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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  December 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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trailer on fire, flames shoot out of the back, just a few feet from gas pumps, a line of fire elevates from the road lightly leaking fuel from the big rig, those watching feared the worst. >> an explosion, like crashing and then explosions after that, probably three or four. like bombs. >> the driver of the big rig walked away uninjured and was on scene retrieving belongings this afternoon and the driver of the suv was in stable condition at last check. >> people were running and people saying the gas station is going to blow up. >> christopher is a manager at ride aid and helped that man from the vehicle. >> i'm like 200 and some pounds and tried to open the door and had to go yank him out. >> and names of the driver have
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not been released and the driver of the big rig did not want to talk. >> and the driver of that suv at last check was in stable condition and was taken to the local hospital and the extent of his injuries are not released and the investigation is still underway and who is at fault is vest being investigated. officials in delaware county are trying to figure out what sparked a deadly fire in concord tip. fire crews were called to the scene of naaman's creek road at 8:00 a.m. after neighbors saw smoke, neighbors said the flames were so intense the garage collapsed. the man's body was found inside of the rubble and john rawlins is on the scene trying to identify the victim and he'll have the latest at 5:30. at the big board right now we are remembering the life and legacy of actress, carrie
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fisher, she died today at a los angeles hospital four days after suffering a medical emergency on a plane, she was 64 years old. >> love you. >> i know. >> fisher of course, launched her career playing princess leia in star wars in 1977. fisher went on to play other roles through the 80s including hanna and her sisters and the bushes and when harry met sally. in the 90s fisher moved behind the camera reworking screen plays like sister act and the wedding singer and an established author establishing seven books including her mem r memoirs last month. she was the daughter of debry reynolds and eddie fisher. she posted on her page i am grateful for your thoughts and prayers that are guiding her to heave next stop. and remembered here in
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philadelphia. and dann cuellar spoke to movie goers saddened by her passing. >> reporter: monica, among movie goers, better known not by her own name but as princess leia, and her character trance ended from one generation to another. >> princess leia died today? >> she did? >> what? >> that is really sad. >> the immediate reaction was one of shock and disbelief. >> some mistakenly thought she recould haved from the heart attack and were devastated to hear. >> i am super sad. very sad to hear she passed and 2016 claims another of my favorite childhood people. >> feel terrible i'm sad. she was a good actor. yes. >> what about you? >> well, i'm not a big fan of star wars but i have heard she
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is a good actor. >> there is a lot movies they is in, but they were all good but not as good as star wars. >> i think she was amazing it's sad to lose someone so quickly and at such an early age. especially with all the fantastic roles she had in her career it's a loss to the community. >> well, many had no idea she was also an author and screen writewer a comic flair but she'll be remembered the most as princess leia. i'm dann cuellar, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. carrie fisher is not the only star we have lost if the last few days, pop icon george michael died in his england home over the weekend and abc news take a look back at both of their careers, a special edition of 20/20 airs at 10:00.
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and details in the search for a missing 71-year-old woman and 5-year-old great granddaughter, today word came that the pair may have been spotted in virginia as recently as this morning. bob brooks live now in atlantic county where they were last seen. >> reporter: good evening, this is mays landing and this is the home they left from just behind me here, as you can imagine the family that we spoke with today, they are going through a trying time. but we did just find out again that the police have reason to believe they are still in virginia. >> for this family in south jersey every passing moment their fears grow worse and worse, two family members, 71-year-old and her granddaughter are missing since christmas eve. they left the home in mays landing saturday morning heading to see family in north carolina. the last time they were heard from or seen was at this gas
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station in west virginia. >> i got the phone call from my mom talking about how he can't find your grandma or the baby. >> barbara is his grandma, and lamaya is his daughter, as you can imagine he is struggling now. >> i'm trying so hard not to cry and he says he has no idea what happened and he spoke to her in virginia and she said she was lost. >> maybe she went towards the mountains and she was stuck and her car broke down and can't get home. >> the sister station was able to speak with the exon employee that spoke to them last. >> spent time with her and helped her get to her destination. and she didn't make it. >> via skype, barbara's niece says this doesn't make sense. her 17-year-old aunt made this drive often. >> she made this year every year, sometimes two or three
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times a year. >> she too is holding on to hope thinking this will work out. >> i keep looking out the door, my twin sister is like why do you keep looking i am waiting for her to pull up in the driveway. it's going to happen. >> she is driving a toyota rav 4. c 80-exls. >> the family packed their bags and heading down to virginia hopeful to find the two. bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you bob. right now the temple owls are playing for their spot in the history books, a win in today's military bowl owe would give the owls their winningest season ever. and the score now 31-7 wake forest leading heading into halftime.
