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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  January 2, 2017 4:30pm-5:01pm EST

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without six starters on defense and had two healthy linebackers and some freshmen playing in the secondary. how would you describe the play of that unit? >> the team, the way they -- just how they went through the whole season. their bowl preparation, they were embarrassed a year ago when we played in the bowl game. this group of guys wasn't going to let it happen. we were down some people but the guys played their tails off. >> jerry: you had to endure a hurricane, a host of injuries, an incredible performance in baton rouge and win the s.e.c. east for the second year and then today a january bowl game, how would you define this team and group of seniors going out for you this year? >> this past two years, this group of guys and young guys that played to be part of two championship teams, you know, win a bowl game against one heck of a football team. i can't tell you how proud i am of our guys and you know, we're
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looking forward to next year already. >> jerry: i can hear in your voice how much it means to yo. e coach, congratulations, go hug your players and celebrate. >> thank you very much. >> mike: you could hear it in his voice too. don't forget. the rose bowl presented by northwestern mutual at 5:00 eastern on espn. for our entire crew who works so hard all year long, thank you so much guys and girls. for ed cunningham and dr. jerry punch this is mike patrick saying so long from tampa, florida.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. >> ♪ >> we feel for everybody here. i would love to come back when
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it's a little safer. it's a good country. >> showing compassion and resilience. a delaware man is headed home after surviving a terror attack aboard. jacob raak was injured on new year's eve. it is monday afternoon, i'm sharrie williams. >> and i'm brian taff. the big story is a deadly nightclub attack and the local man whose cell phone likely helped save his life. "action news" reporter bob brooks live today at philadelphia international airport awaiting raak's arrival today. bob. >> reporter: brian and sharrie jacob raak is coming home and he knows he almost didn't like so many victims that were killed in this attack. right where we are is the international arrivals hall. we're told jacob will be walking through those doors -- rather coming through those doors at any moment now or later tonight. we're hearing conflicting reports on that. this certainly isn't the way
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jacob raak intended to return home being pushed through the airport in istanbul on a gurney but at least he gets to go home and for that he's grateful. >> all i can say is massive tragedy. very unfortunate. raak is the lone american known to have been wounded in the upscale istanbul nightclub shooting that left 39 dead. he was helped onto a wheelchair and spoke to reporters. as, hear he's extremely shaken though he did speak briefly immediately after the shooting while being load need an ambulance. >> in my leg. crazy people shooting. i don't know. i saw one person. >> reporter: as of now authorities are still looking for the shooter. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack calling the shooter a soldier. the gunman walked into the club as a a new year's celebration was under way and opened fire. raak tell us reporters that he as well as many others played
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dead. raak also says he continued to play dead after he was shot. >> nine people. >> reporter: raak was struck in the hip. he says his cell phone blocked part of the bullet and redirected it into his knee. doctors tell him that likely saved his life. and he knows he's lucky. >> for me i wake up in the united states, i eat breakfast. you guys wake up haven't to think of this so, so sad. i really wish everybody here the best. >best. >> reporter: we are certainly glad jacob is coming home. the raak family says he is due back again at some point tonight but because his cell phone was destroyed by that bullet, they are having hard time communicating with him but that is the latest for now. reporting live at the philadelphia international airport, bob brooks channel6 "action news. brian. >> all right, we will await his arrival, bob. thank you. meanwhile police just released new images from surveillance video showing the suspect before the attack. the man is still on the loose
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this afternoon. he acknowledged escape from the night club during the chaos that ensued after he opened fire. authorities say they are close to identifying the man by using fingerprints that were found at the scene. other news today police in chester are investigating their first homicide of the new year. a man was found shot to death inside an suv at about 8 o'clock this morning. the vehicle was on howard street near 22nd. and several of the cars' windows as you see were shot out. police have not yet identified the victim but say he is in his late 20's or early 30's. not only was this the first homicide for the city but it's also the first for all of delaware county. >> a delaware county house went up in flames overnight leaving a family of seven without a place to stay. the action cam was on the 700 block of 14th avenue in prospect park as firefighters worked to get the situation under control. as you can see, there were flames coming out of the top floor. officials tell us the fire spread throughout the three story home. no one was injured but heat
