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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  January 14, 2017 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. this morning, the deadly ice storm. the worst in a decade. the plains, a sheet of ice. roads, treacherous. the 20-car pileup. >> i could just see every single car that was coming to hit me. >> this snowplow swerving out of control plunging over the edge. we've got team coverage of this dangerous storm with the worst yet to come. feeling the heat. fbi director james comey meets with members of congress about his handling of the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. >> all i can tell you is the fbi director has no credibility. >> as the president's pick for national security adviser comes under more scrutiny. the new details about mike flynn's contact with the russian government. cold case cracked. >> my daughter alexis. >> a teenager in tears allegedly
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snatched from the hospital when she was only 8 hours old. 18 years later, her birth family brokenhearted but never giving up hope. >> i have been praying and praying for this day. >> how she was finally found. and to the rescue. a state trooper ambushed. two motorists stopping to help. >> this is a civilian shot on i-10. he's in real bad shape. please send air support, helicopter, please. >> one driver using his own gun to shoot the suspect. the officer lucky to be alive this morning. hey, good morning on a saturday when we've got several political firestorms brewing in washington and a major ice storm hitting the plains. >> yes, i guess the theme this morning is storms. the latest on the trump transition coming up. but we start with the weather. we want you to look at this map. over 20 million americans are in the nation's midsection dealing with another powerful winter storm which is forecast to bring
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significant ice across the region. >> check out this instagram video. a driver trying to open his iced over door and then when he finally gets in the vehicle, it starts sliding backward down the driveway. we should say that some people are having fun with the ice. this slow motion video shows a child jumping on a frozen trampoline in missouri. looks like something that would happen in paula faris' backyard. >> kids always find a way to see the positive. we want to take the situation seriously because it's dangerous. states of emergency have been declared in several states where they're dealing with downed power lines and fatal car wrecks and forecasters say that the worst is yet to come. >> rob is standing by in colorado. but let's kick things off with abc's adrienne bankert in wichita, kansas. adrienne, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan, good morning, paula. yes, things are going to be very icy. here in wichita, in fact, across the entire state of kansas crews will be out on the roadways but things got very dangerous when the freezing rain hit last night.
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overnight, millions of americans from the southern plains to the mid-atlantic impacted by a deadly winter storm leading to treacherous conditions. the freezing rain and ice causing a 20-plus car chain reaction pileup in wichita, kansas. >> i could just see every single car that was coming to hit me and my air bag deployed and my head got whacked on the steering wheel five times. >> reporter: watch as this snowplow in utah loses control as a flatbed trailer attempts to pass on the right, clipping the 70,000-pound vehicle. the plow driver swerving into the opposite lane slamming into the guardrail plummeting 300 feet. thankfully, the driver will be okay. >> he's bruised up a little bit. he's real sore. i talked to him this morning. >> reporter: and on a st. louis highway, ice sending this black suv fishtailing before doing a complete 180 barely missing other drivers. ice forming on cars so thick, it creates a solid barrier on these windows.
