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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  January 23, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> good morning everyone, it is 6:00 a.m., monday, january 23. tam is off, nydia han joins us. >> here's what's happening. a nor'easter is churning up the coast bringing rain wind and possible flooding. sky6 live hd taking a living look at atlantic city mg we'll have a live report from the jersey shore. the storm coupled with a sudden bridge closure will make for a challenging commute between the pennsylvania and new jersey turnpike. federal agents raid a shop on jewlers row the owner accused of selling stolen jewelry from high end homes in the suburbs. >> gina gannon is in for karen rogers, david is outside in the
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weather. >> reporter: let's show you storm tracker 6 live, not a lot of active roads, a couple of light sprinkles east of philadelphia, but obviously on satellite and radar the wide view you see the heavier rain down south that will be moving in the afternoon. 44 degrees in philadelphia. 44 in allentown. this is about as warm as it will get today. the numbers will fall a little bit because of the strong blustery wind out of the northeast. these are current wind gusts, how about the airport in atlantic city, 45-mile an hour. 47 in millville. that's the highest number on the maps so far this morning. a wind gust over 30 miles per hour in philadelphia. in fact a wind advisory is in effect across the region until 4:00 where gusts could reach 40 or so in the i-95 corridor. over by the shore gusts could go 50 to 60 miles per hour, again, the worst of this up until 4:00. we have a coastal flood situation it's a minor flood situation this morning, but this
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afternoon at high tide there could moderate flooding. we have upgraded to a coastal flood warning for the purpose of the this afternoon into later tonight. temperatures are going to fall a bit today, 45 by 7:00. 41 by noon, on or about 40 the rest of the afternoon with the heaviest rain arriving after lunchtime and continuing through the evening rush hour. gina, i'll have more on this at future tracker 6, for now what it is it looking like on the roads. >> reporter: we're dealing with the biggest issue of the morning, the delaware river bridge shut down between the pennsylvania turnpike and the new jersey turnpike. it's going fob a mess for commuters heading -- to be a mess for commuters heading into bucks or mercer county. i-95 will be the alternate, tacony-palmyra, burlington bristol bridge, the scutter falls bridge. penndot is urging compliewrts oh, -- commuters to car pull or
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take mass transit. live look here on the schuylkill expressway looking really nice in both directions. if you're traveling around montgomery drive we're seeing normal travel times in place between the blue route and the vine. take a look at the big picture, we're seeing 50s on the map for i-95. we'll take that, as well on the vine street expressway. 49 on the schuylkill expressway and 55 on the blue route. overall we're in the green this morning. let's take you outside, as well, route 38 westbound, the off-ramp to route 73 northbound we're getting word that we have a downed pole and wires in the area, route 70 will be the best bet to get around that, matt. >> thank you, gina. back to the nor'easter, the rain and wind will be strong with the jersey shore feeling the brunt of the storm. let's go to katherine scott in atlantic city getting wind blown this morning. how you doing, cath --
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katherine. >> reporter: yes, winds blown on the boardwalk. we have strong wind gusts picking up. the rain has not been much of an issue. we've seen light rain on and off, right now it's not raining, that will get more intense as the day goes on. look out for wind gusts as you head out the door. you can see the surface of the boardwalk is wet. not too many people out here, even though this time of year is generally quiet, this time of the day, of course, you see folks getting their exercise, we've seen people on their bikes a couple of people walking around, but generally very quiet here and given the rain and wind that's no surprise. folks are encouraged to put away or tie down any outdoor chairs, furniture or other property that could cake off in the wind gusts. a high wind warning is in effect for the jersey shore. power companies made preparations. sunny with the high winds can come down trees and downed lines, that could mean power
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outages. atlantic electric and pse&g have extra personnel and equipment ready if need be. the water right now it's dark and hard to see right here, it's churning. we could seacoastal flooding and beach erosion and street flooding in atlantic city. that could get worse as the day goes on. keep in mind very windy when you head out the door, so certainly hold on to your hat. live in atlantic city, katherine scott channel 6 "action news" back to you. >> thank you. the storm, plus the closure of the delaware river bridge means a tough commute for those in bucks county. a structural issue forced officials to close the bridge on friday. now drivers are having to find another way to get around. annie mccormick is live in bristol township, bucks county.
