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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 5, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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it's january 5th. time for new viral videos "right this minute." rescuers spot a man trapped in a truck full of firework. >> and they start to explode mid rescue. >> the dicey operation to save a driver's life. >> what do you do? that look really bad. a guy gets a gift from his stepdaughter. >> that is straight up pure love. >> how a photo collage had them crying tears of joy. showing off new cars and finding animals new homes may sound like an odd combination, but when you watch these videos, it's perfect. the inventive campaign that's a win-win for drivers and dogs. >> we've got the best on the web being broken down, including a
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model in search of great picks in the snow. >> best part of why this journey is dangerous. >> why she may want to change that two piece for a four-wheel drive. >> rescuers in china had no idea what they were in for when they arrive to the scene of this accident. >> whoa! >> that truck is turned over. >> it's full of fireworks. >> it was transporting fireworks and they start to explode mid rescue. >> oh, what do you do? >> stand back and watch the show? >> yeah, right. >> make sure the driver is safe. >> you see them rushing into the driver because he was stuck. but it's a dangerous situation because of the exploding fireworks all around them. >> it's like rescuing someone in the middle of a war zone with all the bombs and whistles and pops going off. >> it looks like they took the proper precautions. they take the driver and took him to the hospital. you notice the video switches and it's now nighttime. those fireworks exploded for five hours after they rescued the driver.
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>> that's longer than most fireworks shows. >> impressive. this next video opens up with something that sounds like a war zone. >> or someone making a lot of popcorn. >> or a house in a village that's storing a lot of fireworks illegally. >> it looks like that place got bombed. >> there's a whole lot of smoke and you notice the fireworks is just ripping through the house. >> you can't be subtle about it. you have a huge stash of illegal firework. no, no, no, we're fine. >> it continues to go and the family who owns the house and responsible for those fireworks can't do anything but stand outside and watch. >> and maybe call their attorney? >> they are going to need an attorney because fireworks are illegal in this village and in certain places around china. reports are they may receive a fine but t they also could recee jail time. >> they will need someplace to
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live. that's a big shark. that big shark came ashore because these teams were fishing and that's what they caught on the lines, but simon who shot this video says he was really impressed with these teams because once they pulled that shark ashore, they got to quick work getting the hook out of its mouth. >> is that a great white? >> no, it is not a great white. it's a bronze whaler. >> look, everybody. nobody is taking a selfie with it. >> my thoughts exactly. they were responsible with the way they handled the shark. >> even though a selfie was taken, it was more like an after thought. after they got the hook out of its mouth, they started to move it back into the water. they went and got a picture with it, and then they eventually got it far enough into the water where it could swim away and live another day. >> see, maybe there is hope for the future. >> that's what he would say, when he was a kid, he used to
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have to catch them and use them to make his shoes. these kids, nowadays, he was impressed they caught the shark, remained calm and were able to push it back into the water. >> you can use fish to make shoes? >> simon had shark shoes? >> shark skin. >> you call them fish-flops. >> i say well-done, . well-done. when it comes to get gifts for dad, most of times, socks, every now and then you get hand made gifts from your children. alexis here is bringnging a gif to her stepdad, jeff, right there. there's a big collage right there. there's a little booklet. inside, she's written a little poem. >> times the say i can't get you anything, i don't have any money. you don't need money. just use this. >> right. your little heart just breaks. looking at all the pages oh, that's an old one, old one.