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from the fire damaged the siding of the house next door. the red cross and salvation army are helping the victims. well, it ended on a high note with a win over dallas but reality is setting in for the eagles as they wrap up a third season without a playoff berth. reaction to what could have been, ducis. >> reporter: sharrie they under achieved and they know it. the bar wasn't set that high when the season began. a six and nine record is a disappointment here's the obligatory cleaning out the locker shot. teams try to delay it as long as possibility head coach doug pederson told us yesterday despite the record he still feels the birds are very close to contending for a deep playoff run. that may may or may not be true. what is certain reality is setting in. >> it's weird last night and this morning coming in like we're not going to be back here. that same team, that same
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locker room will never be the same and it's kind of a crappy feeling but it -- we're going to use that now. i know i'm going to personally use that. i never want to have that feeling again. >> it's tough because we know how good of a team we can be and we weren't able to pull off some of the games that we should have pulled out. we had the chance to pull out. but you know what, you got to take it for waits. you got to learn from it. >> reporter: the front office will now focus on tweaking the roster in the off season and through free agency and the draft. the draft incidentally will be held here in philadelphia at the end of april. brian. >> all right, ducis, thank you so much. meanwhile a different hometown football favorite penn state is getting ready to take its turn in the spotlight at the rose bowl today. the yearly pregame parade went off without a hitch earlier today amid increased security. the 128th annual parade had added police presence and special barricades to prevent a vehicle from plowing through spectators along the route. floats, marching bands and equestrian groups had the
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honor of walking thal five and a half mile route. perhaps the biggest of them, the biggest star of them, this was an all time record setting float featuring surfing dogs. it set the guinness world record for the longest and heaviest float weighing in at 74 tons and 126 feet long. cool stuff. >> i'm wondering how much practice went into that. >> a lot of practice i imagine. the rose bowl game kicks off little less than a half hour from now. you can watch the big 10 champ penn state take on usc on our sister network espn. coverage starts at 5 o'clock tonight. >> all right, still ahead on "action news," philadelphia's new beverage tax is causing sticker shock for some surprised customers. next, see how grocery stores are making sure people know what they're paying for. >> plus, it can be hard to find winter gloves that keep your hands warm while working well with your touch screen devices. let's take a look at some popular pairs in what's the deal today. >> and meteorologist cecily tynan is coming up with a full
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forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 continues next. >> ♪ at longhorn, tonight's special: turf and surf. flo's filet and lobster tail, our new crab cake filet, and our new renegade sirloin and lobster mac and cheese. you can't fake steak. longhorn steakhouse.
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>> ♪ >> well, we've known it was coming but philadelphia's new sweetened beverage tax is giving shoppers some sticker shock today. the tax took effect yesterday at the distribution level and as expected some companies are passing that added cost onto customers. "action news" reporter john rawlins live this afternoon in northeast philadelphia to explain and he's got some reaction. hi, john. >> reporter: hi there. well, explain as best i can. there really is some confusion out herely we checked with various stores today. one chain aldie so far has not shown any signs of passing on that tax. but we haven't been able to talk to anybody in their corporate offices about that. same with giant food they have not responded to various requests we've made but others are passing on at least much of the cost on many of the products. >> i don't see the tax anywhere. >> reporter: shoppers today checking receipts to gauge the impact of the new philadelphia
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sweetened beverage tax. different retailers have different policies. acme is adding the full cost to the tax, one and a half cents per ounce to the retail price so this 20-ounce soda that was $1.88 on saturday is now up 30 cents to $2.18. shop rite says in the interest of transparency it wants its customers to understand why prices are significantly up. it is taking a different approach. the primary shelf tags show the untaxed price but below them in yellow the full tax that will be added at the register and printed as a separate line item. chuck andrews picked up a $1.77-gallon of tea. he got home and looked at his receipt. >> i read the receipt i'm like wait a minute. i paid more in tax than i did for the product. >> reporter: the tax on the $1.77-gallon of tea $1.92. >> which is okay if you had told me. >> reporter: his point he would rather have the full cost the product and the tax inclusive posted on the main
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shelf tag. >> that's what my compliant is. this was noninclusive. >> reporter: inclusive or not others today saying they will shop outside of philadelphia rather than to pay the tax. >> now that you're telling me this i'll probably go buy my sodas and sweet drinks out of the city. >> reporter: we heard that a lot here. we're in the northeast portion of the city and bucks county with no taxes, just a short drive away from here. live in northeast philadelphia, john rawlins channel6 "action news." back to you guys. >> all right. it's definitely going to be an adjustment, john. thank you. let's get another check of the roads in our first check actually this afternoon on monday. >> yeah, it's an unusual day here for us. gina gannon is in for matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. light traffic day but no shortage of problems. >> absolutely. starting off with one on the vine street expressway. if you're making your way into center city philadelphia look what we have going on. this is an accident on the westbound side of the vine street expressway. as you approach 76 and you can
