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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  January 23, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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the death in just a moment. bob brooks is live in ocean city but we begin with the latest from accuweather with meteorologist melissa magee and cecily tynan. we begin with melissa at the big board. >> high brian and shar regional rail we're tracking this nor'easter. it continues to work its way up the eastern seaboard. storm tracker6 live double scan radar 3-d we're watching an area of low pressure that was across western carolina. it has essentially now transferred its energy to an area of low pressure just off the coast and it will continue to work its way to the north and east and we're getting all that of rain getting pushed inland on the backside. so, storm tracker6 live double scan radar street level you can see a lot of heavy rain in camden gloucester and burlington counties. tighter on street level if you're in between mount holly and medford along route 206 dealing with moderate pockets of rain. same thing for medford lakes tabernacle. give yourself extra time on
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that commute later this afternoon. across coastal sections of new jersey for lower bank eggs harbor mays landing and tuck company even atlantic city we're in and out of the heavy rain that will continue through the rest of evening hours o winds have also been an issue earlier today. top wind gusts cape may 63 miles per hour winds reported, tuc tuckerton 60 my, 8 fortescue, downingtown 53, philadelphia with a gust coming in the a 46. they're still pretty strong especially at the coast. 47 miles per hour winds in that atlantic city, 41 in the city and 33 miles per hour wind gusts in the poconos. we're getting that constant wind and that moisture coming in off the atlantic which means the winds cecily will be factor even through tonight. >> that's right. winds really the main story with this storm, melissa and the winds continue through the evening hours. national weather service extended the high wind advisory warning. the advisories for our
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northern suburbs, they're extended until 7 o'clock, high wind warning for the i-95 corridor also until 7:00 but the warning continues until midnight along the coast. we're looking at wind gusts inland 40 miles per hour with the advisory, u up to 65 miles an hour along the coast. when you get the winds piling up the water along the coast, that causes the coastal flooding s so the coastal flood warning extended until 11 o'clock. minor flooding with the winds shifting by the morning looking at gusty winds continuing rain heavy at times. overnight we'll begin climb out of this. the winds will gradually calm down, the rain will be tapering off to showers. here it's a rain event. every now and then you could get a little bit of sleet mixing in with a colder air being pulled in from higher in the atmosphere. future tracker showing 8 o'clock tonight some heavy rain especially east of philadelphia but notice that
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blue across the poconos. that is snow, sleet and freezing rain and that likely will continue right into the morning. we do value winter weather advisory for the poconos until tomorrow around 11 o'clock. details on that and tracking cold air in the full accuweather forecast. brian. >> a bit of a mess out there cecily. thank you. now back to that breaking news today and word that the nor'easter may have that turned deadly. police investigating reports that a man died when a sign blew off a before this hit him in the head. "action news"'s sarah bloomquist live along old york road in nice town sarah you've got the latest on this. >> reporter: brian behind me is the car lot where this happened. the sign was up on that wall right there. you can see where it has been attached to a row home there. the information from police is that the wind did blow it off that wall onto the car lot below and pinned a man against the caplet right there you can see where the sign came down.
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that man al 60-year-old was pronounced by medics at one:04 this afternoon. this was a -- one of a handful of rain and wind related problems all around the region. shortly before 1 o'clock this afternoon, the sign attached to an adjacent row home fell off the wall onto a car lot below. police believe a at this point that the wind blew the sign down and it struck a 60-year-old man below. another coworker arrived to find him dead on the pavement. at broad and race part of a 12,000-foot mural came down onto two cars this morning as rain and wind hit the region. the chunk of the independence starts here mural collapsed onto the cars parked at the hahnemann university hospital feinstein lot. nobody was injured. in aston a tree came down on a house in the 200000 block of beatrice lane. officials speculate the wind may have brought the tree down. and we've been making our way around throughout the
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afternoon. it truly is miserable driving rain, high winds at times and it is very cold, chilly making it that much more miserable but as you just saw it's causing serious problems around the region. stay safe i if you're headed out this evening. live in nicetown, i'm sarah bloomquist channel6 "action news." >> sarah thank you. the shore is also seeing a lot of wind damage and we're about to hit high tide which is raising concerns about flooding in low lying areas. "action news" reporter bob brooks is live in ocean city with a look at conditions there. bob. >> reporter: well, sharrie, if people down here don't have to go outside i definitely wouldn't. right now the wind gusts we're being told by officials are topping out at almost 60 miles an hour, as far as that high tide you can see it's set for 5 o'clock. it's already making quite the impact here. this is third street and bay avenue. it's totally submerged and the closer we get to that
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5 o'clock mark it's getting deeper and deep. ocean steam officials say they've recorded wind gusts as high as 58 miles an hour. trash bins have been tossed all over town, live power lines taken down and even the roof of the pavilion motor lodge came peeling back. >> pieces are starting to fall off. >> reporter: it's been like this in ocean city all day and neighbors here say they've had enough. >> i think it's miserable right now. you would almost rather snow, the wind can really be brutal. >> i'm tired of the wind but this is coastal storms and ocean city, so you just get through it. >> reporter: on top of the why high winds it's been raining. the amount has been picking up steadily throughout the day. >> its a cold rain. temperatures were preit i thought wari --pretty i thoughte wind chill was intense. >> reporter: streets are starting to flood. as we creep towards high tide the water is getting deep. the white capped waters are expected to bring significant
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tidal flooding. officials say they've barricaded several streets for a reason to protect your property. >> the most important thing is to move vehicles from some of the streets that typically experience flooding. >> reporter: we didn't see too many people outside today and that's not good for local restaurants like pacini's. >> there's a lot of flooding much nobody can get in the parking lot. >> reporter: the plan for most tonight is stay inside and ride this nor'easter out. >> oh, just hunker down, just hunker down. >> reporter: hunkering down sounds like great idea. right there that sign that's been knocked partially down, more of the damage from those high speed wind gusts here and again, third street and bay of a it's totally under water at this point. as far as i can see down the road as well it's also flooded. for now reporting live in ocean city, bob brooks channel6 "action news." brian. >> bob, thank you. moving further north along the shore line from there in ocean city this is a scene live at ship bottom right now facing the bay. winds have been a problem all
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day and they, too, are waiting to see what high tide has in store. you can see the water about to crest many of those docks on the bay right now. "action news"'s walter perez there have a live report coming up at 5 o'clock. >> farther south in hockessin delaware a fallen tree has sent a woman to the hospital. the tree crashed onto her home on why land drive around noon today. "action news" was told that she was outside when it fell hitting her on the chest and legs. she's now being treated at christiana hospital. you can see the home also has damage to the roof and the gutters there. well, the storm is causing power outages across our area. peco is reporting more than 7500 users without service. some 3,000 of those are in chester county alone. pse&g is coping with almost 3,000 outages and there are also a lot of downed lines at the shore. atlantic city electric is reporting that 6800 customers are in the dark there.
