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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  January 8, 2017 7:00am-8:00am EST

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out today. it will feel like the single digits. a gas leak made it difficult for firefights to get a fire raging at a camden county apartment building under control. >> breaking news this morning, a man is charged with killing a montgomery county teenager. police say the girl's mother was involved in the crime. a pleasant good morning to you, 6:00 is the time, nydia han is off, alicia vitarelli joins us. >> thanks for waking up with us this chilly sunday morning. the feelful -- feel of single digit temperatures gripping the area. >> cold live shot outside, atlantic city where they got several inches of snow yesterday. the coldest air of the winter is
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making it feel miserable. if you're heading out, there are slick spots out there. if you can avoid going outside, stay inside in the warmth. a good idea to check on he eldey family members and neighborhoods. >> speaking of going outside, chris sowers giving us a real feel. >> reporter: it was not a wise decision to come out here, it is blustery and bitterly cold, my ears are frozen. you'll need to bundle up in layers, you'll snead a hat and scarf and gloves to stay warm. one of the problems we're running into this morning, because the temperatures are so cold, obviously there's snow all over the place, none of it has melted. back roads, the roads are covered. there's icy patches out here, you need to take your time on the roads. even some of the main roads have slick spots, they did a fabulous job on the main roads in philadelphia. once you cross the bridge and get into new jersey and
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delaware, there's more snow out through there, than what the city experienced. also, when temperatures are as cold as they are salt is less effective. the parking lots and sidewalks, things like that, what appears to be wet is glazed over. here's a problem i ran into, the fluid i was trying to clean my windshield and the fluid froze, that was affecting the vision. lots of problems with the cold. teens for everybody, single digits in the poconos. 13 in warrington. 11 in quakertown and 11 degrees in pottstown. glassboro, 14. agenda beach, 12. hockessin, 13 and woodbine, 14 degrees. you factor in the winds, feels like ten below in the poconos, 2 degrees in philadelphia. 2 below in atlantic city. salt sat that storm is pulling away, it is moved north into the canadian maritimes.
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we'll have a combination of sun and clouds, and perhaps a flurry north and west. there's a high of 25. but feeling no warmer than the single digits. speaking of single digits we're dropping into the single digits with actual air temperatures. i'll be back with that story and a warmup, alicia. >> come back into the cozy studio stay with for snow updates and stay connected following each of other meteorologists on facebook and twitter. >> time 7:03 we're following breaking developments in the murder of a montgomery county teenager grace packer. prosecutors charged the 44-year-old boyfriend of the teen's mother of kidnapping rape and murder. jacob sullivan of montgomery county was charged with the murder. bucks county district attorney said sullivan and sara packer
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the mother of the 14-year-old victim conspired to kill the teenager for money. >> essence jacob sullivan conspired with sara packer, grace's mother to kidnap rape and murder her. that's exactly what jacob as you sullivan has been charged with doing. he did have a coconspirator. sara packer reported her adopted daughter missing july 9. she did that know full well the teenager was murdered the day before. in october, grace packer's dismembered body was found in bear township. >> we believe we'll approve this was a rape, murder, fantasy that was shared by jacob sullivan and sara packer. and they made this fantasy into a horrible heinous gruesome reality. >> weintrob did not say how
