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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 7, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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apartment complex and bitter cold. accu weather is next on "action news." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff scaversky and walter perez. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the digging out is under way after a day of heavy snow fall
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across the region. some places received an inch. others along the jersey shore received a wallop. there were crashes throughout the region throughout the day. i'm walter perez, the big story is a cold snowy day across the delaware valley and there are concerns as the temperatures dip. slick roads could make driving dangerous tonight. we have team coverage of the weather but we begin with melissa magee to see how much snow we got and what's coming next. melissa? >> walter, it's going to be cold tomorrow. we had a snowy start across delaware and lehigh valley and more snow in jersey. port morris and cumberland ten inches reported this morning, eight inches mays landing, new jersey six and a half, winwood
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three inches, philadelphia international three and a half" and there were parts of south philly with more than three inches of snow. you can see the bulk of the moisture racing off north and east with wind off the backside north and west. it's blustery, cold for the rest of tonight. for the next 12 hours, it's clear and frigid. suburbs are 15, 18 in philadelphia for the overnight low. future tracker 6 showing 8:30 in the morning, areas of the north and east feeling single digits below zero, north and west, ten below, poconos, one in redding and one below. slick spots overnight tonight, temperatures below freezing, secondary roads and sidewalks are slippery. watch out for that walking out tonight. extra layers are needed because
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we track windchill in the single digits. we look to see if the temperatures rebound soon. the answer in the accuweather forecast walter. >> thank you, mills sa. the jersey shore received the blunt of the snow with some spots getting eight inches. "action news" reporters were there as the snow fell. >> it's been a long time since they had to get out snow shovels, let alone a snow blower -- but today, they did. >> at first it was brutally cold this morning, the snow just starting to fall but the wind made it cold. sue barkman and her dog slim had to get out early in ocean city. >> i love it. >> you said you were a skier. >> i'm a little old for that
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now. >> poor old slim, not so much. then around 9:00, the big flakes started to fall and pile up on the street. all you could do is try to keep up. the plow and salt trucks had their hands fall. >> one man closed his restaurant. >> the crew was staying on the island. most of the employees were off the island anyway. >> he canceled his plans for the flyer's game. >> we'll turn the heat up. >> officials say in the snow like this, avoid driving if possible but if you get on the roads, visibility is low, so please, take it slow. bob brooks, "action news." >> not surprisingly, the slick roads resulted in several accidents across the region. this is the scene in delaware county after a salt truck hit a
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utility pole. it happened near route one. painters crossing shopping center lost power for a short time until crews made the needed repairs. this is the scene in chestertownship delaware county after the driver of a box truck crashed into a tree. police respond today the scene. nobody injured here as well. crews were working into the night to make sure all of the snow is out of the way. action cam on the scene here. peach tree plaza, cars were plowing the parking lot for shoppers. salt trucks came through to be sure the snow didn't turn to ice. in delaware crews worked to plow the snow and lay down salt. most roads are wet with little or no snow. in wilmington crews were hard at work clearing snow on delaware avenue and washington street.
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folks did their part clearing the sidewalks. >> and folks were out tonight picking up what they needed and maybe having fun in the snow. in hatboro, drivers were taking time on the snow covered roads there. the action cam cams showed few commuters on the snow today. today's winter storm affected people from h north carolina to massachusetts. north carolina is under a state of emergency. some parts of the tarheel state were hit with ten inches of snow. there that's crippling. there was sleet and ice making roads treacherous. in virginia half a foot fell and connecticut a travel nightmare. 20 cars plus three tractor trailers and a tanker collided causes road closures for miles.
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some children stayed at school last night. >> we got the call that they weren't sending him home. it was a robo call updated throughout the night and told that they are going to remain for the remainder of the night. >> the snow is still falling at this hour at cape cod expected to amount to a foot after midnight. >> these guys didn't let a little snow stop them from getting in a swim. they are members of the georgia tech swim and dive team snowed in at their hotel virginia tech and couldn't make it to the meet. they had fun outside practicing their freestyle and butterfly in the snow. stay with ab 6. com throughout the weekend for snow updates and more. stay connected by following each of our meteorologists on facebook and twitter. breaking news now to "action news," a three alarm fire is
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burning at an apartment complex in camden county. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is on the scene. jeanette? >> this is a massive fire. camden county fire crews are dealing with the three alarm fire right now. it eats the 500 block of lower landing road filled with fire trucks and first responders. you see the building with the flags is where residents are brought out of the cold and placed in there. these are residents impacted by the fire. you can see with the image that the fire is pretty big and as i mentioned, crews are battling it as we speak. no word on how far they have gotten. it moved from a second to third alarm fire, flames shooting up
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from the roof. initially we were told residents were trapped inside. we have no word on injuries, with yobutwe saw residents, a lm elderly being walked out and placed in the leasing office center while crews deal with the blaze. we talked to residents that live near the building adjacent to it. they were telling me they were evacuated as a safety precaution. the firewalls did their job, prevented the fire from spreading further. quite the job crews have ahead of them. we have no confirmation on gas leak but the gas crews out here. we want to make it clear that at this point we have not gotten word of injuries. we'll keep you posted as the situation develops. jeanette reyes, "action news," walter?
