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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  December 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara b3 "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon rick is off and the big story on "action news" is breaking developments in the murder of a beloved
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business owner. pol, for the shooting of 81-year-old marie buck inside of her grocepy srpre in philadelphia. chad pradelli is live. >> reporter: yes, sara that person of interest was p, last night and so far he has not been charged but pol, they are building their case. >> if the size of a makeshift memorial judged a victim's heart. marie kick's must have bas n bi. the flowers and candles outside of store grows by the hour. >> it's a trap no reason. >> she was such a good person. >> marsh will be remor wared aa ftaple in this community. a woman that raised three generations of children. of rations of children. interest in custody and detectives believe that rratenp is the mbuive but the 8y
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81-year-old was not the intended target. they began drat" ioping hthe s waing p, photo near the murder scene on south 6th. south 6th. elol, murder weapon but a steady stream of people are visiting the bin cks children at the famy ofome. cks children at the famy >> she will never be forgotten, nevada. >> af tshwing will take sonace rporght and tomorrow as well as the funeral services tomorrow night. live in south philad" iphuil, cd live in soutelradelli, channel news." >> thank you. the frant, jersey woman and her 5-year-old great granddaughter is now over. greachey were afound alive y isy jersey woman and her 5-year-old greachey were afound alive y isy the car was stuck on a dirt road. roadche pol, 71-year-old was unconscious and taken to the hospital in serious con-yeation. con-che grittle gar l appeared
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okay. the two went missing saturday on a holidyou road trip from myous landing to north carolina. annie mccormick will explain how they were found coming apolisy at 12:30. the snow and rain is starting to move out but cold and winmurd con-yeations are no ey ving in. this is the way it looked across the region rain or grd mht snow falls tarsoughout the commute depend on where you live. david murphy has the latest from davi 6 live double d latest from >> sara you said it. the rain is in the process of ey ving oua m a n, lancaster and berks county and down in south jersey you are punching a grbu of hol is in t rain and the movement is off to the north and east agai s these are grd mhter shades of green f the most part and a sleet pellet mixed in here or there and temperatur is on the rid is d at the surface we won't have to
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worry about freezing. dnotferent srpphy in the po>> s not you have plans to travel in mt. pocono and lake harmony we with have sleet and snow and fras zing rain. and this covers mown poconos, jim thorpe and if you plan on - iving tarsough and going north of lehigh tunnel. you have to be care of of slip praphy road con-yeations. >> nazareth 1.3 and south allentown under an inch, and down into montgomery >> suns s a allentown under an inch, and down into montgomery >> suns s a these lower amounts probably washed way bopause of the rain. washcor prara1-yres are above even allentown 37 but in the poconos around the freezing akark.s around the freezing we have a char 6e in terms of cool air and strong winds coming
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in. in. 6 live double scan to see what is in store for your area available all the tthe se attheyabc.>> smr and stay connected with our team of meteorologists. authoriti is have now trisd che reward money for informn leading to the capture of a wanted murder by y opa m wantche cum warland county faosoputors office is now offering up to $2500 for infotlation that h" ips them track downheieror uilh ey nell. a 27-year-old woman is charged with murder in the death of her boyfrshnd. akartiin s westcott turned yourf in for the murder of her ip atiriend terrell brin ce. w is tcbut has >> s com is sed
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pulling the trigger from the passenger seat good we are learorng more aip pol the shockg death of hollywood legend, debbie reynolds, she passed away one dyou after her daughter, carrie fisher also died. she apparently suffered a stroke at her home in gros anp fhe was h" iping to plan fishers funeral at the time and funeral arrangor en of for bbuh are sti waing sode. >> the obama administration is expected to issue a pmoulic retaliation for russia after the cyber attacks. they were meant to embarrass hillary anpinrpn and h" ip dona hillcfi sou.nrpn and h" ip dona kenneth moton joins us live with the full details from waed bington, greev >> sara sourr is t" il abc fus that these u.s. actions are aimed at punishing russia and deterring fpolure acapacne bute response will be proportional. the last thing they want is an
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is calating carrer war with russia. >> world power retaliation, fa is ident lehama taking actio s ofainst russia and its presidt vladimir putin for trying to intencere in the u.s. " ioption >> the int" ilip gives me confidence that the russuilns carried opol the aca m >> the consequeny sanctions. this morning russia's foreign miorstphy said, syouing that if miorche u said, syouing that if the f. tak is hostile steps they will get a response. the goal in the hackings rp hurt ofillaphy clinton and hurt now president-elect donald trump who is not accnow ting the the send is ntes li ap ting the the send so nobody knows what is going on and speed and a grbu of other thinto
