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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 21, 2016 2:40am-4:00am EST

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has a knack for viral videos and folks are always asking him how he does it. well, he recently posted a christmas video with him and his mama that's gone viral. he decided to show everybody how. >> hey, mom? >> hi. >> hey, do you think i could maybe come home? the other one did really well and, you know, i'm running low on money, so maybe we could make a new one. >> maybe. >> so he heads home. >> hey. >> what's up? >> what's up? >> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> mom is all excited to see him, but not excited about shooting another video. >> mom, i was thinking we need to make some more car ride videos. >> why? >> mom, i know you want to be in this video. come on. >> already he's got the video he needs right there. chasing mom around the house. >> i've got you now. >> no, no!
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>> mom, we have to make a video. >> money, money talks. everything else walks. run her the money. >> why didn't you say so? >> yeah, see? you've got to put things in order. >> exactly. after that he sets up the camera in the car. >> i almost forgot. you need these bad boys. >> and now it's go time. ♪ ♪ feliz navidad >> so his videos go viral because he's just goofy. ♪ jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell rock ♪ >> ying and yang. he's all expression. she doesn't care. ♪ i want a hippopotamus for christmas ♪ ♪ let it snow let it snow let it snow ♪ >> after several songs, the video ends with him in a santa hat. ♪ we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year ♪ >> she's like, get out.
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thanks for watching. catch us on the next brand new episode of "right this minute".
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a little bit of a problem in northern michigan. you're looking at the blades on a wind turbine brought down by a fire. because the blades are so large, though, fire crews couldn't do anything about it and let the fire burn itself out. luckily no one was hurt. startling new detales this morning about a formal reality show contestant who vanished in california over the weekend. >> her body has been found. let's get more now from kabc's alex michaelson. >> reporter: hugs and tears to
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be the as lisa's family mourns. she was found murdered in lenox. jackie, the suspect seen here, told investigators to look in his backyard, finding her body shortly after in a shallow grave. >> shared information she was here. >> reporter: cameras captured them outside a party sunday at the alpine village. >> he says he absolutely never took her home. >> reporter: lisa's sister said when they asked for surveillance video, they spoded lisa getting in a car leaving with rogers, specially catching rogers in a lie. >> that's when we called the police. >> reporter: detectives took rogers in for questioning, thanks in part to the detective work of lisa marie's family. >> they knew something was not right and took steps we don't ordinarily see and they called the police. >> reporter: the family says it's possible she was having an
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affair with rogers. they say she taught nursing at west l.a. college, and he was one of her students there. this was just moments after police told lisa marie's family that rogers told them about their killing. >> he shared information that led the investigators to believe that he was the suspect, and tonight they've felt they had enough to book him on murder. >> apparently, the suspect was her nursing student at the time. coming up, we're going to change gears, so have no fear, holiday procrastinatorprocrasti. >> we have last minute gift ideas. "world news now" continues
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welcome back. as you know, your shopping time is running out ahead of the holidays, and if you need last and fast gifts that are not gift cards, of course, we got some ideas for you here. to talk about it all is our toy insider mom. good to see you. happy holidays. >> thank you. it's great to be here and we have great things for kids of all ages. we start with the littlest ones. >> all right. >> weebils, they wobble, but don't they fall down. this is the club tree house. they are adorable. the tree house comes with two characters, willie, and his dog, buster, and there's all things
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going on. trap doors that go into our swings. we can go down the bridge and right through on to the coaster over here, i mean, there's just tons and tons of play for kids as young as 2. >> that was popular way back in the day. >> yes, it was. the good thing about a weeble is that it doesn't fall down. >> it wobbles -- >> perfect for kids as young as 2. >> and old as i am. >> as old as you are. talk about bedtime and nap time. that's not easy to get kids to go to bed even when you tell them a story first. >> yep. >> there's something brand new called spin tales. this is the duvet cover and pillow. what happens is we download the free app, and now this kids are reading the stories, the characters will come alive right in their bed sheets. >> wow. >> now there's characters. we see animals and butterflies and everything, and it makes the whole experience magical. >> look at that. >> using augmented reality. it is a fabulous experience, and kids will be running upstairs to bed.