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concerns about power outages increasing. an inch of ice can add more than 750 pounds of extra weight to a 300-foot power line. that heavy ice upending and snapping trees in illinois. branches smashing car windows. and you know they're taking every precaution. most churches have canceled their services for tomorrow. most activities have been postponed till after the weekend and after this ice. crews will be out treating the roadways with a mixture of brine and beet juice. it's been proven to melt the ice a lot faster and keep the salt on the roadways. that will be crucial to prevent spinouts. officials telling everybody to stay off the roads, stay home. paula. >> that's an interesting combination there. adrienne -- >> sounds like a base for a fancy cocktail. >> or some sort of shake you would like. all right, adrienne, thank you. as we said, this storm is far from over, so we want to get it out to rob, who happens to be in steamboat springs, colorado, this morning where he's tracking
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it all. rob, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, paula. as you can see, the northern reaches of this storm is reaching northern colorado in the form of snow, but this is a multiday event, unfortunately. this is day two of three and take a look at the ice storm warnings we have posted, a huge chunk of real estate. the advisories stretch all the way towards the east coast there but obviously the bull's-eye is oklahoma city up through st. louis. here we go. the radar, that freezing rain getting all the way to d.c., slick roads through the ohio valley but as we put the maps into motion tomorrow morning, we are really going to see the brunt in wichita to kansas city to st. louis and we don't warm things up until late in the day tomorrow so moving the pittsburgh/kansas city game was a smart move, could see an inch. that is paralyzing ice across parts of western kansas and oklahoma tomorrow. dan, back up to you. >> rob, thank you. to politics now and a series of new developments on the russia front. late friday top senators announced they will be investigating possible contacts between donald trump's campaign and russia. this as new questions surface
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about why the president-elect's national security adviser has been in frequent contact with russia's ambassador to the u.s. in recent weeks. abc's gloria rivera is covering it all from washington. gloria, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this is a fast-moving investigation. now the key concern here is whether or not repeated contact between a high-ranking trump adviser and russia indicates the trump team somehow discussed or even helped shape russia's response to those sanctions president obama imposed after u.s. intelligence officials determined vladimir putin ordered a hacking operation into the election. this morning, the republican-led senate intelligence committee launching an investigation into alleged links between russia and donald trump's presidential campaign. the probe beginning just six days before trump takes office and as new details emerge about incoming trump national security adviser michael flynn's contact with the russian government. flynn even seen seated next to
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russian president vladimir putin during a dinner for the russian tv station rt back in 2015. the trump team confirming flynn texted with the russian ambassador on christmas day. four days later they spoke by phone, the same day the obama administration imposed sanctions for hacking and expelled 35 russian diplomats. trump spokesman sean spicer tells abc news the russian ambassador invited flynn to attend syrian peace talks, which the obama administration has been excluded from. the fact that the designated national security adviser who has his own relationship with the russian government was in touch with the russian ambassador to the united states, i can understand why that was the subject of a column in the newspaper. >> reporter: the russian embassy won't comment on the phone call but confirms the ambassador will be attending trump's inauguration according to the practice and protocol rules. meantime, on capitol hill, fbi director james comey taking heat from democrats who after meeting with comey say he hasn't done enough to investigate trump's alleged russian ties. >> all i can tell you is the fbi
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director has no credibility. that's it. >> reporter: comey has been criticized for speaking publicly about the hillary clinton e-mail investigation days before the november election while staying silent about any inquiries into trump. >> in a public forum we never confirm or deny a pending investigation. i'm not -- >> the irony of you making that statement i cannot avoid. >> reporter: comey now promising to cooperate fully with the investigation into the handling of that case. the investigation will really try to hone in and determine whether or not comey broke with justice department policy by commenting so publicly on the investigation so close to the election. meanwhile, "the wall street journal" editorial board is calling for comey to resign. if he refuses, it says that president-elect donald trump should fire him. paula, dan. >> gloria, thank you. with just six days to go until the inauguration, there are plenty of other big stories cooking in washington right now. >> including a major move by
