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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  December 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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marie buck had just opened her shop for the day. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is lie at the scene with much more. dann. >> reporter: walter as homicide detectives continue their investigation, family, friends and neighbors are in a state of shock. no one can understand why someone would want to essentially assassinate a defenseless 81-year-old woman as she sat behind the found in her grocery store. relatives and friends cried and hugged as they continue to grieve the horrific and inexplicable christmas eve murder of a beloved neighborhood figure. >> she was unbelievably warm loving person and the worst people didn't deserve to die like that let alone the best. >> reporter: 81-year-old marie buck operated her little grocery store called marie's to the corner of sixth and titan. for 43 years family members say she never had a problem. that was until christmas eve morning. a witness tells police just before 9:00 her 82-year-old husband michael had just walked out of the store when a
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man in a hoodie and dark clothing walked in and shot her 12 times. he said nothing and took nothing and then walked out. ly. >> who pours 12 shots into a 4-foot 10 woman? i mean, seriously. i just don't understand it. i don't understand it. my mother was good to everyone. >> reporter: neighbors say she was the kind of store owner that if a customer didn't have the money to pay she would tell them no problem just pay her when they could. >> this is a supremes it's unbelievable. you can't -- sometimes you want towing and it will be a nightmare you've been dreaming. 81 years old. who could possibly have done that? who could have possiblely hated her that much. >> reporter: families say it happened over christmas, it was marie buck's favorite holiday she wasn't known for dressing up as santa handing out gifts. so why did someone so viciously want to kill the 81-year-old woman beloved by so many. >> she was murdered and it doesn't -- 81-year-old women get murdered and to be shot
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multiple times just stand there and to just continue to pull the trigger. >> it's got to be a reason behind this. whatever it is, it's got to be a reason. i mean, you know, everybody is trying to beat themselves up trying to figure out something. >> reporter: family members say there were no surveillance cameras in the store because she never felt she needed them. ironically they say that after 43 years, she was finally going to close the store for good next month. live in south philadelphia, i'm dann cuellar channel6 "action news." >> thank you, dann. philadelphia police are still looking for a gunman almost 24 hours afte after a 52-year-old man was not tioga-nicetown. it happened last night on north bouvier street. he's in critical condition at temple university hospital. police say the shooter was seen wearing a green jacket with fur on the hood and a black cap with red stripes and
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snowflakes. >> nearly a dozen people in north woods woke up to a nasty surprise on christmas day. their car tires were slashed and finding a fix is proving tough because of the holiday weekend. the action cam was on the scene here along the 900 block of foulkrod street today. officials say the slasher struck between midnight and 2:30 a.m. on christmas day. those who were targeted say this is outrageous. >> disappointed, sad, mad. she just bought four brand new tires to come out and realize two of her tires were, you know, cut was pretty, you know, sad, so. >> i mean for each car that's $500 deductible so that's a thousand dollars right there alone. so, i'm going to try to, you know, do away without the insurance. >> now, nearby surveillance cameras caught a shadowy figure moving from car to car. police have yet to identify a suspect, though, and so they're hoping the public can help. meanwhile an auto shop in southwest philadelphia has offered to help the victims get their tires fixed free of
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charge. >> turning to accuweather the rollercoaster forecast mother nature has in store for the delaware valley goes on. looking live at the rothman ice rink next to philadelphia city hall as folks enjoy ice skating. we started the day with the threat of freezing drizzle but tomorrow quite the opposite. we'll see plenty of sunshine and the possibility of 60-degree weather, how about that? meteorologist melissa magee in for cecily tynan at the big board with details. hi melissa. >> hi, monica. big changes heading our way as we get into tuesday. right now if inn philadelphia 44. cooler to the north and west, just 35 in allentown, 33 in the poconos, the upper 40's down across areas in southampton here's the change that's headed our way. if you look off to the west you can see we've got a bit of a warm front that's snaking across the region so 60 already in pittsburgh and 70 degrees in charleston, west virginia and this warm front will continue to lift through the north as we goat throughout the rest of the night and into tuesday. which means temperatures will be on their way up. the evening planner showing
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you we're up to 47 by 7:00 p.m., the upper 40's as well at 8:00. at 9 o'clock a mostly cloudy sky with an easterly wind so mist and drizzle certainly not out of the forecast, holding at 50 at both 10 and 11 o'clock tonight. a big warmup brief but it will be on the way by tuesday and rain chances later this week. details coming up with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. back to you walter. >> looking live at philadelphia international airport operations there are running smoothly as people make their way back home after a holiday weekend. crowd sizes have been manageable. it was a steady stream of travelers in and out of the airport but nasty weather in other parts of the country have caused problems nationwide. and we're also keeping an eye on the roads around our area. matt pelman is live at the "action news" traffic center with more. matt. >> and walter and an eye on the parking lots at well. live over king of prussia. a lot of people today were returning to the area malls to make returns and now they're here shopping for a parking spot. it's tough to find a bargain.