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annie, a one-two punch for commuters. >> reporter: a lot of of people don't have any idea that the bridge is closed, as we are standing here for the past two hours, we're seeing a number of vehicles driving up and for the first time seeing that the road is closed and the bridge is closed. that includes all the roadways that leads to the bridge on the bristol side enand the new jersey side. this is video from this morning, the tractor-trailer you can see had to call police for help trying to reach a business on one of the roads shut down. he didn't know any other way to reach the business since it's on the road and the bridge area. you can see cars going around the tractor-trailer. they had to use detours. inspectors shut down the bridge after painting crews fawnd a fracture in the -- found a fracture in the steel truss on the pennsylvania side. the 1.2-mile bridge carries 42,000 vehicles eastbound and
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westbound. in a statement, officials from both authorities said work is being done to stabilize the bridge. no timetable has been set for reopening. obviously this is frustrating for commuters. >> somebody's job to know that the bridge is going that way. it doesn't just happen. for it to be completely shut down is awful to inconvenience this many people. >> reporter: again, they don't know yet at what time they will open the bridge, we're hearing possibly two weeks, at this point they are not giving an exact timetable, officials are not sugar coating this, they are telling people, if you rye lie on the roads that lead up to the bridge or use the bridge itself, car pool use public transportation or work from home or change the hours you need to to get there. listen to gina for alternate ways to get to work today.
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annie mccormick channel 6 "action news," back to you. >> they have to leave plenty of extra time. police are looking for the armed robber who held up a center city bar while it was still open for customers. it happened at 12:30 a.m. at the vintage wine bar. a suspect wearing a red hoodie got away with cash. federal agents raided a center city jewelry store days after the owner was arrested. the store's owner is charged with fencing jewelry stolen from high end homes in the suburbs. police he is one of five people behind a multicounty burglary ring in which 15 burglaries occurred and $1.5 million was stolen. a severe storm system has pummeled the southeast, at least 18 people were killed in the last two days. trndz -- tornados destroyed homes and caused lots of other
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damage. 14 people were killed in georgia where search and rescue missions are on going, four people were killed in mississippi. for those hoping to catch a united airline flights it should be a go. erin and i woulden -- aden is in for maribel aber. >> reporter: all domestic flights were grounded due to a commuter issue. airlines would waive fees for passengers choosing to change flights. futures point to a lower open reports on existing and new home sales and the latest gdp figures are out this week. erin aid, happy monday. >> reporter: really wind this
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morning, getting rainy this afternoon, storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you that the rain is minimal, most of it over to the east. taking a look outside, we're looking at windy conditions, as you check out center city, the camera is bouncing up and down a little bit because of strong wind gusts in the 30s and closer to the shore we have them in the 40s. that's not where it will end. it will get worse later on. 44 degrees in philadelphia. i would recommend good coat and glove combination for some of you, because we have windchills in the 30s with winds out of the northeast. trenton has slipped to 41. by the way these numbers are the highs today. we expect to be closer to 40 degrees for most of the afternoon. in terms of rain it will be on and off lighter precipitation between now and noon. as we get into the afternoon, look out, it does look like at times we'll see periods of heavy rain passing through, again the winds really picking up in through the period of the day,
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too, with gusts in and around philadelphia and wilmington and trenton up to 40 miles per hour or more and as highs 50 or 06 down the shore. as the rain is coming down, expect it to be heavy and wind swept. not a great day to be out there, particularly in the afternoon up until 6:00 a.m., you'll still have heavy rain the winds will probably peak around 4:00 p.m. and start to ease back a little bit, but i expect the evening commute to be wet anticipate windy, notice how during the day we have a changeover to frozen precipitation in the poconos. 11:00 p.m. we're tapering off to lighter overnight showers. speaking of the peculiars becomes there's a winter weather advisory. this kicks in at 11:00 a.m. and doesn't end until 11 tuesday. it could fall as freezing rain sleet or snow. keep in mind as you head north. in the lehigh valley, rainy andy windy, high of 43.
