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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  December 27, 2016 1:35am-2:10am EST

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[ it'[ goat bleat ] by peggy lee playing ] [ crow caws, music continues ] this is gonna be awesome! when it comes to buying a house... trulia knows the house is only half of it. and with 34 map overlays like playgrounds, demographics, schools, and more... you can find the right house and the right neighborhood for you. trulia. the house is only half of it. ♪ action news. delaware valley's news program with jim gardner. >> headlights and tail lights
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taking along area highways and by ways. it's time to come home. others a family tradition. i'm monica malpass, big story is the return, return home from holiday trips, returning unwanted gifts and a return to temperatures in the 60's in the accu-weather forecast. we have team coverage tonight before many of you return to work tomorrow. let's start with action news reporter at philadelphia international airport. christie triple a predicted this could be the busiest christmas traveled season ever. >> reporter: depending upon how you were getting home played a factor, if you were experiencing headaches tonight, now, if you were on the road or even here at the airport, heading to the midwest or definitely proved to be a bit of a challenge. >> i was supposed to leave at 7:18, now it's leaving at 10:20. >> reporter: while on time
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flights filled the departure board, his plane is delayed three hour >> there's other -- as far as what i know. >> reporter: a storm pounding the midwest is setting back many flights. >> i'm getting there in time with a long line. i thought it would be less cumbersome. >> reporter: a steady stream of slow moving brake lights south of wilmington. >> there was traffic but it was ok >> 95 is heavy >> is that why you decided to stop? >> the day after christmas, it is heavy. 30th street station >> not as crazy as i thought it would be. i thought it would be busier >> no delays, no long lines >> much more on thanksgiving. i expecting to be less of a -- i don't know, a thing. it was -- not really that bad. >> reporter: for those dealing with mother nature >> normal people would be upset it gave a me an opportunity to spent more time with my family.
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that's a blessing. >> reporter: that flight to minneapolis took off but what a positive way to deal with all of those travel delays. reporting live here at philadelphia international airport christie ileto channel 6. let's switch to bob brooks at the cherry hill mall. retailers are relying on foot traffic to give sales a boost. >> reporter: good evening, they absolutely were. from everything i saw here at the mall. they did a pretty good job in doing that. towards the end of the shopping day you started to see a lot of this, people sitting down. it was a tiring long but successful shopping day for so many as daily hunting the day after christmas become a tradition so many. >> the day after christmas is when everything go on sale more. >> reporter: that's stephanie miller and allison are sisters and coming out to the mall means quality time >> we're going to eat.
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>> reporter: great deals >> you bring back and you get it cheaper. >> reporter: there were plenty of those, some stores offering discounts up to 80% off. shopping has become the new family tradition. >> i gave up before it was gift cards, now they can actually walk out without losing the money, i give them cash. >> reporter: some say the crowd were bigger than black friday >> it's crazier today. >> reporter: finding a parking spot took patience or a little cash. >> thank goodness for the valet parks at season's 52. he said i could park in the back of a lot. >> reporter: not everyone was here to shop. john alexander was supervising his son and friends >> do you do this every year >> no, but they're becoming of age. 14, now they want to walk around the mall with the friends. >> reporter: he was taking break around 7:00 then getting ared to find the kids
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>> are you having fun? >> wouldn't call this fun. i think it was a productive evening. >> reporter: ok, now you can see behind me finally the mall has closed. it was so nice to see so many people having fun and spending quality time with family. box brooks, channel 6 action news. let's check in now with meteorologist melissa magee. it's not feeling all that winter out. is it? >> it really isn't. temperatures will be coming up as we go throughout the rest of the overnight hours into the day tuesday. right now in philadelphia, with that surge of air, it's 49 in the city. 39 in reading, same thing up in the poconos. down in dover, 50, 50 in atlantic city and 49 in beach haven end. the issue outside right now is that we've got a mostly cloudy sky. a lot of mist and drizzle and low level moisture, the visibility report. the fog we're down to five miles in philadelphia down to two miles in the poconos down to half mile in trenton and also
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down to six miles millville and reading give yourself extra time if you're out and about on the roads. here's the big change double scan radar 3d showing you a warm front to our north and east. ahead of this cold front arriving which is why these numbers will continue to rise overnight as you wake up 7:00 in the morning, numbers in the 95 corridor already in the middle and upper 50's. you have numbers close to 60 down in south jersey. so light rain and drizzle on the way for the rest of tonight. big warmup. details coming up in the exclusive accu-weather forecast. you can check in with the morning team tomorrow, they will be monitoring the return to the roads and rails during the first morning commute when many folks do go back would work. a fire spread from one unit to another in chester county. damaging two homes. firefighters say flames broke out at 7:30 and they had the fire under control by 8:00.
