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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  January 21, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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you, 6:00 a.m., saturday, january 21 here some of the stories we're following on "action news." it is now time to get to work. donald trump is waking up this morning in the white house as the new commander-in-chief. mr. trump's presidency is marked by protest across the country, more being held today including a large rally in philadelphia. plus, the major span between bucks and burlington counties is closed. we have details on why and when it may reopen. first, meteorologist chris
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sowers is here with a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast as you plan your weekend. >> reporter: have you ever been to seattle? >> no i have not. >> reporter: this is what it looks like in seattle. that is what it looks like all morning log. we have a lot of fog that is settled in. on a positive note, the good news it kept the temperatures on the mild side. later this afternoon you'll see gray out there, with low level clouds and the rain moves in sunday, it does not look like a nice weekend overall. we issued an alert this morning, use extra caution, the visibility is greatly reduced. we're seeing dense fog along with patchy mist. slow down the traveling speeds with the fog this dense it's easy to out run your headlights. half mile in reading. .3 in lancaster, and 1.3 in
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millville. we have clouds in place, because there's so much fog the clouds are close to the ground even though we're seeing breaks in the cloud deck it's difficult to see the sunshine threw that today. the call from accuweather looks like, cloudy skies and kind of gray, dense morning fog high around 53 degrees, it's a warm day, kind of cloudy and dull, when i come back in a few minutes, we'll focus on the nor'easter that's heading this way sunday into monday. >> today is the first full day in office for the 45th president of united states, donald j. trump will make up in the white house for the first time this morning. this is a live picture. he will wake up after a long day filled with ceremony andgoverni. president trump will attend a prayer service a long time ritual. "action news" was there as
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buses left forever washington, d.c. they are planning to take part in the march on washington. as many as 200,000 people are expected for the event. john rawlins is live along the benjamin franklin parkway where the women's march is happening today, thousands are expected to attend the event, as well. >> reporter: that is true, right now it's quiet down here, the city is expected in the next hour or so to begin closing streets along the parkway. that will takes place around 7:00 a.m. some of the street closures will stay in place until 5:00 p.m. that will be because of the women's march on philadelphia, that othersers -- organizers say it's a sister march to the one in washington, d.c. 150 marchs worldwide. i think it is safe to say most of the folks who will be here did not vote for mr. trump for
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president and are not pleased he has been elected and taken office. the event in philadelphia begins at 10:00 a.m. in logan square, participants walk a half mile to the oval to the art museum, there they will hold a rally between noon and 3:00 p.m. organizers expect 20 to 30,000 they will hear from 40 to 50 speakers. one poet and left of center philadelphia activist and democratic politicians including mayor kenny. for folks in philadelphia expect street closures along the parkway for much of the day, as 20 to 30,000 people are expected here for the women's march on philadelphia. live along the parkway, john rawlins channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for the update. president trump attended several inaugural balls giving him another stage to deliver his
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agenda. ♪ cell phones captured the president and first lady to walk out to hail to the chief to the freedom ball. he ordered federal agencies to ease the burden of affordable care act. president trump approved james mattis as secretary of defense and john flynn as head of homeland security. >> well not be taken advantage of, we will not. >> during a lunch, president trump honored hillary clinton his opponent during the election. we cover all of inauguration day on our 6abc app and you will see photos from people from our
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area,. >> george h.w.bush and his wife are improving. doctors removed a breathing tube and he is breathing on his own. he is 92 years old being treated for pneumonia, his wife, is being treated for bronchitis. firefighters are trying to figure out what started a fire that killed two brothers smoke poured out on the 1,000 block of morton avenue. the fire ripped through three homes, a mother and two adult sons were in one of the homes, the brothers died in the fire. one was disabled. the mother is being treated for smoke inhalation. it was a traffic nightmare in bucks county last night. thousands were stuck and