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>> thank you, jeanette. we are following "action news," charges are being filed in the homicide of 14-year-old grace parker. the teen was reported missing in july in abbotsford township and late october her dismembered remains were found in bear county. a suspect will be arraigned tonight in bucks county. the suspect's name has not been released. we'll bring you new developments during the new newscast. >> firefighters in white morris township battled a fire this morning at spca. crews rushed to the scene and rescued all of the dogs and cats inside. no one was injured. the cause is under investigation. more to come in "action news" tonight, donald trump takes to twitter to blast people he says are stupid. >> also how technology helped a local hiker who got lost in the
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state park. are jeff scaversky has sports when "action news" continues. as we head to break, we'll show you pictures you have been sending us from the day of fun in the snow if you want to call it that. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ where things come from? how they get here? what they're packed in? it's a lot of stuff. and these things add up. that's why we recycle. [vo:]it's nice to know that raymour and flanigan is proud to be a leading recycler-
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>> federal prosecutors filed charges linked to yesterday's shooting inside the airport at
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fort lauderdale. if convicted he could face the death penalty. we are hearing horror storeys from survivors. some are graphic. >> i turned around and she was sthot in the head and killed. >> the chaos at fort lauderdale airport. >> her husband was shot in the face, the guy next to him shot in the cheek, the guy next to him face down dead. >> witnesses looked on as the gunman unleashed a hail of bullets. >> he reloaded and walked forward stone faced. >> i saw a man shot in the head, people with blood on them. this man was saved by his laptop as others ran for cover. >> i felt a thud. a bullet ricocheted and entered my backpack. without the backpack and laptop
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and plastic case, the bullet would have gone through my shoulder blade. >> swat teams race today the scene. under arrest 26-year-old santiago who threw down the gun without a struggle. previously he walked in saying the government forced him to use mind control. >> terminal two is open as airlines work to get thousands of air travelers to their destinations. the suspected gunman is expected to be in court monday. >> president elect trump is renewing his call for better relations with russia. that's what he said in a tweet one day after intelligence leaders said russia meddled on
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trump's behalf. today he said only stupid people would think that not improving relations have russia would be a bad thing. >> the county aviation unit used a infrared system to find a missing person. ground crews found the woman and she was not injured. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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from santander bank. guards at the tomb of the unknown stay at their post. this is a look at the changing of the guard at arlington national cemetery. the command is posted 24 hours a day regardless of conditions since july 2nd, 1987. the guards are changed every two hours come snow, sleet or rain. >> now to the forecast with melissa magee. boy was it cold today. >> cold and snowy. the snow moved out. we'll show you what's going on. live double scan radar, it doesn't look like it was snowing today from the radar parkersburg. we'll show you the radar picture from outside looking at the ben franklin bridge, a mostly clear sky with folks at penn's landing
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ice skating on a chilly night. it's colder with the fresh snow on the ground. 21-degrees the current number in philadelphia, 11 poconos, 19 redding and lancaster. cape may 24 and 20 in beach haven. wind chill feeling like eight, six only in redding. five degrees in the poconos, feeling five above. eight degrees in dover. it will not cover and change that much from tomorrow. satellite 6 along with action radar storm racing north and east out of the coastal sections of new england. winds from the northwesterly direction. all in all, it's clear it's cold and quiet tonight. over the next 12 hours, turning
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clear, bottoming out at 15 in the suburbs. future tracker 6 showing 8:00 in the morning, not much in the way of recovery here. it feels one in the city. tomorrow morning, three below. allentown, 11-degrees below zero. you get to 3:30 tomorrow afternoon, windchill numbers low in most locations. future tracker 6 showing you the driver tomorrow morning under mostly clear skies and with blus blustery winds with snow showers around. the air temperature says 25 but dress for windchill in the single digits, monday a high of 29. tuesday, a milder day at 40 with mixed precip likely north and west. future tracker showing mixed
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precip for redding and lancaster changing to rain. wednesday, early rain breezy and mild with a high of 53. thursday, mostly cloudy, a high of 48. next friday, sunshine and showers possible at 52. cooler saturday with rain coming in. a high of 47. it's cold sunday and then thaws out. >> hang on until tuesday. >> right. >> up next on "action news," jeff scaversky has sports. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ takes gary watson to
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enough. he switches up to switch up the outcome. back in net for the first time in two months. this is not what noise he wants. flyers fall behind 1-0. he lights a fire against the lightning in the fire. travis, bang. flyers tie it at one. later, sean on the rebound. it's their first lead in four games. they don't give it up. just over a minute later, michael raffle. flyers score four time in the second. flyers win 4-2. the first "w" in two and a half weeks. this is long over due. it's nice to win the hockey game.
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doesn't matter how good you have played along the way. it's important to get the two points. two more tomorrow in columbus. "college hoops," villanova rebounding from the first round of the season. last time they lost they responded with 20 straight wins, jay wright saying all of the right things against marquette. first half, bronson. what was that? basket and a foul. chris jenkins from beyond the three point line. nova wins, 39-81. penn state playing against michigan state, pat chambers team, tons of philly guys feeling right at home scoring nearly half of the points, penn state wins 72-63.
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forget playing in the snow, this temple fan wants to see temple play against east carolina. the force is with you. late second half, how about daniel dingle, nails it. 81-62, ending the three game losing streak. phil markely 200th win in the conference st. joes against demry, career high 20 points, 70-55. coach looks stressed out tonight against duquesne. you have jordan price, the price is right on the money with this kid, 88-81. ivy league showdown penn and princeton, neck and neck down the stretch. brins ton beating penn, 62-50
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final there. ago will fans, you think your team is in a playoff drought?
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