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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 3, 2017 3:15am-4:00am EST

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five-year-old daughter. >> the little girl was killed when a 22-year-old driver slammed into the family's car while allegedly using face time. >> reporter: apple is under fire after this fatal car crash in dallas. the family of five-year-old mariah is now suing the tech giant claiming the video chat face time caused the accident. the driver was allegedly using the apple app when he kreshcras into the car. he is now charged with manslaughter. >> apple knew better and did not do better. >> reporter: the attorneys claim apple had technology to lock out the ability of drivers to use the face time application on the apple iphone while driving a motorcycle but did not install it. and never warned users of the potential dangers. >> apple could have prevented the death of this five-year-old
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girl on christmas eve if this technology had been used. >> reporter: we reached out to apple for comment, but the company does not comment on pending litigation and has not filed a legal response to the lawsuit. >> i believe they'll take the position that to the extent anyone is responsible for the injuries caused by this lawsuit, it's the actual driver of the car and not their product. >> reporter: linsey davis, abc news, new york. the attorney for the driver released a statement saying in part, the family is confident after all the facts are brought out in court that it will be shown that the use of a cellular device did not contribute, and he did not commit a crime. it was simply an accident. >> a lot of people will be watching that case. coming up in the next half hour, the midair face off between an airline passenger and the crew that took an ugly turn. we have the video that forced
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the flight to divert to new zealand. >> first an escalating war of words between mariah carey and the producers of tick cladick c new year's eve. what really we by peggy lee playing ] [ goat bleat ] [ crow caws, music continues ] this is gonna be awesome! when it comes to buying a house... trulia knows the house is only half of it. and with 34 map overlays like playgrounds, demographics, schools, and more... you can find the right house and the right neighborhood for you. trulia. the house is only half of it.
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♪ well, emotions were definitely running high on new year's eve as mariah carey seemed to have a melt down in front of millions of people on live television in new york's time square. >> this morning we hear the latest version of who dropped the ball in times square. here's juju chang. >> reporter: she said she couldn't hear her tracks because of a faulty ear piece.
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roger love, focal coach to stars like salena gomez says when performing live, jimmy kimmel from big audiences often overpower the music. >> it is completely common for artists to have backing tracks. they have these things called inear monitors. they're like mini headsets. she not only could not hear herself but couldn't hear the music. >> reporter: he points to her repeatedly trying to communicate to her engineers. >> she already is bringing her hand to her ear signaling that she is having some issue. >> reporter: i'm trying to be a good sport here. for a brief moment she appeared to be back on track. but things got even more cringe worthy when she started singing we belong together. >> it was like watching a queen fall on her face. >> reporter: the shaken song stress ending her six minute
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performance leaving the stage quickly. hours after the performance she responded on twitter saying with a shrug, in a sense, stuff happens, and here's to making more headlines in 2017. >> it's more memorable this way. if mariah carey came out and delivered a flawless performance and then the ball dropped, i don't think we would all remember this. >> reporter: tonight, the finger pointing continues. mariah's manager accusing show producers of hanging her out to dry saying they acknowledged they knew her inner ears were not working. they did not cut to a commercial. they left her out there to get ratings. >> reporter: dick clark productions saying an initial investigation shows. the special aired on abc television which had no comment on the matter. it seemed as though she has trouble hearing earlier in the evening. >> she didn't handle it gracefully. she handled it like mariah.
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she is mariah carey. the rules don't apply. she lives on a different planet. it's a diva powered planet. >> reporter: capping a big year for mariah carey. her summer tour was the subject of her new e reality series where we see her as a working single mom. >> it's very demanding schedule. but no matter what, i need to spend time with my kids. >> reporter: there was the drama of her split from her billionaire fiance, bill packer, but this spring she's scheduled to go on tour and despite her new year's eve debacle, our experts suggest the pop diva doesn't have much to worry about. >> all fallout will lead to her singing live on her next performance and killing it, and everybody realizing that her voice is just as good now as it was 20 years ago. >> reporter: juju chang, abc news, new york. absolutely.
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with megared advanced 4in1. you know, there are some of us when we eat mcdonald's fries, we feel as if it's a whole food item. >> i don't eat fast food. >> whatever. and here's proof that mcdonald's is one step closer to god. there's a new mcdonald's that's just opened up 100 yards from the vatican. it's called a mcvatican. this is the layout. you can see how close it is to the vatican. >> is it really called the mcvatican? >> that's what they dubbed it. apparently, guess who is landlord is? the pope and the catholic church. and there are some cardinals who live right above this. not everybody has been happy about this. they weren't necessarily consulted that mcdonald's was moving into the building.