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park, lot is in king of prussia. on 202 passing the chilly's traffic is couldn't jested in both directions by gulph road. very busy scene repeated across the area at all the shopping complexes. let's go live to the franklin institute, this is the ben franklin parkway. just a couple minutes ago it was the world's largest carmen r menorah parade. and the right lane is still closed here on 95 southbound at allegheny. eight-car accident mostly on the side but police are in the right lane. jammed coming south of bridge street. then farther south you're on the brakes from ridley park down to 322 and we still have a four-mile delay here on the southbound side of the new jersey turnpike head toward the delaware memorial bridge. just a lot of holiday volume here. we'll check it again, monica, coming up in the next half
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hour. >> thank you, matt. christmas has come and gone but the holiday shopping rush is still in full swing for many whether they're returning gift or hoping to use that new gift card. shoppers packed malls around the delaware valley today. "action news" reporter annie mccormick has more from camden county. >> reporter: just like santa, shoppers at gloucester premium outlets hauled stacks of presents the day after christmas looking for deals and a little more family time. >> we came as soon as they opened this morning so we can return her bag and then i'm going to buy her stuff today 'cause it's better deals today. >> she bought me two things to choose from and i chose one. >> the stripling family doesn't take a chance at guessing what their kids want under the tree and this way they spend more time together. >> kids got money and gift cards and they here to spend it. >> right after christmas we let them bring their money and figure it's cheaper than get it all on christmas or before christmas. >> reporter: some shoppers are returning but most are buying. >> she got like 50 percent off on top of her sales before so she kind of went crazy so we
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have so many clothes. >> we didn't do any returns. i would say overall there are big discounts. i think it varies a lot by store. >> reporter: for kids it was about staying warm at the outdoor outlet mall and when you're not the one buying shopping can be a lot more fun. >> my mom really does all the shopping but sometimes i go with her because sometimes she'll go like here and she'll let us stop at stores that we want to shop at. >> reporter: who buys? >> my mom. >> reporter: it's better to shop that way. >> yes. >> reporter: remember today is considered a holiday at many places. that includes shopping centers around the area so make sure you check the special hours before you head out. at the gloucester premium outlets annie mccormick channel6 "action newsily." >> temple owls are hoping to land their name in the school's record books. right now the team is gearing up for the military bowl. >> assuming they win, it will be the first 11 win season ever for the temple football team. jaime apody is here with a preview of tomorrow's matchup.
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we're look forward to a big win. >> that 11th win is what hairstyling for something these guys want to prove they can do amidst the distraction of losing their catchy coach after winning the game that got them there. thboth coaches spoke about their teams including owls interim head coach ed foal who says the guys are take this whole experience very seriously. >> they decided they wanted to come down here. they said coach make eight business trip for us. put together a schedule that's going to be all about winning. >> the leadership, the guys know that if we don't come for a fight -- >> we ready to go out there tomorrow try to get this w, cap off the season, get this 11th win. i think that's the most important thing right now is trying to get this 11th win. that way we can make history again. >> hey and you can watch temple and wake forest in the military bowl from annapolis maryland on our sister station espn. kickoff at 3:30 tomorrow and we have a crew with the owls
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so we will offer complete coverage before and after right here on "action news." >> thank you jamie. much more to come on "action news at 5:00 that includes the underground problems and the commuter in the midwest that has forced more than a dozen people from their homes during the holidays. >> tamale trouble. problem were christmas staple that has customers in southern california demanding a refund when "action news" returns tonight.