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they expected to profit from the teen's death. the mother has not been charged with murder. but weintrob said they heavy to solve that part of the case very soon. take a look at this "action news" viewer video, 70 people spent the night in a shelter because of a fast-moving fire in camden county. >> the fire left the apartment buildings in ruins. firefighters did not have an easy time putting out the flames there. jeanette reyes has the details. >> the top floor of our unit is on fire. >> reporter: camden county crews battled the blaze in government township that broke out at 10:00 at lake view apartment. the fire went from 1 to three-alarms as flames shot through the roof and engulfed the entire building the gas leak intensified things feeding
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flames. >> the roof across the parking lot was on fire with a giant hole in it. >> reporter: what were you thinking? >> scared, wondering how much it was going to spread and if i needed to get out of the building or not. >> reporter: there were initial reports of residents trapped inside, but firefighters were able to rescue them. residents in nearby buildings were evacuated as a precautionary measure, those displaced by the fire many elderly were taken to the office which was used as a temporary shelter until other accommodations were made. 75 residents were displaced and no injuries were reported. jennifer joyce channel 6 "action news." >> now to a developing story we've been following for you, a new jersey native who once served at fort dix is officially charged with the airport massacre in florida. 26-year-old esteban santiago could face the death penalty if
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convicted. meanwhile, survivors are sharing their emotional tales of sure rivalling, abc's kenneth moten has more. >> we hit the ground and i turned around she was shot in the head and killed. >> reporter: she was in the thick of the chaos at fort lauderdale airport. >> my husband was shot in the face, the guy next to him shot in the cheek. the guy next to him, he was dead. >> reporter: witnesses looked on in horror as the gunman released a hail of bullets. >> he reloaded and walking with his arms straight out. >> i saw a man get shot in the head. there were people with blood on them. >> reporter: this man saved by his laptop as hundreds ran for cover. >> i was crushed up against a conveyer belt. i felt a thud. later i found out there was a bullet that ricocheted and entered my backpack. without my backpack 1k3-9 laptop
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in the -- and the laptop in the case, the bullet would have gone through my shoulder blade. >> reporter: under arrest, esteban santiago who threw down his gun and surrendered without a struggle. fbi agents said last november, the ex-army sergeant walked into their anchorage office and was talking about mind control. he was taken to a mental hospital for valuation. they working to get thousands of strand the air travelers to their test in any cases. the gunman is expected to be in court on monday. >> prepare to pay more when you drive on the pennsylvania turnpike today. a new toll increase went into effect at midnight. the 6% hike affects drivers who use cash and easy pass.
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the money will rebuild and widen the turnpike and support public transportation needs. 7:09. much more to come on "action news," in a new interview with abc news, president obama talked about allegations that russia steered the election in donald trump's favor. highway horror, cars and trucks pile up as drivers contend with slick and dangerous conditions. >> villanova returns to the court after their first loss of the season. jeff skeverski has the cats highlights and the nfl playoff showdown. >> reporter: it will be bitterly cold today, bitterly cold, blustery windchills and slippery travel conditions i'll have the details, plus an extended warm up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast all coming up next.
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broad street. you'll notice it is not snowing, but it's cold, cold, cold. meteorologist chris sowers says it's going to stick around for a while. >> speaking of cold, you just came in from being outside, he said feel my hands, they were like icicles and you have gloves on. >> reporter: by the way, the air is dry and my skin is itch going and cracking. >> you were saying you were tough, now you're complaining. >> reporter: let's show you the view in old city, where it is cold there, as well. temperatures in the teens and single digits, just about below zero. let's flip it over to the radars. double scan live showing nothing. we have clear conditions, no precipitation today, outside of a few flurries later on, that would be about it.
