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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  December 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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♪ action news, delaware valley's leading news program. with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky, and walter perez perez. everybody, it's christmas eve, 2016 and preparation for the big day are underway. most stores are closing soon. last minute shoppers are shifting into overdrive as they frantically search for the last minute gifts. folks started before the sun
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came up buying for the big christmas meal, others christmas eve is a time to take it slow, reflect and pray. saturday night i'm walter perez, it's christmas eve, the big story is a busy night for some, a silent night for others, by now, most folks might be wrapping gifts. listening to holiday music and getting ready for the arrival of christmas morning, take a look from sky 6 at -- that's penns landing. let's begin with meteorologist melissa magee with our first check of the accu weather christmas forecast, melissa >> certainly not bad here on this christmas eve. we started the day with some early morning rain showers. right now, the high in philadelphia in at 46 degrees. that's well above where we normally should be this time of year. we should be in at 42. unmarks are still quite mild way westerly wind. it's 43 in the city, 39 in the poconos, 41 in allentown at the coast in cape may coming in at 45. lancaster and wilmington also in the lower 40's.
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here is satellite 6 along with action radar. we had the cold front earlier. it is sagging off to the south and east and skies starting to break apart. we got a partly cloudy sky on the way for rest of tonight. if you're doing last minute shopping, grocery shopping or heading over to service later on this evening, we got covered with the planner. 7:00 p.m. that temperature 43 degrees, it's partly cloudy. mostly clear at 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 temperatures in the 40's. perhaps midnight master at 39. we'll talk about what we can expect. we're tracking santa. i won't give you a heads up but i will tell you he's delivered more than 3 billion presents. it will be sunny with temperatures in the 40's, we got details coming up in the accu weather forecast. >> santa on his way. the temperatures were a welcome development who embraced the pressure of finding last minute gifts.
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jeaneatte ray yes is live where venturous people are still getting busy. jeaneatte >> venturous people, i like that. the mad rush of christmas shoppers wrapped up a few minutes ago. that's because kohl's closed a few minutes ago. others found some time to treat themselves >> i'm exhausted, tired and i'll be glad when tomorrow comes. >> reporter: in most things, you have the two kinds of people. those who get their christmas shopping done by black friday and those hours before. she's a foster parent of five and brought a helper. >> she wants this yokai something machine. i can't find it. >> reporter: it didn't take much to get an assistance. >> >> this kid is trying to empty my pocket. >> no, i'm not, mom. >> mary also a mom is doing the
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same. but she didn't forget about her own christmas list >> i'm shopping for myself and my daughter because i want to make sure she's going to iceland and and to make sure she has everything she needs. if i try to do that. then i got couple things for me. >> reporter: in a rush to get all she needs before closing time she squeezed in a quick tip. >> get out there and get it done, because it's almost time. . >> reporter: this father and daughter came out to enjoy the last minute sales. >> we shopping. you know, for more gifts. >> reporter: they made it clear, although you're sure to buy lots. the meaning of christmas is not found in stores. >> that's what we're going to do, to eat, have a good time, be together. >> reporter: there were a lot of procrastinatorses but in their defense, experts say that when
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the weather is this mild, it's kind of hard to get in that christmas shopping kind of mindset, so maybe next year, when there's a white christmas we don't have as many procrastinators. reporting live, channel 6 action news. lot of pressure. some folks are up well before the sun to take part in a cherished holiday tradition there in south philadelphia. the action cam on the scene at termny bakery. early morning visitor received a special greeting and live music as well. ♪ >> see carollers welcoming wore ships in center city. the sink continued inside as well on this christmas eve. in gloucester county, thearchbis
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today. an hour long service and an accommodating place to workup. saint christopher's hospital had a very special visitor. santa claus himself took time from his schedule to visit children battling cancer. some younger girls received barbies, others received gift cards and video games to make their time a little bit brighter. a 9th annual coat give away was hold today the black visionary's. over past eight year, 900 coats have been donated to the less fortunate through this program. they're donated by people from the community and local businesses as well. and santa claus even stopped by as a real treat for everybody on this christmas eve. take 6 from storm tracker 6 live radar, we got you
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covered and following meteorologist on facebook and on twitter for special updates from the weather department as well. here's a package. all right. here's bob brooks live at the scene. bob? >> reporter: hey, walter. good evening, we are here in south philly right now. and just a horrible story. a woman in mind marie bach, that's her grocery store behind me. earlier this morning, she was ambushed, shot two dozen times at this point, whoever did this is still on the loose right now in what is just a horrific crime that south philly. >> instead of celebrating christmas eve, there's a neighborhood in south philly where pretty much everyone is spending the day crying. some can hand hardly stand,
