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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  January 20, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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coverage all through this parade and stand for at least another hour. "world news tonight" with david muir coming up but several local there we so the parade right there. donald trump is still in the white house, as we see the parade start to form there on pennsylvania avenue. he's going to come out to the reviewing stand and enjoy that moment. before the inaugural balls tonight. but he is still in the white house right now. it has been a long day for the president. began, of course, at blair house. stayed there overnight with his family. church at st. john's, before coffee with the president, and then to the capitol, where he was sworn in. we've seen the lunch with congressional leaders. the review of the military. and then, the parade. president got out a couple of times over the course of this. and now, he will be reviewing them on his first days and first
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hours in the white house. byron pitts, we're seeing the bands come on. it was a tough choice for many, bands, as well, whether or not to come. >> a number decided to stay away. you look at this image and think, how beautiful, right? all americans love a parade. >> right. >> and so, i would imagine some people are regretting not participating. i think it's one of the -- a congressman said earlier today that, you know, today is about america, not about republican or democrat. and so, this is a -- a joy wous moment. and a beautiful sight about what makes us unique in the world. >> we've seen a lot of that spirit. we've seen so many different signals on this day. we saw the spirit on the mall. amy robach was talking about it earlier. young people coming together from different sides of this election, but coming together to celebrate our democracy. we've seen some ugliness today, as well. that vandalism, several blocks away from the parade route.
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we've seen peaceful protest on the parade route. and we've also seen, you know, you talk about the traditions, you talk about a day for coming together, but as you were saying, mark, earlier, what we saw in that inaugural speech was unlike any we've ever seen before. >> absolutely. but george, we also have to think about the protesters. that's american, too. that's apart of being american, as well. that's the civil rights movement. that's the anti-war movement. in the vietnam war era. that's part of who we are as a country. we're seeing the full of america play out today. >> martha raddatz, when we were listening to president obama in his final press conference, he was saying of any kind of squashing of that is one of the things that could drive him back into the political arena, not to run for anything, but to speak out. >> he talked about those as the core values, the things -- that there's normal policy discuss n discussions, there's normal
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divisions, but there were certain things he would want to speak out about. and think back to his chicago speech, too, i mean, he really was telling people that it was up to them to change. >> i think, i mean, byron said that it's a joyous moment. it's a joyous moment for a segment in the population, that say, we've arrived. we've finally gotten there. i think for a large other part of the population, this isn't a joyous moment for them. they look at this, they're concerned. they don't know what's going to happen. not even people that voted for hillary clinton, but people, ha minorities or other parts that think, i'm really concerned about how this president is going to operate. it's incumbent on the staff of the white house and donald trump at some point to acknowledge that emotional conflict in the country, in order to deal with it. >> very tough for him to do, terry moran. >> it is, but i do think that there's hope in this moment, because of exactly what matthew just said, which is -- there are millions upon millions of people
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who feel incredibly affirmed by this. and many of those people, you went out and talked to them, were almost out of the system. they'd stopped believing it in. i talked to people who hadn't voted in decades, that came out to vote for this guy, and he won. and they're back in the game, as it were. and eight years ago, it was a different group of people who were astonished at the way democracy could work for them. the more people, the better. it's when they check out altogether you have to worry about the country. >> things do swing back and forth. but as a nation, we still -- i was thinking about, when we were watching the demonstrators earlier. dr. king said that the riot is the language of the unheard. there are millions of people that think, this isn't our guy, this doesn't represent them. and so, they may act out in this way. but at the end of the day, history shows, we may swing in one way or the other, but as a nation, we figure it out. >> that was the message that president obama gave to his supporters in the days after the
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election. but cokie roberts, what a dramatic swing between the two men. >> a very dramatic swing. and i do think there's this sense of with te the people on part of a lot of voters who elected donald trump. but i think it would be very useful and wise for him to make some symbolic gestures. to go to a mosque and worship there. to have hispanic gathering at the white house. to talk in terms about african-americans where he's not talking about crime-infested inner cities. i think that he just needs to do something so that people who are feeling disaffected feel better. >> radical swing between the people. we have not seen that yet today. and really, the two electorates, matthew dowd, are also so separated. not really talking to each other in any real way.
