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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  January 5, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news this noon. a former radnor township
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commissioner goes to court on disturbing charges. and a man is struck by a stray bullet outside of a local home. and the cold temperatures are taking over and snow is moving in. the windchills are back and the first flakes are expected to arrive tonight and that could leave us with slick roads during the morning commute. meteorologist, david murphy, is here to tell us what to expect. >> on the big board we have stormtracker 6 live double scan lined up for you and right now most of the area is dry we had a couple of light snow showers down by cape may most of it off the coast. you may have seen quick flurries or snow shower activity down there. that is pretty much drying up but out to the west you see cell after cell after cell of snow heading to the east and a couple of light snow showers here and there and the bulk holding off until this evening and could be here by the end of the rush hour so it's on its way. outside a couple of break away
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cells, by 6:00 or 6:30 we are not looking at a lot of snow, maybe light snow pushing in west of philadelphia. that is chester county and back toward lancaster county. as we push forward to 8:30 there say chance that part of the region is seeing snow showers and as we push later into the night 10:00, 11:00. obviously adam joseph and cecily tynan will have a lot to show you tonight on channel 17 and here at 11:00. it looks like it will knock off early. and we are still below freezing at philadelphia 31 degrees and 30 in allentown and millville. and if you have plans to get stuff done bundle up feeling like 22 in philadelphia and same to the north. we'll be above freezing for a lyle while. high of 33 and temperatures go back below freezing and snow
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that falls overnight and tomorrow could make roads slippery, it looks like it cuts off quickly tomorrow probably before dawn. i'll show you that part of the story coming up guys. meanwhile, road crews are heading out to get the highways ready before the snow arrives. penndot trucks are fanned out across the region and covered i-95 at woodhaven and 180 trucks working across the state. the philadelphia streets department is getting its salt trucks ready and heading out on city road at 7:00 tonight. delaware is expected to get hit by the winter weather, gray hall joins us live from newport with del/dot's plans. >> reporter: hi sara and rick, this is one location where workers come to collect the salt to put on the roads. winter is here and snow is soon
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to follow and the workers tell me hey they are ready. del/dot workers are hard at work getting ready for the anticipated snowfall. workers are busy spreading salt across the state and are ready for what old man winter brings their way. >> we'll battle the storm that is coming. >> trucks are spraying roads with a salt and water mixture to delay any accumulation of snow and ice and making sure the trucks are serviced and ready to handle the job. >> continue to brine today and we want to get everything treated before the later activities that are coming in. we are kind of in the middle of trying to figure out when our staff will either stay over from the end of close of business or call them back in. the goal, of course, is to keep the roads as clear as possible. del/dot will continue to monitor roads and treat them as long as
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the weather remains a threat. del/dot staff says that their truck operator safety is a top priority. >> we make sure that everyone gets enough rest for the a.m. rush hour, so we are fully staffed by that rush hour to make sure everything is safe for all the motorists. >> so once against, the workers are out today treating the roads and making sure they are as safe as possible. they want drivers to be mindful of the roads and be cautious. >> we have you covered for tomorrow morning's commute and the "action news" morning team will be a half hour early beginning at 4:00 a.m. to bring you the latest weather and traffic conditions. >> a former elected official on the main line waived his preliminary hearing on charges that he fondled a 103-year-old woman with dementia.
