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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  January 1, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorologist melissa had gee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. sunday night, an american is among those injured in a terrorist attack in a nightclub in turkey. the eagles say so long to another season with a win over the cowboys. but the big story on "action news" is new years day
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tradition, here in the city of philadelphia. the mummers stepped off from city hall and made their way down broad street as they have every year, since 1901. "action news" reporter bob brooks was there. >> ♪ >> reporter: the spec to see nothing less then a great time at the mummers parade. that is exactly had happened to take. >> just all of the happiness. >> yes. >> the costumes. >> definitely. >> reporter: band. >> band, it is all great. >> reporter: had do you think of the costumes. >> pretty zachary. >> reporter: mixed with the good times and laughter is the new years brigade was strutting down broad on a mission, joey gorman suffers there a rare condition. >> a brain neurological disorder, brain structural abnormality and it is help your brain, just going into your spinal cavity. i have had two brain surgeries
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>> reporter: he is honored to have a brigade take up his battle in his cause today. >> i have been just trying to take it all in, that is just a family, is for, the mummers are family. >> reporter: great, and, comic s. >> i'm first ever world champion. >> they come in all shapes, sizes. >> happy new year. >> reporter: are you having fun? >> yeah. >> reporter: under one common goal, just have fun on new years. >> and at the mummers thinks what it is all about. you could not have had shore beautiful days then this, again, this is the mummers parade, and, anything like this and bob brooks, channel six "action news". and while philadelphia has the mummers, middletown delaware has has the hummers. annual you this years day parade how muches through town , aiming to poke fun at politicians and pop culture. anyone with a funny idea and costume is welcomed to join
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this parade. you this years day a great day for new beginning and eagles got the that memo to take. they ended their season with a win over the cowboys. jeff skversky here with the highlights from the game as they wrapped up the season. >> they dropped the ball in 2016, lot of mistakes after that three and zero start but they have reason to feel good going in the new year. eagles new years resolution, beat the dallas cowboys. ring in the new year with a positive outlook heading in to 2017. even though the eagles, will not be going to the playoffs. season final a begins dallas, carson wentz finished off cowboys and finishes with the most completionness nfl history by a rookie. final second of the second, zach ertz touchdown eagles tie it at ten. third quarter wentz back to ertz who had a season high 139 o touchdowns, and, a grab. the guess who gets their hand on the ball next, american league mvp and philadelphia mike trout. they win 27-13. ending on a two game losing streak. eagles even year seven to
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nothing. >> you know, our last in of the ease on has been definitely heading in the the right direction, and it is great to finish strong, two division opponents and get two wins this way, and, you know, kicking off the year the right way. >> for us, it is time to get over that hump. for a while we were struggling we didn't have the year the way we wanted to as far as win /loss category but to win with to two games, to win the last two games, i think it will give us confidence heading in to next season. >> a lot of confidence especially with that guy carson wentz. eagles believe they are extremely close to being a playoff team. we will have much more coming up in sports. >> here's to new beginning. >> absolutely. >> thanks, jeff. turning to accu weather now. if you are were at the game or parade you enjoyed today's really nice mild temperatures. but for some parts a wintry change could arrive tomorrow. meteorologist adam joseph is in for melissa magee and joins us with the first check of the accu weather forecast, hi there, adam. >> pretty spectacular way to start the new year. average high for today is 41
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degrees. we were 10 degrees above that heading to 51 degrees but shy for the record of 64, setback in 2005. it is clear right now, high pressure overhead but clouds are in the increase to the south and you can see here, some precipitation, light, showers, now working the southern west virginia, and off in the carolinas and virginia, and all of that is pushing off to the north, and temperatures will be dropping overnight, tonight, so as we head into monday morning, as you head to work or to school, we will see some light showers , pushing across the area, and as far northwestern suburbs it will be cold enough that we could see a little bit of the mix at the on set in the form of some light freezing rain starting at 6:00 t least eight or 9:00 o'clock in the morning. that is why the national weather service has issued a treeing rain advisory, in effect from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 h valley, berks county, lancaster not within it the right now but they are close enough that is a county i also
