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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 30, 2016 2:40am-4:00am EST

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gives you a little extra bite. >> no way. >> that's an essential one. it's a beautiful day at cunningham falls in maryland. grace and isiah are taking a picture in front of the beautiful waterfall. >> oh, he made that smooth move there. >> and pretty. proposing at the waterfall. >> it's the perfect setting. he drops to his knees, opens the box, and pops the big question. >> chicken or fish? >> no, will you marry me, silly. she starts nodding her head yes. swiftly reaches in and gives him a kiss. now they hug and hold on to each other. >> put the ring on, girlfriend. secure that deal. >> oh, oh, oh!
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>> she dropped it? >> you have got to be kidding me! >> yeah, this is "right this minute," right? >> no. >> hold on. that was her, right? she bobbles it. >> right into the water. that ring is gone. >> maybe we at "right this minute" need to put together a psa about not having proposals anywhere near water. we've seen people drop it into lakes, rivers, the ocean. >> maybe there's an emergency shut off for the waterfall and they can get the water to stop rushing while they look. >> if you know the river well enough, there are areas where everything gathers. obviously, there's a chance they'll find it. >> i love your optimism, but no, it's gone. >> how dumb do you feel if you're her right now? >> well, all is not lost. you'll be happy to know -- >> insurance? >> that was the band that fell down into the water and not the ring. >> oh, so she still has the main ring. >> all is not lost. they're getting married, and she
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still has the main portion of the ring. >> all right. whew, girl. thanks for hanging with us today. thanks for hanging with us today. catch us on the next episode of to $4 on lysol and buy any 5 lysol products for 100 bonus box tops. tonight is lady's night in las vegas. rhonda and amanda nunez square off in the ufc 207. rousy the better known of the pair, but nunez won, and she lost that title in a complete stunner last year when she was knocked out by holly hoemlmes.
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come saturday, college football bowl season finally gets serious. that is because it's time for what is basically the football final for no. 1 alabama seeking its second straight national title. the washington huskies are the first hurdle, rather, standing in the tides' way. that starts at 3:00 eastern saturday, followed by ohio state and clemson. the winner meets for the national championship monday, january 9th, espn. >> exciting stuff. after the big game awaiting the start of the new year, don't forget, turn on the tv to see one of the biggest parties in the whole country. >> ryan seacrest back again as host of dick clark's rockin eve here on abc. here's a preview. >> three, two, one! >> reporter: it's the 45th anniversary of america's biggest celebration of the year. dick clark's new year's rockin eve has the biggest habits of
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2016. >> it's almost easier to say you're not performing because there's such a long list of people performing this year. >> reporter: the party includes five and a half hours of penks performances and special reports. >> i remember growing up watching the show, and then to become a part of it for ten years now, and it's just -- it feels like i'm part of the family. >> reporter: fergie. >> to be performing on it and be part of the program and along with amazing artists that i'm a huge fan is is an honor. >> reporter: john legend and harmony scheduled to bring in the new year. >> performing, yeah, and you get to see it. >> reporter: right before the ball drops, ten-time winner, mariah carey. there's celebrations in every time zone, so as it turns 2017
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across the country, they will celebrate in that moment. dick clark's new year's rockin eve with ryan seacrest starts at 8:00 p.m. abc news, los angeles. >> brilliant idea. throw confetti. nice idea. >> hey, you should work at times square on january 1st. i hear there's a little confetti there. >> brilliant idea. viewers are expected here in 12 hours. >> we didn't think about that, did we? >> genius. >> all right. coming up, quite a year with many highs and lows. we're going to take a look at all of them. >> i don't know, you're the one who threw it there. "world news now" by peggy lee playing ] [ goat bleat ] [ crow caws, music continues ] this is gonna be awesome! when it comes to buying a house...