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frustrated after the turnpike connector bridge was suddenly shut down. it connects bristol township with burlington county in new jersey. crews say they do not know when this will reopen. >> this is ridiculous. >> reporter: drivers were seeing red in more ways than one as brake lights lit up for miles. commuters forsed to find new ways home after the emergency closure of the turnpike connector bridge. >> it's not usually this busy. >> i got off i-95 half-hour ago. >> reporter: and you have gone how far? >> not even five miles. >> reporter: the delays began after 3:00 p.m., after a bridge painting crew found a fracture on the truss on the pennsylvania side. motorists were directed to use the marrower burlington bristol bridge causing tieups on 413 and
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1. turnpike officials say it is unclear how long it will take to fix the span. officials have suggested a different detour over the scutter falls bridge on i-95. that's miles away, so many are planning for delays. >> i wake up at 5:30 a.m., i probably have to wake up at 3:30 a.m. to get to work on time. >> reporter: they plan to release a repair timeline this weekend to give motorists time to plan their monday morning commute. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> in camden county, a police officer has has been charged in connection with the gun related deaths of his 8-year-old daughter, kenneth ryder faces child endangerment charges, he left his revolver loaded
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unsecured on a shelf, sailor rider was found shot to death. the owner of the store of the philadelphia historic jeweler's row was charged with buying jewelry stolen from homes in the suburbs. they say he feels the middleman for a burglar ring that targeted homes in montgomery and chester and delaware county. one robbery, the thieves tied up a resident threw a safe from a second floor balcony and got away with half million dollars worth of items. a word from president donald trump himself on whether he will give up on twitter. plus, a rare glimpse into deep space, nasa provides beautiful pictures of a distant planet. crews rescue two dozens people after mudslides in a california
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campground. >> reporter: as gloomy as it is going to be, enjoy it, things go downhill tomorrow into monday, wig rains big winds, details coming up right after this.
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mud went barreling into a campground in california. this happened near santa barbara surprising people at the campsi.
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"good morning america" weekend will have more on the devastating storms there in california. "g.m.a." coming your way 8:00 a.m., immediately following "action news." back here at home, as you plan your weekend, meteorologist chris sowers is tracking things with accuweather, just not a pretty weekend for everybody. >> reporter: it's not going to rain or anything today, it's going to be cloudy and areas of fog just kind of miserable, just like that. there's the view in atlantic city. if the current modeling is correct, well not see a day of sunshine until wednesday. we have not seen any sun this week to begin with it. it's gray and gloomy out there, the pattern we're locked into is very seattle-like. there may be patching misting taking place, maybe a little bit of drizzle. it's so minor it's not showing
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up on radar. the visibility has lowered with the fog settling in. half mile in reading. 1.5 in the poconos less than a mile for the lehigh valley. 1.3 in philadelphia and millville. and 3 miles in atlantic city. that fog doesn't appear it wants to go away anytime soon. it coo stick around until lunchtime. satellite and radar, the clouds are locked in today. we're watching this system here, it will become a whole blown nor'easter, it's not cold enough for snow, but it will produce rain and winds which will be a problem for the jersey shore. first we'll show you future tracker 6, the winds speeds will be close to hurricane force in some locations along the water. so future tracker shows the clouds locked in today, really no rain will be falling, maybe patchy mist at times, overnight tonight, that's when the steadier rain starts to move in.
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after midnight we start to see light rain. 5:00 a.m., raining lightly across the delaware and the lehigh valleys. that batch pulls to the north and we catch a lull in the first part of the afternoon only to see it reload late in the day on sunday night into monday. round number two is heavier. we're expecting 1 to 2 inches of rain with the system. there could isolated heavier amounts of 3 inches of rain. the wind speeds will be a problem, not so much today, we stop the clock at 4:00 p.m. on sunday, atlantic city, 25 miles per hour. watch what happens as we set this in motion, winds speeds by 4:00 a.m. on monday, 53 miles per hour in atlantic city. 9:00 a.m., we're up to 60 miles per hour in atlantic city. finally during monday afternoon, that strong winds lifts farther to the north and things begin to calm down late in the day. take a look at the wind scales,
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this is what we expect. if we get the 56-mile an hour wind gusts, we get power outages and trees uprooted and structural damage and waves ten to 15 feet battering the beaches that could create beach erosion and coastal flooding. the strongest impact at the jersey shore. peak winds gusts, 55 to 60 miles per hour. power outages are likely, beach erosion and coastal flooding a concern for monday morning. today is quiet, cloudy and morning fog, no falling rain, 53 in philadelphia. millville, 54. cape may, 50. the lehigh valley mild, with temperatures close to 50, the normal high in allentown is 37. you're easily, 12, 13 degrees above average. overnight tonight, cloudy skies, light rain developing, temperatures in the mid 40s.