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>> if only we can do that for us insomnia insomniacs. >> right? ready to shell? this is an ooze blaster. it's a great little car. there's lights. we have sounds. watch. so now the car would take off if i had it on the floor. wheels spin. it does a wheelie and ooze blaster comes out. >> how do you do it? >> like this. pull this one back. >> oh, i see. >> right on the floor with that. >> like right on the floor. not towards the weebles. that's great. >> all right. you can never go wrong with arts and crafts. this is called once upon a craft. it's two in one. it comes with a storybook. this is the frog and prince. it comes with two mess-free activities. each kit, so this one would be making a crown. then you have tons of pages to color in. easy, fun. you are talking about a $12
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price point. >> okay. >> it's perfect for any child. >> a cute gift. >> it's inexpensive and fun because kids have something to do. we love arts and crafts. >> yes. >> this is a great set that kids build and play with. >> oh, wow. >> it's an nhl arena. >> construct it yourself? >> snap it together, put the pieces together, and it's got the stickers for any one of your favorite teams, and now we can play hockey. >> faceoff. >> right. you want to get the goal. >> i'm not supposed to leave the ice. >> you're not supposed to leave the ice. we work the goalies. it's fun for two kids to play with at the same time. >> wow. that's tough. >> you know this is cute, right? >> yes. >> did you solve one of these? >> oh, please. >> not only can i play it, but i love it. this is rubix race challenging us just like the game. we take the shaker. shake it up.
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what happens is we get a pattern in here. now you would be on one end. i'm on the other. >> okay. >> now we have this puzzle that we're sliding. we want to get the center of this game to match what you see here. if you are the one that wins, slam it down. >> oh. it looks just as tough. >> no, it's so much fun. >> wow. okay. >> and, finally, hatchimals. hottest toy of the holiday season hatches its way out of the egg. pampbts going crazy looking for these right now. stores are restocking. >> can't find them anywhere? >> well, you can if you look hard. stores are trying -- >> what's so hot? >> it hatches from the shell, goes all the way around, hatches, and then kids get to raise it. it's a baby, then a toddler, then a kid. they learn to walk, dance, and sing. >> awesome. >> you're loving the car. thank you, toy insider mom. you can, of course, get many tips and ideas on "world news now" website. >> woah!
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when just one mucinex lasts 12 hours? let's end this. so, we decided to dress up for a special holiday edition of two truths and a why. somebody didn't get the full men low. >> by "we" we didn't tell will we were dressing up, but he wore this jacket anyway. >> it worked out well. >> we love having you and continuing a special edition of two truths and a why for us? >> we have a cold hard christmas truth for you guys. it's not the holidays without a family feud, right? >> oh, yeah. >> this year, we know that fight won't be about a ford game. the folks at monopoly are operating a special hotline this christmas eve through the 26th offering mediation for blowouts. >> what? >> experts take calls with the official rulebook on hand to settle any and all disputes, and i want to ask you guys, do you have any idea what you think the number one reason is people
2:56 am
start to fight about monopoly is? >> oh -- >> the negotiations over property? >> yeah. >> and the bank fraud. >> when you have to go to jail. >> bank fraud, especially my sisters, be careful. >> in my family, it's buying a property they don't need, like, i'm this close, and you bought board walk. >> oh, that's how kendis would play. >> totally. i would be the jerk. >> the official rule, though, is people making up rules. that's the number one reason people fight. >> yeah, yeah. >> next up, you guys know that truly iconic scene in "love actually" when mark confesses his love on cue cards, but one teacher in kentucky created an even bigger love letter to her former students. take a look at this billboard that says mrs. sims still loves awe and prays for you. be safe and continue to bless this planet. she bought the billboard now because she knows so many of the former students from that
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incredible 46 years of teaching will be home in lexington for the holidays this month. >> oh, mrs. sims, we love you too! even though you didn't teach us. >> yeah. oh, good. >> finally, splurge when buying a gift for the pizza lover in your life. >> i know a pizza lover. >> say ho, ho hello to a $2,000 pizza from new york's industry kitchen. there's 24 gold leaves, there's cheese from england, truffles from france, and caviar from the caspian sea. >> well, in that case -- >> it's $250 bucks a slice. >> what! >> about $50 a bite. >> that is straight up our alley. >> i'll do the regular tomato sauce. >> i will take that. i will take a piece of that. anybody have a lighter around? >> oh, gosh. >> is this flammable? >> we'd go right up in flames. right up in flames. >> we're going to do a facebook live after this. >>
