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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  December 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon rick is off and in the news this noon. a woman is rescued match she
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crashes her car into a lake in chester county. and crews are getting the roads ready for snow and rain heading our way tomorrow. but we begin with new developments out of bethlehem, pennsylvania where a sinkhole swallowed up the middle of a street. homes were evacuated after a strong natural gas smell after the hole opened. it's about 6 feet wide and 12 feet deep on hamilton after few. we'll continue to monitor the situation and bring you updates on air and online at a man has died after a fire broke out inside of his rented apartment. investigators are still trying to figure out what sparked the blaze in the fishtown section of philadelphia. "action news" reporter annie mccormick joins us live from the scene with the very latest. >> reporter: the owner of building did not want to talk to
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us on camera but feels awful about his tenants death and spent the morning with the restoration crews and the fire marshall. firefighters got the blaze under control in 30 minutes and transported the victim to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. just after 3:00 firefighters responded to the third floor of this building in the 1200 block. >> they made a difficult, difficult, aggressive interior attack to the top floor of the building. >> inside of the top floor they found a couch on fire and a man in his 50s unconscious and was transported to hahnemann hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> two firefighters were transported for minor injuries, fortunately but it didn't work for us in this occurrence, there were working smoke alarms in the building. >> residents were evacuated but allowed back inside. the damage is isolated to the
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vehicle tim's apartment. and the fire marshall arrived back an the scene trying to determine a cause. and some neighbors tell us that the victim was always willing to lend a hand and at this point fire officials have not released his identity. channel 6 "action news," back to you. >> thank you. this afternoon police are expected to return to a delaware county property as they renew their search for a missing mother. melissa rodriguez vanished in april of 2013, yesterday authorities went back to her estranged husband's home after cadaver dogs picked up a scent in the base many. john rawlins will update us with a live report that is coming up at 12:30. a woman had to be rescue from the water after crashing
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her car into a lake in chester county. they rushed to the scene at midnight and found the vehicle at somerset lake and the woman was pulled out of the car and taken to the hospital in serious condition. turning to accuweather now the chilly conditions are back after a taste of mild temperatures yesterday. lets head live outside. lots of cloud cover out there as we show you our view of the center city skyline from our sky 6 camera at temple university. penndot crews were out brining route 12 ahead of a wintry mix. some of the northwest suburbs could get a dose of snow and the rest of us are in for some rain. david murphy has a check of the accuweather forecast. >> the more effective that brine will be early tomorrow morning a bit of a problem. for now cloud cover is sweepling the region and the sunshine is beginning to punch holes in the clouds and the farther south you go the more sun you have got for
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now and the rest of afternoon clouds mix with sun and may break out more sun later in the afternoon. 44 in philadelphia though so we are on the chilly side. 40 in allentown un43 in wilmington and 45 in millville and 41 in trenton and 43 in cape may. winds have picked up a bit after the sun has come up a bit. and we were down in the single digits and now winds in the teens. not a horrific wind that will knock the hat or your head but it adds to the chill quifeel. we'll go for a high of 45 degrees right around 3:00 and back to 43 by 4:00 and back into the 30s as soon as 6:00 and 35 by 8:00 and close to the freezing mark by 10:00 tonight and overnight we expect to settle at 33, 32 degrees and a little breeze adding to the chilly feel in the afternoon. there is a winter weather advisory kicking in in the
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poconos kicking in tomorrow at 5:00 and goes until 4:00 in the afternoon. we are looking at snow and sleet and in the in between zone lehigh valley and north and north bucks and montco, there is that chance of light snow. from a storm system not doing much right now but an area of low pressure developing from the south and west and pushes past us and develops a coastal low and hammers new england with snow and we are getting a warm front that will change whatever we got into rain and what frozen precipitation doesn't look like much. i'll show you the latest run detaling what is in store for tomorrow. >> president-elect donald trump is back on his transition to the white house but announce that new members of his inner circle there appears to be another bump in the road with president obama. kenneth moton has the full story from washington. >> so about that smooth
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transition? >> excellent conversation with president-elect trump. >> president-elect trump trump tweeted his displeasure with obama who said he campaigned in the swing states and lost. and trump tweeted, thought it was going to be a smooth transition -- not. >> it seems like a place of insecurity. donald trump lost the popular vote and is in the 40s in his approval rating going into inauguration day. and he responded to the tweet podcast that he could have beaten trump in the election. >> trump who has tweeted more than 200 times since his victory and turned his sights back to the u.n. after the approval the israeli settlements. stay strong israel, january 20th is fast approaching and how to
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deal with russia. >> the white house is about to give sanctions for the hacking of the election. >> the time for russia to understand enough is enough. >> israel is accusing the u.s. of orchestrating the u.n. vote and john kerry says the u.s. could not approve the resolution. >> we have new information this noon about a violent flash mob at the philadelphia mills mall organized by teenagers on social media. between 300 and 400 juveniles yesterday afternoon. they went to the food court and a large fight broke out. two officers were punched in the head. they struggled for two hours to restore order to the mall. and four suspects under the able of 17 were arrested .