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>> they stopped talking to each other and it wasn't just donald trump. donald trump was a symptom of what's going on. he wasn't a cause of what's going on, though he contributed with some of his language and actions in the course of the company. but this is the problem in america today. our democracy was built on the idea that we put all of our individual biases behind and we come together for the common good. that we sort of sit in a tribe, where we sit in a family, we sit in a community, but we're able to put those things behind and say, we can do what's in the best interest of the country. it's very hard. barack obama got little operation from republicans in the course of his entire presidency. my guess is, donald trump is going to get very little cooperation from democrats. and that's why today we have two dominant political parties dislike and dd and distrusted b majority of the country. >> the new cover of "time" magazine is out, with that image from the end, donald trump's inaugural. >> that clenched fist, that we
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have never seen before. >> and you wonder, you know, cokie, you made this point. most inaugurals not remembered at all. lincoln's two inaugurals, john f. kennedy's. you said this was unlike any other inaugural. i wonder which phrases survive and does that image become the iconic one? >> i think that is the iconic one, because it so symbolizes his campaign. his firm stance along with the populous movement that he helped to foster. i think the phrase that stood out to me was when he said, when you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice. that was his way of reaching out to, i think, particularly the african-american community, who might have felt disenfranchised. >> that was one of the new lines. we heard many of the signature lines, byron pitts. that was one of the new lines in the speech.
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>> yeah, i think many people might have been surprised to have heard that line, that it was inviting, that there is this big tent. but what -- say one thing, but show me. and when you look at his cabinet, right, we mentioned earlier today, there are no hispanics on his cabinet. when you look at his inner circle outside of his family, you don't see much of the diversity of america in that. so, certainly, i think, many people will be encouraged by that line, but what they hear and what they see don't seem to quite match up. >> and cokie, you said, you mentioned some of the things you believe he needs to do, terry moran, i'm not sure he sees it that way. >> i don't think he does. that raised fist is the militant america coming into power. they feel that they have been shut out. not just of power, but of respect. that's something you heard again and again out there, disrespected by hollywood. disrespected and disserved by
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washington. disrespected by main stream media. and they're taking it back and that is a militantcy. i don't think that's the kind of emotion that he comes into office with that is going to result in those kinds of compromising gestures or actions. >> and terry and i have both been out over many, many months talking to voters, and it's not just the disrespect, it's that they felt they had no voice at all. and you talk to people over and over and over again, you say, but donald trump is promising to bring back manufacturing jobs, do you really believe he can do that, they would say, not necessarily, but at least he tells us. at least he's listening to us. and i think that was the most powerful thing i heard from people, that he gave them hope. >> sorry. and out there just this past week, the way that he has jawboned, muscled giant american corporations to stop a move to mexico, in the example of carrier in indiana.
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people out there saying, he has done more for us as a president-elect than the last three presidents did for us. >> but i think it's really important to keep in mind, and if i were in the white house working there, i would be advising donald trump and the people there for this one thing. the people that swung this election to elect donald trump were not for donald trump. they were against hillary clinton. and those voters, 20%, 25% of donald trump's voters didn't think he was qualified to be president and didn't think he had the temperament to be president, and didn't like him, but they voted for him. and that i think is a group of voters that could easily peel off, if his actions, as byron says, i think, are key, if his actions don't match what they think they want in america. >> you bring up the point, they have to see stuff, i would think, relatively quickly. you talked about those who supported donald trump, our poll that just came out this week shows that a majority of americans still, to this day, as he enters office, don't think he's qualified for the office. he's going to have to
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demonstrate that in the days and weeks ahead. >> it's not going to be through speeches. it's not going to be through signing proclamations, it's not going to be any of that. it's going to have to be aboun affirmative action, something that changes the nature of relationships that we have with foreign countries, gets us out of a war or gets us in a war that we think needs to happen, it's all in the actions. >> i don't know if she's with us, rebecca jarvis, our chief business correspondent has been watching the markets today. one thing we have seen, since the election of donald trump, is a real rally in the dow jones. we must not have rebecca. sorry for that. you have some news, martha raddatz? >> it looks like general mattis has been confirmed as the defense secretary, first member of the cabinet, of the trump cabinet to be confirmed. i will tell you that i have known him for many, many years,
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through many conflicts and he is adored by his troops. he is truly adored. he is a real leader. he is a u.s. marine. he was in fallujah. he is a scholar. i think he owns about 6,000 books. he's the kind of person that remembers everything he's ever read and can throw something back at you that's pertinent to the situation. and he will speak his mind. he also, to me, immediately understood donald trump. in their meet, when we remember that there was all the talk about bringing back waterboarding and bringing back torture and donald trump said that again and again. after his meeting with general mattis, he said, well, you know, general mattis said, you know, sometimes a beer and a cigarette works well. i can just see general mattis in that situation, knowing that it wouldn't work to say to donald trump, torture's bad, you can't do it, that's not the way to do it. instead, he does his kind of
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good old boy thing, and got along really well. and i'm telling you, if donald trump never calls him mad dog again, that shows you also how skilled general mattis is to try to get rid of that nickname he hates. he was also called chaos. that's not a bad acronym for him. it's -- the colonel has come up with another outstanding solution. >> terry moran, donald trump was able to come off, time and time again, during the campaign, wouldn't back down on that issue of waterboarding. sometimes we have to do things that are even worse. yet, general mattis crystallizing the scholarship of the last couple of years and he decides to turn off, when he needs to. one of the things we're going to discover in the days and weeks ahead is, that which of those promises matter most to drm