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this morning on "world news now," a deadly blast taking place as hundreds of people were shopping for an essential part of their holiday celebrations. the death hotoll rising this morning. we'll talk to a reporter on the scene. a desperate man hunt in the aftermath of the berlin truck attack. authorities are searching any clues they can find in attempt to locate the person behind the deadly incident. isis is now claiming responsibility. authorities have released a suspect who was in custody. then a winner in the drone delivery wars. it is a competition, sort of, who received precious cargo out of the sky? we'll tell you who, and we think you'll be surprised by what company flew past all its competitors. and then our own kendis gibson goes in search of food you can eat during a movie
3:01 am
without disturbing your neighbor. silence, please, we'll actually see him take a bite of something. kendis is going to eat on camera, ladies and gentlemen. you'll see that one ahead on this wednesday, 21st. from abc news, this is "world news now." we start this morning with the deadly chain reaction explosion at a mexican fireworks market. >> at least 29 people are dead and dozens of others injured. the market packed with people shopping for fireworks in mexico city preparing for christmas and new year's celebrations. >> reporter: it looks like a cross between a massive celebration and a huge mistake. cell phone cameras rolling as commuters drove home just outside mexico city. the country's best known fireworks market exploding in a
3:02 am
huge plume of smoke and flames. people in nearby neighborhoods could hear explosions as the fire spread, and the fireworks just kept detonating. back at the scene, people visiting the market scrambling, running to safety. in the aftermath, confusion and chaos. people walking through rubble along with fire crews and police searching for victims. you can still hear an occasional pop from an exploding firework. so far, no word on what sparked the explosion. abc news, new york. now let's check in with fusion reporter rafael fernandez in mexico city for us. thank you for joining us. what are eyewitnesss telling you about what they saw? >> caller: well, they are saying that the firework explosions went off for more than an hour. there were many secondary explosions, and there was a big stampede of people and visitors that were at the market at the time that the explosion went
3:03 am
off, so a lot of people were falling to the ground, and they literally told me that the ground was shaking as the fireworks were going off. there's dozens of people that are dead now. dozens that are at the hospital. the state of mexico said a lot of the bodies cannot be ident y identified because of the degree to which the bodies were burn. >> such a dramatic situation there. you've been to the actual scene. describe to me what did it smell like, what did it look like from your perspective as you got there? >> caller: well, it smells like gun powder. there was a big cloud of smoke that started to disperse at night, but, you know, there was a lot of people crying, a lot of state police, firemen, mexican red cross arrived on the scene. it really looks like a war zone. it reminded me of some of the images i've seen in syria or iraq. it literally, the entire market,
3:04 am
it had over 23 market stands selling fireworks. they were completely wiped off, and, you know, you can still smell the gun powder in the air. >> yeah. we're looking at some of the videos now. it's unbelievable the size of the scene and how far this explosion really went over how much ground it covered. is there any thought yet on what may have caused this? >> caller: well, you know, leek i said, mexican attorney general's office is still investigating, but what probably happened here is, you know, one of the fireworks went off triggering a chain reaction throughout the entire market. we don't know yet if it was someone who, you know, was lighting a fire cracker by mistake, a burned cigarette, or even the heat in the area that could have, you know, triggered one of the fire crackers, and then the entire place went off. authorities are still investigating. they are being careful not to rush to conclusions, but, you
3:05 am
know, they are already prepping for this. this happened in 2005 in the same market. 57 people were injured in that incident, and this, you know, another firework went off in 2006 and 2007, and a lot of markets were burned. this is something that has been happening throughout the years, and, you know, it's been very difficult for mexican shorts to crack down on the sale of the legal fireworks. >> it is truly a scene of utter and complete carnage there near mexico city. fusion correspondent rafa fernandez, thank you. >> caller: thank you so much for having me. and now we're going to move on to this morning's other top story. a man hunt is underway in berlin. >> a live look at daybreak there in berlin. police say they have the wrong man in custody. as isis takes responsibility for
3:06 am
the attack, we have more details how this unfolded from abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: isis claims credit for the scenes of horror. holiday shoppers huddled on the ground, some injured, others helping the wounded. here in germany, an all-out man hunt for those responsible. police releasing a pakistani man unable to tie him to the crime. now intense focus on the murder weapon, that semitruck. the front window shattered, christmas garland tangled in the glass. workers are hauling away the truck, they hope what's inside could yield key clues in this investigati investigation. the truck driver discovered dead inside, german officials say he was shot, but no gun found on the scene. he was delivering steel beams from italy to germany. investigators are now scouring the area on the outskirts of berlin where he may have parked. the afternoon of the attack he called his wife saying he was
