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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  December 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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murder of a beloved south philadelphia business owner. they announced the arrest of this man, maurice green. they believe green is the man that opened five on marie buck in her store on christmas eve. chad pradelli is live now. police say that buck was not the initial target? >> reporter: yes monica, police say that buck was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. the initial target that is a relative that now has to deal with the pain of her death. police say that row veng was the motive of marie buck inside of her south philadelphia corner store on christmas eve. investigators believe that maurice green went to the store intending to kill bucks grandson, he was not at work because he accidentally overslept and green opened fire on the 81-year-old working behind the counter. >> the decedent had a grandson
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that the suspect believed had something to do with stealing his expensive chain. and he never gave it back to him. >> they say they knew each other from the drug trade and a murder weapon has not been recovered but police say they have surveillance video showing green going to and from the store at the time of the killing. >> marie will be remembered as a staple in this community, a woman that raised three generations of children. >> a tragedy for no reason. no reason. >> she was such a good person. >> as the memorial outside of bucks store grows a steady stream of friends and family are arriving athe the house two doors down. bucks served this neighborhood for more than four decades and many can't fathom she would die in this manner. >> she will not be forgotten, never be forgotten.
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nevada. >> there say memorial for buck tonight and and funeral services tomorrow. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. authorities have tripled the reward for information leading to the capture of a murdered suspect, $2500 is offered for information helping the prosecutors office for the arrest and conviction of this manager maya monell, police say he killed his he stranged wife. and that shooting happened tuesday in the mt. airy section of philadelphia. katherine scott has more on the investigation. >> 40 minutes after police say that 27-year-old martina westcott shot and killed terrell bruce in a moving car, neighbors say this time stamped video shows westcott returning to a roxborough house sfwli was not
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expecting that at all. 2:30 police say the two your driving in this ford in mt. airy when westcott shot bruce during an argument. he was behind the wheel and crashed into another car. it shows westcott walking on the sidewalk and turning toward her home. police recovered a gun and jacket she tossed when she left the scene. and police say she turned herself in. >> i was upstairs and cleaning and heard banging and the police were apparently at the door and they kicked in the door and i guess they were looking for evidence. >> no one answered the door at westcott's house where she lived with other family members. michelle saw the victim there in the past. >> he would never go in the house just beep and pick her up. >> friends and family of bruce gathered there on wednesday, the la salle graduate was a realtor and known to give back to the
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community. he graduated from the university of pennsylvania and described by bruce's family as and ex-girlfriend that wouldn't take no for an answer. >> he took away an amazing man. an amazing man good westcott was arraigned last night and is held without bail. katherine scott, channel 6 "action news". the rain cleared out this afternoon and this is a live look at city hall. blustery weather is about to settle. adam joseph has the latest from accuweather. >> reporter: the rain and snow now is in new england, low pressure developing and this low will continue to wind up and stall for the next day. what that will do is deepens and sending a strong wind from the west northwest. and yes we dry out now but the winds are the star of the show the next 24 hours. for this evening, turning breezy and cooler and not much of a drop in temperature as we go through the next several hours. from 7:00 until 9:00.
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upper 30s and settling into the middle 30s at 11:00 as we continue to pull the clouds away and the stars really appearing out there. again that low will become a blizzard in northern new england, tonight into friday the winds wrapping around the low as we get into tomorrow, winds gusting 40 to 45 miles per hour and feeling bitter cold out there despite the high tomorrow of 42 degrees, it will only feel like the 20s the minute you get up tomorrow morning to when the sunsets tomorrow afternoon. in the full accuweather forecast. that wind that we'll feel tomorrow will ease as we get into new years eve on saturday. and it is a dry weekend as we go into new years eve and new years day. and the temperatures are doing quite the turn around as we start 2017 for the eagles and the mummers on sunday and we take a look at that holiday weekend forecast coming up in the seven day. >> thank you adam. a school principal in dover, faces federal embezzlement
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charges. prosecutors say that rodriguez took money when he was principal at the dover academy charter school and took $5,000 at least meant to help students between 2011 and 2014, rodriguez faces up to 10 years in prison and three years probation. a multiday prayer vigil is underway in camden to remember the men and women killed in the city this year, in all 39 hours of prayers take place between now and saturday at the parish of the cathedral on market street. organizers are dedicated one hour to honor each vick tame that lost their life during senseless violence and praying for piece in the coming new your, the vigil goes through 5:00 p.m. saturday. >> philadelphia's top law forcers are reminding folks to celebrate safely this new years, and seth williams richard ross said if you drink don't drive and don't go outside and fire a
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gun in the air. >> it's unacceptable. people fail to recognize what goes up must come down. >> ross added that celebratory gun fire is never a celebration for the one shot by the gun fire. joe was there to work as an example. he was struck by a stray bullet in 1998 when he was 11 years old and the philadelphia police department reported 132 reports of gunshots last new years of. you can ring in 2017 with us here on 6 abc and watch the excitement in times square from your couch. tune in this saturday night for dick clark's new years rockin eve with ryan seacrest to see the ball drop live starting at 8:00 p.m. drivers in pennsylvania will be hit in the wallet in the new year, 2017 brings in an increase in the gas tax and a hike in turnpike tolls. john rawlins is live along the turnpike in upper merion to