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see only one lane is getting by so just that left lane get buying. we have penndot on the scene, police. it's really a mess. take a look at the delay of the line behind it. typically it takes you two minutes. it's taking 12 minutes to travel on the westbound side of the vine between 95 and 76. the eastbound side getting heavy as well. delays are not bad. as you can see on the vine street expressway we do have that issue and that's why we're seeing the slowdown but 95 itself not bad if you're traveling on 76 that's not bad either but i want to draw your attention to the area of south philadelphia where we have an accident, 76 ramp to 26th street. that could definitely be a setback for if you. as you travel out into the area of pottstown watch out for another crash on 422 westbound right at sanatoga avenue. definitely a little problem spot there. brian i'll send it right back over to you. >> gina thank you so much. a new face in new castle county politics started 2017 by giving back to the community. executive elect matt mier
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treaded a suit indicate for an apron. he took time to speak with everyone there in attendance. >> still coming up meteorologist cecily tynan has that exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast.
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>> ♪ >> well, yesterday was beautiful. >> yes. >> today not so much. lousy out there. >> it's perfect though because you probable have to clean up after the holidays, take the decorations down. >> and then some. >> so, you stay inside, do that. >> i didn't even mind coming to work today. >> yeah, exactly. you don't want to be outside. >> true. >> storm tracker6 live double scan is showing that right now the steadiest rain is right along the coast, south jersey over the garden state parkway from cape may to seaside heights we have a light steady rain. this batch is moving out but let's go live on sky6, taking a look at the ben franklin bridge and this really kind of captures the moment of the day. it is gloomy out there. even if the radar isn't showing rain, we still have a
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lot of moisture in the air, still it's damp with some drizzle and that will continue through the evening and the wind chill right now shows you that not only is it damp out there, it's also pretty raw. temperatures in the low 40's but we've got that wind out of the northeast at about 10 miles an hour, so wind chills right now are in the 30's, so it's a great day to stay inside maybe by the fire. satellite6 along with action radar showing this batch again is moving out. however, tomorrow as the kids head back to school, as you head back to work, keep the umbrellas on hand. another batch is on the way. this has been bringing some severe weather with tornado watches across parts of louisiana. the severe weather will miss us but it looks like we have another half inch of rain on the way. tonight fog, 36 in the suburbs, 42 for center city. tomorrow morning 8 o'clock lots of clouds gloomy a few
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areas of drizzle but not a lot of activity. the steadiest rain focused right in the middle of the day around lunchtime. the rain is here and then by the evening commute, the steadiest rain lifting out and again, left with some areas of drizzle, again about a half inch of rain. wednesday we're in between systems. so, wednesday probably the nicest day of the week. 54 degrees, partly sunny with this low pressure deepening to the north winds will be increasing through the day. wind gusts about 35 miles per hour in the afternoon and then we've got an arctic boundary waiting in the wings. behind that arctic air moves in late in the week and that means temperatures actually by the weekend could struggle to hit the freezing mark. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, tomorrow more rain. again, most of it in the middle of the day. it will be dreary a high around 50 degrees. wednesday partly sunny windy in the afternoon 54 degrees and temperatures crash on thursday, cloudy and cold, 35 degrees. friday another shot of arctic air could bring us a few more snow showers, 34 degrees and
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look at this on the weekend, temperatures struggling to hit the freezing mark. saturday watching a potential storm to the south. if that cold air is strong enough, it would suppress it to the south. have to watch that, though. sunday only 31 and monday mostly sunny with a high of 33 degrees. a lot of people complaining that it's winter instead of the rain, we should be getting the snow. chance of snow showers on friday and again watching that storm system to the south for the weekend. if it stays to the south we don't get hit. if it rolls up the eastern seaboard we get snow. right now looks like it will stay to the south. >> okay. thank you cecily. >> what's the deal is coming up next. >> ♪
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>> all right. what's the deal this afternoon and we're going to help you with one of winter's bigger frustrations. having to take your gloves off just to use your cell phone. first world problems. abc's geo benitez takes a look at how to looks at a reliable pair that is touch screen friendly.