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drment one of the things that's irritated him over the course of this transition, any suggestion that mexico is not going to pay for that wall, he goes ballistic. >> he does. that was his signature line, and he says there are ways to force mexico to pay for the wall. either through taxes, tariffs or on remittances. but one of the things that he brings to his now presidential leadership is that you never quite know when he's saying smshgs becau something because he firmly believes it or when he's sayingsosaying so something to shock you or soften the ground for the deal that he wants. he is a very canny -- i'm not sure it's a reasoned, you know, approach, but he has a way of shocking you with what he says, sometimes he means it, sometimes he doesn't. >> and mark updegrove. we know he's a student of richard nixon. we know he's going to hang in the oval office, a note that he received from richard nixon back in 1987, sent it after his wife
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watched donald trump on the donahue show and she says a future politician in there, he's in the oval office. one of the things he might be taking from him is president nixon's advisers tried to make use of the fact that sometimes he could be unpredictable. the wideman this heldwild-man t. that could be an as set for a president. >> henry kissinger always said, unpredictability in foreign policy could be a good thing, to keep people guess egg. i think what donald trump needs to do, though, is, he has to have some consistent messages to the american people. we talked about the donald trump that we heard in that inaugural address. and we talked about the donald trump that we heard at the lunche luncheon. more conciliatory, more outgoing. i think the american people are going to have to figure out which donald trump we're dealing with, as far as foreign policy goes, there might be some advantage to unpredictability. >> we already see him courting some controversy, martha raddatz, as we see the president
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leaving the white house now. there's eric trump and his wife. ivanka and jared behind them, as well. tiffany, i think, is there. along with barron. they're heading, making their way towards the reviewing stand right now. looks like jared and ivanka's kids have go in for the day, but don jr. and his wife are bringing their kids out, at least some of them. they have five. a lot of young kids in the trump family right now. and as we watch them take their seats, martha, i want to pick up on the thought. it does seem, in some ways, that particularly with china and as you were mentioning earlier, north korea, we could be spoiming fspoim i spoiling for a controversy rather early. >> we talked about the tweets early on, not so long ago, really, that donald trump said north korea just started that it is in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching the u.s. it won't happen. experts will tell you that
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probably could happen within four, five years. so, what does donald trump do? that is a red line. with iran. he said he would rip up the deal with iran. i -- i don't think that will happen right away, if at all. you heard general mattis, he was the one who said he didn't like that deal much, either, but america, when america makes a promise, she has to keep her promise. we also have the persian gulf. in the persian gulf. we've had iranian boats threatening u.s. ships. donald trump said when the retu iranians circle our beautiful destroyers with our little boats and make gestures to our people, they will be shot out of the water. can also tell you that i doubt anyone in the military, if those are not the rules of engagement, would not follow that order. >> here comes vice president pence and karen pence. and soon the announcer will tell you that the president is coming out to the reviewing stand, as well.
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>> he is home. that is his home. that is the first time he's been in there as president. >> best temporary housing in the world. >> exactly. or as others say, the best prison in the world. >> one of the questions going to be is how often he comes back home to trump tower here in new york, because melania and barron will be coming home and staying there at least through the end of the school year. that's becoming the signature gesture of mike pence there, patting his heart, with the emotion. as he greets his supporters and the military there. you know, the thing about the white house, though, matthew dowd, they're going to be out there all morning long. going to stay up late into the night at the inauguration, but the work begins bright and early tomorrow. >> well, actually, it's going on right now. i'm sure there's staff in the white house, manning certain desks, being aware of all the things that are going around in the country and the world, that they may have to respond to tonight, while the ball's going on, and tomorrow morning. this isn't a five day a week job, as you know, george, and
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you get off saturday and sunday and you get back to work on monday. tomorrow's a full day. >> particularly because there are so many vacancies, martha raddatz, especially in the national security establishment. a lot of holdovers from the obama administration. >> you will have an acting secretary of state. about 50 people from the obama administration will stay on for this transition. watching them hold there. >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, the vice president of the united states, michael r. pence and mrs. karen pence. >> you know, you think of the world just this week, libya, stealth bombers, bounding an isis training camp. in afghanistan, raids going on right now. they will have to deal with this immediately. >> and here comes the president. president trump and melania. he will have to deal with this immediately. he resisted the daily
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intelligence briefings at the beginning of the transition. had harsh words for the intelligence community after they came out with that conclusion that russia hacked the u.s. election. has tried to be a bit more conciliatory in recent days, but even as late as his press conference last week, accused the intelligence community of nazi-like tactics and suggested that the cia director leaked damaging information on him. john karl, the president about to pass you right now? >> he's about to pass just a few feet away from me. i'm on the white house north lawn here, right next to this blue walkway. the president and the first lady walking my way. they've been inside the white house. i've seen lights going on and off. i just came out of the west wing, where i saw steve bannon, kellyanne conway, some of the key advisers, all in the white house. some of them for the first time. mr. president, how are you feeling? >> feeling great, thank you. >> first interview with the president, john! >> there you go. thank you, george.