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congress taking the first steps towards repealing obamacare and abc's mary bruce is in your washington bureau, as well. mary, how close is congress to actually making this happen? >> reporter: well, this morning republicans are at least one step closer to fulfilling their pledge to dismantle obamacare, but they still don't have a plan to replace it. now, the president-elect has said he wants to do this very quickly and the house speaker says republicans will move to repeal and replace in the first 100 days, but there is still a long road and a big fight ahead. 20 million americans have coverage under obamacare and republicans say they don't want them to feel like they're having the rug pulled out from under them, but as they move towards that repeal, they still haven't agreed on what comes next. >> yeah, that's a big fight that's on tap right now, mary. also this morning, we're learning that one top democrat, john lewis, plans to sit out the inauguration. what can you tell us about that. >> reporter: yeah, the civil rights icon, congressman john lewis says he will not attend the inauguration because he says he does not believe
8:10 am
donald trump is the legitimate president. lewis says he thinks the russians helped trump get elected and helped to destroy the candidacy of hillary clinton, so for the first time in his career, lewis says he's going to skip next week's festivities. >> also some interesting on camera comments from donald trump himself. he spoke about the fact that his cabinet nominees have been breaking with him publicly on some major policy issues during their confirmation hearings so what exactly is he saying about this? >> reporter: yeah, remember, just six days till he's sworn in as president, and already we're seeing some real distance between trump's nominees and their potential future boss. his picks for defense secretary and cia director, for instance, are taking a much tougher stance on russia. but now trump is responding. he says he wants members of his cabinet to be themselves, adding that sometimes they may be right, sometimes he may be right. and that's the big x factor here, just how much will trump follow the advice of his own cabinet. dan and paula. >> big x factor, a lot of questions and just six days until the inauguration. mary, always great to have you on the show. thank you. and we do want to turn now
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to a truly remarkable story. a baby allegedly snatched from the hospital 18 years ago has been found alive. the child, she's now a teenager and the woman who raised her now behind bars, but as you can imagine, there are some complicated emotions, and eva pilgrim is covering the story for us this morning. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, paula. for one family it's the day they only dreamed of. but for another, a lot of confusion. the teen suspected recently that something was up, but nothing could prepare her for what she found out. an extremely emotional moment inside a south carolina courtroom as this teenage girl is separated from the only mother she's ever known. this morning a family to be reunited 18 years after a baby was kidnapped from a florida hospital. >> and i have been praying and praying for this day. >> it's been 18 years. i can't wait no longer. >> reporter: that baby now a teenager, and this morning the woman who abducted her being held without bond in a south carolina jail where an anonymous tip led cops to the now 18-year-old girl.
8:12 am
>> in south carolina we found an 18-year-old young woman with the same date of birth but a different name. so further investigation revealed that fraudulent documents had been used to establish that young woman's identity. >> reporter: the case grabbing national attention in 1998 even featured on an episode of "america's most wanted." >> i just want to know where my baby is at. i just want my baby back. >> reporter: named kamiyah mobley by her birth parents, police launched an all-out search for the infant last seen in baby diapers wrapped in a pink and blue blanket. only eight hours old when police say she was snatched from the hospital. the baby taken from the arms of her mother by a mysterious woman who told the family she was a nurse, all while telling nurses and staff she was part of the family. >> i can't believe what i was hearing, what i seen. >> i feel so strongly that mine is alive out there. she's alive and somebody raised them like their own. >> reporter: a grandmother's hunch confirmed. police say 51-year-old gloria williams changed kamiyah's name and raised her as her own.
8:13 am
during williams first court appearance on friday, the teen identifying herself by the name williams allegedly gave her. >> i'm her daughter alexis. >> reporter: openly sobbing seeing the woman now accused of snatching her from her biological mother now behind bars. >> okay. >> i love you. >> and alexis has facetimed with her biological parents. they are hoping to see her later today. >> it has to be so confusing for her. eva, thank you. >> that whole time they were just separated by a couple of hours. >> just several hours just straight up 95. >> oh, eva, thank you. you can imagine complicated emotion. abc news consult taptsz brad garrett, a former fbi agent joins us from washington right now. brad, good morning to you and thanks for joining us. first and foremost, how rare is a case like this? >> it's pretty rare, paula. 308 infant abductions since 1983. think about this. all but 12 have been solved. it's been my experience that within a few hours or days these children are usually found.