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want to watch, also, northern chester, montgomery, bucks county watch for a little bit of glaze. not a lot of ice we're tracking but just takes a lit built to cause some concerns for early tomorrow morning's rush hour, but again, not going to be a big rush hour given it the is a holiday for most of us. we will talk about a big change to rain for most of the daze going in to tuesday with warming temperatures, sarah in the full accu weather forecast >> all right, thank you. as you get your week started check with accu weather on six then find the hourly forecast and real time radar for right where you live. stay connected with our team of meteorologists, follow each on twitter and facebook, for updates. a 71 year-old army veteran was killed early this morning by a suspect drunk driver. it happened just before 2:00 o'clock at marvine street at chew avenue in the city's olney section. "action news" reporter jeanett e reyes is their life and joins with us the details, jeanette? >> reporter: well, police are
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describing this as a gruesome, accident, and it sound like it certainly was. this 71 year-old man was hit, by a speeding car, and we're told he was dragged, over a block, where he was found dead >> most of the neighbors will be devastated. he is a con man, he just goes back and forth to the store. >> reporter: along 12th street in olney neighbors only saw him walking to and from the bus stop, some knew him, all knew of him. marley evans was shocked when she heard her elderly neighbor of zero years was hit and killed by a car earlier this morning. >> i just saw him, you know, a day and a half ago. we just talked. we just spoke. he didn't say much. that was it, hi. >> reporter: police say around 1:40 in the morning the 71 year-old victim was in the crosswalk at chew avenue near 12th street, when he was struck by a speeding car, going eastbound. >> the impact must have been, to such an extent that the
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victim was on a -- was either thrown or dragged a block further ther eastbound down the street. it appears from the evidence that the scene, that there was some dragging of the victim. >> reporter: the 25 year-old male driver kept going, but came to a stop, two blocks down the the street when he crashed into a fence, not far from a playground. he was arrested and taken to the hospital with a broken leg >> the 71 year-old retired male, who has major trauma injuries at the that he died out here. >> reporter: neighbors say that the victim, whom police have not yet identified was one of the oldest residents in the neighborhood. a veteran, a husband, father, and neighbor who will be dearly missed. >> he was just a nice man in the neighborhood. when you see him you just know who he is. you might not know his name but you know him.
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>> reporter: and we did speak briefly with the man's son, off camera, and understandably he did not feel comfortable or ready to speak to the media. as far as the driver here police are saying this is a suspected drunk driver, he is being tested and these results of in the yet been released but thinks an ongoing investigation. reporting live in olney jeanet te reyes for channel six "action news". >> jeanette, thank you. security guard in a port richmond bar shot and killed a man when refuse entry to the establishment after hours. it all started just after 2:00 n on the 3500 block of richmond street. investigators say a man who was intoxicated started pounding on the door after he asked to use the bathroom. employees told him that the bar was closed. he became angry. he left but then returned to the bar with several friend. the they beat the bar security guard with the club, steering wheel lock and then stabbed him. guard managed to pull out his handgun and shoot the suspect in the back.
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suspect was pronounced dead at temple university hospital a short time later. the security guard is now in critical condition. six people were left homeless by an early morning house fire in delaware county. the fire broke out around 1:00 0 block of old forge road in midtown township. the blaze went to three alarms before fire fighters were able to get it under control. one fire fighter was treated at the scene for a minor burn or smoke inhalation. no word so far on a cause. new years eve fire caused heavy damage to a steak house in montgomery county. the fire started at sullivan steak house in king of prussia just after 11:00 last night. the flames apparently ignited in the event and spread to the roof n1 was injured. restaurant was shut down for the rest of the evening. several area family welcomed new babies at start of the new year, john and elizabeth, of warminster welcomed their son john joseph and abington hospital, guess after 4:30 this morning.
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dad was serving his best man in his brother's wedding and rush to the hospital to witness the birth. mom was a labor and delivery nurse at abington, so she was co-workers when she delivered the 7-pound, 2-ounce baby boy. little sawyer nelson may be area's first baby of 017. just 13 seconds after midnight at virtua voorhees. he weighed 8-pound. he joins chelsea and patrick, and very proud two-year old brother. it was a long, but happy night for this family from mullica, new jersey. there is much more to come on "action news" tonight, an epic clean up after a epic party. what it takes to clean up times square after new years eve. plus family flying out for new american girl doll, with a philadelphia connection. how the new doll made gabriela has rootness our area we will go live for more reaction to the eagles win, when "action news" continues.