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that was a pretty tough question, wasn't it? >> really showed your chops there. i think it was appropriate to the moment and to this day. it is his day. and seems to be enjoying every bit of it, john. >> he is thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. now he's going to walk into that reviewing stand. as we've been talking about, it will be a shorter parade than usual, but he'll love every minute of it. and i'm telling you, george, it was fascinating watching as he was in the white house, visiting much of that building, i mean, he's been here before, of course, with the president now twice, once this morning, and once right after the election in the oval office, but now, he went around and you could tell by the way the lights were going on and off up in the residency of the white house, and here he is, about to be announced. >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, the 45th president of
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the united states, donald j. trump and the first lady of the united states, melania trump. >> cokie roberts, he's heard "hail to the chief" a few times now. i bet that never gets old. >> no, i would suspect not, that that never gets old. and one of the things that he's going to learn is what a privilege it is to have the marine band. they are -- they are masterful musicians. and they are there, really, for him, when he needs them, to play. than is one of the many, many perks of the white house.
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>> he may be president of the united states, but he's still the dad of a 10-year-old and i love that moment, president walks right by, barron does not look up from, i think, his phone or his video game. >> he's tweeting. >> barron has been playing with his little nieces and nephews in these pictures, too, the babies. it's been very sweet. >> he must be getting a little tired, too. >> well, the parade is fun for the kids. >> there he is with his family. you see behind him, don jr., his daughter. little donnie is 8. they have three other little kids, so, all under the age of 5, tristan, spencer and chloe. wonder what barron is looking at right now. he found a friend. you can't imagine how his life is going to change over these next years. of course, a big part of the
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job, cokie roberts, you studied first ladies, is protecting their children from the changes that can come from the white house. >> absolutely. and really it was bill and hillary clinton that started that, when there was a -- some evil press, or comedian , about chelsea, they stopped it. they just put an end to it. they said, she's a 12-year-old, don't do this. and people respected it. and laura and george bush took their cues from that. they were in college, a very dangerous age. and then, the obamas, of course, with young children, raising them in the white house. they were very clear on this. >> let's listen in on the parade. >> announcer: following closely will be the united states army field band, from our nation's capito
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capitol, the army field band. the band was founded in 1946, with a mission to take the story of the army and its soldiers to the grass roots of america. these musicians travel 40,000 miles around our nation each year, perform more than 500 concerts, for more than 1 million people. they are the military's most traveled band. ♪ >> we're going to see several bands from the u.s. military. >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the sounds of the united states military field band. >> following them, the united
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states military academy, and the army, the about may color guaar guard. and then, right after that, donald trump's hometown is going to be honored. here, the united states army field band. ♪ >> paula faris, are you still with us on the reviewing stand? >> i'm still here, just outside of the reviewing stand. it's a little loud, guys, but the army band just passing by, and you mentioned that the nypd emerald society pipes and drums, we mentioned bag pipes, but they endorsed donald trump, and that's pretty rare for them, because they, in previous years,
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had endorsed barack obama, but shortly, we're going to see the wounded warrior project, and that will be the first of four veterans groups, we know that veterans groups are near and dear to donald trump's heart. and you will see veterans have a big presence in this parade, george. >> there's the salute from president trump. >> chief of staff of the army with him, a combat veteran in america and elsewhere. he was also at ft. hood, during the last mass shooting there. >> martha, talk a little bit more about the president's support from the military. this came despite the fact that several times during the campaign, he derided our generals. he did seem to have support at the grass roots. >> and i think that's what's key. at the grass roots. you see a lot of enlisted in the military who support donald trump. you certainly have some more senior people who probably don't.
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but that doesn't mean they won't follow orders. that doesn't mean that they do not respect him as the commander in chief. because he is the commander in chief now. and that is their job, to defend the constitution. but i think he's grown on many people, too, because he has a general mattis in there, because he has a general kelly now at homeland security. because he has -- because he's shown such respect for the military since being elected. he reached out to so many people during the transition, so many senior officers, so many national security experts, you know, general petraeus went there, others who he sought council from, and talked to them about what they thought needed to happen. >> you know, he's talked about also wanting a plan from the generals in the next 60 days for a new plan to combat isis. do you think it's going to all that different from what we're seeing now? >> during the debates, he kept say, we're just going to bomb the hell out of isis.
