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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 20, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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first day in office and a major bridge is closed indefinitely. next. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program, with jim gardner. >> we are transferring power from washington d.c. and giving it back to you, the people. >> pledging to be the president of the people, donald j. trump takes the oath of office
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becoming the 45th president of the united states of america. jim is off. i'm monica malpass. the big story on "action news" is the inauguration of donald trump. the celebration continues in washington. the first family is appearing at three balls in their honor. thousands are taking part in commemorating the historic day. it's been a long day after a private church service this morning. trump and his wife were greeted at the white house by barack obama and first lady michelle. the obamas hosted the trumps. then on to the capitol where trump took the office and thousands of spectators gathered on the national wall. trump officially became the 45th commander in chief.
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>> preserve, and defend the constitution of the united states. >> the constitution of the united states. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> addressing the nation for the first time as president, trump laid out a vision of america first. the president promised to protect american borders, jobs and families. trump reiterated that he is president for everyone and tried to strike a cord of unity. >> black or white or red, we have the same blood of patriots. >> trump signed formal nominations for his cabinet picks and attended the luncheon in the stat wary hall, on the menu, maine lobster, virginia beef and shrimp from the gulf of
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mexico. president trump got out of his car twice along the parade route walking with his family. they then took in some of the parade. >> "action news" anchors brian taff and sharrie williams are in washington d.c. covering the inaugural events. bob brooks is covering local protests. first to sharrie and brian. they are still partying in the capital, aren't they? >> they are. it was 11 hours ago that donald trump swore the oath of office there on the stage behind us, at the state capital. it's almost like nothing happened, crews breaking down
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the stages and fences. as they do that, the partying you mentioned is heating up. >> the big event during the day, now to the evening, a staple for the weekend, the inaugural ball. ♪ ♪ ♪ the famed radio city music hall rockets were among the entertainment at the liberty ball for the main event. then it came the arrival of president president trump and first lady melania looking stunning in a dress she helped design. this is the first of three balls they attended and the president was jubilant as he thanked his supporters. >> i want to thank our supporters, my number one supporter, melania. what she puts up with.
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thank you, honey. we did something that's so special. this evening is so special. the day, yesterday, so incredible. so many people made such a difference. >> then came the first dance, the trumps danced to frank sinatra's "my way." they were joined by vice president mike pence and his wife karen and then the trump children came to join them on the stage. from the liberty ball they head today the freedom ball and they are head order to the final ball of the evening, the armed services or military ball held tonight. we watched during the day, of course, this president using his choice to showcase the branches of the military, fitting that one of the inaugural balls will be named in that honor as well. that's what happened in the evening. it was a busy day of work as
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it's trump's time. >> mr. trump is expected to show up at midnight at the trump hotel close today the press, so don't expect pictures or video out of that one. sharrie mentioned it was a day of work. it began with the president getting down to business signing an executive order halting further regulations regarding obama care. he was joined by top aides and the press pool. he revamped gold curtains replacing the crimson ones there and added winston churchill to the decor, the bust of mlk remains as well. the country has a new secretary of defense and homeland security swearing in james mattis and
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john kelly in a ceremony after being confirmed by the senate. donald trump promised to jam pack the first day in office and has delivered on that. it's not done yet. >> it is day one. people wait to see what will follow. the evening now making way for the celebration as it appears we are on the verge of a seismic shift. send it back inside, monica. >> we appreciate it. a surprising moment during the luncheon. donald trump acknowledged hilary clinton telling the crowd he was honored that she attended. >> i was honored, very honored when i heard bill clinton and hilary clinton were coming today. i think it's important and i would like you to stand up. there is nothing more i can say. i have a lot of respect for those two people. >> after the inauguration and
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ceremonies, president trump and first lady melania e escorted former president obama and first lady obama to the helicopter where they flew to california for a vacation in palm springs. joe biden returned to wilmington today on amtrak. he arrived at the train station that bears his name where he and his wife were greeted by children with flowers. from there they went to a welcome back rally. he invoked a poet to capture his mood. this time, james joyce. >> joyce said, and i'm going to paraphrase him, when i die -- when i die, delaware will be written on my heart. [applause ]
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>> biden spent 44 years in washington. his staff estimates he took more than 8,000 round trips on amtrak between wilmington and d.c. >> not everyone in washington was there to celebrate president trump's election. police in riot gear faced off crowds. trash cans and vehicles were set on fire. many of the demonstrators dressed in black their faces covered. earlier in the day they smashed windows with heavy objects. 217 people were arrested and six officers suffered minor injuries. bob brooks is in philadelphia
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for us. protesters took to the streets here toddles, didn't they? >> monica, yes, they did. they were passionate but they remained peaceful. they were not violent, exactly how they should be. to the side of me you see metal barriers set up. that's because the protesting and marchs are not finished yesterday. tomorrow we expect 30,000 plus to ascend. protesters were out today, but it was peaceful. even the most passionate men and women on philadelphia streets never got violent. they say the violence in washington was a disgrace. >> that's not acceptable. that's not what america's based on. >> several groups marched in what they say is a long battle againsts president trump. >> it was based off fear and hatred. that's no way to run a country.
