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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  December 30, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight, president-electmir putin.uote, "very smart." this, just one day after president obama sanctioned russia over those election hacks. diplomats expelled. two russian compounds being closed. putin refusing to retaliate. >> missing plane. the private jet vanishing without a trace over lake erie. two families onboard. the frantic search tonight. winter blast. up to two feet of snow. 100,000 customers without power. temperatures dropping. your new year's eve forecast on the way. abc news exclusive. todd fisher speaking out for the first time about the private final moments with sister carrie fisher and his mother debbie reynolds.
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the heartbreak, and his plans for a service honoring both. flight risk? surveillance video of this pilot staggering through security. allowed into the cockpit. passengers noticing something wrong, and what they did just before takeoff. good evening. it's great to have you with us on this final friday of the year. we begin with the exchange between donald trump and vladimir putin. mr. trump calling the russian leader very smart. putin surprising the white house, refusing to retaliate for the payback for the election-related hacks. putin saying he will wait for the president-elect to take office before making his next move. here's mary bruce. >> reporter: russian diplomats
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tonight are on the move, packing up and shipping out, after president obama shut down two russian compounds. and the clock is ticking for dozens of diplomats and their families. russia sending a plane to pick them up. >> they have to leave within hours. it's just not human. >> reporter: and as the parade of moving vans rolls out, president-elect trump is praising russian president putin for his restrained response. trump calling it "a great move. i always knew he was very smart." the russians had promised to retaliate. the foreign minister this morning calling for a tit for tat expulsion of u.s. diplomats from russia. but then, in stepped president putin, with a shocking 180. there will be no counterpunch. saying in a statement, "we will not create any problems for u.s. diplomats. we will not expel anyone." instead of an eviction, an invitation.
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putin welcoming "all children of the u.s. diplomats accredited in russia to the new year and christmas children's show at the kremlin." experts say putin may be playing the long game, hoping a president trump will be more receptive. >> that was staged. it was intended to show that mr. putin could be magnanimous, that he could be above it all, but again, the goal of that message was not the obama white house, it's the incoming administration and mr. trump. >> reporter: the president-elect, who has repeatedly questioned if russia was behind the hacking, says it's time for our country to move on to bigger and better things. >> i think we ought to get on with our lives. i think computers have complicated our lives very greatly. >> reporter: tonight, some members of congress blasting trump for praising putin. the top democrat on the house intelligence committee tweeting, "putin is smart. knows he can get much of what he wants from donald trump through little more than flattery. sad, and dangerous." our linzie janis was there as
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the punishment came down. >> cars were coming in and out of this property all morning before the u.s. government closed down these gates. neighbors say the russians who used this property were quiet and kept to themselves. >> reporter: inside those gates, this decadent mansion had become a hub for gathering secret intelligence. on the maryland shore, a similar lavish retreat, 45 prime acres with a swimming pool and tennis courts. these ornate rooms used for meetings and parties, and allegedly for spying. tonight, both properties now off-limits. >> and mary joins us live from the white house tonight. with the world watching his every move president-elect trump has tweeted again tonight? >> reporter: that's right. he sent out another tweet, this time criticizing some of the media coverage. still not answering the big remaining question will he undo the sanctions when he takes office in just three weeks?
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>> thank you. next tonight, the intense search for a missing plane in lake erie. they were flying from new york to ohio state university. here's alex perez with the latest. >> reporter: tonight, the desperate search in high winds for the plane with six on board, vanishing just after takeoff. >> it comes down to a will to survive. we're taking advantage of all the daylight at this particular time to try and locate any signs of life out there. >> reporter: abc news learning beverage company executive john fleming was piloting the plane. his wife and two children on board, along with two neighbors. >> i don't know right now. i'm in a state of shock. they were great neighbors, great friends. >> reporter: the cessna citation 525 taking off from cleveland at 10:50 p.m., heading for columbus, just 150 miles away. the weather at takeoff, snowing, with wind gusts up to 35 miles per hour. at 11:18 p.m., air traffic controllers alerting the coast
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guard they lost contact with the plane. searchers using night vision goggles, but waves of 12 to 15 feet hampering the search overnight. preventing first responders from using boats. fleming got his pilot's license less than two years ago. the water near the search area is about 50 feet deep, and cold, hovering around 37 degrees. tom? >> alex, thank you. now to the winter blast in the final hours of 2016. in buffalo, buried by lake effect snow. and in new york city the famous crystal ball hoisted above times square. tonight, it's the temperature that's dropping. here's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: tonight, new england digging out from a massive winter storm. high winds and powerful bands of snow, as the system rapidly intensified.
