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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  January 14, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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>> nfl playoff former player deon lewis making history. the patriot running back the first ever to score a running touchdown, receiving touchdown and return a kick for a touchdown all in the same
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playoff game. patriots winning 34-16 over the texans. matt ryan lost four of the last five playoff games but today seattle falling all over themselves, russell will sop win tripped by his own teammate. talk is cheap. 38-yards and three touchdowns and a playoff win, a atlanta 360 facing dallas or green bay. >> villanova won 23 of the last 24 games. coach jay wright not happy saying he's disappointed with their effort against st. johns. catch wright going nuts on the sidelines. they weather the storm. a career high 19 off the bench, villanova 17-1. tight finish for temple taking
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tulsa to the wire, down three, austin the three. tied at 68. ten seconds left, tulsa wins it. temple losing 70-68. inside the st. joe's locker room, not happy with the turnovers against richmond. bowman slams it down, hawks within two. richmond offense going back door, st. joes loses, falling 8-8. >> even looking at miles overton, drexel, 76-60 ending their five game losing streak. >> thank you, jeff. >> a long lost library book was returned a century after it was checked out from the san
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francisco public library. the woman checked it out when she was 83 years old. she passed away before she returned it. her great grandchildren recently found it. fortunately, the library offers a fine forgiveness program for cases like these so the family is not responsible for the $3,600 late fee. >> president elect donald trump ignited a fire storm on twitter criticizing john lewis. the philadelphia home show is under way this weekend. we take you inside when "action news" comes right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> "action news" continues. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> saturday night. here's what's happening on "action news" at 11:30. the search continues for a fisherman who went missing yesterday in egg harbor county. and an impromptu parade with special meeting. dangerous conditions tonight for people across the country. >> first, with less than a week before the inauguration, donald trump is under fire following
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his twitter attack against congressman john lewis. >> some got ready for an inauguration day protest. >> jeanette reyes has more. >> donald trump unleashed a twitter fire storm against john lewis. the civil right's icon said trump is not a legitimate president. the president elect fired back saying congressman john lewis should spend more time fixing his district in horrible shape and falling apart instead of falsely complaining about the election results. talk talk talk, no action. sad. >> trump ice response happeningo fall on the martin luther king holiday and prompted backlash from civil right's activists. >> we hear the president elect refer to an icon of the civil
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right's movement, represent john lewis. the president elect said he was all talk. >> the criticism comes as community groups prepare to head to the nation's capital to deliver their message to the soon to be trump administration. dozens of women will march on washington. >> we hope this gives people a voice that felt disregarded after election day, that they felt their voices weren't heard in the results of the election. jeanette reyes, "action news." >> the search continues for a missing fisherman in ocean county. yesterday searchers found the boat belonging to christopher hugg but the 45-year-old was nowhere to be found. the coast guard along with local
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authorities are part of the search effort. >> a 21-year-old was killed in cumberland new jersey after a pursuit with police. it happened last night in bridgeton. a lincoln town car slammed into a pole with devan tay brooks inside. the trooper followed but under ended the pursuit. a short time later police respond today the crash scene. brooks died at the scene. >> a serious crash some morning in newark, del delaware. first responders worked to free the driver from the vehicle. it hit a tractor trailer. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. >> an aspiring nurse was gunned down in front of his home. police don't think he was
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targeted intentionally but they need more information to find his killer. here is rick williams with tonight's crime fighter report. tuesday february 16th was a typical day for robert coulter the third. at 8:00 p.m. he returned home from a family dinner. >> he was standing outside on his porch. that was in buck county. >> there were two males dressed in dark clothing at the corner by his house shooting down the street at him. >> 20-year-old coulter was shot in the head and killed. >> there were other people on the porch he was talking to. there were not in the line of fire. >> police pulled surveillance video from the scene and witnesses reported seeing a small red compact vehicle from the area at the time. detectives say they need more. there is a $2,500 reward for any
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information that leads to the arrest of the person responsible. all calls will remain anonymous. >> that's what we are hoping for, someone saw something and is able to help us go further with the investigation. >> for crime fighters, i'm rick williams, "action news." >> mayor kenney weighed in on the rule to keep people from sitting on the walls at rittenhouse scare. he said things get by you. sit where you want. the parks department approved rule to protect the walls. >> hundreds of people lined the streets to honor a firefighter from burlington county. members hosted an impromptu parade for jason rorke who was
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recently diagnosed with brain cancer. the firefighter served of ten years with the department. >> medical students got hands on experience aexperience as they d their learning. >> a few lucky pets found a new home today during an adoption event in the brewery town section of the city. the action for the event hosted by the animal welfare society of philadelphia. they find homes for thousands of animals every year. >> homeowners looking to make upgrades or do dreaming attended the philly home show at the pennsylvania convention center featuring, exhibits, and diy
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workshops hosted by local home decor experts. it continues tomorrow and next weekend as well. >> still to come, a deadly blast across dozens of states at this hour. we follow the latest. also a warning for netflix subscribers. we tell you about a scam. >> and the snow has ended across the delaware and lehigh valleys. improvement under way with milder air returning. we have the detail in the accuweather forecast. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> tonight, rough weather is ca causing all kinds of problems across the west.