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there have been some protests, but i think they'll be won over by the smell of the fries. >> and the size of the rent check. >> and there's that. about $31,000 a month. >> that tends to be per swative. >> and a crocodile in australia got a little more than he bargained for when he tried to sunbathe in someone's backyard. they managed to contain this giant crock, not with guns or forks but with garbage bins and hay bails. they kept him there until wildlife experts were able to get there and relocate him. i wonder how they got everyone to work together. guys, i got an idea. >> this is sure to work. that thing would have been -- i would have let that thing keep roaming. and in south korea they have
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the answer on how to tame a crocodile. this is a company that unveiled the world's first manned bipedal robot. it's 13 feet tall. weighs more than a ton. it shakes the ground, apparently, as it walks. >> how terrifies would it be to see that thing walking toward you? >> you can actually walk under that thing. >> i have a sports story i really want to get to. we have time. my favorite play in all of sports is a fake field goal. i may have found one that rivals it. this is louisville against duke. obviously in basketball, so here's what the players on offense run to the wrong end of the floor. thinking they were
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this morning on "world news now" the search for a killer is underway as new video surfaces of the suspected gunmen firing outside a turkish nightclub. we'll have the new details on how he may have gotten away. >> extreme weather across the south has taken the lives of four in alabama as suspected tornadoes ripped their way through the region. we'll have the latest on where the massive system heads today. >> and a woman struck by lightning. the whole thing caught on camera. >> you can see the flash of light before the beach goer collapses and is rushed to the hospital. and the parade of more than two dozen women who tried to win
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the heart of nike viale on the season premier of "the bachelor". we'll tell you who he sent home based on a lack of instant chemistry. it's tuesday, january 3rd. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> it had to be the dolphin. >> we'll have to talk to our bachelor analyst. he's been standing by and looking forward to this date. >> jack, you ready? >> ready as i'll ever be. >> he is. we're going to start this half hour on a serious note. authorities in turkey are zeroing in on a killer in a new year's massacre. >> no name, but they're close to identifying him. here's a look at the nightclub now. a far cry from the chaos on sunday as 39 people were killed and dozens more wounded. >> a string of raids all across the city and 12 arrests overnight.
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alex was right there. >> reporter: new images of the man being hunted by turkish security forces. the chilling video of the suspected terrorist who hasn't been publicly identified. walking through a central square in istanbul, at one point smirking. he's believed to be the one who started firing in a nightclub on new year's. he then raced inside and over the next seven minutes coldly murdered at least 39 people. in this image he appears to be taking off his jacket. sources telling us they believe he changed in order to help in his escape. he's later seen wearing lighter clothing. then they suspect he limped in order to blend in. from the club appearing to take a taxi under half a mile away. he walks away slowly. in his wake, a massacre. dozens were wounded including an american jake raak who said he pretended to be dead. he left instant bull.
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>> it's a massive tragedy. this is very unfortunate. >> reporter: we met an 18-year-old who was at the club with six of his friends. he told us there was chaos as constant gunshots rang out. people stampeding, crushing each other. many jumping into the waters next to the club. isis has now claimed responsibility for the attack saying it was their soldier that carried it out because of turkey's military actions against the group in syria as well as the fact that this club was hosting what they called christians celebrating their holiday. the sad irony is almost all of those killed here were muslims. alex, thank you. there are new details in another isis attack. a suicide bombing in baghdad that killed dozens. they detonated a pickup truck
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at a market packed with day laborers. the bomber pretended to be someone looking to hire the workers. back in this country donald trump is weighing in on chicago's staggering murder rate, the worst in two decades after the city ended the year with 762 homicides trump tweeted if the mayor can't combat the violence, he must ask for federal help. he's referring to president obama's former chief of staff. and house republicans voted to gut the house of congressional ethics. the independent ethics office was created in 2008 to investigate allegations of misconduct by lawmakers. it now falls under the house ethics committee run by lawmakers the full house is expected to vote on the change today when the new congress gets sworn in. and travelers arriving from overseas were greeted by long
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lines at u.s. airports because of a customs computer outage. it could not have come as a worse time with so many passengers returning home from vacation. airports across the country were affected. agents instead used alternative procedures to screen those entering the u.s. it took much longer than you usual. they had access to the national security base. so that was maintained. officials say don't they believe it was malicious. computers are online after being offline for four hours. severe storms are tearing across the south. they are being blamed for four deaths in alabama. here in louisiana no one was inside this camper when it was flipped over. possibly by a tornado. no deaths or injuries were reported in louisiana or mississippi. >> the storm system is moving east bringing the potential for more damage as well as misery. >> let's get more from paul.
