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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  January 23, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> good afternoon we're following breaking news, involving a highway problem at this hour. >> you're looking live at the traffic on the blue route, the
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southbound lanes have just reopened. they were shut down between the schuylkill expressway and villanova after peco wires fell across the roadway. we're working to find if the lines were cleared or if police have to shut down the roads once again. we'll keep you posted on air and online at good afternoon, everyone, i'm sarah bloomquist along with rick williams. that's one of several reports of damage we're getting as the nor'easter blows through. high winds are taking down large trees across the region, including here in astin. this came down on beatrice lane. delaware valley has 4,000 customers in the dark. delaware and new jersey is problems, too, this is the scene in new castle where another tree fell on a house. the jersey shore is at risk for flooding and ierosion, you're looking -- and erosion, you're
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looking live at atlantic city with the waves crashing on the beach. david murphy has more from double scan radar. david. >> reporter: all right, sarah and rick, we have two issues, wind and rain. i'll handle the rain quickly. not the a lot of heavy rain, the problem it's windswept rain it's beating across the winds shield and reducing visibility. every now and then you get a heavier cell that's mostly west of the region, that's highlighted coming up from south, areas south of dover and cape may, county. we'll get heavier bands of rain. there's the wide view, we have an area of low pressure inland, another forming off the coast it will shoot past us, it will keep the winds hot and heavy over the rest of the afternoon and even though the strongest winds die down after 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m. and later than that farther up the coast, they will be with us. as we take a look at current winds gusts, this is pretty much
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all you need to know and why we have debris on the roads. not just the bigotries coming down -- big trees coming down, but a lot of roads have twigs in the roads. 45 miles per mile an hour gustsg down trees in millville and we have a 51-mile an hour gust in in ac. cape may, 63. bensalem, up to 50, all the way out in reading, 47-mile an hour gusts so far. of course we're not done. the winds advisory and warning in effect, this is the change, the warning has been pushed away from the shore counties, it includes the shore, but it's past philadelphia and other cities in the i-95 corridor, that means the gusts up as high as 50 or more are possible all the way up to philadelphia.
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come on back now, up in the northern and western suburbs there's an advisory, you'll get winds gusts in the 40. s period of rain, in the afternoon and evening, it will be coming in, down the the shore minor to moderate coastal flooding, more likely to be moderate and worse in the afternoon high tide than this morning. rick, i'll come back with the progression of the rain and when things get better coming up. >> let's switch live to ventnor, new jersey, katherine scott who is tracking the storm's impact 'jersey shore. >> reporter: hi, rick, it's raining in ventnor, it's been raining on and off the rain will intensify as it gets later. we're seeing the winds gusts so strong they could knock you off your balance if you get caught in the wrong way of one. we're standings in ventnor, you can see the waves are churning, they are battering the shoreline
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here, significant beach erosion is expected as is tidal flooding. the water churned over ventnor, this morning, the nor'easter arrived to the jersey shore, residents are bracing for the full impact. the storm has brought high winds and rains to the area, beach erosion is expected. >> it's going to wash the beach away, there's only so much you can do, right? , mother nature. >> reporter: in atlantic city a strong wind toppled the traffic light. crews were making repairs. trash cans blue along new hampshire and atlantic, signs of street flooding. along the boardwalk, few were out, some were determined to squeeze their work outs in, others continued there exercise inside without the wind. >> i got to the ends, i almost got knocked over, it must be blowing 60 on the end. the flags were flapping in
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brigantine where the main roads be looked okay. it could get worse later this afternoon with the high tide. >> take the main roads not the back roads, because i don't know, puddles in the back, flooding. >> reporter: back here taking a live look at the rough water in ventnor, the waves crashing on the shoreline line. here, again, i did mention it, high tide is in several hours for now, we did see street flooding this morning on the side streets, as we approach high tide we're expecting to see worse street flooding. again, the winds gusts are terrible. use caution if you're outside, be indoors if you can, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." rick. >> latter, cath -- katherine, thank you. today's storm is causing traveling troubles, flights in and out of philadelphia international airport have been delayed or canceled. american airlines is allowing customers to rebook without change fees.
