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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  January 10, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy.
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good afternoon in the news police say that a store owner was the victim of a deadly shooting in wilmington. >> and protesters are being thrown out of a senate confirmation hearing for one of donald trump's nominees. and the big story is the back to back robbery of a 18-year-old girl and a 29-year-old man and they both wound up in the hospital. it happened minutes be blocks apart in the frankford center of philadelphia. one victim was shot. katherine scott is live with the details. >> reporter: that is right. one of the attacks happened here and the other happened about a block away from here. we spoke way victim this morning and he did not want to be identified. he says he has a broken nose and was shot twice in the hip and the wounds had shallow, still walking with a limp and in a lot
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of pain. >> i thought it was cops coming. >> but the 29-year-old victim realized these were no police officers. he had just turned on to the street in frankford when he noticed a white chevy impala. >> they came out with a shotgun and two handguns. >> they were wearing dark clothing and gloves and ski masks. >> he was like give me everything you have. and i said i don't have nothing i am homeless and they hit me in the face and then they were going to leave they shot me. >> he went to the hospital and the hospital notified police and at the same time a 18-year-old woman was in the money room. she was walking from the transportation station a block away on frankford avenue, when a
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man grabbed her neck from behind and struck her in the head way gun and punched and kicked her in the ribs and demanded money, she curled up on the sidewalk and they fled with her wallet. >> the news troubles nearby residents though some say they are not surprised. >> i walked in at 11:00. that evening yesterday evening and i said dam -- >> we have children on this block. what are we going to do when we send them to the store, are we going to worry about them getting robbed or shot? >> there are a number of surveillance cameras in the area and police hope there is footage to help in this investigation. >> katherine, thank you. >> new jersey state police is reviewing surveillance video to review how a 50 pound dumbbell
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smashed through the windshield of an suv. in salem township, 75-year-old jack decarlo was driving southbound on the turnpike at the time and suffered serious injuries and is still in critical condition at the hospital. drivers hit a major backup on kelly drive because of ice on the road. police had to close part of the road in fairmount park because of the slick conditions, both directions were shut down from the strawberry mansion bridge to the grand stands. and accuweather is tracking freezing rain in the northern suburbs including bucks and montgomery counties. for now it's cloudy and cold as we look live at sky 6 hd at thomas paine plaza at city hall. meteorologist, david murphy, has your first check of the accuweather forecast. >> we start with the snow showers, they probably look worse to you than they actually are. if you go in closer a lot of
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what is pushing in through newcastle county and chester county and berks county is highlighted in a dark shade of gray, a light snow shower and very little impact on the surface. this brighter band in berks has a chance of putting down a coating. and we see visibilities generally improve to the west and that is an indication that the snow showers on the way are probably breaking apart. i'll allow for a flurry and a couple of snow showers and fairly low impact and a coating of snow if you are driving around in this stuff today and you start to see affect on the roadway you slow it down. tonight a warm front comes through triggering additional precipitation in the northern suburbs. the rain is forming behind the front as temperatures rise tonight that is good because any snow would change over to rain. true but there is a period where there is a transitional zone of rain and for that reason we have
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a winter weather advisory posted in northern areas where we think the freezing rain chance exists. it starts at 6:00. and places like quakertown and pots down and maybe southern berks county we may see this expire by 10:00 tonight or a little bit later. and allentown east, it could be by midnight to see the warmer air to break up any ice on the roads and change the whole thing over to rain and 2:00 in the morning far north in the poconos before this go as way. more on future tracker 6 showing the arrival of this precipitation and a change over to rain tomorrow. and a much awaited warm-up in the accuweather forecast for tomorrow afternoon and the day beyond. >> can't wait for that thank you. meanwhile, crews are starting to repair the giant sinkhole that swallowed two cars in the kensington section of philadelphia. officials believe that a sewer line failed causing a water main
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to burst. a sewer contractor is on site today and six homes are still without water and gas. a house went up in flames in paulsboro, new jersey, crews responded to west broad street at 10:00. from chopper 6 hd you see heavy damage to the home but officials say that everyone made it out okay fortunately. in washington, two of president-elect donald trump's cabinet nominees are being questioned at the first senate confirmation hearings. up first is jeff sessions trump's pick for attorney general but democrats are skeptical and protester his to be thrown out before the hearing started today. >> reporter: good afternoon, there is another senate confirmation taking place today. that one is not controversial but this one had protesters lining up and officers removing them one by one.