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the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, doesn't show the return of sunshine until wednesday afternoon. cloudy today, 53. rain developing sunday into monday, windswept rain on monday, 48 degrees, tuesday, morning rain, 52. wednesday, thursday, friday, hopefully you'll need your sunglasses at that point, temperatures are mild, very spring like. >> but what i am hearing is rain, rain, rain, rain, cloudy, gloomy. >> reporter: it's not snowing. >> i want to show you folks some pictures of pluto from the new horizon spacecraft. in 2015, look at this impressive image. it took horizon nearly ten years to make the 3 billion-mile trek to pluto.
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going or not? keep it going? i think so. >> with that appears president donald trump will tweet while he is in office. the crowd last night at the freedom ball were all for it. president trump has 21 million followers at real donald trump twitter page. he will tweet @ potus.
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uber will pay $20 million to settle a lawsuit with the federal trade commission. according to the complaint, uber claimed drivers could make more than $90,000 a year in new york city. drivers in san francisco were told they could make more than $74,000. the fcc said less than ten percent of the driver earned that much. if you're looking to save money flying the friendly signs, american airlines is offering a new low cost ticket. the basic economy fares are the lowest available prices, you won't have access to overhead bins. you can have one personal item under the seat. you will be the last group to get on the plane. tickets are non-refundable and not he eligible for upgrade.
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if you work in a big city, parking is a big problem. a really group is offering to do away with the need for a parking space the cost $74,000. the firm said that's a steal when you consider there are spots going for $980,000 each. there are parking garageses that cost $16 a day, which equal $5,500 a year. take a look at this, chris, this looks like your pad this home in belair, california is the ultimate in opulence, the 30,000 square foot estate is on the market for $25 million. $30 million of exotic cars and 200,000-dollar wall of sandy just because, the mansion is
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most expensive on the mark in the country right now, you must approve that you can afford to buy it, in order to look inside it. we're back in just a second.
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 6:25 saturday morning, here's a look at the nor'easter we're watching, this will arrive sunday afternoon moving in sunday night into monday with strong winds and windswept rain. this is where we'll start to see problems, we have the low sitting here, it will travel to the north, as we get into sunday afternoon. the problem will be not so much the low, but a blocking area of high pressure here. this high is pretty much sitting
6:26 am
put. all this air is being fund in between the two pressure systems, it's an onshore wind that means problems down the jersey shore, with coastal flooding and beach erosion and huge waves. high tide in atlantic city monday is around 4:00 p.m. high concern for coastal flooding, large waves, a good bet we could see waves up to are 15 feet and beach erosion you will see that as well. otherwise for today, it's cloudy and quiet with temperatures in the 50s. the red hot sixers and ice cold flyers are in action today. the sixers won a thriller last night and they got a scare, ducis rogers has that in sports. >> reporter: good morning, get on board now, people, it's a fun ride and the way it's going it may never end.
6:27 am
the sixers continue to be the hottest team in the nba. joel embiid this stunt in the third quarter, a hyper extended knee, he returns to the game and scores 18 points, but comes up lame, again. embiid will not play today against atlanta. >> end of the game, sixers down 2, robert covington, sixers up 1, covington. 22 points. sixers play just enough defense they win 93-92 that's 8 wins in the past ten games. the flyers remember them, they have not played since sunday, they are back in action at home against the devils, they are trying to figure out things out. they dropped 11 of their last 14 games. ardytheardythe hopefully they tf
6:28 am
and hit the reset buildings. >> buildings -- reset button. college basketball, villanova faces providence, they are 18-1. they know providence always plays them tight. >> they are a great team, well coached they play tough. they have a lot of talent. it's going to be a good test for us. that's how they beat us last year, their toughness on the glass. >> that's a look at sports this morning, i'm ducis rogers you have yourself a terrific weekend!
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now it's time to get down to business. today marks the first full day in office for president donald trump. traffic headaches, a major bridge across the delaware river is closed. another dreher day across the region, we're tracking a storm that will bring plenty of rain. as we look outside, meteorologist chris sowers is here with a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast to help you plan your day and won't be a lot of sun out there. >> reporter: hard to get off the couch. it is gray and dull. all weekend it looks like. let's get you outside.
