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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 5, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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falling. cecily tynan and adam joseph have more on that. and a water main break in the northeast. that's next. switching to geico could save you a bunch of money on car insurance. excellent point. case dismissed. geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance woo! because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer. ♪ ♪ >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> you are looking live at route 202 in king of prussia, and yes, it is snowing in montgomery
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county and the tristate area. this is how it looks on sky six at philadelphia city hall. it's not a blizzard. it's not even a substantial snowstorm but it's the first widespread snow of the winter. people are taking note. thursday night the big story is our first widespread snow and if there is a concern, it's about morning commuting and slippery roads. "action news" reporter christie lleto is standing by king of prussia. first adam joseph and cecily tynan. cecily, we start with you on double scan. >> double scan shows the snow arriving on schedule. not a lot across south jersey. philadelphia northwest getting the action. albertson county reporting 1.1-inches of snow.
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we have steadier snow in the pink color just north of king of prussia across landsdale, the pennsylvania turnpike, 422 and north of 202. what's going on, we have a transfer of a piece of energy out west is transferring its energy to the coastal storm off the carolinas. that's moving northeast quickly and drawing the snow to a close from the west and east as we head into the overnight hours, so the winter advisory is e in effect south of the turnpike until 6:00 in the morning for the potential of light accumulating. after that, we are out of the woods. now to adam joseph. >> the steadiest of the snow will fall in the next few hours. southern new jersey delaware waiting for snow it will fill in toward 2:00 in the morning. as it intensifies and moves to
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sea, it has sinking air behind it ripping the clouds apart. this is 6:00 in the morning and we are breaking the clouds apart in the western suburbs. over the next few heres, one to three inches, one to two for most areas, hits of one to three here in the pink area the delaware valley. north of the poconos, an inch and far southern new jersey and delaware an inch. it's sandwiched between where you see most of the snow. it's a nuance snow event. main roads will be wet for the morning rush hour. there are slippery side roads especially if they have not been treated tonight creating a rush tomorrow. when cecily tynan returns, she will talk about what to expect going into the weekend. the latest information coming in
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with the models, she has that part of the story in the seven day. >> "action news," christie lleto has more from king of prosecute sha. prprussia.what have you seen? >> there is a light accumulation by what you see on the vehicle. when you look over here at 202 you can see the snow is not sticking to the pavement. that's because penn dot treated them earlier in the day. the big concern is as temperatures fall overnight penn dot continues to treat them so they don't freeze over. right now we are loading the trucks to prepare for the storm
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to put salt down. the trucks load up as flurries begin to fall. >> the storm is supposed to start after the evening rush and maybe end before the morning commute. less traffic on the roadways means our guys are more efficient. >> i wish it came a week ago. i wanted a white christmas. i'm happy it's here. >> at true valley in collinsville. >> i'm preparing for the morning rush of ice and snow and sleet. >> staff are restocking the shelves. >> it sells quick. they come home and they think it's snowing at 8:00, not tomorrow morning. >> preparing for a bit of snow. >> h while accumulations may be minimal -- >> what do you think of it? >> it's awesome. i just don't like driving on it. >> again, this is a live picture
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of route 202 where the snow is not sticking to the pavement, but it's wet, damp, possibly slick. the good thing about the storm as you heard, it's happening overnight when fewer people are on the road. it makes it easier for contractors and penn.t dot to finish salting before the morning rush hour. jim? >> thank you, christie. it probably looks like this outside your window right now. deldot crews reported for duty in the last hour planning to work through the night to salt or plow depending on how much snow sticks. in philadelphia, the wintery weather puts people in the right frame of mind to go skating. pedestrians bundled up in coats and gloves while cars had an
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easy go with the early snow being more of a dazzle than a danger. >> we are looking at a few inches of snow at most. this is water town new york where the main interstate is littered with stranded vehicles. in washington state, rescue crews rescued teenager as that fell through the ice. in some parts of colorado, snow totals could top two feet tonight. the "action news" team will be on early to help you-and-a-halfe the commute. they'll be on at 4:00, check the news app and online to see school closures or delays. check the website. >> a 16-inch water main gave way in northeast philadelphia and crews have been pumping water
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out of the half dozen homes. it happened on millbrook road this afternoon. that's when we go to dann cuellar. what's the news now? >> crews are making the repairs. you see them hoisting a new section of pipe to replace the pipe that ruptured earlier today. they'll have this thing fixed in the next couple of hours. at the same time, they have been pumping out water from the basements of five homes that were flooded in the wake of this water main break. >> throughout the night crews were digging up the roadway trying to fully expose the eight inch main that ruptured earlier today sending thousands of gallons of water gushing through the treats and into people's basements. residents say it began with a loud sound. >> like a popping sound and water came out of the steel
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plate. >> the plate placed there by the water department last year. >> they said someone would come out and no one came out since then. >> then this happened. the fire company came in and shut the gas off. i guess the freezer, they said probably your water heater and washer and dryer could be destroyed. >> another resident says his 82-year-old mother has water in her home. >> about three foot of water in the basement. it's -- everything's floating. >> i'm very angry with the city. very angry. >> residents expect this could have been avoided had it been attended to in may. >> this could have been prevented. they are dragging their feet. i want to know why. >> back live here with a repair operation continues as i indicated, they should have this wrapped up in the next couple of
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hours, in the midst of the snow, the spokesman for the water department says he can't say if there is a correlation between the steel plate and water main break. live here in north philadelphia, dann cuellar, channel6 "action news." >> montgomery county district attorney says he won't oppose bill cosby's motion to bringing in jurors from out of the county. he objects to bringing the case out of the area. the 79-year-old's trial is currently scheduled for june. >> president elect donald trump will get a personal briefing tomorrow from the nation's top four intelligence officials. they'll try to convince trump that russia did indeed interfere with the presidential election.