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sara bloomquist is live at masters bar in philadelphia, where there is plenty of temple pride. >> reporter: that is right brian and monica, pretty tense here, i am looking up at the tv in front of me and the fans here are hope that temple can do something on the drive and get this rally going and concern that wake forest took the momentum here early on in the game and hoping that temple can do something on this drive right now, you see a few alums and students and employees of temple have gathered at masters bar and restaurant. temple mans are well aware they could make history, it could be the best team in school history. they were hot with seven wins in a row and head coach matt rhule heading to baylor and fans hope that won't make a difference in the outcome today. >> even though the coach has a
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big impact on player morale and attitude, i believe that matt left them with a good strategy and good feeling that they are where they should be with or without him. >> bummed that matt rhule will not be there on the sidelines today? >> you bet i am. coaches come for in our or five years and then move on to a bigger school. >> all right back here live, it looks like the clock counting down heading into halftime. 31-7, this has been a magical season for temple football and hoping that they can find the magic again in the sec half of the game. live in north philadelphia, sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> we'll be watching thank you. it's time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report tonight. >> lets see how things are rolling with matt pellman in the traffic center. >> we are watching our owls and watching traffic issues you
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should give a hoot about. here on the vine street expressway just delays. the eastbound delay spans the length from the schuylkill to 95 and back to normal at 11:00 tonight when they close the vine for overnight construction. the crews are coming back from break. and construction crews and water department crews working again today on columbus boulevard southbound. and squeezing by the break from last week. we are still without walnut lane from the bridge and new refurbished bridge in west mt. airy and stick with lincoln drive to get around that. and along broadway and mlk and that means 15 to 20 minute delays on the patco high speed line this afternoon. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> more ahead on "action news" at 5:00. history in the making at pearl harbor right now, the trip made
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by president obama and a foreign head of state, the first of its kind. first, could down dog help you stay healthier through the winter months, the benefits that yoga could have on your immune system. >> and temperatures still mild, in the 50s and 60s in the delaware and lehigh valleys, and things are changing as we get into the middle half of our work week and cool air arrives and we are tracking rain in the accuweather forecast.
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we want to take you live to pearl who dor. right now the prime minister is speaking alongside of president obama. he is making history in the spot this afternoon. less than an hour ago they laid a wreath at the uss arizona. a ship that sunk in that attack on pearl harbor. he is the first japanese prime minister to visit the memorial and first to visit pearl harbor alongside an american president. and donald trump continues to name leaders to his upcoming administration and thomas bowford is named as assistant to
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the president for homeland security. he served in a similar capacity under george bush and george gre greenplat and is an executive vice president in the trump organization. officials in michigan are now pumping sewage in a river on purpose. in hopes of saving an entire neighborhood from a massive sinkhole. it opened up south of detroit and nearby streets caved into the ground. emergency crews are in place as they work to limit damage to the home. a sewage pipe 45 feet underground is to blame. an employee for the luxury brand ser versace filed a lawsuit saying they used a
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secret code word in a black customer entered the store and that he was fired after being mixed race after two weeks on the job at an outlet store in california. the company denied the allegations and asked the judge to dismiss the case. on health check holiday cheer is not the only thing we share this time of year as you may have already found out. colds and flu and other respiratory viruss are on the upswing. rising stress hormones weaken the immune system but yoga can help that. >> yoga helps us with the breath and awareness by calming the stress response and that alone helps us to stay so much healthier. and yoga also boosts the system of clearing out toxins and waste. and slows down when we are more sedentary. like at the holidays.
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and yoga also leads us to healthier habits. >> they celebrated kwanzaa with holiday music in fairmount park. >> the universal african dance ensemble performed at the please touch museum and later a lesson on how to weave a straw mat. and still ahead here on "action news" at 5:00, a tasty way starbucks helping customers ring in 2017. >> plus how a jet liner er endp in a field.