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scene of new york city in the overnight hours, it's not over yet, but 2016 is a year of newsworthy events from the campaign that seems to still be going right now. >> the campaign season, the season lasted forever. >> to the long running sports that did end. >> we learned now terms this year. >> oh, we did. >> like brexit and fake news. here now, let's take a look at 2016. ♪ >> the 45th president of the
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united states, president-elect donald j. trump has triumphed. >> i look very much forward to being your president. >> scalia passed away. >> reporter: a political battle brewing. >> this vacancy will not be filled this year. >> i plan to fulfilly responsibilities of finding a successor. >> discriminatory. >> toxic water crisis in clint. >> poison. >> waiting five months to warn the public. >> explosive spread of the zika virus. >> a child fell into a gorilla cage. >> they shot and killed the gorilla. >> reporter: nearly a million sold in the u.s., recalled. >> the smoke was unbearle, thick, black smoke. >> reporter: a deadly winter storm for the record books. >> d.c. and new york suffering
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nature's punch. >> reporter: the storm plaguing millions. a state of disaster in 30 counties from florida -- >> hurricane matthew is close to us here. >> reporter: to the kracarolina. >> flood waters came flooding through here. >> reporter: 3 million without a home. >> no clothes, no shoes. >> reporter: wildfires raging across the southeast. >> my house is on fire. >> if you are a person that prays, we could use your prayers. >> a deadly inferno. >> we have located and recovered 36 victims. >> a historic hand shake. >> a long time cuban leader, fidel castro has died. >> it is quiet here as the country is in a nine day mourning period, but outside of cuba, much different reaction. >> the people have spoken, and the answer is, we're out. >> reporter: the impact was instantaneous, screaming prime
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minister resigning. >> capturing the heart break and horror of civil war in syria. >> reporter: a routine morning was the scene of carnage. >> this is a nightmare. >> one in the metro station, thousands of people joining when a truck driver slammed the vehicle into crowds of people. >> blood and bodies everywhere. >> three attackers with guns and suicide bombs stormed the airport. >> people were shooting. i went back, and bombs went off. >> utter terror inside the orlando nightclub. >> it was hate. deadliest mass shooting in history. >> he was my only child. >> reporter: the shooter pledging allegiance to isis. deadly shooting outside a baton rouge convenience store. the traffic stop that turned deadly. >> you shot four bullets into him, sir. >> sparking sadness and outrage. >> reporter: the streets of
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charlotte on fire. >> chaos erupting. >> there's a sniper. >> reporter: watching over a black lives matter protest, four officers killed. >> officer down. >> reporter: deadly ambush in baton rouge. >> the officers were intentionally targeted and assassinated. >> scott kelly back on mother earth. >> spending 340 days aboard the space station. the treasury announcing harriet tubman to replace andrew jackson. >> 1.5 billion. >> i'm real grateful we got the big piece of the pie. >> what a year 2016, for some, a great year. >> those who won hundreds of millions of dollars had a wonderful year. >> and a great year for us if they share that with us as well. >> 2017 would be a great year. what a year. we always say this, but i think 2016 was like 1 the 968 all over
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usually, this is the time for insomniac theater, but this week, everyone needs a mood boost. >> yes. >> a texas man who always wondered who his mother was has found her. >> she had given him up for adoption decades ago when she was a teen. now the adoption laws don't make it easy for adopted children 20 find their natural parents, but they persevered. the hard work paid off this week. our cedar rapids, iowa affiliate has more. >> reporter: families surrounded sheryl as she waits for her son. everyone feeling a combination of excitement and anxiety. >> i never thought that i would
2:56 am
get to complete this circle in my life, and ever see him again. i did not know. it's been a true blessing, and it's been quiet the christmas gift. >> reporter: a gift of a new relationship with new family. cheryl gave sam up for adoption 39 years ago in hopes he'd have a better life. >> just a great childhood and awesome opportunities, and it's just, you know, everything's come full circle. >> reporter: sam spent five years finding her, but hit roadblocks. he says he's grateful he finally found her and thanked her for giving him life. >> it was an incredibly selfless act, you know, and that's something, you know, i told her before, it's the gift i life, nothing i can never repay. i'm incredibly blown away by that and grateful, and my parents are wonderful, amazing people. >> just confirms that i did do the right thing, and thank you for life instead of the
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alternative. >> reporter: now they are going to spend the next few days getting to know each other and making up for lost time before he heads back to texas. in cedar rapids, tv9 news. >> she was a little teary eyed, and i am realizing this is the last newscast in 2016. >> isn't it? it's reallying really been great being here with you all year. sorry. >> no problem. no problem, t.j. by the way, i've been working on the tossing skills. you knee more height. >> i worked on mine as well. okay, let's see. all right. happy new year, everybody. bring on 2017. >> oh, no. >> what could possibly go wrong? what could -- >> happy new year! >> fire away! 2017, 25th