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more than two feet in parts of maine downing power lines. at one point as many as 100,000 homes and businesses left in the dark. >> we have no electricity. but we're digging out. >> reporter: parked cars looked like igloos, covered in snow. many vehicles on the road wound up sliding off in the icy conditions. in vermont, at least one man killed in a wreck. and a total whiteout at the top of new hampshire's mt. washington. in massachusetts, northampton superintendent richard parasiliti jr., trying to keep his plows ahead of the snow. >> it's been nonstop. it's been a little hectic here. >> reporter: so many braving the blast, all of this leading up to a busy holiday weekend where millions will take to the road. adrienne bankert, abc news, northampton, massachusetts. >> thank you. let's get right to rob marciano in times square, with the new year's eve forecast. >> it's been cold and windy all day long in times square. some snow showers streaming off the great lakes. as the crowds get going in
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anticipation of 2017. tomorrow another system come through, mostly in boston and new england with some showers. look for rain across atlanta and new orleans. and in times square, it will be a lot more busy tomorrow for sure. tom? >> thank you. and in denver a ski lift fall by a mother and her children. clayton sandell in colorado for us. >> reporter: at this ski resort in granby, colorado, the quickdraw ski lift was shut down after a deadly fall. >> ems station one, responding to ski granby ranch, for three patients that fell from the chair lift, approximately 25 feet. >> reporter: those three patients, 40-year old kelly huber, riding with and her 9 and 12-year-old daughters. all rushed to a hospital. kelly hu bhrks er did not
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survive. >> their chair hit the pole or hit the sign, and it ejected all three people off the lift. >> reporter: inspectors and police are not saying if the falls were caused by a mechanical issue or possible rider error. today the resort said it's "deeply saddened" by what happened, and that this lift will "remain closed until the inspection is complete." the ski industry says lifts are statistically very safe. 12 deaths in the last 40 years. but accidents do happen. just last week, this young boy's backpack caught in the chair lift. he dangled for six minutes until rescue workers pulled him to safety. earlier this year, an 11-year-old dangled from a chair lift with the safety bar up before he safely fell into a tarp. one daughter was treated and released the other is in stable
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condition tonight. tom? >> thank you. now to breaking developments in a murder case making headlines for decades. michael skakel his conviction reinstated. the case in and out of court for years. david wright on the newest twist. >> reporter: tonight, a cousin of the kennedy clan is a convicted murderer again. michael skakel, ethel kennedy's nephew, was convicted in 2002 of bludgeoning his greenwich, connecticut, neighbor martha moxley to death in 1975, when they were both 15 years old. but a lower court threw the conviction out on the grounds that skakel's trial lawyer botched his defense. robert kennedy jr. strongly supports his cousin. >> he had a terrible lawyer. he didn't get a fair trial and he's not guilty. >> reporter: but late today, a divided state supreme court disagreed, reinstating skakel's
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conviction. the vote, 4 -- 3 the 15-year-old moxley was struck repeatedly in the head with a golf club belonging to the skakel family. no forensic evidence tied michael skakel to the murder, but he made incriminating statements to prep school classmates. moxley's mother believed skakel was guilty. >> michael skakel got a fair trial. i really believe that. >> reporter: skakel was sentenced to 20 years to life and served more than a decade before his release. now, he's likely headed back to prison. david wright abc news new york. overseas now, and the mystery death of singer george michael. authorities revealing initial post mortem results are inconclusive. his manager says he died of apparent heart failure. and todd fisher speaking out for the first time on
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camera, stunned from the death of his mother debbie reynolds and sister carrie fisher. here's matt gutman. >> it's magical, the love story that went on for 60 years. i got to see 58 3/4 of it. >> reporter: they were close in life, and will be closer in memory. debbie reynolds' son todd fisher. in an exclusive interview, telling "20/20" the family is planning to hold a dual funeral service for the "singing in the rain" star, who died wednesday, and her daughter, who played the indomitable princess leia, who died just a day earlier. >> we're going to joint service for them, that's how she would have wanted. >> reporter: todd recounted his mother's final moments, just hours after carrie fisher's passing.
