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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  December 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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tree folks in this neighborhood woke up to headaches. >> puncture wound right there. >> reporter: jason says the slashing spree happened while his family was inside celebrating early christmas morning. >> my sister was going to get in the gary to go home and realized her tires were slashed. so and then we noticed that all these cars in a row were all slashed. >> reporter: police say the vandal hit tires on nine cars between midnight and 2:30 a.m. a home surveillance camera caught images of a shadowy figure moving slowly from car to car possibly on a bike. >> disappointed, sad, mad. she just brought four brand new tires. >> like my man said over there, grinch, uh-huh. >> reporter: whoever it was hit both of angelo cruz's car. he spent much of the day calculating the losses. >> 500-dollar deductible so that's a thousand dollars right there alone. so, i'm going to try to do
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away without the insurance. >> you know, it's sad to see that people have no heart, no feelings and come out and damage someone else's property. >> reporter: on christmas, nonetheless. but the vandals' misdeed is being met with giving of the after learning about the vandalism on "action news" bob everett of two sons auto salvage in southwest philadelphia offered to help those affected. >> if we have our size in your tire supply we're willing to give you those tires free of charge and if we can't -- if we don't have your size, we'll get them for you. >> reporter: at this point police have not identified a suspect and that surveillance video may prove too grainy to be of much help. if you know of anything about this vandalism you're asked to call police. reporting live in north philadelphia jeff chirico channel6 "action news." >> loved ones begging for tons a south philadelphia deadly shooting to come forward. they're desperate to find out
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who opened fire. the saturday morning shooting particular the life of 81-year-old marie buck chaumont shot several times and was possibly targeted despite her involvement in the community. >> how could these animals exist? it's horrible. she didn't do anything. she would never hurt anybody. >> hear from buck's family coming up in a live report tonight at 5 o'clock. >> okay, time for a check of the accuweather forecast. let's go outside to meteorologist melissa magee in for adam. >> hi there walter. hi, monica. yeah, we have pretty cloudy day across much of the delaware and lehigh valleys but i tell you what, it was mild over the holiday check out the numbers. christmas eve we had a temperature of 47 and for christmas day yesterday at 50. now this time last year for christmas eve the temperature was 71 and this time last year we had a high on christmas day of 68 degrees. right now it's 44 in the city, chilly to the north and west, 34. 32 in the poconos but 50 already in dover.
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so we've got some changes headed our way. we are essentially waiting for a warm front to lift to our north. so right now in pittsburgh it's 59 degrees but 71 in charleston, west virginia. later tonight temperatures will continue to rise f you're stepping out on the town you can see that we've got the colder air to the north and west but warmer air is heading our way. so, the evening planner looking like this. we've got a mostly cloudy sky especially with an easterly wind there could be some mist or drizzle. at 9 o'clock tonight holding at 50 degrees at 10 o'clock and 11:00 p.m. o the way a few showers tonight but a big warmup as we get into tuesday and also track something rain chances by midweek. those details coming up with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. monica. >> thank you melissa it's bin bn busy. record number of flights making their way back home.
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john rawlins live at philadelphia international airport. john, how have things been going there today. >> reporter: monica, it's been really a quiet uneventful day here. most of the flights on time. definitely weather to the west of us here we'll get to that in a moment but frankly it didn't impact flights in and out of philadelphia much. day after christmas hugs of goodbye at the airport. folks going home after being home for the holidays. >> running around seeing family shopping eating. >> reporter: enjoying. >> enjoying, yes. >> reporter: this morning there were small pockets of travelers but no massive crowds. the wait to show a boarding pass to terminal c security line shortly after noon look less than a minute. arriving passengers pleasantly surprised. >> i was at the food court and maybe a third was full. and i was thought it was going to be jam packed. >> reporter: surprised. >> yeah. >> reporter: a weather system that blanketed the northern plains started
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slowing aircraft operations in minneapolis. fliers said generally getting to philadelphia not a big hassle today. >> going into chicago was crazy but coming in from chicago was easy and new one there. >> we deiced and got in 12 minutes early. for the day after christmas we couldn't have asked to anything better. >> i got to the airport early thinking we were having a problem coming out of detroit. people had no problems coming in. >> reporter: and as far as service on time. >> on advertisement because christmas and new year's are on successive weekends many business travelers talking the week off. their numbers filled today to some extent with uptick of younger children. >> lots of tracks luggage and strollers and diaper bags and things like that. >> reporter: a live picture of some of those folks with their luggage heading back
