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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  December 21, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> ♪ >> breaking right now on "action news" fire injures a child and two adults in new jersey. we're live on that scene. >> mayhem in mexico. explosions rip through a fireworks market leaving more than two dozen dead and the site has had safety issues in the past. >> winter warmup. as you take a live look there at the city hall christmas tree. mild air is moving into the delaware valley. it's expected to stick around through the holiday weekend. >> good morning everyone, it's 5:30 on this wednesday december 21st. david is off. matt pelman is here along with karen rogers and winter is going to arrive shortly, right. >> it is at 5:44. we have about 14 minutes for the winter solstice and we are starting a really mild streak. way until you see that seven-day forecast. today though satellite6 and action radar showing a good amount of clouds. we'll start off seeing some of those high thin clouds and some sunshine mixing through. we stay dry but we have a cold start even though we're talking about milder air in the afternoon. it's only 23 in slatington, 22
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in pottstown, 25 in saint davids. 29 degrees currently in center city and the suburbs in new jersey you're only 20 in vineland, 25 in hammonton, 26 in cinnaminson, 25 right now in hockessin delaware. as you look at the day ahead, it's dry, sunshine mixing with clouds. by 7:00 a.m., as the sun begins to rise you're just in the 20's. 28 degrees. but by 10:00 a.m. you're into the mid 30's not too bad. 1 o'clock it's 42. your high today will be 45 degrees. we'll hit it around 3 o'clock. coming down at 4 o'clock to 41 with a mix of clouds and sun. at 7 o'clock 37 but the seven-day forecast features above average temperatures every day. i'll show you which day is the warm nest a couple minutes matt. >> if it's not very wintry i would be okay with that even though winter coming in about 13 minutes now. police activity along 95 this morning. it's southbound between academy and cottman. just behind that overpass right there they're taking out
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the right lane with the police activity. you can see traffic is sluggish passing it but not a huge delay at this point and then farther south past girard our broken down vehicle is gone. this morning you can exit 95 at columbus boulevard. that's good news because last night that exit was closed and it gave us big problems. they are still working on the water main break along columbus boulevard southbound though. katherine scott will have more on that in just a bit. let's check this area right here. it's the vine expressway completely reopened now after overnight construction. crews will close it again tonight starting at 11 o'clock. we have a pair of issues this morning in springfield township montgomery county. if you're headed to lasalle college high school watch out for a new crash along cheltenham avenue at patton road. icy conditions along stenton avenue at whitemarsh avenue. the crash to watch out for in souderton along broad street at north school lane by hong kong chef. tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. and we continue to follow breaking news from cumberland county new jersey. a child and two adults had to
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be airlifted to the hospital after fire in a mobile home. let's get right over to "action news" reporter annie mccormick. she's live on the scene in fairfield township. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tamala. and that's right, three people were medevaced to area hospitals suffering from smoke inhalation. we just got an update from the captain at the bridgeton fire department. we're learning a little bit more information. however, we can't get down to where the actual fire happened. it's down this road over here. we can tell you that this is on clay hill lane in fairfield township. multiple crews from surrounding areas responded along with the bridgeton fire fire department rather. they put on the the inquire quickly. emergency crews medevaced a two-year-old child to saint christopher's hospital in philadelphia and two adults in their 20's were flown to temple university hospital. the captain from bridgeton fire department was able to give us an update. >> all three of them were talking when i talked to them before they left. so, it seems like they should
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be good. it's definitely a sad time around the holidays and hopefully we can get some help to help this family out. >> reporter: and back out here live it's down this road we're told that the mobile home that the family was in was burned down and we're told that it's completely destroyed and there are app couple other homes that are around it. they were not affected by this. now, as for the conditions of the three people, we don't have updated conditions. however, fire crews do tell us that they were conscious and they were talking before they were taken away to the hospital. for now reporting live in fairfield township, cumberland county, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." matt, back to you. >> thanks annie. more breaking news here. a gunman a passenger door of a running car and kills a young man silting inside along the unit block of north 51st street in west philadelphia just after 1:00 a.m. police say the killer fired five shots at the man in his 20's and then took off leaving him dead.