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there's a lot of memories in that collage as well. jeff has been her stepdad for six years. her biological father died when she was five. i may not have your eyes and your smile, but right from the start, you had my heart. >> aw! >> to have this family, how lucky are we, would you be my dad and adopt me? >> yes, yes. >> let's go. >> give me the pen. >> grab the jacket and your shoes. going downtown. >> look at me. he looks right at her. >> really. he looks like the only gift he would ever want. >> oh. >> there's about 30-something seconds of just this completely connected to each other. the dog even tries to get involved at some point. i love these videos. i love them. they never get old. it's wonderful. a family being creative. >> i love you. we generally all believe
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that the punishment should fit the crime, right? let's go over to china, this kid right here is being grabbed by this shopkeeper had been shoplifting, watch as he takes the kid and throws him against one of the displays here. he's pointing at the kid. grabs the young boy again. a woman in the store, another customer, gets involved, tries to control the man, but as the boy starts to exit the store, watch what he does. oh. >> jeez louise, man. >> the shopkeeper straight up kicks him. obviously creating an uproar on the internet. >> there should be consequences for shoplifting, but those aren't the consequences. he could have called the kids parents, get them to work around the store. >> people on the internet are so outraged and they also agree that this man needs to face some charges. >> it's disappointing to see because you can imagine the shop owner is just very frustrated because of losing merchandise but also because he probably doesn't want to see the young
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kids in his neighborhood doing this kind of thing but he went about it the whole wrong way. >> yeah. he had a lesson he could teach. >> a lesson to be learned for sure and i think this guy, in this video from turkey, is going to learn his quite well. the guy on the mall -- balcony right here dressed in those dark colors tried to steal from the flat in which an old couple lived in, pensioners. he thought they were asleep, realized, oh, snap. he decided, oh, i'm going to climb back down but became stuck. >> too scared to climb back down. >> i think he was scared, yeah, and there was no easy way for him to get back down, so he was spotted by the pensioners but also by some neighbors who called authorities who are now waiting for him. >> we could do this the easy way or the hard way. >> or you can get a lecture from the couple upstairs. >> he was eventually apprehended by authorities and cord the end of the video you see that they have taken him and he's probably
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going to be in quite a bit of trouble. >> it's time for a couple to find out their baby's gender. >> this is part of a deal they struck. >> why a game of paint ball is the perfect solution. and little deegen is headed toward the biggest ramp on the run. but see how he takes it like a champ. >> yes! ♪ meet collide. clyde just found his new forever home and now he needs a place to sleep. the right kind of food to eat and uh-oh, puppy training pads.
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>> closed captioning provided by -- ring™ mouthwash with fluoride. it restores minerals to enamel for 40% stronger teeth. act®. smile strong. >> he's preparing to be shot by a paint ball gun by his lady. >> 3, 2, 1. >> she wanted to find out the gender of their baby now. he wanted to wait. >> this is his punishment? >> it was his idea to do this. he's wearing a white shirt which will obviously show the color of the paint ball. >> 3, 2, 1! >> whoa!
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>> oh, oh, ah! go, go, go. >> how many kids coming? >> we think one girl. she did kind of let loose. congratulations to you both. it's still cold outside i was considering mentioning to my mrs., maybe we should try some snow and skiing and i saw these three videos and changed my minds. everything is nice and calm. insert degan. he has adventure in his blood. he comes in with that little jump right there between the gates. that's just deegan's warm up. he sees the ramp on the run. he hits the ramp. jumps up, gets there and just
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vanishes. dad skis around to see his son. he's all over the floor. skis everywhere. dad goes right up to him and deegan's response is amazing. >> i cleared it! >> yeah. that was sick. >> are you okay? >> next up. it may be the worst skiing fail i've ever seen. >> my hip hurts. >> watch it again. going tor a tail tap. unfortunately, he caught most of his skis when doing it. it's the description of the video that is my favorite. just tap, they said. it will be fun, they said. we show an example of human beings ignoring warning signs
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since forever. especially this one says "you can die! "this guy goes straight through because there's 17 inches of fresh powder out there. the problem with powder though is that it's 17 inches high. it could hide all kinds of things. bang, you see out of nowhere, just comes to a sudden stop. only when you see it in slow motion do you really understand what happened. a ski just, bang, stops, and jerks because there was, basically, yes, a stump or a bit of tree hidden by all that snow. he bangs right into it. how did it all end? not well. did he die? no. fortunately not. they warned him, though. >> yes, but a fractured ankle for sure. in that case, you can see the ski patrol loads him on and takes him back down. he's fortunate enough that he didn't die, but there you go, the warning sinuses are there for -- signs are there for a reason. >> there are hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of unwanted animals left alone in shelters. there are millions of cars left
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alone on car lots. let's put them together. >> yea! >> i would have called this dogs and cars getting coffee, but they are calling it taking dogs for a ride. this puts together by our friend over at wpbi in philadelphia for raft -- ratifierty subaru. first trick is mosby. >> he loves to play and run. he would do very well with -- in a home with kids. >> essentially what they are doing is putting together sort of fun video that is showing you there's lots of room in that subaru and at the same time showing dogs that need a forever home. lovely. >> exactly. you get to see the car in action. you get to see the pups. they get a day out. >> fletcher, it's all about you today. we're going tyke you on a little
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adventure. are you ready? oh, yeah, you are ready. >> super excited. he takes this guy down. >> give me some love, please. kiss, kiss, kiss. >> fletcher would be best in a home with somebody who is going to exercise him. somebody who has another dog. >> finally daisy. daisy gets a day out. >> she's one-year-old. she is rescued from a high risk home in the south. she needs older children. she definitely has a lot of energy. >> it's a sweet idea and seems to work really well. >> if you like to adopt daisy, contact providence forever home. >> it was a little crazy. that was a close call. next, "right this minute." ♪ and still to come, he's been quarantined for five days with the mumps. >> you can imagine he's going absolutely crazy. >> if i get bothered of sitting
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dry mouth can effect and how you feel.feels discover act® dry mouth. specially formulated to soothe and moisturize your mouth. act® dry mouth. breaking free from dandruff great... max strength selsun blue® targets the source- wiping out flakes and itch. selsun blue®. freedom from dandruff. you've got a very delicate and precarious and dangerous demolition project. the guy in one of those little bobcats with a jackhammer spike
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on the front. that bobcat is on top of the structure it's trying to weaken. >> carefully looking at the video, i think they might be geniuses. >> you've got it figured out. have you spotted all the mechanics here? >> no, but i'm interested. >> they got a crane off camera here. that crane is rigged up to the bobcat. the crane operator was so keen, as soon as he saw that flooring start to break away, you can see he raises it up. >> look at the driver. when he saw it, yea! >> the quarantine for five days with the mumps. >> oh, gosh. >> as you can imagine, he's going absolutely crazy. >> i haven't been outside in five days. >> five days is like infinitity. >> he made good use of his time. this video is funny. >> this is the pillow i sleep on. that's the chair i sit in.