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protesters wearing white clan style hoods disrupted the first confirmation hearing of the trump administration before it started. senator jeff sessions for attorney general is one of donald trump more controversial choices. again, and again protesters were removed of the course of the hearing. 31 years ago sessions was rejected for a federal judgeship overallgations he made racial remarks, sessions denied the charges and did so today. >> i am not for the clan and what it represents and it's hateful ideology. >> and that he distinctished himself prosecuting a clan member. >> this is not the actions of an individual that is motivated by racial -- >> this jobs requires service to the people and to the law.
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not to the president. >> senator sessions addressed the criticisms. >> will you be able to stand up and say no to the president of the united states. >> i understand the responsibility of the attorney general and i will do so. >> but at the same moment he is testifying. >> i am ready for this job. >> protesters were being hauled away from his senate office. and sessions was grilled to his previous opposition to abortion and lgbt rights and statements he made about hillary clinton, he says he will uphold the law of the land and withdraw himself from cases involving clinton or the clinton foundation. >> after eight years in office, president obama is getting ready for his televised farewell address tonight. instead of speaking from the white house he will deliver his speech from chicago. mr. obama is expected to tell americans not to lose faith in
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the future, no matter what they think of the next president. and you can watch president obama's speech live tonight from chicago at 9:00 right here on 6 abc. from our delaware newsroom now, police say that a wilmington store owner is the victim of a deadly shooting, the man was shot in the head on the corner of lancaster avenue. investigators do not know a motive and have not made an arrest. >> somebody fired shots into a local fast food restaurant while open for business. the bullets shattered the windows here at the checkers at 58th and baltimore in southwest philadelphia late last night. when police arrived they found a number of except shell casings and trying to figure out where the gunshots came from. nobody was hurt. bucks county district attorney matthew wine -- will run for another term.
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he took office in september after heckler retired. and the manhunt for a suspect that allegedly killed a police officer at a florida wal-mart. and now arrests of the men that allegedly helped to rob kim kardashian in paris.
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a massive manhunt is underway for a man accused of fatally shooting a police officer. officer deborah clayton was killed outside of the wal-mart sport in west orlando yesterday morning. two hours later deputy norman lewis was killed searching for the suspect. and lloyd is a suspect of the killing of his pregnant ex-girlfriend last september. and closing arguments in the case of dillon roof are expected today. and the government rested the case against roof yesterday after being convicted of killing nine people inside of a
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charleston church in 2014. roof represented himself in the penalty phase and made no effort to seek mercy or express remorse. the jury will decide if he gets life in prison or the death penalty. now investigators believe the armed robbery of kim kardashian west was an inside job. the driver and his brother were among 17 people arrested in france. police are not giving more details as to how the robbery was planned. kardashian was tied up and robbed of 10 million there's in jewelry. another powerful storm is taking aim at california and nevada. the russian river overflowed in northern california and left cars and homes under water. it forced hundreds of people to vac yates. one homer is facing a massive repair job after crashing her suv into her own
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house and into her backyard swimming pool. the vehicle hit a patch of ice returning to her home in north carolina. she hit the gas instead of the brake and the suv slammed through the garage and through the deck and into the aboveground pool. nobody was seriously hurt. it was a big morning in minneapolis county for some local wal-mart employees. the "action news" cam was at the wal-mart super center in hatfield. the site of the company's training academy in pennsylvania. it officially opened today. the academy offers hands on for training and supervisors and today had the graduation of the very first class. they plan to open up 200 such training centers nationwide by the end of the year. find out why bank of america is being sued for a half being
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dollars. and when ford is planning to bring back the bronco.