3:07 am
grabbing food and would call back, but he never did. this video shows him in a diner. authorities believe he was hijacked. they have the truck's gps and retracing the route that led him to the market. the plaza, 8:02, packed with people, truck plowing through stalls, going 90 yards before coming to a stop. an american was there. >> all the sudden i heard crashing and screaming, looked up, and i saw this truck barrelling sideways, sort of just pushing into the market and coming right at me. >> reporter: trapped in a chaos, she heard pops and thought it was a gun. >> there was no place to go. it's run straight through the market or get shot if there was a gun. >> reporter: were you immediately aware people were hurt? >> yeah. i heard people screaming. people were being hit. >> reporter: 12 people killed in the attack, at least 45 injured. the market stalls in splinters. trees strewn in the road. the city on edge with at least
3:08 am
one terrorist still on the loose. this is frederick, the heart of berlin, and normally at this hour, you expect to see rush hour traffic, but right now, it is eerily quiet. angela merkel visiting the horror, like so many germans, laying flowers, but amid the grief, resilience. i will not be intimidated, this woman says, and so many linking hands in solidarity and heavily armed police looking on. there's few surveillance cameras in germany. they are appealing to the witnesses. they received 500 tips, 80 kredlkre credib credible. it seems they don't know whether the terrorist acted alone or as a cell or if other attacks are planned. matt gutman, abc news, berlin. >> markets across berlin reopen
3:09 am
today under tighter security and heavy police presence in cities and popular tourist attractions across europe including the vatican. officers in the u.k. are on high alert and france boosted security. here in the u.s., the antiterrorist squad is patrolling the busiest areas of new york city and ramped up security in los angeles and washington, d.c. the man accused of setting off bombs in new jersey and new york appeared in court for the first time. he moved slowly, apparently still recovering from injuries after a shootout with police in jersey. he pled not guilty to five counts of attempted murder. he's accused of detonating a pipe bomb in new jersey and a pressure cooker bomb in new york city. environmentalists applaud a move by president obama to permanently ban oil rigs in the arctic and at lan tick ocean. trump vowed to open up offshore drilling. the white house relied on an
3:10 am
obscure 1953 law that provides no authority for subsequent presidents to undo permanent withdrawals. >> this is cool. a human flying drone. youtube star casey dashing through a winter wonder land. there. no sleigh, but there's a snow board and custom built glowing drone strong enough to carry him and the board. >> cool. he put on the santa suit for the occasion. >> nice of him. >> flying around the village, basically like water skiing, only on snow. there's nothing like this currently available on the market, but he said it took him and his friends a year to build the drone. >> man, that is really, raleigh cool. coming up, speaking of cool, my adventure in the kitchen and theater. it's all about snacking at the cinema in virtual silence. >> did you actually eat the food? >> of course i did. yes. finally. >> you didn't just fake it? >> no. >> are you lying? >> not this time. find us on facebook,
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and twitter @abcwnn you're watching "world news now."
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and never go to the post office again. freezing rain and snow made driving very dangerous in spokane, washington. this semitruck crashed shutting down interstate 90 in both directions. black ice will be a threat for this morning's commute. a candle light vigil for the
3:15 am
3-year-old boy shot in the backseat of his grandmother's car. >> it's the second time in less than a month that a toddler was killed in the little rock area while riding in a family vehicle. >> reporter: the fbi and little rock police in an all-out man hunt, searching for the suspect accused of opening fire, killing this 3-year-old boy, ason king, in a case of road rage. bystanders calling 911. you hear his grandmother trying to describe the horror. >> my grandson's been shot. oh, my god! >> reporter: it was not until she pulled into a parking lot she realized her grandson in the back seat was hit. >> i was at the ston and the guy blew the horn at me, and i blew it back, and he shot, but i thought that he shot in the air, but he shot the car. >> reporter: authorities saying they received dozens of tips and doubled the reward to $40,000. >> we believe he artery is familiar with the area or lives
3:16 am
in the area mement we are hopef someone in the area where the shooting occurred could lead us in the right direction. >> reporter: hunting for the toddler's killer and black 2003 chevy impala he was said to be driving. in the next half hour, he sings, writes songs, and keeps the peace on airlines. a side of richard marx you've never known about. first, keeping the peace and quiet in movie theaters without going hungry. kendis has more on that. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" continues
3:17 am
so "sing" is among three films not waiting for the holiday weekend to debut, and instead, open today. >> i thought it was "world news now" for a sec. >> yes.
