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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  December 30, 2016 1:37am-2:10am EST

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a beloved shop keeper and great grandmother even as her alleged killer sits in jail charged were any vicious shooting. revenge against the victim's grandson led to the brutal murder on christmas eve and it was all over a stolen chain. thursday night, jim is off i'm monica malpass and the big story is the outpouring of love for an innocent great grandmother shot 11 times in her south philadelphia grocery store. let's get the latest from day of cuellar live on south broad street. dan? >> reporter: monica, a very emotional night here at the viewing of this beloved south philadelphia figure. hundreds showed up here to pay respects. just hours after police announce the arrest of her alleged cold blooded killer. in the bitter cold two nights before new years eve, the long line of mourners. people who loved marie buck. >> it's the saddest thing i ever
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saw -- coming from a woman like her, did everything for everyone. >> it's just sad. she was so sweet to me. >> reporter: the 81-year-old long known for her generosity and big heart was gunned down in her south philadelphia corner store on christmas eve. today, police announced the arrest of 31-year-old maurice green of the 5400 block of berks in the killing. police say he intended to kill bucks's grandson believing that he stole a 5 to $10,000 gold chain from him >> we think he went there with the intention of killing the grandson, he saw the grandmom and at that point he made the choice he was going to kill the grandmother since he was not there >> turns out the grandson was re had overslept. employees say he and green new each other from the drug trade. investigators say surveillance video shows green going to and from the store at the time of the killing. from bucks's relatives news of the arrest is bitter sweet >> a sense of relief, also a sense of tragedy that if he would have just the went inside
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and said this is the deal, she would have gave him money. >> reporter: police say green never said a word when he suddenly and without warning pumped 11 gunshots into the 4'10" grandmother's chest >> he was an animal to shoot the grandmother over a chain? that's what i saw. that's very sad. this world is very ugly >> you just have to be animal. hopefully he never sets foot on free ground again, if i had my way he'ding executed. that's what he deserves. >> reporter: homicide captain james clark said his detectives worked tirelessly and he couldn't be more proud of them for putting this alleged killer away. live in south philadelphia, dan cuellar channel 6 action news. monica? >> thank you. friends of praying for another great grandmother hospitalized after a way ward drive that almost cost her and
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her great granddaughter he their lives. jeff chirico on the prayer vigil >> barbara briley remains hospitaled in virginia. her great granddaughter has been reunited with family. in atlantic city, their church family gathered for what was an emotional prayer vigil. church goers were moved to tears as prayers of gratitude filled at the sanctuary of 2nd baptist church in. >> we didn't know where she was. >> dozens gathered to celebrate the rescue of long-time church member barbara briley and her 5-year-old granddaughter, both went missing christmas day on their way to visit family in north carolina. >> see god do what he did. she's here. they're alive and safe, and just -- it's a blessing
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>> when i found out she was found, i was so excited. i was just jumping. >> reporter: they were found late yesterday afternoon in their suv in a remote wooded area in richmond virginia. >> tremendous outpouring, their grateful for the outpouring of support for the community locally nationally and abroad. >> reporter: police say lamyra wasn't hurt. shay found 71-year-old briley unconscious and took her to the hospital in serious condition. reverend collin day of spoke with her family today >> they're concerned about the condition and so we come together to pray for them as well as their well-being and especially the total family. >> reporter: police say the two were stranded several days getting by on snacks and drinks. it's unclear how they ended up stranded there. police do not suspect foul play.
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jeff chirico, channel 6 action news. firefighters got that you say house neighbor in north philadelphia under control about an hour and a half ago. it broke out in the 2300 block of northwest norris street and the top floor of a three-story row home. fortunately no one was hurt. no word yet on the cause. todd west who was sentenced to life in prison for killing three people in pennsylvania has now been indicted for murders in new jersey. west pleaded guilty that october to randomly killing two young man and a woman in a 40 minute spree in the lehigh valley. he said he just wanted to kill them. now he's accused of killing four people in elizabeth new jersey in may and june of last year. action news obtained home surveillance video of an alleged murder suspect returning home shortly after a killing, police say 27-year-old mar tina westcott shot and killed her ex-boyfriend 33-year-old terrell bruce tuesday while he was driving. the suv then crashed into
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another vehicle along walnut lane in mt. airy. detectives claim westcott tossed the gun and her jacket then walked home right here seemingly calm, told her mom what she did and turned himself into police. police say they now have the two armed bandits in custody who robbed a bucks county bank this afternoon in a residential neighborhood. channel 6 was over the bank in the 1200 block of buck road in lower southampton township. authorities have not said how much the pair got away with before being apprehended. authorities tripled the reward for information leading to the capture of a wanted murder suspect. $2500 is now being offered for information leading to cumberland county prosecutor's office for the arrest and con invasive of jeremiah me knell. killed her on december 19th in commercial township. radnor township commissioner william spinningler is free on