8:14 am
>> does this show that it is possible to solve a case like this even 18 years after the fact? >> yes, and, dan, here's the real key. i've worked a lot of cold cases that have gone on for years. you have to bring them back in the public's eye, and i think that's what the cops continued to do in jacksonville, florida, they get the tip, they go to the small town in south carolina and as the chief described were able to identify this as the abduction from 18 years ago. >> pretty remarkable. as you heard in that piece, this was also part of "america's most wanted," so they kept this story and this investigation open pretty much the entirety of the time that she was missing. brad, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> yeah, thank you, brad. >> a lot of other news this morning and for that as always we kick it over to dr. ron claiborne. good morning, sir. >> good morning to you, dan and paula, diane, good morning to you. good morning, everyone. we're going to begin with a
8:15 am
scathing report about police misconduct in chicago. the department of justice saying the nation's second largest police force has a long-running pattern of civil rights abuse, racial bias and excessive force aimed primarily at african-americans and latinos. the justice department's year-long probe was prompted by the release of this dash cam video showing a white police officer shooting a black teen 16 times. chicago's police commissioner now promising changes. and the justice department also bringing criminal charges against three executives of the japanese auto parts maker takata. they're accused of faking test data to hide defects in millions of air bags setting off the largest automotive recall in u.s. history. takata is also being fined a billion dollars for providing false data. and in south carolina federal officials closing their case against a school officer seen on a video slamming a female student to the floor. prosecutors saying there's not evidence to charge the man with civil rights violations. that officer was fired two days after that incident back in 2015.
8:16 am
and in washington a controversial painting depicting police officers as pigs be taken down from the capitol for good. the painting, which is part of a high school art event, was found to have violated the art competition's rules. it has spawned a week-long discussion between those who see it as an example of freedom of expression and those who thought it was offensive. and in utah, security cameras show a car thief as he takes off knocking a woman, the driver, to the ground and driving off with her kids in the backseat. fortunately the suspect dropped off the children, a 3-year-old and an infant, in a nearby parking lot where they were found unarmed. the car and the thief, they are gone. and finally a library in san francisco has had an overdue book returned, imagine this, 100 years late. the great grandchildren of phoebe webb who checked out the book of short stories in 1917 found it in a trunk where it had been stored for decades
8:17 am
and probably intended to take it back but died and no one noticed it among her belongings. under a library amnesty program, no fine was assessed. i think the fine would have been something like 2,000 bucks at 5 cents a day. they let it go. >> did you do the math? >> doing the math, yeah. >> right now exactly -- >> it was about $1,800, $1,900 theoretically. they let it go. >> allegedly. >> great story. >> you reminded me i have a bunch of overdue books. >> not 100 years. >> nor is the fine $2,000. >> make your kids return them at some point. >> i will or i can have you do it ron. thanks very much, ron. let's check back in with rob still in steamboat springs, colorado, not in new york city.. we miss you, please come back soon because ron doesn't know what to do with himself. >> well -- >> i've been crying. >> i'm sure he's doing just fine. i'm sure. i'd love to have you guys out here. i'm at the steamboat weather summit keeping my credentials up to date and also doing field research. they've had five feet of s avalanches across the state of
8:18 am
colorado. i want out with ski team for a back country tour, it was spectacular back skiing. portland oregon frozen for a week. ten inches of snow. it's still there. we have a quick warmup, a couple of more storms in the west. with the snow pack in the valley and inch or two of rain on top of that, we'll see quick melting and flooding and mudslides also across northern california which had their problems. this storm coming out of the southwest tomorrow bringing us the ice today and bring severe weather across west texas, strong winds, hail, and brief tornado. that's a check on the national headlines, here's the local forecast. >> reporter: good morning everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update.