3:18 am
tragic. it follows a singing competition, but you are seeing here, this is "passengers," a thriller with chris pratt and jennifer lawrence. they're pretty. the third new film opening today, "assassin's creed" based off the video game. >> if you're doing dinner and a movu view, you're not doing the at the same time. >> there's a growing movie chain changing that. i checked out their menu, yes, and as such, loyal viewers know it never happens, but i ate food on camera. here you go. merry christmas. happy hanukkah. >> reporter: we've been there, sitting in a theater, the seats comfortable, the movie's great, trying to enjoy the dialogue, yet some tool sitting right next to you is crunching every few seconds. bro, would it kill you? luckily, this theater found a solution to that. i mean, seriously, it's every two seconds. >> i can't help myself. >> it's mash potatoes.
3:19 am
imagine the challenge for world renowned chef to create a fine dining mean ewe to be eaten in a dark theater without disturbing a single audience member? ipic offers a high dining experience as you watch movies on the big screen. >> you want texture in the food, but you don't want loud. you never want it too smelly. you never want it too noisy, but you want it flavorful. that's the most important thing. >> okay. >> when you're in the dark, do you know all your senses are heigh heightened? you don't see, but you smell and hear. we design the menu that way. >> reporter: making foods that are not too noticy, ditching forks and knives along the way. a lobster platter becomes a lobster roll. the caesar salad is now a salad boat. >> reporter: this won't make
3:20 am
noise? >> no. it won't. just eat it like a taco. pick it up, simple and easy. >> reporter: food network star and protege taste tested everything on the menu all keeping in the theme. >> reporter: i didn't hear anything. >> nothing. >> reporter: the theater's fancy seats are helping out with the acoustics, specially padded to help the private dining atmosphere in a public theater. enough talk. time for me to personally dig in. ♪ at last ♪ my love has come along ♪ my lonely days are over
3:21 am
♪ and life is like a song >> reporter: wow. that is just so, so good. happily stuffed. time to lay back and enjoy some newly released oscar contending musical comedy. >> what are you doing? >> you brought him in just to eat your food for you? >> the gma producer. we all look alike. what do you mean? >> how did you sell that, by the way? i need you to come with me on this shoot and just eat food? >> yes. >> i noticed, though, you didn't give up the cocktail, though. >> no, no, that stayed there. they are trying to do what they did for hotels and make gourmet.
3:22 am
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strong is beautiful. pantene. time now for the mix, and earlier, we saw that human flying drone. >> oh, yeah. >> we talked about a lot of companies participating in drone activity, but this one might surprise you. 711 is apparently taking the top spot for that. >> for deliveries? >> delivering 77 deliveries via drone to customers in reno, nevada. >> hopefully successfully and not drop a slurpie on you? that would be messy. >> it would be. i think that's the criteria. we talked about amazon doing this, but they are ahead of the pack. >> who knew 7/11 delivered, good to know. >> they plan to expand drone deliveries in 2017. >> so, you know, the pokemon craze has been around since
3:26 am
july, but in that time, it's so popular, get this, the raw numbers here, users collectively walked 5.4 billion miles trying to collect all of the lords or all of the -- >> i could walk 500.4 billion miles -- >> maybe it should be kilometers. that's more than 200,000 trips, by the way, around the earth. all of that. we say they are not really getting exercise from this. >> feels like we could be doing more meaningful with that time and effort, but end joy. enjoy. >> not hating on it. >> sometimes we see animals and feel like it's almost like they are speaking to us. >> yes, they do. >> check out this koala. he's got some prickles in the fur. >> oh. >> he walks up to a human, and as though he was asking for help. >> oh. >> so the person took the cue
3:27 am
and -- >> calm, hanging out. >> helped the koala brushing him, and the bear stuck around the house for the rest of the day. >> he wanted to say thank you to the person. >> asking where's the blow cry. >> so calm. >> he put a bowl of water out at first, but he slammed it away. he needed to be brush. >> speaking of cool animals. there's a dog that knows how to do a trust fall. he's watson, a golden retriever, performs a trust fall on command, but he also makes us realize that he's got the best squad goals around. take a look at him there. >> oh, how cute. >> this is his friend, keiko and harry. >> a spoons party. >> exactly. one's a cat. kind of looks like me at the end of the a saturday night. >> oh. >> just out of it. >> how good at you are trust falls? >> very good.
