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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  December 28, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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princess leia. >> and penndot put a layer of brine on the road. and police return to a collingdale home hoping for leads in a cold case. melissa collins was missing since she disappeared without a trace in 2013. john rawlins has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: investigators are reassembling here and they were here all day yesterday and got here in the morning and worked late into the light. and four cadaver dogs had positive reactions into the basement at the time and two holes were dug in the basement floor but no remains were actually found yesterday. we see the home changed hand and were finally able to get into the basement. the bank took the property owner. >> for the first time in three
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years, law enforcement was granted access to search the home where melissa rodriguez once lived. she was reported missing in april of 2013, yesterday authorities focused on areas of the basement floor and walls. >> we sent in cadaver dogs that hit on areas of the basement that had new fresh cement work. they broke into the concrete in two locations and they reacted in a positive manner but after hours of working frustrated workers came up empty. >> we have not found remains, i'm not saying she wasn't there at one time but not there now. under the clay in the dirt it's compact and solid indicative of not being moved in years. operations were suspected last night. investigators have reassembled here and cadaver dogs are here
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to find the whereabouts of melissa rodriguez. >> john, thank you. a bicycle and a car collided in camden on the martin luther king boulevard and haddon avenue this morning. the cyclist was treated for minor injuries, they have not said who was at fault for the crash. investigators are looking to see what sparked a fire inside of an apartment if the fishtown section of philadelphia, firefighters were called at 3:00 this morning. inside a third floor apartment crews found a couch on fire and a man in his 50s was unconscious and the victim was taken to hahnemann hospital will he was pronounced dead. two firefighters suffered injuries. >> two firefighters suffered minor injuries but it didn't work for us this time but there were working smoke alarms in the building.
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a pole snapped in two after it was hit during an accident at buck road in buck county this morning. crews are making the necessary repairs that means that buck road will be closed between bridge town pike and bristol road for the next five hours, you may want to make alternative plans to travel in this area. to accuweather now, a big change in our weather, a 20 degree drop in the temperatures and we are gearing up for winter weather, penndot crews are preparing roads for wintry weather heading our way and some parts will see snow fall early tomorrow morning. lets turn to meteorologist, david murphy, with a look ahead. >> the storm coming is actually a big one but a bigger problem for new england and not so much here. looking at satellite we are struggling to get sunshine about north of maybe salem county, new jersey. and the clouds are receding and
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breaks of blue over my shoulder. hopefully we can squeeze more sunshine in over the next few hours. 44 in philadelphia and 39 up the pike in new york city and central park. 48 if washington and fairly cool conditions up and down the mid-atlantic coast and worst in the upper elevations near pittsburgh and binghamton. the wind right now is also picking up 13 miles per hour in philadelphia. 18 in new york city and i expect to stay in the teens this afternoon with the winds, not the kind of wind that will blow you out of lane if you are driving around but certainly enough to add to the chilly feel. speaking of chilly, 12:00, 44 degrees and expecting a high of 45 at 3:00. and as soon as 6:00 we are in the up ever 30s and back to the freezing mark by 2:00 in the morning, it does look like the surface temperatures in philadelphia will rise back up and should stay out of problems in terms of icy precipitation tomorrow morning.