8:19 am
we have a wintery precipitation to the north an warmer to the south. the clouds will lower and thicken. before long we'll see showers or sleet pellets mixed in. the accumulation will be minor. sunday look great, sunny skies, 44. warmup next week. dog, dogsledding. yeah, we're going iditarod style the next half hour. toss it back to you for now. see you in a bit. >> so many comments to make there, but i'll hold them until we run the piece, thank you, robert. >> i don't know what's cuter, rob or the dogs. maybe both of them. >> you be the judge. >> there you go. you know what we're still thinking about, that emotional moment this week for the vice president, joe biden, when the president awarded him the medal of freedom. now, biden spoke about it
8:20 am
for the first time on "the view" yesterday and shared with us just how shocked he was. >> i started to walk out, and there were military lined up on one side, and they said, no, the other side. i thought, well, maybe they want me walking out through the military and then when that guy came up with the medal, i thought who the hell is this for. he's been extremely generous. >> such an emotional moment. he said he was completely caught off guard. he thought that he was going there for a champagne toast, and then he walked in, and he saw his friends and his family and -- >> quite a surprise. >> so completely. >> yeah, you could really tell he was caught by surprise and incredibly moved. >> you know what really struck me, you know, joe got a standing ovation from the audience. i mean it probably cut into four minutes of the time that we could have spoken with him. people just connect with him and he's able to connect with voters and people on such a human level that you don't really see an everyday politics. he looks in your eye. he's able -- i don't know. maybe that's just his roots, blue collar roots or what it is
8:21 am
but it's something we don't see from politicians. and you're not going to see him riding off into the sunset. he joked about 2020. he said never say never. it might be me and john kerry pushing our little rollers. >> he's been making some pretty mysterious comments about running for president. we'll see. >> i don't think we'll see him fade out but he'll be active in cancer research because he lost his son beau. >> great moment there. really was. coming up here on "gma," chaos and heroism on the interstate in arizona. a state trooper, shot and beaten. two passers-by who then came to the rescue. >> officer down, officer down. outside tonopah. plus, the moment that we've all been waiting for, rob takes us on an adventure learning how to maneuver a dogsled. is that what he does, does he drive? does he steer it? he's going to show us what it's like out on the trail. look at how much fun he's having right there. we're going to be right back. >> the dogs seem suspicious. >> i was talking about look at how much fun the dogs are having. >> it's pronounced dawg, by the way in new york. >> we're right back.
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live hd giving you a bird's eye view of old city. light snow and sleet in the accuweather forecast. fittingly for january, it is cold outside. a pleasant good morning to you, i'm gray hall. meteorologist chris sowers has the timing of the snow. >> reporter: good morning, gray, it's cold for one day and then
8:28 am
we warm up. the snow and sleet will approach from the southwest we'll see it by lunch time. minor accumulations from a coating to an inch. sunday, 44. monday, martin luther king looks quiet 45. from that point on we could see five to seven straight days in the 50s. >> thank you so much, a dog's day is one of the stars on "shelter me rescue of the week," you'll see one of the pooch's story on "action news" at 9:00 a.m. now, back to "good morning america." make it a great day.
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8:30 am
welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. happening right now, the major and dangerous ice storm threatening parts of 16 states this morning from texas to pennsylvania. states of emergency declared in oklahoma and missouri. kansas mobilizing about 200 national guard troops. icy roads leading to dangerous driving conditions, and the freezing rain is threatening to bring down power lines. >> yeah, they're calling it the storm of the decade in some areas. and now a ten-year sentence, a jewelry thief who led cops on a multistate chase across the southeast repeatedly caught in the act has been sentenced in ten years in prison for her role in stealing more than $4 million worth of jewels. abigail kemp getting leniency for cooperating with police. you know the question we're asking this morning, who just doesn't love a life-sized wax president. who doesn't want one in their living room. you guys, would you like one
8:31 am
because -- >> a little creepy. >> -- the hall of presidents and first ladies museum in gettysburg is auctioning off all its assets including wax versions of all 44 presidents. the mew team closed last november, sadly, due to low turnout but the first gavel falls at 10:00 a.m. if any of you are interested in having any of the presidents in your living room. >> we could pool our resources maybe. >> get like a woodrow wilson for the -- >> next time you're out -- >> who wow want? >> -- we'll have a wax figure in your place? >> lincoln. >> this conversation, we've exhausted the utility of it, thank you very much, everybody. >> it's melting wax. first we'll talk about the men they are calling heroes for swooping in to save a police officer in distress. >> one used his own gun to kill the suspect who was tussling with the wounded officer following what authorities are calling an ambush attack, and abc's neal karlinsky has all the details for us this morning from our los angeles bureau.