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william spingler is accused of touching the woman on three different occasions. he is charged with indecent assault on a person that has a mental disability. his case now heads to the county level and is currently free on bail. a stray bullet went flying to a local home and struck a man on the front porch. they believe that the bullet came from a nearby park in the kensington section of philadelphia. annie mccormick is live with the latest on the victim's condition. >> reporter: and rick, according to police that 47-year-old victim is in critical condition at temple university hospital. police believe is an innocent bystander. just before 9:00 last night in kensington in indiana gun fire erupts in a park, they believe that the bullet struck a man in the head. >> this person may not have been the intended target because the
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front porch is about 200 feet south of where we found all the spent shell casings. the viction tim was standing on his sister-in-law's porch. >> according to the tamly they heard gunshots and immediately ducked down and they focused their attention in the park where they found dozens of shell casings from two different weapons. they believe that the gun fire strayed and hit the victim. >> reporter: and police brought several people down to east detectives last night and are working to find surveillance video and witnesses if the area, at this point they do believe that there are at least offenders they are looking for and they are working to identify them. working live outside of police headquarters, annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." >> this morning america's top intelligence official reiterated a report that the russian
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government interfered in the presidential election. james clapper was one of several officials that appeared before the senate armed services commission today. he was confident that the russia meddled in the election, when pressed for a suggestion he said that the u.s. should proceed carefully. >> we need to be prepared for adversary retaliation that may not be as surgical due to the adversary's skill and the difficulty in calibrating a threat and impact of cyber tools. that is why using cyber to counter cyber attacks risks unintended consequences. >> president obama received a report on the interference today and president-elect trump will be briefed tomorrow. an unclassified version is due out next weeks that will spell out a motive behind foreign meddling in the election. meantime two weeks away from
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election day and president-elect donald trump is asking democrats and republicans to reach across the aisle and design a new health cache plan. he has been a sharp critic of the affordable health care act. they began the fight over replacing the law and this morning trump took to twitter urging both sides to quote, get together and find a compromise. >> still to come, experts are changing their advice on preventing peanut allergies in children and what parents are now told to do. and a man takes his love for model trains to a new level in his new jersey basement. and adam joseph has more details on the snow on the way when "action news" continues.
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a drexel university student is going trial for allegedly flying a drone too close to a police helicopter. and joseph roselli was in court for the incident today. police say he flew his drone into restricted air space in
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center city. "action news" reporter katherine scott will have that part of the story coming up later at 12:30. charges are expected against four people who chicago police say beat a man and then broadcast the assault live on facebook. in the video police say that a group of 18-year-old teenagers held a man that suffered from mental health hostage and repeatedly hit the victim and appears to be restrained with duct tape over his mouth and then after 24 hours the teens let him go and describe them as two men and two women that went to school with the victim. federal investigators say that it could be days before they know exactly why a commuter train crashed in new york city. the long island railroad train crashed into a platform in brooklyn during the morning rush and 100 people were treated for minor injuries. the coast guard says there
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are no reports of pollution as a result of an oil platform burning off the coast of louisiana. four people were evacuated and rescued by a supply vessel and no reports of any injuries into a pregnant woman and her husband went to a car dealership for an oil change and left with a newborn baby. they were at a nissan dealer in the pittsburgh suburbs. sherman was using the restroom when realized she was suddenly in labor. >> i was getting ready to come out and decided that -- something wasn't right. so i sat back down and that is when i discovered that i was having a baby and so i delivered her myself -- >> sherman had help from another customer that happened to be a registered nurse and a 911
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dispatcher walked them through what to do after the delivery and the family is now back home and grateful for everybody's help. good they get the oil cha e chang changed? >> a new device for moms that could help with breast pumping. and find out why this bike is made for exercise and education. anyone with type 2 diabetes knows how it feels to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around?
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turning to health check this noon, experts did an about face by preventing peanut allergies in children and they were told to avoid peanuts until the able of 3 and now the national institute of health say that babies should be given foods by 6 months of age and doctors believe the new approach could prevent thousands of peanut allergies and babies with a severe skin rash should visit a doctor before any peanut exposure. a tech -- introduced the willow at the consumer electric tropics convention in las vegas. it's decrete because it fits in
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a woman's bra and pumps quietly and dish washer safe. it will cost $430 when it goes on sale this spring. and fisher-price is selling a new exercise bike for children. the think and learn cycle is designed with a tablet holder so children can use apps while peddling and they are focused on imagine, and science and social studies and the price for all of this exercise and education is $150. >> that is a great idea. one of the biggest bonuses of retirement is the luxury of time to pursue your passions. in today's art of aging report we meet a man that took his hobby to a new level. >> john and others gather in his new jersey basement to recreate the romance of model trains.
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for the 79-year-old the love affair started when he was a little boy growing up near a train line. >> as most model rail liners, we started with a train set under the christmas tree and it took off. >> this is a model from the 1950s. >> this is three different railroads and multiple trains operate egg over the railroad at different time zbrz they need another set of hands and ears to stay on schedule. and yes they run and a schedule. they come from different backgrounded but they all love the challenge involved in running the railroad. >> watch the railroad grow over the years and it's fun watching and he does most of the scenery but we helped with other aspects and maintain the beast as well. >> when we run the trains the like a chess board. there has to be coordination. >> tamala edwards, channel 6 "action news." >> that is pretty amazing.
