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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 27, 2016 2:40am-4:00am EST

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this question is for the single ladies here at the table. when you go to weddings or big family gathers and things like that, what's the number one annoying question that you get? >> why are you so single. you're wonderful? >> my family stopped asking me those questions. >> mary stephenson was at a wed de and people were going why don't you have a boyfriend? why are you single? >> yes, at last plenty of time. >> yeah. >> clearly yes, and that's patience. >> yeah, a graduate and because of the questions and that's the situation of the pressure and then expectations.
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shouldn't this be going -- and that's the friends shechlt really is thinking of the wives. >> all right. they're out having fun. >> yeah, i appreciate that and -- >> and that's the help. >> it's a big art project that kind and that's looking into the future and that's it. >> it's a powerful woman. >> the cool part is that she can take and give them all together and then to the man.
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here's a look at a brazen heist in new york city's most exclusive stores. video captured a suspect throwing a brick through the window of the store. according to the store manager, the thieves got away with over $1 million of russian fur coats. the holiday shopping season not over yet, and experts are tallying up, trying to figure out how successful it was for retailers. >> experts say spending is up topping $1 trillion this year. >> reporter: the rush to make returns and spend christmas gift cards triggering one of the busiest shopping days of the entire year. >> gave my mom the wrong gift in the store so i wanted a different color. i didn't want to wait long. i got it asap. >> reporter: get gifts you hated or wrong size? >> wrong size. >> reporter: retailers hope to cash in, too, extending hours offering deep discounts on about
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everything. the best deal, clothing. >> absolutely amazing. >> reporter: name brand sites like limited and express slashing prizes 50% or more, and experts say you may be able to bargain for a better deal in person, but don't procrastinate. nearly a quarter of all stores shorten their return window around the holidays. plus, be ready with your receipt and photo id. more and more retailers require both to cur issue shot lifting. sell gift cards online at giftcard abc news, new york. coming up, the year in sports. we'll be right back. "world news now"
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quite a year for sports, wasn't it? speck ttacular summer olympics buzzer beater as. >> long awaited championships and notable deaths as well. abc takes a look at the whole year in sports. ♪ >> reporter: 2016, the year the chicago cubs broke the curse. a 108 year drought over, cubs clenching the series with a game seven win over the indians. >> home champs, baby! >> reporter: cleveland rocked
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after hometown hero lebron james led the cast of the city's first championship in 52 years. first team ever to come back from a 3-1 deficit in an nba final to beat a record setting golden state warriors and curry. the denver broncos victorious at 50, super 50, and tom brady started the 2016 season after serving a four-game suspension after deflate-gate. another qb taking a knee on the sidelines as kaepernick protested the treatment of black people by police, refusing to stand for the national anthem. >> we have to come together, unite, and unify and make a change. >> reporter: the nation debated his actions. other athletes joined in their own way. championships were celebrated on the ice. on the track. >> seven time champion, jimmy johnson. >> reporter: and on the golf
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course. the alabama crimson tide rolled over the tigers in an exciting football national championship. villano villanova's dramatic buzzer beater beating unc for the ncaa championship gave new meaning to march madness. u-conn women won their fourth title, and olympics are back lighting the torch in rio, and concerns of the zika virus overshadowed the games, but usa shined, and biles led the u.s. gymnastics team and ruled in the pool, and ryan lochte's story, fake, but u.s. breaking 120 medals, the real deal. >> in a moment of silence for jose fernandez. >> i'm gordie. >> oh, my goodness. >> rise of women's sports, pat
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summitt was a hipioneer. >> arnold palmer was the king. the returning hero of muhammad ally. >> still the greatest of all time. >> reporter: giants in sports who paved the way for so many who played their last games this year from football to baseball to basketball. lakers's legend kobe bryant put up 60 points in the time game, and payton manning walkinged away after winning the super bowl, and vin, calling his final game after 70 years. >> wishing you a pleasant good afternoon wherever you may be. >> reporter: farewells and incredible moments for the history books. abc news. >> thank you, a big year in
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...than colgate total. best check-up ever. why is mercy number one all the sudden again? it's been out for months. there's a live version released. >> neighbor that's why. i don't know. >> thoughts there. >> investigative unit is getting on that. four hikers home after being rescued in new mexico after their camping trip turned into a complete nightmare. >> stranded in a national park by rising waters. travis of our station in baton rouge with the story. >> reporter: a reunion many thought never would happen.