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," a chain reaction at a fireworks market in mexico. dozens are dead, and investigators are working to see what caused the massive tragedy just before the holidays. new video just in, a cargo plane crashing in colombia. authorities rushing to the scene. latest on the investigation to what caused this incident there. new this half hour, a family's call for help. a mother and father kidnapped in afghanistan four years ago now for the first time, we're seeing their children born in captivity and never have nope a day of freedom. coming to the rescue, jumping into action subduing an unruly passenger. but who was taking the pictures? we'll tell you the details in the skinny on this wednesday,
3:31 am
december 21st. from abc news, this is "world news now." good wednesday morning. we start in mexico at a market packed with people and fireworks. >> investigators are trying to figure out what sparked that blast near mexico city that left dozens dead and more than 70 others injured. >> shoppers were preparing to celebrate the holidays r and they are now trying to recover from the horror less than a week before christmas. >> reporter: you're looking at dramatic images from the outskirts of mexico city. explosions at mexico's best known fireworks market during the busiest time before christmas and new year's eve, smoke billowing into the sky, at least 29 killed, 72 injured. on the ground, confusion, chaos, and shock as people walk through the charred debris.
3:32 am
listen, and you can hear fireworks still going off in the background. >> it was a big stampede of people and visitors that were at the market at this time of the explosion going off, so a lot of people were falling to the ground and literally told me the ground was shaking. there's dozens of people that are dead now. dozens that are at the hospital. the state of mexico said a lot of the bodies could not be identified because of the degree of which the bodies were burned. there's a lot of commotion now in mexico and outskirts of mexico city about, you know, who the victims are. people are going taking to social media to post the names of some of the relatives in effort to try to find out if they are some of the burned victims at the hospital. >> reporter: no word on what caused the explosion. abc news, new york. >> we're also told that at least ten children were among the injured in the blast.
3:33 am
>> this is not the first time something like this happened. the same market was hit by fire in 2005, and then again in 2006 near mexican independence day. the fires destroyed hundreds of merchant stands similar to this, and we, of course, will continue to stay on top of the breaking story for you. >> horrific scene there. we turn to the terrorist investigation taking place in berlin. police searching for the killer who turned a tractor trailer into a murder weapon slamming into that crowded market. >> the man initially believed to be the driver has been released, and isis claimed responsibility calling the attacker a soldier of the islamic state. abc's molly hunter has the latest. >> reporter: the attacker on the loose, likely armed. tuesday night prosecutors released the man detained monday due to insufficient evidence. he was a 23-year-old pakistani asylum seeker, police said tuesday morning, and hours later, haven't said what evidence led them to him in the first place.
3:34 am
in the back of the attack truck, a dead polish man with gunshot wounds, but no gun was recovered. the investigation is ongoing, and police are warning the public to be extra vigilant here in berlin, across germany, and across europe where other christmas markets could be targets. president obama called german chancellor merkel saying the united states stood by germany to defeat terrorism in all forms. as 20 people were released from the hospital, merkel assured germany those responsible will be hunted down and punished. the police do not have enough information for a wanted poster, so they are chasing leads, but they don't know who they are looking for. molly hunter abc news, berlin. body of russia's ambassador to turkey arrived back in moscow. the widow went as they carried the flag draped coffin off the plane an placed it into the
3:35 am
hearse. meanwhile, video of the moments just before the ambassador was shot and killed by an offduty turkish police officer. russian and turkish investigators are trying to determine whether the officer was acting alone. the taliban released video of an american woman and canadian husband held captive since 2012. the pair hiking in afghanistan when they were abducted. she was seven months pregnant at the time and since had another child in captivity. it's the first time the children have been seen. they made a plea to president obama. >> we ask quickly in our collective 14 year of prison urge the government on both sides to reach some agreement to allow us freedom, obama, your legacy in leaving office is probably important to you, and our lives and lives of our children are up to us. don't become the next jimny carter. >> reporter: parents in pennsylvania say they are just grateful to see that their daughter is still alive and to see their grandchildren for the first time there. five people killed in a plane crash in colombia.
