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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  January 19, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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. tonight, we're live from the nation's capital. the trump family arrives in washington. president elect donald trump. and america's next first lady. tonight, we have the trump family right here. and we'll take you to the ceremony under way at the lynn come memorial. and mr. trump's first stop today. his own hotel. our team with voters across the country, what they're saying tonight. the showdown on capitol hill. mr. trump's pick for treasury secretary on the hot set. grilled on the role he played in the foreclosure crisis. and mr. trump's pick for energy secretary rick perry set to the lead the department he once wanted to eliminate. how he explains that now. inside the transfer of power tonight. president obama and the president-elect will soon ride from the white house to the capitol together. and despite the boycott by many democrats, hillary clinton keeps
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her promise to attend the inauguration. mr. trump less than 24 hours from taking the oath of office. good evening, and it's great to have you with us here on this thursday night live from washington on the eve of the inauguration of america's 45th president. the president-elect donald trump arriving at joint base andrews, not on his own plane, but for the first time on a military jet, wagi waving to those who w soon call him commander in chief. and the fireworks in lincoln memorial. president-elect trump addressing them perhaps with a preview of the tone of his inaugural speech tomorrow. he spoke about unity, and about jobs. this is what he said. >> so this journey began 18 months ago. i had something to do with it,
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but you had much more to do with it than i did. i'm the messenger. i'm just the messenger. and we were tired, and i love you. believe me. i love you. it's a movement that started, and it's a movement like we have never seen anywhere in the world, they say. there's never been a movement like this. and it's something very, very special. and we're going to unify our country, and our phrase, you all know it. half of you are wearing the hat. make america great again. but we're going to make america great for all of our people. everybody. everybody throughout our country. that includes the inner cities.
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that includes everybody. and i promise you that i will work so hard we're going to get it turned around. we're going to bring our jobs back. we're not going to let other countries take our jobs any longer. >> and right there for it all, abc's cecilia vega who joins us live from the lincoln memorial. good evening, cecilia. >> reporter: good evening. it was a preview of tomorrow's speech, and it was a victory lap so to to speak. you heard him say, you have been forgotten about. not anymore. just hours away from being sworn in. >> reporter: tonight donald trump with a salute to one of the most revered president's in american history. and then a fist pump to the crowd. the president-elect's trip to washington starting with what else, a tweet. the journey begins and i will be working and fighting very hard to make it a great journey for the american people. a motorcade through manhattan. and a flight to washington on a
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military plane. this time, the united states of america em blazeonned a on the side. emblazoned on the side the whole trump family on board. barron the first one off. ivanka with her husband jared kushner and their children. trump's sister, his inlaws. and finally the soon-to-be first lady and the president-elect himself offering a salute. their first stop, his new hotel congressional republicans gathered there to celebrate him. >> what a beautiful room this is, what is this? where is this? this is a gorgeous room. a total genius must have built this. >> reporter: it's trump's second visit to his washington hotel in just 24 hours. he dropped by last night greeted by cheers. [ cheers ] that new $200 billion hotel just a few blocks from the white house already the subject of controversy. with questions swirling about trump's deep ties to his brand and family business. so will these visits continue? incoming white house press secretary sean spicer brushing off questions. >> the idea that he's going to
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his own hotel shouldn't be a shocker. it's a beautiful place. it's somewhere he's very proud of. i encourage you to go there if you haven't been by. >> reporter: melania trump there too offering some rare remarks. >> it's great to be here, and thank you all for your support, and tomorrow, we start the work. ahead a lot of responsibility, a lot of to take care of. and we will make america great again. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: and then it was off to the inauguration's first official order of business. a solemn wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown solider at arlington national cemete cemetery. after that, a time for celebration. thousands of trump supporters gathering on the mall for a welcome concert. on the eve of his swearing in give me one word that describes how you're feeling about donald trump's presidency. >> excited. >> hopeful. >> reporter: excited and hopeful. our team fanning out across the
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country. trump voters saying, give him a chance. >> i was in high school watching "the apprentice" and watching them on "the apprentice" too, and now taking over the country, it's going to be a unique experience. >> reporter: but this country still so divided. the number of house democrats boycotting the inauguration now up to 64. in new york tonight protests already underway. and thousands are traveling to washington to protest. emily place and her 16-year-old daughter elah driving there from vermont. >> i think it's really important to march and stand up for things you believe in. >> and cecilia is back with us live, and we're learning donald trump's one of his first orders of business. his first visits as president? >> reporter: he will be going to visit cia headquarters and that comes upon this dispute with the intelligence officials after