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no one was hurt. they have not yet determined the cause. police and a south philadelphia family are asking the public for help by identitying the cold, blooded killer who murdered an 81-year-old woman on christmas eve. the shooter came into marie buck's corner store at 6th and tighten saturday dressed in a dark hoodie and other clothing without saying a word. opened fire, shooting the woman a dozen times. the man left without taking anything. buck had been running the store 43 years and was a fixture in the neighborhood. she always helped people in need or down on their luck. no one can figure out why someone would want to slaughter her that way. >> it was an unbelievably warm loving person. and the worse people don't deserve to die like that. let alone the best >> it's unbelievable. you can't, sometimes you just think you want a wake up and it will be a neighbor. 81 years old. who could possibly have done
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that? who could have possibly hated her that much to do that. >> the family said she did not have surveillance cameras because she think she needed them. sadly she was set to retire next month. philadelphia police are asking for help catching a christmas day bandit who held up a restaurant employee at gunpoint. drafts released surveillance video of the man pointing a gun at a 19-year-old woman behind the counter. it happened at the texas chicken and burgers arrest warrant in the 3900 block yesterday at 12:30. fortunately the employee was not hurt. allentown police are trying to sort out a deadly double stabbing. they identified the victim as 27-year-old alfred gurero found at the intersection of 6th street about 2:00 a.m. another man is being treated at lehigh valley hospital. police say the two were involved in a disturbance including several people possibly a road
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rage incident. by the time officers arrived, everyone except the victim had fled. from our delaware newsroom. an 18-year-old is in custody for a deadly hit-and-run on christmas eve. state troopers say bradford pollock struck and killed lisa bolden crossing chris chan in road in new castle. it happened about 8:00 p.m. a tip call led police to the vehicle. poll lack is being held on $6100 bail. eight car owners are dealing with lingers headaches from a christmas grinch who flattened the tires. he struck in the 900 block about midnight until 2:30 a.m. christmas morning, it has been dull to get a fix because of the holiday but in the christmas spirit, two sons auto savage in
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south philadelphia is offering replacements to the victims. >> i couldn't believe people would actually do that this time of year. it's a season of giving. we're hoping here at two sons to give back >> surveillance camera capture add shadowy figure moving the victims are hoping someone has a tip to help catch the crook. a two alarm fire heavily damaged this house in upper providence montgomery county this afternoon. chopper 6 over the fire. the blaze started in the garage and spread to the home. everyone got out with injury. cause under investigation. trash spilled on to a ramp from the westbound schuylkill expressway. the backup, as you can imagine during one of the businessiest shopping days in king of prussia. donald trump and barack obama are trading competing claims
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about who would have won if this year's election had been between the two of them. in a podcast hosted by his former advisory obama said he's confident he would have won on his visions for america but trump disputes that on twitter trump says no way, point, to jobs, healthcare and the ongoing conflict with isis. new york's attorney general said donald trump cannot close his charitable foundation until an investigation into how it collected and spent money is finished. the real estate mogul is accused of using for legal settlements and personal expenses. donald trump will enter office with the lowest popularity since dwight eisenhower. trump criticized the united nation condemnation of israel of west bank settlement. he gaited the un is ineffective it's a club to get together. but administration officials
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said until january 20th, the u.s. relationship with israel is as if president obama hand. a drexel university professor is stirring up a fire storm. tweets raid all i want for christmas is white genocide. george is defending his christmas eve social media post calling it satirical. he says he was mocking the idea of white genocide that is not true. a fiction made up. however, drexel summoned him to a meeting to find out more. calling the comments reprehensible. deeping disturbing and they do not in any way reflect the values of the university people in center city did a double takes a this parade of the cars with menorah's moved from the parkway to independent mall for the lighting of the third candle on the giant hanukkah menorah there. featured music and dancing.