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final snowfall totals were impressive, which i will show you in a moment. what to expect over the next couple of days, bitter windchills especially today. some locations feels like below zero. we'll be hanking out in the single -- hanging out in the single digits all afternoon. you have to bundle up in the layers, i mean bundle up in layers. that will do the trick here. don't forget the hat and gloves and scarf. in pennsylvania, morrisville, 4.5. ridley park, 4.5. philadelphia, 3 inches that's the official number at the airport. perkisie 2.5. mays landing 8 inches of snow. glassboro, 6, 7 inches. dover, 35.4. collingdale, 4 inches of snow. dover, delaware, 4, 5 inches of snow. most of the state of delaware up through kent and new castle county ranged between 3 and
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5 inches. you go south, sussex county they picked up over a foot down there. reading, 13. allentown, 14. 5 degrees in the poconos. 14 in millville. 19 degrees in cape may. feels like 19 in cape may. not much of a wind down there. zero in allentown, reading, three below in lancaster. ten below in the poconos, 4 in trenton. feels like minus one in millville. even though it's blustery and bitterly cold. there's not much going on across the lower 48. we have a huge area of high pressure here that brings about clear conditions over the next couple of days. look at these numbers, everybody east of the rockies, actually if this map went as far as west as the rockies. the rockies are cold, as well. 5 below in bismarck, 29 in new orleans. 3 in chicago. jacksonville, 26. orlando, florida, heading south
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for your disney vacation, orlando, florida, 34 degrees. cold stuff across the country. here's a look at the windchill values back home. it will feel like the single digits with the blustery wind. 8 in philadelphia. 8 below in the poconos, 3 for allentown. first thing tomorrow morning, 4 below in allentown, 4 below in the poconos, 5 below in lancaster, 7 degrees in philadelphia. forecast for today, quiet day, clouds and sun, windy, flurry north and west, 25. feeling like the single digits. we'll see a gradual increase in clouds during the afternoon. starting out with sunshine, temperatures in the teens getting into the 20s later on. maybe that flurry north and west after 2 p.m. these are actual air temperatures, 4 for center city. winds diminishing out of the north 5 to 10 miles per hour. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, winds and cold for today, 25 feeling like single digits. clouds and sun tomorrow.
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high of 27 degrees. and then tuesday is finally feeling better, we're above freezing, 38. here comes the real warm stuffer, guys, wednesday, thursday, friday, look at all the 50s. as a result 48. if we extend it next week we extend it. >> if we hit the 50s, the people in florida will wish they were here. dogs and delivery drivers don't always get along, but this is not the case for a boxer and ups driver. 89 dog waits for the delivery driver and runs up to greet him. the driver brings him a treat for every delivery to that house. even in the snow military guards at the tomb of the unknown stay at their post. this is a look at the changing of the guard at arlington national cemetary. the regiment is called the old guard and they man this post 24 hours a day, regardless of
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>> your time 7:19 president-elect donald trump is renewing his call for better relations with russia. he used a tweet to express the message. it came a day after intelligence leaders said russia mettled on in the election on trump's behalf. trump said people are fools if they think good relations with russia is a bad thing. >> president obama sits down with george stephanopoulos on this week. >> bottom line this time
7:20 am
vladimir putin got what he wanted. >> well, look, i think what is true is that the russians intended to mettle and they mettled. i'll be honest with you george, one thing i am concerned about, the degree to which we've seen commentary lately where the republicans or tairts tairts -- commentators have more confidence in vladimir putin than the democrats. >> the entire hour is devoted to him discussing the issues, this week against at 10:30 after "action news." the president's final scheduled speech to the public is on tuesday in chicago, his hometown. >> speaking of the president. you have a chance to make an american president part of the
7:21 am
family. hall of presidents and first lady wax museum is selling all the figures at a public auction. the museum is closing after 60 years. several hand painted murals and pictures of eisenhower will be up for grabs. the auction happens january 14. >> in "healthcheck," u.s. news and world report is out with the top diets in time for the new year's resolutions. they evaluated 38 manslaughter in nine categories and crowned the dash diet as best overall. eating fruits and vegetables and whole grains and lean proteins avoid fatty salty foods that work for everyone. the mediterranean diet ranked second best with emphasis on fruits and vegetables and olive oil and fish.
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>> welcome back everyone, 7:24 sunday morning, forecast for today, it's a cold one, bundle up if you're going to be outdoors. starting out with sunshine, increasing clouds this afternoon. flurries north and west. temperatures in the teens around lunchtime. 24, 25 degrees, that's the forecasted high feeling like the single digits with the winds. getting back to yesterday and why we saw the elevated snowfall amounts, the storm tracked closer to the coast than anticipated. the storm developed out through here, if you remember monday and tuesday, it looked like this thing was going to do one of these and roll out to sea just
7:25 am
like that, that would have been a complete miss. during the course of the week it was getting farther to the north on the forecast modeling. the final product was somewhere around there it came up into the canadian maritimes. you have all this cold air out west funneling in on the backside, counter clockwise winds on the low driving the air in. the storm was closer to the close, the cold air added to the fluff factor that makes the snow light and fluffy and piles up easier than the heavy wet snow. >> singer sheryl crow said a change will do you good. >> it is flyers found that out, here's jeff skeverski. >> reporter: daveaid enough the -- is enough.
