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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  December 28, 2016 1:35am-2:10am EST

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delaware valley's leading
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news program developing news police descend on a delaware county's home. a major break in the case of a missing mother. the trail went cold nearly four years ago. but investigators are literally digging for answers. the big story is a mystery disappearance that may be close to being solved, jeannette reyes is live in collingdale and jeannette this could prove to be a tragic conclusion but to the left provide the family closure. >> reporter: well, monica, there is still little glimmer of hope. the scene wrapped up minutes ago. it was active for several hours as police and cadaver dogs entered the home and were looking for remains after the police chief told action news that the cadaver dogs were aggressive about a positive hit but the night here ended in crushing disappointment after no remains were found as of yet. >> i knew right away because
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nobody else goes over that house. just closed dark house. >> reporter: the eerily quiet home that sat empty along lafayette avenue was buzzing with police activity. a young mother of two mysteriously vanished four years ago. in recent days, cadaver dogs made positive hits in the basement of her estrangeded husband's former home >> i drive past here every day going home, i live three blocks up and stop at the stop sign every day and look at the house and say to myself, where is melissa. >> reporter: collingdale police were unable to get into the house in a bank foreclosure was completed. a break in the case seemed inevitable. >> how significant is this to the case >> major. absolutely major. >> reporter: the 30-year-old went missing april 19th after she failed to show up at a friend's in new jersey. they dug up the backyard after
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she saw the husband hose say rodriguez digging there the night before she went missing. they found nothing >> he was out 4:30 in the morning, just digging. >> reporter: after hours of digging with in results, police came up empty handed again. >> how upsetting is this for you >> you can't imagine how rough this is. we have nothing. >> reporter: do you think you'll find her ultimately >> i hope to god i do before we find her. i want to be able to call mrs. rodriguez and tell her we found her daughter. >> reporter: when asked whether or not there's a small possibility that melissa rodriguez may be alive, the police chief said unequivocally she is dead. as far as the search, it is not over. chief says they will return some time tomorrow and continue looking for her remains. reporting live in collingdale,
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jeannettes reyes. look at how many people responded to mayhem at the philadelphia mills mall the old franklin mall. the second wild night in a row with groups of teens trying to cause trouble. dan cuellar live at the scene. this is not unlike a pattern of mall brawls we've seen across the country this week. >> reporter: that's right, monica. police had remained on the scene here at the mall just in case there were anymore problems. this after the second night of mayhem here at the mall. four teenagers were taken into custody. chopper 6 was at the scene shortly after chaos broke out. about 200 teenagers had arrived on septa busses planning to run into the mall and cause problems. police were already deployed at the mall to assist security after last night's incident and only about 30 managed to get in. >> they went to the food court area and that's when they started running around yelling and screaming and acting
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disorderly. at least one of the juveniles attempted to strike one of the officers. that got the other juveniles agitated and assist officer was called. >> reporter: a large number of other officers arrived. they were soon able to disturbs the crowd of 200. they took four into custody including the one that took a swing. annie clark captured some of what happened after the night >> they were pelting the cops with fought sodas, trash, when somebody yelled gun and the stampeed started in our direction, i'm just glad nobody got hurt. >> reporter: both incidents were organized on snapchat. similar to other incidents seen at malls across the country over the holidays. >> at this mall crowds surround police trying to break up a massive fight and in the connecticut mall. the fists were flying. in philadelphia the teens vowed to return to philadelphia mills mall since they're off all week for holiday but police plan to be here too. >> we wouldn't make any sense
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for these juveniles to return. they're going to be turned away, they're going to be dispersed immediately. >> reporter: the teens were recharged with disorderly conduct and failure to disburse but detectives will consult with the da's office to determine if they should be charged with causing a riot and conspiracy, which are felonies. live here at philadelphia mills mall, dan cuellar channel 6 action news flames disseminated an attached garage in riverside, burlington county tonight. chopper 6 overhead as firefighters tried to keep the blaze at bay in the 700 block. the fire brewed two alarms before it was put out at 6:30. fortunately no one hurt but seven people had been displaced from their home nearly 200 people forced to evacuate high-rise apartments in philadelphia's overbrook neighborhood also due to fire. action news reporter christie
