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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 20, 2016 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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it's december 20th, time for great viral videos "right this minute". a tourist in bali nails the cliff jump, but loses his gopro. >> that's like 99 feet deep down there. >> what happens when a brave local dares to go down after it. it's a disturbing scene of a worker and child in day care. >> told it had suffered a self inflicted injury. >> see how a security video got a big bully busted. >> makes my blood boil. >> a rare look. why the baby better happening on during mom's meal time. >> we're breaking down the best on the web, including a gamer bride who won't quit and a groom's father who's had it.
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>> control your woman, boy. >> see if league of legends or the wedding wins. >> she needs to be control, alt, deleted. >> nice cool travel video, this is a trip that they took to bali, indonesia. this project almost never made the light of day because they made one critical error in a scene they were shooting by a waterfall. do a little cliff jumping. that's a huge plunge. >> i think he dropped something. >> yeah, he forgot to secure the camera. >> well, actually he did secure the camera, but the force of the impact from that tall drop tripped the gopro off the stick he was holding. now that gopro kept diving, he went to the surface and done, right? all the locals are saying that's like 99 feet deep down there. whatever was on the camera,
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gone. >> these guys were belly aching, so one of the locals said, all right, i'll give it a try. pretty excited the locals were able to recover their camera and the footage that was on the camera, as well. of course they don't want to leave that. it all goes beautifully together with the rest of their experienced video. >> what's interesting is how far away from the waterfall it was. they've been pushed way down. >> lucky they found it, or think about it, the locals, who are in this area, probably know that waterfall very well, know where the little eddy is that everybody's lost stuff lines up. probably knew exactly where to find it. these two videos will be a reminder of how much responsibility it is to be a parent and how vigilant you have to be. in this first video, they are
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walking into an electronics store. this little boy is opening the glass door himself, but watch what happens. >> whoa! wow, he got crushed by that metal handle on the way down, didn't he? >> yeah, no way the parent could have prevented that. >> here's a good thing about glass like that, tempered safety glass, so it's designed to shatter in a billion pieces, so he may have gotten some cuts, but not going to be anything serious. >> he did suffer minor injuries, he was treated, and looks like the store may be covering the medical bills, as well. over to india, and this is really going to get your blood boiling. this is at a day care center. that woman there is one of the employees there who is supposed to be watching over the child in the video, but watch this. when the child didn't want to go to sleep, this caretaker decided to get physically aggressive, taking it up, throwing it around. at one point dragging it back
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toward her. you even see her hitting the child with her hands. the child was sent home and the parents were told it had suffered a self inflicted injury. in that moment, the parents are like, okay, we'll keep an eye on it. the child ended up having a fever, so they took the child to the doctor. it had an x-ray that revealed the skull had been fractured. >> makes my blood boil. >> authorities were notified. this video was recovered, and they did end up arresting both the employee and the owner of this day care, who posted bail and literally bailed. they had a hard time finding this woman until later when she was located again, rearrested. she will be facing attempted murder charges and will also be spending some additional time in jail because she tried to flee. check this out, monkeys, aren't they precious? especially the young little one.
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mama is giving birth to this sweet little endangered species at the zoo in austria. and i have to say, it's precious. >> are they always all white? >> yeah, they are born white. three months old they start changing colors. you can see with this one they get gray heads, black bodies, and a white tail. >> that's really cool to see that mother being so gentle and caring with her baby. and then the kisses at the very beginning. >> they are actually from a rain forest in western africa. however, they are endangered and not frequently kept at zoos, but the zoo is very happy because mom is doing good with the baby, the baby is clinging on and drinking lots of milk. >> who's the other one? is grandma waiting for a turn to hold the baby? >> when you have monkeys, they share the duties. mama isn't sharing duties here. as you can see, mama hyena has a pup in her mouth. what did pup do?