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>> officials in michigan say some families could be out of their homes for two weeks after a sinkhole opened up on christmas eve morning. it happened after a ruptured pipe 50 feet underground. construction crews say sewer failure under one of the homes seems to be to blame. in the philippines six people dead and thousands more are without power after typhoon nina hit the island country. at the height of the storm wind gusts topped 110 miles an hour knocking out access to major roads. in russia today has been declared a day of mourning for the 92 people killed during this weekend's plane crash in the black sea. russian officials say pilot error or a technically prob is
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blakely to blame. on the other hand avis experts say foul play shouldn't be ruled out. the flight was en route to syria at the time. dozens of singers from russia's world famous military choir were on board. so far fragments of the jet have been found but the plane's black box remains missing. >> prime minister of japan will make history tomorrow. he'll visit the site pearl harbor attack in the united states along with president obama. it will be the first time a japanese leader has visited the site of that attack. shinzo abe arrived in hawaii today and will pay tribute who died at the base tomorrow. tributes pouring in from around the world for 80's pop icon george michael. michael rose to fame as one half of the pop duo lam. he turned that act into a successful solo career selling more than 100 million records worldwide. michael's publicist says he passed away at his home in england due to heart failure.
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george michael was 53. the astronomy community mourning the loss of a pioneer with local ties tonight. rubin a philadelphia native was instrumental in the discovery of dark matter. her work led to the working theory of how galaxies operate today. reuben was the second female astronomer ever elected to the national academy of sciences. she was 88 years old. >> for many people in southern california tamales for christmas is a tradition but this year one tamale manufacturer apparently served up a bad batch. soon after customers picked up their tamales from the market in l.a. county they soon discovered something was wrong. some people even reported getting sick. >> we were waiting for the tamale over seven hours. it didn't cook. it was rotted. >> you think you're buying something that's good for the past 10, 15 years and you got the worst results ever. >> they have been in business for 55 years with four locations and they say this is the first time anything like this has ever happened. the company has since been
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offering refunds to their customers. >> tonight's health check if you have new electronic at home this holiday pediatricians have a few words of caution from singing cards to toys and games even remote controls, most of them have those little teenie button batteries they call them that pose a serious danger to young children. curious kids can get those tiny batteries out and put them in their mouths even for a few seconds but if they are swallowed batteries can cause permanent even fatal damage so please keep anything with battery buttons up and out of reach. you and your children may be anxious to try out new winter kates skis or snow boards but don't do it without the proper safety equipment. first only use them on designated ski or boarding slopes, not just on a spot in the neighborhood that looks okay. there could be hazards lurking under the surface and always wear protect did you have glasses goggles and helmets not just a bike helmet for other sports. first timers should get training lessons, too.
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>> group lessons or if you know those sports then teach them those sports before just letting them try it out. >> also be sure to dress properly for winter sports not just standard outdoor clothing and of course wear sun protection including sunscreen and sunglasses. >> some respiratory and stomach bugs are going around but that doesn't stop those hard work workout lovers. the mayo clinic says if you're wondering in exercise might be a bad idea because you're feeling sick the neck rule sal good guideline. if your symptoms are above the neck like a stuf stuffy nose or sneezing you should be okay. if you're okay to exercise, lower that intensity just a notch for now. >> good advice. still ahead on "action news at 5:00 the projected winner of this weekend's blockbuster show down at the box office. >> also how a man ended up trapped inside an empty movie theater over the holiday
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weekend and the lengths he went to to get free when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪ ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪ ♪7 powerball tickets ♪6 match 6 chances ♪5 cash 5s ♪4 cash 4 lifes ♪3 pick 3s ♪2 mega millions (joe) happy holidays, rita. (rita) thanks, joe! (man) what a great gift! (announcer) pennsylvania lottery tickets make great gifts, like the new $1 million snow bank. (joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪
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>> an oregon man safely back home after he found himself trapped in a movie theater over the weekend. the man said he decided to go