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ileto live at the scene this is at north 63rd street and lebanon avenue. what's the word on where these residents will stay tonight? >> reporter: monica, the majority of the residents were able to go back into their homes except those on the 11th floor because that is apparently where fire started and there's a lot of smoke and water damage up there. but a lot of the residents we spoke to said they didn't realize this was an actual fur because apparently, the fire alarm in that building sounds off regularly. >> it's a fire and i see black smoke coming out of the apartment. >> reporter: that fire caught on a cell phone grew to two alarms. grace hill is one of dozens who can't return to her homes inside the liberty towers apartment building. she lives next door to the unit that caught fire. >> i heard the cracklings in the wall of black smoke. i told the maintenance man don't go in there. >> you got to get out the 11th floor is burning. the waters was gushing down in
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my apartment >> i came down the flames going all the way up top. >> reporter: residents waited in the cold as fire crews the 52-minute long fire that started at the top of the 93 unit apartment building. fire investigators say all 196 residents are accounted for. there happens to be smoke damage in some of the buildings, smoke and water damage, and license and inspection are inspecting these apartments to make sure that the damage is not to the point that it cannot be occupied again. >> reporter: residents tell action news the fire alarm regularly sounds off and didn't immediately realize this wasn't a false alarm >> this time it wasn't crying wolf >> the alarm go off and we don't know if it's real or not. if it's real, we got to jump out and get out. >> reporter: by 9:00, all but those living on the 10th and 11th floors were allowed to return home. >> i don't know where i'm going to sleep. i only have my id or nothing.
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i got my coat and my hat. >> reporter: displaced residents are being helped by the american red cross. fortunately there were no injuries but the cause remains under investigation. reporting live in the overbrook, christie ileto channel 6. holiday and the world reacting with sadness to news that beloved star wars actress carrie fisher died. she had a heart attack four years ago and never regained consciousness. she was the daughter of hole wood star debbie reynolds and eddie fisher. spoke by telephone saying the family can't believe she's gone >> everybody is just a little bit in shock, because you know, she's so young, and was doing so great. and to have her, you know, have a cardiac arrest at this age is, to say the least, unexpected. >> reporter: her brother says they were close and that he will
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miss her creativity and world view. carrie fisher gained fame as princess leia but went on to act in many other films including austin powers, charlie's angels and hannah and her sisters. she wrote book about her challenge with drug addiction and bipolar. but the star wars was most famous, george lucas called her extremely smart, talented and a court of law personality that everyone loved. carrie fisher dead at the age of 60. local movie goers were surprised. they had been pulling for her. some were in their teens when they saw fisher bring princess leia to life on the screen >> grew up on star wars and saw force awaken, that's mind boggling >> i grew up with star wars. i was really shocked. >> sad.
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>> wow. like. star wars is not going to be the same without princess leia. >> he was great work with. >> he was a sentiment heard time and again here and across the country. members south jersey family are headed south to get personally involved in the search for a missing woman and her great granddaughter. 71-year-old barbara briley and her granddaughter 5-year-old left their home headed to see family in north carolina. they haven't been seen since barbara briley stopped at an exxon station to ask directions. her niece says it doesn't make sense because she has made that drive often >> she's made this drive every year. sometimes two, three times a year. >> jamero, the little girl's father struggles every minute but is hopeful the pair will be found. a man gunned down in the garfield park section of new castle county.
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police responded to the unit block of the car la drive about 7:45. paramedics scooped the unidentified victim and rushed him to the hospital. the search is on for a motive and suspect. police are trying to find out who shot and killed man driving through the mt. airy section this afternoon. it happened about 12:30 in the 500 block of west walnut lane. police responded to a call about an overturned suv. they found a 33-year-old man inside shot in the head. so far no word on the victim's identity or whether he was the intended target. officials with the delaware port authority are investigating a death on the patco high speedline. a train struck a pedestrian at the broadway station in camden. no word yet on the person's identity or why they ended up on the track. we are still waiting for word from delaware county authorities about what caused this morning's deadly fire in concord township. they have yet to publicly identity the victim. firefighters found a man's body
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inside the home near the 800 block of naaman's creek road after extinguish, the flames. took all day to clean up a path of destruction left by an early morning accident in philadelphia's lawn crest section. an out of control tractor-trailer was involved in a fiery crash. but it could have been worse. vashe video shows the truck roadway on fire after a big rig collided with an suv at oxford and left vick. the flames were just a few feet away from gas pumps. firefighters shut them off to prevent a bigger inferno. somehow the driver came away unhurt. still to come on action news, an historic moment as the leader of japan visits pearl harbor for the first time. panic at trump tower. we now know what caused tonight's evacuation. melissa? monica, temperatures right now starting to cool off we're at 64 today in philadelphia.