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the same four officials, including director of intelligence made their case today. trump has dismissed assurances by the intelligence community that russian hackers stole e-mails from the clinton campaign and dnc and got them to wikileaks that dripped them to the public. clapper said there is no way to know if the russian interference altered the election. clapper said this was not just hacking. >> this was a multifaceted campaign. the hacking was only one part of it. it also entailed classical propaganda, disinformation, fake news. >> clapper said he believes russia is an existential threat to the united states. meanwhile while all of this was going on, a legal war was playing itself out involving
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trump and a celebrity chef jose andre as. trump is suing him for refusing to open in his hotel. he pulled out when trump called mexican immigrants rapists when he declared his race for president. >> hate charges filed in the chicago torture case where the suspects streamed it live on facebook. we hear from the victim's family for the first time. >> plus a tough nut to crack. after years of avoiding peanuts because of allergies, doctors have new advise for babies. >> i'm tracking more snow for the parts of the weekend and we head into the deep freeze. we have more in the seven-day forecast.
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>> the sixers may not have jo bead tomorrow night. ducis rodgers explains when "action news" continues. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> we continue to follow our first snow of the year. this is a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan radar. meteorologist cecily tynan will be along with all of the details from accuweather in a few minutes. it's a crime that shocked the nation. the torture of a young chicago man broadcast live on facebook. monica has the latest on the victim's condition and suspects behind bars. >> it's hard to describe, the cruelty, mockery, racial slurs used against a mentally challenge man led police to label this a hate crime. chicago police chief was stunned by the horror of it and president obama weighed in tonight. >> he's doing well as he could be at this time. >> family members are in shock after their 18-year-old loved
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one was tortured 18 to 24 hours. it started as a planned celineover with a school mate but turned into something heinous and criminal. >> they getting a vaited at him and tie him up and the racial slurs and deference to his mental capacity. >> the man is kicked, cut and taunted for five to eight hours as he slumps in the corner defenseless. the attackers shared part of the torturefest online. >> a neighbor heard the commotion and called police. that's when two of the four suspects went down to knock down the neighbor's door. the victim somehow escaped. police found the man freezing with little clothing and a head wound. he was disoriented and
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traumatized. >> technology shows the tool that racism and discrimination and hate plays on families and communities. >> it's possible the suspects were trying to distort money from the victim's family. they got text messages from someone claiming to be holding him captive. >> the four suspects are charged with kidnapping, aggravated battery and unlawful restraint. >> monica, thank you. >> the inmate that escaped a federal detention center from rhode island is back in custody tonight but not before authorities believe james moralis tried to rob two banks. a state trooper spotted him and grabbed him as he tried to leap over a fence. >> he was accused of stealing 16 guns from an eample reserve
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center and raping a child. >> hundreds lined up outside the blair convention center in altoona to pay respects to trooper landon weaver who was laid to rest today. weaver was shot and killed last friday night while responding to a domestic call. troopers killed the gunmen after an all night manhunt. sears is selling off its iconic craftsman tool brand. it's being bought by stanley black & decker. as for the 150 stores closing, there are three k-marts on the list. health check tonight, experts have done an about face on preventing peanut allergies in children. for years children were told to avoid peanuts until age three for children thought to be at risk. now they say most babies should
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be given peanut based foods by six months of age and some between four and six months. this does not mean whole peanuts, a choking hazard, but watered down peanuts or peanut flavored foods. doctors believe this can prevent peanut allergies in babies with severe eczema or other allergies should visit a doctor before being exposed. >> what was thought to be an axiom for decades is now on its head. see if it works. >> i'm done with the babies. someone else can check it out. >> got some snow out there. double scan showing the snow north and west of philadelphia. this fills in through the overnight hours into south
