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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  December 20, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon sara bloomquist is off, in the news
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investorss may have the wrong person in custody for the attack on a german market. a woman found critically injured on the side of a local road. she was unconscious with severe head trauma when officers found her in north philadelphia late last night. katherine scott is live at the scene with new details from the investigat investigators. >> reporter: rick, the victim was rushed to the hospital last night in critical condition and while so far today investigators haven't updated her condition officially, we do now know that homicide investigators are taken over the case. a single boot lying in the road part of the crime scene investigators were investigating in north philadelphia. officers were patrolling near third and lehigh when a woman flagged them down and told them there was an unconscious woman
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on the 2700 block of 3rd. >> when police went to the location they found the female laying on the street and was completely unresponsive. >> she was rushed to university hospital in critical condition where she underwent surgery. she had bruising to the body and head trauma and never regained consciousness. >> she has no identification on her and appears to be a jane doe in her 40s. >> there were signs she could have been sexually assaulted and there are vacant lots on both sides of the street where she was found. police have not identified any witnesses. at this point police don't know how long she was lying here before she was discovered. this all remains under investigation. katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. new jersey state police released new images of a man
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wanted for killing his wife. for jeremy model allegedly killing tara watson by slitting her throat in front of their 10-year-old son yesterday. he was last seen in a pickup truck with license plates, x 91 gjv. rush hour headaches along the blue route thanks to two separate vehicle fires, chopper 6 hd was over the scene of both. the first was a crane fire southbound at route 3 at 6:15, crews had to shut down all lanes to fight the blaze and then a suv erupted in flames on the highway near saint davids, fully engulfs causing traffic delays. nobody was hurt in either incident. turning to accuweather
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another day to bundle up with cold temperatures sticking around as we look live outside sky 6 hd showing us the ben franklin bridge and the delaware river on a bright but brisk afternoon. david murphy joins us now with a first check of the forecast. how are we looking? >> we are looking great. plenty of sunshine rick and look at satellite. there is a little cloud cover off to the south and west of us but we don't see that at dark when it grows partly cloudy and expect a fairly bright afternoon sunglasses all around on the highways and by ways. temperatures are climbing and we are at the freezing mark in philadelphia. 30 in wilmington and 30 in trenton after we started out in the low 20s and upper teens at dawn this morning. a slow climb from dawn to mid-day. the winds are not all that strong so the current temperatures are 32 and
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windchill feeling like 27 only a 5 degree difference and we expect the winds to remain light turning around a bit out of the south in the afternoon. 35 degrees by 2:00. and we expect a high of 37 by about 3:00 this afternoon before dipping back to 30 by 3:00. still very cold and winter coat weather be 32 by dinner time and we slide to 29 by 10:00 with an overnight low not much worse of 28 degrees overnight. you look to the west. last week i showed you this there was a big bold mass of cold air near bismark, and omaha, nebraska. we had temperatures around zero and look how bismark this week is the same temperature of philadelphia. that is a sign that air is milder and on its way here. we'll see a climb in temperatures and may even get over 50 in time for christmas
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day. we'll have more of that when we check out the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast for now it feels like winter. >> thank you david. this reminder track changes in the holiday forecast at check stormtracker 6 live double scan radar for current conditions. for what the season has in store. in other news, german officials are treating yesterday's attack on a berlin christmas market as an act of terrorism. they revealed they may have the wrong man in custody and those responsible still on the loose. elizabeth herr is joining us live from new york. >> reporter: that is right. still a lot of questions but the major new development today is officials in germany today saying they don't know if they have the right man in custody so the manhunt is still on. this morning germany's chancellor at the site of the
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country's deadliest attack in decades. this as the large truck used as a weapon of mass destruction is removed to be thoroughly examined for evidence. with germany's top prosecutor saying that the person detained yesterday may not have been the perpetrator or belonged to the group of perpetrators. but this much they can confirm. it was around 8:00 p.m. in berlin this truck suddenly came barrelling over a sidewalk and headed straight for the stands where hundreds were outside shopping at this christmas market. >> doing a little bit of shop and i thought to respond to a texmessage. >> this american tourist believes that text message saved her life. >> i high tailed it as far as i could and hid behind a stall because there was nowhere to go. >> according to eyewitnesss the truck was speeding and showing no signs of speeding until it crashed to a halt.