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those who celebrate kwansaa had re are lighting the first candle. each of the seven days from now until new year day rejecting a different principal. still to come we're hearing for the first time from a lehigh mom who survived a willedder nets neighbor. hiking more than a day in the snow. get help for her family. she shares her story from her hospital bed tonight. lots of dirty little secrets about cooking shows and the kitchen habit you may not want to pick up >> it's 49 with the 60's off to the south and west. the milder air heads our way tomorrow. details coming up with the accu-weather forecast. jamie apody with temple. the sixers taking on the kings all that when action news continues tonight.
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lehigh valley mother is lucky to be life after being in the wilderness for 36 hour, they were trying to get to the canyon but the gps was broken and vehicle got stuck in pavement or mud on an unpaved road. karen who was an experienced runner thought she would walk for help. after two nights in sub freezing temperatures and snow with no food, no boots, she was finally found by sheriffs. she says sheer determination kept her going. >> this isn't how my life is supposed to end. my son needs his mother. my husband needs his wife.
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i'm not letting my mother bury me. i'm not going to survive another night out here. that was terrifying. >> when she did not turn, eric klein managed to get to higher elevation, karen may lose some of her toes to frost bite lot otherwise will be ok. concern is growing over a missing woman and her great granddaughter from south jersey. they were traveling from mays landing atlantic county to north carolina. the family members have not heard from them since they stopped to get gas in virginia christmas eve. the two were travelling in a silver toyota rav 4 with c80 ls: . grieving fans continue to mourn death of singer george michael tonight. michael's publicist said the perform died of heart failure
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but did not say the cause. fans continue to leave flowers and notes at his london home. he's best remembered for his talent. it was also evaluated how generous he was that he donated proceeds from one of his hits to change's charity. as if an enormous sink hole were enough. in detroit they started pumping sewage into the river to prevent it from getting worse. it is 250 feet long, 100 feet wide. more than 20 families have been forced to evacuate their homes and engineers think it could be weeks before they return. authorities believe a ruptured under ground sewage line caused the giant sink hole. pumping it into the river should reduce the risk of flooding. health check. celebrity chefs do a great job at bringing us new food but new
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research at kansas state say they're a follow up on demonstrating food safety. 23% of chefs lick their fingers, more than 20% touch their hair or other dirty clothing and hands not necessarily washed. it was done with 100 randomly he want episodes of 24 different well-known chefs. we're getting the first details about plans for the ball drop in new york city time square. organizers announced john key none will get the honor to push the button. that starts the button. we'll get our first glimpse of this year's unique crystal design. don't forget to tune into dick clark's rocking eve with ryan site crest starting at 8:00 p.m. you don't want to miss mariah cary also said to perform.
