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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  December 29, 2016 1:37am-2:10am EST

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stun to go turn of events, hollywood alleged debbie reynolds died died one day after carrie fisher passed away. wednesday night jim is off i'm monica malpass. the big story is a movie star family tragedy left many people speechless. dan cuellar is following the late breaking details from the satellite center tonight. >> monica, they have no yet said the cause of death but some of wondering if she did not die of complications from a broken heart after the death of her daughter, carrie fisher yesterday >> the stars >> debbie reynolds could sing. ♪ she could dance. and she could act. >> decided to have a big wedding and two days >> from early on movie studios recognized her appeal. ♪
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>> audiences were impressed by the cute perky entertainer. singing in the rain, who held her own with the biggest stars. >> good morning, good morning. ♪ . and recorded a number of hit records. this one from tammy and the bachelor went gold. >> wish i knew if he knew what i dreaming of. ♪ . >> reynolds powered on working into her go ahead end years on television. >> no panty line because no panties. in the movies. as you know i don't like to look back. your father always said never look back, they might be gaining on you >> her personal life was not so successful. >> don't you think marriage is just the most important thing >> there were three failed marriages >> would it interest you to know i'm not the mother >> who walked out on her for
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elizabeth taylor. she tragically out lived carrie fisher who suffered a cardiac arrest on an airplane. this morning, she had to be rushed to hospital herself. debbie reynolds was 84. her former husband eddie fisher is a native of philadelphia. he passed away in 2009. debbie is survived by her son todd who tells tmz she's with cary now. channel 6 action news. we have planet more on the stunning breaking news on including photos of the famous mother daughter. you can see how the world has been reacting to the death of carrie fisher and debbie reynolds. our year end coverage includes a gallery of other celebrity we lost in 2016 new developments on macing new jersey woman and her 5-year-old great granddaughter have been found alive in rural virginia. 71-year-old barbara briley was
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reportedly unconscious and is now in serious condition. barbara and lamyara, left mays landing to north carolina before 5:00 today, they were found in virginia. that is south of richmond by a man walking through the woods. >> fortunately today, he took a path that goes further back in the woods quite a ways, and that's when he came across the vehicle in the woods. >> officials say they were in their car at least a mile from a road. authorities i have no idea how the two got there. the brileys were last seen at a gas station north of ruschelit, video shows barbara in the store about a half hour. she told the work there she was lost and did not know how to work the maps on her phone. we are in store for a wintery mix of precipitation overnight. arising just in time for the morning rush. that means snow, sleet and cold rain possibilities depending on where you live.
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tonight, penndot hit the area highways, chopperer six brining lanes, double scan has to say about it all. adam joseph with the big board with details >> the good thing is that the majority of the region will see plain old rain from the start to the finish. just those far northern areas will have a little mixing problem before it changing to rain there as well. storm tracker 6 double scan shows the front coming in from the west. a lot of precipitation in the form of liquid. you got to go far to the north to bump into cold enough air to snow. that will develop a powerful storm for central and northern new england into the day on friday. the poconos as well as pottstown here from 5:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on thursday, this is where the
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majority of the snow will fall with sleet mixing in. future tracker 7:30 from the rush hour. all of delaware. you got to get north of the pennsylvania turnpike near the lehigh valley to see a quick little burst of some wet snow before there it changes to rain, the morning rush. the red light even if it's raining, you got wet roads take it easy. wet snow near the lehigh valley. by the evening rush green lights for all dry roads as those winds pick up. let's you know how much in or around the allentown reading area plus the seven-day and including the new year. be sure to tune into action news tomorrow as matt, tam david track the morning weather. they will start at 4:30 a.m. philadelphia homicide
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detectives are on the case, the victim was gunned down at west butler street across from a checkers restaurant. plan in his 20's was shot in the head and back. they have not released his name or a possible motive. . police have made an arrest in yesterday's unusual murder of a man shot in the head while driving. 33-year-old terrell bruce crashed into another vehicle on walnut lane in mt. airy. his ex-girlfriend is accused of killing him from the passenger seat. christie ileto live at police headquarters with details. christie spoke with the victim's family. >> reporter: monica, mar tina west cot turned herself in and confessed to the murder. bruce's family says she is a scorned ex-girlfriend who couldn't take no for an answer. >> just to get the phone call and then have to go down 10 speak to detectives about my brother. it hurts. >> reporter: natalie kirkland