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presumably heading back to their home after having spent time with their loved ones for christmas and such. we are at checkpoint this is for d, terminal d here. this is probably the largest number of people we have seen all day. live at interpret, john the airn rawlins channel6 "action news." >> travelers facing whiteout conditions in the northern great plains. officials have been forced to close down hundreds of miles of highway. the international airport is closed until early tomorrow morning at best. heavy winds creating big drifts limiting visibility. >> many folks went back to malls to hunt for bargains or return holiday gifts they didn't want. the stores at the gloucester premium outlets in south jersey have been crowded all day. some shoppers were there to exchange items as we said, others tried to get a mission for those post christmas discounts. >> kids got money and gift cards and they here to spend it. >> right after christmas we
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let them bring their money and figure it's cheaper than getting it all on christmas or before christmas. >> we came as soon as we could to return her bag. >> shopping centers offering holiday hours. king of prussia is opened until 9:30 p.m., cherry hill mall opened until 10:00. and take and the 6abc mobile app with you wherever you go from storm tracker6 to the latest traffic information we have you covered especially during the busy holiday season and follow our meteorologists on facebook and twitter for weather updates as well. >> a neighborhood fight likely served as a prelude to an overnight shooting. the gunman opened fire hitting a 52-year-old man repeatedly. it happened in the tioga-nicetown section of the city. a witness rushed the victim to temple hospital where remains in critical condition tonight. police believe the motive was retaliation linked to an
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earlier dispute voluming it's victim's family. thief on the run after ro robbing a restaurant in kensington. he pulled out a gun pointed it at the 19-year-old employee inside and demanded cash from the register. she handed over the money and the gunman ran awayismone with any information is asked to please call police. >> police in toms river new jersey are asking for your help solving a deadly christmas hit-and-run. they say somebody hit and killed 45-year-old keith elliott at the intersection of highland parkway. detectives believe that elliott was walking from his nearby home to the bus terminal at 10:30 yesterday morning. he was on his way to spend the holiday with his family. investigators are looking for surveillance video of the crash in hopes of finding the driver. if you know anything about what happened please you are asked to call toms river police. concern is growing for a missing new jersey woman and her great granddaughter. 71-year-old barbara br:ley and five-year-old la
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br:ileyly. >> time for a check of the "action news" traffic reportly. >> matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. what's up. >> hope had you a nice christmas. >> absolutely. >> we liked how we started this morning. you could have heard a pin drop on a lot of the roadways. the same cannot be said this afternoon. on 95 watching an eight vehicle accident in the southbound lanes from the on-ramp to allegheny avenue. right lane is out of commission. penndot and police are out here and the on-ramp is partially blocked. big delays southbound from south of cottman just 15 miles per hour, then 12 miles per hour headed toward accident scene. again 95 southbound at allegheny even though it's a holiday afternoon it's still very busy on i-95. then you slow farther south from past 420 on down to 322. more on that in just a minute.
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just off 95 columbus boulevard southbound still has just one lane opened because of that water main break from last tuesday. and out in south coventry watching a bad crash noon along 100 pottstown pike at flowing springs road there by creative cooking catering. let's check in with 202 here in king of prussia. we saw ap a northbound delay a little bit ago. there isn't one right now. there was a overturned truck on 202 southbound but that ramp has reopened. let's do the commuter report on this monday afternoon. 322 in upper chichester a crash by conchester bowl causing tracks heavy delays on 95 southbound. we'll check it again monica and walter in the next half hour. >> sounds good. >> much more to come on "action news" tonight. gas in pennsylvania is about to cost drivers eve even more money. we'll explain why. >> their home is collapsing
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before their eyes. find out why leaders of this michigan town are facing tough questions about that syncly. >> a local family survivors being stranded in there wilderness. the mom is courageous fluff to hike for 30 miles to find -- enough to hike for 30 miles to find help.
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>> "action news" gathering in you information about that plane that crashed in colombia with the brazilian soccer team on board. investigators are confirming suspicions that the jetliner ran out of fuel before it flood a mountainside so now investigators believe human error was behind this tragic event. the planned flight path was apparently slightly beyond the jet's maximum range. 71 people died in that crash that considered about a month ago. divers located fragments of the russian military jet that crashed this past weekend in bla black sea.
