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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  January 9, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight, the urgent manhunt. authorities going door to door at this hour for a cocular. a mother and son killed by a fugitive. make a run for it, another officer killed in the search. also breaking tonight, the state of emergency in 20 states. california to new york. the massive mud slides bury a at lite truck. and rob marciano with the rushing waters behind him. new reporting tonight on the ft. lauderdale shooter. was his first destination supposed to be new york city on new year's eve? is and inside the 34 seconds of terror tonight, the chilling video. the developing headline involving president-elect trump's son-in-law and the fallout tonight after meryl streep's speech. trump's tweet, but what he said
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about the actress not long along. and underwater, the president as you have never seen him before. good evening, and it's great to have you with us here on a monday night, and we begin with the urgent scene unfolding in orlando at this hour. authorities say there is a desperate manhunt for a cop-killer. a veteran police officer, a mother, she was trying to apprehend him at a walmart. investigators say he shot and killed her. master sergeant debra clayton, and her fellow officers standing in salute. we would learn a second officer was killed in the hunt. tonight, the reward, a community on skedge and schools on lockdo. eva pilgrim is on the scene. >> reporter: tonight a massive manhunt police going door to door at this apartment complex searching for the man they say gunned down one of orlando's finest. >> we're gonna bring this dirt bag to justice. he's going to jail.
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>> reporter: just after 7:00am, master sergeant debra clayton, a 17-year veteran is on duty outside this walmart. when someone alerts her that a wanted murder suspect, named markeith lloyd is in the store. >> there was a short pursuit, and as soon as she said stop, he basically opened fire. >> he had a security vest on and everythi everything. the officer telling him to stop, he shot her and he took off running. it was unreal. >> we have one officer shot en route to ormc. >> reporter: clayton later dying at the hospital. the suspect getting away, firing on one deputy's car, carjacking another. another deputy killed in motorcycle crash while searching for the suspect. schools put on lockdown as s.w.a.t. teams swarmed that apartment complex. lloyd who was already wanted in the shooting death of his pregnant girlfriend last month posted this on facebook 2 weeks earlier. goals:to be on "america's most
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wanted." >> he needs to turn himself in now. not tonight or tomorrow. now. >> reporter: she was a tireless advocate for her community. >> i have personally known debra for 17 years. debra clayton is a hero, and she gave her life protecting the community that she loves. she will be deeply missed. >> and eva pilgrim with us live tonight. eva, i know authorities were asking the local news media not the carry aerial images as they were going door the door, and not to tip off this guy. in the meantime, they were asking the community for help? >> reporter: police want to find this guy. they are offering a $16,000 reward. he had a violent criminal history. police want this guy off the streets, david. >> eva pilgrim leads us off from orlando. thank you. we turn next to winter weather alerts from california to new york.
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in fact, a state of emergency after deadly storms. eight people killed coast to coast. in california tonight, heavy rain causing mud slides burying this remote truck from our san francisco station. the satellite covered. powerful winds in washington state ripping off this roof. and digging from a snowstorm, dozens of cars collide on this highway. a change is on the way. and here's abc's kayna whitworth to start us off. >> reporter: tonight, with those relentless rains drenching the west for more than 48 hours, the new danger, mudslides. >> when you pan up you can see rocks still sliding down, so it's still a very active situation. >> reporter: southwest of san jose, this van crushed. part of highway 17, shut down. the driver, a photographer for our san francisco station kgo injured but home from the hospital tonight. the storm moving east, in colorado springs -- >> there it goes. >> reporter: near 90
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mile-an-hour gusts snapping huge trees. knocking out power to thousands. in reno, nevada -- >> please evacuate now. >> reporter: the governor declaring a state of emergency, evacuating more than 1,000 residents. we met kathryn hamlin in nearby lockwood. >> it's been a little unnerving, a little scary -- >> reporter: this excavator, pulling debris out of the truckee river trying to keep the water flowing. at least four killed in the west, including the driver of this taxi after his vehicle plunged into the water. our rob marciano is in napa county. >> reporter: the rain stopped here about 12 hours ago, but the water is pouring over the top of this dam. it's normally dry, but today, flowing. that dam is 70 years old holding so many gallons of water. >> reporter: in the sierra nevada, this is all that's left of the "pioneer cabin" tree, the famous giant sequoia hollowed out in the 1880's. meanwhile, much of the rest of the country, still freezing after ice storms killed at least four in the south, and brought snow and accidents all the way to the northeast. here in reno the truckee river
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runs right through downtown, and bridges were threatened as the waters rose several feet above flood levels. officials hoping it drops tonight because they have more rain on the way tomorrow. david? >> thanks to you. let's get right to ginger zee tonight. she is live with the track for us. hey, ginger. >> reporter: hey, david. three to more than 20 inch of rain fell in parts of california in the last week or so, so that floor is saturated, and that's why we see those flood watches and warnings. from the sierra to the bay area to idaho. tuesday and wednesday will drop to a half foot plus, and certainly more mountain snow in the highest elevations. and to new york, there is snow and a wintery mix. >> ginger, thank you. we have new reporting this evening after the terror that played out inside the ft.