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this morning on world news now, punishing russia for alleged hacking, and dozens expelled from the u.s. president-elect donald trump is reacting while some senators call for russia to pay an even higher price. and snow on the slopes of new england. the season's first major snowstorm dumped big amounts of powder in areas that had little a year ago. ski area operators and skiers, of coursings thrilled. your forecast ahead for celebrations coming up. the trial set for the officer tried for the murder of walter scott. michael's first trial ended in a hung jury, and now we know when he'll be back in court. many meltdown aboard a packed airline. everyone else gets the worst news possible. the plane forced to turn around and head back to where it all
3:01 am
started. details ahead on this friday, december 30th. from abc news, this is "world news knnow." good morning to all of you. we begin the half hour with president obama going after russia for siebcyber attacks fo influencing the election here in the u.s. >> new sanctions shut down two russian compounds and ordered dozens of russian diplomats to leave the country. russia responded by shutting down a school in moscow for american children and other foreigners. it is expected to announce more countermeasures later on today. president-elect donald trump also responding. abc tells us how. >> reporter: it's the most forceful u.s. response to a state sponsored cyber attack. the obama administration striking back at russia for trying to interfere in the u.s. election. >> the sanctions today were aggressive and they wer were bo and designed to send a message to russia this behavior is
3:02 am
unacceptable. >> reporter: president obama kicking out 35 russian intelligence operatives giving them and the families 72 hours to get out of the u.s. shutting down two russian compounds in maryland and new york. on russian soil, economic sanctions against moscow's two top intelligence agencies, and military officials, including the head of the intelligence unit, also, targeted, two criminalsmented by the fbi, one accused of stealing more than $100 million. not on the list? putin, whom the president called out weeks ago. >> not much happens in russia without putin. >> reporter: the kremlin promising to respond accusing the president for undermining a donald trump administration. he refuses to accept findings that russia hacked to help him. he said it's time to move on to bigger and better things and meets with the intelligence community next week for the update. president trump could reverse
3:03 am
the sanctions, but, quote, it would not make sense. they are waiting on the broad intention community review of russia hackings before inauguration day. abc news, washington. >> all right, thanks to kenneth, and some republican lawmakers say the punishment from president obama did not go far enough. senators john mccain and lindsey graham push for stronger sanctions. they said the measures are long overdue, but added it's a small price for russia to pay for what they referred to as a brazen attack on an american democracy. >> reporter: a cease fire in place in syria for now. the deal brokered by russia and turkey, and if it held, it's followed by peace talks next month. several previous cease fires collapsed, some within a matter of days. six years of fighting in syria left more than a quarter million people dead and triggered a crisis in europe. less than a quarter day left
3:04 am
until the new year, and this is party central saturday night for a million tourists and two new yorkers ringing in 2017. some unusual security measures are planned for the big night. abc's linzie janis reports from times square. >> happy new year! >> reporter: law enforcement announcing the unprecedented security for the year's biggest celebration at times square. 65 sanitation trucks filled with sand like the ones used for the thanksgiving day parade will be deployed for the first time at a new year's celebration. this in response to the berlin and nice truck attacks. the trucks setting up a perimeter from times square to central park, 7,000 extra police officers on duty across the city, from highly visible special ops units to rooftop surveillance teams. inside the command center, teams
3:05 am
monitor more than 10,000 video feeds and track millions of license plates. >> this is the center. anything that happens anywhere in new york city, coming in here and we'll be able to react to it. >> reporter: officials assure 2 million people are expected here in times square when the ball drops that they'll be well-protected. abc news, new york. >> linzie, thank you. the storm that dumped snow on new england is moving out to sea. >> so streets reduced on highway in maine after crashes like that one right there. of course, the snow is great for ski resorts, especially since schools are out for the holiday break. >> last year was just devastating to not just here, but skiers in the northeast and the economy in vermont. could we get 16, 20, 24, i don't know, you know. it just depends, but if it comes in as they are saying, we are going to be looking at really fresh conditions. >> there is more snow on the way
3:06 am
as we head into the long weekend as well. >> accuweather's paul williams has the latest. good morning. >> good morning, diane, kendis. a fresh set of cold and snow for the northwest covering oregon, idaho, going into montana. then we'll look for cold over the weekend, cold air overtaking the northwest and dipping the jet stream and cold air and blizzard conditions expected on the other side of the country. here in the northeast, blizzard conditions, darkest of blue, 12-18 inches of snow. major travel delays, increasing winds of 40-50 miles per hour wisconsin. also, we're likely to see snow showers in the great lakes region. off of lake michigan into southern portions of michigan, northern indiana as well. kendis, diane? >> paul, thank you. convicted south carolina church shooter roof on the other handed to undergo another mental evaluation to determine whether he's competent.