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police are retracing the route from south jersey that a woman went missing. the brilly left to see their family in north carolina on friday and the pair has not been seen since they stopped for directions at a gas station in ruther glen, virginia. she makes the trip several times a year and can't understand how or why she got lost. from our delaware newsroom chopper 6 hd was over a traffic mess in newcastle this morning. that is where two separate crashes happened before the exit to i-495 northbound. one crash involved four vehicles and the other involved five, at least two people were taken to christiana hospital and no serious injuries were reported. drivers in stanton delaware were struck in this unusual traffic jam. they had to stop because several
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large bales of hey were blocking a roadway, near the intersection of route 7 and route 4, the road was clear after a 40 minute delay. still to come on "action news" at noon, police take a man into custody for his alleged role in the berlin truck attack and a 12-year-old girl was left alone in the houston airport even after the family paid extra money to guide her trip.
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prosecutors have detained a suspect that they believe is responsible for the truck attack on a christmas market. the suspect was detained in berlin after a search of his home and business, the suspect's cell phone number was saved in the phone of anis amri, he drove a truck into the market killing at least 12 people and amri himself was killed by police days later and they have until tomorrow to obtain an arrest warrant for the suspect.
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and the second black box was recovered from the black sea today. investigators are in the process of analyzing it to figure out why it crashed on sunday after taking off from sochi, it killed everyone on board, 92 passengers and crew members, more than a dozen bodies are recovered from the water so far. and turkey says a new cease fire plan is reached for syria. it will go in effect after midnight but not all fighting would stop, certain operations against terror operations would continue but it's not clear which ones. some rebel groups are armed and supported by the united states and other countries are fighting along side syrian forces. the tributes continue to pour in for actress, carrie fisher, she died four days after suffering cardiac arrest on a
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flight. she played princess leia in star wars and wrote several books and it's now on the amazon list of best sellers. and crews are high at work putting the finishing touches on the new years eve ball at times square, this year's design is called the gift of kindness, finished off with hundreds of waterford crystals cut into rosettes to symbolize unity. it weighs nearly 12,000 pounds and thousands of led lights to ring in the new year. and to see the ball live tune in to dick clark's rockin eve with ryan seacrest. this saturday night starting at 8:00 p.m. coming up a popular car is now the focus of a new safety investigation and two police officers are bonded for life after one of them gave up a kidney to save the other.
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one of ford's most popular car models is being investigated because the brakes may fail. investigators are looking at ford fusion sedans from the 2009 to 2011 years and the mercury milan from the same years and the anti-lock braking may not work over rough surfaces. three crashes have been reported so far.
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health check this noon, hospital as peer to be givening better care when faced with the threat of a financial penalty. president obama's health care law penalizes hospitals for readmitting patients, since last year the hospitals that were fined brought down the readmission rate than those that were not fined. it's meant to decrease the number of patients that need to go back to the hospital within 30 days of their initial admission. two florida police officers that didn't know each other very well are now connected for life. miami-dade officer german alec needed a kidney and his colleague officer diana castillo offered one of hers. after months after recovered from the transplant surgery they both returned to work at the same time. >> feel great and little by little i felt better and better. >> they kept asking me are you
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sure you want to do this? lets get it done already stop. >> and she learned about the condition through a departmental memo. and if you are tempted by the holiday coffee drinks but sick of fighting holiday pounds, we have good news, we have easy ways the nutrition experts say you can customize your drinks so it doesn't pack a punch with sugar. and the american girl doll will be introduced tomorrow on "good morning america" but accuweather is coming up next. live from spring mountain lots of people up there, david murphy has your seven-day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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a very generous company boss is treating his company employees to a caribbean cruise,
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birch cabinet ceo is paying for the vacation as a reward for his iowa company meeting their year end goals, the entire plant will shut down for a week so everyone can enjoy the tropical trip. tropical trip sounds great on a day like today with the cloud cover and gray out there. and precipitation on the way. >> yes! listen we are going try and break a little bit of sunshine from behind the clouds, and we are seeing that today. a little precip tomorrow but mostly rain, stormtracker 6 live double scan shows no precipitation in the region right now. there is the action cam earlier from behind the eagle in fairmount park. it has been sort of a gray start and we are starting to see sun breaks in the clouds and hopefully mr. eagle will have sunshine on him before much longer.