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there is a winter weather advisory that kicks in at 5:00 in the morning in the poconos and extends until 4:00 in the afternoon because up there it will be colder and it will stay mainly snow. 6:30 in the morning rain moving into wilmington and reading and then the change of to rain is occurring, if we have a little snow and slippery conditions it would most likely be in the northwestern suburbs with a coating to inch of snow before the change over to rain. i'll give you the complete look at future tracker 6 and check out the accuweather forecast as we continue to barrel to the end of 2016. your weekend call is coming up. with snow possible check back early and often at the power of stormtracker 6 live double scan radar is just a tap, swipe or mouse click away. and follow our team of meteorologists on facebook and twitter for weather updates as well. the tributes continue to pour in this afternoon for the
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iconic star wars actress, carrie fisher, she died yesterday after suffering a heart attack four days ago. >> reporter: sara, good afternoon, her costars and friends are not the only ones paying tribute online since her death. carrie fisher is mentioned in 3 million tweets and counting with fans from around the world honoring her legacy. the legendry role of princess leia. may have defined her career. >> may the force be with you. >> and carrie fisher was a star in her own right stars in dozens of movies and tv shows and writing books and sharing with the world her struggles with bipolar disorder and addiction. telling diane sawyer her mental illness fueled her drug abuse. >> i am mentally ill, i can say
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that and i'm not ashamed of that. i survived that. >> so many people are coming out about their bipolar disorder and it's a beautiful legacy. the fact that she was so honest about mental illness is just incredible. a battle she chronicled in her november, postcards from the edge turned into a movie. and fisher's best selling novel, wishful drinking became a celebrated one woman show on hbo. >> while the place i arrived at in my life is not precisely everyone's idea of heaven i could swear sometimes if i'm quiet enough i can hear the angels sing. >> funeral arrange manies are still being finalized her daughter is handling those plans and her brother tells us expect her memorial service to be a celebration of her life because carrie always liked a good
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party. channel 6 "action news." >> elizabeth, thank you. we invite you to learn more about carrie fisher's life and legacy at, you'll find the latest tributes from those that new her well and a photo gallery of other celebrities that pass add way this year. >> philadelphia police officers rushed a man to the hospital after he was shot several times. the victim is identified address garfield adams, shot at the 2300 block in the tioga-nicetown section. it happened before 10:30 last night and officers found him on a front porch. the 37-year-old was pronounced there. so far there is no motive or arrest in the shooting. a hookah lounge became the scene of a shooting, men were fighting at the alibaba hookah bar at 1:00 this morning it
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happened. and one man was stabbed and was rushed to the hospital and the other two men suffered cuts to the face and bruises as well. they were not seriously hurt and were questioned about the officers. and 2017 is around the corner and if you hit the roads to celebrate the new year, they warn you to be careful. the new years holiday is one of the deadliest days for alcohol related crash, the highway administration says that 139 people were killed in drunk driving crashes in the last holiday. in pennsylvania state police responded to 400 crashes on new years and 10% were alcohol related and more than 300 people were arrested for dui over the holiday. still to come new details about the man accused of killing a washington, d.c. actress and yoga teacher and shocking new details about the russian olympic doping scandal.
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what officials are now saying.
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the man charged in the death of an actress and yoga teacher was suppose to be under gps monitoring there is no word if he ever showed up for the monitoring. tricia mccauley was found in the trunk of her car. she didn't show up for dinner with her friends and missed a flight the next day. >> to embrace the person she was is the challenge now. >> johnson was apprehended at the cvs after a person called 911 for a person acting suspiciously. >> convicted killer, dillon roof, told a judge he plans to represent himself during his
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sentencing phase of his trial. the same jury that convicted him will return next week to decide on death penalty or life route parole. he was found guildy of murder of nine black worshipers in north carolina. and a woman kicked a sheriff deputy in the face causing him to lose an eye. downpours were investigating her for driving under the influence, and kicked a sergeant if the eye with the heel of her left boot. gonzales faces aggravated assault and will serve at least so years in prison if convicted. and an official in russia admitted to doping that implicates hundreds of athletes.
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>> reporter: this morning an olympic bombshell. for the first time russian officialed admitting involvement in the widespread doping scandal involving hundreds of the country's athletes in the olympics including the 2014 sochi games, the head of the doping agency says it was an institutional conspiracy and reported that the scheme included tampering with urine samples and cover ups and bribes and allegations of widespread doping rocking the sports world and leading to more than 100 athletes barred from competing in the summer games. >> we have not seen anything like this where state sponsors widespread doping was found in an entire country. >> earlier this month the world anti-doping agency releasing findings of their investigation, saying that 1,000 athletes competing in summer, winter and
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paralympic sports can be found with doping tests. and this after months of denying by russian officials. >> we don't provide a program for doping. >> they still deny the doping was state sponsors and top officials like vladimir putin were not involved. an iowa mother was pretty upset after her 12-year-old daughter was left unattended at houston international pair poverty. the child through from disappoint minneapoliss to visit her grandparents. she paid to assure she was accompanied at all times. dunn says that did not happen and the 12-year-old was found alone by her grandmother sitting in a hallway. >> i sat on hold for 30 minutes, we are calling customer service
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to find her. and i said i know where she is but you don't and that is a problem. >> the airlines looking into what happened. a look at your forecast sky 6 hd in david murphy has an update from accuweather. a little wet weather on the way when "action news" comes right back. we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, we can see all the bacteria and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. we are a military family. they travel a lot. every four years when we got re-stationed you think it's going to be the biggest change in your life but there's always more changes to come. the first thing that we would do when we would get into our new place was set up the beds. and when i go to t.j.maxx i buy good quality things that are going to last a long time.