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>> they rallied but police say it was a demonstration without conflict or violence. that's making them proud. what we saw i'm used to seeing in philadelphia. they did it in a way that's lawful and peaceful. tomorrow police brace for another march expected to be bigger than what we saw tonight. 30,000 plus people are register sistereregistered for that womes march. >> the way he speaks about women and people of color and the muslim, if it's evident how he feels. >> with a crowd this large, the visit to d.c. helped them prepare. >> we get better at it. >> officers expect nothing less from philadelphiaens tomorrow. >> you won't want to cross the parkway. we expect a very large crowd.
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>> the march is set for 10:00 tomorrow morning. you heard police say keep that in mind as the parkway will be closed. bob brooks, "action news," monica? >> thank you, bob. you can find dozens of videos and photos from washington d.c. and our area as donald trump became our 45th president. >> the african-american museum in philadelphia held a special event today to thank president obama for his service. organizers were stunned and dismayed by the results of the trump election but decided to use energy to celebrate the out going president. several organizations were there to provide volunteer opportunities. still to come on "action news," a major connection between pennsylvania and new jersey is shut down tonight indefinitely. the problem that has surveyors
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surveying the turnpike bridge. and an officer is being charged in the death of his eight year old daughter. cecily? >> our next storm is waiting in the wings. i have more on th the seven-day forecast. >> we have more on those stories when "action news" continues tonight. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> this amazing video shows a six-year-old girl being pulled out of the rubble of a hotel in italy devastated by an avalanche. she was the last of her family to be freed after two days being buried under snow. the first thing she asked for was a cookie. the avalanche struck a resort in italy wednesday. her dad was outside and called for help. his wife and son were rescued today. >> a bridge to new jersey is shut down tonight no word on
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when it will reopen. it carries thousands of vehicles everyday. "action news" reporter jeff jericho has more on what the issue is. >> drivers were seeing red in more ways than one as brake lights lit up across the bridge. >> it's usually not this busy at all. i got off on 95 and half an hour ago. >> you have gone how far? >> not even five miles. >> i got off the exit. it was like this. it's never like this. >> the delays began around 3:00 p.m. after a bridge painting crew found a fraction on the bridge on the pennsylvania side. they spent the night addressing the problem. travelers were encouraged to use the bristol bridge.
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>> now it's the weekend so i don't have to deal with the traffic. >> crews are unclear how long it will take to repair the 61-year-old span. kia donaldson is planning for delays. >> i wake up at 5:30. i'll probably have to get up at 4:00 or 3:30 to get to work on time. >> they plan to release a repair timeline this weekend to give motorists time to plan their monday morning commute. jeff jericho, "action news." >> fire claimed the lives of two people in morning. it happened about noon on norton avenue. neighbors say the two were brothers, one of whom was disabled. one home was vacant.