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quite a scare for 150 passengers in india, officials say it veered off track and landed in a grassy field nearby. >> stocks kicked off the final week of trading for 2016 on a high note today. >> the nasdaq continued to push ahead setting a new record high,
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for the first time ever the index topped 5500 points and the dow jones up 11 and s&p 500 gaining 5. you were not the only one getting dressed up to ring in the new year, starbucks making beverages that look like tuxedos, the tuxedo mocha, are all topped with whipped cream covering half of it to create a black and white tuxedo effect. a bag pipe, an instrument played by blowing air in the pipe into the wind bag. that is jordan matthews taking part in an interactive game of bingo with the patients at the childrens hospital of philadelphia. they did not matthews and other players were coming, they use their off day to help organizations and local chairses. still to come on "action news" at 5:00 a check of the
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forecast and sky 6 hd showing you the ben franklin bridge, on this fine tuesday evening. melissa magee with the exclusive accuweather forecast and a colder turn coming when "action news" comes right back tonight. zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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this turned out to be a beautiful day as we get a check
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of the "action news" forecast. >> looking nice today but we have changes on the way into the middle half of the work week and temperatures are cooler, we have records today across the region and philadelphia coming close and the record is 65. set back last year, 61 is the record high, trenton 62 and close for you today. wilmington tying the record 65, and the high today in atlantic city. comfortable this hour north and west of town 53 in allentown and 60 in the city and 50 in cape may. and these numbers are numbers we would see typically for the month of october. rather than december so very warm and unusually warm this time of year. here is satellite 6 along with action radar we had the cold front that came through earlier today. it triggered showers moving off to the south and east. a mostly clear sky across the region. clear skies on the way a bit of
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a chilly breeze and dropping down to 30 for the suburbs and 35 in philadelphia, with the northwesterly wind that comes on in. as the northwest wind moves on in and takes back of, you see the chill and the change that comes. 10:00 tonight number as long the northwest suburbs only in the upper 30s, 42 in philadelphia and 40 in millville and as you wake up tomorrow morning a chilly start. most spots in the lower 30s and 20s popping up for both the poconos and lancaster. here is satellite 6 along with action radar we take a wider view of what is to come later this week. a frontal boundary draped out across the region that came through and we track an area of low pressure and another area of low pressure to the north. we are tracking two pieces of energy that works their way up the eastern seaboard and there could be snow across interior sections of the northeast and triggers rain across the region. as far as the rain we are
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expecting the models for thursday a .25 inch to .50 inch of precipitation before things get colder in the wake of this system. the five-day forecast, partly sunny and cooler tomorrow and high temperature of 44, periods of rain on thursday, 45 for the high and gusty winds for friday and a high of 40 and feeling much colder when you factor in the wins and windchills. new years eve it's chilly and 40 and clouds and sun for the first day of january on sunday, high temperature of 48 degrees, and taking a closer look at the forecast for 2017 coming up at 5:30. >> thank you melissa. there is more to come on our next half our of "action news" at 5:00. investigators are trying to determine what sparked this deadly fire in delaware county. and security is ramping up in times square ahead of the new years eve celebration.