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all 93 people. russian officials say pilot error or a technical problem are like to blame but some aviation experts say there may have been an explosion on board. the flight was taking members of russia's military choir to a concerta military base in syria. >> fans remembering 80's pop icon george michael. he passed away at his home in england yesterday. this morning mourners placed flowers and tributes at the steps at the gate of his house. 53-year-old's career was marked by hit after hit. he shot to fame during his time as a singer with the pop duo wham but since then he has sold more than 100 million records. his publicist says he died of heart failure. >> local officials in michigan are trying to figure out thousand deal with a sinkhole that has forced several families to evacuate their neighborhood. one of those families could only watch as their home started to crumble on christmas eve.
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abc's elizabeth hur has details about the community in remains under a state of emergency. >> reporter: that state of emergency will remain in effect for as long as it is necessary. with a house literally sinking into the ground, a state of emergency remains in effect in frazier michigan. >> kept running in and out as much as we could until the police officer told us we could no longer go in because twenty two too dangerous. >> reporter: derek lowe hasn't one of the 20 families evacuated after this neighbor's house started cracking. >> very scary. glad we're out of there. >> there were so cracks. the entire basement was shifting and moving. >> reporter: that was saturday. the update from city leaders grim. >> we're a small town. something big has happened. >> reporter: a giant sinkhole and the cause believed to be a suer pipe failure some 50 feet
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underground in the same general area another massive sinkhole bok knack 2004 but this time around there's another concern, raw sewage building up. >> there's a possibility there may be -- they may be dump something sewage into the river. that's one solution under consideration but facing strong opposition from residents, officials say for now nothing is off the table while warning the public to stay away. >> stay out of the area unless these people get -- and let these people get their job done. we don't want to become a tragedy. meanwhile officials say they are now working with the state to try figure out what to do with the sewage problem because it's not only a health concern but it's also softening the ground faster and now causing that sinkhole to collapse faster. in new york, i'm elizabeth hur for channel6 "action news." >> ♪ >> now to the white house transition. president-elect donald trump is continuing his vacation in south florida while working to fill his cabinet. he also announced this weekend he will be shutting down his
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family's charitable foundation. trump wants to avoid the appearance of any conflict with his role at president but the new york attorney general says the foundation is still being investigated for concerns over how it collected and distributed money. as all this happens trump's popularity is lower than his predecessor's. >> donald trump has made great appeals to his base and great appeals to the voter that is supported him but he has made few appeals to to people that supported hillary clinton or a third party. that's a problem as he takes office. >> every president over the past 60 years has walked into the white house at least with a rating above 50 percent. trump's is at 42 percent right now. ly. >> get ready to shell out more money when you fill up at the old gas tank. pennsylvania's gas tax is going rise on january 1st which is this coming sunday. that means commuters in the keystone state will have to pay an extra eight cents a gallon. this will be the third and final increase under a law passed three years ago to pay for transportation projects.
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pennsylvania already has the highest gas tax in the country. >> lovely. >> can't twenty eight do, that right. >> time get a check of that accuweather forecast for your week ahead. >> let's move to melissa magee in for adam joseph. >> hi, walter, monica. certainly not bad the day after christmas. temperatures are cloudy -- or conditions are cloudy i should say and temperatures still above where they normally should be for this time of year. sky6 live in hd, the ben franklin bridge on this monday, we've got a mostly cloudy sky. it feels a little cooler especially with an easterly wind overhead inform philadelphia coming in at 44 but to the north and west it's 10 degrees in cool earl, allentown coming in at 34, same thing in reading, lancaster 38, trenton 41 degrees. at the coast in cape may though we're coming um into the upper 40's. same thing for dover and also millville, new jersey. here's satellite6 along with action radar. you can see we've got a fair amount of cloud cover overhead. there's a frontal boundary off to the west. we'll take a closer look at that in a moment but with an easterly wind coming in off
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the atlantic we're dealing way mostly cloudy sky and that will be the name of the game for the rest of tonight. here's storm tracker6 live double scan radar 3-d. we've got this frontal boundary stretched out from the great lakes down through portions of the ohio valley and the southern plains. this front will work its way eastward. little precipitation that we are expecting across the midatlantic region but what you will notice is an increase and a rise in temperatures overnight. in fact that's the crawl accuweather over the next 12 hours, a few showers but temperatures will be coming up. we'll bottom out at 46 in philadelphia, 37 in allentown, 39 degrees lancaster and 49 in dover and cape may for the overnight low but watch what happens as we go throughout the day tomorrow. future tracker6 showing you 6 o'clock in the morning we're already in the middle 50's here in philadelphia. 52 in allentown, 48 in the poconos and with that southerly surge of moisture by 10 o'clock in the morning it's already 60 here in the city. the upper 50's north and west of town. and 58 degrees in atlantic city but as we go throughout the day and into the middle
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middle half our work week as the cold front swings through, temperatures back down into the 30's to start the day on wednesday at 7:30 in the morning. so, we're up and then we're coming quickly back down. here's the four day at 4:00 and you can see we've got some changes on the way. morning showers tomorrow but it's warm, a high temperature up to 62. on wednesday partly sunny and cooler and at 44 for the high. thursday occasional rain and at 46. windy behind that front on friday and much cooler, high temperature coming in at 40 degrees. so, it's going to feel really nice tomorrow. the problem is it's not going the last because temperatures for the rest of the week in the 40's guys. >> one day at 62 in the wintertime we'll take it. next on "action news" a family from the lehigh valley was on vacation when things became dangerous. they became stranded in the wilderness miles from civilization. >> party planning with a healthy twist. consumer reports tests better
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appetizer options just in time for new year's eve. we'll be right back.