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bank of america has a bill to pay for the federal government. it allegedly owes a half billion dollars to the agency that insures customers deposits for bank failure that they underreported a bank risk years ago. and it allowed them to pay less
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money to the insurance fund. and they disagree and say they were in compliance the entire time. the ford bronco is making a come back and making another version of the vehicle in 2020. it was last made in 2006 ford has not said what the new version will look like but will be closer in size to the broncos of the 50s and 60s and 70s. and chrysler afounded plans to make the jeep wagoneer. a new study raises questions about mammograms, danish rye searchers are the latest to say it may lead to unnecessary treatment. they followed women for ten years and found that one-third of abnormalities found by mammograms are harmless but they are still encouraging all women to follow the screening guidelines. we heard that exercise can
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help children with serious behavioral problems but one particular kind of exercise may work better than gym class or even recess. in a new study children with autism and adhd used bicycles equipped with learning equipment. they were less likely to act out. the "action news" team is out working on news stories for tonight beginning at 4:00. lets check in with alicia vitarelli live in the newsroom with a look ahead. >> reporter: if your new year's resolution includes losing weight and hitting the gym. before that workout we have a warning for you. a lot of health clubs can be breeding grounds for things like bacteria fungus and viruses. especially this time of year. we have simple ways to protect yourself while you get fit. and the next generation of monopoly is in your hands, the maker of the popular game starts a contest to let you choose how
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the next version of the game will look. we'll explain in big talkers. take us with you on the go, download the free 6 abc news app and watch our newscast streaming live on your smart phone or tablet. monopoly getting a new look. i don't know how i feel i'm torn. my childhood. >> you'll be fine. >> thanks alicia. coming up later today. is hosting a live video chat with penn medicine experts how to prevent and cure lung cancer, log on to to get answers and join the discussion today from 4:00 until 5:00 p.m. still to come on "action news" at noon, a check of the accuweather forecast for you, as we look outside. meteorologist, david murphy, has the seven-day forecast, snowy now but we have warm weather heading our way.
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david murphy is here now with a first look at the accuweather forecast. >> look we have light snow out there. i'm going to show this to you and you go oh my. but it's not as bad as it looks. it's just a light snow shower and if i go in tighter we see a little bit pushing into newcastle, delaware and parts of chester county and berks county but the steadier stuff to the west has a tendency to fall apart and become less of an issue. some of you get a coating and some flurry. but as we go through the afternoon you might encounter some of this and some pushing up close toward allentown, if you see coverage on the roadway you slow it down. but this is not our big ticket issue today. that comes later tonight.
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looking outside we have sky 6 hd and chopper 6 hd, looking at center city and a little bit sunshine falls into place. 30 degrees is your temperature and boy it was cold this morning with temperatures in the teens and we see a lot of improvement and in philadelphia we should be over freezing in the next half hour, hour, and staying that way the rest of the evening. 28 in allentown and 27 in reading and 31 in wilmington and it's the northern areas that may take longer well into is the evening to get above freezing than could mean an issue for us. there is the possibility of precip moving in and if temperatures stay below freezing it won't be rain. as we look at future tracker between 6:00 and 9:00, the model pushes our precipitation to the north and west and there is a chance that it comes in sooner than that. and anything that makes it here
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will be light snow and more importantly freezing rain and a little bit of freezing drizzle can give you problems on sidewalks and roadways, once we get later into the overnight hours, warm air surges to the north and we wind up changing effect into rain and the winter weather advisory from 6:00 into past midnight up into the lehigh valley. and there is that possibility, if we happen to get precipitation even if it's light there could be icing. i think the threat of that goes by the way side at 10:00 in quakertown and pottstown and probably reading, the probably north are you in through here the longer it may take and could be after midnight, in the poconos before things improve. mostly cloudy and the icing possibility at night and a high of 37 that is later on this evening. i'll show you a model i designed just for allentown, you see how temperatures at 6:00, 8:00 and pushing toward 10:00 are not that far above freezing and
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because the air temperature get as above 36 doesn't mean the surface temperature will immediately react to that, if you see rain on the windshield, slow it down in case there is a freeze up. philadelphia 38 and a spotty flurry and snow shower around this afternoon. no icing in philadelphia tonight though. it will be too warm for that. 38 in philadelphia, and the issues up north and west with icing in the evening and nighttime hours. tomorrow 51 and thursday is the pick of the week getting the high up to 60 degree, that is going to be nice and friday 53 and temperatures falling and a couple of showers and back to business on saturday brisk and cold and 38 and a chance of precipitation into sunday morning. mlk day looks damp too. >> thank you david.
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here are the stories we are following for on "action news" at 12:30. philadelphia police are looking for a killer that tried to defend his friend during a robbery. president obama gives his farewell speech in chicago tonight. and stormtracker 6 live double scan shows light snow moving in parts of the area. david murphy is standing by with the accuweather forecast. and now the details a robber is on


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