. a pickup truck rear-ended a broken-down tractor-trailer. one person has been killed. we don't yet know if that person has the driver of the pickup truck, but his body has been covered by a sheet alongside that vehicle. you can see it there. traffic tragedy alongside the new jersey turnpike tonight. open-air christmas markets are one of the beloved traditions in germany. but that tradition today turned to apparent terrorism and tragedy. the death toll has risen to 12 in the wake of a truck plowing into crowds of people enjoying a christmas market in the heart of berlin. 48 people were seriously wounded. a shopper at the market described the scene this way. >> we could hear people and we could hear crashing. it was, it come so quickly and there was no signs of the truck
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slowing down at all. it was terrifying. >> germany's top security officials said evidence points to an intentional act and the white house condemned, quote, what appears to have been a terrorist attack. the driver of the truck is in custody in berlin. they think the truck may have been stolen from a construction site in poland. it was less than a month ago when the u.s. state department called on americans to be cautious when visiting markets and other public places across europe. action news reporter dann cuellar is live at the christmas market outside philadelphia's city hall. what kind of reaction to the tragedy in germany have you bee? >> reporter: a lot of sadness, jim. a lot of thouts with the people of germany. the christmas market that was attacked is similar to the christmas village here outside
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city haul. it's a tradition dating back to the middle ages. and tonight thoughts here were indeed with the people of germany. tonight hundreds were enjoying the sights and sounds of the christmas village outside city hall. >> it's really sad. it's a great time of year for families and it's sad to see something like that happening. >> it's very unfortunate. i feel very bad. again, my prayers and condolences go out to the friends and family of the people who were affected by the tragedy. >> reporter: the truck driver left a trail of devastation in its wake. a chilling echo of the deadly attack in nice. the attack comes weeks after the hus state department issued a warning cautiousing americans to avoid public places where there are holiday celebrations going on. >> isis and al qaeda both put out notices encouraging their followers to use large trucks and knives in attacks.
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so if this looks familiar, it's because it's happened before. >> reporter: the truck used in the tack was carrying steel. it is said to have been stolen from a construction site in poland and driven into germany. >> the challenge is because the eu facilitates the movement of people as easily as it does. it's not a surprise that they steal or rent a track in one country and then bring it into another. >> nobody understands anymore what's happening. we should really all try to do something for this. because it's horrible. it's horrible. >> it is very sad. it makes you want to squeeze your little one a little bit tighter. and we are praying for everybody. >> reporter: now, it's interesting to note that three different shop keepers that we reached out to, german-americans that we reached out to here at the christmas village,tor whatever reason, declined to comment for this report. live at city hall, i'm dann cuellar, channel 6 action news. jim? >> thank you, dann.
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in turkey it was political assassination in front of an audience at an art museum. an off-duty policeman shot and killed the russian ambassador to turkey just as the diplomat was introducing a exhibit. he screamed don't forget aleppo, don't forget syria. turkey has supported the rebels in the syrian civil war while russia has backed the government of assad. a south jersey mother of two has fallen victim of a violent crime. the woman's friends saw it coming. >> you don't know how many times that she came beat up. >> reporter: through tears, friends of tara oshea. >> she did everything she could to get away from him.