7:26 am
this is not what noise you wanted five minutes in, the flyers fell behind one zip. the line changed like a fire against the lightning in the second. bang flyers tie it at one. down low, the rebound, it's the first lead in four games. they don't give it up. over a minute later, michael raffle. the flyers scored four times in the second, they go on to win 4-2. it is their first w in 2 1/2 weeks, yes, this is long overdue. we knew we had to win this one and i think we played good hockey game and put a lot of pucks in the net. >> it's nice to win a hockey game, it's been a while since we've been able to to have that feeling, doesn't matter how well you played in a couple of games along wait. it's important to get the two points. >> they will try to get two more tonight in columbus. >> college hoops villanova trying to rebound from their
7:27 am
first loss of the season, the last time they lost they responded with 20 straight wins. jay wright said all the right things against marquette. first half, what was that? it worked, basket and foul. chris jenkins way downtown. season high 23 points for jenkins. second half they pile it on. josh hart, up manies -- as many as 30. temple, st. joe's la salle all winning as well. eagles fans you think your team is in the playoff drought. how about the detroit lions they ever not won a game in 24 hours and have a nfl record nine post season games. seattle by 20, they will go
7:28 am
on to atlanta next weekend. oakland in the playoffs for the first time in 14 years, they have a rookie connor cook making his first-ever start against houston. it's ugly, cook picked off three times, his quarterback rating 5.5. texans 27-14. they will either get the chiefs or the patriots next. the giants and packers miami and steelers playing, as well today along with the sixers. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a great day!
7:29 am
7:30 am
>> well, the shot looks pretty, but it's a cold one out there. deep freeze, dangerously cold temperatures have us in their grip, but relief is on the way. >> residents from an apartment complex were sent out into the cold following a fire, now they have nothing to go home to. >> in kids health matters, tips on how to find balance between screen time and family time with all the new electronics out there. >> those stories in a moment, but first outside we go, meteorologist chris sowers tracking the accuweather forecast, chris you say you love this stuff. >> reporter: what was i thinking. welcome to the frozen tundra of green bay. holy cow it's cold out here.
7:31 am
it doesn't get much worse than this. take a look at the numbers, this is what it feels like now. 14 below in the poconos, 3 below in lancaster. 2 below in atlantic city. minus one in millville. feels like zero for reading and allentown. you need to bundle up if you're going to be outdoors this morning. windchill values this afternoon getting no higher than the single digits. it will be blustery all day long. the good news when we flip it over to double scan radar, we'll see sunshine today. there could be a quick-hitting snow shower north and west of philadelphia as the winds swings out of the of the northwest. believe are on -- it or not, soe this snow is coming out of the great lakes. once we lose the sun we'll lose the in stability and the skies
7:32 am
will go mainly clear. sunshine, gradual increase in clouds as the day goes on, 24, 25, that is the forecast the high. you factor in the winds it will feel like 8, 9, maybe 10 if you're lucky. tomorrow cold single digits around the entire delaware and lehigh valleys. we improve as we progress along into the workweek. as a matter of fact some locations that are bitter cold right now could be in the 60s by friday. i'll have the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> warmup on the way, chris, thank you for the update. >> firefighters had to battle bitter cold and gas explosion at a apartment complex late last night. i want to show you the viewer video of the fire at the lake view apartments. an intense scene there. you can see the flames. the complex is along lower landing road in gloucester township. crews were fighting the fire and
7:33 am