3:07 am
the judge ordered the exam out of caution. roof intends to represent himself during the penalty phase of the trial that starts tuesday. also in south carolina, march 1st set for the retrial of former police officer michael slager. his first trial ended in a hung jury. he faces a civil rights trial also in the spring. death toll of police officers at 135, hitting a five-year high. nearly half killed in the line of duty were shot to death. there was also another disturbing trend, 21 officers died in ambush-style attacks including eight officers killed in an attack in dallas and louisiana in july. that's the highest figures in two decades. according to the national law enforcement officers memorial fund who gathered the numbers. a baltimore judge denied bail to a man whose murder conviction was the subject of a popular podcast serial. he'll remain behind bars awaiting a new trial.
3:08 am
ayed convicted in 2000 of the murder of his high school girlfriend and sentenced to life in prison. a judge vacated that conviction this past june. >> such an interesting case and great podcast too. >> is it? >> highly recommend. tributes continue for debbie reynolds's sudden death. >> dying of an apparent stroke. todd fisher tells abc news the family is planning a dual funeral. hollywood boulevard there, lights dimmed last night in reynold's hop nnored. not too far away, this scene, fans created a makeshift memorial around her two stars on the hollywood walk of fame. >> tweeting a drawing of his mother mother and sister in the iconic roles from "star wars" and "singing in the rain," a beautiful love story.
3:09 am
i miss them both so much. love is ever lasting. to a dog in western michigan that is thanking local firefighters if the dog could speak. >> that's right. the dog is now safe and warm after being pulled from an icy lake. the whole thing unfolded wednesday. rescuers went 100 yards out into the lake covered in ice. they could see the dog struggling, but the dog couldn't seem to pull itself out of the water on its own. > >> normally if it was a deer, they would not go out there, but it was a family pet and risked their own safety to save the dog. >> the dog was still barking, but was still in the hole created from him falling through. over time, he started to become a little bit more lethargic, just due to the conditions in the water. >> rescuers managed to get the dog and bring him to shore.
3:10 am
t poor thing was in shock, serious health issues, but crossing fingers he'll recover. 14 years old. >> the firefighter who brought him in from there. as soon as he got to the shore, he was, like, she's reallying really heavy. >> oh. >> really struggled there. >> well, brave men, and a lot of people thankful for that one this morning. well, coming up, police keeping a close eye on a u-haul truck driven around phoenix. it was not moving day, and how it ended straight ahead. our own barry mitchell is in character dawning a disguise to tell us about the ledge tear family comedy act. >> find us on facebook at and twitter @abcwnn. >> why i oughta -- >> you're watching "world news now." why are you smacking me?
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nobody likes moving, but it was not moving day. instead, it was a wild police chase involving a u-haul truck in the phoenix area starting with a possible armed robbery. the vehicle then got on interstate 10 and continued to travel through phoenix making its way through paradise valley. it was really a slow speed chase there. timely, police shot the driver. it was all caught on tape. he's in stable condition, we're told. >> used the u-haul as a get away vehicle. police searching for two s
3:15 am
suspects, but they left without taking anything. 20 minutes later, they broke into a liquor store and stole $6,000 worth, and they robbed a moneygram inside a meat market. other frustrations, tempers run high among holiday travelers this time of year. >> two passengers on a flight caused so much disruption, the captain turned the flight around. the meltdown was caught on camera. alex perez has the story. >> reporter: epic meltdown on tape, causing a flight from minute to los angeles to turn around an hour into the flight. watch as one of the two passengers is tackled after appearing to hit someone in their seat. the officers scrambled to take them down. the fight reportedly erupting when khristine tried to use the bathroom right after takeoff and
3:16 am
the flight attendant told her to sit down. captain turning the plane around, back to minneapolis. >> we have the authority to call, they should be at the gate when you get there. >> reporter: she and her partner, adam, led off the plane in hand cuffs as other passengers cheered. the couple has been charged with disorderly conduct, and they could face up to 90 days in jail, and a $25,000 fine. abc news, chicago. >> holiday spirit is alive on that flight and all across the country. so, listen, the flight took off at 6:20 in the evening, busy with flights, sitting on the tarmac, they had to go to the bathroom. some flights take forever to put the fasten seat belt light off. i'm defending them a little bit. >> maybe a few cocktails before they got on the plane? >> exactly.