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>> a professor from drexel university is defending a social media post that got him into trouble. in a tweet on christmas eve george ciccariello maher wrote all i want for christmas is white genocide and he told the associated press his message was meant to be satirical. drexel said the comment was deeply disturbing. >> a trip to the grandian couldn't found in a dangerous situation for a family from the lehigh valley. eric and karen kline along with their 10-year-old son got lost in the winterness in southern utah they were visiting from palmer township northampton county. karen's twin sister says she just got off track when their gps stopped working and their car ran off the road. they did not have cell service. their only option was to walk for help. can went out first trying reach a highway but then ended up walking 26 miles. >> what kept her going what
4:26 pm
she said is that she didn't want her mother to bury her daughter. she didn't want her son to be without a mother. she didn't want her twin to be without a sister. so, she kept going. >> my goodness. that's like walking a marathon. when karen did not return eric was able to get to higher ground and use his cell phone finally and call for help after 30 hours of hiking karen is okay, recovering in a hospital. her family says she's in good spirits and they would not be surprised if she actually wants to go back to the grand canyon one day. >> thank goodness they're okay. a temple university football team is getting ready to win their bowl game tomorrow and make a little history along the way. "action news" in washington, d.c. for the military bowl team luncheon assuming the owls beat wake forest it will be the first 11 win season in temple football history. under rim head coach ed foley says his team led by a strong group of seniors is ready to get down business tomorrow. >> they'll walk away from temple university to have the
4:27 pm
most wins of any temple team ever i think really means something. we have really competitive kids and i think that fires them up. >> we're fired up, too. you can watch the owls take on wake forest on our sister station espn. kickoff in annapolis, maryland, is set for 3:30 p.m. >> go owlsly. >> absolutely. still ahead on "action news," folks who ride a motorcycle in delaware may soon be required to wear a helmet. >> two girls get a huge christmas surprise and today the video of their reaction is going viral. we'll tell if you what made their teddy bears so special. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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>> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> welcome back. it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with the latest from accuweather on a big wintertime warmup on the way. >> plus a truck overturns spilling trash all over the road near king of prussia mall. >> also consumer reports is out with the best new year's eve appetizers to serve there are good for your walt and waistline. >> malls and stores have been busy today. folks headed out to return unwanted gifts from santa and of course to take advantage of post christmas deals. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes live at king of prussia mall for us with all the details. hi, jeanette. >> reporter: hi there. no surprise here at king of prussia mall, it is packed and of course a lot of people are back to return some of those gifts that didn't quite work
4:30 pm
out for them but there are many people who decided to stay for those post christmas deals. >> just came in for the returns and or exchanges. >> reporter: for many it's almost a post christmas tradition, that trip to the mall to return and exchange any unwanted gifts like aunt january's fashionable but ill fitting sweater. >> we exchanged a pair of shoes for the right size. >> reporter: according to logistics provider opturo more than 20 percent of returns happen during the holiday season. that's about 60 billions dollars in merchandise. >> a lot of families shopping together, a lot of couples and individuals using gift cards. we always value few returns and exchanges in there early morning hours. >> reporter: today we found most people were also taking advantage of post christmas deals. >> back home visiting family and i just wanted to catch the sales before i go back home. >> just shopping. we're getting the sales. i heard bloomingdale's was having a good one, nordstrom's. that's. >> reporter: after holiday