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donald trump accused the director of leaking that dossier. he is trying to emend some fences. >> thank you. this was a day of pageantry, but also new things. steve mnuchin for treasury asked about his role about the closure crisis. and rick perry head to lead the department he said once should be eliminated. and the cabinet, whiter, more men than recent cabinets and for the first time since reagan, there is no latino in the cabinet. abc's mary bruce tonight. >> reporter: as his cabinet nominees barrel through capitol hill. >> let me get through, guys. >> reporter: donald trump is offering his support, with this bold declaration. >> we have by far the highest iq of any cabinet ever assembled! >> reporter: but the confirmation hearings are growing increasingly testy. today treasury secretary nominee
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steve mnuchin getting a grilling. the former hedge fund manager and goldman sachs executive confronting accusations he profited by fore closing on vulnerable homeowners. >> have been maligned as taking advantage of others' hardship in order to earn a buck. nothing could be further than the truth. >> reporter: during the height of the financial crisis mnuchin bought and turned around a distressed bang, we renaming it one west, which foreclosed on families including military families. >> you have been rather defensive, for good reason about what happened at one west. >> i do want to comment for the record. we did foreclose for certain people in the military. it was quite unfortunate, and inappropriate. we responded and made them whole. every person had the opportunity to have their mortgage reviewed
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and corrected our errors. it's not that i'm being defensive. i'm proud of our -- >> i wouldn't be proud of all these findings. >> reporter: mnuchin also pressed on why he failed to disclose to the senate committee nearly $100 million in assets. >> i think as you can appreciate, filling out these government forms is quite complicated. so let me first say, any oversight, it was unintentional. >> reporter: mnuchin is one of several megamillionaires is trump's cabinet which includes at least nine millionaires and billionaires. it does not include a single hispanic member. that has not happened since the reagan administration. two floors up, a familiar face entering his hearing with a salute. former texas governor, rick perry making his case to lead the energy department. an agency he once wanted to eliminate and famously forgot. >> the -- commerce. and let's see.
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i can't -- the third one, i can't. sorry. oops. >> reporter: today, he admitted his previous position was also a big oops. >>, in fact, after being briefed on so many of the vital functions of the department of energy, i regret recommending itselimination. >> reporter: another change of heart which perry called a con tribed phony mess. >> i believe the climate as changed. >> do you plan to protect things related to climate? >> i'm going to protect all the science related to -- whether it's to the climate or to the other aspects of what we will be doing. >> reporter: in the midst of the questioning, this moment of levity. >> thank you so much for coming into my office. did you enjoy meeting me? >> i hope you are as much fun on that dais as you were on your couch. >> well -- [ laughter ]
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>> may i rephrase that, sir? >> please. >> reporter: but trump's team isn't laughing about the pace of the confirmations. tomorrow, the senate is set to vote on two nominees. james mattis for defense, and john kelly for security. it's a far cry from the seven cabinet appointments confirmed on president obama's first day. accusing democrats of stalling. >> they are continuing to deploy delay tactic after delay tactic. >> reporter: but democrats are digging np. trump's team said you are playing politics and intentionally holding up these nominees, and preventing them from having their team ready to go. >> for the president-elect to solve, tell their nominees to submit their full papers and give us ample time, today or two to question them fully. >> and mary bruce is on capitol hill tonight. democrats seem ready to put up a fight here. >> reporter: david, democrats do
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not have the power to block trump's nominees, but they can delay. they are going to take their time to vent their concerns about the controversial no, ma'am neeps. >> mary bruce on capitol hill. thank you. this evening here, inside the transfer of power. president obama and president f president-elect trump will be in the car together riding from the white house to the capital right before the inauguration. after tea at the white house. let's go to jonathan karl tonight, and that trip together, the president and the president-elect have spoken often since the election. >> reporter: they have. they have been speaking regularly over the phone. president obama has been offering advice on the transition. donald trump has been saying good things about president obama, and those conversations b you tomorrow, will be something else. tomorrow morning at the white house, they will get into that limo together. it's about a 15-minute ride. just two miles long, but it's about a 15-minute ride, and it's one of the great traditions of american democracies. presidents incoming and outgoing
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have been taking that ride going back to 1837 with martin van buren and andrew jackson. >> amid the growing boycott here. congressional democrats who say they won't be here at the inauguration, hillary clinton keeping her promise to attend the inauguration. she has kept a low profile since her loss, taking selfies with her. tomorrow, she will be standing there as a former first lady? >> reporter: she has been to washington twice since the election. keeping a very low profile, but tomorrow during the inauguration, she will be sitting, she and bill clinton will be sitting right behind the trump family, and david, get this. about five yards or less away from donald trump as he is taking the oath of office. >> history in washington. millions will be watching tomorrow. i'll be with you, jon. thank you. abc news will carry the ina ration live all day long beginning at 7:00 a.m. with "good morning america" through a special edition of "world news
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tonight," and tomorrow night's "20/20." . there is much more ahead. america's next first family already here in washington. we have the trump family right here. his sons and his daughter, ivanka. will her role look more like the first lady? elizabeth vargas is standing by. and overseas, the race against time. buried under about avalanche, and rescuers dig ging for survivors. there is an update about george h.w. bush and his wife, barbara. both of them in the hospital. their conditions coming up. stay tuned. ♪ trintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression. trintellix may start to untangle or help improve the multiple symptoms of depression.