8:32 am
hi, neal. >> reporter: paula, dan, good morning. just imagine driving down a dark highway at 4:00 a.m. and seeing a man attack a state trooper. most people might call 911 but wouldn't pull over and get out of their cars. in this case, two motorists did risking their own lives to help in this case. >> officer down, officer down. outside tonopah. >> reporter: professional as it sounds that voice isn't a police officer but one of two random motorists arizona police are calling heroes this morning for saving the life of state trooper ed anderson. >> this is a civilian. he's shot on i-10. he's in real bad shape. please send air support, helicopter please. >> reporter: it was after 4:00 a.m. thursday in a rural area along arizona's i-10 when trooper anderson came upon a rollover crash while responding to a call of shots fired. while he was putting flares down in the road, police say he was ambushed and shot at least once. the suspect then got on top of him and started beating him. that's when the first of two motorists pulled over to see
8:33 am
what was happening. >> the trooper says, please help me and asked the uninvolved third party for help. >> reporter: police say that unidentified motorist ran back to his car, got his own gun and told the man attacking trooper anderson to stop. >> the suspect refuses, the uninvolved third party fires striking and killing the suspect. >> reporter: it was yet another innocent passer-by who then grabbed the police radio and called in for help. >> yeah, the gentleman was shot by the passerby who stopped the altercation after the officer was shot. >> reporter: the unidentified suspect was killed. a second person, a woman, was also found dead at the scene after apparently being ejected in a crash. investigators say anderson, a 27-year veteran, is lucky to be alive. trooper anderson has undergone surgery and is doing well this morning according to police. the motorist who shot that suspect dead will not face any charges. paula, dan. >> a wild story, neal, thank you very much.
8:34 am
let's check the forecast again. i want to show you the snow moving into the northeast, freezing rain into virginia and washington, d.c., it's slick out there, stay home if you can, let's put this minnie storm into motion. it brings a pulse into philly and new york. we'll see an inch from philly to hartford and boston, too. the mild air down across the southeast this will build you u. chicago you get into the 40s and new york in the 50s. day two of three, the heaviest of accumulation in kansas and
8:35 am
oklahoma. wichita and st. louis stretching farther east up the ohio river could see slick spots and power outages. that's are the national will wil headlines. >> reporter: here's the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, light snow and sleet developing this afternoon, minor accumulations of a coating to an inch. to you by geico, which insures just about everything, but i wonder if they insure dogsleds. i got to do that. actually there's no steering wheel. i'll show you a little later in the program. >> we were wondering about that actually. that's what's coming up next here on "gma." it's going to be proof positive that rob is in colorado on a work mission. check it out. he learned how to mush. how he fared on his dogsledding expedition in colorado after the break. >> i can't wait to see that. and "quantico" star priyanka chopra treated by a doctor,
8:36 am
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recently, though, as you're seeing he learned what it was like to be around a different kind of pack. >> yes, he went dogsledding in the beautiful mountains of colorado and, rob, i've got to say had to have been a great adventure. >> it certainly was, guys. we've had so much snow across this area. it's literally a covered, snowy tundra. so we sought out to see what it's like to get around old school style. not by any sort of man-made machine but by the power of man's best friend. so, these are world class athletes. >> what these are are an alaskan husky. they started breeding the best of the best and that's where these guys come from. >> here with chris hoffman, former iditarod racer, the key is i'm guessing the dog to a good dogsled. >> you got it. this one's name is teddy. >> teddy, you want to go or do you want to stay? >> i think she's ready for "dancing with the stars." >> you want to do dancing? >> hi, annabelle. >> obviously very friendly.
