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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  January 8, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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hot to ice cold since their ten game winning streak the flyers last eight of the last ten games and tonight they had shot after shot to take down the best game and steve mason in columbus where they have not won this 12 years and andrew mcdonald shoots and scores one-nothing flyers not so fast they review it and michael called for goalie interference although he never touch ee ee eed sergei and flyew it for possible goalie interference and this is unreal just their like anderson and flyers down and 16 seconds left and flyers tied in one and over time and nick and lose 2-1 and dropped 8 of the last 10 and
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tonight they get the short end of the stick on those questionable calls. >> i think or i'm not sure what the word is or the language or what is in the rule but they are both pretty similar plays. >> i would not have challenged it if i thought it was a good goal and i don't want to get into that stuff and i will leave that to the league. >> hope they can figure it out and sixers won as many games as they won last year and the big man bead is taking and talk agree big game and thinks the sixers have a chance at the playoffs yes and the sixers finally waking up. sixers come out looking sleepy from the noon tip off in brooklyn and start the second half on a 39 run and nick and early fourth and bead nice foot work and finishes with 20 and robert covington takes over, slams it down part of a 13-0 run and a minute later covington three you bet you sixers win
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105-95 and won three of four and have ten wins and they didn't get that until april of last season. >> we are winning basketball games more frequently than we have been but for us it's still like how are we doing what we do, we are doing our job, are we not skipping steps and putting in good days and believe as simple as that might sound they will add up. >> nfl playoffs and giants beckham and teammates had a blast on their one day vacation this week on a boat in miami but today's trip to green bay leaves him so mad he reportedly banged his head against a door and punched a hole in the wall, the giants must still think they are in miami and come out shirtless and in shorts are they nuts it's 13 degrees in green bay aaron aroundi arounding -- rogers look warm and all the time in the world and finally findings adams and green bay a one point lead and
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rogers what the heck throws it up hail mary and how does randall cobb come up with this 42 yards and eli apple take another look and green bay 38-13 and won 7 straight since beating the eagles and are going to dallas and they lose the first playoff to losing against the eagles in 2009, ice cold in pittsburgh and miami looks frozen and antonio brown and the first quarterback in history with a pair of 50 yard touchdown passes in the first quarter of a playoff game and pittsburgh wins 30-12 and steelers will face andy reid and the chiefs next coming up, next on action news sports sunday we will discuss the eagles needs this off season there is a bunch of them and mike is in studios in just a few minutes after action news and a lot to talk about including if you had a time machine what is
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the one move you would go back and fix for the eagles? >> one move? >> ask mike. >> i thought you were asking me. >> so much more to come. >> e-mail. >> so much more ahead on action news a man marks his 100 birthday jumping out of a perfectly good plane and we will show you amazing video. golden globes handed out tonight and who took home some top awards when action news comes right back. fios in the house! dave this fios party is da bomb! fo shizzle! it's tv totally ahead of its time.
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brought in 21.9 million over the weekend an a second was hidden figures which made 21.8 million, the animated musical the animal musical thing was third with 20 million. the award season kicked off tonight with the golden globes and best movies and t.v. shows and artists were recognized for making us laugh, cry and thinking a second time. >> maggie is in los angeles with a look at tonight's winners. >> oh, my god i feel like i'm going to faint. >> the best in t.v. and movie kicking off award season with the biggest party of the year. >> the winner is. >> reporter: as host jimmy fallen had to deal with a tela
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prompter not off and best screen play and score and ryan gosling best actor in a musical. >> the best experience on a film. best actress emma stone. >> think of my amazing mom. >> reporter: nabbing her first golden globe she wins the best actress for abc blackish. >> my first time here guys. >> reporter: in atlanta the rookie series on fx showing it's around to stay winning the best comedy and musical and getting a nod for the star glover and best actor and then the night's biggest award in film that is motion picture drama. >> moonlight. >> reporter: and wrapping up the night with another win for best motion picture musical or comedy. >> lala land. >> reporter: now that the party is over and award season has officially kicked off all eyes are on the oscars, sunday
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february 26 right here on abc maggie abc news los angeles.