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i mean, that's pretty much what we've been doing, for a couple of years now. and they've made tremendous progress. we know they're surrounding mosul and moving into mosul to try to take back mosul from isis. syria, that's another question if you are going to get rid of isis completely, you have to do something about syria. >> there we see the emerald society pipes and drums from the city of new york police department. one more point on that, you mentioned syria, martha raddatz, of course, president obama criticized by many for drawing that red line in syria, then failing to attack president assad of syria. basically excluded from the recent actions that, the collusion of russia and president assad and they're >> with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> it is official. donald trump is the 45th president of the united states and celebrations are well
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under way in washington tonight as we look live at donald trump and his family watching the inauguration parade unwind through the streets of washington, d.c. trump of course watching the rest of the performances inauguration festivities well under way and you can continue to watch everything unfolds live on and our 6abc news app. good evening, it's friday night and the big story on "action news" is inauguration day and the formal transition of power at the white house. >> "action news" anchors brian taff and sharrie williams are in d.c. for us for today's historic event and we'll hear more from sharrie in a moment but first to brian live near the u.s. captor building. goou.s. capitol building. >> reporter: we begin the process of bringing this most historic day to its conclusion. but of course in many other ways this is really just the beginning of a new and completely unwritten chapter in american history. today donald j. trump wrote
5:31 pm
the first words of that story. he began his day this morning at the blair house before heading to saint john's church on lafayette square. there mr. trump along with his wife melania vice president mike pence and their families attended the traditional inauguration day church service. this morning mr. obama could be seen leaving a letter a transition passed down from president to president. mr. obama and mr. trump eventually met outside the white house before their outgoing and incoming presidents and their wives sat down together for coffee. trump and obama used the same motorcade to be escorted to the capitol building for the main event. now while mr. obama and mr. trump made their way to the inauguration stage hundreds of thousands of people crowded onto the national mall today waiting to see this historic moment in
5:32 pm
person. first of course mike pence was sworn in as vice president by supreme court justice clarence thomas. then mr. trump took the oath of office prehave presided ovey chief justice john roberts. donald trump delivered about 20 minutes of remarks. >> we assembled here today are issuing a new decree to be heard in every city, in every foreign capitol and in every haul of power. from this day forward, a new vision will govern our land. from this day forward, it's going to be only america first, america first. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: and the official inauguration program ended on a high note rather
5:33 pm
literally with a stunning performance from a singer with pennsylvania roots. >> ♪ and now, ladies and gentlemen, the new york military academy, from cornwall hudson, new york. this historic academy has been named a junior reserve officer training corps, distinctive >> reporter: that was 16-year-old jackie of pitts pittsburgh who got her big break winning a national talent show: it was a stunning moment the national mall hundreds of thousands of people on it totally silent for that moment. "action news" anchor sharrie williams spent the day along the parade route joining us life from pennsylvania avenue with the perspective from there. hi, sharrie. >> reporter: hi, brian.
5:34 pm
people traveled from all over to be here for this moment and so much excitement right here along the par ride route as now donald trump has made one of his first appearances as commander-in-chief and people of course came to see that in person. people are lining the streets but before he made his way to the parade route president trump had a to attend his fortunately first order of business. minutes after taking office mr. trump signed a stack of executive orders, white house press secretary sean spicer said most of the documents were procedural or had to do with his cabinet picks. that included paving the way for james mattis to head up the defense department and from there president trump and his family arrived at the inaugural luncheon to a standing ovation. several republican leaders and trump himself made remarks inside the capitol statutory hall. then it was onto the inaugural parade right down pennsylvania avenue where we are this very moment. president trump got out of his
5:35 pm
car twice along today's route walking a small distance with melania and son barren. the first time he got out was near his hotel, the second time was just before the viewing stands in lafayette park. now, i spoke to people along the par ride route a short -- parade route a short time ago. >> it's awesome. it's great. >> this why today is going to be the happiest dave my life. >> i'm inspired and i'm happy that he's in office. it's been eight years coming. i really feel that there's -- something in the air that feels like we're going turn things around and everything is going to get better. >> i have a lot of optimism. i think you have to be open minded and give him a chance. i have nothing but optimism for the next four years. >> reporter: now tonight there will be several parties in that washington, d.c. to celebrate of course mr. trump's first day in office but probably the
5:36 pm