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gusts up to 40 miles per hour. down the shore we have windy warning gusts as high as 350 to 60 miles per hour. high of 48. getting more rainy in the afternoon hours. in philadelphia, clouds in the morning, a few showers early. the heavier rain holding off through the afternoon and early evening. very windy, high of 45. 40 in the afternoon. gusts as high as 40 miles per hour at times. look out for debris on the roads. matt mentioned earlier tree branches coming down, we have reports from gina of whole trees here and there, i would warn of trash cans and debris and stuff like that blowing around. 40 is the overnight low, there will be nothing more than lingering showers, tomorrow morning, lingering showers, but we dry out quickly, maybe even brighten up later in the day out west. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, is 45 degrees right now, more or less, holding on about 40 during the afternoon with the strong winds and periods of heavy rain.
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rain ending tomorrow with winds slackening off during the day, high of 45. wednesday is the day to shoot for. it will be sunnier, milder, high of 53. anne 52 increasing clouds -- and 52 and increasing clouds on thursday, shower north and west. shower on friday, back in the 0 40s and back in the 30s this weekend. >> 61:00. today's special -- 6:13 a.m., a customer rats on a restaurant and the restaurant offers a sneaky bribe, gene that. >> reporter: looking good on the ben franklin bridge. we'll take you to king of prussia coming up. >> welcome by
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morning, 6:16, 44 degrees, wet and windy out there, a nor'easter whipping up the winds and bringing rain. mobile 6 is on north broad near temple university, you can see the windshield wipers going there. our david murphy will have an update on the weather, but first let's go to gina with traffic. >> reporter: good morning, nydia we're not seeing much in the way of backups or delays.
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king of prussia as you travel 202 at 76 moving nicely. if you're traveling toward the turnpike looking good. if you're heading to malvern or west chester, things are moving quite nicely, right now. we'll talk about the delaware river bridge it is shut down in both directions, because of a structural problem. it's going to be a major issue. again, it is closed in both directions. between the new jersey turnpike and pennsylvania connector, major issues, use route 1, tacony-palmyra, scutter falls bridge, burlington bristol bridge. they are urging people to take mass transit and car pool. actually having problems with the maps right now. i have an issue for you, if you're traveling into delaware county. here we go, a downed tree dell
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chester road between west chester pike and stake mill road. route 38 westbound the off ramp to 737 northbound we're seeing an issue with bound poles and downed wires, route 70 is the best way around it. >> president trump has a packed schedule on his first real day in office. tonight he'll meet with republican and democratic leaders in congress. the congressional agenda includes repealing and replacing the healthcare law. kellyanne conway said donald trump will not release his tax return, he said they litigated it all that the election, and quote people didn't care. a restaurant this california offered a discount for spotting a rat. the customer said the rat around her feet, so she notified the
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two weeks away, the patriots take on the falcons in houston. this will be the falcons second super bowl appearance. the patriots are looking for their 5th win in the last 15 years. dynasty. >> reporter: it's getting a little boring. >> like when the cowboys are winning. >> reporter: good morning, i'm in for karen rogers. >> reporter: hi gina. >> reporter: hello, this is i-95 at cottman, looks like we're seeing building volume out there, with slick conditions on
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the roads something to watch out for. in delaware county look out for a downed tree that took down wireless, police are directing traffic at valley brook road at ivy land road. >> reporter: we have rain gear on the kids. it's not raining a whole lot this morning, but it will be this afternoon. we're in the mid 40s and going down to 40 in the afternoon. we have windchills in the mid 30s. 45 by 7:00 a.m. noon, 41. i would definitely go out early to get errands done that you have to do today, otherwise wait until tomorrow. because the rain will get heavier in the afternoon. the winds will continue to build. right now we have windy gusts in the mid 30s, later today it would be 40 to 60 miles per hour at the shore. temperatures holding on to 40 throughout the afternoon. at the airport, it's going to be a bumpy flight out of town or coming in because of the strong winds. no major delays though.