8:41 am
>> cougar. maybe we'll take her with us today. >> you want to do some running, cougar. you excited? you're sort of excited. cougar, cougar, cougar. i think i'm scaring her now. let's find the other seven. this is what happens when they figure out that someone gets to go sledding. super excited. >> crucial first rule of dog mushing, don't let go. he second rule of dog mushing, don't let go. >> how do i steer it? >> lean to the left you go left, lean to the right you go right. >> whoa, whoa, this is awesome. >> i told you not to let go. rob. lean a little right now, rob. now we're going to have a hard left. lean left. >> whoa. we're sliding. we almost wiped out. we are moving now. oh, man. i didn't realize i'd be put to work. i'm getting tired, and i'm cold. >> maybe what we'll do is put cougar in there for you and
8:42 am
we'll let cougar sit right on your lap. are you ready to ride shotgun? >> this is much better. much better. >> glad we got you warmed up, rob. >> cougar was -- actually they're all sweet dogs. my thanks to grizzle t dog and sledworks. 122 of those beautiful alaskan huskies, a little skinnier than the siberian huskies but they go through over 250 pounds of meat and kibble and turkey fat a day over 5,000 calories these dogs go through. and that's when they're not trading for the iditarod so it's a michael phelps sort of intake, guys. >> i don't know, who had more fun the dogs or you because that visual where they learn that somebody was going sledding, they all come out of their little doghouses and just bark. they loved it. >> there is no question that these dogs are well treated and happy. they just want to run. they love it. they want to do it all the time and, yeah, when word gets out that the sled is going to be
8:43 am
strapped up, they all want to go, and they all want to have a run at it. peaceful to be out there. >> you could see it as they're running. >> when you're out there, yeah. it's -- all you hear is their panting and their excitement but it's really amazing to be out there amongst the beautiful landscape. it's a serene environment. >> thank you, rob. and we hear that cougar filed a union grievance about having to ride with rob, but we'll address that later. thank you, robert. coming up here on "gma," the alternative to the epipen for allergic reactions now selling for just a fraction of the cost. everything you need to know in our "weekend download." >> and what's all this talk about a selena gomez surprise. diane sorts it all out in "pop news." you have a bunch of investigations in "pop news." >> i do, yes. and low blood su. januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar. januvia works when your blood sugar is high
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♪ in today's "weekend download" a new lower cost alternative to the epipen used for severe allergic reactions and dr. jen ashton joins us with more. >> good morning, my dear. >> dr. jen, great to have you. we know that cvs announced that they're going to be selling adrenaclick, the generic. what do -- >> yes. >> what do you know about it? >> much greater access and availability for the generic form of the medication in the epipen. that medication is epinephrine, the exact same thing in the generic adrenaclick. it could be as low as $10 and that compares to anywhere from $0 to $600 for the epipen and this comes with an auto injector. >> so bottom line as a physician, as a doctor, do you recommend the generic? >> absolutely. i mean this is something that patients should talk to their doctor about it and ask their doctor if they need a
8:48 am
prescription for or what the right dose for an antihistamine is and call pharmacies and their insurance company to find out what their particular plan will cover. important to know, allergies by the numbers, 15 million americans suffer food allergies, every three minutes an american goes to the er with an anaphylactic reaction, this can be life-threatening. so it has to be taken seriously >> what are the symptoms of >> an anaphylactic shock? >> there's a whole range, but the common one, hives, swelling of the face, eczema, nausea, vomiting, an odd taste in your mouth and a longer list and you can go to for an emergency plan. i have had an anaphylactic reaction that almost killed me. life and death issue. >> and news of the generic is great news for consumers because competition will drive prices down in yes, it will. thank you very much. right back, everybody, with "pop news." an tell when i'm really excited and thrilled. and they know when i'm not so excited and thrilled.