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to a nighttime screening of "rogue one." he passed out about 20 minutes into the film. when he woke up it was the middle of the night. the theater was closed. >> i wake up, the theater is completely darth i can't see nothing. like i can see the screen and like maybe my hand in front of my face if i waved it. >> the man ended upsetting off employees sensorial harms inside. police did not respond. he called 911. officers finally got one of their people in and got the man out through an emergency exit. >> despite his experience the force was strong with "rogue one" this weekend. the first stand ally loan star wars' movie set to lead the box office for second weekend in a row. >> reckless aggressive and undisciplined. >> this is a rebellion, isn't it? i rebel. >> very cool. full numbers are not in yet because of the holiday but
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rogue one is projected to bring in another $105 million between friday and today. rogue one is produced by a division of disney the parent company of 6abc. the a.m. 98ed slim sing expected to debut in second. >> passengers third. >> sky6 taking a live look right there at the river rink on penn's landing. meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪
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>> time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist melissa magee in for cecily tynan tonight. she has the deal. >> we'll show you the picture because that's where everyone is the day after christmas. a lot of folks at the river rink. it's not a bad evening to do some ice skating. temperatures are on the mild side even though it is mostly cloudy at this hour. it's 44 in the city. same thing in wilmington. cooler to the north and west, just the middle and up are 30's for allentown, down to lancaster but the up 40's for millville, dover and cape may. 42 up the 95 coroner trenton. visibility is certainly an issue. we've got a mostly cloudy sky with an easterly wind. down 5 miles for toms river
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and atlantic city down 323 in allentown, two in reading. if you're on the roads just give yourself extra time and also drive with some distance between you and the car ahead you especially when the visibility is so low. here at satellite6 along with action radar we have a mostly cloudy all because of an easterly wind coming in off of the atlantic and earlier today you noticed some freezing drizzle that popped up across the lehigh valley and up to the poconos, that's lifting off to our north. what we are awaiting as we pull out the picture here with storm tracker6 live double scan radar 3-d we've got a frontal boundary draped across the great lakes back to the ohio valley and the southern plains. this will work its way eastward but very little precipitation associated with this but i want to show you what's lang as this front lifts through. the call from accuweather for the rest of tonight a few showers. temperatures will be rising. we'll bottom out at 37 in allentown, 46 in philadelphia and 49 degrees at the boardwalk in atlantic city. future tracker six showing you as you wake up tomorrow morning, 6 o'clock in the morning numbers along the 95
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corridor are already in the upper 50's. 57 in atlantic city as you get in southerly surge of moisture coming in as that warm front lifts to our north. by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow we're already in at 60 in philadelphia, 57 in lancaster and mild in the poconos but watch what happens in the wake of that. a front comes on through and high pressure returns for the middle half our work week. so, 6 o'clock in the morning temperatures are back down into the middle and lower 30's. so, we're up tomorrow, a bit of a rollercoaster on the way and then temperatures back down close to seasonal levels as we get into the middle half of our work week. the five day forecast showing morning showers as that front comes through but it's warm by the afternoon. clouds breaking for some sunshine and temperatures close to 62 in the city tomorrow. on wednesday, partly sunny and cooler, a high temperature of 44. on and off rain by thursday with a high coming in at 46. windy and cooler by friday, 40 and for new year's eve next saturday, high temperature coming in at 39. we'll have more details and what new year's day looks like
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coming up in the next half hour, guys. >> sounds good. thank you so much. we'll take a break. much more "action news" when we come right back. >> ♪
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ly. >> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody, rick
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williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> hello again. rick is off. walter perez joins us. here's what's happening on "action news" tonight a popular restaurant owner became the victim of a burglary. what the thief was able to get away it. plus a warning about high tech toys your children may have gotten this holiday how you can keep crooks from stealing your information. and plans are taking shape for the new year's eve ball drop in new york times square. the security measures already in place. >> details. gifts unwrapped but the mad dash is not over yet. >> local malls have been crowded as shop ertz take advantage of post christmas deals with gift cards. >> shoppers at the king of prussia mall had to deal with an additional headache a truck overturned on the ramp from i-76 westbound to 202 south. after about four hours crews were able to remove it. >> we'll get another update on traffic for you in a few minutes. let's start our coverage with jeanette reyes live at the