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right now, 47. the 30's off to the west. cool changes for wednesday, details with the accu-weather forecast taylor swift's surprise and jamie apody with the temple owls and seconds straight bowl game wh
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historic pilgrim grim itch the leaders of the united states and japan visited pearl harbor, prime minister, shinzo abe became the first seating japanese leader to visit the arizona memorial and the scene that brought the u.s. into world war ii. the two nations proven that even the bitterest of enemies can change >> since that fate fvl day we have made choice that is give us hope. the united states and japan forged not only an alliance but
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a friendship. during his hawaiin trip, he met with a number of world war ii vets. today, he did not apologize for the attack but did say japan must never repeat the horrors of war. a scare sent people running from the lobby of trump tower tonight. police ordering everyone out. several bystanders caught up in the incident recorded it as they ran but the all clear was given at 5:00 when a bomb squad examined an unattended backpack and determined that it just contained children's toys, nothing dangerous. president-elect trump lives and works in that building but is tonight currently in florida. police in new york city are also searching for three crooks stole more than $1 million of furs. along manhattans's madison avenue. they threw a concrete block through the window. the thieves seemed to know where
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to go grabbing the most expensive coats. some worth $200,000 each. weighed in on the crime saying the store owner deserved it for selling fur. american consumers are feeling optimistic about the economy. the so-called consumer confidence index climbed to its highest level in december since august of 2001. and that boost may benefit everybody's wallet. folks tend so spend more when they feel secure and consumer spending accounts were about 70% of our economy. hundreds of thousands of folks will gather in new york's time square to see the crystal ball drop and today we're getting our first look at this year's new design called the gift of kindness with 288 crystals cut into rosettes to symbolize unity. it's 12 feet in did i yes, ma'am meter, more than 2600 triangular crystal panels weighing nearly
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12,000 pounds. tested 32,000 leds that will illuminate the ball to ring in the new year. of course, to see the ball drop, you can tune into dick clark's new year's eve with ryan sea crest this saturday at 8:00. ♪ berks county native taylor swift is getting rave reviews for surprising a 96-year-old world war ii veteran with this personal concert. you can see rocking out with the 27-year-old pop star at his missouri home yesterday. porter calls himself a swift super fan. he has nine children, 49 grandchildren and great children. you can see quite a crowd on hand for this unexpected visit and performance of shake it off. swift spent an hour talking with the world war ii vet and his family.
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he says he's chamber rash, the lipstick she got on his face from a kiss good-bye. he is diagnosed with cancer sadly. that may be part of why she went to visit. let's talk about the accu-weather forecast and looking a little cool. >> temperatures starting to come down right now. monica. we'll show you what's going on with storm tracker 6 double scan radar, no issues with precipitation, high pressure comes in tomorrow but at cool high pressure from the north. we'll show you what's going on, sky 6 live from our temple university camera looking at the center city skyline it's calm, quiet. numbers are starting to come off a little bit. we had a high in philadelphia. a 64 degrees. right now, we're coming in at 33 in tannersville. 47 in center city out to the west and new holland 40 and 43 in oxford. down in new jersey, it's 46 in cinnaminson, the upper 40's in glassboro, 45 for vineland. 50 degrees down in dover. satellite 6 along with action radar, there's at the front we
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had earlier. since moved off to the south and east. did have a couple of showers earlier today. right now, it is clear and quiet across the region. in fact, over the next 12 hours, the call from accu weather is showing you we got a star lit sky, bit of a breeze. 30 in allentown, 32 in reading, 35 in philadelphia, 36 for the boardwalk in cape may for the overnight low and 34 degrees down in dover. wednesday the setup showing you high pressure comes back and stays in control. partly sunny and cooler, high temperature coming in at 44. today's high was 64 degrees. we're talking about a 20 degree temperature plunge from today's high into wednesday. as we get to thursday, we're tracking area of low pressure coming up from the south. so that will cause periods of rain and even wet snow in the lehigh valley couple inches of snow up in the poconos this area of low pressure collects moisture and taps into the colder air coming in from the north in the wake of this thursday night into friday.