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four young men left thursday night for a two-day hiking trip in new mexico. >> seconds day we were there, it rained a fair bit, but it was light for, you know, louisiana standards. >> reporter: he and his three friends didn't think anything of the rain, but when they woke up the next morning, the river had risen by 12-15 feet. the hikers trapped. miles into the park, completely cut off. the goal? get back to the visitor's center. >> we forged the river, and made it across easy, second one was rough, i was dragged down the river twice. >> reporter: tieing themselves together, they crossed several raging rivers in below freezing temperatures, having lost supplies along the way with a stick of meat to ration between the four of them, resorting to eating snow for water. >> with the dehydration and hunger, it was like a dream. >> reporter: doing everything they could to stay alive. >> stacked camping hammocks and wrapped tarps around each other
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to conserve heat. >> reporter: when they could not cross another river, they stayed put. >> the first helicopter showed up, and me and ethan went up to the hillside to wave them down, dropped us water, and say they would be there in hours. >> reporter: hours turned into 20, but, finally, a light at the end of the tunnel. >> seeing the chopper come and rescue us on christmas was the best present i've had in a long time. >> reporter: now the boys are home, but maybe not for long. you guys are going hiking any time soon? >> actually, yeah. absolutely. >> taking a lot of valuable information from this. >> more precautions next time. >> reporter: a ketc, tv 3. >> why i refuse to walk in central park. never know. >> afraid to get stranded. by peggy lee playing ]
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this morning on "world news now," president obama and president-elect donald trump are in a new argument, trading jabs over who would win in a hypothetical election between the two. tough talk on a historic day for the president in hawaii. a violent incident at the mall, many caught on camera, at shopping outlets coast to coast. police forced in e ed into actie busiest shopping day of the year. details ahead. sink hole emergency in michigan, families not knowing when they are allowed back in. it's an area threatened by sink holes before. the details coming up. what a party in mexico. a girl's birthday bash viral after more than a million people said they'd attend, and plenty of them did. she was not too happy about it.
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yeah. that's her happy face. a birthday for the ages on this tuesday, december 27th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> remember the gymnast and the meme going around? mckayla is not impressed? i think that might be a new one. >> wasn't impressed by the crowds that showed up to her birthday. >> not impressed. >> i hope they brought presents, apparently not. >> i think she would have been smiled had they. we'll get to that. more detail on that pretty ridiculous party, but we begin the half hour with the president and president-elect arguing over a hypothetical election battle. >> yeah. they are each not impressed by each other when it comes to this. >> clearly not. >> president obama expressing confident he would have defeated trump if he could have run again, and trump fired back with a tweet, abc's mary bruce with that and another controversy surrounding the incoming
3:02 am
president. >> reporter: it's current versus future president. it started with president obama saying he could have taken on trump. >> i am confident in this vision because i'm confident that if i had run again and arctticulated it, i think i could have mobilized a majority of the american people to rally behind it. >> reporter: firing back, trump said, president obama thinks he would have won against me. he should say that, but i say no way. jobs leaving, isis, obamacare. a very different tone from that oval office meeting. >> very, very good man. >> reporter: trump slamming the u.n., just days after it passed a measure condemning israel, saying it has such great potential, but right now, it's just a club for people to get together, talk, and have a good time. these latest critical tweets coming 25 days before the inauguration as donald trump is racing to free himself from potential conflicts. announcing on christmas eve,
3:03 am
he's shutting down the trump foundation to avoid appearance of any conflict. in the same statement, trump insisting that 100% of the money goes to charity, but there are questions about the foundation's spending, including whether trump inappropriately used foundation money to purchase this $20,000 portrait. trump already paid a penalty to the irs after the foundation made an improper campaign contribution, and now trump's plan to shut it down is facing a major snag. the new york attorney general's office is investigating the foundation and says it cannot legal lly dissolve into the investigation is complete. facing a staffing shakeup, trump announced jason miller as the communications director, but miller announced he's not joining the team after all saying his family needs to be a top priority. mary bruce, abc news, the white house. president obama is taking a short break from his christmas vacation for a historic visit to