hottest tickets in town, those three inaugural balls that we do expect president trump and his wife, melania, to actually attend. that will be something to watch for as well this evening. as for now, though, former president barack obama he and michelle are on their way to palm springs, california presumably to take a much deserved break but before he left the former president said one final goodbye to his staffers. >> it's just a little pit stop. this is -- this is -- this is not a period, this is a comma in the continuing story. [cheers and applause] -- of building america. yes, we did. yes, we can. [cheers and applause] god bless america. >> reporter: yes, we can, of course was the mantra for president obama's presidency. make america great again is
5:37 pm
what president trump is basing his next four years on. it's been a long day but the evening is far from over. brian and i will be here to cover everything else that's happening along the festivities for this historic inauguration of donald j. trump. we'll send it back inside. >> thank you sharrie and brian. while today's inauguration drew plenty of revelers to d.c. it also drew protestors. amid today's demonstrations this car was set on fire. fire officials arrived scene quickly. so far no reports of anyone being hurt. >> it was decidedly more peaceful in philadelphia but police here still encountered several demonstration around the city. >> "action news" reporter chad pradelli live in university city with more on that parter of the story. good evening, chad. >> reporter: hey, monica. a protest on penn's campus wrapped up a couple hours ago, it was one of several on campuses across the city. it was relatively small as all of them were but the message was the same. i want to show you earlier today on temple university's
5:38 pm
campus about two dozen protestors gathered there at the tower right there in the heart of campus. they had their bull horns out. they were trying to have their voice heard. they then marched down broad street down city hall with a police escort you had officers on bicycles, officers in vehicles. the officers actually outnumbered the protestors but these students are worried about their future. they say the president is misogynistic anti-immigrant and they worry the country is becoming less inclusive. >> as a black man when he says that he believes stop and frisk is something that's good and helps the black community that's where i have to stop and say wait a second that's any other helping, that's racial profiling. >> everybody deserves equal rights in this country a chance to live and live freely without fear for their lives and i think so far we've not been able to do that so there's been women that are living in fear, people of color that are living in fear, gay people living in fear. people who have immigrated to the country who are living in fear. >> i will not condone a
5:39 pm
president who has a mind-set and a mouth that is derogatory towards women and disabled people. >> reporter: and talking with police at all the protests on college campuses the students were well behaved. they talked with police before gathering and assembling and there were no real significant problems at any of the protests. >> while some chose to demonstrate against trump's inauguration others simply close to boycott. >> that includes dozens of democratic lawmakers including bonnie watson coleman. she organized a interfaith prayer service to discuss the problems our country is facing. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic with that story from trenton. >> ♪ >> reporter: at noon as president trump was sworn in hundreds of people came to shiloh baptist church in tren tour owe ton for a prayer service organized by
5:40 pm
congresswoman bonnie watson coleman. she's among more than 60 congressional democrats nationwide who decided not attend the inauguration. watson coleman has been upset by some of president trump's nominations and disparaging comments about civil rights icon john lewis. >> and i hope that he grows up and overcomes those urges, those very basic urges to lash out with people who don't agree with him. >> reporter: it was a diverse crowd clergy from all different faiths led prayers for our country and our leaders while voicing concerns about issues like immigration, healthcare and the treatment of women and minorities. >> we say that our bodies and our babies and our country's borders will not be left to the heads and hearts and hands of those who are uninformed and unfamiliar with our issues. >> reporter: many of the people here today wonder what a trump administration will
5:41 pm
mean for their families. >> i am praying for peace. we've seen so much hate. >> i couldn't bring myself to see himself place his hand on the bible. >> we're praying he'll do the right thing for the people and citizens of the united states. >> reporter: congresswoman watson coleman gave away about 160 tickets she had to the inaugural. she said she would rather be in the 12th district with her constituents than down in d.c. for the festivities. in trenton nora muchanic channel6 "action news." >> time for a check of our "action news" traffic report friday night. >> gina gannon in for matt pelman. >> we had an earlier accident. this was a live look on 422 right at the oaks interchange but the accident has since cleared but look at your delay still really out there, 22 minutes now if you're traveling out westbound side of 422. from 202 out to oaks. yeah jammed solid. eastbound side is cruising along nicely. this is a very serious problem we're dealing with right now. if you're traveling into
5:42 pm
burlington township the pa turnpike new jersey turnpike connector between delaware valley and route 130 that area is shut down and it's all because of structural problems on the delaware river bridge. so this will be a major issue. this is an alert. we're not sure when this will wrap up but definitely something to watch out for. take the tacony palmyra bridge. here's a look at the big picture showing you we have a lot of red. it is very crowded out there this evening. so take your time and you can see 17 miles per hour on 95, it's going to be 16 out there on the vine, eight on the schuylkill expressway and on the schuylkill itself you can see we have major travel times and this is a live look here at city avenue so 40 minutes right now on the schuylkill. rick and monica. >> gina thank you. >> our coverage of president trump's inauguration continues next on "action news" at 5:00. >> ♪ >> still to come, the big welcome home for former vice president joe biden just hours after he left the white house for the final time. we'll be right back.