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>> good morning. those same tornados and severe storms now shifting and beginning to ravage the carolina coast. we're looking for gusty thunderstorms into portions of georgia but beginning to lean north and possibly targeting central portions of virginia. we're looking for another round of strong winds between 50070 miles per hour and toward the north more cold weather sinking from the north to the south. thank you. while we were watching the ball drop and trying to figure out what was happening with mariah carey's career, burglars are yieg $6 million of jewelry a few blocks away. the three men are seen at a high end jewelry store here possibly hiding in the stairwell in the building until a minute after midnight. but once inside the hard work was done.
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the safes were all open. quite a heist there. a man allegedly stole a flatbed tow truck and got more than he suspected. it came with a police car. police spotted the stolen truck and gave chase. but one of their cruisers became hooked on the truck. the police car with the officer inside was dragged across the state line into new york. the suspect faces charges in two states now. and police in buffalo are facing some intense questioning after using a controversial method to subdue a suspect. the cops say the man was wielding a butcher knife and threatening officers with deadly force. it was caught on video. linsey davis has more. >> reporter: an investigation is underway after this video was posted on facebook live of a police officer intentionally plowing into a man with his suv. at first the suv reverses then accelerates forward. the man tries to run away but is rammed by the suv. it happened in buffalo, new york on saturday afternoon. sheila woodard shot the video on her cell phone.
3:38 am
>> i thought they were going to either taze him or tackle him. >> reporter: an attorney says there was another officer whose life was being threatened by the suspect who was wielding a 12-inch butcher knife. >> the officer perceived a risk, and it was unorthodox, but it worked. there's always other options, but buffalo at least as of when this happened does not carry tasers. >> reporter: police say the man had suicidal tendencies. they have not identified any of the men involved. the police officer is on the job. the man hit is said to have suffered an ankle injury. now to iowa and a high school kid who lost his wallet and has now been reunited with it four years later. >> four years later. here's the wallet. it belongs to alex fernandez. he lost it as a freshman in high
3:39 am
school on a bus. >> a mechanic found it while he was fixing heaters on the bus. he turned it in and because his old i.d. cards were in there, he eventually got the wallet back. his $7 was still inside as well. >> put those to good use now. >> we learned the school buses are thoroughly cleaned every day. >> and they check the heating once every four years even in iowa. $7 could get you a lot of pbrs in college now. coming up, the midair meltdown caught on video. how one guy's confrontation between a lone passenger and a flight attendant quickly escalated and why it forced a united airlines flight to divert to new zealand. >> and see who nick sent packing. we have a full report from our
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plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation... ...without the need for fillers. with olay, you age less. so you can be ageless. olay ageless. a frightening moment on a beach in brazil. a 25-year-old woman was struck by lightning. you have to look at it carefully. she was taken to the hospital and listed in critical condition. it happened so quickly. >> scary. >> and a midair multidown erupted inside the cabin oh a flight from australia to san
3:44 am
francisco. >> the flight was forced to divert to new zealand after a heated confrontation between a passenger and flight attendant. >> reporter: another passenger accused of causing a flight to reroute. this time a united flight from sydney bound for san francisco. >> [ bleep ]. >> do you want me to call -- >> do you know how cool it would be to have the plane turn around? do you know to do that? you do that. >> reporter: the plane diverting on new year's day. the man taken into police custody. a passenger shot the video. >> the two male flight attendants came over to try to de-escalate it. he called them terrible homophobic slurs. >> this is the second time in a few days a passenger is forced off a flight. this video appears to show one passenger hitting another. a couple from minnesota arrested
3:45 am
and taken off that delta flight. >> reporter: and as for that united flight, more than 250 passengers had to wait 24 hours for a new flight. united tells us the call to divert is ultimately the captain's decision. gio benitez, abc, new york. >> when we come back, who went home on the premier of the bachelor. >> why some insiders think the drake j-lo romance is a sham. the skinny is coming up next. >> "world news now"
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♪ ♪ you're so excited. >> bachelor time. >> it is the much anticipated beginning of season 21. what say you bachelor analyst? >> well, we know who's our man, let's put it that way. nick viall. i have the rose here. i'll set it down. our man nick viall has been on tv before, you could say. he has already failed at love with andy, kaitlyn and jen on bachelor in paradise, in the event anyone watched that one over the summer. nick says he fears having his heart broken again but he's in this thing for real, and he's ready to go.
3:48 am
and they are off and running. so speaking of off and running, the women arrive at the mansion. there were 30 of them. it doesn't matter at this point, really, what their names are in particular, at least not the mass of them. there were plenty of red dresses involved. there were two danielles. there were two jasmines. there was a josephine. napoleon didn't make the scene, but there was a josephine there was some woman named alexis in a shark suit. >> it was a dolphin. >> it was a shark suit. she thought it was funny. it ran through the whole episode. it was so stupid. we can't wait to get her out of here. anyway, the women a note, a couple, carynn from miami. she stole the first kiss with nick there. i think you could say she was quite aggressive in her approach. but she says she's there for nick.