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typing in the cold can be a pain in more ways than one. >> annoying to have to take off the gloves every time. >> reporter: regular gloves don't work with touch screens and here's why. the fabric blocks the charge from your finger which activates your phone. nick guy of wire a web site that advises on best gadgets evaluated 12 pairs of touch screen gloves to find out how well they work. >> looking at all of these, they don't have those tips that we're so used to seeing. >> no, the technology has advanced. they actually sew in silver and copper thread that conduct electricity and allow you to use your touch screen as if you weren't wearing gloves. >> reporter: to test nick camped out in a temperature controlled brewery cooler a lot like this one keeping it consistently frosty just above freezing while he texted used apps and played games. now it's my turn with wire cutter's picks. all right, it's cold in here. >> it is cold. >> 37 degrees. >> reporter: first up, moshe
4:56 pm
digits. >> they were nice and warm but we were able to type well with the thumbs on them. >> reporter: how well can i type in a brewery cooler? well, no type pose. >> looks like you did pretty good. >> reporter: nick's advice get gloves with gripping material on the palm. see how well the phone stays in the glove. and get a tight fit. he says watch out for fluffs with extra material or seems on the tip. that reduces touch screen ability. geo benitez abc news, new york. >> turns out dirt and grime also prevent those gloves from working well so follow the manufacture err instructions when it comes to washing but beware. washing also wears down the thread. most touch screen gloves do lose their capabilities within one to two seasons so be aware of that. picking your next gloves. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00 for brian taff alicia vitarelli cecily tynan
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and doors. join me brian and adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for "action news" on phl. >> coming up next on "action news" at 5 o'clock the nittany lions are getting trod battle in the rose bowl. we're live from a penn state watch party coming up. also many people want to start the new year off right by taking control of their finances. to get some tips from the experts just ahead tonight. and the story for these twin boys will be one they'll tell for a lifetime. those stories and much more and another check of the accuweather forecast coming up next on "action news" at 5:00. >> ♪
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blinds for life. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> rainy conditions are making this first monday of the new year a real mess. but this is a day off for most people so they're making the best of it including stopping by popular spots in philadelphia like the rocky statue. it is monday night. happy new year. monica malpass is off, sharrie williams is joining us tonight and the big story on "action news" is the wet weather that's making a soggy start to
5:00 pm
the first week of 2017. >> and get ready for more. accuweather says the rain will continue tomorrow. let's look live outside sky6 hd giving us the view of the dreary scene just outside city hall. meteorologist cecily tynan is at the "action news" big board with the details. hi cecily. >> hi, sharrie and rick. keep the umbrellas on hand because there's more rain on the way. storm tracker6 live double scan showing the first batch and low pressure down to our south is moving to the east so this will be drawing a close as we head through the evening hours. it will just be damp and dreary. however, there's another low pressure that's actually bring something severe weather across the deep south. that will be moving in during the day tomorrow. so, overnight tonight, some drizzle, some areas of fog but future tracker showing the second batch of rain will be moving in by about mid morning. by 10 o'clock the steadiest rain south of philadelphia and this will be overspreading our region in time for the lunch hour so definitely going to be wet again tomorrow.


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