excavating residents when the gas line ruptured. >> oh, my god. is he okay? >> one of the firefighters just got knocked out. >> reporter: you can hear the fear in in their voices. good news, the firefighter turned out to be okay. investigators say the fire started in a third floor bedroom. there's word on a cause just yet. we know, however, the red cross is finding temporary shelter for the residents. two people are recovering from smoke inhalation after they escaped a burning home in somerdale, camden county. firefighters got to the 100 block of east storm daily avenue. flames were -- somerdale avenue. films were coming from the second floor when they got there. the fire victims, the husband and wife are expected to be okay. 7:33 a.m., this is sunday morning, now back to the snow and ice mixing with the severe cold, "action news" is in bucks county last night, some people got out to start clearing the
7:34 am
streets before the temperatures began to plummet. >> still cold. feels like single digits if you have to go outside. [whirring sound]. >> they put the snow blowers to work across the delaware valley. deldot worked to remove the snow from the streets and sidewalks. we found helpers who were working with mom to clear the snow from her car and sidewalk in their home. >> it's not too bad, it's light, we got the young kids out here who are shoveling snow for us. >> love the good helpers there. the city of wilmington, got about 2 1/2 inches of snow, southern delaware got up to 8 inches. >> let's head to atlantic county, new jersey, one of bulls eye point of the storm. crews working through the night to make sure all the snow was out of the way. the action cam was in hammonton,
7:35 am
new jersey, where plows were clearing the parking lot for shoppers. salt trucks came through to make sure the leftover snow did not turn into ice. it was a similar scene in galloway township, residents were scraping snow off their cars and some people had snow blowers going to clear off the sidewalks on vine avenue. >> take you to north carolina where snow and sleet was a bigger problem. the storm lingered there that saw blizzard conditions yesterday. parts of the state got up to ten inches of snow. the storm knocked out power for thousands of virginia residents. a foot of snow fell and blizzard warning was issued for cities and low the coast. bitter cold will keep roads treacherous today long after the snow stops. >> covered roads are blamed for a pileup involving 21 vehicles.
7:36 am
this happened in connecticut this weekend. interstate 91 was closed for nearly 6 hours yesterday. the wreck involved three tractor-trailers and tanker truck. crews from the department of environmental protection were called in to help clean up the diesel fuel. therethere were no injuries froe pileup. philadelphia international airport reported minor delays overnight. that could change, dozens of flights were changed because of snow in our area and snow and ice in other parts of the country. be sure to check with the airline before you head to the airport. >> now, for kids the timing of the snow was almost perfect unless they wanted a day off from school. >> that's right they got to go out sledding this weekend, jeanette reyes has more on the fun they had and scary moments for drivers. >> reporter: what do you think about the snow, do you like it? >> i like it.
7:37 am
>> reporter: the mom and daughter spent the afternoon making a snowman. >> it's not too great the snow, but good enough. >> reporter: but he was a snow day without hitting the slopes, however small they may be. this is the first major snow day, how you liking it? >> pretty good. >> reporter: they say hills were a hidden gem tucked away behind upper moreland high school. >> we live in the neighborhood and we were driving around looking for a good spot for the kids safe away from traffic. >> reporter: while the white stuff leaves children in awe of the winter season it was a nuisance for others who have to treat the roads. >> people can't drive, ump to pay attention oh owe you have to pay attention to them. it's harder to plow and get around them, some unsuccessfully. >> it doesn't look like that bad of a show up, but it's narrow and the street is broken up.