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>> it is. the "action news" team is out working on news stories for tonight beginning at 4:00. alicia vitarelli is in the newsroom with a preview. >> reporter: speaking of retirement it's one of our topics, millions of americans put money into a 401(k) a popular option and hope that one day it will lead to living a comfortable life if their elder years but today at 4:00 we have a warning about hidden fees to watch for. and letters written by britain's late princess diana are being sold at auction and you he described his young son at the time, prince harry. take us with you on the go, watch our newscast screaming live on your smart phone or tablet. we'll check accuweather and snow on the way. >> snow really oh boy.
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you haven't even heard my catchphrase. i'm all done with this guy. box him up. that's terrible. time now for a check of the accuweather forecast, a little bit of snow on the way. >> a little bit on the way.
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already a couple of light snow showers here and there. >> rick has the chains on his car already. >> i got the rock salt. and a little shovel. >> little snowballs. >> exactly. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan shows you we are mainly dry and a couple of light snow showers really just real quick hitters that didn't do anything on the ground. it came through chester earlier and most of that first blip is off the coast. as we take a look outside we are looking at sunshine breaking through the clouds up at spring mountain and montgomery county and folks are on the slopes and at least the crews are getting stuff ready there, and can't tell if those are actual skiers or not. certainly cold enough to do some skis and hopefully not slipping and sliding on the roads. 31 degrees currently and still below freezing and winds from the west at 10 miles per hour. gusting as high as 20 as times
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and giving you windchills in the 20s this afternoon. do be careful bundle up and wear the appropriate gear if headed out. 30 in reading and 32 the freezing mark in wilmington and 30 in trenton and 34 in cape may. everyone is dealing with windchills and breezes in the 20s. a little batch of snow kind of missing us to the south right now. the bulk of it is farther out to the west and we expect a few pop-up snow showers this afternoon and the main body of snow coming in later tonight. for the afternoon in the lehigh valley and sun giving way to clouds and brisk and cold and 32 for the high there. down the shore we have given up most of the sun but the clouds are going to get thicker, brisk and cold and 36 is the high feeling like the 20s and morning sunshine quickly giving way to afternoon sun now. and brisk and cold and 39 in philadelphia this afternoon and
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winds as i mentioned getting gusty at times up to 20 and that keeps the windchills in the 20s in all likelihood. and tonight into the overnight hours, snow arrives and could make for slippery roads into early tomorrow morning and 28 is the overnight low and wind withes are on the breezy side and in terms of the arrival of the snow, a blip here and there is possible through the afternoon, for the evening commute in general with we expect it to stay dry but quickly after that, there is a chance that parts of the region start to pick up the region' first snow showers, on the latest version of future tracker 6 this could affect parts of the region before then, i would say any time after 7:00. as we go up to 11:00 it begins to be more widespread across the region and adam joseph and cecily tynan have something to show you by 11:00 on radar and it looks however it comes in faster it leaves quickly at 4:00 a.m. and it should be done.
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what are we expecting on the ground, a coating to an inch up north and bumping up the i-95 corridor 2 or 3 or so. and 35 is today's high and building overnight and wrapping up real fast on friday morning. in the afternoon cold and 34 degrees, for the weekend brisk conditions on saturday. another coastal storm wants to miss us off the coast so we'll go for a cloudy day and staying drive. sunday givening us windchills in the teens and then the temperatures rise on tuesday afternoon. >> thank you. we'll get another update the next half hour. more ahead on "action news" at 12:30. the force is with walt disney how the new star wars film helped to catapult the studio to a new record.
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hello again here are the stories we are following for you at 12:30. we are keeping an eye on a system bringing snow to the delaware valley in a few hours. and a smokey blaze on top of a building and a student appears
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in court for flying a drone. and we are tracking the first snowfall of 2017, we could start seeing flakes in the matter of hours. penndot was laying down a layer of brine before the sfoe and chopper 6 hd was over i-95 in the northeast as crews were preparing the highways there. it's not credited a major snow event it could have an impact on tomorrow's morning commute. david murphy joins us outside with the details from accuweather. >> we have a break in the clouds right now and some sunshine of philadelphia but the clouds will get thicker, take a look at stormtracker 6 live double scan mainly dry out by gettysburg a little little snow shower pushing towards the east we had that in chester county and south jersey. but the main body of snow is still farther out to the west. with those thicker clouds and will probably


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