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it's a real game changer. (giggles) keep on scratchin' veterans spent today splashing around with bottle nose dolphins at the research center with much needed emotional therapy with lost limbs to brain injuries and both the vets and dolphins had a ball. >> i didn't think they would be that interactive with people, i thought they would be trained to be but they are interactive social creatures. >> reporter: one vet will never be the same as she was before going to war and it was great to find a new way to enjoy life. getting to your 100th birthday of course a big landmark. >> but it's how al celebrated that makes it a real landmark after his wife eleanor died six years ago he grieved of course
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and set out to do things he has never done and has gone dog shredding and took a ride in a lamborghini and he did a sky dive and loved the free fall and the float to the ground. >> oh, wow, wonderful. >> reporter: his son says he has no idea what is ahead for his dad for birthday number 101 but stay tuned. >> action sports sunday is next on channel 6 and the news continues at 4:30 with murphy and edwards and matt o'donnell and karen rogers and from mel mel and jeff skversky and walter perez i'm sarah bloomquist have a great night.
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sports sunday nfl playoff football begins and once again without the eagles. what do the birds have to do to make it back. >> we have a 24-year-old quarterback we have a 25-year-old high stakes player and we have to make sure we surround that talent who can be here and build with us. >> rolling in. >> plus the sixers win again and someone is talking playoffs, yeah, playoffs. plus can the flyers make it two straight wins? ♪ this is action news sports sunday sponsored by audi. ♪ hello it's sports sunday i'm
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jeff skversky with mike missanelli from 97.5 the phanatic and we are sitting here talking about teams in the nfl playoffs and not the eagles and carson wentz says he never wants this and doug pederson said they were close but the general manager said they were not close. that is the question and coach speak obviously we are close but laying the realistic viewpoint which is they are not close and encouraging things the general manager said and says 10-6 were not good enough and thought it was good enough for the playoffs and once you get in the playoffs you can do great things and will look at players a different way and i don't know what that means yet and i hope it means he will trust his tenants to pick the right players because his track record has not been that good but encouragedd encouraged tha
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things are looking good and eagles were not in the playoffs today. >> no they were not and the biggest need for the team to be a perenial team is what?. >> cornerback first. >> over receiver? >> i know, there is dilemma here and carson wentz and play around him and look at the defense side of the football and look at the draft and see the cornerbacks are there is a plethora of cornerbacks that can come in and straight right away and would not squander that chance but focus on the wide receivers but go cornerback in the first round. >> they need play makers like desean jackson and guys they had and how about this, roseman taking perhaps a shot at chill kelly this week, listen. >> seems like a long time ago where we are leading the national football league in 20 plus plays and don't have a delorian time machine to go back in time and get some of those
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guys back, we have a young group and room and they need to continue to grow and it's one of the things among others that we need to look at. >> reporter: wow, i bet that and delorian time machine and give him credit. >> if you had a time machine like doc brown and marty mcfly in back to the future moves what is one eagles move you would reverse. >> you really asking this question and it's one desean jackson because they lost that guy and the top defense and looking for him for the last two years and as soon as desean jackson went their passing attack fizzled, he was the type of guy who can make big plays and don't have guys with big plays and the second is shady mccoy but desean jackson is the first mistake and got nothing back for him. >> one common denominator chip kelly well the eagles could go back to the future in march and bring desean back that is right the redskins receiver is a free agent but not everyone would be on board with this move.