4:31 pm
retailers looking to blow out merchandise began launching deals on christmas day. it's often worth it for those who are willing to wait. >> one of the best things about coming to the mall the day after christmas and this coming week is that so much is on sale. most retailers have deeply discounted pricing as they're clearing out winter merchandise and preparing for the spring. >> reporter: for some it's a good time to finally treat yourself and your wallet. >> we like to wait until after the holidays, spend our money then. we feel like we get more for it. >> reporter: and a couple of things to keep in mind. make sure you check those receipts before you make the trip out here. we had a couple of people who weren't able to return their gifts. another thing is that the store is -- or the mall rather is not closing so late. after christmas, before christmas they were closing at 11 o'clock at night. tonight it's 9:30 so essentially less time to do all your shopping. reporting live at king of prussia mall jeanette reyes
4:32 pm
channel6 "action news." >> shopping season continues. thank you jeanette. instead of hitting the stores, thousands are hitting the roads and the friendly skies today. many roads are shut down, though, in the midwest as high winds create wind drifts and limit visibility. whiteout conditionss are causing delays at airports with dozens of flights canceled or delay all throughout the day. >> speaking of weather melissa magee is here. we're going to talk about some weather ups and downs which we have been going through a bit lately. >> yeah, we really have been. it wasn't bad today although a bit cloudy. here is sky6 live in hd looking at the ben franklin bridge on this monday afternoon. lots of clouds around. 44 in philadelphia. and believe it or not that's actually above where we normally should be for this time of year. the dewpoint at 36 so the air is getting a little bit more saturate. we've got that easterly wind so it feels a touch cooler outside rider now, that wind chill coming in at 42. numbers north and west are in the 30's. just 33 for slatington and fleetwood, 44 center city, run in new haul and out to the
4:33 pm
west but much milder across southampton hammonton 48, same in vineland but 50 down in dover so we have that changes headed our way. we're cracking a warm front that moves through so a few showers on the way tonight. we'll bottom out at 37 in the suburbs and 46 in philadelphia but temperatures will be rising overnight which means we were down today but we'll be up tomorrow, monica, with temperatures close to 60 degrees. >> wow. >> in philadelphia. yeah, that's unusual this time of year but certainly have these spikes as well. details coming up in the accuweather forecast guys. >> sounds. >> thank you. take and the 6abc mobile app with you wherever you go this holiday season. from storm tack six to the latest traffic information we have you covered and follow our meteorologists of course on facebook and twitter for weather updates as well. >> an overturned tractor-trailer caused some backups this morning in king of prussia. chopper6 over the scene here at about 10 o'clock another westbound ramp from 76 to 202 south. police say the driver lost control, causing the trailer
4:34 pm
to flip onto its side. the truck was hauling garbage which as you can see spilled onto the road way. the driver was treated at the scene for minor injuries. police in wilmington say nobody was injured during a shootout this afternoon that left bullet holes in cars and houses there. it happened shortly after 2:00 along the 100 block of van buren street. police say two homes and two cars were shot up with at least 12 bullets. police are searching for multiple suspects at this hour. >> police in the lehigh valley are investigating after a 27-year-old man was killed in a stabbing early this morning. it happened at 2:30 in allentown at the intersection of sixth street and sumner court. police say two people were stabbed in an argument. 27-year-old alfred guerrero died at the hospital. a second victim remains at lehigh valley hospital tonight. no arrests yet. philadelphia police released surveillance video of this suspected burglar. they say the man forced his way into the star restaurant's office building in the 100 block of market street in old city. police say he got away with a radio and a laptop computer.