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bail after being arrested after allegedly fondling a 103 your woman. the 75-year-old touched her on three separate occasions. the victim who is related to him by a previous marriage suffers from dementia and other ailments. the obama administration struck back at russia for alleged cyber tack. the kremlin and donald trump are responding. kenneth moton has the latest from washington. >> reporter: it's the most forest full response. the obama administration striking back at russia trying to interfere in the election >> they were aggressive and bold and designed to send a message this type of behavior is unacceptable >> president obama is kicking out 35 russian intelligence impressive giving them and their
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families 72 hours to get out of the u.s. they're shutting down two russian compounds used for intelligence compounds in maryland and new york, economic sanctions against moscow's two top agencies. also targeted two notorious cyber criminals wanted by the fbi. one accused of stealing more than $100 million, not on the list, vladimir putin who the president called out weeks ago >> not much happens in rush without vladimir putin. >> reporter: the kremlin is promising to respond. donald trump reluctant to accept intelligence findings that russia was hacking to help him. in a new statement trump said it's time for the country to move on to bigger and better things but he will meet with the community next week to get an update. >> the white house said president obama could reverse. they're waiting on a broad
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intelligence community review of russia hacking before inauguration. kenneth moton channel 6 action news. big change is coming january 1st for new jersey residents who gave up children for adoption. the records of nearly 300,000 adoptees will be unsealed for the first time and they will be able to see who their birth parents were. parents who want to remain anonymous are being urged to file paperwork by december 31st with the new jersey health department. so far 884 adoptees filed for the original birth certificates, only 341 parents told they want their names redacted >> the interest of adoptees who may need essential medical >> this restores their rights to identity, health and even culture that had been erased. still to come, how trucking regulations may have saved lives in the berlin terror attacks.
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plus we hear from a devastated todd fisher about the back-to-back death of his sister cary and mother, debbie reynolds. and a robotics company reveals a suit. >> windchills are dropping to the north and west and even below zero talking about a big change before another change over the holiday weekend in the accu-weather forecast >> jeff skversky with a christmas gift quarterback carson wentz gave the offensive line man, they say it hit the
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fragile cease fire went into effect in syria tonight the government and rebels. the country had a six-year civil war that left a quarter million
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people dead and trigger add refuge crisis europe. midnight tonight, their time, a cease fire began. several other cease fires have failed but if this one holds, it will be followed by peace talks next month. unfold lives may have been saved in the berlin christmas market attack thanks european safety regulations. it stopped itself, it had automatic emergency braking. the truck skidded about 250 feed as you see in this diagram, 12 killed, dozens injured, scores of people packed in that square and investigators were originally sure why the driver didn't go deeper into the crowd. >> a man and woman are facing charges over this mid air melt-down on board delta.
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cell phone video show police escort the couple off plane. the captain turned the plane around after the two became unruly. started when a flight attendant asked the woman to remain seated when she wanted to use the rest room. tributes continue to grow for hollywood legend debbie reynolds after her daughter carrie fisher. flowers were later on reynolds's star. she shot to stardom as a teenager against seasoned dancers gene kelly and donald o'connell. after a long he is strain meant from her daughter. reynolds and fisher had become incredibly close. reynolds was planning her funeral when she had a massive stroke. >> she loved taking care of my sister. more than anything. she gets to do that. that's what she wanted to do. >> funeral plans have not been
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announced for the two and the family still working on those details there's been a lot of talk about dying of a broken heart since reynolds passed away. studies show it is a real medical syndrome. sudden temporary shock to the heart muscle after a traumatic event. the biggest is in the first 30 days, the weakening of that muscle is often misdiagnosed. we'll have to wait for an official cause. the red solo cup has died, robert holterman created the design for his own family picnic but went on to become a staple of college keg parties, football tail gates and he's credited with creating the traveller coffee cup lid. 13 feet tall, mimic as
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human's command. giant mechanical suit that a person can climb into. looks like something out of scien science fix tion. they may one day deploy them ton rescue missions in hazardous places. lot jabs as the magic brigade went through reher samples. across the area thousands of mummers a polishing their routines this week. the nypd has a plan to protect the million new years in time square. calling it the ring of steal. they will be surrounded by 65 trash trucks and dump trucks
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filled with sand. they will form a protective barrier to prevent a terror attack using a vehicle like the one seen in germany and france, 100 patrol cars will be used. 7,000 additional officers will be stationed including bomb sniffing dogs and rooftop surveillance. it will track and store the license plates of all vehicles seen by the cameras. >> people will be safe this new years eve because we're there along with our law enforcement partners. we're going to have one of the most safety venues in the entire world given all the asset we say deploy here. >> there are no known credible threats. meanwhile, time square organizers are focuses on the fun. they tested to make sure the confetti will go as planned. more than 3,000 when the clock strikes at midnight.