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>> trump's rush to move on could >> trump's relpol hthe s -- wit >> the threat to the fundamentals of democracy if a in stion orll dntity can a& pt the n orll dntity can a& " ioption in the united states r any other democracy throughout the worea gre >> the white house syous they will provide proof today that russia was behind the ropent ofacne , president ohigso orde an intelligence review of the the russian hackings and we are rpld that the r" iease of this ed bould happen before he leave office in three weeks sar of kenneth mbuon chanob" ithey "ac news." >> thank you. police are investigating a ed booting in north philad" iph right near temple university. a 26-year-old woman was shot in a 26che atl and graca atsia :00 akororng. she told police that three men approached her and anobour 6ed rooyery and one shot her when she tried to run away and she
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was taken to the hosenytal in stable >> sndition. rpp graw forcers are reminding people to celebrate new year's sa watun. cyommissioner ross syous if are you going to drink do not drive and certainly don't go opolside and far e guns into the aimea >> it's unacceptable people fail to recognize that what goes up must come er amwn. >> we have had people shot. >> celebratory one fire is never an ition. >> celebratory one fire is never an ition. was there to serve as an example. he was struck by a stray bullet in 1998 when he was 11. in 1che philadelphia poliy department received 132 reports of gun fire last new yeas li ra coming up find opol how the
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donates bags will make a difference for womens in ed b" ites li around the racaio david muecthy has your seven-da forecast from accuweather when "action news" com is rd mht bat
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investigators are still trying to figure out why a military helicopter crashed in galveston bay, texas. witnesses say the helicopter broke apart in the air and two members of the national guard died during the training mission. a nationwide cease fire goes into affect in syria at midnight. the two sides have agreed to enter peace talks to end the nearly six year conflict. the work on a roadmap for a transitional period including parliamentary and presidential elections in the next three months and president vladimir putin says russia and turkey will guarantee the truce. in another move to protect the environment. president obama has designated two new national monuments, the bears ears national monument in
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utah covers a million acres of tribal land, the coalition of tribes have been asking the land to be protected because it contains thousands of archeological sites and cliff dwelling and the national butte in montana will also be protected. and women that fell on hard times are getting eye boost. packages full of hope are being delivered. shampoo, tooth brushes and lipstick. and an anonymous inspirational note inside. sally young started the project last year and has grown to include friends and her daughter who goes to temple. they were delivered in camden, center city philadelphia and darby. you may want to consider taking a fish oil supplement
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while pregnant and a world where machines are making most of our products this 68-year-old man is creating beautiful things by hand. his story when "action news" continues.
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z254jz zi0z
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y254jy yi0y one billion dollars that is what takata to pay to settle
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criminal charges related to the airbag troubles. the company is negotiating with u.s. for the exploding airbags. the two sides are close to a deal. it calls for takata to pay close to a billion dollars in fines and plead guilty to misconduct. women may want to consider taking fish oil supplements during pregnancy. to protect babies from lung infections and pneumonia. moms to be took the fish oils at 24 weeks through delivery. with technology constantly evolving it seems that most products are manufactured by machines but tamala edwards want you to meet an artist who is 84 years young creating with his hands. >> anthony bought his home years ago it was dilapidated and
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required carpentry skills. >> i saw that guy hang a door, and thought that was fun. since then richard built homes and furniture non-stop. he bought the original home in browns mills, new jersey. >> a friend lives not house i built 50 some years ago in country lake. >> he does amazing things with cedar and oak including this massive table completed in time for thanksgiving dinner. >> it was fun to have everyone around the table, it's a masterpiece. carvings and cabinets and more. he sees beauty where some people see debris. >> that door may be 200 years old i'm going to make a cabinet around it. liz stocks some of his further tour in her store in philadelphia. >> he is so creative.
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>> richard plays down talk of arttory or masterpieces. >> i never thought of myself as an artist. i'm just a regular guy. >> the action team is out working on news stories beginning tonight at 4:00. lets check in with alicia vitarelli live in the newsroom with a look ahead. >> reporter: hey sara, 2017 is almost here and we are talking about the best deals you'll find in the new year. if you have shopping to do there are items you will be happy you waited to go get. and also in today's show, a korean robotics company is making the robots you see in the movies a reality. the inspiration behind these human operated robots, pretty cool stuff. take us with you on the go and watch our newscast streaming
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live on your smart phone or tablet.