4:35 pm
if you know who he is, please give police a call. >> from our delaware news room if you ride a motorcycle in delaware you could soon be required to wear a hell m the state legislature will consider such a bill next week. representative sean lynn of dover compares it to the seat belt laws calling it simple common sense. right now you're only required to bring a helmet with you when will riding a motorcycle in delaware only those 19 years old or younger are required to wear it. also in delaware republican lawmakers have introduced legislation to abolish the state's estate tax. the bill calls for the tax to be removed from the books by the end of next year. recent estimates indicate that the estate tax generates $5 million annually for the state's general fund. delaware has one of the highest maximum estate tax rates in the country. >> it is the day after christmas. that means plenty of folks are getting a chance to try out the gift they got this week. a word of caution from experts you'll want to hear first though if you're looking to
4:36 pm
break in new electronics or sports gear like this. plus trapped in a movie themed how one man's trip to see the new "star wars" movie ended in a call to 911. >> big new year's eve celebration in times square is less than a week away. those of you planning on being there are urged to be vigilant. the nypd fbi and homeland security released a bulletin saying there have been no credible threats reported but it says there is a concern about lone offenders targeting innocent civilians. if you go to the big apple next weekend you'll also notice a powerful security presence. also increased security in it at a following the berlin christmas market attack earlier this movement the italian army has formed a barrier around the coliseum. thousands of soldiers are involved in the safe roads operation all across italy. >> one of philadelphia's big of the holiday attraction center city closing out another successful season. a christmas lil village had a great run from thanksgiving
4:37 pm
through christmas eve. more than 80 vendors are removing their booths from around city off. the village will be back next november with more holiday shopping, food and drinks. residents in philadelphia can begin recycling christmas trees next week. the city's tree recycling program runs from january 2nd through the 14th. you can drop off your tree at any of the streets department sanitation convenience centers. trees placed along the curb will be picked up on your regular trash day. we have posted a link with the streets department locations for you on >> can't believe the year is almost over. >> i know. >> just new by. much more to come on "action news" tonight. we'll tell you about a mistake made by a church that left the congregation speechless. >> plus a car plunged into this florida canal this morning. at this hour one person who was inside that car is still missing. >> also organizers have announced some new details about the new year's eve celebration in times square. >> meteorologist melissa magee
4:38 pm
returns with the full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 continues next. >> ♪
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>> authorities say at least two people are dead an third missing after a car crashed into a florida canal. police say the car went off the road and into the water this morning near fort lauderdale one man was able to get out of the car and swim to safety. crews quickly responded and we have some breaking news for you here as well that we want to report from this area. in collegeville montgomery county, crews are battling this two alarm intercollegeville. it broke out around 4:00 p.m. on march wood drive. the fire in the two story home began in a garage but then spread to the house. they're fighting it from upper ladder trucks trying to attack from a number of angles. all occupants were able to get out. no reported injuries. that's the good news. a fire battling here a two alarmer that's out of control in collegeville montgomery county. >> new lawsuits are being filed in the wake of that deadly warehouse fire in oakland california.
4:41 pm
mikhaila gregory and griffin madden were among the 36 party goers killed in the warehouse blaze on december 2nd. their families filed lawsuits against the building owner party promoters city of oakland and alameda county. attorney for both families say the warehouse did not have a permit to host such parties. >> yes they had parties there, they had events and invited 100 people that night. there was no fire alarms. no means of exiting safely. >> we're also told that building had not been inspected in 30 years. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. >> new details have been released about the new year's eve celebration in times square new york. united nations secretary ban ki-moon will be the one to push the button to begin the 60's second countdown to 2017. organization of the celebration praised his legacy of bringing people and nations together. hundreds of thousands of folks are expected to watch the ball
4:42 pm
drop at midnight saturday right there in times square. >> moving on to big talkers. we begin with the heartwarming reaction to a memorable christmas gift that's going right lane thiviral this aftern. ly. >> two little girls from oklahoma received special teddy bears on christmas eve. what makes the bears so special is that the bear is a recording of their late grandfather's voice built n once the girls heard that voice the tears started to flow. each bear contained inside jokes for both of them. the grandfather tragically died from a stroke during a robbery at a car wash one year ago. the audio is from previously recorded videos. a family member recorded this emotional scene and put it on twitter. it has since been shared thousands of times. the youngsters aunt gave them the bears to make sure they'd never forget their grandpa's voice. ooh, that got me. young super fan of the philadelphia union received a christmas gift he will never forget. >> you have received a gift of
4:43 pm
a philadelphia union soccer. very excited you will be joining us for the 2017 season at talon stadium. >> keep reading, keep reading. >> they're trying the make me cry. nine-year-old ethan chambers of pottstown was moved to tears when his parents surprised him way ticket package. he got hooked on the union after going to his first game last season. he asked for tickets for christmas. his reaction was pure joy when he realized it wasn't for one game. he also got an autographed photo from his favorite player keegan rosenberg regional rail both the union and keegan rosen berry have shared this video. this story has gone viral on facebook. during a carol service they were handed booklets that were supposed to have the prayer
4:44 pm
known as the hail mary a common christian prayer. but instead, they were given profanity laced lyrics to a wrap song called hail mary by tupac shakur. those lyrics are laced with profanity and violence. some noticed the discrepancy right away. many wonders if it was a sick joke but it was mistake. the printer was a young boy who simply downloaded the wrong thing. the priest has since apologized for the mixup. >> time for another check of the roads out there tonight. >> matt pelman is in the "action news" traffic center with detail. hey matt. >> speaking of rap, most people have unwrapped most of their gifts. now it's time to wrap up the christmas weekend and we're not doing so with a lot of joy on the new jersey turnpike this afternoon. southbound side, yes, it's a 4-mile park lot headed toward the delaware memorial bridge. just a lot of volume at this point. no accidents but people heading home from grandma's house or aunt ethel's house.