3:49 am
we'll see what happens. got a long way to go. if the previews are anything, carynn is going to be around for a while. and then there's liz. it's fair to say liz and nick have a history together. they know each other. they were at a wedding, drank a little too much booze, wound up spending the night. woops. >> she was curious to see whether he would remember. she didn't get much of a reaction. >> nick claimed that he remembered her, and then he was a little off put, let's say, by their conversation. that sort of got weird. ironically enough, liz got the last rose. so that was a shock. anyway, some note keeping here. rachel an attorney from dallas, got the first impression rose. that's always important on the show. we won't even name the people who got roses. those who were ousted olivia, angela, lauren, brianna, ida
3:50 am
marie, susana. jasmine b and michelle eight of them gone already. there was no kiss count. there were only two. we'll hope to see improvement on that. next week the analyst pick for who will come away as the lucky winner on this season of the bachelor is danielle m. but danielle m arrived with the maple syrup. she's a nurse. very wholesome and understated. and if the previews are anything, she's going to be around for a while. analyst out. >> thank you, analyst. we've written it down. >> thank you, sir. >> all right. thank you. he didn't mention anything about j-lo and drake. there are a lot of people doubting that right now. over the romance, it's been budding as you know between jennifer lopez and drake. >> but there are now doubters out there.
3:51 am
this is after a new video clip leaked of two of them getting groovy on the dance floor at a winter wonderland themed prom party for the holidays. >> that looks like love, but according to those people at page 6, an anonymous music insider alleges this romance is really just a coldly calculated ruse to market their upcoming record featuring their yet to be released duet. >> and neither of them have actually confirmed the status of their relationship. they just keep posting these sort of suggestive pictures and videos. >> but here's the ultimate, and i do tell you this in all truth. the ultimate truth in why their romance is for real. her first album was called "on the six". boom. and drake is from the six. from 20 years ago. her first album was on the six.
3:52 am
>> it's like the simpsons. like she knew it was going to happen. >> fate. your brain, and your joints really love them too? introducing megared advanced 4in1... just one softgel delivers the omega-3 power of two regular fish oil pills... so give your body mega support with megared advanced 4in1.
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start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. ♪ i like this one. >> yeah. >> professional athletes are getting a new leg up on treating a variety of injuries and conditions. >> they're embracing leg backs. it's a sort of compression device many fitness buffs wear that are giving them a new edge in their game. >> reporter: it's time to improve the circulation in my walking sticks. >> reporter: sure, it makes for a good sitcom comedy, but those leg bags are called normatech, and they're no joke in the world of professional sports. it's been a game changer for
3:56 am
athletes. marco head training coach for the lakers regularly uses the pulse compression device on all players. >> i would not travel without it. it gets the lactic acid out of the body and makes them feel more refreshed. >> reporter: athletes swear by it. but it's not only for the elite. at the unbreakable gym in west hollywood, there's a lounge equipped with the devices for all members to use. >> i don't want you leaving our gym feeling in more pain. i want you walking out here feeling great. >> reporter: you tell me if i used this after my leg day, i wouldn't walk around like this? >> you won't feel not just an immediate impact but an impact later that night. >> reporter: naturally, i gave it a try. >> it's going to work its way up. >> reporter: you feel the pressure at your feet, and now you can feel more pressure moving up. the company says the pulse recovery system is designed to help with circulation, reduce
3:57 am
inflammation and increase blood flow to your muscles. the sleeves cause compression and then pulses and releases. the pulsing is unique to the company but there are plenty of other leg compressors around. >> when i didn't have these it took an hour to warm up. now it's 15 minutes. it changed my life. i'm kind of old. these help for old people. >> reporter: abc news, los angeles. i think i need a pair of those. >> can you use them and just skip the workout? >> that would be amazing. >> i took on a new year's challenge 2017 of everything. by the end of the month try to do several exercises of everything. day one and i'm already sore. >> how many do you have to do a day?
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making new in america this tuesday morning -- breaking overnight, deadly storm lashing the south. we'll tell you where it's all heading right now. allegation breaking, major delays at airports from coast to coast. bags are piling up after a computer outage. crime of opportunity. a $6 million jewelry theft. the brazen heist, only a few blocks from times square, as the focus was on new year's eve. and a superhero sibling. see the 2-year-old who move addresser off his twin after it fell on him. >> wow. our future superhero right there indeed. we'll get to that a little bit


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