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y254jy yi0y "action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again, rick is off and brian taff joins us, here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. we hear from the lehigh valley
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mother that survived that frozen wilderness near the grand canyon and a world war ii veteran got the surprise of his lifetime. pop singer, taylor swift showed up at his house. find out why she was there. >> and could social media be to blame for chaos at malls across the country including this one in new jersey. and investigators are working to find out what caused a deadly house fire in delaware county. investigators found a victim inside of the home. john rawlins live for us now in concord township. >> reporter: there is an on going investigation led by the state police with an assist from the county detectives and the local fire marshal's office. they are not saying a lot. but they discovered a body. is it the body of a man that stays at the house, right now
5:31 pm
they don't have a positive i.d. the medical examiners office was called to the scene and a body was found in the most seriously damaged portion of the house. the five ripped through the white two story home. located on the 800 block of naaman's road in concord temperature, i neighbor said it was 8:00 a.m. when he smelled the burning smoke and took these pictures when the smoke spread. >> i got here and no fire apparatus was heard yet and i could hear them coming and it just went up very quick, it went from smoke to fully engulfed. >> mike luke said it took minutes for the entire wing on the left side to be engulfed by flames and found the heaviest fire on the second floor above the garage and contained the blaze in the structure and the section with the garage was so badly damaged it later collapsed. the owner of the house and their
5:32 pm
son told them that the sole occupant of the house was a man that sometimes slept in the bedroom above the garage and the man was lobed next to the house no one could locate its owner and then investigators began digging through the collapsed portion of the house it was there the body was discovered. >> reporter: again, it is believed that body yes is probably the man that normally lives at the house but as the state police stressed at times, they don't have a positive i.d. and the cause of fire is still under investigation. live in concord township, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a 32-year-old was killed at a shooting in burlington county, new jersey, police say he was shot to death on the unit block of jensy lane in willingboro. investigators say he is not from the area and they are working to find the motive. and philadelphia police have identified the driver that was
5:33 pm
killed in a crash early saturday morning. antoine devo hit another car in south philadelphia and then knocked down a traffic pole and fire hydrant, the driver of the other car was taken to the hop in stable condition and still no word on what cautioned this crash. there was additional security at malls throughout our country following more than a dozen fights, police nationwide are trying to figure out if social media is to blame for the violence. in a dozen malls, shoppers were sent scrambling for coverage and most was caught on cell phone cameras including a food court fight. and in all dozens of people were arrested across the country and fortunately nobody was seriously hurt. world news tonight with david muir has more on the fights following "action news" at 6:00.
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and we are just four days away from the new year and a million people are expected to ring in the new year in times square. >> and law enforcement is reassuring folk there is no specific threats. >> reporter: hello, yes right now the early estimate is that some 1 million people expected to pack times square this weekend to ring in the new year and the nypd they say they are ready for anything. new york city's times square usually packed with tourists year round is about to get a lot busier with this year's giant ball now in position for the big party just days away and the nypd getting ready for the main event. >> and in light of what we have seen in this country, law enforcement has to take every situation seriously. >> this after a join security
5:35 pm
bulletin expressed concern, noting there was no credible threat. but the large number of spectators off ever opportunities for a mass casualty event. >> even someone with no direct ties with terrorist organizations can represent a threat to the country. >> still on high alert after the truck attack in berlin that killed 12 and injured dozens more. in times square security will be the city's top priority with sanitation trucks used to block streets during the macy's day parade expected to make a return as well as offices in tactical gear armed with rifles and other levels of protection that the public will not see. >> tonight police are asking revellers to do their part not just in new york city but celebrations throughout the country and stay alert and
5:36 pm
vigilant. reporting live elizabeth herr channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. if you spend new years eve at home watch the celebrations here on 6 abc, and watch dick clark's rockin eve with ryan seacrest. this saturday night starting at 8:00. it's nothing short of a miracle that a mother is alive tonight after she hiked 26 miles in the snowy wilderness in the grand canyon to get help. >> kept thinking this season how my life is suppose to end. no no no. >> i was hallucinating when i was out. >> karen klein is recould having now in utah with her husband eric by her side. the associate professor at northampton community college says their car got stuck in a ditch and their cell phone did not work. karen is an experienced wilderness guide so decided to go out for help.