6:31 am
there's the view, the commodore barry bridge, if you can make that out, good for you, i can't see much of anything at this point. neither can the folks across the outlying suburbs. that fog has settled it -- in. it's going to stick around. here's the good news, all the fog and cloud cover has kept temperatures mild, martins creek, 39. saint davids, 41. center city, 43. the normal high for philadelphia is 40. so you're above where you should be for this time of the year. glassboro, 42, smyrna and dover, 45. visibility wise we're down to half mile in reading, less than a mile in the poconos and 1.3 in the millville. satellite and radar, no sun today, we didn't see it yesterday, we didn't see it thursday, i don't believe we saw it wednesday, i know we saw it a
6:32 am
little bit tuesday afternoon before the clouds roll back in, that's what we'll see from start to finish. more clouds and mist and a lot of fog especially early on. 1:00 p.m., 52 cloudy skies, 3:00 p.m., 53, 5:00 p.m., mild and cloudy, kind of gloomy, 50 degrees. gray. >> thank you so much for the update this morning. there's one more transition ritual for the newly minted president donald trump before he begins the first full day of commander-in-chief. he and michael pens will attend an inter faith service in washington. the celebratory night is being followed by protests across the country. this is a live picture of the white house in washington, d.c. hundreds of thousands of people will gather there for the women's march on washington today, organizers say they wants to send a message that women's
6:33 am
rights are human rights in the face of rhetoric in the presidential campaign. joining the protest in washington, there are hundreds ever people heading to our region, "action news" was at 30th and chestnut streets in university city as hundreds of people boarded buses heading for the women's march on washington. this is a group of many that are planning to take part on the nation's capitol. john rawlins is along the benjamin franklin parkway where the women's march will happen later today. >> reporter: good morning, gray, about a half-hour from now, the city is expected to begin blocking some of the streets along the parkway to accommodate that women's march on philadelphia. it's due to start at 10 ram this morning logan square, move up the parkway and hold a rally from noon to 3:00 p.m. yesterday there were several protests here aimed at the trump administration in philadelphia.
6:34 am
students assembled at the temp campus, other protesters collected at city hall, according to the philadelphia police, the protests were all people, there were incidents unlike washington, d.c., certainly no arrests. yesterday's protesters here in philadelphia, numbered in the hundreds. organizers of today's march is that there's going on to be more people at the march and rally in philadelphia they expect to attract 20 to 30,000 in philadelphia for the march and rally which will last until 3:00 p.m. if you're driving through this area, expect road closures as there will be 20 to 30,000 people believed to be participating in the march and rally. live along the parkway, john rawlins channel 6 "action news." >> we'll be there to cover it. >> reporter: thank you for the update. 6:34, last night there was no shortage of a celebration for the new president.
6:35 am
president trump signed his first executive order. lana zack has all the details from washington. ♪ i did it my way ♪ >> reporter: as frank sinatra's my way played, president trump danced with his malania. >> reporter: she made her first remarks. >> i'm honored to be first lady, well fight, well win and we'll make america great again, thank you. preserve, protect and defend. >> reporter: a campaign promise, now a presidential mission statement. >> this is for general mattis one of the first act of the president making it official james mattis and at the desk where president obama created obama care, president trump
6:36 am
began to repeal it. in the streets more than 200 protesters were arrested after violence broke out. women from across america will march, organizers hope this protest will send a different message. on the street behind me president trump marched in pageantry 400,000 women are expected to march in protest. abc news, washington. we covered inauguration day from all angles on the 6abc app we find dozens of pictures and videos from washington, d.c. as donald trump become the 45th president. the 6abc app is a free download for your mobile device. police say a woman shot and killed her neighbor in manayunk overnight. officers say the man got into the women's apartment and holding a pair of scissors, she shot him in the next during a
6:37 am
confrontation in the bedroom. he collapsed and died. he lived in the apartment buildings on the 4300 block of boon street. the 28-year-old woman is being questioned by police. there's a traffic alert as you leave your house, a major connection between pennsylvania and new jersey is shut down. the turnpike connector between bristol, bucks county and burlington county, new jersey was closed yesterday afternoon after a bridge painting cry found a fracture in the truss on the pennsylvania side. drivers were forced to use the narrower burlington bristol bridge. >> it's usually not this busy at all. >> i got off of i-95 a half-hour ago. >> reporter: and you've gone how far? >> not even five miles. >> some frustrated drivers there. crews tell "action news" bridge will be closed through today at
6:38 am
a minimum a timeline of repairs expected to be release sometime this weekend now planned for monday morning commute. >> from our new jersey newsroom, he elevated leaves of lead have been detected in a north jersey water system, in live ton, pasaic -- clifton, pasaic patterson and prospect park. people living in the impacted areas are encowcialgdz -- encouraged to use bottled water or filtered water. a reality star from dance mom, abbey employee miller pleaded guilty last june to attempting to hide $8,000 of income during chapter 11 bankruptceedings, the