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break down the new fees. >> >> reporter: we are talking about hiking tolls and taxes, nobody is crazy about this idea but authorities say the money is critical and earmarked for making badly needed transportation improvements. pennsylvania has the if not one of the highest gas taxes in the country. they rely on a wholesale tax, 31.2 cents a gallon and then went up 2 questionses and then a dime. and there was no change in 2016 but in 2017 it's due for the 8 cent hike. >> oh joy. need to carpool more often i guess. >> the upside the taxes go to transportation improxes. >> this gas tax increase is part of the act of 89, which is the funding mechanism to improve and
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get to the roads and bridge that desperately need attention, vine street bridges were able to move forward. >> and tolls from the turnpike and turnpike users will be paying more. 6% more. jose often commutes to valley forge and is not looking forward to higher gas and tolls. >> i live in philadelphia and i take the 309 coming to the turnpike from king of prussia and back home. >> as for a longer run to go from valley form to harrisburg, the cash toll 9.84 and $6.91 come january 8th, $10.35 cash and $7.32 easy pass. one more change for 2017, pennsylvania is finally getting rid of these little odd stickers you used to put on your plate here. the peel and stick them on here.
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apparently with modern computer data bases they are obsolete and redundant and not printing them will save penndot $3 million a year. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. coming up on "action news" tonight. hundreds of the top -- and eagles quarterback carson wentz gives a powerful christmas gift to his defensive line but it's raising eyebrows. >> and not much in the way of cold winter air, we are talking about bringing in extremely warm air for the seven-day forecast. >> we'll have the stories and more with sports when "action news" continues tonight.
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if you give up your child for adoption you can access their original birth certificates. some 3,000 individuals may try to can't their birth parents. nora muchanic reports tonight. >> reporter: 10-year-old maya was adopted from china and like many adoptees wonders about her birth mother. >> i wonder is she alive and does she think about me and worry about me. ma maya's mother was adopted too and asked the same questions. until she met them in 2007.
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and people could get those questions answers in new jersey, when they unseal them. they were locked up for decades. >> i am thrilled, this is giving back something that was essen essentially taken from us. >> adoptees are curious and need the medical information that birth parents can provide. it's a way for parents to opt out and redact their names from paperwork. and that has to be with the department of health by december 31st. they say it's a compromise. >> birth parents want to protect their privacy and the need of adoptees it understand better who they are. they are trying to get the word out and so is the catholic church. because some parents may not know that these records are being unsealed. >> you are going way in the past and unsealing stuff. >> it's a right to claim what is
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ours and a right to understand where we came from and a right to understand what our identity. >> the deadline to keep the adoption records private is saturday and the forms you need will be at in our new jersey newsroom. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." 13 members of the camden county sheriff's office got a tip of the hat today presented with awards for their special duty. they had an impact on the officer and county as a whole.
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ducis is wrapping up the season with the eagles. >> trying to close out the season with a w. carson wentz will close out the final chapter of the season with the cowboys and then take time to relax and then of course go hunting, wentz loves the hunt so much he is sending the line man a personalized shotgun for a
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christmas gift. for some that think it's unusual. eagles players say they like it. some are hunters and others may learn the sport. >> that is not an unusual gift it's the thought that counts, i appreciate it. >> carson is an outdoors man, i think he is share that with the guys and i personally i enjoy it you know. >> that guy give a shotgun, he is a different breed, i'm happy not complaining. >> i am lucky i got anything at all. >> defensive tackle benny logan will he get a new contract this season? he will be a free agent, but he wants to stay if the eagles want him back. >> i'm just enjoying it and whatever happens happens, if i'm here i'm happy but if i'm not i won't take it personal. i'll enjoy the moment and we'll
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see what happens, hopefully we get things done and i'm still here. >> penn state is oaking up the sun and doing sightseeing in los angeles and now time to get down to work for the biggest game of the seasoner the rose bowl monat ucs. >> our guys handled it well. and today we got into our normal bowl prep week. our normal prep week we normally do. and explain to them it's time to flip the switch and get' business type of approach. . but our guys are great. >> disgruntled sixers center, nerlins noel will see playing tonight against the utah jazz, he could play 20 minutes, noel is expected to come off the bench and on the floor more because joel embiid will not be. he is getting the night or forest and embiid who has been
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on a tear has not had a night off in weeks. and sixers looking not to lose their 12th straight game game. and flyers winless in games following their christmas break, and they look to break the trend tomorrow in san jose. the coach was upset with the boys saying they wanted too easy of a night and allowed four unanswered goals and after taking the third period lead and lost four of their last five and they know they have to play better in san jose against the sharks. >> coming in the third and kind of blew it there. and good for you. a pat on our backs and we have to keep going and be relaxed out there. there is a lot more out there. and we left it out to dry out there. >> they have to do it and get back to the point where they won ten straight.