3:04 am
pearl harbor with the prime minister of japan. >> ahead of the immediameeting, laid a wreath to recognize japan's attack drawing u.s. into the world war ii. the white house says it's a symbolic show of reconciliation and strengthening the alliance between the two countries. back to the severe weather making travel dangerous. a line from arkansas to new england, storms in the south and snow in the north. >> the storm weakened, but not before making a mess of the roads. strong winds in nebraska blew trailers over in a dealership causing quite a bit of damage and winds knock out power to thousands in northwest, michigan last night. a look at the forecast in the next half hour. now to michigan and a sink hole in the detroit area neighborhood forced city officials to take drastic action. they are dumping raw sewage in a
3:05 am
nearby river in order to prevent backups in residential basements. for more, here's elizabeth. >> reporter: to prevent a house from sinking into the ground, an emergency declared in michigan. >> we could no longer go in because it was too dangerous. >> reporter: derek among the 20 families evacuated after his neighbor's home started cracking and collapsing. >> it's sad. it's fallen, but very scary, very scary, glad we're out of there. >> so many cracks. you could see the basement shifting and moving. >> reporter: that was saturday, and update from city leaders on monday? grim. >> we're a small town. something big happened. >> reporter: a giant sink hole and the cause believed to be a sewer pipe failure some 50 feet underground in the same general area of another massive sink hole in 2004. that one solution under consideration, but facing opposition from residents,
3:06 am
officials say for now, nothing is off the table warning the public to stay away. >> stay out of the area. let these people get their jobs done. we don'tment a devastating situation, we don't want it to be a tragedy. >> reporter: meanwhile, officials are working with the state to try to figure out whattwhat to do with the sewage problem. it's not just a health problem, but softening the ground causing the sink hole to collapse faster. abc news, new york. >> thank you. investigators say several human errors led to the plane crash in colombia killing 71 people including most of a brazilian soccer team. aviation authorities blame the pilot, airline, and regulators for the crash. the plane should not have been cleared for departure because of lack of fuel and pilot failed to refuel and end route and was too
3:07 am
late. six pmgs s passengers survived. search efforts in the black sea recovered flagments of the jet and black box. the plane crashed minutes after taking off from russia. all 92 people on board that plane are presumed dead, including members of a world famous military choir. five of the six inmates escape iing a tennessee jail ha been captured. the men made the way out of the newport jail early sunday after removing a toilet from the wall and going through a hole behind it. apparently, prior plumbing repairs loosened the concrete holding the toilet and leaking water rusted bolts holding it as well. on the run is dwyane frasier, considered dangerous. boston, a lyft driver arrested after stabbing one to death on christmas night. it's not clear if the victim was a passenger. it happened after the pair got in an argument. the victim suffered serious injuries to the neck. the driver is expected in court
3:08 am
later today on charges of assault to commit murder. chaos broke out in six ma'ams across the country. just outside cleveland, police used pepper spray to disperse a crowd. ten people hurt in the chaos in a mall in elizabeth, new jersey. a fight in the food court led to false reports of a shooting after a share hit the ground loudly, and a mall in faye yachtville, north carolina was evacuated after reports of a shooting as well that turned out to be false. there was a fight among teenagers at the food court. police are investigating whether the incidents in various states were organized, apparently, by social media. >> who knew the food court was a dangerous place to be, wow. >> geez. >> people are hangry. a family in rural mexico found out the hard way, if you inviolate them, they will come. >> she celebrated her birthday with family and friends, and thousands of complete strangers, and she was understandably overwhelmed at her 15th birthday
3:09 am
party that looked more like a crowd at a rock concert. >> ruby's dad posted aed video invitation on facebook promising a down-home party with food, music, prizes, and horse races, and he said anyone who wantings to come is invited. well, that sounded good to a lot of people. he got a million rsvp, thousands in attendance. ruby's mom said they meant in everybody in nearby towns, not actually the whole world. >> seemed like everyone in nearby towns showed up. >> yep, yep, yep. lots of nearby towns. using the term "nearby" loosely, i think. >> uh-huh, people came from belize. >> i think it's a valid question, did they bring gifts? going with no based on the look on her face. >> a 15th birthday is a big deal in that society, and they wanted it to be a big deal, and turned out to be a huge deal.