6:39 am
sentencing hearing tames next month. this morning we have an update on you about a dog that was discarded in a trash bag in the somerdale section. the animal is improving, the dog frances was released from penn vet. she has a new accessory that helps her get around. the dog has a spinal fracture and cannot move her hind legs. veterinarians fitted her with the cart and it appears she is liking it. a benefit concert was held on a south street to benefit a local musician,own artists has been diagnosed with an intestenal disease, proceeds
6:40 am
will help pay his million bills. philadelphia native, m.knight shamlon has a new film. plus, melia obama spreading her wings, now that her family has moved out of the white house. now looking live temple university camera overlooking center city. meteorologist chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, "action news" saturday morning returns inhabit.
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look at the image there, a nightclub inferno in romania landed 38 people in the hospital. firefighters taming the flames came in overnight lept from ther level to escape the flames. in italy four children were pulled out alive from the rubble of a hotel hit by an avalanche. the search continues for any people who may be trapped. four other bodies have been recovered. crews saved 11 people including thankfully the four children. >> all right, 6:43 back here at home. let's get you caught up on the forecast as you man your weekend with meteorologist chris sowers. you say no sun.
6:44 am
>> reporter: that's a familiar tune. let's go live on sky6 live hd down in atlantic city, the fog continues to roll on in, we'll be dealing with that all day long or at least the first part of the afternoon. hopefully the visibilities will improve after lunch. we'll have clouds today and low ceilings and patchy fog. radars are clear today. we don't have any precipitation we're watching this afternoon, it's overnight tonight when the first round arrives, sunday afternoon, sunday into monday that's when the core of the nor'easter starts to move in. fog report, we have not seen any improvements over the last couple of hours, less than a mile to the west, 1.3 in millville and most of interior sections of south jersey, we'll be dealing with that for several hours to come. satellite and radar here's the storm we're watching, it's in the infant stages, it's not all that impressive right now. we have tornado watches in
6:45 am
effect for southern portions of mississippi and alabama. it will gather strength and make a beeline for the delaware valley sunday into monday. there's a better shot of it again. it will slowly develop and coming streaming up the eastern seaboard. this will be a powerful storm. the big issue with the low what makes it a powerful storm along the coast is the high that's working to the north. it will essentially block the low that will slow it down, a huge fetch will develop, if you're a boater you know what a fetch is, it's a constant wind speed in the same direction for hundreds of miles. when you have the same wind speed for hundreds of miles, the waves increase. we'll see 15 to 20-foot waves with this storm. there will be beach erosion from cape may all the way up to sandy hook. expect wind gusts sunday into
6:46 am
monday, 45 to 50 miles per hour for the i-95 corridor and the immediate surrounding suburbs, 55 to 65-mile an hour gusts for the jersey shore. future tracker, today is cloudy and dull with patchy fog, overnight tonight, here's round number one, rain moves in after midnight. it continues for the purpose of the first part of the morning. we catch a break by afternoon only to see round number two develop late in the day, sunday night into monday. that's when the core of the storm arrives we start to see the bangdz taking place -- banding taking place. we'll see rain and strong ferocious winds. here's a look at the wind speed scale. power outages are likely for the jersey shore. you get into the 40, 45-mile an hour range there could broken twigs, that would be the far western suburbs, lancaster and reading. you get into the 46 to 55-mile an hour range that's when
6:47 am
branches become broken off and you see numerous tree branches down on the ground and things like that. 56 to 66 miles per hour, all of a sudden trees are uprooted and smaller trees are down and things like that. big issues for the jersey shore as we head into monday afternoon. morning fog today, cloudy skies, 53 degrees that's the forecasted high. no sun expected from start to finish. 1:00 p.m., 352. 3:00 p.m., 53. overnight tonight, the first round of rain moves in after midnight. 40 degrees outlying suburbs, 46 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, more clouds for sunday, rain redeveloping late in the day, 52. highlighted monday in red because of the potential damage for the jersey shore, 38, we'll call it a windswept rain, morning rain tuesday, 52. wednesday, thursday, friday, we see some sunshine, wednesday u thursday, we are expecting full
6:48 am
sun, 54 and 50. when was the last time we saw the sun? does anyone remember? >> reporter: i think we had a couple of hours wednesday or thursday something like that. >> folks i would like to reminds you you can get the seven-day forecast and check storm tracker 6 live at any time at our website now the former first daughter melia obama is embarking on her future. she lined up ann internship with film producer, harvey weinstein. she is expected to work at the company offices in new york city in february. she is expected to attend harvard university in the fall. perdue. over 200 products no antibiotics ever.