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handwritten notes from around the world wishing for peace, love, good healthy and a better future. you can watch all the action in time square from your living room. ryan sea crest will be here, dick clark's new year rocking eve starts saturday at 8:00. it's a sad year for sandwich lovers. carnegie deli is closing shop. chow down on the iconic $20 pastrami sandwiches. after 40 years in the business, she wants to get out and focus on licensing the brand. bethlehem and several other locations are staying open. it's a lot of meat. >> let's talk about a little switch in the weather >> we're going to have the winds whipping up.
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we climb the ladder with temperatures well bloom above normal. early rain and snow long gone at this point, clear sky, winds that is the next part of the forecast we're going to have to track over the next 24 hours. we take a look at the action cam near rittenhouse square. you can see folks bundled up. hats, gloves, winter coats, some of the flags and leaves blowing around and winds cranking here friday afternoon. windchills right now in the city of philadelphia dropping below freezing at 31. now we're below freezing in most locations the windchill will not climb back above freezing until saturday afternoon, 28 right now, allentown and 15 in mount pocono. as we take a look at satellite and radar, dealing with low pressure over new england wrapping up and that's what's going to create the strong winds as the low continues to deep
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end. you can see to the west kind of the snow showers kind of breaking away from the great lakes picking up some of that moisture. most of them will fall apart as they work over the mountains in pennsylvania, northern areas like lehigh valley poconos they can see a couple of snow showers or snow squalls during the day tomorrow. for the rush, it's a lot of sunshine. temperatures around freezing. again, toss those numbers away, the frigid wind will create windchills in the 20's from start to finish as we go throughout the friday, you can see the tracker from 8:00 a.m. to p.m. it barely gets to 30. very unstable cold air moving in from the west northwest. 42 not a player in the forecast, the wind chills as winds gust to near 45 miles an hour picking up some moisture off of the great lakes. new years eve it is dry, 42,
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same temperature as friday, going to feel warmer because of less wind with a mixture of sun and clouds. this front comes through. sprinkle or flurry, looking pretty good for the events in penns landing. 42 at 4:00. 6:00 first round the fireworks, seconds at midnight, 38 not haul that bad. the exclusive accu-weather forecast seven-day forecast as we go through the next couple days, seasonal 42. tomorrow is the cold feeling of the day, more like winter then we bump back above normal. mild for the mummer and eagles at 50. rainy at times. monday-right into tuesday temps go from the 50's to the 60's and still well above normal wednesday with the sun returning before more seasonal thursday of 42 degrees. so overall, not a bad looking seven-day. unless you want the snow >> ok. tonight is the fourth night of
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kwansaa. ♪ there was a cleverly joyous celebration in west philadelphia drumming and dancing highlighted the program presented by kwansaa cooperative. it's now 50 years old, each day dedicated to a different
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sixers versus hugh utah haven't had a lot of luck >> last time they won 2005, alan iverson on the team. joel embiid admits he's tired, he takes a seat on the bench. the sixers begin back-to-back games on the road. no jo jo against the jazz, nerlens noel, he gets extra point time off the bench. that was a nice pass, noel for the slam. he starts six. joel okafor, tied up third quarter noel again for the lead.
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yes, noel 14 points in the season 22 minutes, sixers up four after three, but fourth quarter this is not sound good. going to 21-two run and the sixers out scored 39 in the fourth, lose, they lost 12 straight. benny logan believe he will be among the best players in the nfl at his position come next year, but lit be here? logan is a free agent. he's hoping the eagles resign him. carson wentz should be here a very long time. he's in the holiday spirit sending each offensive line man a penalized hunting shotgun as a christmas gift. if you think it's unusual and questioning the safety of giving out guns, the eagles players like it >> it's not an unusual gift. it's a gift. it's the thought that counts. appreciate it >> it's different but if you know carson, he's an
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outdoorsman. his passion is outdoors and he's sharing that with the guys and i personally george it >> the man want to get a shotgun, hey, he's a different breed. i'm not complaining. >> i'm lucky i got anything at all. >> leave it to lane for a little sense of humor. he'll also get a gun lock from cease fire pa, a gun violence prevention organization. still to come a former eagles quarterback weighing in on
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award winning start, carson wentz thrown more interceptions than touchdowns but doug pederson says he's playing the best of the season. what does jaworski think >> the quarterback position is a dependant position. you depend on other people to help you do your job e needs better weapons. the offensive lines when they're healthy is one of the best in the nfl. the eagles need to find explosive weapons to support carson wentz. that should be the number one priority in this off season. the future looks bright. ease been uneven in his rookie season, that's to be expected. you're still learning the game. all in all, i thought he had a
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spectacular season. penn state's trip to la went to disney, had a steak dinner. now getting ready for monday's rosebowl against ucs >> the first two nights was great. we got into our normal bowl prep week and practice we normally do. kind of explained to them when it's time to flip the switch and get kind of a more business type approach. the guys have been great >> should be a great one monday >> thank you. that's it for now. jimmy kimmel live next. jennifer lawrence and music. action news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30, for adam, jeff, jim, cecily, i'm monica malpass. make it a good night tonight.
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