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it gets much colder as we ring in the new year. thursday morning, 7:00, we got the showers, rain showers in philadelphia, and moisture and interior portion of jersey, mixed precipitation for berks and lehigh county and snow developing for the poconos. by 11:30, quickly races off to the north and east and just a few left over rain showers as we get into thursday afternoon. overall, what to expect in the take away by thursday, cloudy with rain developing, some snow north and west and a quick change over to rain, tapers off by midday. here's the exclusive accu weather seven-day forecast. partly sunny cooler, high of 44. periods of rain thursday, quarter inch to half inch expected at 45. gustings and colder on friday. 40 on saturday as we ring in the new year, it will be chilly. clouds and some sun on sunday, high of 48. on monday, mostly cloudy with rain around. coming in at 47. 53 on tuesday, damp with showers
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by then, monica. so we're dry tomorrow, just a little bit on the cool side. >> thank you so much. hanukkah's fourth night is right on track here in philadelphia. they celebrated the jewish festival of lights at 30th street station with a lighting of large menorah. jewish amtrak employees and the public were invited to take part hosted by penn and
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jamie apody in for ducis. temple had a rough ride >> you got to feel for temple. they lost their coach, which clearly made them lose their focus and in the end lose a ballgame. eddie foley coaching his first and last game at the military bowl. he likely was as shell shocked as the rest of us, 31 straight points jumping to a 31-10 half time leave. the owls had -- the quarterback broke his finger and still played through it. 400 yards in two scores.
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154 yards receiving. including the 58-year-old run after the catch. start to third quarter. so with the owls down eight with a minute to play on fourth down, walker's pass fell off the mark. what a disappointment. temple fall to lake forest 34-26. top 25 finish all out the window. >> it pains me right now. i can't even describe and i know that it's only going to get worse >> hurts. my four years here, i learned a lot, became, you know, better student athlete, and just knowing that it's finally ends, it hurts. best four years of my life. i could care less what the crowd things, they were cheering at one point at the third quarter but at the end of the day these guys in the locker room made everything my four-year career what it was. to >> seniors have so much to be proud of. eagles back to work after a holiday layoff.
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against the cowboys given that dallas didn't -- defensive coordinator jim schwartz doesn't know who to prepare for >> three different quarterbacks probably. not just prescott. we've already played once. we have a lot of film on. but who has a track record, you know, if they play him and then sanchez. preparation will, we're going to need a lot of focus >> flyers have flies heal
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flyers goalie michael annoy virtue. shawn couturier should be back in the lineup after missing more than a month. how about the flyers they had a nice four-day break before hitting the ice in voorhees. now they will head back for game tomorrow with st. louis then off to the west coast after that. next stall happy with where they're at? >> it's a good question but tough. i think right now we're happy with where worry at. we got a lot of work to do. we got to become more consistent over the course of the whole year. we're looking for some consistency in the second half. >> fifth ranked penn state began the rosebowl activities with the happiest place on earth, disney land's california venture. the guys hit my four-year-old was just tall enough for that ride. nitta nittany lions play ucs
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wednesday. >> disney is a huge part of that. great experience, extremely honored and proud. >> the a chance to unwind and enjoy being in california. it will be good for our team. unwind and kickback out. >> look as little nice weather-wise. it was nice today. >> absolutely. >> thank you, jamie. jimmy kim mil. next. action news continues at 4:30 a.m., now for jamie apody, melissa magee, james garden in her, ducis rogers, the entire action news team, i'm monica malpass. have a good night.
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