3:10 am
>> yes. some of those are bigger than weddings. it's a right of passage. remembering george michael, tributes continue to pour in from those he worked with, those who you see him at the local pub even. that's straight ahead. plus, the monday night matchup, the dallas cowboys looking very much like super bowl contenders in a showdown with detroit. one cowboys' fan who was at the game had quite the story to tell. also, check out behind the scene pictures on instagram. you're watching "world news now." from things in your home for up to 48 hours? it's like having a sick family member that you didn't even know was there. and we all know what happens when one family member gets sick. but lysol spray and lysol wipes kill 99.9% of germs including 8 common cold & flu viruses to help protect your home this cold and flu season. check sunday's paper to save up to $4 on lysol and buy any 5 lysol products for
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100 bonus box tops.
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the sax phoaphone. >> that's my favorite. >> what's your favorite george michael's song? >> a fool, which -- >> i'm a freedom girl myself. >> all right. tell us what's your favorite george michael song. weigh in on our twitter page. his neighbors in the english countryside remember him this morning. >> if you want to hear george
3:15 am
michael, hit up a local pub. he was seen in the pubs and restaurants there, and one of them is playing his songs in a tribute to him. residents there respected his proo privacy, but one villager saw him out recently and did not look well. >> the music world reeling from the unexpected death of the superstar. >> making transition from teen heart throb to successful artist, and he overcame many challenges. here's more. >> reporter: george michael found dead at his country home christmas day. police called to the scene calling the death unexplained, but not suspicious. his manager told abc news he die of heart failure. pictures show months ago show his my seek changed, but there's questions about what happened to the 53-year-old. there will be an autopsy. george michael's music touched
3:16 am
so many from the bubble gum pop made with wam. to this holiday ballot. ♪ last christmas ♪ i gave you my heart ♪ but the very next day you gave it away ♪ >> reporter: he later revealed before he was famous, he was a dj and struggled with stage fright. >> i have no idea how i'm able almost immediately able to sing to thousands and thousands of people when i literally just e used to shudder at the thought of talking to a few people. >> reporter: wam traveled to beijing in 1985, first western pop act to play in china before a crowd of 15,000. all over the world, becoming a teen favorite known for stage presence and sex appeal. a song writer with ten no. 1 hits in the u.s. george michael struggled with stardom, fighting depression, hiding the fact he was gay from fans until a 1998 arrest for
3:17 am
lewd behavior outed him. peers remembered his tremendous talent and another heart broken at the loss of my beloved friend. elton john on instagram, i'm in deep shock, the most kindest, most generous soul. >> reporter: aretha franklin, together, winning a grammy. >> he was on the money. he made a tremendous contribution musically. it's a huge loss. >> reporter: friends remember a man who loved a good laugh like james corden in the first car pool care owe key, and so many remembered soul stirring anthems. ♪ freedom ♪ freedom >> reporter: here at george michael's london home, people have been coming to remember and light candles, leave flowers and notes, and this one says, you had the voice of an angel, so now, go sing with them forever.