3:17 am
not just the airplane. >> they went wrong when they hit people. >> yeah. >> and then some. >> safe to say that. >> exactly. coming up in the next half hour, there's another disturbance. call it brawl of america. this one in a shopping mall in a week full of them. social media and what can malls do about the violence? >> first, the mannequin challenge. you thought it was over? not quite. it's gone to a new level. you're watching "world news now." "world news now"
3:18 am
♪ before they filmed the movie, the marks brother
3:19 am
performed comedy in theaters across the country. in fact, many of the movies were first stage shows. >> yeah. in fact, this new book -- >> it's a little thick. >> kind of tiny. chronicles early years. just imagine if it chronicled all their years. our friend, comedian, barry mitchell, talked to the author. >> you are getting a workout. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: introduce us to the mark brothers. >> fast talking. de facto leader of the group. never said a word on stage, dazzling people with piano playing, fake italian accent. just a straight man, moved on in 1934. >> reporter: robert, a marx brother fan and scholar. >> let me congratulate you. proud to be your son. >> my boy, i'm ashamed to be your father. >> reporter: robert spent a
3:20 am
decade retracing the brothers' stage career before they were movie stars. >> one classic form was an eight act variety show, and in every city across america, there was a vaudeville theater, and they traveled, appeared on the bills. travel was brutal and hotel accommodations terrible. they lived like that for years. >> we have all the marx brother fills. do we have any record what the act was like? >> they had a sketch, on stage 2,000 times, and they just, the cameras in 1931, and it's a great look at what it was like on stage. >> what do you think you are? >> hey, wait a minute, you know who this is? >> no. >> he sells frankfurters. >> it was a tough lifestyle, they went on stage so they didn't have to work in sweat shop. their mother worked in a sweat shop in new york when she came
3:21 am
to the country. they were just trying to get by, trying to make a living, and they built and created their act and created their career. >> is sweat shop up here, you hear the poor kids hammering away. >> might come sawing through the floor. ♪ hello ♪ i must be going ♪ i'm glad i came ♪ but just the same i must be going ♪ >> and the book is called -- >> four of the three musketeers." >> that's what he looks like on a normal day. there's the book. >> there's the book. >> 490 pages. >> outside, the book, inside of the dog, it's too dark to read.
3:22 am
>> we'll be here all night. >> too dark to read inside. too dark. toilet germs don't just stay in the toilet.
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♪ >> i've never heard that song before. >> i know every word. >> do you? that is sad. so red solo cup, which many, many, many a college parties are made up of -- >> first time. >> to the guy who invented it, passed away, 84 years old. 2016, an awful year. so a lot of people have been paying tribute to his invention. this one guy writes, rest in peace to a man who affected all of our lives greatly, robert, the inventer of the solo cup, unsung college hero. thank you for making my college
3:26 am
days nonmemorable. >> we're pouring one out for our homey. thought the mannequin challenge was over? now it might be. now it's a whole new level. check it out. astronauts in space doing the mannequin challenge. this came from the european space agency on boar the international space station. this is part of the a six month mission, and this is what they went there to do. the goal was to do the mannequin challenge. >> nasa dropping the mic. from art underground in new york city, the western swing of the club of cowtown. all the weather all the scores ♪ ♪ that's the world news people's exhibit olka ♪ ♪ the skinny is the world news polka ♪ ♪ it's late at night and you're wide awake not wearing pants ♪
3:27 am
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this morning on "worlds news now," taking no chances ahead of new year's eve celebrations nationwide, police departments on high alert getting set to welcome 2017. security ramping up coast to coast, especially in times square. the details ahead. also, president obama's taking unprecedented steps to punish russia for its alleged role in hacking democratic organizations before the elections. russian diplomats are going loam and facilities closed, but the russians vow to retaliate. hear from the base jumper surviving an incident on camera, speaking out for the first time since this accident. why some congratulations are in order for serena williams, making an announcement that caught everyone by surprise. see if you can goes what it is
3:31 am
on the skinny, friday, december 30th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> all the rich ones are taken. >> spoken for. >> all the good ones taken. good morning, everybody. starting here in new york city because we're gearing up for the big celebration that comes once a year as we say good-bye to 2016. >> so this is where the party starts saturday night. times square packed full of people bringing in the new year, and surrounded by what police call the ring of steel. heavy security to ensure 2017 gets off to a safe start. here's abc's marcy gonzalez with more. >> reporter: the cross roads of the world soon to be the center of security as millions pack in new york times square for the annual celebration. the confetti and ball in place, the nypd is ready to ring in 2017 with extra precautions