4:45 pm
time to get back to work tomorrow so it's a 4-mile jam on the southbound side of the new jersey turnpike. if you want to come down 295 that might be a bit better but it's still going to be crowded. elsewhere on the turnpike in mount laurel speeds around 40 miles per hour headed southbound. we are getting reports of a crash along 73 northbound just off the turnpike and i think that might be contributing to those southbound delays. across the river plenty of delays on 95 southbound as well from bridge street through this point at allegheny. eight vehicle accident here is off to the side. police are still blocking the right lane. so it is very slow as you come southbound with speeds like just 11 miles per hour near the betsy ross bridge. then farther south in delco just 17 miles per hour from ridley park down to 322. there was a crash earlier this afternoon along 322 that contributed to that. extra heavy traffic. on the platt bridge headed eastbound toward 26th street there's a crash. luckily that's off to the side so that's not a huge deal. but there was a bad accident out in south coventry. someone was trapped in the
4:46 pm
wreckage. we're hearing they just got that person pulled out of the wreckage but watch out for the emergency crews still out there along 100 at flowing springs road there by creative cooking catering. and mass transit we are on abnormal schedules today in many cases. septa buses and trolleys on modified weekday schedules all week. subways are normal but the regional rails are on a sunday schedule. patco on a special schedule and dart also running on a sun schedule. we'll check it again walter and monica in the 5 o'clock hour. >> thank you. consumer reports is out with the best prepackaged appetizers for both your wallet and wait line. >> stepping outside sky6 hd is looking live at city hall. meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast coming up next. >> ♪
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4:49 pm
>> ♪ >> all right, time to check that accuweather story. melissa is here way bit of a drying out but then a warming up. >> yeah, that's right. lots of clouds around today. we'll show you this picture from earlier. the action cam was outside at fairmount pack along the schuylkill river some folks doing some running, some jogging, maybe working that was post christmas day meal. you could see we had lots of clouds around today and an easterly flow of air so kind of gray and dull across the area. here's storm tracker6 live double scan radar. it's dry right now. no issues with precipitation. we are tracking a frontal boundary that will be lifting through but very little moisture associated with that. right now in philadelphia it's 44 but to the north and west it's much cooler, just 34 in reading, at the freezing mark up in the poconos 32 but milder air with an easterly flow of moisture coming in off the atlantic, its 49 in millville, 49 in dover and the upper 40's as well in cape may. here's satellite6 along with action radar. earlier today we did have some
4:50 pm
issues with some freezing rain and drizzle well to the north in philadelphia, up through portions of the legal and the poconos. that's lifting off to our north but we'll widen out the picture. we're tracking this fronts from the great lakes back to the ohio valley and portions of the southern plains. this will be working its way eastward but again not a lot of precipitation associated with this. once the frontal boundary lifts through temperatures will be a little milder as we go throughout the day tomorrow. so, the call from accuweather tonight, a few showers as this frontal boundary comes on through. otherwise we'll bottom out at 37 in allentown, 39 in lancaster. the overnight low in philadelphia 46. and 49 degrees in cape may but temperatures will be rising overnight as we get a southerly surge of moisture that comes on through. so, future tracker six showing you 6:30 this evening a couple of showers, spotty drizzle will be around as there frontal boundary comes on through. same thing holds true at 8:30 later tonight and even early tomorrow morning as the front moves through, 6:30 in the morning from the poconos down through portions of our northwest suburbs but you're really going notice the
4:51 pm
increase in the milder air. so morning showers on the way tomorrow. it's warm by the afternoon, up to 62 in philadelphia. then that front comes through. high pressure returns for the middle half of our work week so it's partly sunny but it is cooler. we're in at 44 for the high on wednesday. here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. morning showers around tomorrow. it's warm by the afternoon. in fact as early as really midday tomorrow temperatures will be peaking in the 60's. 62 for the high. and in the wake of that on wednesday, partly sunny and cooler, high temperature of 44. even though it's cooler than tuesday, 44 is still above where we normally should be for this time of year so not too bad for the middle half of our work week. by thursday, on and off rain a high temperature of 46. behind that windy and much cooler on friday, a high temperature of 40 degrees. saturday clouds and sun and can you believe it, saturday is new year's eve, a high temperature of just 39. it's going to be chilly as we ring in the new year's the first day of january on