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it ran away early in the morning, so mama had to go fetch it. you know what, this is kind of like being restricted to the house, like you can't go outside and play. >> right. mom had it coming and ruined the fun. >> taking this way too personally. >> i know, i feel like a hyena. every time i want to do something and jump off a cliff, my mom would be like, no. >> finally at the very end, mom lets it go, then walks up to the car, don't put that on facebook and judge my parenting skills. once more we delve deep into the black hole that's dash cams of the world. it's a clear day. no problem. in fact, it's a straight road. no problem. things get weird. what's that in the distance? getting closer. >> oh! out of nowhere, what looks like a military helicopter, boom, just straight over the top of a
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top of the car. never can guess what's going to happen next. certain parts of the world it's getting tricky to drive, like minnesota. this was uploaded that shows just how freezing, appropriate lane for the conditions. he's on the left hand side. truck comes through. all it takes is a little tap of the glass. spinning around in front of the police car. don't stop me, please, don't give me a ticket. yore sliding, you're gone. >> see there in the left hand lane, half the lane itself is iced in. so a couple of tires aren't on the surface. half of that rear wheel drive and that's all it took to send it back and around. >> that's a gutsy move to pass the cop. >> then do a 360 in front of him. ta-da! this mama to be is feeling the beat. >> because she has not been able to stop the feeling of contractions.
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skin is soft, smooth, silky. gold bond. pregnancy, that's a journey, isn't it? personally my favorite part is what gets you to the pregnancy, but i think the best part is getting that baby out, which is exactly what this mom is trying to do. ♪ >> get it, girl. get it, girl. raise the roof. >> can't stop the feeling, because she has not been able to stop the feeling of contractions for 15 days, ladies. >> 15 days? >> yeah, she is dancing right now to get her body to go okay, enough with the warm-up contractions, can we head up into labor please? >> they say that if you dance, keep active, it will help you dilate. >> she's going to full-on funky dancing, pulling all these
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moves, and if you watch until the end, believe it or not, i'm pretty sure it works. welcome to baby town, i'm thinking, by the looks of it. okay, i'm done. i'm going to have this baby now. justin timberlake, helping people have babies since 2003. >> it worked. i want to talk about whisper, british columbia. this time of year, cool, skiing video. not this time. folks over at red bull put this together. it's the fastest mountain biker on four wheels. he's an extreme sports athlete riding his custom built buggy that he designed specifically for downhill mountain biking. had an accident back in 1992, broke his back on a swing set. gets a chuckle out of that, because he had come from a family of extreme sports athletes. a lot of extreme sports, drag
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racers, dirt biking, but it was a swing set that caused his injury. but it never slowed him down. he never turned away from the extreme sports. in fact, just kept getting better. >> is he paralyzed from the waist down or is he just limited that he can't use his legs? >> he is paralyzed from the waist down, but he is completely independent. he drives himself to the lift, he goes up on the lift himself, doesn't need anybody to do what he loves. >> this is a gravity powered buggy, but he can pump and go faster. the bike frame is flexible. approaching jumps, you can compress the suspension and launch himself off the jump. he's not just along for the ride. >> becomes popular for people, because you can train just as hard as anybody else. >> looking at this, it looks like you have painting and natural real life settings. you do.
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>> so we do. >> no, no. i mean, usually, the painting is an imitation, but it's art in real life. this is the work of german artist justin marveldell and she likes to paint on -- >> naked people. >> no, on unconventional surfaces. >> takes around two to four hours to paint a model. i do a full body painting with ornaments or something like that, takes seven hours. >> she bends over, look, she looks like a mother penguin cuddling the baby or father, because they both care for the baby. >> to be a model, you definitely need to be very good at yoga. >> all sort about the framing, positioning, way they've used the different body parts, cover the other ones to create the effect. all very, very smart. >> she says the interesting thing is, she doesn't know if the human body will be compatible with what she has in
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mind. >> never know if it will work or not, because sometimes i don't know the shape of my model before. i never know if i can hide all the parts that i don't use for the animals. >> that woman had to put her head under the water. watch how she crooks the arm to make it look like a real swan. >> i'm amazed at the other hand being the tail feathers. >> oh, yes! baby reveal in a box. >> she's about to find out the gender of her sibling. >> boy or girl next "right this minute". and still to come, it's time for a wing suit rodeo. >> doing it slightly wrong. >> uh-oh. >> i want to see this. right? >> see the ride in the sky that will rope you in. plus, the singing attorneys are back with a medley of christmas tunes. >> going to help keep people like me and other people out of jail for christmas. >> hear their unforgettable twist on the holiday classics. ♪