3:18 am
terry moran, london. >> thank you. length homeowners go to keep thieves away from the porches, but some of it don't try this at home. we'll tell you. >> first, boston college has a bowl victory. the first in nine years, but my eagles got some help, by the way, from maryland, their opponent. we'll have to show you highlights from that game. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" continues after this fro
3:19 am
got to love a good pep band. >> a fight song, yeah. >> the cowboys could have coasted through last night's game, no fight song needed. they had home field advantage for the playoffs, and
3:20 am
unfortunately, for the lions, they did not. >> no. bryant caught two touchdown passes and threw one as well as dallas demolished detroit 42-21. many fans, like, oh, we got to root for them, actually. bryant took a reverse picture from quarterback dak, looked like he was going to run with it and tossed it. it was the first touchdown pass of his career. >> so cool. >> detroit could still make the playoffs, by the way, if the lions beat the packers sunday. good luck. >> love it. college football, boston held on to its first bowl victory in nine years. the quarterback threw touchdown passes and caught a pass himself to score another as bc beat maryland 36-30 in the quick lane bowl. they did not help the cause, either, with some sloppy plays there allowing eight sacks and four turnovers, picking up 11 penalties, but it was about the skill on the eagles' part, for sure. >> the state university of new
3:21 am
york lakers -- >> oh, how did they do? >> like -- >> what bowl were they in? >> sort of different bowls. it was a lightly attended st. petersburg bowl. believe it or not, st. petersburg, florida. looking to go up 12-0 against mississippi state, but the feel goal attempt was blocked. take a look. they blocked it. >> oh, no. >> yes. then late in the 40 quarter, oh, that's good. the red hawks drove for what would be the game winning kick, but it happened again. the bulldogs win the st. petersburg bowl 17-16. >> vanderbilt in the independence bowl, the wolf pack had just too much for the commodor commodores. hope was over from the returned kickoff for 100 yards for a touchdown, and nc state goes
3:22 am
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febreze small spaces and air effects, two more ways [inhale + exhale mnemonic] to breathe happy. time now for the mix. right before christmas is the most popular time for breakups, believe it or in the. >> smart. a good financial decision. >> however, one guy may be regretting the decision after his girlfriend went viral with this photograph. my fiance dumped me in a text message. wait until after christmas. here's why. she bought him dallas cowboy tickets. he's a huge cowboys fan, and she said, well forget him, i'm going by myself. she went to the game anyway without him, had a great time, and now -- >> and saw the cowboys win. >> the ex-fiance might come crawling back. >> dumped her for text messages
3:26 am
for a dallas cheerleader. he's still winning. >> you don't know that. >> still winning somehow, but the sign goes on to say, nothing in common, shouldn't you have known that awhile ago? >> okay. exfiance via text message, those are key words there. none of that is okay. >> shady. the other thing, is that her real hair color. >> does that matter, at all? >> no. >> should you be commenting on hair colors. >> well, true. touche. this is interesting, interesting at the same time. >> scary. >> so this kid used her mom's sleeping mother's fingerprint to buy more than $250 worth of pokemon go gear. so it was a 6-year-old girl from arkansas who decided she would add new pokemon pieces to the toy collection but because of the new technology and such on the phones, you can't get
3:27 am
through the filters. >> security protection. >> exactly. while mom was asleep, she was able to place an order by pressing mom's finger. >> you got to wonder as a mother, are you so angry when you realize what happened, o are you just proud your daughter's that smart to try to get around it all in. >> i would be angry. >> while you think about that, really, just really quick -- >> luckily, i know very well it would be denied based on my credit. >> okay. amazon account. >> no dice. now to little girls who got a very special christmas gift. no finger print needed. their parents gave them two teddy bears and cool bears that talk to you, however, these were extra special because little girl's grandfather had passed away, and they actually programmed the bears with the grandfather's voice, and each bear has an inside joke that the grfr had with each granddaughter. >> look at their smiles, they love it. >> and his laughter, the best part. >>
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on this morning on "world news now," historic day ahead of pearl harbor, the leader of japan joining with president obama to visit the site of the attack that plunged the u.s. into world war ii, meeting months after the president paid his respects at hiroshima. full details straight ahead. also, expect road closures in the plains and midwest, but millions dealing with rough conditions returning to work today. the accuweather forecast and what the rest of the week brings as well. new this morning as well, homeowner's revenge against would-be robbers. defend your deliveries for next year's holiday season. tributes pour in for george michael, we have details about new secrets up covered about him. you want to hear these.