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a ice storm plunged the country into a deep freeze making driving dangerous in spots. abc ayriell rah chef has the story. >> even giant rigs reduced to wreckage in the freezing grass. in oklahoma, slick roads causing multiple accidents, taking the life of a driver when he slid into oncoming traffic. >> a car next to me panicked. they hit their brakes hard and sideswiped me. i started spinning. >> it caused a 20 car crash. >> my airbag deployed and my head was locked in the steering wheel five or six times. the accidents pile up. though trucks are treating the roads, many remain treacherous.
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thousands are without power and heat. >> you break out the camping gear and have fun with the family. >> shoppers are stocking up. >> to the left and to the right, there is practically nothing on the shelves. all of the bacon was gone. >> the state of emergency in missouri almost costing this bride her wedding day. >> lucky for lindsey in the end, she made it down the aisle. >> even the flag was clenched in a frozen grippe. ice storms from the texas panhandle to illinois. i-40 north to i-70. abc news, new york. >> time for a final check of the accuweather forecast. we are missing that, right? >> yes, that stays to the left. we have high pressure returning, better conditions for the region tomorrow. we show you what's going on with sky tracker 6.
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light snow, north of philadelphia, mixed prescription precipitation. we are looking at the bridge. we have a lot of clouds around. the clouds are breaking overnight and milder days ahead as early as tomorrow. currently in philadelphia, 34, 34 in lancaster, 23 and the poconos 25. cape may, 35 andover. it is dry right now after earlier today we had light snow that fell across portions of the region, mixed precipitation across chester and lancaster, burkes counties with a winter weather advisory that has expired. most of the moisture pushing south and east. the rest of tonight turning clear with icy patches. temperatures for the most part
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falling below freezing. 30 in philadelphia, 25 in lancaster. 31 in dover and bottoming out at 33 in cape may. watching out for slick spots and icy patches. future tracker 6 showing 9:00 in the morning with sunshine over head as high pressure returns across the area. tomorrow afternoon, 44 the high in philadelphia. average this time of year is 40. milder with plenty of sunshine and brighter skies. 41 in lan lancaster. 44 dover and 43 the daytime high in millville. high pressure returns tomorrow. not as cold, plenty of sunshine, lower 40s. as we were talking about, the ice storm across the midwest and portions of the ohio valley
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staying away from the region with ice concerns across the heartland tomorrow. >> mostly sunny, not as cold tomorrow, 44 for the high. martin luther king jr. day, a high of 45. tuesday, mostly cloudy. up to 50-degrees. we are tracking afternoon rain on the way wednesday, mild and 56 for the high with rain on and off at times. thursday, clouds and sun and 52. 53 friday with limited sunshine. next saturday, we have a partly sunny sky with temperatures coming in at 52, walter. a nice change on the way for the rest of january. >> we'll take it for sure. thank you, melissa. >> are you taking a spring break
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trip? prepare to pay more. airfares are expected to jump 2% this year. four of the u.s. airlines reported lower profits last year and so executives at the four airlines will soar. >> we have a warning for next flix users. customers need to be on the lookout for an e-mail for your profile. when customers click on the link they are taken to a page asking for billing and credit card information but it's a scam. they even take you to a network site after entering information but netflix never asks for personal information over an e-mail. >> the makers of "star wars" are telling fans they won't create
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carrie fisher in future episodes through technology. lucas films released sa a statet saying that won't happen. disney is the parent company of lucas films and "6abc." much more to come tonight including sports. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> no jojo tonight as scheduled sixer start joel embiid getting the night off in washington. they could have used the big guy down there. guess who plays tonight, jalil oak foremaking up for lost time,
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falling in b.c. sixers fans love it. they are taking over. nick with oo hs and ahs. this to oak fore, sixers up 20-13. sixers fall behind as many as 24. john wall with 25. sixers lose 109-93 snapping their three game winning streak, the longest in three years. flyers are ice cold losing ten of the last 13 games. the general manager says they need to play smarter. flyers fall behind in boston today. how about braeden schenn scoring. flyers within one. seconds later, downhill. jake with a five minute warning. flyer fans, cover your eyes. bruins score twice in two
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minutes. they have allowed the most goals in the nhl, flyers lose 6-3. he's not happy about the play or call. >> i don't understand why it was called. to me it's not a two minute minor, let alone the five minute penalty. >> did it affect the game, yes. >> the flyers legend bobby clark playing for the final time. danny showing he can still play. final seconds, tied up, legion of doom can win it. no! flyer alumni game finishing 3-3 tie. >> matt ryan and the falcons are going to the title game after beating seattle. they play dallas or green bay. >> patriots tonight, former
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eagle dion lewis makes history against the texans. patriot running back the first to score a touchdown, have a receiving touchdown and return a kickoff for a touchdown, 98-yards there. that guy is going back to the title game, patriots 34-16 over the texans. they get the steelers in next week's championship game. chiefs and steelers tomorrow at 8:20 in kansas city, going to a sixth strait game. >> thank you, jeff. it's back and organizers say bigger an better than ever. the big philly beerfest this weekend. tasting kraft and cuisine from food trucks at the pennsylvania convention center. all proceeds benefit the animal rescue partners.
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alex's lemonade stand foundation hosted the lemon ball in center city including a raffle, silent auction and live entertainment celebratining alexander scott. they have raised $27 million for pediatric research. >> castle is next. "action news" continues at 6:00 tomorrow morning. now for melissa magee, jeff skversky and the "action news" team, i'm walter perez. have a great night. we'll see you back here tomorrow. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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