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promotional considerations provided by -- heading it to waco, texas, this weekend, head out with my wife's family. nice timing. we have a new video from hudson and harris. remember those guys, the attorneys that make these really funny songs? the songs have gone viral. they decided to put together a christmas medley that are going to help keep people like me and other people out of jail for christmas. ♪ o christmas weed o christmas weed ♪
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♪ it's still a crime in texas >> they even cautious the generous pot smokers out there, fans of the puff, puff give -- ♪ be careful out there and if you share remember it's still delivery of a controlled substance ♪ >> the fun continues. they have more songs. this is a good one. ♪ pack the bowl with lots of soot ♪ ♪ if you get arrested ♪ fa la la la la ♪ be quiet call a lawyer ♪ never say anything to the cops ♪ >> essentially that whole goal -- ♪ have yourself an unindicted christmas ♪ ♪ please stay out of jail >> these guys, they work hard as lawyers all year and they just want a break over christmas. ♪ robbing banks or at least a
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week this year ♪ >> however, all these things, there's one exception, you can call them on christmas for this -- ♪ unless you've been injured then i'll take your call on christmas day ♪ >> these guys are like a cheech and chong of the criminal justice system. >> oh, my gosh, that's a beautiful comparison. without the weed consumed by them. >> yeah. is that wonder woman? >> yeah, essentially, what it is is a sky diver holds on to a wing suit pilot. once they level out, sky diver then basically rides the wing suit pilot. >> doing it slightly wrong. >> uh-oh. >> i want to see this. >> right? >> oh, oh, oh. you spoke too soon. >> there it is! did it.
2:52 pm
so cool. >> it really is. and not only that. she stayed on for longer than eight seconds. >> yeah. >> look at that, it works so well. we've always joked about this before. wouldn't that be cool. clearly, some people are like, yes, yes, it would be cool. >> this one you even have two sky divers riding the wing suit pilot. >> what about transferring from one wing suit pilot to another one midair. >> look, i'm sure they've thought about all of this. >> does the wing suitor try to buck at all? does he keep it smooth? >> at the very end when you see that the wing suit pilot shakes a bit and then they just let go and everybody free falls on their own. >> i think the helmet waggle at the end indicates to get off. >> that's cool. >> these guys are pros, have been doing it for a long time. they'll have each other's back and make sure they don't put each other in danger. the video was shared on youtube. one of youtube's best just got hitched, and it was gorgeous.
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>> it's the moment that he sees his beautiful bride in her beautiful gown. >> no way. >> yes. >> he got married and we weren't invited? >> see the stunn playing with those
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things. just lick your fingers clean. adorable fetch lesson. >> oh. oh. for this woman, it's not about the game. she's a gamer. and she's not going anywhere until she's ready. she's babbling it out in her wedding gown, playing league of legends, and there you see her groom. honey, honey, come on, we have
2:56 pm
somewhere to be. nope. she's playing the game. and there they are begging and pleading with her, when his father steps up and snatches him, slaps him. control your woman, boy. is this real? >> come on, no, definitely not. it's like a soap opera. >> if she were that serious about playing her game, she wouldn't have headphones looped over the monitor. >> right. >> so, i'm calling fake! >> eagle eye, yes. >> what about this next video? you may recognize this guy. >> feel like an episode of the bachel bachelor. >> well, it's beautifully shot, that's for sure, and on par from
2:57 pm
all the other videos we've seen from devin graham. it's the moment that he sees his beautiful bride in her beautiful gown. >> no way. >> got married and we weren't invited? >> maybe the invitation got lost in the mail. way lost, because he got married in august, but just released the video. took some time to put it together and post it to youtube. >> this is simply the wedding dress reveal. >> as always, shot behind the scenes footage of the big day. and that's where they show him still wanting to play pokemon go. >> no. no means no. >> first thing's first -- i have to level up. >> you're getting married. >> there's something here. >> forgot it. >> i got it. amazing, one i don't have. >> they caught a wife. they are really hard to get. that's it for now. tune into the fresh new episode on the next "rtm".
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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franco, this is seth baker. seth baker? tom's my brother. he stopped by because he hasn't seen his brother for a few days -- not since he was taken off the job here at gh. you wouldn't know anything about that, would you? why would i know anything about where your brother is? my brother said the two of you -- he knows about the fight you guys got into and he knows that you threatened tom, so he's here to see you. oh, okay. here i am. franco, did you do something to tom? ♪ [ rock music playing ] [ sighs ] [ grunts ] ah! [ sighs ]


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