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in massachusetts people are racing against the clock to remove fallen trees and repair their homes before a nor'easter dumbs ps up to a foot of snow. gusts of wind up to 50 miles per hour brought down trees yesterday. a massive ash tree you see here crushed one man's home. david is back with the accuweather forecast. part of the same system headed our way. >> the system we are looking at is a low developing in the southwest over texas and cutting to our west and a much bigger problem for new england than for us. but a reason to be careful tomorrow morning. stormtracker 6 live double scan
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showing us we are without precipitation for now and as we take a look outside we are live on the action cam. we were on tape earlier. and the clouds did real write come in quickly. it looks like they are posing for a picture under the love statue at dillworth park temporarily. and a nice picture but not so nice clouds. 43 in philadelphia and winds adding to the chilly feel, 13 miles per hour and higher than that at times. basically just a chilly wind. look agent clouds they have been stubborn we hope they had would break up by now season a chance to see more holes in the clouds, a little while ago we saw patches of blue and some of you getting some sun and more of it to the south than up to the north. 45 is your high in philadelphia and 43 in allentown and 42 in reading and when look at the number there's is not much difference from allentown to the shore sitting on 44 currently. here is the rest of way today.
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42 by 2:00 and 45 by 3:00 and sitting on even numbers until 4:00 and then by 6:00 upper 30s and 10:00 all the way down to the freezing mark and probably sitting on or about 33 for the overnight. then tomorrow we get it back up to 45 degrees and along the way a front comes through and area of low pressure developing along the coast that really thumps new england with snow and we'll get periods of rain and snow up in the poconos. future tracker 6 with the latest look. 5:00 in the morning we are probably still dry but by 7:00 looking at rain moving up close to philadelphia in the southern i-95 corridor and a little snow up north and through the rest of morning and we can clipped with snow in reading and northern bucks and montgomery county and it all switches to rain by 11:00. the whole system moved out by 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon, if we get snow it will probably be a coating to inch in the
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lehigh valley and the north bucks and montco area and the poibs 1 to 3 and more snow north into new england we are going for a high of 45 way mix of sun and clouds and sunny breaks for the next several hours. and tomorrow the rain moves in early in the morning before dawn for most of you and in the northern suburbs there could be brief snow and maybe sleet mixed in before a change to rain, be careful if you see slushy road conditions up north tomorrow morning. a bigger issue in the poconos with the 1 to 3. and 45 is the afternoon high and the rain and whatever else we have going on tapers off in the afternoon. friday clouds and sun and blustery and chilly, a high of 40 and feeling like the 20s and 30s throughout the day and with the cold winds a flurry and snow shower could pop up and even a snow squall in spots. be care of ful of that.
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clouds mixing with sun and increasing as saturday goes on 41 if the afternoon and dropping into the upper 30s by the time the midnight hour strikes and there could be a passing snow or rain showers on saturday evening. again low impact stuff. on sunday new years day mostly cloudy and i wish i could promise you a nice bright one up to 48 in the afternoon and seasonable weather for the eagles with above average temperatures for the mummers as well. >> thank you david. topping our people scene, queen latifah is the victim of a car theft. police recovered the actress's mercedes in atlanta. no one has been arrested so far but they are checking surveillance video at the gas station. a south carolina man says he will be a guard for betty white. dimitri has started a go fund me
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page to have him stand guard over the actress. he will keep her safe until january 1st and raised $1800 to his goal of 2,000, if white does not want hi protection he will donate the money to a youth theater group.
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so it turns out the penny is a real loser when it comes to its worth, the wall street journal reports it costs 1.5 cents to produce each coin this year and there were 1.9 million minted and that cost $4.5
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million. >> final check of the accuweather forecast. >> chilly out there and clouds and sunny breaks in the northern and western suburbs you are looking at temperatures more or less in the low to mid-40s. low 40s up there and a mix of clouds and sun and i-95 corridor mid-40s and down the shore mid-40s in some spots. 43 in cape may and clouds and sun and cooler than yesterday when we got the high of 64 in philadelphia. >> that is for sure. thanks david. finally this noon, uber driver, noah foreman reported a record run, he drove through the streets of new york city and sailed through 240 green lights, to be fair he did it in the middle of the night. still a pretty amazing feat in any city much less the big apple. a look at stories coming up on "action news" this afternoon at 4:00. an outpouring of support is helping a massachusetts marine, severely injured abroad and now fire handed him more hardship.
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>> and a dream comes through for a 10-year-old boy battling a heart condition. see his football star at 4:00. don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for david murphy and rick williams, and the entire "action news" team. i'm sara bloomquist have a nice afternoon.
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