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the other family escaped. >> the jeweler's row is charged with censored jewelry stolen from high end home in the suburbs. wakim used storefronts to buy and sell the julie. he was the fence for jewelry stolen. >> camden county officials charged a stratford police officer in connection with the gun related death of his eight-year-old daughter. kekenneth righter is charged wih leaving his gun unsceered on a shelf. sailor righter was shot to death new year's eve. prosecutors have not said if she shot herself or was shot by
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someone else. >> we have an updated on the dachshund discovered in the summerdale section, francis is out of the hospital. she was released this afternoon. she has a big new accessory. francis suffered a spinal fracture in her past and can't move her hind legs. the vet fitted her with a cart. she seems to be taking to it. everyone is looking forward to finding her a new home. how cute is that. a benefit concert was held at the tla on south street for jeff bradshaw. local organizers were there including jill scott. bradshaw was diagnosed with an intestinal disease. he was not able to work for months, so proceeds from tonight's concert will defray the costs from his medical
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bills. cecily is here to talk about the weather. not great? >> not great, but not a wash out. it's going to be fun. tracker 6 live double scan showing good news. we have drived out after the rain earlier today. we have a lot of moisture in the air. the air is relatively warm. i like this shot. this is spring mountain with warm air over the snow pack, fog developing. we are looking at patchy dense fog. reading visibility down to half a mile, lancaster a third mile. allentown 1.3. philadelphia an areas east, higher visibility. overnight, patchy fog and drizzle. 42 right now in philadelphia. that's the high for today. allentown 40, wilmington 42. cape may 41 and trenton
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41-degrees. a warm front moved through today bringing us light rain in the afternoon, less than a quarter inch, that's mooed on. we have moisture in the form of clouds hard to break up tomorrow. the next storm system waiting in the wings. this storm system over parts of california. mountain snow, that system is racing across the country pulling in late sunday. the pressure forms a nor'easter moving quickly across the country. once it gets to the eastern seaboard, we have pressure to the north slowing the system down. if it's a long duration storm and the difference in pressure creating a wind tunnel effect off the east and a atlantic pulling in moisture, one to three inches of rain sunday and monday. winds are a major factor as well. winds are whipping inlands sunday night into monday, gusts
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45 to 55 miles per hour. along the coast stronger. wind gusts up to 65 miles per hour. with the piling up of the water along the coast, beach erosion and coastal flooding could get spotty power outages. the accuweather forecast, tomorrow, a gray day. mostly cloudy with a few glimpses of sunshine in the afternoon. mild for january, 53-degrees. sunday, 52. light drizzle evolves into a steady rain late sunday and sunday night, winds 52-degrees and monday a nasty day, high winds 48-degrees. we climb out of it tuesday. a few morning showers possible, then skies clear, 51-degrees. wednesday, beautiful, 52. thursday, clouds with sun, 53. the next system friday with
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showers or snow 44-degrees and temperatures closer to normal next weekend with afternoon high in the 40s. mild temperatures this weekend, but not much sunshine at all. >> thank you, cecily. >> racing fans are shaking off the winter blues in montgomery county. expo 2017 under way at the oak. 200 racecars on display with manufacturers and collectibles. richard petty 43 is there and the king at the expo tomorrow at noon to sign autographses. the expo runs through sunday in oak. >> the beautiful photos are images captured through the lens of a microscope. this is the opening night of the small world expo at university city. the photographs give visitors a glimpse into the universe itself. it will travel to 18 stiffs in the u.s. and canada this year.
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"jimmy kimmel live" is coming up after "action news." here's jimmy with a preview of tonight's show. >> thanks, monica. hello, philadelphia. here's look at our show after this historic day. donald trump, is that his cellphone number? >> the mailbox is full and cannot accept -- >> oh!
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mm yeah, so...
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what kind of sales do you have over what period and how?
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>> sounding like a broken record. get onboard, people. it's a fun ride. the way it's going, i may never win. sixers continue to be the hottest team i. goes to the tunnel to test it out, emdiid scores 18 points but comes up lame. they pull him for precautionary reasons. he won't play tomorrow against atlanta. sixers down two end of the game. robert coverington, 22 points. a final chance for portland. mason, no good. sixers win 93-92. that's eight wins in this game. still ahead, nova knows it will get a fight from providence, plus the fliers hope a lengthy
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break will help cure their ills.
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>> the flyers, remember them? they haven't played since sunday. tomorrow night they are in action against the devils. the flyers are trying to figure things out. they dropped 11 of the last 14 games. hopefully time off will give them the opportunity to hit the reset button. >> everyone is excited to be back, get back to work and push this to the playoffs. >> i think the guys will come back fresh and put it behind us, start anew here. >> college basketball, villanova
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facefaces providence at the wels fargo center. they are 18-1 but providence plays them tight. >> they play tough. they have a lot of talent. they come ready to play everynight. it's a good test for us. >> they give us problems. they are tough on the glass. >> it should be a good one. that's sports. >> thank you so much. "jimmy kimmel live" followed by "nightline." "action news" continues at 5:30 a.m. with gray hall and chris towers. for the "action news team, i'm monica malpass. have a great weekend ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, anthony anderson, from "xxx - return of xander cage," ruby rose, "unnecessary censorship election edition," and music from travis scott. and now, the coast is clear -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome. hello, everyone. i'm jimmy. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. well, here we are. we did it. we made ameri


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