5:37 pm
after she did not come back, he went out to find her and got his cell phone to work but it took 36 hours to find karen. >> and she had to eat twigs and all kinds of things, incredible survival story. matt pellman is in the traffic center. >> they are waiting and trying to get home and the traffic does not match the weather on this nice tuesday evening. that is for sure brian and monica. and now more publcomplications the patco accident. and now all patco service is suspended in camden at only and market and njt's river line is crossing with the njt buses and use the patco ticket on new jersey transit and the high speed line is suspended. elsewhere in new jersey we had a
5:38 pm
crash on 295 southbound in barrington and gone now but speeds in the teens and 20s from 38. and west depford 130 remains blocked because of a downed pole. and willingboro, a crash on 130 that is giving us just 11 miles per hour. and it happened there by likety toyota. watch out for the delays especially as you come southbound from the burlington bristol bridge. and southbound on 95 hefty delays from the airport earlier and sun glare jammed us up there. and west mt. airy new accident that is all blocked off. lincoln drive is an alternate. and the buck county border a crash on the wood haven westbound coming away from franklin mills but that just cleared out. vine street expressway we are rooting for our temple owls, white and cherry and the vine closes again at 11:00 for
5:39 pm
overnight construction. brian and monica back over to you. >> thank you. it is being described as a scene out of a movie. see how thieves smashed their way inside of a store to steal a million dollars worth of fur coats. >> and a father's social media caused a chaotic scene at his daughter's 16th birthday party. >> and 41 degrees in pittsburgh. and the cooler air an arrives for the middle after of hour work week. >> the eagles are getting ready to take on the cowboys, jaime apody has sports coming up. you get used to sweaty odors in your car,
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a washington, d.c. woman missing since christmas has been found dead in her car. 46-year-old tricia mccauley, a yoga teacher and actress never showed up for friends on sunday. and her white toyota was usioned by a man that robbed a cvs and then a passerby saw the same man driving mccauley's car and called 911. police arrest the the driver and
5:43 pm
found mccauley's body inside of car. investigatorers did not say how she was killed or if there is a connection between her and the suspect. thousands of people showed up to a girl's 15th birthday party in new mexico and it turned chaotic, even a man was killed when he was trampled by a horse. it went viral on facebook, ruby's parents accidentally made the post public and millions of people replied and thousands showed up featuring a concert, horse racing and a dinner. people are searching for the people that stole millions of dollars worth of furs and you can see the crooks throw a rock through the manhattan store window and one man was able to grab a load of furs in under 35 seconds, the owner says they grabbed the most expenive coats
5:44 pm
some worth $200,000. and temple in bowl action getting up to a rough start. >> they are coming back. we talk about the record making 11 to win and you still have to play the game. owls fans out in force at the military bowl in annapolis maryland and the interim coach's first game is his last game and the offensive play of the game. great cash 48 yard score and a 7-0 lead and all downhill from there. wake forest scores 31 state points, the deacons 38. and right now jennings just scored another touch down with another bomb. 31-17 early in the second quarter and eagles back to work. getting set for their final game of the year. after picking off eli manning three times the game proves that the defendants is a strong point
5:45 pm
despite they showed more weaknesses heading into the season and the guys have not blitzed enough as he would like. but theest has been there. >> i am proud of the effort down the stretch. i think our guys have a lot of pride and find a way to win games, we have not won enough games this year and no grading on the curve as far as we have lost but our effort is good. i'd do anything to get a win and i think our guys are the same way. schwartz is not sure what to expect. they did not rest their starters with a meaningless game against the lions. including dez bryant. and they have three more with wins than anyone in the nfc. and brett brown called demarcus cousins -- and handed the sixers one of their toughest losses and they could have had
5:46 pm
this one. it was joel embiid's job to guard cousins and 21 points and 8 rebounds but it was cousins and his go ahead triple with 20 seconds left that sealed the deal for sacramento, the sixers did a long shot to win it but embiid fell short at the buzzer and settled for a 102-100 loss. they are in utah on thursday. and the flyers hit the ice and a full practice for him. but he is not ready to play. and sean should be back in the game. and did not practice because of travel issues. the flyers had a nice break before hitting the ice today in voorhees and now head to st. louis and off to the west coast for two games after that. thanks to an 11-2 run on pace for 100 points and the timeoff is much needed.
5:47 pm
>> for us to be able to get away and rest the body and rest the mind, it was definitely needed. >> just had a few days off relaxing and hanging out with family. and get some christmas dinner. it was nice. >> good for them and hopefully they can stay back on the hot pace they set last month. >> thanks jaime. it was an unseasonably warm day today. temperatures in the 60s but unfortunately it won't last. stepping outside sky 6 hd giving you the view of the rothman rink outside of city hall, the zamboni getting a workout this afternoon. melissa magee has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. next. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song...