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the winds have picked up up in the teens for most of the region and a breeze adding to a chilly day. and up to 44 in philadelphia and 43 in wilmington and 45 in millville and 43 in cape may. grab the jacket and maybe slightly heavier coat and layers as you head out. the clouds are starting to erode and reform, and it looks like we'll purge holes in the clouds in places where the clouds are tougher in south jersey and delaware have you mr. sunshine now. in the lehigh valley clouds and sun and 43 degrees and breezy too in the lehigh valley. and same at the shore, breezy and clouds mixing with sun and 44 degrees, more sun the farther south you go down the coast right flow. today's high in philadelphia a high of 45 degrees and mix of clouds and sun and winds are building between 9 and perhaps up to 18 miles per hour at times this afternoon. overnight tonight more clouds
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built in and 32 is the overnight low and before dawn we expect to see the arrival of rain maybe mixing with snow in the northern suburbs and behind that front we get a high of 45 degree, but along the way periods of rain and up in the poconos some snow. lets look at this at future tracker 6 tomorrow morning at 5:30, the model is consistent withholding that out to the north and west and before dawn you are traveling out to i-80 perhaps in north central pennsylvania, and 7:00 we are looking at rain coming into philadelphia, but parts of berks county and the lehigh valley and parts of northern bucks and montgomery we'll see some snow. pretty quickly we'll see a change over to rain. so by 10:30 in the morning a coating to an inch is probably getting washed away and 3:30 and 4:00 most of the precipitation is pull ago way across the region. if we see snow tomorrow, the northern suburbs in northern
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reading and northern berks, could have a chance of a coating to an ink before it falls away and low impact on the roads inhere. and the poconos 1 to 3 inches is possible and the winter weather advisory tomorrow. and sun mixing with clouds a high of 45 today and rain in the morning tomorrow and gradually giving way in the afternoon and starts out as a bit of snow to the north and sleet mixed in at times and 45 is your high and everybody ends in rain and may see late sun, blustery and 45 is the high tomorrow and the chance of a pop-up burst of snow, we call that a snow squall in spots and surface temperatures should be above freezing. and thursday clouds and sun and increasing clouds with saturday and into the evening a chance of a spotty shower or snow shower, but i expect it to have little impact on revellers ringing in
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the new year and mostly cloudy and milder on sunday. chilly for the eagles game and chilly for the mummers but we have had worst new years. >> thank you david. a man who survive said a car accident is using his second chance to help others, dennis shultz is traveling from wisconsin to wrigley field in a wheelchair and is expected to make it to the cubs ballpark tomorrow. he lost part of his leg in a crash four years ago, doctors only gave him a 40% chance of living, money raised will go to five charities including the march of dimes and the wounded warriors project. there is much more ahead in the next half hour of "action news" at noon. he just wants to keep betty white safe, this man's efforts to protect the hollywood star and it could be called a miraculous feat. those and much more ahead.
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the montgomery county home will be searched again for a mother missing for three years now. and those that worked closely with carrie fisher remember the woman that played
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princess leia. >> and penndot put a layer of brine on the road. and police return to a collingdale home hoping for leads in a cold case. melissa collins was missing since she disappeared without a trace in 2013. john rawlins has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: investigators are reassembling here and they were here all day yesterday and got here in the morning and worked late into the light. and four cadaver dogs had positive reactions into the basement at the time and two holes were dug in the basement floor but no remains were actually found yesterday. we see the home changed hand and were finally able to get into the basement. the bank took the property owner. >> for the


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