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state department says one american citizen was injured during last night's attack on a nightclub this istanbul, turkey. this is new video showing the attack as it was happening. the death toll, now stand at the 39, and nearly two thirds of the victims were for even nationals, zero seven people were injured, and witnesses say gunman was dressed in a santa claus costume. he is still on the loose tonight. officials say he killed a police officer outside the club and then opened fire, inside. world news sunday will have latest on the manhunt for the gun man, coming up at 6:30 right here after "action news" new york city knows how to throw a new years eve party but now time for the big clean up. crews started the job just minutes after the confetti rained down on times square. 180 sanitation workers used blowers, street sweepers and garbage trucks to haul away 52 a
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, by tonight, the stages come down and times square should be back to normal. zero seventeen american girl doll of the year arrived in our area today in a big way families lined up outside american store in king of prussia to buy gabriel mcbride , she's a dancer, teaches poetry and works as a community activist right here in philadelphia gabriela's new owners were beaming happy to be among first to take her home. with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the number #1 prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. humira can lower your ability to fight infections,
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jeff's here with sports, talking about the eagles and the end of the year, end of the season. people, lot have people glad to have both behind them, some would say. >> look they ring in the new year with a win, their second straight, they go to the off season hopefully feeling good about themselves. eagles head home for final time and while they hissed
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playoffs in five of the six seasons it will return next season with hope, carson wentz was completed more passes then any other rookie, in nfl history. eagles shot themselves in the foot, all year but mike trout he is still diehard even though this team has been painful to watch at times, pick it up, against dallas, tony romo comes in his first game in more than a year, eagles fans boo and romo to terence williams. eagles down ten-three. then mark sanchez comes in for the cowboys. sanchez, well, not much luck. the starts with more completions, eagles linebacker jordan hicks then his own receivers. two to go in the half, jordan hicks with his second of the game. his second in as many drives. it lead to this. seven seconds left, carson wentz to zach ertz. eagles tie it the at ten. wentz set record for rookie completions. third quarter he is not done, to ertz, again, season high 139 yards receiving, two touchdowns, he hand the ball
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to mike trout, and to the eagles. they win their second straight 27-13 the final. they finish seven-nine for the second straight year. lets go live to jamie apody at the link. they dropped the ball in the playoffs but with wentz to build with, 2017 is hopefully a bright future. >> yeah, so close but yet so far, jeff. to a man eagles told me in the locker room after the game they feel like they were a lay short here and there in each of their losses that made big difference on this season. despite fact they are seven- nine. despite fact that they will miss out for playoffs on third straight season they feel like now they height be closer then ever. >> i think we're extremely close, extremely close to being a team that can compete each year for not only for nfc east but for post season. >> it is good for us as a team to understand this. we're a good football team. we lost a few close games and we killed ourselves in a few games. so, it was just, let's just
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get better. >> we're building something special. we believe that in that locker room. guys that will be here next year, saying it to all of the guys i saw, it is time to go. the it will be time to go. we will all come back. >> last couple weeks we have really i am loved, but between carson and myself. we are excited about the future. these last few games have been huge building that momentum in the next year. >> we will have much more on this eagles final game, of the 2016 season and how things look for 2017, tonight on "action news" sports sunday. ducis rodgers will be joined in studio by saul pal tone ohio to break it all down. one guy told me after the game that basically eagles are not in the playoffs because of him that is lane johnson who blamed the entire season on his ten game suspension. he told me he has a lot of anger and that anger will un leash a monster next year and maybe between lane's anger and wentz hunger, the fact that they won on new years day maybe 2017 is looking up, after all. live from lincoln financial field, jamie apody channel six
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"action news". >> lane taking some responsibility. cowboys lock up number one seed in the playoffs eagles could lock up ninth overall, one of the topics in the nfl craft which would be a great return, from the vikings for sam bradford. most importantly strike to lose to the bears today. sam bradford throws three touchdowns and free falling vikings win 38-ten finish eight-eight after that five- zero start. eagles will pick between 13 and one say we will see how that plays out and flyers coming up at 8:00, steve mason will be in net. >> thanks, jeff. forecast for your first week of 2017 is next here on "action news", adam joseph with your exclusive seven day forecast, when "action news" comes back.