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we're looking at rain in boston. looks like the earlier rain in atlanta is winding down. thank you,. in "healthcheck" a new amleological not turn brown when it is cut comes to the u.s. next month. the arctic apple will be sold in ten stores, it will be sold presliced. it's taken a canadian research team 20 years to spot the genes that make apples quickly brown after they are cut. we'll be right back. good morning everyone, 6:25
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a nor'easter has arrived in the delaware and lehigh valleys along the benjamin franklin parkway, you can see how the flags are blowing all over the place. expect some rain today, heavier winds, lots of stuff going on down the jersey shore. giant waves swept two women off a cliff in san diego leaving them to struggle to stay alive in the pacific ocean. lifeguards tried to find the second woman it was too dark, it took 40 minutes. it took four people to pull her to shore. a controversy about a cake at the donald trump inaugural ball has several layers. the desert looked similar to the one at barack obama ball in 2013. that was created by the ace of cake. this year's cake was created by the butter cream bake shop.
6:27 am
the request came bhrb was out of -- when she was out of town. the owner said she'll donate all profits to the cake to the human rights campaign that sports the lgbtq community and said trump is unfit for the presidency. heavy rains and winds in the delaware and lehigh valleys. a lot of us feeling that now. >> donald trump lays out his first full week in office and that includes a trip to the philadelphia. we'll have that when "action news" continues. >> now on "action news," storm
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tracker 6 live is tracking a powerful nor'easter, it means wind and rains across the region and coastal flooding at the
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shore. developing overnight, a bar fight turns violent and friends don't realize a man was shot until it is too late. happening now, the first morning commute since a major bridge connecting pennsylvania and new jersey was abruptly closed for emergency repairs. good morning, tam and karen are off, we have nydia han, gina gannon and david murphy. >> reporter: good morning, we have active rain, and light precipitation east of philadelphia. some of you may be getting a drizzle drop on the windshield. more rain on the way later on. heavier rain down south in washington look for that in the afternoon. right now the temperatures are cool, 44 degrees in philadelphia. look at these numbers, they are pretty much your high temperatures, we're looking at these dropping during the morning and sit closer to 40 during the afternoon across the region. the winds are gusting. 32-mile an hour gusts in philadelphia right now.
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we've got some 40s down south. this is just the beginning as the wind advisory is in effect and doesn't expire until 4:00 p.m. at the height of the afternoon we could see gusts as high as 40 in philadelphia and 50 to 60-mile an hour down the shore, look out for debris on the roads and fallen branches and trees today. a coastal flood warning kicks in for high tide later this afternoon and this evening, when moderate tidal flooding is possible, remove the cars from the usual flooded areas. temperatures will drop, 45 degrees by 7:00. noon, 41. very blustery. if you have to go out today, the morning is better, this afternoon the winds are worse, it starts raining. the rains could come down at buckets at times in the afternoon and early this evening. i'll show you the rain on future tracker 6. talk about a winter weather advisory in the poconos that's ahead in the exclusive
6:32 am
accuweather seven-day forecast. gina? >> reporter: good morning, our biggest issue this morning has been the delaware river turnpike bridge closure. it's closed between the p-a turnpike and the new jersey turnpike. a big stretch of handle connecting the new jersey and -- land connectingment new jersey and pennsylvania turnpike is affecting commuters. route 1, the tacony-palmyra, burlington bristol bridge, scutter falls bridge are alternates to get around there. take mass transit, car pool because the roads will be extra crowded. taking a living look on the blue route, a live look at 76. we're not seeing any building volume just yet. you can see 16 minutes between i-95 and 76 on the blue route. looking good as you travel out this morning. on the big picture slow speeds on southbound i-95. we're seeing delays, as well on the vine street expressway
6:33 am