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>> she then said that she really wanted to be with carrie and within 15 minutes from that conversation she faded out, and within 30 minutes she was technically gone. >> reporter: that bond started with her children watching adoringly. this 1964 photograph of carrie mesmerized by her mother performing on stage in las vegas. >> we always were sitting on the wings watching my mother onstage, in awe. >> reporter: there were rough patches, but if anyone could handle carrie fisher's addictions and battle with bipolar disorder, it was her mother.
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tom? >> matt thank you. more of that interview tonight on a special "20/20" at 10:00 p.m. eastern, right here on abc. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this friday. this pilot makes it past security, and even gets to the cockpit. what happens when passengers notice something isn't right? and tonight, the search is on for this speeding driver. and astronauts frozen in space? no movement no sound. what's going on on the international space station? we'll tell you when we come back. it's a serious disease. my doctor said the risk is greater now that i'm over 50! yeah...ya-ha... just one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you
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>> reporter: tonight, authorities are examining this tape showing what appears to be an impaired pilot at security. after dumping his bag out, the pilot makes his way to the plane, packed with more than 150 passengers. one of them, recording this video out of concern, claiming the pilot slurred his speech during the overhead announcement. initially, the airline saying, "allegations the pilot was drunk while on duty have not been proven to be true." then later announcing "strict action" against the pilot. >> there were places along the line where this guy could have been stopped and held back. why did it take the passengers basically to mutiny on the airplane? >> reporter: in the u.s., one pilot is arrested every month for being over the legal alcohol limit. just this year, passengers saw multiple incidences of pilots allegedly attempting to fly drunk, including this american airlines pilot who was arrested on the tarmac in march. the pilot on that flight in
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indonesia was replaced before takeoff, and the plane landed safely in jakarta. tom? >> thank you. when we come back it's hard to watch, but everyone is okay. a fast and furious hit and run accident. tonight, the search is on for the driver. and, seacrest stuck? how the host made the best out of some drama on the way to "gma" today. healthy energy, all in one. strong muscles, all in one. highly digestible, and a taste he loves, all in one. purina one smartblend is expertly blended... with 100% nutrition, 0% fillers always real meat #1. lifelong smart nutrition. it's all in one. purina one. hey team, i know we're tight on time, but i really need a... ...sick day tomorrow. moms don't take sick days. moms take nyquil severe: the...
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back now with our "index." starting with a frightening hit and run. we want to warn you it is graphic. but everyone in the video is okay. three pedestrians, clipped by a speeding car. knocked to the ground as the driver keeps right on going. tonight, the lapd on the hunt for that driver. and how's this for a space oddity. six floating astronauts, having some fun on the international space station. the crew couldn't resist the mannequin challenge. pretty cool. next, the new year's rockin' eve, off to a bit of a rocky start for host ryan seacrest. >> help. we're supposed to be on "good morning america," but we can't get there. >> that's seacrest, stuck in an elevator in times square on his way to "gma." it was 40 minutes before firefighters were able to get him and the crew out. and when they did, he had this to say. >> happy new year. >> he did make it to "gma" eventually. when we come back why a new
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here's ron claiborne. >> reporter: they lined up outside in the cold for one final meal at the carnegie deli. can i ask how long you've been waiting in line? >> over two hours. >> reporter: the long wait for its fabled feasts, like this, an almost impossibly humongous corned beef sandwich on rye, that tips the scales at 20 bucks. can you speak? is it good? just nod if it is. >>it's so delicious. >> reporter: the carnegie deli isn't just a restaurant. it. it's a culinary, even cultural institution, uniquely and authentically new york. it's been featured in woody danny rose" and on television. but last fall, beleaguered by rising costs, its owner decided it's time to move on. >> it's very bittersweet. it's in my family for 40 years. >> reporter: so, tonight, its photo gallery of the famous and forgotten will come down, and a little piece of new york city, about the size of a pastrami on rye, will be gone forever.
6:56 pm
ron claiborne, abc news new york. >> our thanks to ron. and thank you for watching "world news tonight" this past year. it would not be possible without the incredible team behind the scenes. tonight, we salute them. i'm tom llamas. for david and all of us here, happy new year. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are a substitute teacher and stay-at-home dad from lake forest, california...
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an attorney from east northport, new york... and our returning champion a music teacher and singer from montclair, new jersey... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thanks, johnny. don't mind me, folks. i was standing backstage trying to come up with some good new year's resolutions for this weekend. uh, came up with a few but it doesn't matter. i don't keep them anyway


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