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81-year-old the pictured with her husband was brutally murdered. >> she was loved by so many people. that was a violent, violent. >> reporter: maria said she doesn't think it was random. she says around 9:00 a man dressed in black entered her mother's grocery store called marie's grocery. it's two doors down from the family's home. she ran it for 43 years. detectives say the suspect said nothing, stole nothing but shot the 81-year-old. a sickening 22 times. there was a witness inside working with marie. there is a description of the suspect. they now have a message >> he better turn himself in. not for nothing but we do have a description. >> reporter: so many neighbors we spoke with say buck helped everyone and let some people go without paying. >> what little store you know, this trusts people for money and let's them take groceries. >> reporter: her family said buck wanted to retire but dedicated to her store and her
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community. she couldn't bring herself to stop. >> she wanted to >> but she keeps saying >> she keeps saying next year, next year. >> this person >> this person needs me. that's the way she was. >> maria ads they will turn to their faith now to make it through this. >> i made sure my mom got a blessing. by father nick. family and friends. >> reporter: live look outside of the grocery store where this happened. you can see flowers have been placed. people coming here all evening. one woman was just lying on the stairs right in front of the steps up to the store here. just a neighborhood that is grief stricken right now as you can imagine, we want to thank the family for speaking with us. we send our consequences
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condolences to them. we now know what caused the foul odor i came from the paulsboro refinery in gloucester county. we're told that the refinery relieved 13 sounds of sully fur did i octobers sign and nine pounds of hydrogen last night. the chemicals were below the reportable levels required by law but enough to create quite a stench. it was gone if the area by 1:00 a.m. much not sure come a terror warning. isis is threatening religious sites across the country, big cities are on high letter. carson wentz's rookie year is nearly at an end >> here comes santa claus. here's the official track eric. it's old saint nick's big night. and we're keeping an eye on his progress. melissa magee is tracking his journey and she'll let you know how close he is to the delaware
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valley. those and more when action comes right back.
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special in war torn nations. this mass is the first major event followed by the pope's blessing tomorrow on christmas day. ? >> tens of says of people converge to celebrate this holiday. the crowds packed major square. surrounded by music and prayer at the church of nativity. the country's top counter terrorism official haves issued a holiday warning across america. they say isis calling for supporters to target houses of
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worship across the u.s. as they gather to celebrate hanukkah and christmas tomorrow. earlier this week, isis published a link to a website containing the names and addresses of american churches. according to the alert, the group is urging sympathizers to attack public spaces like this week's assault at a christmas market in germany. >> one of the most significant threats facing this country today comes from people who are inspired by terrorist ideology but operate independent of a terrorist organization. >> meanwhile, the man behind the berlin attack anis was killed during a shoot-out in italy. three people have since been arrested as well. once again, peco is lighting you mean the holiday season, and action news is bringing you some of the best displays across the delaware valley. the action cam on the scene here out in lower moreland, montgomery county with a 2400 block of dale road is decked out in lights as you can see, one
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get a great offer on the car of your grown-up dreams at the mercedes-benz winter event. it's the look on their faces that make it all worthwhile. thank you santa!!! now lease the 2017 c300 for $389 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. anything guaranteed win >> play the giants ten times. we'll win eight >> really? >> because we got their number. at least once every year. we beta them. >> the giants would likely to hear that. carson wentz got what he wished for. that was the eagles first division win. maybe he'll get another one for his birthday in six days. they will also beat the cowboys to finish off the year. regardless it's been an impressive rookie showing for
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the second overall pick despite the eagles record overall. he smack in the middle of the pack amongst starting quarterback passing yards this season, more impressive is his versatility and ability to make plays, the little juke against the giants, not bad for a big guy right there. his coach, seen a lot of growth that makes wentz pretty impressive. >> i think what you're seeing with carson as the season gone on is he's really sort of let the game unfold. things are beginning to kind of slow down for him, and what i mean by that, is you know, being able to use his legs, seeing the field a little bit differently, checking the ball down, not hanging on to the ball. those are things that's maturity of your quarterback. >> there was a whole lot of football to watch today as you finished wrapping presents, all eyes on the vikings. we want the guys to lose.