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peddler's village a popular holiday shopping spot in bucks county that was damaged by fire will be opened today. viewer video shows flames shooting from the nut kettle store in the complex last night. smoke and flames spread to the adjacent saint jude's store as well as two parked cars. no injuries were reported. investigators have not yet said what sparked the fire. >> a shocking tragedy in mexico this morning. crews are digging through rubble at the country's best known fireworks market looking for survivors after explosions killed at least 29 people. the booming sound and massive plumes of smoke you see there could be seen for miles. crowds shopping for their holiday celebrations ran for cover. firefighters said they had no choice but to let the unexploded fireworks just keep going off. this is the third explosion at this market since 2005 and this time mexican authorities are launching a federal investigation to find out exactly what happened and to find out who is responsible. >> just about 5:36.
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one person was killed in a two-car crash in croydon bucks county and neighbors there say it is a wakeup call about the speeding problem on their street. police say a white gmc jimmy and a nissan sentra were going in opposite directions when they collided on river road last night. a woman in the nissan died. the driver of the suv is being treated for multiple injuries. >> i heard a big bang. it sound like a bomb seriously sounded like a bomb and we came running out and we seen car parts in the middle of the road here on cedar avenue and then we ran around the corner and we seen the one car in the drive way and the other one flipped upside down. >> police believe at least one of the drivers was going above the posted 25 miles per hour speed limit. a bucks county man faces charges for trying to board a plane with his loaded .40 caliber handgun. it happened at newark international airport on monday. t.s.a. officers found the weapon while x-raying the morrisville man's backpack. his name has not been released.
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agents say he told them he had brought his hunting nap sac with him on the trip and did not realized there was a gun still inside. >> christmas came early for some deserving families in south jersey. "action news" was there last night as santa mount holly police officers and firefighters and volunteers from the local v.f.w. went door to door passing out presents. angela covington is one of the 10 families in need who received wrapped toys presents and donated holiday dinners. >> all i want is for my children to have a merry christmas and for these people just from the community to do this for us is -- is overwhelming. >> now this is the department's fourth year taking part in operation saint nick. the police chief says they do things like this year roundabout it's a little bit more special around the holiday season and when you look at those little kids grabbing the presents with smiles like that of course it is. >> it's one thing to give but to do in it person really makes a difference. >> nice see those faces light up, right. maybe inspiring some other people to give it a try. let's take a look right now at
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your weather. storm tracker6 showing us we're dry. maybe a shower sneaks through tomorrow but we got a rather dry streak. let's go on outside and see wait looks like as you're starting your day and what down, they're making snow there in spring mountain. let's check the current conditions for you out there. it's cold this morning. we've been talk about it getting milder in the afternoon but not yet. 29 degrees right now in philadelphia, a very dry air mass, the dewpoint way down there at 19 degrees. the pressure is falling. winds are pretty light. they're not a big deal today. the ocean temperature is 40 and we have on our always day planner to help you out hour by hour. satellite6 and action radar you can see how these clouds have moved in over our area. for the most part they're high clouds so we'll see sunshine mixing with clouds today. it will be a pretty enough day went stay dry so not a bad day today. a wider look across the east coast. not a lot happening. showers well out to the west. we've got a rather dry streak for us over the neck several days. in the lehigh valley you're going to see clouds, more clouds there than you will to
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the south and some sunshine and not quite as cold in the afternoon as it has been. 42 degrees for your high in the lehigh valley. down the shore you'll see more sunshine and just some clouds it's milder with a high of 46 degrees. here's your hour by hour forecast. in the city over the next 12 hours at 7:00 a.m. as the sun starts to rise temperatures just in the 20's so it's going to be a cold start. by 10:00 a.m. though we're in the mid 30's, not too bad. at 1 o'clock this afternoon 42 with clouds mixing with some sunshine. at 4 o'clock it's 41. your shy 45. we'll hit it around 3 o'clock and at 7 o'clock 37 degrees coming down from that high getting a little chilly again tonight. the winter solstice arrives in just minutes. let's see, it's 5:39. at 5:44 the solstice arrives. that's when the sun's direct rays are way down at the tropic of capricorn. that means we don't get as much sunshine. not as much daylight today. it's the longest night but after today we start to increase the daylight over the coming weeks so you'll see an improvement if you've been missing some sunshine. tomorrow a front comes through
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mostly dry, maybe a little shower sneaks in. 50 for your high tomorrow so really getting mild. here's your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. 45 for your afternoon so turning milder this afternoon. tomorrow gusty breeze later in the day, 49 degrees for your high temperature. friday mostly sunny skies and 46. saturday more clouds around, maybe a shower as you start hanukkah. santa comes at night, 48 degrees for your high that day. on christmas day it's nice and sunny, 49 degrees, temperatures a little bit above average. monday clouds mixed with sunshine as we start kwanzaa we make it up to 50. tuesday talking 13 degrees above average all the way up to 55. so as you look at that seven-day forecast we're talking upper 40's or 50's each day when the average high is just the low 40's so staying well above average for the next seven days and relatively dry. >> we're going pay for this in january. >> we're going pay for it i think that's true. >> thank you, karen. 5:40. still ahead on "action news" a sixth grader who was home