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all travelers should check flight status before heading to the airport. septa is dealing with a number of problems on the regional rail, agency spended service on the pay old -- paoli thorndale line, chestnut hill line canceled inbound line. the bridge connecting the new jersey turnpike remained close because of a fractured beam. it is expected to be shut down for a while. annie mccormick is live in bristol with more on the traffic problems this is causing. annie. >> reporter: sarah there were a lot of detours because the bridge is out of service indefinitely. however there were not major delays they were expecting because commuters were prepared. it will take two weeks to figure out the copy of the problem and
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how long it will take to fix it. this is the crack that is halting traffic over the delaware river bridge in definitely. friday an engineer making the inspection caught the fractured steel truss throughout the weekend, crews stableddized -- stabilized the steel beam. it's a cleaning break and might have happened in recent days or week. the 1.2-mile bridge carries 42,000 vehicles eastbound and westbound. the bridge is jointly owned by the turnpike commission and the turnpike authority. >> we use it all the time. it's a burden. >> reporter: this morning drivers who count on the bridge braced for back ups. the roads under the bridge have dweh tours, too. >> the drive home i'm not looking forward to, but we'll
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see. >> i'm going to work two hours early so i don't get stuck in gridlock. >> reporter: the portion of the bridge that fractured has been sent to the lab to be analyzed. they believe this just happened within recent weeks or day, reporting live in bristol, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." sarah, back to you. >> annie, thank you. our coverageful -- of the bridge closure continues on the 6abc app. a list of travel advisories and alternate routes. we'll inform you as information becomes available. the first day full day of business for president trump. one of the first moves as commander-in-chief was to cut corporate taxes. >> we'll be cutting taxes massively for both the middle class and for companies that's
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massively. >> reporter: president trump presented the plan during a breakfast meeting with business leaders. any businesses wanting to benefit from trump plans must keep their operation in the u.s. this afternoon president plans to meet with union leaders and other american workers. >> two of president trump's most controversial cabinet nominees is expected to be a improved today. mike pompeo and rex tillerson for secretary of state. the former exxon mobile chief received endorsements from john mccain and lindsey gram. marko rubio said he will support tillerson despite reservation. president trump is expected to be in philadelphia, the chief of statue said it's plans to attend the republican retreat on thursday.
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british prime minister teresa may will be at the event at the lowes hotel. investigators are looking for a killer in south philadelphia. a shooting victim was found in a mercedes around 2:00 a.m. medics found the man on the 2600 block of emily street. the shooting may have happened at a different location. the man died after he was rushed to the hospital. a center city bar and restaurant was robbed at gunpoint. an armed man held up a vintage wine bar at 12:30, he got away with an unknown amount of cash from the business on south 13th street. nobody was hurt. from our delaware newsroom, now arc wilmington man is charged with robbing three different businesses in four days. 50-year-old michael tealman was arrested sunday after he allegedly held up tony clearance on kirkwood highway. police connected him to saturday's robbery of a wells fargo bank on old capitol trail and thursday at ted's tailors.
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he is charged with using a weapon in all three crimes. athletes with local ties are heading to the super bowl. the patriots face off against the falcons on february 2. the falcons quarterback is chester county native and penn charter grad matt ryan. the patriots set a record because this is their 9th trip to the championship game. wide rereceiver chris hogan -- receiver chris hogan played lacrosse before transferring to play football. former first lady barbara bush has been discharged from the hospital and george hw bush is improving. a police officer breaks into the window of a burning car to save a woman trapped inside. >> and meteorologist, david murphy has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when we come right back.
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service is investigating 40 reports of tornados from louisiana to south carolina. no estimate on the damage the storms caused. southern california is getting slammed by intense flooding. the rushing water hit a car after record rainfall over the weekend. the rain is expected to taper off tomorrow. san antonio police chief is calling a deadly shooting at a shopping mall a robbery gone really, really balanced. authorities say two suspects robbed a jewelry store at the mall yesterday. a good samaritan who tried to stop the men was shot and killed by a suspect. another bystander with a license to carry a weapon shot and wounded the robber who killed the good samaritan. the second suspect wounded two other people and was arrested a short time later. rescue crews are going to use equipment to speed up the
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possibility of finding more people in the avalanche in italy. the spokesman said it's been five days after the devastating snow slide and we're fighting against time. 11 people have been rescued, four bodies recovered. 20 other people remain missing. a police officer had to break through a window to save a woman trapped in a burning car. [banging] >> the officer's body cam captured the frantic moments when he used his baton to smash through the glass. kim knovack was stuck in the driver seat. she said the car broke down when she hit a pile of slush and couldn't open the door. the officer and the neighborhood were able to pull her to safety.
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samsung is blaming defective batteries for causing fires in the galaxy note 7. 200,000 of the smart phones found problems in two different sets of batteries from two different manufacturers. it ruled out problems with the hardware or software samsung is pledging to use what it learned from the investigation to improve battery safety for the entire industry. "healthcheck" this noon, doctors have encouraging news about former president george hw bush and barbara bush. the former president has been moved outs of the icu as he recoveries from pneumonia. mrs. bush was released after being treated forever bonk i'm.