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listen to what ron says about the idea of bringing desean jackson back. >> i would not bring desean jackson back i would bring someone with desean jackson's skills a young desean jackson via the draft. i'm just a firm believer right wrong or different and you can agree or disagree with me i think you build your team through the draft and you develop your team through the draft with young players. i want a guy that is going to come here and be carson wentz's go to guy for the next ten years like peyton manning and marvin harrison and aikman had irvin and a young guy with the draft 21, 22 years old and you watch this group grow and flourish together. >> in your time machine would you bring back desean. >> no as much as i want to go back in a time machine i would not bring him back he is 30, 31 years old and lose his step by the time the eagles and they are a couple years away and we know
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that, they have a lot of positions to fill and that was reiterated by the general manager so by the time he is ready to you know he is going to be 34 years old by the time they are ready to win i think it's risky and the money thing is also prohibited to me. i would go for a younger player as well. >> the season took a turn for the worse in north when aaron rodgers beat them up and tonight he is making the giants so upset he reportedly punched a hole outside the locker room and banged his head on the door and aaron rodgers four touchdown against the giants in the wild card and end of half rogers all the time in the world look at this nearly ten seconds finally and adams takes a one point lead and no time left if the half and rogers what the help throws up a hail mary and randall cobb 42 yards. >> how did he get behind him. >> eli apple makes a mistake and
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green bay 38-13 and going to dallas and the giants lose their first playoff game since losing to the eagles in 09 and the giants go back to miami for that extended vacation. >> rogers was sensational today. >> yes he was and miami and dolphins look ice cold in pittsburgh and feels like one and ben rothlisberger with a pair of 50 yard passes for a touchdown in the playoff game to brown and one for 50 and pittsburgh 30-12 and headed to kansas city to face andy reid and hard to believe the eagles beat up the same steelers team back in september. >> how do you run that what is that called? your legs don't work when it's that cold. >> i'm a mess that is why i'm sitting here with you. all right speaking of the playoffs are the sixers a playoff team wait until you hear who is talking a big game. we will be right back. stay tuned for more action news
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♪ action news sports sunday sponsored by audi challenge all givens. ♪ exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast cold on monday with less wind the high up to 27, chilly not as harsh on tuesday and 38 and mixed precipitation north and west before temperatures rise overnight and transitions to rain and fog and high and 60 on thursday and guys send it back to you. thanks melissa the sixers may have won ten games and as many as they won last seasons and playing well won three of four and are you excited we have not seen ben simmons yet. >> surprised what i'm seeing with the sixers with the role players are stepping forward and guys like nick and mcconnell is getting a lot of minutes out there and covington has come
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alive and joe ellen bead are making the playoff and with a date withry rianna. >> they are waking up and i'm going to get them coffee and a tip off for every one and second half on fire 30-9 run and sixers in front and early and bead with a nice move and finishes with 20 and robert covington takes over, slams it down part of a 13-0 run and a minute later more and sixers 105-95 and won three of four and indeed walked off the floor as they don't trust the process on the road like they did the other night in boston. >> this is great going on the wall there having the process and last time he was in boston
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and brooklyn is great and i loved the support. >> so you're buying this, he thinks they have a shot at the playoffs so you're buying it no of course not. >> i'm not buying it they would have to win close to 40 games to get in the playoffs. they only have ten. where do they see the wins coming from ben simmons will help if he plays and worried if they are going to put him back on the court. it was january and now it's february, and once february arrives will they push it again? there is no chance if ben simmons does not play they can win enough games to get on that kind of a streak. >> next playoff team likely the flyers they are struggling but looking okay tonight in columbus. let's go to the highlights flyers in columbus, steve mason trying to pick up a win out there for the first time in 12 years scoreless until the second and david sevard past mason and no goalie interference and 1-zip to the end of the third and 60 seconds left and they finally beat former flyer sergei and
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flyers tie at one but in over time nick falino and flyers lose 2-1 and dropped 8 of their last 10 games so are they the next playoff team, the second wild card team right now and lost steam after the ten-game winning streak. >> now the way they are playing have come back to earth, i don't know what it's going to take a high goll tender which they don't have and nation is not hot and somebody has to step up and really carry the team. >> hope they can get in the playoffs because this city needs it. >> one playoff team at least one. >> we have villa nova. >> all due respect to villa nova. >> chris generaling jenkins and devastated when the eagles didn't make it, i'm mike and jeff good night. ♪
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