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...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can. >> i am gonna hook you up. >> announcer: use your gutter to declutter? >> this is a very simple solution. >> announcer: diy, or buy? >> it will not ruin your windows. >> announcer: roll up your sleeves for the problem solvers home edit
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we have breaking news from riverside county, a serious fire ranging right now. all of this playing out at the 700 block. apparently firefighters arrived on the scene at 5:30 this evening and when they got there heavy flames were evident to them and they struck a second alarm and a mass of presence of first sponsors and firefighters on the scene right now. and it appears from this vantage
5:51 pm
point that it spread to one other house. they are trying to keep it from spreading more or doing anymore damage but this is the scene now in riverside burlington county. no reports of injuries but we are following this closely and bringing you new information as we get it this afternoon. good news and nice and easy in the weather department. here is melissa. >> very nice but it gets much cooler. changes are heading our way. stormtracker 6 live double scan you see it's dry and it's about the warmth overhead and that coming to an end tonight. sky 6 hd looking from the temple university camera a beautiful shot of the center city skyline and a mostly clear sky and it's comfortable outside after a high in philadelphia of 64 and 60 in the city and 64 in reading and 53 in the poconos and the 24 hour temperature change tells
5:52 pm
the story, 24 degrees warmer in reading and 16 degrees warmer in philadelphia and 15 degrees warmer there in wilmington. here is satellite 6 along with action radar we had the front that moved on through, showers were around earlier today and now a mostly clear sky and high pressure returns into the middle half of the work week so it's clear and star lit. a chilly breeze and dropping down to 30 and 35 degrees in philadelphia with the northwesterly wind at 10 to 20 miles per hour. high pressure returns on wane and it's partly sunny and cooler, we are coming in at 44 degrees for the high temperature on wednesday, but on thursday, we are tracking a system that comes up from the south and works its way into the region and future tracker 6 by thursday 9:00 in the morning rain for philadelphia and areas south and east and areas in berks and lehigh and up to the poconos a quick coating of snow and they
5:53 pm
could find a few inches before the change over to rain. you notice the change over happening for berks and lehigh counties, and 4:00 in the afternoon some left over showers and we are calling from a quarter inch to half inch of precipitation. overall this is what we are thinking for thursday, cloudy with that rain developing and some snow is likely north and west in the north lehigh valley region and up to the poconos and then a quick change over to rain and all of this precipitation tapers off by mid-day and it turns cooler in the wake of this for the enof the work week on friday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast partly sunny and cooler tomorrow and high temperature of 44. pers of rain on thursday with a high of 45. and friday gusty winds and a colder day and colder feeling especially when you factor in the wins, high temperature of of 40 and new year's eve as we ring things in partly sunny and chilly and high of 40 degrees, sun for the first day of
5:54 pm
january. clouds and some sun in at 48 and on monday mostly cloudy skies with rain around and 47 and in the lower 50s with showers around as we get into tuesday. so we are back to normal tomorrow and then as we get into 2017 guys, the temperatures in the 40s and 50s. >> thank you melissa. pop icon taylor swift known for doing nice deeds we'll see the christmas surprise for one of her holdest and loyal groupies.
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5:56 pm
♪ ♪ berks county native taylor swift has done it again, surprised a world war ii veteran right inside of his home in missouri. cyrus porter say superman of
5:57 pm
swift's. and when she found out she set up a huge surprise outside of his house and he plans to see taylor swift during her next concert tour. >> that is why she has such loyal fans. the "action news" team is standing by with these stories next. a man is dead after a shooting and a chase. we are on the scene as police search forever a suspect. and a chaotic crash after a truck crashes into a gas station. for the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass join me for "action news" at 6:00 next.
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z254jz zi0z y254jy yi0y
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist cecily tynan, and jim gardner. in the news police investigate a new include in the disappear an of a woman and her great granddaughter. and a construction worker that fell down an elevator shaft but the big news is the deadly shoot that led to a crash. police say that a 33-year-old was shot in the head and the victim was found dead after police responded to an overturned suv in the mt. airy section of philadelphia. this was west walnut lane and we'll get more for you in a few moments. meantime, delaware county ocs are working to determine what sparked a deadly fire in concord township this morning. neighbors alert the firefighters
6:00 pm
to the fire here at naaman's road at 8:00 and it caused the garage and upstairs apartment to collapse. they found the remains of a man inside. now to the path of destruction left in the wake of a chaotic crash in the lawn crest section of philadelphia, an out of control tractor trailer hit everything in its path before bursting into flames at a gas station. chad pradelli is live now on oxford avenue where the cleanup continues. >> reporter: that cleanup is a long process, i want to show you behind me there is the tractor trailer. you see it's gutted by fire, the crews out here have had to cut sections of it out. it was stuck on a retaining wall and they finally got it off the retaining wall and trying to get it out of here after this fiery crash earlier this morning. this video shows the roadway on


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