3:31 am
that's coming up on this tuesday, december 27th. from abc news, this is "world news now. ". we start with japan's prime minister going to pearl harbor, 75 years after the historic attack. >> president obama joins the leader at the memorial honoring american sailors and marines killed in the bombing. the visit is meant to be a show of reconciliation. >> reporter: today, president obama and japan's prime minister, shinzo abe, make history by visiting the uss arizona me who yal at pearl harbor together. >> things in the morning december 7th, just after 6:00 a.m., launched the main take. >> reporter: 75 years since that attack killed 2,000 americans, launching the u.s. in world war ii. >> it's significant where we sit
3:32 am
here today to think about the fact those torpedo planes would have been lowering their altitude. >> reporter: above the water, all that remains is a rusted gun turret, but beneath the waters, hundreds of men entombed. >> part of the mission here at monument is reconciliation, so i think this event is a great reflection of the reconciliation that's happened. >> reporter: abe's visit comes months after president obama's trip to hiroshima, where he became the first sitting u.s. president to visit the site where the united states dropped a nuclear bomb in 1945. the white house says this visit between president obama and prime minister abe took pearl harbor's uss memorial is a demonstration of the strength of the japan-u.s. alliance. abc news, honolulu, hawaii. speaking of president obama and he and president-elect, donald trump, engaged in a public spat over an imaginary election. now, trump turned to twitter to
3:33 am
disagree with the president's assertion that he would have beaten trump had he been allowed to run for a third term. >> i am confident in this vision because i'm confident that if i had run again and or ticklated it, i think i could have mobilized a majority of american people to rally behind it. trump tweeting president obama said he thinks he would have won against me. he should say that, but i say no way. jobs leaving, isis, obamacare, et cetera. trump is sounding off on his twitter account over his charitable foundation that he now plans to shut down. he says, to avoid conflicts of interest. last night, trump posted two messages say he gave millions of dollars to djt foundation, raise or received millions more, all of which is given to charity and the media won't report, but there's an ongoing investigation into how the foundation's money was spent. new york's attorney general says
3:34 am
trump cannot dissolve the foundation until the investigation is over. no break from the deadly violence tormenting chicago this year. at least 50 people were shot this weekend. 12 fatal. many were gang related. during a news conference, the police superintendent renewed calls for tougher penalties for repeat gun offenders and said officers recovered 45 guns from the streets, just since friday. >> these were deliberate and planned shootings by one gang against another. they were targeted knowing fully well that individuals would be at the homes of family and friends celebrating the holiday. if you pick up a gun and shoot somebody, you should go to prison, period. that's the end of that story. you know, the notion that you should get a pass, you don't get a pass from me. >> well, overall, the city has been racked by an unprecedented wave the violence with at least 750 people killed this year.
3:35 am
that's up more than 50% from the previous year. >> and the sink hole emergency in the detroit area has now forced officials to take some drastic action. they are dumping raw sewage into the nearby clinton river as last resort. eva pilgrim has more on what prompted that emergency. >> reporter: the state of emergency in michigan, a sink hole threatening this entire neighborhood. >> very scary. very scary. i'm glad we're out of there. >> reporter: families evacuated, including sue, who woke up to the sound of splintering brick. >> loud noises, cracking throughout the evening, getting progressively greater like boom, boom, boom, so we got up and couldn't get out of the garage door. >> reporter: neighbor derek and his father ran over to help, grabbing whatever they could. >> i didn't how bad the situation was, but we kept running in and out as much as we could until police officers told us we could no longer go in because it was too dangerous. >> reporter: this town had this problem before. in 2004, a massive 160 foot sing
3:36 am
hole opened on the same road, shutting it down for nearly ten months. authorities blaming this sink hole on a collapsed sewer pipe 45 feet under the ground, and residents are urged to stay awe. >> let the people get their jobs done. it's a devastating situation we don't want to become a tragedy. >> reporter: engineers are working to get people back home, but say it could be two weeks before that happens. eva pilgrim, abc news, michigan. blast of winter weather that buried the plains in snow. it is on the move right now. >> driving conditions have improved in the upper midwest after the storm closed some sbrer at a ti interstates, gusty winds led to delays and flight cancellation in minnesota. strong win knocked out power to,000 in michigan last night, and unusually warm weather raised a possibility of tornados in the south. >> millions of americans head back to work today after the long holiday weekend.