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king of prussia mall. hi, jeanette. >> reporter: hi, walter and monica. you know, things are busy here but some retailers are saying it's not as busy as they expected. take a live look behind me. many people are returning unwanted gifts. others here for post christmas deals and final to spoil themselves. with the holida -- what's the hy season without the post holiday trip to exchange. >> we exchanged the shoes for a right size. >> reporter: one in five returns happens during the holiday season. that's about $60 billion in merchandise. the king of prussia mall was no exception. >> a lot of families shopping together. a lot of couples and individuals using gift cards. we always have a few returns and exchanges in the early morning hours. >> reporter: but we did find most shoppers here were happy with everything santa got them. you said you didn't have any returns. >> no returns. >> reporter: happy with all
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your presents. >> happy with everything. >> reporter: still they weren't leaving stores empty handed. >> so many people have gift cards they received for the holidays and they're here to spend and they're here to get the most for the money. >> reporter: sure customers were looking to spend those gift cards but even with jute one, the deals were just too good to pass up. >> i received so many e-mails saying 50 percent off so that's why we're here. >> reporter: for tierra, it's a no-brainer. if you don't want to break the bank or at least get more bang for your buck, just be patien patient. >> after christmas that's where all the deals are. >> reporter: and i got to admit these deals were pretty tempting. a couple of things to keep in mind. if you want to return some gifts make sure you look at those receipts. some stores are charging a restock fee or refund fee so just make you're you're aware of. that also try not to procrastinate and leave it for too long because some stores do have a cutoff date, whether
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it's january 15th or the 30th. reporting live, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." >> you have time get shopping done or return the gifts. king of prussia mall is opened until 9:30. cherry hill mall closes at 10:00 p.m. christiana mall an the gloucester premium outlets both close at 9:00 this evening. >> since the malls are staying opened later expect the possibility of traffic delays into tonight. >> matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center with the latest for us. >> here's the deal with the mall traffic. the roads are stocked around the shopping complexes this evening, walter and monica. this is 202 right by the king of prussia mall. you're get something southbound slowing as you head towards the schuylkill expressway. what you can't see is the parking lot and that might be the busiest of all. it's going to take i was couple extra minutes to find a parking space. getting word of a new crash in up baby by the y along lansdowne at garrett.
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on 95 it's still an extra slow go southbound from bridge street into allegheny where we had that eight-vehicle accident earlier this afternoon. then farther south by ridley park there was another crash. looks like it's now pushed off to the side but are you get something slowing as you head southbound toward the blue route and plenty of slowing here on the new jersey turnpike. this is just a lot of volume, though. still a 4-mile parking lot heading southbound toward the delaware memorial bridge as people head home from the holidays. on the a.c. expressway westbound at the garden state parkway a crash with speeds in the 20's and don't forget a lot of abnormal schedules today. a lot of lines running on a weekend or sean schedule. monica, walter, back over to you. >> thank you, sir. police say a man suspected of burglarizing the offices of star restaurants was caught on camera. a video from december 9th was just released. >> reporter: the shows a white male who allegedly broke into 134 and market street in old city. there he comes again: police say he took a serious radio an laptop put them in a trash bag
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and left. if you recognize the suspect you're asked to call philadelphia police. >> police in the lehigh valley investigating a double establishing that ended with one person killed. 27-year-old alfred guerrero died at the hospital. he was found at the intersection of sixth street and sumner court. a second victim remains at lehigh valley hospital. police say the two were stabbed during an argument. there have been no arrests at this time. the driver who hit and killed a man in toms river on christmas day has not yet been found. police say 45-year-old death elliott was hit yesterday at highland parkway and herflicker boulevard. they believe he was walking to a bus terminal nearby. if you know anything about this deadly case please call toms river police. >> president-elect donald trump continues to work filling his cabinet. >> he's already busy trying to sort out potential conflicts about both the domestic and international fronts. abc's kenneth moton is live in washington, d.c. with more. hi, kenneth. >> reporter: hi, walter and
5:36 pm