3:36 am
the boeing cargo plane went down moments after takeoff. watch this video captured on camera. was flying way too low to the ground and skimmed a fence there. the plane broke apart and burst in flames. one crew member survived the crash. north carolina lawmakers are in special session today to consider repealing the so-called bathroom law requires transgender people to use restrooms corresponding to the birth certificate. after the law was passed in mar march, leaders of more than 100 companies including apple and twitter called for it to be repealed, but lawmakers are facing pressure from some conservative groups to keep it in place. four more officials charged with the water crisis in flint, michigan. two charged were state emergency managers when they used the river as a source of drinking water. the other two were the former public works director and former utilities director. they face conspiracy and misconduct charges. flint switched its water source
3:37 am
in an effort to save money. health officials identified the case of a deadly case of food poisoning in a san francisco bay area. bacteria led to the death of three people and made 25 others sick. all the victims apparently ate a free thanksgiving meal at a church. the officials couldn't pin point exactly what part of the meal made people sick, but they suspect it was either turkey or mashed potatoes, some of which was home made. a tennis superstar sidelined after an attack in her home country in the czech republic. police are searching for the suspect who attacked the two-time world champ, petra with a knife. at one point, even held a knife to her throat. all of this taking place in her home. she was able to escape, but suffered deep cuts on her left hand. she'll be off the courts, obviously, for at least six months. the washington capitals delivered an early christmas gift to a fan. >> seth parrish thought he was going to watch morning practice
3:38 am
with his mom, but actually got a chance to lace up with his favorite players and join them on the ice. >> you know, we get to come and do what we love every day, so if by doing that and being able to meet a kid and give him a jersey and his mother with us, that brightens his day, brightens christmas, that never gets old for us. >> the young player takes part in a program called taps, tragedy assistance program who lost a military mom or dad. he lost his father 32 days before he was born. >> he is not only an avid hockey fan, but a young player, and so for him, this was a huge deal to be able to take the ice with the team. a complete surprise for him. >> he's still smiling at this hour as a result. >> so nice for him. coming up in the skinny, richard marx, 25 years ago, belted out hit songs, and now he's been helping belt in an airline passenger who got out of hand. >> i see what you did there. fiat-chrysler faces recall
3:39 am
of a million vehicles for a problem similar that killed a "star trek" actor, but first, let's take a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather brought to you by olay regenerist renews from within.
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and never go to the post office again. watch as a man stops traffic on the busy highway in houston. police received calls from drivers who thought the man was sleeping. some worried he was hit by a car. the man's sister called officers and told them he has mental health issues. the man, we're happy to report, was not hurt. frightening moments along the detroit river. an 82-year-old man rescued from that car that you see there. he was backing out of his
3:43 am
driveway when he went down an embankment, and the car flipped over. a police officer driving by saw what happened and got the man out as the car filled with freezing water. the man is recovering in the hospital. >> good thing the police officer was there. federal safety regulators are looking at roll away problems in another 1 million fiat chrysler vehicles. >> one model involved is the auto maker's top selling vehicles. >> reporter: it's another group of fiat chrysler vehicles under scrutiny over gear shifters. the rotary shifters in a million dodge ram trucks and durangos. some roll away even in the parked position, and earlier recall for shifter problems in fiat chrysler jeeps was highlighted by the death of actor antan, his jeep allegedly rolling backwards in his home and crushing him against his fence. the shifters are now and
3:44 am
electronic, and some drivers find them confusing. >> when controls are located in places we don't expect or are different, it's well-known drivers make errors. >> reporter: new investigation comes after the government received 43 complaints, including 25 crashes and nine injuries. 34 cases alleged the car was in park. they are cooperating fully and urged to use parking brakes. the government said in the majority of the cases, the engine was still running in the vehicle, but some of these roll away events happened, reportedly, when the engine was turned off. abc news, washington. >> of course, there was another vehicle, similar vehicle, with a problem involving that "star trek" actor, and that investigation is still ongoing there. >> scary stuff. >> yep. when we come back, we'll look here, there is life after the pop charts. >> apparently.