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jersey. a bit of a refresher course. the gray, the flurries, the brighter whites, the pink is the heaviest snow. we have a band of that over florence also heading toward lands down and heading to lancaster county, another area of snow pushing up to the north and east clipping chester county and burke county over the next hour. temperatures cold enough for snow. philadelphia 30, allentown 28, trenton 29, cape may 30 and lee valley 30. most of the roads are treated, so they are just wet. the side roads are a major concern. satellite 6 showing this system is fast. it's booking east low pressure developing across the carolinas. you see the plume of moisture pushing north and east. this clears us out quickly as we
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head toward dawn. 2:00, this is when we get the steadiest snow south of allentown to the coast by 6:00 is moving off of the coast, clouds breaking west of philadelphia. sunshine returns tomorrow. the morning commute, the snow will not fall from the sky, but side streets, some parking lots could be slick. you want to allow extra time. the main roads will be wet. plenty of time for the roads to be treated for the system. expect snow. not a major storm, kind of a nuisance event. most of the viewing area one to three inches along the coast, millville and ken caryl a coating to an inch. what could be a bigger storm for parts of the viewing area will come saturday. yesterday it looked like the coastal storm would be a miss. now the models are backing more to the west which means clipping
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the coast and if the trend continues, it will be a bigger snow event. right now, too early to call. coastal snow saturday, big question, a nuisance storm like tonight or major accumulation? right now the models are in disagreement. new information tomorrow. i have more information tomorrow about saturday. regard rlless of the snow, it wl be cold. the high 35, weekend temperatures don't get out of the 20s. snow along the coast. sunday, windchills and teens. monday, 29. tuesday, we climb out of the deep freeze, 38 with clouds. wednesday, 32 with rain and thursday a high of 46. david murphy will have the latest on the snow event possible for the coast tomorrow morning beginning at 4:00. >> tomorrow is three kings day.
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some youngsters in philadelphia had a chance to celebrate tonight. the organization distributed gifts to children whose headquarters, three kings a traditional latino holiday commemorating the journey of the wisemen who presented jesus with gifts. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the string band brought its signature sound to the mainland tonight. residents of the waverly heights retirement community had a chance to practice their mummer's strut. this is an annual tradition of waverly heights and one of the most anticipated events of the year. ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ♪
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>> sixers in boston tomorrow night. will they have the man that will be rooky of the year? >> they may or may not have them. the answer is to be determined. little has slowed him down but how about a stomach bug? he missed practice today and is questionable for the game tomorrow in boston. he traveled to boston. with or without him, they'll aim for their third victory in a row. >> to win in denver, win at home against minnesota, it all adds up with the real pointed end of the question, we have to find ways to close out 48 minutes. it's a long game for our group.
11:29 pm
48 minutes is a long duration for this young team. >> drexel hosts wilmington in basketball. devan tay on the business end of the alley-oop. direction letter takes it on the chin. >> northeastern -- delaware. >> murphy -- >> delaware loses 90-64. penn state white out, chris godwin from delaware declared for testify draft. godwin ranked in the top four in receiving yards and touchdowns. he had two touchdowns in the rose bowl loss. more sports, serious sports, after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ (vo) maybe it was here,
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or purchase with 1.9% apr financing. >> this season the eagles lost seven points or less. that's proof there is a fine line between a record and a playoff appearance. they say it's okay to be optimistic. we also need to be patient. >> they are not close. i think they are a couple of years away. when that does happen, i think it will be a good run. that's the way i would like to see the team built, how jeffrey and howy and coach feel might be different. i think there is a way to go with this football team. you have holes to fill as
11:34 pm
starters. you have holes to fill with backups. then you are going to look at guys getting up in age, long in the tooth, jason peters, some of these guys that are good players but long in the tooth. >> claude giroux made some kid's night. he skated with hockey players in wilmington. he gave the youngsters tips to improve their own game, anything to get their mind off the current skate. >> jimmy kimmel next followed by "nightline." for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. ♪ ♪
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- mel gibson -- from "the crown," claire foy -- this week in unnecessary censorship -- and music from fantastic negrito. and now, before i forget, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of then to be here. you are all heroes for


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