7:38 am
>> reporter: roxborough steep hill proved to be a slippery challenge for usps truck slipping off the road forcing police to close off the road. >> i asked if someone was in there, he said hey. we walked to the front of the car, and he was still in there. >> reporter: was he okay? >> he was all right, he was just shaken up. >> reporter: jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> remember you can get the seven-day forecast and check storm tracker 6 live at any time at >> the time now is 7:38 a.m., president obama said that's heartbroken over the shooting rampage at the fort lauderdale airport. the iraq war veteran killed five and injured others, could face the death penalty. esteban santiago said he planned this attack and bought a one way ticket to the fort lauderdale
7:39 am
airport. police don't know why he chose his target and of not ruled out terrorism. president obama said tragedies have happened all too often turn his time as president. >> just to say how broken we are for the families who have been affected. these kind of tragedies happen too often during the 8 years i've been president. i think we'll find out over the next 24 hours, exactly how this happened and what motivated this individual. >> esteban santiago is scheduled to make his first court appearance on monday. >> much more to come on "action news" sunday morning. a peppy pig and excited elephant puts on a musical. kids matters reports has a warning for a gift kids may have gotten during the holidays. this is the transportation center in olney, you can see
7:40 am
people are bundled up and have to get where they are going this morning, and hopefully thenlt don't have to -- they don't have to spend too much time outdoors, chris chris chris sowers has the big chill and a warmup on the way in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast i just got back from best buy and learned that about 50% of people overpay on their cellphone bill. but then a blue shirt reviewed my cellphone plan and saved me $40 dollars a month! did you say $40 dollars a month?
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7:43 am
area. we had picturesque shots that look like postcards. what is that a snow man face, that's cute. send them towels, cruise the #-- use the #6abcaction on social media. >> do i see chris? >> reporter: your smile was frozen on outside earlier. i'm trying to massage my cheeks and get them working again. to be honest a lot of kids will want to go sledding. remember ralphy from christmas story, bundle up, can't move bundle up. >> if you've seen frozen you get my reference ana and he >> reporter: i've heard of it. let's get you outside, it's cold clear and blustery. it's the coldest weather we've
7:44 am
seen this season. there's only a handlesful of times when it gets colder than it is here. we have single digits below zero in parts of the region. double scan live is clear, no precipitation expected other than flurries north and west of the city. big concern this morning, slippery travel conditions, a lot of back roads are snow covered. temperatures are not getting above freezing until tuesday, they will remain that way for the sect several days. when the numbers are as cold as they are, salt becomings less effective. if you're walking on the sidewalk appears to be wet it could be glazed over. keep that in mind. the windshield fluid on windshield could freeze. that's are the issues you have to deal with this morning. 16 in philadelphia. wait until you see it is doing in the outlying suburbs, 2 is
7:45 am
the dewpoint. pressure is rising. winds out of the west northwest at 14 miles per hour. you'll need chap stick. oxford, 12, new holland, 11. saint davids, 13, everything single location will be in the low to single digits tomorrow. woodbine, 14 degrees. here's are a look at the windchills, or feels like numbers, 11 below in the poconos, that number keeps getting colder and colder every time i show it. millville, 1, philadelphia, 2. the good news it is quiet weather pattern over the next couple of days now that the storm is pulling away there it goes up in the canadian hard time. high pressure moves in from the midwest. it's a cold high, but it will clear everything out. we'll have flurries a little batch right there lasting until 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m.
7:46 am
the next two days are dry around the immediate philadelphia area. this is the big story, feels-like temperatures, future tracker 61:00 p.m., 7 degrees in philadelphia. 4 below in the poconos, 5 in millville. 6 degrees in dover. later this evening, same thing. single digits tomorrow morning, single digits below zero or above depending on your location. you need to bundle up. forecast for today, 25 in philadelphia. reading, 24. bluster and cold again feels-like temperatures in the single digits, allentown, 24. cape may, 26. single digits for everybody except for philadelphia and the coast. 5 in millville, 4 in reading, 4 in allentown. 6 degrees in trenton. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we pull out of it, though, next week. next week looks nice, 25 degrees today cold, tomorrow, 27 degrees and cold.
7:47 am
tuesday we start to pull out of it, 38 degrees, wednesday, 53. thursday, 56. friday, 57. south jersey and delaware in the 60s. >> i heard 60. >> reporter: it pains me to say that. >> thank you chris. time now, 7:47 a.m. in the kids health matters series, many gifts this holiday were electronic ones. this is the time for parents to create balance between screen time and family time, erin o'hern has tips. >> reporter: not long ago tv was the only real electronic temptation and then came video games and computers and tablets and smart phones. they are irresistible to them. >> down time ising honoring on a tab -- down time is hopping on electronics.