monica. about 30 minutes ago donald trump called the united nations sad on twister he's upset about that un resolution impacting israel but trump still has some big items to take care of. first, he needs to fill out his cabinet as you mentioned, veterans affair agriculture and also director of national intelligence. he's also working to separate himself from his business and his foundation but that's proving to be quite difficult. this week is back to work for donald trump and his transition. after a christmas church service standing oaf fifty eight president-elect is still celebrating the holidays in south philadelphia not even sworn in yet and he's already weighing in on foreign policy. both trump and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu upset over the white house's decision to allow a un resolution condemn israel's expansion of settlements. >> i look forward to working with those friends and with the new administration when it takes office next month. >> reporter: the obama administration pushed back
5:37 pm
against trump on cnn. >> he will be responsible for the conduct of american policy. until january 20 president obama s that's how it works. just one president at a time. >> reporter: but a president trump will walk into the oval office at a popularity low compared i don't to every president since dwight eisenhower. trump at 42 percent. new york's attorney general says that won't happen right away since his office is still investigating concerns about how the foundation collected and gave out money. >> i think donald trump and many of his staff understand the thing that would most likely anchor donald trump with problems is all of the conflicts related to his business and the foundation. he's figured that out. >> reporter: trump's new appointed white house communications director has already backed out of the job two days after the announcement transition spokesman jason miller said he needs to put his family first monica. reporting live here in washington, kenneth moton channel6 "action news." >> all right. thank you kenneth.
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world news tonight with david muir will have much more on trump's effort to dissolve this his charitable foundation you can watch that following "action news at 6:00. the count down to the new year is officially under way. zoo in cities across the u.s. including philadelphia police are heightening security. additional police deployed in new york and chicago with an emphasis on crowded public areas and holiday gatherings. both cities caution that the increased presence is a preventive measure that no specific threats have been received. a lehigh valley woman's family says it is a christmas miracle that she was rescued from the freezing wilderness. >> i can believe that she had the mind to do it because so much of that toughness is in the mind. >> we'll have new details about how this mother survived walking 25 miles in 30 hours with freezing snow. >> and drivers in pennsylvania are about to pay more for gas in the keystone state.
5:39 pm
we'll explain why. melissa. >> walter the temperature right now in philadelphia coming in at 44 but the 70's are off to our south and west. a piece of this milder air heads our way as we get into tuesday. details coming up in the accuweather forecastly. >> we will have much more on the temple owls as they get ready for tomorrow's military bowl in maryland. hear how the players are preparing when we come back. >> ♪
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>> new details are emerging on how a mother from the lehigh valley survived more than 30 hours lost in the frozen wilderness. karen kline was on a trip to the grand canyon national park with her husband and their 10-year-old son when they got lost. the car's gps took them on a detour through service roads. the car became stuck though after they tried turning around. kline who is a triathlete had taken wilderness survival classes and went looking for help on thursday afternoon. she ended up walking more than 25 miles before she was found safe in a cabin on saturday. kline's twin sister spoke about her sister's bravery and said the two will celebrate their 47th birthdays next week. >> kept her going she said is that she didn't want her mother to bury her daughter. she didn't want her son to be without a mother. she didn't want her twin to be
5:43 pm
without a sister. so, she kept going. >> meanwhile kline's husband and son were able to call 911 after finding had i ever ground. karen kline did suffer some frost bite but she's expected to fully recover. if you live in pennsylvania and you're running a little low on gas you should fill up sooner than later. the state's gas tax is going up in the new year which starts this sunday. drivers have to pay an extra eight cents a gallon. this will be the third and final increase aunt law passed back in 2013 to pay for transportation projects. pennsylvania already had the highest gas tax in the country. this increase will bring the average gallon of gas to $2.53 in the philadelphia area. >> jaime apody has a check on sports. looking forward to big temple win tomorrow. >> i can't wait to watch this game. it's almost game time. twenty-third ranked temple kicks off against wake forest in the military bowl a chance for their record setting 11th win of the season that of course has never been done in school history. today the two teams attended a
5:44 pm
luncheon where they watched their season highlights on the big screen. for the owls winning the conference championship won't compare to the feeling they have should they come through with a w tomorrow. >> our fans, our band they put a lot into this as well. even though we the ones putting in the hard work it's a part of us that go out there and do it for them. it would be a lot for the university. we just looking forward to go out there and give it all we got. >> it would mean the world to me. our names would be remembered forever. when people talk about temple they'll talk about this team right here and it just so happens i'm a senior and i get to go out o an high note. >> sixers out west taking on the kings tonight at 10:30 our time. fans drink some coffee. head coach brett brown said wants to use this road trip to figure out the sticky situation in the paint. coach saying today joel embiid should absolutely get all-star consideration. as for the other guys according to him three is not