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we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. for example, thyme. it's part of our 100% veggie diet and helps support their immune system. perdue. over 200 products no antibiotics ever. 6:50, hitting theaters this weekend a new psychologic thriller from philadelphia native m. night shyamalan. vin diesel returns to his role a
6:51 am
story about the fast food chain mcdonalds. don't worry, he is not allowed to touch you. >> reporter: blitz the multiple personality thriller from m. night shyamalan is getting good reviews, and has a pg13 rating. it could debut with $2 million. >> reporter: vin diesel returns as zander cage as the triple x return of cage. michael keaton has an idea to turn mcdonald into something bigger in the founder. county resurrection of gavin
6:52 am
stone. they first thing to bring in far less dough. in hollywood, i'm david daniel. letters from alexander hamilton sold for $2.6 million. the broadway show sparked interest in the auction.
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everyone, 6:54 saturday morning, i just mention the the term fetch, i want to it straight what it is to give you an --
6:55 am
illustrate what it is to give you a an idea. you've heard the term light and variable, that means they are light and out of every direction. this would be the general wind direction, if you heard the term light and variable. it's hard to build up a wave when the winds are in opposite directions. a fetch is an area where the winds are in the same direction for a long distance, maybe 3, 4, 5 unmiles. the winds develop around -- 500 miles. the winds develop around the high pressure system. the low pressure system will hit the high and that that will be e wind direction, the winds are pushing all that water closer and closer to the shore. what's going to happen, sunday into monday, all coastal communities, coastal flooding a
6:56 am
good bet, power outages moderate risk for that. large waves we could see waves in excess of 15 feet monday afternoon there's a strong possibility there will be significant beach erosion come monday morning. if you're looking to add flare to the home and you don't have a budget to splurge, here's a do it yourself. >> reporter: modern rocking chairs a rocking chair has rounded sleds had that permit it to rock. we're taking pine and making it half inch thick and we'll layer it together out of a mold and
6:57 am
put glue in between each layer and use clamps to hold the shape. we'll build a piece that will go around the back of the chair. we're repeating the same process to create the back support. once it's dry, the wood will maintain the shape we want it to, but it will be thuk enough to hold weight. to finish it off, we stain it a dark walnut color, with crazy creativity and vision we saved over $400. this custom piece of furniture cost 81 bucks. that's a chair that rocks. for ideas go to live well it off. tune in sunday night at 7:00 p.m. on the live well network. we have another hour of "action news" coming up. here's some of the stories we're working on on for you, retirement age is not what it
6:58 am
used to be. up next we'll show you how some are making an earning well into their twilight years. plus she was i am impeckably dressed. we'll show i more about the dresses worn by malania trump.
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>> a plant good morning to you, 7:00 a.m., now, saturday, january 21. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." it is now time to get to work, donald trump is waking up this morning in the white house as the new commander-in-chief. mr. trump's presidency marked by protest across the country, more demonstrations are being held today including a large rally in philadelphia. plus, headache, a major stand between bucks and burlington counties, it's closed this morning, we have details on why and when it may reopen. first outside we go, meteorologist chris sowers tracking the forecast helping you plan the day with accuweather, chris, gloomy and gray. >> reporter: same song and dance. it's gray and groomy and -- gloomy, it's damp out here, as well. we had


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