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to ascend to the heights of power in washington d.c. the president-elect, bringing with him, the capitol's new power couple ivanka trump, and her husband jared kushner. my colleague, deborah roberts spent time with ivanka earlier this week. ivanka was quick to dispel speculation that she would be filling the shoes, or occupying the east wing office, traditionally reserved for the president's wife. >> what's your reaction though when you hear people say, "she's going to be the -- essentially the real first lady?" does it offend you? >> well, i think -- i think it's an inappropriate observation. there's one first lady, and she'll do remarkable things. >> reporter: we now know who's not making the move to washington. donald trump's two grown sons donald jr. and eric. who instead will be entrusted with running their father's vast business empire. a move slammed by critics, concerned it does not adequately guard against conflicts of interest. and how is this going to work exactly? you just said you're in his office, each other's office seven times a day. how are you all of a sudden gonna pull the plug on that? >> my father has the biggest
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responsibility of any person arguably on the planet. and that's to run the united states of america. his focus is gonna be running this country. >> reporter: and that reality along with the weight of its responsibility is something don jr. believes may not yet have fully sunk in for his father. do you think it might happen when your father puts his hand on his childhood bible and takes that oath? >> yeah, i imagine it will. i imagine it will. i don't think anyone could become that cynical that that wouldn't affect him. i mean, going around the country and seeing all these people who've been, you know, either, you know, disaffected -- you know, from politics, but have just been through so much. to be able to, you know, go through it and see them and talk to them it was -- just a culmination of, just, incredible -- and moving experiences. >> access to all of the children on this important inauguration eve, and elizabeth, they will be here for that inaugural address, but tomorrow night, they will be together again. >> reporter: all the family. all the childrens, and the
6:49 pm
grandchildren. none of them have seen the white house before. only president-elect trump and the first lady-elect melania. i guess is what you would call her, and they have seen the ground floor. the two were asking me, because i had been there to interview the vice president. quite a night. >> ill see you later. the whole team with this special report, an inside look at america's new first family starting at 10:00 eastern tonight. when we come back here, the race against time, and the desperate search. and el chapo is being extradited to the u.s. at this hour. and the former first lady in the hospital. there is new word on their conditions as well. we'll be right back. not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter what path i take, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin,
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charges. he is being flown to new york. a race against time. an avp launch in italy. and at least two people are dead. the avalanche possibly triggered by four powerful earthquakes. plows trying to clear a path through snow as deep as 16 feet. back here at home, there is news on the health of george h.w. bush and his wife, barbara. both hospital iz aed in houston. mrs. bush is diagnosed with bronchitis, and is quote, 1,000% better. mr. bush feeling well enough to send this tweet. congratulating jeff bagwell on being named to the hall of fame. when we come back, a question for you. a letter of donald trump to a former president that predicted he would win when he ran for office.
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astrazeneca may be able to help. finally tonight here from washington, the former president and the letter written to president-elect trump almost 30 years ago, predicting victory. here's abc's david wright. >> are you 40? >> i'm 41. >> reporter: thirty years ago, donald trump was promoting his book "the art of the deal." >> i'd rather be a little too formal than not formal enough. >> reporter: when this interview apparently made quite an impression. prompt a former president to send trump a fan letter! "dear donald, it says. "mrs nixon told me you were great on the donahue show. she is an expert on politics and she predicts that whenever you
6:58 pm
decide to run for office you will be a winner!" signed, "warm regards richard nixon." but what did the nixons hear that they liked? well, trump spent a lot of time talking about how his dad taught him business. and his mom taught him show business. >> i believe that whatever i have in terms of the dramatic, i think i have gotten that from my mother. >> reporter: skills he'll take with him tomorrow, along with that fan letter. trump plans to hang it in the oval office. david wright, abc news, washington. >> the nixons predicted it, and we'll have inaugural coverage beginning at 7:00 eastern tomorrow. good night.
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a pediatric emergency medicine physician from seattle, washington... a graduate student from bethesda, maryland... and our returning champion, an attorney from arlington, virginia... ...whose 3-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you. thank you, johnny. hi, folks. it's been an up-and-down kind of week, hasn't it? one day, a big win. next day, a small win. but john has won three in a row. he's trying to make it four against rachel and neil.


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