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alone during a home invasion managed to scare off four robbers. >> one man is questioning the value of mcdonald's combo deals and he's taking the fast food company to court over it matt. >> oh, boy. good morning tam. live in queen village along columbus boulevard. these are the southbound lanes where they're still working on this water main break from yesterday. katherine scott is going have more on that coming up and we'll talk about a couple of accidents when "action news" continues on this wednesday morning. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here philadelphia international airport. a cold morning out there but better things are ahead if you like it a little bit warmer. it is 5:44 and 29 degrees out there. >> you see the time. winter is here. >> you've been waiting on this. >> winter is here. >> where are your pots and pans, where are your party hats. >> i thought it was new year's when you blow like the -- and champagne. where is all that stuff. >> the excitement. >> we at least have a traffic report. >> this is probably someone's favorite season. mine? no, not so much. but yes, let's celebrate way traffic report. that seems appropriate because winter does give us all sorts of problems on the roads. and of course this morning we continue to watch our shopping countdown clock just four days left until christmas and until the start of hanukkah so we're
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here along 100 in exton by the exton shopping complex. expect all of the roads by all of the area malls to be busy all week long as people like myself do our last minute shopping. i'll be at the dollar tree today, so find me out there. you know, picking up some of the hangers that are worth four bucks but only cost you a buck. it's a great deal. in chester county pennsylvania turnpike eastbound past downingtown still have overnight work taking out the right lane. we still have this crash in souderton to avoid along broad street, that's 113 at north school lane. if you're heading to lasalle college high school this morning, watch out, there's a crash in springfield township along cheltenham avenue at patton road and not too far off reports of icy conditions along stenton avenue at whitemarsh avenue. we also have new construction that started just a couple days ago in delco. garnett mine road now shut down through late january. feather bed road or falk road gets you around that bridge
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work. fuel spill in cherry hill township along 295 approaching woodcrest station but it sounds like the activity with it is pretty much all on the shoulder. matt. >> thank you, matt. a water main break has been impacting the columbus boulevard and i-95 for almost a full day. plus several residents are waking up with without water service. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live near the repair site in the city's queen village neighborhood. hi, katherine. >> reporter: hi, matt. there is an improvement here but there's still work to be done. right now we're standing on columbus boulevard by catherine street and you can see the left lane of traffic is getting by at the moment. the right two lanes are closed by the site but later on this morning when the water department crews are back for repairs we're expecting all of the southbound lanes will be closed once again. this all started with a water main break and sinkhole yesterday morning around 7:00. an suv hit the sinkhole which you partially covered with water and then was disabled but no one was injured. as crews worked to repair a broken 12-inch main, the
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southbound lanes of columbus boulevard between fitzwater and christian were closed as was the off ramp from 95. so far this morning we have seen cars come off the exit from 95 and again, one lane of traffic is getting by the work site on columbus boulevard. but that is expected to change placement crews may need to close all of the lanes in order to work safely at this location. from the traffic standpoint we're not seeing much of an impact yet but as it gets later it could really tighten things up here as far as impact to water service. at least some of the water we're told has been restored to a nearby apartment building that was impacting from this water main break. live in queen village katherine scott, channel6 "action news. matt. >> thanks, katherine. new this morning police in portland oregon have made an arrest in the road rage shooting of an eight-year-old girl. witnesses say 32-year-old joshua constantine was driving aggressively along an interstate and nearly ran several cars off the road including one carrying three children. when the driver of that
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vehicle pulled out her phone to call police, they say constantine fired a gun shot. it pierced the car door and hit the eight-year-old through her shoe. she suffered a graze wound though. police later followed constantine's plan to a parking lot and placed him under arrest. >> four suspected burglars were spooked when they bust need a house and came face to face way florida girl 11-year-old ashley says she was home by herself when they broke into the home. she called 911 and then ran to hide in her closet. the four suspects kicked in her door but when they laid eyes on ashley they ran. >> i got scared because there were so many like one against four that was too much. and when they saw me, they ran out and they left. >> deputies say the crooks took off in a stolen suv but then crashed a few miles away. three of the suspects were arrested and police believe one more suspect could still be out there on the loose.