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chokes back tears as she relives the moments she learned her brother was dead. shot at point-blank lane before crashing into another car. 24 hours later. police arrested 27-year-old mar tina west cot for a his murder >> she needs to understand what she took from us. to do that because you're heart broken? he did nothing wrong. terrell wasn't a person who held grudges. she knew that. she took advantage. >> reporter: they say west cot was an ex-girlfriend. they were apparently arguing moments before she pulled the trigger >> she told her mother what happened. her mother took her to the 14th police department in germantown town. illustrated the man jobs he touched as a realtor. >> from starting the nonprofit and his brother's honor to
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starting, you know, scholarship funds to help kids pay for school in the city. he done so many good things for people. i've never ran across one person that had, you know, something bad to say about him. >> reporter: friend left behind candles cards and stuffed animals >> if you could say anything to her, what would you want her to know >> she took away an amazing man. she took away, you know, a brother, uncle, friend. >> reporter: even more tragic for this family, yesterday they were celebrating the birthday of another sibling who had tragically drowned years earlier only for this to happen. west cot faces a number of charges. christie ileto channel 6 action news. most of the residents forced to flee from this singing hole in bethlehem are back home. it was not the primary problem. there was natural gas leaking
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from underground. authorities credited an alert newspaper delivery man noticing the gas smell and the hissing sound at 3:20 in the morning coming from a crack in the road. firefighters had to wake folks up to evacuate them quickly. >> all of a sudden we see the guys, they were great. these guys were fantastic coming up knocking on the doors, get out of the house, get out of the house my god, 3:00 in the morning >> they shut off the gas and made repairs. one of the workers was injured when he fell into the singing hole. he is now doing fine. police in bucks county say a suspect in the surveillance video got away with as much 100 grand from cole store in lower make field township. the smash and grab burglar broke into the front door at 3:17 yesterday >> they had to scope it out. he had to obviously be in the store many times before and know the comings and goings of people
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who work late at night and things like that. >> police chief says they have not had similar incidents but detectives are checking with or police departments in case. a much tamer night after two nights of teens running amock. yesterday they arrested four juveniles who tried to assault officers or resist arrest. several hundreds you don't knowsters took part. narp a visible presence on patrol keeping the peace before anything else erupted and due to social media posts police in bucks county beefed up security at neshaminy mall. all remain quiet there as well. delaware county investigators need to bring in high tech equipment for a missing collingdale mother, melissa rodriguez. as we reported they found a scent with dogs, but digging
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revealed nothing. search and rescue experts want to bring in ground penetrating radar capable of detecting buried human remains, rodriguez disappeared nearly four years ago we're awaiting word from investigators about what led to this deadly fire in the fishtown section of philadelphia. firefighters discovered a couch on fire inside a third floor apartment here in the 1200 block of shackamaxon street. a man in his 50's was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead. two firefighters are recovering from injuries suffered battling that fire. politics now from his florida estate today. president-elect donald trump is counting job creation even before he gets into office. >> i was just called by the head people at sprint and they're going to be bringing 5,000 jobs back to the united states, taking them from other countries. they're bringing them back to the united states. >> sprint is owned by a japanese mogel after the businessman met
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with trump weeks ago. he did say he would 5850,000 jobs, sprints tells the jobs mentioned tonight are a part of that previously announced number. these are not another 5,000. secretary of state john kerry tore into israel for expanding its settlement and accused benjamin netanyahu from dragging israel away from democracy. israel's own future is being threatened by it's refusal to recognize the palestinians >> if israel goes down the one-state path. they will never have true peace with the rest of the are rib world and i can say that with certainty. >> netanyahu fired back saying israel doesn't need to be lectured by foreign leaders. he said when the president-elect takes office he'll provide proof that the u.s. orchestrated last week's vote condemning israeli settlements. the u.s. reportedly about to punish russia for its cyber
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attacks. president obama could take steps against russia as soon as tomorrow, there could be economic sanctionses but covert actions, but russia is already threatening to retaliate and still denies any metalling. spokesperson murray says u.s. diplomats in russia will suffer. still to come a military chopper goes down in texas, the benefits of taking fish oil for pregnant moms, research on how it could prevent trouble for their babies. a new year tradition days away. we're catching up with the mummers before the big parade and competition. adam >> central and northern new england setting up for a major winter storm just a few advisories in the poconos as we get scraped by the system. details plus the weekend ahead for the new year and accu-weather. >> jeff skversky with the flyers.