5:43 pm
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way, both with executive orders >> ♪ >> today not only marked former president obama's final day in office it was also last hours for delaware's joe biden now the former vice president and he left the white house for the last time before handing over the reigns to
5:46 pm
mike pence. >> the bide dense made their way back to wilmington where they got quite the welcome home. "action news" reporter john rawlins rode the train with the bidens back to delaware. john is live in wilmington tonight with that story. hey, john. >> reporter: good afternoon or good evening now. well, it was quite a day for the bidens. it was certainly bittersweet. they did leave washington at least the last time he has been in office after, gosh, 44 years in federal office. he and his wife jill were warmly welcomed here in wilmington by a number of people here at the chase center in wilmington which included as well the university of delaware marching band. >> ♪ >> reporter: it was a love fest to welcome home joe and jill. it could have been a campaign rally except after 44 years in and washington, joe biden is not running for anything. the crowd repeatedly roared as the 74-year-old biden was lauded as a gift a leader who is humble wise with a big heart. >> and i am more grateful than ever for joe biden.
5:47 pm
[cheers and applause] >> reporter: those in the crowd said it was biden's ability to connect with the every man and every woman that brought them here. >> and he's just been so involved all along and he's the type of person who just keeps the common person in mind. >> reporter: the former vp departed washington today. how else? >> see ya' guys. >> reporter: his staff estimates he made 8,000 round trips by rail between wilmington and d.c. on board, he talked about his weekend plans. >> grand kids breakfast. just enjoy just being home. >> reporter: biden arrived at the joseph r. biden amtrak station where he and his wife were greeted by children with flowers. minutes later they were whisked to the chase center where he thanked his well wishers. >> one reason why it's overwhelming, we never and i mean this sincerely, we never thought we left home
5:48 pm
parade, the 2006 rose parade, >> reporter: mr. biden moved by this afternoon's tributes by so many people here. at one points he said he thought he had been listening to his own eulogy. live in wilmington, john rawlins channel6 "action news." >> thank you, john. throughout the nation people gathered to watch the inauguration including here in philadelphia at the national constitution center several dozen folks watched president trump take the oath of office and deliver his inaugural address. they came from all corners of the spectrum but they were happy to witness the peaceful transfer of power. and as the trump administration begins the free library of philadelphia is engaging people in politics and policy. this is a civic engagement fair where organizations and political parties set up tables to answer questions and get people involved. participants range from the aclu to the republican party. today's event took place at the main branch on the parkway. >> stocks closed up across-the-board today after a
5:49 pm
choppy trading day actually. investors paid close attention in president trump's inauguration speech. though markets closed in the green they did take a dip after trump's protectionist remarks. the dow jones climbed 94 points today, the nasdaq finished up 15, the s & p 500 climbed seven and change. >> still to come on "action "acn news" at 5:00 other news of the day including details on a deadly fire in delaware county. >> the suspect police say they are looking for after several cars were found vandalized when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪ can get some stuff
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done, i think it will turn it around pretty quickly. >> ♪ >> developing news tonight. a house fire has turned tragic in chester delaware county. the flames claimed the life of two adults living in the home on the 1000 block of morton avenue. "action news"'s wendy saltzman has the details. >> i was in the home watching tv. all of a sudden i looked out my window 'cause i heard the sirens. i came running outside to see where the fire was because i know it was close by. >> reporter: james bacon was one of the first people on the scene after he heard the sounds of sirens tearing through this neighborhood. >> the fire it was on the downstairs and the kids was stuck on the upstairs floor. they said one is handicapped a wheelchair and i don't know if the other made it out. both didn't turn it out. >> reporter: two people
5:53 pm
inside were his adult cousins the mom made it out but the two kids didn't make it out. >> reporter: a neighbors describes the two deceased as nice guys in their 30's and 40's. one of the men was that disabled. >> he was probably trying to help him out because he was the one that would help the handicapped brother every day they was saying he was probably trying to help him get out of the house. >> reporter: the charred remains are part of an active investigation. officials say they're unsure what sparked the blaze. state police, local law enforcement and criminal investigations are now involved. one of the neighboring homes was abandoned. the other family we're told got out safe. >> it's a community that i live here in the city of chester and i'm here to be supportive of them and surviving family members. >> reporter: officials wanted to be careful about how much information they released before family members were notified. the mother we were told was treated for her injuries. in chester i'm wendy saltzman channel6 "action news." >> one person was injured
5:54 pm
during a fire inside of a home in bucks county. the blaze started about 12:30 this afternoon on echo lane in falls township. chopper6 was over the fire department response near the scene. firefighters were able to pull a person from the burning home but we do not yet know the severity of their injuries. also no word on how the fire started. >> residents of prospect park delaware county woke up to vandalism throughout the borough yesterday morning. the anarchy symbol an a with a circle was spray painted on cars stop signs and several businesses. police have identified two suspects and an arrest could come soon and for that they credit public. >> the public has been great as far as responding to our social media requests out there for any additional help in the ways of home security system surveillance that would help in the prosecution of the case as well. >> officials say right now damage is estimated at $10,000 but the figure is expected to rise.