3:45 am
>> can even become a hero. >> yes. the heroics at 30,000 feet. the skinny
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ ♪ whatever it takes ♪ or how my heart breaks >> she's been singing all morning long. it would be nice if it wasn't annoying. >> well richard -- >> beautiful. >> well, thank you, thank you so much. you're so kind to me. richard marx, by the way, was right there waiting when another passenger aboard a flight became violent. it was caught on camera. >> marx restrained the man as they flew from vietnam to south korea. marx posted photos on social media. at one point, the passenger broke free and began fighting again. marx said he and his wife were not hurt, but a flight attendant and two passengers were not so lucky. >> he added it seemed the flight
3:48 am
crew was not properly trained to handle something like this. by the way, that's marx wife, daisy -- >> wait, what? >> they are married. a day earlier, they tweeted a photo of the couple sightseeing in hanoi. >> little do beknow they were married. >> that's true. >> shocking. >> should be a jam at the end of this year's induction for the roll and roll hall of fame. journey, one of the best selling american bands, and one of the favorite american bands in history, or at least mine anyway, has been for the first time, the hall inducting artists who started careers in the '90s. pearl jam and tupac. >> first hip hop artist to get there. joan baez surprised she was chosen. others honored this year are electric light orchestra and musical excellence award for
3:49 am
rogers. janet jackson robbed yet again. >> we'll keep working on it and writing the letters. keep writing the letters. by the way, anderson cooper is browsing my instagram account. i showed picture of me bathing a rescued elephant. a wonderful experience, i talked about it, and low and behold, guess who is copying me. >> uh-oh. >> that's right. anderson cooper. >> woah. >> i copied him by backing an anchor, and now, check it out. >> is that the silver fox in. >> that's his partner ben. that's anderson on the left. they spent yesterday afternoon in the elephant camp in myanmar. >> would it kill them to eat a pizza? this is in myanmar, right? >> yes. anderson's been there before. the reporter before his days on
3:50 am
"world news now," he had a shirt on at that time, however, now he's just trying to copy me. >> years ago, when reporting for channel 1 news, he snuck into vietnam and myanmar doing reporting there, and known for "world news now," if only his career went somewhere after this. >> reports that drake and jennifer lopez are together. >> really? >> that's right. they are seen together a lot lately working on new music. however, question is, is it something more? >> is it more of a collaboration? >> you could say that. >> so both drake and jlo at liberty right now, and drake did invite lopez to a private dinner party at hot new hollywood restaurant earlier this week. ? a private dinner party, huh? >> a one on one dinner, and he also saw two of her shows in las
3:51 am
vegas as well, so that basically says they are dating. >> i missed the drake's not dating rihanna memo that apparently happened a long time ago. >> i missed -- >> i thought they were soul mates, in love, i thought the nice guy finally finished last or first. >> broke up in august. just imagine, though, if we thought marvin's room was great, after this breakup with jlo, assuming it's a relationship -- >> wait, we're not even sure they're together, and you're talking about the breakup. >> back to rock and roll hall of fame, journey, i know you perform it -- >> what's wrong with journey? ♪ don't stop believing >> this is what i have to live with. make it stop. please. it's christmas. make it stop. >> want me to sing christmas songs? >> okay, journey it is. ♪ i don't want a lot for
3:52 am
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♪ ♪ a john lennon classic there. this season magnifies feelings of loneliness and depression, but a missouri man decided to do something about his problem. >> you could say he too big a direct approach. here's the story. >> reporter: george king was tired of being alone on christmas. he was feeling a bit depressed, and he decided to do something about it, so he put up wanted signs looking for that someone special. >> i am looking for a friend or a girlfriend between ages of 23 and 45. >> reporter: putting up 22 signs around joplin with a phone number and hoped for the best. >> really tickled to death for a
3:56 am
friend. >> reporter: he had a tough life and health issues. >> two heart attacks, six strokes. last year, i had a heart attack, fell, broke both legs. >> reporter: carol king saw the sign. >> i couldn't believe what i saw, somebody is advertising for a girlfriend. >> reporter: she was feeling a bit sad this holiday season, missing her dad who passed away. she took a chance, and she called the number. >> it really fascinated me, and she took time to care. >> reporter: carol asked for the man's name and was shocked to hear his answer. >> when he said his name was george king, and that's my dear dad's name, it was suddenly christmas imagine ig.
3:57 am
we had to do something to help. >> reporter: that christmas magic works in mysterious ways. >> it was a god thing. i felt i was the one to see the sign for a reason, and that was my sign. >> reporter: since george does so much walking during the day, carol got him a new pair of shoes, and she also made a new friend. >> we're on earth to help each other, and we are supposed to help each other, so me and carol are just helping each other. >> see that, you don't need tindr or craig's list. just write a flier, post it on a pole. >> old fashioned way. >> on the electric pole and good to go. >> who needs mistletoe? get a hug easily. >> cool he has the same name as her father. what a coincidence. >> it is freaky. don't miss updates on facebook at this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades. orld news now" informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, deadly blast. an explosion at a fireworks market triggering a chain reaction. fire and smoke visible for miles and people scrambling to safety. new details from witnesses on that scene. a massive manhunt is under way in berlin for the killer and christmas market attack. isis is now claiming responsibility. hear why authorities released a man they originally had in custody. >> deadly crash. a plane comes down shortly after takeoff. it is all caught on camera. what went wrong? and yet again it's a busy morning here. good morning. the investigation is under way into what caused that deadly chain reaction explosion that leveled a


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