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. the rape break before crews capped the pressure. >> galveston texas killing two soldiers, the military chopper flipped upsidedown. its tires were poking out of the water. rescue divers, but the national departed confirmed they're did he do, the helicopter broke apart during a routine training flight. it appears an entire section
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fell off neighbor the water's edge. heck check at 11:00. pregnant women take prenatal victims, now they should considered aing fish oil. the pills may help protect babies from infections, an experiment in denmark showed a 30% drop among infants. starting from 24 weeks until a week after delivery. some mothers reach bigger benefits such as those with low blood levels of particular genetic mutation. four days and counting until the mummers do their strut down broad street, their dance routines to finish, costume and sets to build, not maintain to waste for hard working fun loving performers. >> reporter: the counted till show time is on and so is the stride for dance perfection,
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>> you have to, every time you practice you have to, you have to dance, your body has to dance, you have to show character. >> reporter: at the pennsylvania convention center. the down to towners fancy brigades rehearse 90 minutes. it's a glimpse of what has been nearly a year in the making with taking off just days after the first >> there's a lot of competition my fellow captains. the club they're a great group of guys. >> reporter: the last time the downtowner won was in 2002, satter nailians, most of the dancers weren't around to be bugged out >> i was only one year old. >> reporter: it goes beyond the first place prize, it's the lifestyle. >> you say mummer? bill and his grandkids are
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fourth generation mummers >> you start them young >> absolutely. it's a family tradition and neighborhood thing. >> the future mummers dedicated and practicing >> i want to be the guy that moves the float >> the parade will begin at city hall with the mummers marchings down broad street to washington avenue. the competition dedication and. >> what can we expect >> a lot of competition, rivalry and a lot of fun, that's what it's about. >> reporter: you can attend the parade for free except for the limited seating near the judging area. that you have to pay for, you can get the tickets at the philadelphia visitor's center. center city, jeannette reyes channel 6 action news. time to check on the forecast. here's adam >> the mummers for sunday looks fantastic. temperatures with the little
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bump in the road tomorrow morning. we look at storm tracker 6. it will be rising in the predawn hour just in time unfortunately for the morning rush. temperatures in the 20's. this is cold, allentown 23, 26 in reading, above freezing in philadelphia, 32 at freezing in wilmington but the numbers start will come back up a little bit as the system approaches as the southeasterly wind take over coming in off of that very relatively warm atlantic water. as we look to the west. you could see the little brown precipitation. the system is not going to last long when it arrives to when it exits. it will be five, six hours, future tracker 7:30, you see the rain arriving from the south and west for the majority of the region you have to go to northern berks county near the lehigh valley tunnel parts of lehigh valley to see a quick round of wet snow about half
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hour, hour, changes to rain there by mid morning also, washing anything that accumulates. steady rain for the majority of the area through 10:00 to the shore. by the early to mid afternoon hours tomorrow, everything exits and maybe even some peaks of sun trying to return before that sun sets thursday evening. nothing to speak of for again, the majority of the delaware valley to the coast all of delaware with snow. quick coating or so, allentown easton as far south as quakertown, one, three inches in the poconos, this area will quickly wash away when it changes to rain, then we're wind whipped thursday and friday. that becomes a block blustery of a storm, a blizzard one, tea feet of snow central and northern new england, we're just missing out if you want a lot of snow but we'll get a lot of wind. 40 miles an hour windchills in the 20's, friday morning feeling
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like the teens, reading, philadelphia, by friday afternoon, not much improvement at 5:00 p.m. windchills in the 20's. the exclusive accu-weather seven-day forecast. a whole lot of rain for most after the brief little snow at the onset north and west 45, cold friday, despite 39 feeling like the 20's, could be a quick snow shower, a dry end to 2016 an bright mild start to 2017, 50 on sunday. more rain coming in monday into early tuesday before the clouds break tuesday afternoon. and take a look at those temps tuesday, wednesday, mild for the beginning of january. temps in the mid 50's. >> all right, thank you so much. >> much more action news coming your way, stick around, we'll be right back.
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flyers in st. louis, win less over the last two years, 0 seven and one over the christmas break. flyers over the last seven on the power play, this in the third in st. louis, brayden schenn. 140 david paren beats steve mason, former flyers, scotty up shall, mason and the flyers allow four goals. flyers lose 6-3, dropped four of the last five. some people give popcorn and candy to their coworkers, carson wentzes gave out shotguns so they can go hunting his favorite sport of course outside football. wentz and eagles hope to go out with a bank against the cowboys. wentz wants to go into the off season on a winning streak. >> i believe that's huge for us.
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especially in nfc east. two rivalry games like that. i think it will give us a lot of confidence going forward. we know we're a good football team. we've been in all these games, just kind of give us that extra boost to carry over. >> desean jackson come back this off season apparently telling defensive end brandon graham he will be back. graham sound like he should not have revealed that. >> that's unlike me. that was a rookie mistake by me. >> you're not a rookie >> we just want to make sure that we just show what we're going to do next year. >> with desean jackson on the team >> i love brandon. still to come in sports, we ever an upset alert. at perdue, we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. like putting oregano in their water. it has natural antioxidants and we don't have to use antibiotics in their diet. perdue.
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over 200 products no antibiotics ever.
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we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. for example, thyme. it's part of our 100% veggie diet and helps support their immune system. perdue. over 200 products no antibiotics ever. villanova not lost game in campus four years. tonight, the caps getting a scare. jay wright and villanova with a nail by thor, depaul, dare you don't say ties it up. ten seconds left. nova up one, how about josh hart. clutch three got it. heart scores 25, two seconds left. depaul down three for the tie. no. villanova hangs on. 68-65. they won 45 straight at the pavilion.
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temple against: dumb free won't be happy. temple loses 56-50. the owls go down a tough one, last two losses come against top to 25 teams. >> thank you. jimmy kimmel live is next on channel 6 followed by night line. action news continues at 4:30 a.m. for jeff skversky. jim gardner, cecily tynan, ducis rogers, the news team, i'm monica malpass. you make it a good night tonight. s
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