westbound expect delays there. thinks are getting slow on 76 we're seeing delays eastbound and westbound. matt, i'll send it back to you. >> the powerful system that slammed the southeastern part of the county arrived in the region overnight. the jersey shore is bracing for the biggest impact. katherine scott is earning her pay today she's been live in atlantic city off and on for two hours now, how are we doing katherine? >> reporter: the winds is the issue, the rain very light misty rain. the windy gusts are so strong you'll feel them wherever you are when you head out the door this morning, especially along the coast. we're along the atlantic city boardwalk, we have seen very determined joggers come through this morning wanting to get there workouts in. again, the rain has not been too intense, we'll see heavier rain later, right now what we're feeling is the wind. the high wind warning is in effect for the jersey shore. power companies have extra
6:34 am
personnel on standby, since high winds means downed trees and downed lines, tie down any outdoor chairs or furniture or property that could go flying in the winds gusts. a coastal flood advisory is in effect for for the jersey shore. we could see beach erosion and street flooding in atlantic city. you can hear the wind howling. hold on to your hat when you head out the door. you know what? don't wear one, i'm not bothering. back to you. >> this same system spawned tornadoes throughout the southeast leaving 18 people dead. the majority of the deaths occurred in department ofrgia -. in mississippi four deaths were linked to severe weather. 39 possible tornados were
6:35 am
reported across the southeast early saturday into yesterday evening. let's switch live to mobile 6, the windshield wipers are going, we're keeping an eye on the morning commute, this is a look at traffic along market street past 8th street. one major bridge connecting pennsylvania and new jersey is closed for repairs. "action news" reporter, annie mccormick is live in bristol township, bucks county, below the delaware river bridge. no easy or quick detour around the problem, right, anney? >> reporter: no, nothing is easy if you rely on the bridge or the roads up to it. you can see cars now trying to to go by on the detour. take a look at the video from this morning showing a tractor-trailer that couldn't go by had to call police for help because they needed to get to a business that was underneath the
6:36 am
bridge. a number of cars using detours in the area. the 1.2-mile long bridge carries 42,000 vehicles per day eastbound and westbound. it was closed down friday after painting crews found a fracture in the steel truss on the pennsylvania side. we don't know how long it will be closed. in a estimate officials from the pennsylvania turnpike commission and new jersey turnpike authority said work is continuing to stabilize the bridge. no timetable has been set for the reopening. back out here live, you can see again this is what you will arrive to if you're heading down a number of of the roads that lead to the bridge. some of the suggestion is that they have for people is change the way you go to work maybe car pool or change your work hours or work from home. also try car pooling, those are some of the suggestions we're having, possibly this could be two weeks it could be closed, but again, they are not setting a timetable at this time. reporting live in bristol, annie
6:37 am
mccormick channel 6 "action news." back to you. >> work from home sounds good. a man involved in a bar fight in west philadelphia was shot and killed. friends drove the 35-year-old victim to a relative's home in south philadelphia while he was still alive at 2:00 a.m. she had not realized that the man was shot until they got him out of the car. police cannot find the shooting scene but believe it was near the bar at 46th and walnut. an arrest was made in friday's attack of a transgendered woman near city hall. she said the attacker swung a bag of groceries at her and shouting stlurs. slurs. quickly who was from seattle was in town for an lbgtq conference. mayor kenny will release from report from therence.
6:38 am
we saw katherine in atlantic city, looks like the winds are picking up. >> reporter: we're seeing gusts from the official reporting stations well into the 40s, we're expecting them to go higher than that over the next several hours. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we're getting a break in the rain. as we head outside, the big story is that wind. as you take a look at sky6 live hd in atlantic city, you see that camera bouncing a little bit because you've got strong winds coming straight at the camera out of the north, northeast, there you see the camera rocking. the gusts are up in the 40s down the shore. 43 degrees is the current temperature in philadelphia. we're seeing it slide a little bit. that will be the pattern over the next couple of hours, cooler temperatures this afternoon than what you have right now. there's the sustained wind out of the east-northeast in philadelphia. 23 miles per hour. the gusts in the city are in the mid to upper 30s, currently.