5:55 pm
>> time now for a check of the accuweather forecast on a friday night. >> over to meteorologist cecily tynan to see if we've turned off the faucet now cecily. >> we have for the most part. storm tracker6 live double scan showing the steady rain is over but we still value a lot of moisture in the atmosphere in the form of low clouds, some fog will develop tonight as well so kind of a dreary friday night. right now 41 degrees in philadelphia. that's a high for the day. 40 is the normal high so seasonable temperatures. wilmington 42, allentown 40, cape may 43 and trenton 41 degrees. visibility in philadelphia not bad right now. however, if you look to our western suburbs, reading the visibility dropped town to 1.5 miles, lancaster 2 miles with a lot of moisture in the air and light winds overnight i do think we'll have some patchy fog developing, some areas it could be dense. now, satellite6 along with action radar showing that this warm front warm front has lifted north of our region. that's what brought us the steady light rain this afternoon. generally less than quarter inch of rain and behind this
5:56 pm
system we will get more of a southwesterly flow tomorrow so that will bump temperatures in the 50's but don't expect to see much sunshine. it's going to be a pretty gray weekend. tonight areas of drizzle, some patchy fog developing. philadelphia 39, allentown 37, wilmington 40 and cape may 41 so temperatures barely dropping at all tonight. don't have to worry about any icing. future tracker showing you wake up tomorrow morning 8 o'clock it's cloudy. in the afternoon it's cloudy. i don't think we'll see maybe a little bit of filtered sunshine but then we have a system that will start to move in on sunday so with an easterly flow developing, we will get some drizzle breaking out in the morning but the steady heavy rain will be waiting until later in the day and sunday night and this is going to be a pretty powerful storm. so, this is what to expect. early drizzle on sunday, evolving to rain and as that nor'easter develops winds will be picking up. monday will be nasty, wind driven rain, could get one to 3-inches of rain and wind
5:57 pm
gusts inland about 55 miles per hour, down the shore wind gusts up to 65 miles per hour. that could cause some coastal flooding, beach erosion and also some power tou power outag. tomorrow lots of clouds but the rain is out of here at least 53 degrees the high. sunday that drizzle evolving to a steady rain, 52 degrees and monday periods of heavy rain and high winds, 48 degrees. tuesday transition day. some morning showers and we dry out. some sunshine, 51 degrees. and wednesday finally partly sunny skies, still mild with a high of 52. we'll let you know if that dry weather sticks around for the end of next week coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecast guys. >> thank you so much essential that's it for us. for cecily tynan adam joseph, rick williams, its entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass. have a good night. "action news" at 6 at 6:00 is n.
5:58 pm
♪ new year, time to get rid of stuff. simplify, declutter, unplug, purge, or even quit cold turkey. i raise turkeys without growth-promoting antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. if you're looking for little ways to simplify life, feeling good about what your family eats is a pretty simple place to start. my name is tammy plumlee, and i raise honest, simple turkey for shady brook farms.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> preserve, protect and defend. >> preserve, protect and defend. >> the constitution of the united states. >> the constitution of the united states. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. [cheers and applause] >> and with that, mr. donald j. trump is the 45th president of the united states. hundreds of thousands of his supporters flowed into washington to see his inauguration at the u.s. capitol but while many rejoiced at trump's message of putting america first
6:00 pm
destructive protests erupted this afternoon just blocks away from mr. trump's inaugural parade to the white house. friday night, jim gardner is off, i'm rick williams and the big story on "action news" tonight is president donald trump. we have live team coverage beginning with brian taff and sharrie williams both in washington, d.c. sharrie is along the parade route but first let's go to brian on the national mall tonight. brian. >> reporter: hi, good evening, rick. yes, donald j. trump swore the oath of office right there behind me in the shadow of the capitol dome just about six hours ago. it was a moment that caps off an election season and an election itself that revealed deep divisions across america and though those divisions were on display here today in the form of the protests you mentioned today's official events were all about moving forward in the spirit of unit and to that end the day began with mr. obama and first lady michelle obama handing over the white house to their successors.


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