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that is believed to be from poland where it's register and the attacker allegedly hijacked the truck at some point and murdered the polish driver found dead in the truck. as for that man in custody we are told that he is a 23-year-old from pakistan in germany as a refugee and denying any involvement with this attack and they are urging the public to remain vigilant. >> thank you. the man accused of setting off bombs in new jersey and new york made his first in person appearance in court. ahmad rahami pled not guilty for trying to kill the officers in september. 'peered video yeah video link and is facing separate charges for allegedly detonating bombs in seaside park and manhattan. now a health alert for
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thousands of patients this visited a pennsylvania dentist. they may have been exposed to hiv and other diseases here in berks county. the dental instruments were not properly cleaned or sterilized and they have shut the office down and contacted patients that needed to be tested for hepatitis or hiv. eight letter carriers at the tacony postal station reached a milestone, they received the 1 millionth step award. recognizing those on foot routes that walked accident free for three decades or more. this morning more than 3,000 toys were loaded into a truck in new jersey to be donated to the childrens hospital of philadelphia. the second annual toys fundraiser a program aimed to
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help families affected by a post birth traumatic injury. it was from 60 schools and businesses and community members. still to come on "action news" at noon, authorities have afounded new criminal charges in connection with the flint water investigation and a million fiat chrysler vehicles have a desk and could roll away when in park. fios in the house!
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today the body of a russian ambassador that was shot and killed in turkey arrived back in russia. a memorial was held for the ambassador when his body arrived. investigator says that an off duty policeman shot him yesterday while shouting slogans about the embattled city of aleppo. a senior official says that the gunman likely had an accomplice. investigators say that about a million additional fiat chrysler vehicles may have a risk of rolling away even when in park.
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the problem is similar to what happened to star track actor, when his suv rolled on to him in june in los angeles. in the new investigation announced today the government is looking into a similar issue with some ram 1500 pickups and dodge durangos. no official recall is issued but one is possible. a short time ago, michigan's attorney general announced new criminal charges with the flint water investigation, four more people included four more managers and city officials are facing federal charges for their failure to protect the residents from flint caused by contaminated drivening water. >> the tragedy we know did not occur by accident. no. flint was a casualty of arrogance, disdain, and a failure of management.
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>> flint's water system became contaminated with led because the water from the flint river was not treated for contaminates. more people could face charged. the faa is looking for a scary mistake concerning a commercial jet in california. it took off from los angeles last friday but the air traffic controller made a mistake telling the pilot to turn left rather than right. it came too close to a tall mountain range and later realize the the problem and told the airliner to turn around. >> what are you doing? turn southbound now. southbound now. stop your climb. >> the flight crew eventually got on to the right path. still at noon, if you wind up in the hospital you may be in better hands with a woman doctor we'll explain coming up in health check. later the obamas will move
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out of the white house one month from today. find out what the first lady is telling oprah winfrey before she lives.
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a postal worker is accused of dumping thousands of pieces of mail in the woods, about 1,000 letters were found on the ground in atlanta. the police arrested him after they were alerted to the undelivered mail. some was recovered and brought
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to its destination but some was too badly damaged. the postal worker was indicted by a grand jury and he pled not guilty. a solar project is underway at ft. dix, new jersey. the solar panels are expected to produce enough renewable energy to power more than 2500 homes. turning to health check, a new study says that there is really such things as mommy brain. researchers found that a woman's brain is altered during pregnancy in ways that allow her to better care for her child. they compared brain scans before and after pregnancy. they found it in 11 different locations. it could help mothers recognize threats or help bonding. during a large study of older patients, those that got most of their care from women
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doctors were more likely to survive than those treated by men. and more likely because women are more likely to follow guidelines and communicate with patients and it was done by an all male research team and there would be 42,000 fewer deaths each year if male physicians performed at the same level as their female counter parts. here is alicia vitarelli live in the newsroom with a preview. welcome back. >> thanks rick, coming up in today's show, especially this time of year there is lots of sugar around and some scientists are questioning the official sugar guidelines, they say that the guidelines are based on evidence that may be wrong. we'll have the details and what that means for you the muffin and cupcake. and it's less than a week for hanukkah and christmas and now offering deals on last minute gifts. we'll tell you where to go and
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what good gifts to give if you are a procrastinators. take us with you on the go if you have not download the channel 6 "action news" news app can you watch us live on our smart phone or tablet. >> you like to watch us under pressure. >> i'll go with that. meteorologist, david murphy, standing by with an update on the temperatures.