3:32 am
taken for this year's festivities. >> a lot you will see, and as per usual, a lot you will not see, and that's that combination that keeps us safe. >> reporter: 7,000 officers, including 550 sworn in just this week. they will blend in with the crowd looking for suspicions, and othering monitoring feeds from hundreds of cameras and others watch from rooftops and helicopters. >> everywhere you look around there's a lot of police force and soldiers. >> reporter: while there's no credible threat to the most i conic celebration in the world, a law enforcement bulletin cited concerns about loan wolves and violent extremists targeting the event. officials were mindful of the attacks in nice and berlin in developing this year's security plan including barriers made up of 65 dump trucks and 100 other large vehicles parked in and around times square. more than ever before. >> this will be a very
3:33 am
well-protected event, probably most protected event with multiple layers of security. >> reporter: among the layers of security is when people gather here in times square as early as 8:00 saturday morning, they cannot bring in large bags, and we're told every person is searched multiple times. abc news, new york. >> and marcy, hold on to the umbrella. >> exactly. >> should be raining around midnight at times square. new englanders have to be careful getting around after being hit by two feet of heavy, wet snow. it made for very slippery driving conditions in maine. >> great news for the ski resorts that had a dismal season last year. vermont said they received more snow this season than in all of last season. >> oh, wow. >> amazing. with more on the track of the storm, here's paul williams. >> good morning, kendis, diane. we have much needed rain covering the southwest, widespread scattered showers, cool, slippery travel throughout
3:34 am
i-5 along the west coast, but it's the northeast where that's the big story. blizzard conditions expected between 12-18 inches of snow everywhere you see the darkest of blue. looking for 6-12 along 91, and bangor down towards the boston area, but that's not the only concern. as we go into the weekend, we have a sneaky set of storms saturday. a high pressure system sneaks east, opening the door for moisture from the gulf coast and rain returns saturday in the deep south in the form of scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms. >> paul, thank you. millions of americans ring in the new year with a pay hike. 19 states including california, new york, and michigan are among the states with minimum wage increases taking effect saturday or sunday. massachusetts and washington state see the highest new minimum wages at $11 per hour. voters in arizona, maine, colorado, and washington approved increases in november. a new cease fire in syria
3:35 am
appears to be holding for now. officials say there was calm after the agreement went in effect midnight local time. the cease fire follows peace talks between the rebels and the syria government next month. nearly a quarter million people have died. slammed with u.s. sanctions for allegedly meddling in the u.s. election. it closed schools for american children in moscow coming at president obama kicked out 3,000 russian diplomats from the united states. mary bruce has more. >> reporter: it's the most forceful american response to a state sponsored cyber afak. the white house striking back against russia for interfering in the u.s. election. the president taking executive action to expel 35 russian intelligence operatives giving them and the families 72 hours to get out of the u.s. and shutting down two russian compounds used for intelligence gatherings. one a 45 acre estate in maryland, and this mansion on long island, a beach front manor
3:36 am
owned by an oil industry executive bought by the russians in the '60s. on russian soil, the u.s. slapped sanctions on moscow's two leading agencies and four top officials including the head of foreign intelligence. also targeted, two notorious cyber criminals wanted by the fbi, one accused of stealing over $100 million, notably absent from the list, the russian president. >> just be clear, do you believe vad mir putin himself authorized the hack? >> reporter: when pressed, president obama pointed a finger at the russian president. the white house says there's no question, russia interferes in the u.s. election and has been harassing u.s. diplomats abroad like this incident in july when
3:37 am
a russian police guard tackled a u.s. diplomat. the obama administration offered details how they pulled off the cyber assault and according to the report, two russian groups passed officials and dnc stealing tens of thousands of internal e-mails. the hackers tricked victims into handing over credentials by mimicking the e-mail systems. there's retaliation we don't know about, but no details on any covert cyber actions the u.s. may take to penetrate russia's system. >> one thing we can do is let them know, hey, we're here. what that does is sends a strong message, if you mess with us, we have the ability to turn on real actions against your critical infrastructures. >> reporter: russia is blasting these measures saying they are aggressive and unpredictable and vowing to respond, promising countermeasures will be announced today. measures they say will make american officials feel
3:38 am