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lauderdale airport on friday. authorities telling abc news the suspect's original plan was to arrive in new york city on new year's eve. tmz obtaining this video inside terminal 2 showing the gunman pulling out his weapon and fire. the passengers hiding behind carts there, and others simply frozen in place. but tonight, was florida his original destination, and was he influenced by isis? here's our chief investigative correspondent, brian ross. >> reporter: as esteban santiago made his first appearance in court today, authorities told abc news that his initial intended target may not have been ft. lauderdale, but new york. that he had made a reservation to fly into new york city on new year's eve but then, for an unknown reason, canceled it. instead santiago booked a $278 one way ticket to fort lauderdale. where, as this video obtained by tmz shows, he unleashed 34 seconds of terror. pulling his gun out of his waistband and opening fire.
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as he continues out of view, pan ached passengers, many of them elderly, ran for cover, hiding behind baggage carts. police say santiago emptied his 9 millimeter semi-automatic handgun and then reloaded to keep shooting. five people were killed, six more wounded, in a scene of carnage that friends and family today say could have been prevented. >> he was having some mental problems, and he wasn't feeling right. >> reporter: his former girlfriend, michelle quinones says santiago became unhinged after a deployment to iraq in 2010 where he said two friends in his national guard unit were killed. but she says he couldn't get help from the veterans' hospital in puerto rico. >> and they did nothing. they didn't do anything. >> reporter: and santiago's life in anchorage, alaska was falling apart. court records show he was arrested for trying to strangle his girlfriend, but instead of jail was sent to anger management courses. in november, santiago went to the anchorage fbi office to say he was hearing voices. about isis, but after being
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briefly hospitalized for a mental examination, agents returned his handgun, saying they found no connection to terrorism. >> what they should be asking is, does this person i'm interested in present a risk of committing an act of violence. >> >> reporter: this 21-year-old they recovered from a pawnshop in alaska, and they are determine if his claims that he was in touch with isis is a fact or another one of his delusions, david. >> brian, thank you. next tonight, just 11 days until president-elect donald trump is inaugurated, and tonight, there is word his son-in-law, jared kushner, will hold a post as a senior white house adviser. the appointment of kushner, a young businessman with real estate holdings himself, there are questions over how he'll separate it all. mr. trump was asked about that today. he said, wait until today, his news conference. in a tweet, he did weigh in on meryl streep. abc's cecilia vega at trump tower tonight.
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>> reporter: tonight, abc news learning that ivanka trump's husband will take an official role in the west wing as a senior adviser to the president. the president-elect praising his talents. >> i would love to have jared helping us on deals with other nations and see if we can do peace in the middle east and other things. he is very talented. he is a very talented guy. >> reporter: ethics split over his former role in the trump administration would violate nepotism laws, and with questions swirling about conflict of interest, he tells abc news he will resign from his job in his family's real estate empire, and divest assets, but not fully. today, donald trump had little to say about his son-in-law's new role. >> we'll talk about that on wednesday. >> reporter: the president-elect looking ahead to his first
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formal press conference in six mont months. also not talking about the russian hacking. >> we'll talk about that another time. >> reporter: or replacing obamacare. >> we'll see. >> reporter: but early this morning, he had a lot to say on twitter about this moment, meryl streep's golden globes acceptance speech. >> there was one performance this year that stunned me. it sank its hooks in my heart. not because it was good. it was -- there is nothing good about it. but it was effective, and it did its job. it was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter. someone he outranked in privilege, power and the capacity to fight back. >> reporter: the actress referring to this moment. >> i don't know what i said. i don't remember. >> reporter: trump talking about a reporter from "the new york
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times." >> it kind of broke my heart when i saw it, and i still can't get it out of my head because it wasn't in a movie. it was real life, and this instinct to humiliate when it's modeled by someone powerful because it kind of gives permission for other people to do the same thing. >> a three-time oscar winner with 19 academy award nominations, the most of any actor, and trump called her one of the most overrated actresses. also calling her a hillary flunky who lost big. saying, for the hundredth time, i never mocked a disabled reporter. >> represents a small slice of america. this was an anti-elite. this was a rejection of the elites. >> reporter: but in an interview just two years ago, trump named streep as one of his favoriactr.