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>> reporter: this morning the years of abuse running away and hiding would finally end. though not in the way she wanted. just past 8:00 this morning, the 36-year-old mom was found dead in her home off of raymond drive in commercial township. >> i already knew who it was that did it. she told us that it was going to happen. she tried to get out of here. >> reporter: new jersey state police are tight-lipped on the case only calling it a suspicious death. friends and family say it was her estranged husband who slit her throat killing her in front of her 12-year-old son. friends and family have taken to social media to kick off efforts to try to find him. >> he needs to be punished for what he did to these kids and to her and her family. >> reporter: among many attributes, they say she was a fighter, and they say it was
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that unwavering will to fight back that ultimately cost her her life. >> for her to get that final restraining order to say enough is enough, she had enough and that's what i praise her for. because she had had enough. >> reporter: and friends tell me the victim's children are saying at the suspect's relative's home. we expect to learn more about this ongoing investigation in the coming days. jeannette reyes, action news at 10:00 on phl17. >> and channel 6 action news as well. thank you, jeannette. police are investigating the death of a woman in philadelphia. police say the 36-year-old was found dead at 8:30 this morning in the kitchen of a home on the 8600 block of gillespie street. no charges have been filed. police have not yet said how the victim died. a philadelphia police officer is okay after colliding with a pickup truck tonight in
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olney. the crash happened at the intersection of 5th and fisher at 7:00. authorities are investigating what led up to it. philadelphia police are looking for three men who robbed a local restaurant owner an his wife at gun point. surveillance video shows that the men with guns forced 64-year-old corn sal to his own home in olney at 3:30 this morning. he and his wife were pushed to the ground and the men took off with a bag that contained $3,000. the son believes the man followed his parents from their business to their house. >> it's scary to happen to my parents. i worry about them coming home at night and they're planning to retire shortly. and this is all happening before they plan to retire it's just kind of devastating. >> investigators say the attackers took off in a silver or white ford vehicle. a pediatrician arrested on child pornography charges has been found dead in the
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montgomery county jail. it happened yesterday. now authorities are investigating. 48-year-old dr. david s. kennedy worked as a personal care pediatrician in pennsburg. he was due for preliminary hearing the day after tomorrow. officials are not commenting on his death. awaiting results of an autopsy conducted this morning. the electoral college has voted donald trump the 45th president of the united states. electors in texas put trump over the top at 5:28 this afternoon. [ cheers ] with that, trump posted a tweet that said "thank you to all of my great supporters. we just officially won the election, despite all the distorted and inaccurate media." despite protests like this one in lancing, mitch, the effort by anti-trump forces to convince
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electors to abandon went no where. only two electors both from texas went elsewhere. one voting for john kasich and the other for ron paul. hillary clinton lost five of her electors. four from washington state, one from hawaii. three went to colin powell. one to faith spotted eagle and one to bernie sanders. in pennsylvania protesters took to the steps of the capitol building in harrisburg shouting their disdain for president-elect trump. inside they cast their ballots for trump. the first republican to win the keystone state in 28 years. they say despite the public's recrimination, today's outcome was never in doubt. >> a lot was made in the media by pundits that there was stuff in doubt, it never really was. >> more people in the commonwealth voted for donald
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trump than they did for secretary clinton. i think the decision was quite he'sy. >> they had been flooded by phone calls, letters and e-mails urging them to switch their vote. they said they kept an open mind and livenled. new jersey's 14 electors gathered in trenton to cast their votes today. hillary clinton took all of them with no defections and in delaware, hillary clinton the official winner. the three democratic party electors cast their ballots during a meeting in dover. from our new jersey news room pay raises for state officials will have to wait. there will be no vote on a measure that would have boosted the pay of cabinet officials, lawmakers, staffers and judges and prosecutors. the measure would also have eliminated a restriction that says governor christie cannot get money for a book deal while he's still in office.