7:48 am
>> reporter: the attracts is misleading. >> they may seem entranced by it, but they can't make sense of it. >> babies learn from face-to-face action from parents or siblings. no screen until 18 months. after that an hour a day is okay. >> we want that hour to be fruitful no using tvs or videos as electronics baby-sitters. parents should watch and play along with the child ask questions what did they see, can they think of other things like it. >> we want to relate what the child is seeing in in the real world experience at any age. parents can be good example by making bedtime abbey and mealtime media free. >> if we have company over,
7:49 am
screens are off, as well. >> reporter: kids learn the value of physical closeness and mom and dad can put away their electronics giving the kids the attention they thrive on. erin o'hern channel 6 "action news." >> so glad you're waking up
7:50 am
7:51 am
with us, from page to the stage, kimmel center is presenting a play for the kids based on on award winning book series. karen rogers harass 6abc loves the has 6abc loves the arts, it's called the elephant and piggy part of a best selling and much beloved series, 25 books and musical created by moe willam. >> it's about the animals in
7:52 am
their world and discovering things about friendship. >> reporter: we are in a play, a romp of a musical where audiences are invited to follow along to are -- for a day in the adventurous live of an elephantment they discover they are in a play and they put on a musical together. >> reporter: elephant and pig have back up irntion is, as they dance and sing beyond the stage. >> they will talk to the children and their families. >> they definitely are getting the kids to feel like they are part of the show. >> reporter: the tale was brought to the sage -- stage in 2013 by the kennedy center for the performing arts. it makes its first stop of the new year at the miriam theater. it's to will be how to make a good friend. >> reporter: it's part of the
7:53 am
kimmel center's discovery series which introduces children to the art of theater. >> it's similar to having a fun day of play. >> reporter: elephant and piggy we are in a play at the miriam theater january 21 with a special presentation for school students on the 20th. go to arts in queen elizabeth has been missing church because of a cold. well wishers feared for her as she arrived by car. she also a regular church goer, her appearance today is her first in public in several weeks.
7:54 am
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everybody, 7:55, oh, boy, 16 degrees out there. this is a live picture over atlantic city via the sky cam there. no snow, but as you know it is cold out there. >> not a good day for a polar bear plunge. >> reporter: i did one of those in chicago on a cold day, this is terrible as it is. let's get you to the seven-day forecast and show you what's going on. it's going to be a slippery morning because of the snow-covered back roads and icy patches. 25 today, feeling like single digits. tomorrow is cold, as well. tuesday is is on the the brink . once we get into wednesday from that point on, winter disappearance for ten days, two weeks. everybody is applauding. >> standing ovation. >> gorng weekend is next -- good morning weekend is next on channel 6.
7:57 am
"action news" continues later this morning. she said no to what she saw on the heckout aisle how one ma'am is hoping to make them healthier. we'll have more on the arrest after the murder of a montgomery county teenager. meteorologist chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when we return at 9:00 a.m. >> for nydia han, alicia vitarelli, chris sowers, and the entire "action news" team, i'm gray hall. see you at 9:00 a.m.
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good morning, america. this morning, double whammy. two major storms wreaking havoc on both coasts. >> horrible. skidding everywhere. >> massive pileups on this connecticut interstate. the hikers air-lifted to safety. tens of thousands without power. >> look at this. this is the san joaquin river. it's completely flooded out these stairs. >> and in the west, more slick roads and spinouts. with the biggest flooding threat in over a decade. up to a foot of rain. the attack at the airport. what we're learning about the accused ft. lauderdale gunman. >> indications are that he came here to carry out this horrific attack. >> questions about whether the shooting could have been prevented. plus, why esteban


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