3:37 am
paul williams has a look at the rest of the week. good morning. >> good morning. there's a blast of cold air. i need your attention for you focus on the west. late week, we look for a brief spell of colder weather. temperatures dropping between 3-6 degrees below the norm and lake effect snow kicking in new york and pennsylvania and even as far south as west virginia. then we have a low pressure system that's going to really crank it up as it moves north. look for heavy snowfall. it's going to cause problems on i-91 as well as 93 with travel interruption and 30-40 miles per hour winds. that's significant. the snow personal kicks in as the low kicks in moisture smacking into the cold air from the north. kendis, diane? >> thank you. the night had a promising start for an oregon resident, justin, after a few drinks he decided to see "star wars," but
3:38 am
one problem, he fell asleep 20 minutes into the movie. >> which is what many of us do in the movies, but he woke up hours later in an empty movie theater. he set off the alarm thought someone would arrive, but no one came. >> i just called 911 at that point, and no other option, and i ended up getting a hold of them and thought, it's not an emergency, i'm just stuck in the movie theater here. >> deputies say it's not a crime, and that the theater staff just forgot to check the entire theater before closing for the night. maybe he got a few free screenings. >> exactly. >> maybe he works the night shift. we hear you, justin. >> no word that he fell asleep because he did not appreciate the movie which is from our parent company disney. >> it was just because he had a few before going to the theater.
3:39 am
defending your deliveries against those trying to steal them. we have hints about how maybe you can keep your gifts safety ahead. >> and taylor swift's gift, christmas gift, to one of her oldest fans. that's ahead in the skinny. it's really cool. "world news now" weather brought to you by life alert. life alert. my sweethearts gone sayonara.
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rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. well, you don't see this often. drivers in wisconsin spotted an odd traveler on the highway, a 2-year-old black bear. the bear casually walked up to cars and people snapped photos as you can tell. the police arrived on scene, and the bear was taken to an animal
3:43 am
rehab center. >> authorities say they will allow the bear to spend the winter there, but eventually, they hope to find a place for him at a zoo. was he trying to hitchhike? just wanted a ride. the thumb thing is complicated. a problem this season, thieves stealing packages from someone's front porch. >> delivery services say there's not much they can do, so that means homeowners are taking action. in washington state, however, they are fighting back. abc with the story there. >> reporter: homeowners striking back against those porch pirates, the brazen thieves hitting in broad daylight, coming on foot, by car, and even by two wheels looking for easy loot at your doorstep. 23 million americans already falling victim to the crime, and now some are fighting back. jeremy set up a bait box that sets off a blank shotgun shell
3:44 am
when grabbed. police say something this extreme is not a great idea, so far, it's worked. twice. would-be thieves scurrying off. >> i have no real recourse. if i want a solution that would detour and prevent, nothing scarier than think you're shot at by a 12 gauge. >> reporter: this seattle woman saved her package while traveling hundreds of miles away nan thanks to ring. from her cell phone, she saw a live feed of a man on her porch and talked him into walking off empty handed. officials say the best way to fight back? surveillance cameras providing a clear view of faces and license plates on get-away cars. abc news, new york. >> i say the best way to fight back is "home alone" style s setup. shotgun, paint buckets cover the thieves, feathers, net catches them. >> here's another idea.
3:45 am
deliver it to your office. where there's people there. and -- >> okay. >> not to an empty house. >> you could do it that way too. >> if you want to do that sure-fire way, butted go ahead with the bells and whistles. >> i should cancel all the paint buckets and feathers. when we come back, learning much more details about george michael's good deeds. >> and taylor swift did a good deed herself for the oldest fan. stay with us. the skinny's next. "world news now" continues
3:46 am
3:47 am
reactions pouring in after the death of pop superstar, george michael. fans stopping by london home to leave flowers and tokens of remembrance. celebrities tweet reactions to his death and what he meant to them. with that, we are learning surprising things about him. >> for example, did you know this, five years ago, he was the first, first ever guest on car pool with james cordin. ♪ baby i'm your man >> i love it! ♪ no less baby ♪ i'm your man
3:48 am