6:39 am
in terms of rain on and off light sprinkles and showers. in the afternoon we see heavy bands of rain coming through. this will be windy swept rain because wind gusts out of the lehigh valley will be in the to 40-mile an hour rake. down the shore, 50 to 60-mile an hour wind gusts that continues past 4:00 p.m. by the time we get to 5:30 p.m. or 6:00 p.m. the wind may be easing back a little, but strong enough to blow the rained across the highways and we could have heavy rain bands in the evening commute. notice how whatever precipitation we get in the poconos it's colder, is mixed precipitation. we have a winter weather advisory that kicks in at 11:00 a.m. and doesn't end until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. if you're driving north of lehigh and poconos later today
6:40 am
you could get snow mixing with freezing rain and sleet. not fun. today in philadelphia, 44 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 42 by 10:00 a.m. we're already at 43 i may be off a little bit. the idea is we're dropping the numbers, as we get into the midday we'll be holding on to 40. the winds a factor all the way today. look out for tree branches, and debris on the roads and trash cans blowing around that sort of thing. in the afternoon we'll be looking at heavy bands of rain into the this evening. high temperatures on the map, most of them hitting now or an hour ago. all of these numbers, subtract 4 or five degrees to get to where you are this afternoon. tomorrow, we expect things to dry outing quickly. today's high, 45, we'll be closer to 40 in the afternoon. heaviest rain in the afternoon and early evening.
6:41 am
wind a problem all day long. tomorrow, less wind rain ending 45 the high. finally on wednesday we can breathe a sigh of relief and put on sunglasses for a change. we expect sunshine and high of 53 and 52 with sun and clouds on thursday, maybe a shower north and west. friday, a shower, the big story brisk and cooler conditions highs in the 40s and sunday back in the 30s. terror in texas, bullets fly as robbers try to getaway from shoppers who tried to stop them. a little boy in south jersey takes his very first step. >> reporter: we have a disabled vehicle on i-95 southbound at the broad street exit it has cleared, we're seeing building volume on 76. we'll take you there next.
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>> 6:44 a.m., brand new video from "action news," high wind toppled over a tree bringing down wires in chester highlights. valley brook and ivy roads. penndot and peco are on the scene trying to make repairs, expect delays. >> our gina, gannon in for karen rogers. hello, gina. >> reporter: we're seeing building volume 76 at city avenue, we know this delay all too well. you will see this delay all the way out to belmont and the curve to conshohocken. we're seeing heavier travel times on the eastbound side between the blue route and the vine, 19 minutes, 23 on the westbound side. we have a closure on the
6:45 am
delaware river bridge shut down between the pennsylvania turnpike and the new jersey turnpike. this will be a mess for commuters. if you have to travel out i-95 would be a good alternate. the boulevard, the burlington bristol bridge, the tacony-palmyra, the scutter falls bridge. this will create an issue. they are advising motorists to car pool or take mass transit or go to work later. chester county, we have a closure on valley brook road between ivy hill road and smith bridge road. we're seeing downed trees that took down wires. a road closure, here, as well, take concord road to get around that. boulevard, another issue with downed wires, nabisco and calmly road. big picture we're seeing delays already we're starting this morning 18 on i-95. we're in the red there, between allegheny into girard.