5:45 pm
a crowd. >> they're friends. like they really want the best for each other. they understand this situation. they understand that i'm going to coach them and try to find that balance of like growing the team and growing them. and they're good people, their hearts are in the right place. we've all arrived at this situation and so now how are we going to deal with it somewhere. >> for the fourth straight week the villanova wildcats atop the ap poll as college basketball's best team. perfect 12 and o. defending national champs play wednesday against depaul. all eyes on saturday when they visit creighton. one game left to the eagles against the cowboys. did you see what andy reid pulled off last night reid's chiefs leading denver by 17 late in the fourth when they center in defensive tackle poe to run the wildcat.
5:46 pm
he completes a touchdown pass to demetrius harris. never has a meaningless touchdown been celebrated like. that the name of the play is i'm not joking hungry pig right. reid had another nickname for it after the win. >> that was part of it, yeah, yeah. a little bloated tebow pass, yeah. i've learned this over overtime you can't score enough. >> did he invent the bloated to tebow. >> some call it piling on. don't want to be a party pooper. >> yeah, line. >> they practice that play them got to use it. >> 33 got to use it. >> thank you jamie. >> high tech toys popular again this year but there are some things you should do before activating your new gadget to make sure it's safe. >> stepping outside sky6 hd live at the ben franklin bridge tonight. meteorologist melissa magee here with the exclusive accuweather 7-day next. >> ♪
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>> odd are you or someone in your family got an electronic gadget or toy this holiday. security experts warn before you use the internet on the new smartphone tablet or laptop you should go to the settings tab to adjust privacy options and check any toy your child got that connects to the internet.
5:50 pm
experts say parents should limit the data shared and turn off any cram that i camera. toys with cameras that also connect to the internet could be hacked and that means the cameras could be turned on and off without your knowledge. also check for the latest software update and any antivirus protection. >> all right. meteorologist melissa magee has a little information about a post christmas warmup. >> yeah, it's going to be really mild tomorrow, guys. in fact temperatures will be rising overnight tonight and as we go throughout the day on tuesday. so we'll show you what's going on and talk about it. here's storm tracker6 live double scan radar. it's dry right now no issues with precipitation but a frontal boundary close to our region as we go throughout the rest of tonight. we'll show you the pic picture outside. a lot of folks doing a rocky impersonation working off that christmas eve pie. good day to be outside. it was on the cloudy side.
5:51 pm
we'll take you back to christmas day. average for us this time of year is 42 but as you look at the past three christmases, in philadelphia it's been quite mild. 2014 a high of 65. last year 68 was the high and today, yesterday it was pretty balmy way high temperature of 50 degrees. right now north and west of town we're starting to cool down it's 34 in tannersville, 33 for slatington and fleetwood, 44 in center city and 43 out to the west in new holland. in new jersey it's much milder, the upper 40's for hammonton woodbine, 48 vineland, 49 degrees in dover and 43 in hockessin. here is satellite6 along with action radar. a fair a cloud cover overhead. we had some frozen precipitation across the lehigh valley up through the poconos that's now lifting off to our north and east. we'll widen out the picture. you can see we've got this front across the great lakes back through the ohio valley. this will work its way eastward as we go throughout the rest of tonight and throughout the day on tuesday but you really are going to notice an increase in the rise
5:52 pm
in the temperatures. so over the next 12 hours a few showers on the way, temperatures will be rising. we'll bottom out at 37 in the suburbs and 46 degrees in philadelphia for the overnight low. future tracker6 showing you 8 o'clock tonight a couple of showers. we've got that easterly flow off the atlantic so some mist and drizzle certainly not out of the question tonight. 10 o'clock a couple showers up in the poconos and even as you get up early tomorrow morning in the poconos down to allentown reading and lancaster a couple of showers as that front moves through but temperatures will be coming up. tomorrow, morning showers then it's mild up to 62 for the high temperature. so clouds breaking for some sunshine and as we get into wednesday, high pressure returns across the region, partly sunny and cooler with a high coming in at 44. here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. tomorrow it's warm by the afternoon. we're up to 62 after those early morning showers. then high pressure returns on wednesday, so partly sunny and cooler, 44 for the high. on and off rain by thursday and at 46.