uncomfortable. mary bruce, abc news, the white house. >> mary, thank you. now to a tragedy in a colorado ski resort. a woman visiting from texas fell to her death from a ski lift at the grandby ranch resort 90 miles from denver. the victim's two daughters, 9 and 12 fell, but survived. they were rushed to the hospital and both expected to recover. it's not clear what caused the accident. an odd twist in new england. the stolen items were recovered in a frozen ponds. these pictures are from maine. the local fire chief helped police recover mail that had been dumped over the side of a bridge all together. it was about three bags worth. two people are now under arrest. we want to get to our continuing coverage right now of eagle watch. 2016. >> a whole lot of action going on in the nest right now. >> so over the last couple days,
3:39 am
we've been watching the eagles in fort myers, take turns sitting on top of two eggs, they were to come between christmas and new year's, and we've been watching this riveting camera ever since then. >> that's right. harriet and m15, her husband, perhaps, are expecting two little eagles, but we have breaking news. >> oh, we do? >> completely intended. there are reports there may be a crack in at least one of the eggs. >> oh, wow. this is huge. >> so -- >> yeah. >> you can't actually see it. it doesn't necessarily mean it's hatching right now, but -- >> yeah. >> yeah. >> here's the deal. watched it for three days. we've also been watching one of
3:40 am
those hatchimals to see if that hatches first. my bet is on harriet and m 5 first. >> there's been reports that the hatchimals are not hatching as quickly for parents resulting in lots of crying. >> oh, wait. >> oh, both eagles are in the nest. this is huge. >> we have not had this happen. >> you can almost see the tail of one of the eagles. >> someone pressed on the web. we lost the camera. >> bye, good luck. >> finally something happens and they -- >> tripped over the computer cord, and just like that. >> all right. well, we'll check back in with that. in the meantime, we're sending over to t.j. holmes on what happened to his beloved arkansas ranch football team.
3:41 am
he must have been beaming when the hogs went to halftime with a lead over the virginia tech smokies in the belt bowl. >> however, in the second half, you can call it a comeback or a complete slaughter. the hokies came back for a 35 unanswered points, biggest comeback victory in 124-year history of the football program. >> so, you know, razorbacks made history. >> this is true. if you're going to go down, might as well give everybody a show and story. >> all right. well, coming up, more ugly incidence at the nation's shopping malls. now management companies take steps to make malls safer. plus, who made out best this past year when it comes to major music tours? well, we'll show you the details. it's all ranked ahead in the skinny. stick around. "world news now" weather
3:42 am
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check sunday's paper to save up to $4 on lysol and buy any 5 lysol products for 100 bonus box tops. for the first time this morning, hear from the arizona man whose jump went horribly wrong. images caught on camera as he jumps, smacks into the cliff, and plunges 100 feet to the ground. >> he is lucky to be alive. he says he still doesn't know what went wrong. >> it's hard to tell right now. i didn't do anything when jumping, anything for that to happen. >> he has already had surgery. he has to have another one, and then he's expected to spend some time in rehab. he fractured his ankle and shattered both heels, but he
3:46 am
says he plans to base jump again. >> always seems to be the case. christmas is a time of peace and good will, exempt if you visit a mall. >> and it's not even black friday, but shopping mall owners are actually now looking at how to protect shoppers and workers after chaos in several malls across the country. clayton sandell reports. >> reporter: more trouble in american shopping malls. sunrise, florida, a fight breaking out when a customer tries to get inside a closed shoe store. employees hold her back, but she throws a water bottle and someone in the store throws a punch. the incident recorded by andy slater. >> everyone in the crowd couldn't believe it either. this is a season where everybody's happy and full of joy, but it was anything but. >> reporter: florida's followed monday's rash of more fights in a dozen malls around the country, forcing evacuations from connecticut to illinois, ohio to colorado on one of the biggest shopping days of the
3:47 am
year. many of the troublemakers were teens police say may have been drawn to the malls by social media posts, prompting the shopping center industry this week to strategize on ways to improve security, including teens to be escorted by an adult over 21. as for the florida fight, police tell us they are not pressing any charges, but the store says they are still investigating. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> all right. when we come back, a surprising announcement from a tennis star. >> one of the hottest new movie stars signs up for a really long trip. the skinny's next. "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:48 am
3:49 am
time now for the last skinny of 2016. >> you got to play the drums for the last one. >> really? >> yeah. >> there's drums in the song? >> sure there is. >> what better way to announce your engagement than on reddit itself? >> where serena williams wrote a poem and her fiance says -- >> the two have been quietly dating since 2015, but they posted this photo. she's worth $150 million. he's worth a mere $4 million, and we say prenup. >> that's all? >> yeah.