6:46 am
we're delayed on the vine street expressway, 76. we showed you that, delays on the blue route. watch yourself always you travel out this morning. more downed wires and trees, this on kicker lane atley creek road. >> a suspect of a robbery that ended in deadly gunfire at a mall was captured after he wrecked a stolen car. police recovered two weapons from the crash scene. it is believed they were criewtiond -- used while robbing a jewelry store. a good samaritan was killed trying to stop the suspect. he faces a capitol murder charge and two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. the other suspect shot in the mall is in critical condition at the hospital. president trump is expected to visit philadelphia on thursday. the president will attend the
6:47 am
republican congressional leadership retreat marking trump's first official trip since taking office, british prime minister teresa may is expected to attend the meeting. the conservative leader is looking to expand trade relations with the u.s. as the uk is leaving the european union. >> 6:49 a.m., time for a
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6:49 am
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preview of "good morning america." >> robin roberts live from nyc still talking about the jaw dropping briefing from the white house press conference over the weekend. >> reporter: we'll have that and the briefing today we'll look ahead to that. we're looking at a lawsuit filed by ethics attorneys over donald trump's foreign business. deadly tornados swept the southeast killing 18. west coast gets pounded with heavy rain as a major storm is heading our way in the northeast. our team is spread out in the storm zones this morning. we have a newly released video of the divorce attorney hypnotizing a female client without her knowledge. he is facing 6 civil lawsuits by the women.
6:51 am
our legal team is here we'll weigh in on this disturbing case. tig is back, we'll talk to viola davis. >> love her. >> great line up. >> reporter: good morning to you guys, i'm gina again in for karen rogers. >> hi, gina. >> reporter: we're seeing building volume on the roads, 42 freeway, belmawr at creek road. we have increased travel times more than what we're cruised to seeing. if you're traveling -- used to seeing, if you're traveling northbound between atlantic city and 295. we have a major issue, a downed tree took down wires in chester heights, delaware county, and valley brook road is closed at i've view mill road. concord road is the best bet. >> reporter: we have strong winds buildings in the region. i'm dressing the kids warmly
6:52 am
keep the umbrellas handy. with the temperatures falling in the low 40s, feels like the 30s. 36-mile an hour gusts in philadelphia. up in the 40s in spots closer to the shore. these winds will be buildings over the next several hours. we have wind advisories and wind warnings near the coast. 45 degrees by 7:00 a.m. 41 by noon, on or about 40 the rest of the way most of the heavy rain coming in after lunchtime and continuing into the evening rush diswhrrnlg -- a 4-year-old from atlantic county new jersey took his first steps because of the kindness of a uber driver. his teacher wanted to give him a mobility device that would allow him to stand up straight and walk. one night a teacher was working as an uber driver and making
6:53 am
small talk with a local businessman. after hearing it, businessman jim berk did not hesitate to pay for the up-suit. >> family members and teachers and jim berk were there to see louis take his first steps. >> 6:56 a.m., this is the first
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
morning commute without the delaware river bridge, crews discovered structure damage over the weekend and abruptly closed the span linking the pennsylvania and new jersey turnpikes. it could remain closed for weeks gina. >> reporter: here's the closure, it's closed in both directions of the pennsylvania and new jersey turnpike connector. take route 1, i-95, burlington bristol bridge. tacony-palmyra bridge. delaware river bridge is closed between the pennsylvania turnpike and the new jersey turnpike. >> reporter: we have strong wind gusts and there's a wind advisory across the region and wind warning down the shore, 40 to 45 inland and 60 down the shore. we have coastal flooding that
6:57 am
could become moderate at times of high tide tonight. the high today is 450, 40 in the afternoon -- 45, and 40 in the afternoon. and bands of heavy rain coming in this afternoon. >> for gina gannon, david murphy, karen rogers, nydia han, i'm matt o'donnell. have a great week! we're wired differently. welcome to 8 and a half maple street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons. because they have fios, their aren't up to speed.l internet,t get 150 meg internet with equal uploads and downloads, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year. only from fios.
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good morning, america. trump goes to work. the new president kicks off his first monday in the oval office signing new executive orders drawing battle lines with the media. >> they are among the most dishonest human beings on earth. >> a showdown in the press briefing room today after trump and his team make false claims about the size of his inauguration crowd. >> this is the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period. >> plus i new lawsuit over trump's businesses. wild weather outbreak. at least 30 reported tornadoes tear through the southeast killing at least 19 people. leveling homes, wiping out entire neighborhoods in minutes. the dangerous storm now moving up the east coast. a nor'easter set to hammer major cities with high winds and heavy rain. as the west is slammed by a


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