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santa delivered. visiting greenbay where it's a white christmas, all the snow caused the vikings plane to skid off the runway. sam bradford, sack, fumble. packers recover. greenbay takes advantage. aaron rogers making things happen. he through four touchdowns. packers win 38-25, vikings fall seven and eight. that pick better every day, brown win wistar and 14. time running out under five seconds to go. chargers down three, looking to tie for the 44 yard field goal. wide right. look at this guy, what's you go lear, the brown's season or that guy's sweater. it's a christmas miracle in cleveland tonight. temple owls enjoyed a christmas dinner at long time washington, dc establishment been's chilly bowl. they're likely go to bed record
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setting win on tuesday. the 23rd ranked owls took a break to take a tour of the u.s. capitol. the team posing for a picture on the steps, and got an inside look at where the magic happens. they'll visit with veterans in an armed forces retirement home part of the experience, ed foley said the extra haven't has noted >> it's been really good. early on it was more difficult. we're trying to practice now we're kind of -- we got the game plan set. guys are excited. it's been great. to the season of giving. everything feeling generous. the flyers asked to come up with the perfect gift for their team mate mates. >> schenn get a credit card. hats to pay off a dinner off, might as well bring the cousin, i would buy jake a razor and a
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his location. if you're good, you need to go to bed because santa is on the move >> i'm ready to go to bed myself. >> with the rain dears i'm telling you. . here's storm tracker 6. no issues with precipitation, but we will be tracking clear conditions as we go throughout the rest of the tonight and into christmas day. here's a picture outside. the action cam was outside earlier today looking at center city. it was definitely a cloudy start to our saturday. and the holiday weekend. we had rain early today constitutes delaware and lehigh valleys. the cold front moved out. we got clear skys on the way for rest of this evening. the high today in philadelphia, we were above average, 46 was our high, normal this time year is 42.
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the record is 71 set back in 2015 just last year. and on christmas day last year, we had temperatures in the 70's, it will not be that mild but still above average tomorrow. numbers north and west. 42 in -- 43 in center city. 44 in chester and 42 in new holland and coatesville. new jersey it's 40 vineland, same thing ham monton. we're dry and quiet. there's the cold front that came through early today. sacking off to our south and east. while we'd end out the picture. we got high pressure off the great lakes eastward into the roast holiday weekend. drying out the atmosphere, providing sunshine for us and christmas day, the next 12 hour, partly cloudy, 30 in the suburbs and 34 in philadelphia for overnight low. wake up christmas day, plenty of sunshine nice and pleasant the
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high in the city coming in at 46, once again, tomorrow, 44 and lancaster for the high, 45, allentown 45 in cape may, 48 in atlantic city. upper 40's for trenton, thomas river and dover. we're tracking santa. if you are paying attention, santa is on a move right now and right nowness guana, delivered more than 3 billion presents to all the good little boys and girls, quicking making his approach into the united states later on tonight. on christmas day it's mostly sunny and pleasant. 8:00 that temperature coming in at 34, noon 43. by 5:00 in the afternoon, sunny and dry with a temperature coming in at 42. here's the exclusive accu weather seven-day forecast. mostly sunny and nice christmas day, high temperature in at 46. cloudy with an easterly wind on monday. drizzle was around on and off. tuesday it's damp, mild up to 57 for a high and the wake of that on wednesday, turning cooler, a
6:27 pm
high just 42. thursday, mostly cloudy with some rain possible, and at 48 degrees, and on friday, brisk and cooler. high temperature 41, and next saturday is new year's eve. partly sunny with a high temperature coming in at 48. >> i was doing my best. >> thank you, melissa. >> we want to wish a very happy 100th birthday, to jean, they gathered at the retirement home in warminster, bucks county this afternoon, celebration included cakes, balloons and plenty of hugs, happy birthday jean. next here on channel six, don't mix action news at 10:00. we're back here again on 6 abc at 11:00. now from for melissa magee, jeff skversky, jamie apody, i'm walter perez. back at 11:00.
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welcome to "world news tonight." treacherous travel as christmas nears. heavy snow, ice, powerful winds. an unwanted gift from mother nature, disrupting holiday travel for millions across the country. shocked and saddened. hollywood co-stars and friends sharing their emotional reactions after "star wars" actress carrie fisher goes into cardiac arrest. the latest on her condition tonight. church terror threat. with many now heading to worship this christmas eve, a warning from the fbi on the growing isis threat. turf war. president-elect trump at odds with the obama administration over one of our closest allies. plus some rockettes now high-kicking their way out of the inauguration. and the little boy, the long wait, and the photo going viral.


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