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>> his first news conference in 168 days, and you're learning new details already tonight about ivanka trump's future? >> reporter: david, we're hearing that ivanka trump will be stepping down from her management role in the family business, and her own business. we know she won't be playing a formal role in the white house, at least not immediately. >> cecilia vega, thank you. next tonight, the capitol hill showdown. also brewing several of president-elect trump's most controversial cabinet nominees scheduled for hearings that beginner tomorrow. tonight, there is outrage from some that say reviews have not been completed. that they are being rushed through. abc's mary bruce on capitol hill tonight. >> reporter: with just 11 days to go, the president-elect sauntered off the elevator at trump tower ready to go. >> it's great. confirmation is going great. >> reporter: a flurry of confirmation hearings are set to
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begin tomorrow, but tonight, some of those have not been vetted. some worry the schedule is putting pressure to rush through the important reviews, saying this hasn't happened in decades. >> all these procedural complaints are related to their frustration, in not only losing the white house, but the senate. >> reporter: they are calling foul, saying that democrats, quote, need to grow up. a change of tune from when he sent this letter outlining demands for obama's nominees, saying the reviews need to be complete before their confirmation hearings. today, the democratic leader sent his letter back to him. >> we crossed out harry reid and put mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer. the very things we thought were necessary for nominations they're asking for.
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>> you doing they are playing by their own rules? >> correct. >> reporter: attorney general. today, protests outside his capitol hill office. sessions was previously rejected for a judgeship over allegations he made racist remarks. he has fiercely denied. today, trump backed his pick. >> i think he'll do great. high-quality man. >> reporter: then rex tillerson, the pick for secretary of state. the former exxonmobil ceo has cozy ties with russia. trump tweeting, having a good relationship with russia is a good thing. only stupid people or fools would think it's bad. >> mary bruce with us live. you're learning more about rex tillerson's business dealings with other countries that may come up this week? >> reporter: david, under tillerson's leadership, we learn exxonmobil did business with
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iran, syria and sudan. though technically, legal, it's likely to spark questions, especially since there are sanctions against iran. >> mary, thank you. there is much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. the security breach, and violent takedown. you will see it. the suspect who tried to force his way through tsa and get on a flight. you will hear the call for help. also the american diplomat ambushed. the attack on camera there. there is information about the suspect. later right here, under the sea. president obama as we have never seen him before. where was this captured? we'll be right back. but that doesn't stop my afib from leaving me at a higher risk of stroke. that'd be devastating. i took warfarin for over 15 years. until i learned more about once-daily xarelto®... a latest-generation blood thinner. then i made the switch. xarelto® significantly lowers the risk of stroke
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response. >> reporter: this 21-year-old man, tonight in jail, after bursting through that o'hare checkpoint. tsa officers pursue. >> they're not stopping him. they're following him. >> reporter: it was just before 5:00 sunday morning as malik neal made his way from that tsa checkpoint into the gate area. now with airport security joining. >> he's boarding a plane at lema 5. >> he's boarding a plane at lema >> reporter: t-s-a officers and airport security -- don't have arrest authority. >> we need a taser squad! >> reporter: and the suspect put up a fight, two t-s-a officers. and two chicago police officers, who arrived at the gate, were injured. >> reporter: an incident after fort lauderdale, and others, raising concerns. >> we have had three serious catastrophic incidents and now a security breach. which isn't catastrophic, but it points to a vulnerability. >> reporter: fixing those will be up to local governments which are responsible for airport security, david. >> david kerley with us. thanks, david. when we come back here, the important head line for women
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so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve. to the index, the police officer suspended at ft. worth. we reported on the mother and daughter wrestling, and the mother calling police saying a neighbor choked her young son. but a confrontation erupts between her and the officer. he is on paid leave. the diplomat ambushed in mexico. a state department official is hot while in his car. the suspect there, a male med student, wearing a wig and sun glasses, being returned to the u.s. no worden a motive. now a 17-year study saying that one of three tumors may be treated unnecessarily. some are treated as
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has the exact nutrient formula the national eye institute recommends to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything. finally tonight here, president obama take a dive in a place he helped protect. >> reporter: their images unlike anything we have seen before. a snorkling president. president obama swimming in the pacific around the hawaiian
6:58 pm
islands he protected under executive order. it's a place he grew up with, and he said his mother helped shape the nature. >> she would wake me up to see a full moon if it was particularly spectacular. so i give her a lot of credit. >> reporter: 11 days before the next president t curre, the cur and a question he is often asked. >> people ask me why i stay calm in the midst of crazy stuff going on. i say part of it is being born in hawaii and knowing what it's like to jump in the ocean and understanding what it means when you see a sea turtle in the face of a wave. >> stunning images. the documentary, "sea of hope" airs this weekend. i'm david muir. i hope to see you here tomorrow. until then, have a good evenin
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a law student from chicago, illinois... a social worker from arlington, virginia... and our returning champion, a professor and associate dean from florence, massachusetts... ...whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. welcome aboard. you know, that opening montage of ours really does show the diversity of the categories on "jeopardy!" if you like to play along at home, i hope you appreciate those categories. i know our newcomers will, blair and jack,


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