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>> we would like to see that. adam joseph has the accuweather forecast up next.
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well, much of the delaware valley saw rain today and this was the scene near mt. pocono. except if you are on the highway. snow covered roads caused problems on i-80 and a crash had traffic at a stand still for hours. but folks built a snowman with a shopping bag. >> the necessities in the car. >> how is the weather for us? >> we are clearing out and the rain is moving away and the poconos saw 2 to 5 inches of snow and as we go into the new year temperatures warm up into
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sunday. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan we are at a .25 inch of rain locally here in the philadelphia area, but the rain is long gone and the clouds are beginning follow suit as well. we saw a little bit of sun before the sunset. and upper 30s in reading and allentown and wilmington. and 36 in millville. there is that little bit of rain and again mountain snow and even the lehigh valley picking unless than a half inch of snow this morning before it flipped over to rain in new england and we are clearing out and as the snow deepens in northern new england, it sens a wind tunnel effect our way from the great lakes, late tonight and especially during the day tomorrow. partly cloudy the winds start to crank up after midnight. westerly 20 to 30 miles per hour and air temperatures between 30 and 34 degrees, but the 34 will
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feel more like the teens and 20s tonight and the windchill tracker 8:00 a.m. through lunch time remains in the 20s tomorrow despite a high of 4-degrees and any morning sun quickly fades behind clouds tomorrow with the unstable air and the strong winds wrapping around the low and catching moisture off the great lakes and we see ribbons of snow showers and squalls, and some could make their way towards the lehigh valley north of philadelphia tomorrow so don't be surprised to see flakes in the air. 42 and winds near 40 to 45 miles per hour. and the low moves away and we kind of ease the wind here. as we get into new years eve on saturday. sun and clouds ahead of the next system and temperatures still at 42 degrees and the 42 on saturday will feel warmer than tomorrow. in fact, speaking of new years eve, partly cloudy and not too chilly, 6:00 testimony 42
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degrees ringing in the new year, 38 degrees and knock 5 degrees off the numbers with the breeze and the windchills but we'll head into the new year fairly dry and in fact for the mummers forecast on sunday, bright skies and light wind and 9:00 a.m. 43 and upper 40s to near 50 in the afternoon, but being in the city with a breeze and not much sunshine behind the center city buildings, still want to bring a winter jackets the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast seasonable the next two days and clouds tomorrow with the strong winds and breezy and still on saturday and you'll knock the wins down quite a bit and we hit the 50 here on sunday and stay there on monday but a system arrives and pushes through monand tuesday with on and off rain both days and 60s on tuesday afternoon and still mild with sun rushing on wednesday. >> thank you.
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there is a real philadelphia style sell brings for the sixth night of hanukkah, mayor kenney and other officials joined leaders on mlk drive to watch the lighting of sixth house on boathouse road. all night motists on mlk and the schuylkill will be able to see the beautiful blue and white lights. world news is next on channel 6. and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17. and then join us for "action news" at 11:00 on channel 6. for jim gardner, jeff skversky, adam joseph and cecily tynan i'm monica malpass hope to see you here at 11:00.
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tonight breaking news and president obama retaliating against russia. the crackdown now under way. the president kicking out 35 russian intelligence operatives living in america. shutting down two russian compounds located right in u.s. neighborhoods. the stiff sanctions payback for those election cyberhacks. and tonight, what president-elect trump has just said and is promising to do. hollywood heartbreak, the world mourning debbie reynolds' death one day after carrie fisher. did reynolds die of a broken heart. new revelations about the medical complications of grief. plus, the major weather alerts cascading across 15 states. from michigan to maine. and that winter tornado in the south. and mall


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