4:52 pm
sunday, guys. high temperature 48, cloudy skies on monday. also in the upper 40's then. so we're up and down a little bit this week but certainly not too bad. we've seen worse. >> absolutely. >> that's for sure. >> i like the outlook. thank you. still to come on "action news" breaking down the best premade appetizers for your new year's party that are healthy and also affordable. >> consumer reports compared frozen appetizers for taste price and nutritional value. we have the results coming up next in what's the deal. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. [ it'[ goat bleat ] by peggy lee playing ]
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[ crow caws, music continues ] this is gonna be awesome! when it comes to buying a house... trulia knows the house is only half of it. and with 34 map overlays like playgrounds, demographics, schools, and more... you can find the right house and the right neighborhood for you. trulia. the house is only half of it. z254jz zi0z
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y254jy yi0y >> in today's what's the deal a recent study show that people gained one to 2 pounds on average around the holidays and it takes about five months to burn it off on average. >> more and more frozen food brands are offering low calorie appetizers that seem to be healthy but are they and how do they taste. consumer reports experts
4:55 pm
checked them out. when you're throwing the party you can help your friends keep their new year's resolutions by serving hors d'eouvre that are delicious and healthier. consumer reports team of food experts nibbled their way through 72 heat and eat hors d'eouvre and then asked are they tasty better for you and worth the price. this team's nutritional bar is lie but in the end they found a number of worthy snacks to serve at your next soiree. >> our top eight picks were about 50 calories or less. so your guests can eat about 10 and still stick to their diet. >> reporter: trader joe's chicken pot stickers have 29 calories per peace. tasters note their moist filling of chicken cabbage and ginger and your guests will know that you care. two flaky treats from saffron road and vegetable a s.
4:56 pm
amosas, 45 calories each. a bargain sea pack's butterfly shrimp help your guest stay healthy for the holiday that's really something to celebrate. >> here's a little tidbit too. covering to the analysis of internal medicine when you go to a buffet hungry you tend to overeat the first food that you take so they suggest you hit the vegetables at the buffet business an firstly. >> christmas treat that's the grand daddy of them all. today is national candy day. it was white with multi color stripes. red striped white candy canes were introduced in 1900 but the original canes have been used to decorate christmas trees since the mid 1800s. the guinness world record for
4:57 pm
the longest candy cane is 51 feet. and now you know. >> that's it for "action news" at 4:00 for melissa magee walter perez sharrie williams brian taff alicia vitarelli adam joseph, i'm monica malpass. join those guys brian sharon adam and ducis rodgers every night for a full hour of "action news" on phl17. we'll join you next at 5:00. we'll see you in a few minutes.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> she was an angel. my mother was a wonderful woman. she didn't deserve to be brutally killed like that. >> tonight a south philadelphia family is making a renewed plea for justice after an 81-year-old store owner was shot multiple times on christmas eve. monday night, vic off walter perez joins us. the big story on "action news" is the continued search for a killer after a beloved member of the community was violently murdered. >> it happened before 9:00 a.m. on saturday near the corner of south sixth and titan streets in south philadelphia. neighbors tell "action news"
5:00 pm
marie buck had just opened her shop for the day. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is lie at the scene with much more. dann. >> reporter: walter as homicide detectives continue their investigation, family, friends and neighbors are in a state of shock. no one can understand why someone would want to essentially assassinate a defenseless 81-year-old woman as she sat behind the found in her grocery store. relatives and friends cried and hugged as they continue to grieve the horrific and inexplicable christmas eve murder of a beloved neighborhood figure. >> she was unbelievably warm loving person and the worst people didn't deserve to die like that let alone the best. >> reporter: 81-year-old marie buck operated her little grocery store called marie's to the corner of sixth and titan. for 43 years family members say she never had a problem. that was until christmas eve morning. a witness tells police just before 9:00 her 82-year-old husband michael had just


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