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protect your enamel against the effects of everyday acids. >> time for "pop news." diane is here. what's poping? >> good morning. we have a lot to get to today so i'm going to get right to it. we'll start with priyanka chopra, she's apparently on the mend after a mishap on the set of abc's "quantico" here in new york. a rep for the show confirmed that there was a minor incident on the set thursday night and that chopra was examined by a doctor and is home resting comfortably. now, she missed a "quantico" press event then on friday. a rep told "people" magazine she wasn't feeling well so we are wishing her a speedy recovery and "quantico" returns with new episodes on monday, january 3rd so everybody is hoping she'll be back to work very soon. and the makers of "star wars" are putting some rumors to rest they might digitally resurrect the late carrie fisher for future films. some fans got hopeful after seeing that "rogue one: a star
8:54 am
wars story" featured digital recreations of a late carrie fisher. but they said we want to assure our films that lucasfilm has no plans to digitally re-create carrie fisher's performance as princess or general leia organa. now, that said, fisher had already finished shooting "episode viii" before she passed so we will get to see her re-create her role as leia that comes out next december. we haven't seen the last of carrie fisher as leia. up next, it looks like selena gomez has a top secret project in the works. the singer's makeup artist, nail guru and hairstylist all shared this selfie of a very dolled up gomez with the #secretproject and behind the scenes and lots of emojis to go with that, of course, fans are loving her new short haircut in that picture. no word on what the project could be. we do know that the post came just hours after some pda photos surfaced of her and the weeknd being extra cuddly. so, many are now asking about that relationship. forget point secret project. >> i can't get past the fact that you referred to her having a nail guru. >> she has a nail guru.
8:55 am
i don't know what that entails but it sounds kind of awesome. >> you don't have a personal manicurist. >> no. maybe i need one. >> we did see pictures that surfaced where people thought she was in a recording studio so maybe that could be part of the secret. >> so much mystery in the "pop news" investigation. >> still working on the investigation. virginia may call itself the state for lovers but some new research shows that sparks are flying in other places of the u.s. a study from michigan state university and the university of illinois found mississippi, utah and wisconsin are all tied for the most romantic states and analysts surveyed more than 125,000 adults measuring atta attachment, anxiety, avoidance, clingy behavior, you name it, analyzed lots of different personality traits and they found that oregon, california and washington did pretty well. new york, not so much. >> that's not surprising. >> nope. new york and indiana -- >> wait. what does that mean? >> new york and indiana are unromantic ruts apparently. >> what do you mean as i say this as an offended new yorker. >> you're a bostonian so don't put on that cloak.
8:56 am
>> another place that wasn't on the list. >> dan is always so warm, kind and loveing. >> i'm just going to say, being a midwesterner, you know, people have a little bit of edge here. that's all i'm saying. i love you. >> okay, allegedly. >> no more talking. we're done with the show. that's the new yorker cutting it all up. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. i'll be nicer. i promise. >> fuhgeddaboutit. >> so rude. good morning i'm gray hall, there are new allegations about contact that donald trump's campaign miefd with russia. we have details. plus, snow is on the the way, chris sowers says what to expect in the. >> exclusive accuweather forecast next on "action news"
8:57 am
saturday morning.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> a pleasant good morning to you, saturday, january 14 i'm gray hall. here's some of the stories we're following for you right now on "action news." three people are recovering after getting shot overnight in philadelphia. what we're learning about the investigation. plus, investigators find a
9:00 am
body of a missing marine in new jersey, where his body was found and how the weather impacted the search. days before donald trump enters the white house there's new allegations connecting his campaign with russia. those stories and more in just a moment, but first have you heard snow is on the the way to parts of the area. chris sowers tracking the accuweather forecast. a wee bit of snow. >> reporter: nothing close to what we saw last week. it's a nuisance event. let's get you outside. as a matter of fact some locations are picking up a little bit of sunshine this morning. there's the you view overlooking the commodore barry bridge. if you're in south jersey and delaware you're seeing glimpse of sun this morning. if you're west of the city, you'll see the clouds lower and thicken. a few flakes coming down. flip it over to storm tracker 6 live, as we set it in motion, that's it, that's your storm, that's a small minor event, i don't want to call it a storm, it's a weak area


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