>> look how much he was into it way back then. he's a huge, huge fan of george michael. it was a sketch for bbc comic relief, annual television program that raises money for charity. you saw the matching jackets there. that's james there driving while sitting on the right, of course, there in the u.k. >> and it was based on this and how much fun people had watching this that then it was born when james got his own show. >> over on cbs and became a huge thing. so fun to see there. >> another side to george michael, a fun side they have not seenings but we learned he was incredibly generous. dozens came forward with stories of charitable giving. in one instance, he saw a television program in which a woman said she needed $15,000 for medical treatment, and the very next day, he secretly gave her the money. >> and michael also donated money to childline, a
3:49 am
counselling service there in britain, and two other children's charities andes from wam's single went to ethiopia famine relief and worked in a homeless shelter anonymously. >> that's the beauty. a lot of this was done in secret. it was not as though he was putting this out there and looking for credit. it's only now with his death all the people come forward saying, hey, by the way, did you know. >> he was at a diner at one point, and one person recounted after the death, of course, and his waitress did not -- talked about how much debt she had, and he listened to it. she wasn't complaining to him, but after he left, he had a check he wrote out to her, blank check, for several thousand dollars to get her out of the debt. >> wow. big heart. man with a big heart for sure. >> absolutely. >> tributes continue to pour in for george michael. pop star taylor swift known for nice surprises, and she gave one to a new fan, perhaps oldest
3:50 am
fan. a missouri man who quite likely is the oldest at 96 years old, world war ii veteran, porter. he's been to two concerts, a legit man, and says it brings him closer to 20 grandchildren. i think that's just the excuse. >> i'm thinking so. >> he just loves. >> there's this, yesterday, it brought him closer to her, his grandchildren shared these photos of swift and her 96-year-old swiftie, giving an improptu performance at the sell abrasion. one of the grandsons called it a christmas miracle. >> amen to that. i want to be 96 going to pop concerts. >> singing i'm feeling 96. ♪ i keep moving ♪ can't stop won't stop >> rumors of spears death --
3:51 am
>> we have to complete the line before we scare people. >> are premature. she's alive and well. and denying the report. so this -- the internet is cruel sometimes. apparently this started yesterday morning when sony music's global twitter account said, quoting here, britney spears is dead by accident. we'll tell you more soon. rip, britney. moments later, bob dylan's account said rip britney. >> i don't understand why he's breaking news about britney's -- either way, it's not true. spears is not dead, very much alive and well. the sony account was hacked and dylan's account is managed by sony. there you go. nine hours after reports of death, spears posted photos of herself on her own account to verify. sony apologized to the singer and her fans and those tweets, as you guessed, have been deleted. >> quick baby news, vanessa and
3:52 am
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whatever it is you got for christmas, hard to top this gift from a mother to her adopted daughter. >> this gift touched the lives of two families in different parts of the country.
3:56 am
abc has the story. >> reporter: she's a little girl with three big brothers she adores. 10-year-old audreyme menwanted thing, this yore, it was on her list. >> one thing she wanted as well as a cello, she wants a sister. >> reporter: the mom, jennifer, searched for something, anything, for history in china why she was adopted in 2007. >> we stumbled on a picture, and from there, we were able to find there were two of them. >> reporter: that's right, two, jennifer discovered her daughter has an identical twin sister, also adopted by an american family. >> like, amazing christmas present. >> i just thought it was not real. >> reporter: like audrey, her sister loves pasta and sports and little girls, fighters, making it through surgery for heart defects. >> like looking in a mirror. >> reporter: two girls who got a
3:57 am
most precious gift, a sister for life. abc news, washington. >> the girls are set to meet in person for the first time in the spring. >> and they talk, aparentally, every day via skype. that connection that nobody knew, and there there it is. >> being twins, like, looking in the mirror for me. >> i bet it is. happy christmas for them. >> absolutely. don't miss updates on facebook at what do you think and what your favorite gift was. >> yes. and hopefully you have not returned it as of yet. coming up, more news from abc. >> just regift it. >> for next year. new year's gift. package it up. it'll be fine. this is abc's "word news now" informing insomniacs for two decades. e 50 to 85:
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making news in america this morning, post-christmas shopping interrupted at malls across the country. watch what happens as fights break out in at least 15 malls, police even had to rush in and now they're revealing what may be to blame. >> severe storms. a massive weather system stretching from texas to maine. what's in store for you today. donald trump is responding after president obama said he could have beaten trump if he were able to run again. this as trump announces he's closing his charity but one investigator says not so fast. >> the new video just in. a plane with more than 150 people on board skidding off the runway overnight.


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