3:50 am
appears ryan gosling goes from the city of stars to the stars itself. the actor playing neil arm strong in an upcoming feel from lalaland director. >> goslling made it official yesterday. the movie first man is based on the book of the same name and shoots next year. he says it focuses more on the moon landing than on armstrong's life. >> best known for being the runner-up. ryan reynolds, 2016 was a great year for concert tour, and the boss and beyonce led the way. they soaked up more than $268 million on the river. the boss sold 2.4 million tickets. >> behind him, beyonce grossed $256 million from the formation world tour.
3:51 am
she sold 2.2 million tickets including two our very own in chicago. cold play sold more than either of them, 2.7 million. >> wow. right after the super bowl performance. how could you not want to go listen to coldplay? ♪ >> or we can just have -- >> that was any coldplay imitation. >> there's baby news this morning. grey's anatomy star and her husband, chris, have a third child, a boy, eli christopher, and they have two daughters. >> they announced it on instagram, but did not say when the baby was born. the couple, you might remember, waited two months to talk about the second child, and the parents were seen hiking with the baby on wednesday.
3:52 am
grammy winner pink and her husband, by the way, had a son on christmas. >> congratulations. 2016 is going out the way it
3:53 am
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3:55 am
2016 is going out the way it began. we started the year with the death of david bowie, and now the tragic celebrity news this week. >> a busy week for news, and too much of it bad news. let's take a look at the friday rewind. >> i offer my sincere and everlasting condolences to the souls who lost lives here. >> 2400 americans taken, fathers, husbands, wives, and daughters, in heaven east rails for all eternity. >> if israel goes down the one-state path, they will never have true peace with the abe world. >> we do not need lectured on
3:56 am
the importance of peace by foreign leaders. israel's hand has been extended in peace to its neighbors from day one. >> loud noises, cracking throughout the evening. it got progressively greater, like, boom. >> there were so many cracks. the basement was shifting and moving. >> i love this white christmas. >> i don't know, waiting, all we can do, right? >> a language, people change, to late to try again? >> try again at 27. bloody hell. let alone at 45. ♪ >> help me, you're my only hope. >> i love you. >> i know. >> the famous moment where you say, i love you. >> i know. >> that's what he says. >> i know. >> what do you say to all little girls outs there who were
3:57 am
inspired by princess leia? >> she can do anything. she can do what she can do and do what she can't. >> she said she missed her daughter and wanted to see her again, and i don't think she really meant it quite like that, but within 30 minutes, she went to go see her again. >> 2016, too much sadness and ending it on that note, however, we are going to kick off 2017 with some fun stuff for you. >> yes. >> because -- >> sparing no expenses. it is the 25th anniversary of "world news now." we have our confetti all set, special guests a week from tonight. we'll have special drinks. >> special segments. >> special people. >> all of that. ll of that. >> important message
3:58 am
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making news in america this morning, russia is vowing a response today after president obama's new sanctions. this as some lawmakers call for stiffer penalties against russia for its alleged hacking around the election. we're live in washington with the latest. winter weather on both coasts. snow pounding new england, more than a foot and the northeast getting a fresh round of snow as welch what's on tap for the holiday weekend as we ring in the new year. a child kidnapped during a car theft is safe. see the emotional reunion with her mother. an urban avalanche. this in alaska's capital. a good friday morning. we begin with russia's swift reaction to


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