5:53 pm
behind that on friday windy and much colder, only 40 and then new year's eve is on saturday, clouds and some sun. it's chilly as we ring in the new year, a high temperature of 39. the first day of january on sunday clouds and some sun and at 48 degrees. our monday mostly cloudy with a high temperature coming in at 47 so temperatures way up. a bit of a rollercoaster on the way this week but then we get back to seasonal averages for the rest of the week guys. >> okay. >> thank you so much. >> a massive australian seal is attracting attention not only in a tasmanian neighborhood where it is but also around the world. police on the island off the coast of australia tweeted this picture look at that of a giant seal on top of a car yesterday. they spent all day trying to capture the 440-pound animal. fortunately the seal dubbed lucille, got it only caused minor damage to the car. police were able to agent and they will soon release lucille back into the wild.
5:54 pm
>> two little sisters got very emotional when they opened their christmas gifts. >> thwart. but it wasn't because they got the coolest must have toy. see why these teddy bears are a gift they will cherish forever. >> we want to thank our viewers for sharing all their wonderful holiday pictures with us. here's a look at some of the ones you sent on social media using #6abc like. lights. >> ♪ why are you deleting these photos? because my teeth are yellow. why don't you use a whitening toothpaste? i'm afraid it's bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white. crest 3d white diamond strong toothpaste and rinse... ...gently whiten... ...and fortify weak spots. use together for 2 times stronger enamel. crest 3d white.
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>> wait. >> push it. >> a young girl ecstatic to get a teddy bear for christmas. what she learned is that this is not a normal teddy bear. this bear had a special recording of her grandfather's voice. he passed away suddenly last year. you see how emotional she got there. the child and her sister both got these bears and they were contained in an
5:57 pm
inside joke for each of them, a recording. the girl's aunt got the bears and was able to get the recordings from some old video clips. >> kwanzaa begins tonight. the celebration of culture in the african-american community. festivities will be held across the area from now until january 1st. tonight the first of seven candles will be lit by observers. each candle represents a different principle including unity faith purpose and creativity. >> "action news" team is standing by with these stories and more at 6:00. vandals. family members pleading for the killer of an 81-year-old shop keeper to come forward. >> armed with gift cards and cash many shoppers return to the malls seeking post holiday deals. those stories and more next. for melissa magee adam joseph cecily tynan walter perez the entire "action news" team. i'm monica malpass.
5:58 pm
join me for "action news" at 6:00. z y254jy yi0y
5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> monday night. jim is off. i'm monica malpass. in the news police searched for a gunman behind shootout in wilmington. an overturned truck hauling trash blocks traffic in king of prussia. but the big story on "action news" tonight is the search for a christmas vandal who went on a tire slashing spree. it was no gift at all for the residents who awoke christmas morning to find their car
6:00 pm
tires slashed. getting repairs has been a challenge as well on this long holiday weekend. "action news" reporter jeff cheer companchirico live along e on foulkrod street. >> reporter: i checked and philadelphia police have not made an arrest in this case. it happened early christmas morning. someone apparently went up this street puncturing tire after tire, car after car. and in this season of giving, a local businessman is pitching in. well, santa -- while santa was make his deliveries you could say the grinch left his calling card too. >> right here. this one. look like they stabbed it a row of flattened tires on the 900 block of foulkrod street. the shadowy figure in this surveillance video is believed to be the culprit striking while jason's family celebrated into the early hours of christmas morning. >> my sister was going get in the car to go home and realized her


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