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we'll get a check of the forecast warming up. melissa is here. as you wake up. temperatures will be quite balmy in some locations. we'll show you what's going on with storm tracker 6 double scan radar. a cold front is off to our west. that's going to sneak in here overnight tonight and into tuesday morning, but very little fanfare, not a lot of moisture associated with it. we'll show you the picture outside the action cam outside put a beautiful shot of rittenhouse square. the trees looking quite festive we're still in our holiday season, mostly cloudy sky across the area but the numbers starting to climb at that southerly wind it's 49 in the city. 47 in wilmington, 51 in dover. 50 in atlantic city. you had the cooler air to the north and west. reading, lancaster and the poconos in the upper 30's as you look at the 24-hour temperature change, it's about 16 degrees warmer in philadelphia and
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wilmington than it was 24 hours ago. 22 degrees warmer in atlantic city. 26 degrees warmer in beach haven end than yet. . it's all because of his frontal boundary moving on through. satellite 6 along with radar, we're tapping into the southwest winds ahead of this cold front across the great lakes in ohio valley moving eastward. ahead of that as you wake up early morning morning temperatures will be mild. overnight we got the light rain and drizzle. temperatures will be rising, we'll bottom out in the 40's and 30's but the numbers are starting to increase, future tracker 6, 6:00 in the morning, 56 in philadelphia, 54 reading, 47 out of the poconos, 58 degrees in atlantic city. by 11:00, you know, it's 60 on the i95 corridor. the lower 50's north and west but the cooler air with the front it is lurking as we get into 6:00 tomorrow evening, numbers are back down into the middle and lower 40's across the delaware and lehigh valleys and up through the 30's up in the
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poconos. the set up for us on tuesday, high temperature in the lower 60's front moves through. clouds breaks for sunshine but cooler air returns tuesday and wednesday, high pressure takes over for the middle half of work weeks ago, partly sunny and cooler. coming in at 44. here's the exclusive seven-day forecast. morning showers on the way tomorrow. otherwise an early high. a warm one up to 62 in the city, cooler as we get into tuesday with the overnight low falling to 35. wednesday partly sunny and cooler at 44 for the high. on and off rain thursday, 46 windy and colder on friday, 40, saturday is new years eve, clouds and sun, high temperature coming in at 39. for new year's day january 1st sunday high temperature of 48 and 47 underneath a cloudy sky monday. music marked the third night
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of hanukkah in lansdale montgomery county. more than a dozen french horn players perform. the principal horn player the
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basketball, >> sixers tipped off in sacramento. joel embiid has a tough task of guarding demascus cousins averaging almost 30 points a game. demarc demarcus. it appears cousins and embiid are peeing rivalry aside. 13-2 early. points in the first quarter loan. sir gee yo rodriguez. rookie in the score, right now, sixers trailing 42-36 in the
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second quarter. 23 ranked temple owls putting the finishing touches for tomorrow's military bowl in annapolis maryland. the band giving a warm welcome to headcoach ed foley in downtown washington, dc. excited to see their team try for a record victory of the season. foley said the guys are taking this experience seriously. he screamed it. i like this guy. >> we down in boca, didn't like the way we wanted. every guy is committed to come out tomorrow and play as hard as they can and knocking them off the ball. >> temple football is good for a long team. >> show you guys what we're going to do tomorrow [cheers and applause] >> we can watch temple and lake
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forest and the military bowl from annapolis kick off at 3:30. penn state hit the road and the air, they arrived in los angeles to begin the rose ball receive. they hit the california venture. penn state takes on usc. fourth straight weeks, the wildcats as best team in the nation. the defending national champs play wedne
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one game left for the eagles against the cowboys. did you see what andy reid pulled off. the chiefs leading denver by 17 points. 346 defensive tackle. through a touchdown pass. being called the play of the he year. never celebrated like that. the name of the play is the hungry pig right. reid had another name for it after the win. >> little bloody pass was there. i've learned this over time here. you can't score enough points against these teams. don't take anything for granted. >> tim tebow take offense? congrats to conner barwin who
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got a future wife from santa. he instagramed this picture with his new fiance, the caption, woo, hoo. with an engagement ring emoji. no super bowl ring this year. he figured a ring is a ring. >> absolutely. >> thank you, jamie. jimmy kimmel live is next on channel 6. samantha ponder. david murphy, karen rogers, for jamie, melissa, ducis rogers, i'm monica malpass. make it a good night tonight.
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