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>> a little tour of the room. >> there's a phone. it doesn't work. >> i would not survive. >> we have the world's smallest phone charger for you to use. >> that's a small problem. the other problem is he's definitely wearing his gown backwards. >> gloves, you want gloves. we're got gloves. we've got blue, blue, and blue. television, the sound only comes out of this tiny hole and it does not work. >> this goes on for seven minutes. >> he had five days. the last five minutes he's plugged into that really short charger. >> can somebody tell me how you get mumps these days? >> i don't know, but he says he got vaccinated. >> shampoo and body wash in one product. that doesn't work. >> he's funny. he's entertaining himself. >> he was alone but he made friends. >> with a basketball. >> yeah, right. >> wilson! >> no, it was his pillow, phil. >> phil, get out of the closet. phil, it's been five days. what are you doing?
2:53 pm
actually, good night, everyone, this is ridiculous. it's almost 3:00 a.m. >> he's bored for goodness sakes. >> you learn a lot about yourself by never leaving the same room for five days. >> it's you, your thoughts and the friends you made. i feel bad for him. >> i feel bad wishing you would get the mumps. >> i was told by the doctor that my dna test didn't actually grow mumps but they are still pretty sure i have mumps. mmmm. >> now he can go home. >> finally i can do what i've wanted to do ever since i got here. >> all right. i'm leaving the room. >> freedom. >> this lovely lady is on a dangerous adventure. >> does it include using the most inappropriate vehicle for the condition? >> yes. >> what are you doing? >> why braving the cold snow
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>> she's going ton a very dangerous journey. >> make-up, on point. outfit not on point. >> but you would never be able to tell from the huge gorgeous smile on her face. she is australian living in iceland, but for this journey she's going to greenland. now their dangerous journey includes getting to a location here. it's very snowy. >> we were just checking out the area and rebecca went to park and we didn't realize that. >> does it include using the most inappropriate vehicle for the conditions? >> yes. >> even i know that. >> perhaps that's why this journey is dangerous. >> it says on the front. >> this car will be fine. >> to the rescue! >> they ended up needing to get it towed but eventually they got to their dangerous location. >> that's my kitchen.
2:57 pm
how do i get into it? >> why is it dangerous? >> ready when you are. >> because she's a model and she's got this series where she goes to icy locations to photograph in a bikini. >> oh, no. >> there's a lot of women out there that want to become a bikini model to travel to exotic, luxurious warm locations, beach locations, she's totally opposite. >> take two. snow mobile time. >> she stumbles on this idea after a huge snowstorm and got the bright idea to grab her bikini, go out there and take a photo and it ended up turning into a whole series and she does it in all kinds of different sort of scenarios and in this case she looks like she's giving a hair cut to some dude with really long hair. this is the photo that we saw in the video. >> you go girl. >> thank you, greenland for believing in my crazy
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and the charity that wants to hold their fundraiser later this week in our ballroom, i moved their scout of the location to next week. um, i hope that, uh, the fact that you're not in yet means you're enjoying yourself. all right, i'll talk to you later. happy new year. happy new year. again. you, again, too. [ chuckles ] [ chuckles ] hey, have you seen my mom? uh, no, no. she is m.i.a. really? mm-hmm. well, maybe she found someone to spend new year's with. fingers crossed. oh, my god, what smells so good? [ chuckles ] you cooked breakfast? uh, yes, i did. breakfast or brunch. what time is it? uh, i let you sleep. i'm gonna be late for work. i talked to olivia, she's taking care of everything. so, i made all your favorites. wow. well, okay.


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