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but the democratically controlled leth sla tour said nothing doing. a girl is bringing smiles to the friends she made at chop. a few weeks ago her doctor said she was strong enough to go home. that's when jillian and her family decided to do something for the patients who will have to spend the holidays in the hospital. they created a toy drive on facebook. the donations poured in. today jillian helped bring in 3,000 gifts to the hospital. >> chop has given us hope, they've made the experience one that's been incredible and happy and fun and if we can help other families to do that around the christmas time, then what other better feeling. >> police escorted jillian and her family as they brought the toys to chop. still to come on action news
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tonight, why gamblers who won $10 million at the borgata now have to pay it back. plus challenges fizzled out today in court. now we now when a philadelphia soda tax will take effect. on health check why you can't trust some advertisements for cribs. researchers reveal a danger for babies in plain sight. >> temperatures certainly on the cool side, well below average across much of the average in the teens and 20s. but there will be milder air slowly coming our way. >> plus, merriam webster's word of the year doesn't seem real. and ducis rodgers with the flyers trying to start another winning streak. when action news continues. philadelphia's beverage tax
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will go into effect next month after an attempt to block it failed today. a judge dismissed the lawsuit filed by the american beverage association. it had argued that the tax duplicates the sales tax, the state sales tax. the soda tax will take effect on
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january 4th. mayor jim kenney called the ruling a victory. >> we believe we were correct in our legal standing and the judge agreed thankfully and we'll take it as it goes. >> he has pledged to spend most of the money from the tax on the universal pre-k plan. philadelphia is the first major city to enact such a tax. new jersey want to publi publi public -- a casino license suspension on anybody shutting down a casino in 2016 or in the future. it had already cleared the senate and it would prevent icon from reopening the taj without a deal with labor. governor chris christie hasn't indicated if he will sign the bill. icon also owns the tropicana which is still open. one of the world's best
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poker players now owes the borgata millions of dollars in a cheating controversy. a federal judge has ruled that phil ivy junior and his playing companion exploited a defect while playing baccarat in 2012. the judge says that allowed them to tell what cars were coming next. he says his wins were due to skill, intellect and sharp eyesight. health check at 11:00 tonight. parents may be getting dangerous mixed messages over how their babies should be sleeping. images used in marketing for cribs is often misleading. more than one in three ads depicts an unsafe sleeping environment. the american academy of pediatrics published guidelines this year to reduce the risk of sids. as a reminder infants should be
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placed on their backs with no loose bedding, crib bumpers, pillows or even stuffed animals. the city of new orleans will pay millions of dollars for violations committed by the police department committed by the police department after hurricane katrina in 2005. six people were shot in those clashes. during a news conference today the mayor apologized on behalf of the city. do you think that 2016 has had a surreal quality about it? merriam-webster says that that is its word of the year. the publisher says there were dramatic spikes in searches for "surreal" this year than in past year. they defined it as marked by intense irrational reality of a dream. by the way compose xenaphobia and the
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oxford dictionary went with post-truth. the post office is making sure gifts arrive on time. today is the busiest mailing day of the year. action news is inside the usps processing facility in belmar where employees tell us they expected to post mark more than 1 million letters just today. you still have a chance to get gifts there in time through the mail. tomorrow is the deadline for first class. just ship your package by wednesday the 21st for priority mail to get there in time and the real procrastinators can push it to friday december 23rd if you are willing to pay for priority express. here are the cut-offs for other carriers. in order to get it delivered before sunday the 25th. ups second-day must be dropped off by wednesday. fedex guarantees christmas delivery por packages dropped off by thursday, which would be the 22nd of december.