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david is here now with a check of the accuweather forecast. we are waiting for snow and rain to move out. >> snow in the poconos for the next couple of hours, but stormtracker 6 live double scan shows us most of us are dealing with rain and delaware and parts of south jersey are starting to move on out of here when it comes to the rain. i'll point out there is steady rain in pockets of steady rain in i-78 and hamden and easton and through the lehigh tunnel and strasburg where there are areas seeing snow and sleet mixed in and a lot of this is in the poconos, and winter weather advisories are there. it's up until 4:00. beware if you are headed up north. lets get you outside we have the action cam out earlier, right around city hall. next to dillworth park, you see the clouds are socking us in and
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this morning we had the rain and things are beginning to get drier now. the temperature is 44 degrees in philadelphia. your winds out of the south-southeast at 9 miles per hour. probably getting more blustery as the late afternoon and evening hours ensue. 56 in allentown and above freezing there and no problems with freezing on the roadways, have to go to the poconos to get that. 46 in millville and 46 in dover, we where in the process of drying out. continued pattern with the rain moving off toward the east, by 2:00, 3:00 most of us will be dry and just a couple of showers to the east in burlington county and a sprinkle in wildwood but the idea is the main body of rain is getting out of here at 2:00 or 3:00 and maybe breaks in the clouds in the evening. rain probably ending in the next hour or two and 43 is your high and down the shore some spots
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are drying out and mostly cloudy and breezy and high of 50 degrees in many of our shore communities, in philadelphia a high of 46 under mostly cloudy skies and maybe late sun and maybe not in the process of drying out in the city, again 46, partly cloudy and getting blustery and cold overnight and strong winds are building overnight and gusting as high as 40 at times, the one good thing with the wind once it starts kicking it will probably dry out the roads, and likely we won't have a big refreeze overnight tonight. if you drive around tonight or tomorrow morning and you see something wet, you'll have to be careful. during the day tomorrow area of low pressure to the north produced a lot of snow in parts of new england, will dish a strong wind in the region, those gusts up to 40 miles per hour and windchills in the 20s pretty much all day tomorrow with winds dying down a bit tomorrow night. caught up in the northwest flow is a chance of lake-effect snow
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and the model is consistent inputting this up to the north in places like the poconos and some may pick up a flurry or snow shower because of the cold air aloft and the wind off the great lakes. 46 is today's high and rain and snow and it's really starting to move out you saw a moment ago on stormtracker 6 live double scan and then the blustery cold condition, 39 and feeling like the 20s at times and maybe some of us get a brief snow shower. and christmas eve thingses start to get better mix of sun and clouds and high of 41 degrees and we may not hit the high until late in the day and maybe up until midnight. when you go to bang the pots and pans, 41 doesn't sound too bad. on new years day we'll be up if the low 40s for the beginning of the mummers parade and up to 50 in the afternoon and rain on new years day until late at night. monday and tuesday, getting kind
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of mild, 49 degrees and occasional rain tuesday up to 58 degree. if we see precip it won't be more than rain. and back to 52 for the high. >> not bad at all. thank you david. more ahead in the next half our of "action news" at noon. three teenagers survive after their boat capsizes off the florida keys, hear their story next. and a more wants answers after making a disturbing find in her son's christmas candy.
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♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums breaking news this noon a person of interest is in custody for the deadly christmas receive shooting of a philadelphia store owner. a memorial of flowers and candles is growing at her store. marie buck was shot and killed by a man that walked foo the store on saturday at 6th and titan streets, she was shot 12 times. richard ross talked to about the violent nature of the shooting. >> this is mind boggling to me and i can't understand what would make an individual resort to that level of violence, it's absolutely ridiculous, down right evil. because at some point in time you knew who you were firing at.
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you know who was in the store. >> they did not release other information about the person of interest but hope to file charges soon. we'll have more coming up at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. a viewing will take place for buck tonight. and funeral plans are for tomorrow. a light snow greeted some of you as winter weather moved across parts of our region. some had to deal with cold rain in center city this morning. the umbrellas and rain coats were a necessity. lets look outside the conditions at this hour from sky 6 hd at a very foggy ben franklin bridge in the distance. trust me on this. as the rain moves out we are looking ahead to cold and windy conditions. meteorologist, david murphy, joins us outside with the details. >> reporter: that is one murky shot we had on sky 6 hd and here is another one that doesn't look as great. this is satellite and you can see how that snow came as far


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