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she was -- bronx -- bronchitis, she was given permission to go home yesterday, but stayed one more night with her husband. let's find out what's going on on "action news" the 4:00 p.m. >> reporter: from old corks to old coupons we'll run down the way to turn trash into cash. senator wars if you're bedroom turned into a battleground tune in at 4:00 p.m., experts putting an end to the relationship ruining rumble. meaner miracle on the mountains, three puppies are alive after being buried for five days giving hope to others who are missing. download us on your mobile phone and ipads, i'll tell you about
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at that little known restaurant from a well-known family. >> we'll check accuweather and the nor'easter when we come right back. >> meteorologist, david murphy
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is back with a closures look at troubling stuff. >> reporter: lots of stuff going on. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you the rape which was slow to arrive -- rain which was slow to arrive, is beginning to fill in. there's not a whole lot of heavy rain, but we have bands of steady rain with darker shades of green welling up from the south. look below dover there's yellow showing up. as we go through the next several hours we'll be looking at an increased chance of heavier band of rain coming through. as we look outside, we're looking at a gloomy picture. the ben franklin bridge barely
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visible with low-lying clouds. the rain just beginning to fall. it's not just rain, but windswept rain. the temperature is 40 in philadelphia. it will hold there the rest of the arch and evening. the sustained winds, 24 miles per hour. keep in mind we're getting gusts in the 40s around the i-95 corridor and even the 50s at times, down the the shore, wind gusts in the 60s. 38 in trenton. 41 in allentown. you look at these numbers this is where you will hold for rest of the afternoon. here the current gusts. 51 miles per hour at the airport in ac49 in cape may. we've gone as high as 63 miles per hour in cape may so far today. philadelphia, current gusts of 40. even in the northern and western suburbs, you're getting winds up there strong enough to snap tree branches and bring down trees. most of the problems are in the southern half of the region. we've seen some issues with downed trees farther north. in terms of rain, between now and 3:00, 3:30 p.m.
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we have heavy bands coming in from the south. 6:00 p.m., the evening commute will have a problem with strong wind and debris on the roads, but heavy rain. up north in the poconos we have a wintry mix. it's colder up north than here. even at the 11:00, the latest model run has bands of heavy rain although the winds will be easing back a little bit. if you're traveling north this afternoon tonight or tomorrow morning in the poconos we have a winter weather advisory up until 11:00 a.m. because of snow and freezing rain and sleet. again, that's up in the poconos for the lehigh valley, too warm for any of the icy stuff, but it will be rains into the night. temperature, 40 degrees. down the shore, milder, but not by much, 43, cloudy, rainy, wind gusts at the shore, 60 miles per hour or better than that at times. of course with the strong onshore prolonged winds we have
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issues with coastal flooding. this one is a warning that's been extended in through tomorrow morning. it's not only this afternoon's high tide, but tomorrow morning's high tide as well giving you issues with moderate flooding. overnight we'll sit on 40 degrees, tomorrow the rain will gradually wind down. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high, it's not really the high, but where it's going to be the rest of the way, the high was this morning in the mid 40s, we'll be stuck on 40 the rest of the way with the rain and strong winds i talked about. on tuesday, the bulk of the rain ends in the morning him there will be spotty showers in the afternoon, less wind high of 45. finally a big pay off comes wednesday, sunny and 53. 52 on thursday, colder as we head into the weekend. >> busy day. >> much more "action news" when we come right back.
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>> hello, again, here's some of the stories we're following on "action news" at 12:30 p.m. a tree crashes down on to a home as the nor'easter bears down on the entire tri state region today. we have live team coverage. a major thoroughfare between new jersey and pennsylvania remains shut down this noon. details on when the turnpike connector bridge might reopen to traffic. plus president donald trump
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gets to work the first full week in office. >> high winds and heavy rains are expected in the delaware and lehigh valleys throughout the day. winds advisories and warnings are posted across the region. >> the action cam was in robinsville mercer county where a large tree was knocked over by the wind. it came to rest on top of power lines at route 526 and circle drive. a large tree was no match for the high winds in new castle. it landed on a fence and home and caused damage. we have live team coverage as the nor'easter moves through the area. david murphy outside tracking the storm. bob brooks is down the shore, let's begin with davids out on the patio with the latest on it is storm condition. david. >> reporter: i'm actually in a wind break with channel 6's buildings on two ides of me, but the winds is


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