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what about tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday as far as accuweather is concerned? >> chilly, chilly, chilly, milder and getting better. >> no white christmas? >> no white christmas. you can see it is dry here in nld. we have high pressure dominating our region so it's clear but it's pretty cold. we'll show you the picture outside. it's a festive shot there on main street. we've got a mostly clear sky across the region and certainly getting closer to the holidays this weekend. the high in philadelphia just 34. right now 27 in the city, 22 for reading. lancaster 8 up in the poconos single digits there. 27 in cape may and 28 degrees in dover. wind chills for the post part with the exception of the poconos are in the teens and 20s. it feels like 16 in lancaster, 18 in atlantic city, and 21
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degrees in millville. it's pretty quiet across our region. a few clouds scattered about the mid atlantic but for the most part we are staying dry and clear skies will prevail. in fact for the next 12 hours it's clear, it's cold, it's calm. 20 in the suburbs for the overnight low there in wilmington. 22 in dover we'll drop down to 17 in toms river and 18 in millville. the set-up for us on tuesday, it's a touch better tomorrow than it was today. 39 for the high. lots of sun but still 5 degrees shy of where we should be for this time of year. high pressure moves a little farther to the east tomorrow but it helps to suppress this sought-out frontal boundary to the south of our region. wednesday we track the southern high pressure that works its way eastward so it's a better day forth first day of winter mid week. a bright start, a cloudier finish as we track this area of low pressure coming over the plains states that heads our way
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as we get into late thursday. but theres a change on the way. if you look at the 6-10 day outlook across the united states we're tracking a pattern shift. temperatures below average, above average temperatures move across the eastern half of the u.s. so if you look at the 6-10 day outlook, this is really for christmas day and beyond. above average here in philadelphia, the greatest above looks to be across areas in the southeast. here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. on wet sun to clouds with the first day of winter arriving, a high of 44. clouds and some sun on thursday with a high of 46. the eagles at home at the link, kick-off around 8:25. chilly numbers are only in the 30s. on friday sunny with a gusty breeze, 46. christmas eve 48 with hanukkah beginning as well. christmas day mostly cloudy, a shower around. no white christmas, just 49 degrees and maybe an isolated
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shower. jim? >> got a lot of holiday symbols. >> a lot happening. >> thank you, melissa. christmas came early for hundreds of teachers in the chester upland school district. tonight at chester high school, the teachers were able to pick up school supplies that were all donated. pennsylvania state education association helped collect the supplies over the past two months. >> having kids means having stuff. >> the question is where do you put all that stuff.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can. want to start another winning streak. >> trying to. end up in a shoot-out.
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>> trying to start anew, the flyers saw their win streak come to an end over theend. that lead holds until midway through the fourth period. game tied 1-1. here's the shoot-out. ryan ellis passed mason. the flyers need to score at the other end to stay alive, but they're denied. the flyers drop their second street 2-1 the final on this one. to football, lane johnson's 10-game suspension has come to an end. can you put the eagles' struggle solely on him? no. but the team did go 2 and 8 in his absence. they have announced he'll start the game against the giants. johnson hasn't even worked out with the team. who knows what type of shape he's in.
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the coach says injuries have left him with no choice. >> what else do i have left? you know what i mean? i'm just going lane you're the guy. i don't care if you're x weight. you've got to play. >> he may not have had a choice with johnson but he did have a choice at the end of yesterday's game in baltimore. he went for the win with a 2-point conversion try and that didn't work out. the coach said he was being aggressive. as for the play call, he's defending that as well. >> in my mind there was zero opportunity to run. because what we anticipate is what we got defensively. they gapped out, they zero blitzed us. there was not going to be a lane that was a 1-yard loss if we tried to run the football at the time. >> still ahead the sixers have a mess on their hands. the front office tries to explain just what is going on.
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today the general manager tried to clear it up or at least clarify it. friday night nerlens noel complained about his minutes with the team. there's not enough big man mints to go around. yesterday he was benched. brown said he would be taken out of the rotation for the for seeable future. today a different message came out of the front office. >> the coach realizes the way it came out yet that it was black and white, nerlens was not going to play.
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that was not what the intended message was. it was just for now because you did just come back and we were kind of knee-deep in expertation of putting the two bigs together, talking about john and joe, that there wasn't probably going to be room. >> three big men, how is that different? >> how is it different what colangelo said. >> he kind of tempered it in the bing. >> they've got some problems. >> who didn't see it coming. >> jimmy's got the cast of "star wars" and music from "a tribe called quest." for ducis rodgers magee, and the entire action news time, i'm jim gardner.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, the cast of "rogue one: a star wars story" felicity jones, diego luna, alan tudyk, donnie yen, ben mendelsohn, riz ahmed, mads mikkelsen, and director gareth edwards. plus music from a tribe called quest. and now, may the force be with him -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host


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