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adam here with your accu weather forecast, so far 2017 is turning out receipt i nice. >> that is it. >> that is it. >> that is a wrap. >> not as nice around here tomorrow, or on tuesday, as we take a look, storm tracker six live double scan all quiet, after a beautiful day, mid 50 's for highs, in southern parts of the new jersey and that is running, well above normal for first day of january, in fact, taking a look at the mouth of january normal high from start to finish basically averages around 41 degrees, beginning to the end of the month. good thing we have going in january, sunrise, gets earlier , 7,231st day january the last take, 7:10. sunsets get later setting four will 46 today by end of the month we will gain up to 59:00 e
6:25 pm
6.5 inches of snow in philadelphia, this who. right now temperatures are crashing back in the upper 30 's for lancaster, allentown, millville. forty-seven in philadelphia. forty-one millville. wilmington. 25 degrees right now up in the poconos. high pressure brought that sunshine today. that high is now sliding into new england. what will to overnight is wedge cold air at the surface as clouds increase themselves along with precipitation, so that can spell a few, slick spots, early tomorrow morning, the closer you are toward the lehigh valley. the clouds will be on the increase late tonight, there will be pretauntories will starting to break out especially south of philadelphia, 27 in the lehigh valley. to 5 degrees for center city. looking at future tracker six at 6:30 in the morning, some of us are off from work and school while others go to work and school tomorrow morning. we just to have watch. see blue here. berks county, lehigh veil, northern bucks and montgomery county there could be freezing drizzle, first thing tomorrow
6:26 pm
morning while majority of the area it is going to be lane old rain from the start to the finish. by nine or nine will zero you can see treeingtories will lifts through poconos and plane old rain now for reading and allentown and on and off light showers for the morning tomorrow going in to the afternoon. as we look at hour by hour forecast for your monday, 37 at 8:00 o'clock in the morning and in the mid 40's through the afternoon, again with periods oftories will and rain with a northeasterly wind. it is a raw feeling tomorrow, dram seven, dreary,toriesly with the steady rain south and east of philadelphia. we will that have high of 44 degrees. that high pressure doesn't move that much, so secondly that comes through on tuesday round two also goes to the south, so another cool take with a northeast win, high may be near 50, mostly in the 40's , with more in the way of rain. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast 44 tomorrow , cool, dreary with tories will on and off all day, watch for patchy ice early in the morning north and
6:27 pm
west. steady rain coming in the afternoon tuesday, high of 50. wednesday, breezy as sun returns, warmest day of the week at 55. before a cold front sweeps through wednesday, evening, and it turns colder, and cloudy here on thursday, behind a temperature of 36. as we go in the end of next week and beginning and through next weekend no warm ups, stays below normal, highs only in the 30's but at this point toss than the look like any storm to follow the coal. >> we knew cold would be back at some on it. >> thanks, adam. abc world news sunday next here on channel six. don't miss "action news" at ten on phl17 tonight. right back here again on six abc at 11:00 o'clock. for adam joseph, melissa magee , jeff skversky, walter perez and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist. we will see you right back here at 11:00 o'clock. >> ♪
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tonight, on this first day of 2017, an urgent terror manhunt. a gunman opening fire in a popular nightclub packed with new year's revelers. the graphic moments caught on camera. more than three dozen killed in the massacre. now, the security warning for americans. a deadly mid-air collision. the fiery debris crashing down near a busy shopping center. witnesses running for cover. donald trump's new promise on russian hackers. the new information he says he'll reveal. and tonight, his advice to americans worried about cyber security. a pair of dangerous new year's day stunts. first, hollywood wakes up to a transformed landmark. then, an nfl game disrupted. protesters going to extremes. and, mariah's lipsync mishap.


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