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meteorologist, david murphy is here now with the chilly forecast. there are changes coming? >> but they are the good changes. it's code outtory now. we are dry and a pretty picture coming in on the action cam from atlantic city earlier this morning. somebody was out there in this cold with the sails up and getting the boat on the water.
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well, power to them. i don't know if this would be my day for sailing, i guess if you love it you love it month matter the temperature. your dew point is down at 9, an indication of how dry the air is. winds not strong at 5 miles per hour but giving windchills of mid-20s. as we look at temperatures across the region, 27 in allentown and reading and 29 in lancaster and 4 in millville and 34 in cape may. satellite shows you there is clouds off the coast and looking to stay there. this additional cloud cover will make a run at us and achieve a whole lot until after dark. partly cloudy skies tonight. in the lehigh valley. mostly sunny and chilly. a high of just 36 degrees and with light winds we still see the winds hold in the upper 20s, and then at the shore lots of sun and still cool and high of 41 degrees same as the ocean
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temperature and high of 37 this afternoon mostly sunny skies and still on the cool side and winds circle only at 4 to 8 miles per hour. to a little bit milder than yesterday by 3 or 4 degrees in most neighborhoods and less windy and still cold. 35 by 4:00 coming down from the high of 47 and down close to the freezing mark by 5:00 and 36 by 7:00. not a big dramatic plunge and settle in the upper 20s in most spots and philadelphia a low of 28. as i mentioned a few more clouds and partly cloudy and cold. when you wake up tomorrow morning and get out the door early it won't be quite as cold as this morning. and winds staying on the light side. winter arrives at 3:45 in the morning when the sun is aimed at capricorn, and after that thursday the sun is moving
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closer to us again and we'll see the daylight hours expand a few minutes every day. and tomorrow afternoon it feels a little less like winter with high of 43 degrees and high pressure giving sunshine early and then clouded later on in the day. not as closed in the afternoon and a frontal boundary coming in over the next couple of daze. it will encourage a southerly flow and bounce up the numbers a bit. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast look at all of this stuff on the seven day, mostly sunny and chilly and winter arrives early and then thursday clouds mixing with some sun, 47 degrees and a chance of a spotty sprinkle or shower in the afternoon and probably dry for the eagles at night. gusty breeze on friday and 46, saturday is not only christmas eve but hanukkah starts at sun
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down. sunday christmas day we change the forecast for the better, a mix of clouds and sun and a shot of 51 for a high and a chance of a stray shower around on christmas day. and kwanzaa on monday, 53 degrees. and a little better chance of periods of rain on monday. >> i got all of that and we'll see you again in 10 minutes and do it again. >> a couple in michigan has three identical new babies to bundle up. ivan williams and harrison were born a few minutes apart. the challenge is telling them apart and they are looking forward to bringing the babies home in the next few days. still ahead on "action news" a new ways to lose weight. create a lunge swap to help you and your wallet. and families in need in delaware will have a bright and happy holiday. that and more when we come right
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. >> hello again, sara is off and here are the to yours we are following for you now on "action news" at 12:30. a woman found with critical injuries overfight has died and philadelphia police still don't know how she was hurt or who she was. a philadelphia row home was dadly damaged by fire and we
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have the details coming up. and thousands of toys making the holiday brighter for children in the hospital are on their way. we begin this half hour with the latest on the forecast, should you bundle up on this final day of fall believe it or not. we found lots of folks doing this in center city. people were wearing coats and hats. and winter arrives tomorrow and it will warm things up. a live look at sky 6 hd from our temple university camera, it's cold out there and things are getting milder, meteorologist, david murphy is outside on the terrace with the lightest from accuweather. >> it's definitely feeling like winter on the last day of autumn right now. as we take a look at satellite we have plenty of sunshine that is nice and cloud cover off the coast and not really making a run at us. and way up by williamsport additional cloud cover and west of harrisburg too. some o


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