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society value meal at a fast food restaurant is always the best deal right? maybe not. and a mcdonald's customer is making a case out of it. james is suing locations in two illinois counties. he crunched the numbers and said it cost $5.90 that is 41 cents more than if you purchased each menu item separately. he's not loving it. in fact he says the lawsuit is about principal. the complaint seeks an injunction to keep mcdonald's from pricing value meals hire than the total when it's a la carte. >> ♪
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>> well, happy winter everybody. >> happy glinted yay!, it's here. >> it's really just so exciting.
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let's head outside on the schuylkill expressway. these are the ramp that is connect 76 with spring garden street. had some debris on the eastbound off ramp but penndot just came along cleared it out and rap the best thing about this shot it's nice to look at boathouse road there in the distance. lit up beautiful this time of year. with the waze app i was getting reports of a crash along 495 northbound in claymont. expect a little slowing there. you might be better coming up 95 instead of 495 this morning. and on the tracks no big troubles so far but do keep in mind if you ride the cynwyd line afternoons and evenings you'll be on the buses the next few days. >> karen. >> winter solstice arrives. it's any other going feel like winter this afternoon. let's check your forward forecast and see what's coming up next. on a mild street the entire seven-day forecast shows above average temperatures. saturday we could see a shower christmas eve and hanukkah. tuesday we're going to be the mild defendant talking -- mildet
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talking temperatures in the 50. the temperature itself kickoff for the eagles 38 degrees not bad. fourth quarter 35. so we're talking mild temperatures in the daypart but at night it's still going feel like winter with those cold temperature. matt. >> all right karen. later on go to and you can refresh your memory. something is missing from this scenery in placerville california's the town's beloved christmas tree. someone stole it as it was set up outside a historic building. the town was upset until an anonymous donor surprised residents with a new tree. community members helped decorate the new one. >> ♪ where things come from?
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>> a reality show contestant has been found dead and one of her nursing students is under arrest for this murder. information from the suspect jackie jerome rogers led police to the body of 36-year-old lease shah marie naegle. she was found in rogers backyard. naegle competed in bridalplasty back in 2010. now she had texted her husband after leaving a party early sunday morning but she never came home. ever since naegle vanished her family has been doing their own detective work getting surveillance footage that they say shows naegle leaving the
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part with the suspect. 80's pop star richardmarks was waiting on a flight from vietnam to south carolina when a man started attacking passengers. he was one of the first people to jump in and help. they say the flight crew wasn't prepared to deal with something like this. marks and other fliers tied the man up with rope but he kept wiggling out of his restraints and fighting more over the course of four hours. marks and fuentes posted photos of the incident and called the whole thing chaotic and dangerous. >> he did say wherever you go, whatever you do, so he was there. a minister in mississippi is taking seasons greetings to a whole new level. darlene carroll has sent out more than 10,000 christmas cards this year. many of them were hand delivered. carroll also center cars to troops stationed overseas and first responders across the southeastern united states. carroll got the idea when they lifted her mother's spirit with daily greeting card after
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carroll's father passed away last year. >> lovely idea: but it's a lot of work 10,000 it. >> , yeah. >> 5:57 now. next and new this morning a mega merger is in the works between two pharmacies that is impacting a pennsylvania based chain. >> police catch a break in the search for a killer in cumberland county new jersey. we'll explain why the prime suspect is still out of their reach. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday december 21st. we're following several breaking stories. >> police investigate deadly gunfire in southwest philadelphia overnight. >> berlin's christmas market attacker is still on the loose. meanwhile a major terrorist


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