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as the nor'easter pushes through the power of storm track stick live radar is a mouse click way among a host of resources available 24/7 at and don't forget to follow each of our meteorologists on facebook and twitter to keep up with the very latest from the storm updates. >> some other news now. we have learned that the delaware river turnpike bridge is expected to stay closed for quite awhile. an inspector found a fracture in a steel support beam on friday. officials now say it could be two more weeks until they figure out the scope of that break and how to begin fixing it. the 42,000 vehicles that use that bridge day in and day out will now have to find alternate routes. you can read more about those various options on and on the 6abc app. >> all right, time now for the "action news" traffic report to help you get around all the mess out there and the rest of the afternoon rush hour. >> let's do it. gee and in a gannon standing in for matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center an exceptionally busy day for
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you jean nap. >> it really is. we're seeing so many downed wires downed trees downed power lines. here's a live look at the big picture. delays are forming already a lot of red on the map. on 95 expect delays in both directions. the vine street expressway is going sob ver to be very heavy d delays on the blue route. we're seeing some speed restrictions on all of your area bridges. down 35 miles an hour. something to keep in mind because of the weather. here's our biggest issue the delaware river turnpike bridge shut down in both directions between the pennsylvania turnpike and the new jersey turnpike. you can take the tacony palmyra the burlington bristol to bridge but as we're at rush hour expect the roadways to be extra crowded. northbound side of 95 you can see it's getting crowded out there, 26 minutes between the vine out to woodhaven and then if you're traveling southbound you can see you're going to need time there as well. let's take a live look in west philadelphia. we had an accident on 52nd
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street at pine street so that could be an issue for you and again we have a lot of downed trees and downed wires and we'll see a.m. problem on mount pleasant between rock creek road and lafayette. and then we have power lines out in cherry hill on route 70 eastbound and westbound between springdale road and old orchard road. kresson road will be your best bet to get around that. brian and sharrie. >> gina thank you. next on "action news" at 4:00 a busy day in office for president trump. we take a look at his meeting with high profile ceo's and three new executive orders. >> plus the weather hitting us right now. first dealt a deadly blow to the southeast. hear from the mayor whose small town was hit the hardest as residents try to salvage what they can. >> stocks are sliding today as we take a look at today's closing numbers. >> ♪ pennsylvanias pas
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>> thousand dollars. >> are are thousand dollars. >> president donald trump started what he dubbed day one meeting with business leaders in the white house. about a dozen business leaders from across-the-board gathered in the roosevelt room r president trump says he and wants to lower tracks for both companies like there's and the middle class anywhere from 15 to 25 percent and he says there will be incentives for companies that keep their business and their employees here in the u.s. >> the regulations are going to be cut massively and the taxes are going to be cut way down so you're going have now incentive, incentive to build. the one thing i do have to warn you about, when you have a company here, you have a plant here. >> then on this first full workday in the white house, he signed three executive orders. to first remove the u.s. from the tranc trans-pacific partner.
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from receiving any u.s. government funding. also today the first formal press briefing from the white house. press secretary sean spicer took question on all of the day one events and executive orders and also spoke of the president's first trip which takes him here to philadelphia this thursday. also today, two of president trump's more controversial cabinet nominees respect expected to be confirmed later today. the senate will likely vote to confirm mike pompeo as head of the cia along with rex tillerson as secretary of state. a lot to keep our eyes on. >> they're checking off a lot of things today. homes in georgia are ripped to pieces after deadly weekend storms killed 15 people in that state al low. the national weather service is still trying to determine just how many tornadoes hit that region.
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some residents are still waiting to get back to their neighborhoods to see if they can salvage any belongings. rescue crews have also been searching the debris for and people who may be trapped. >> it's like you took a bomb and put i it in a mobile home and exploded it. >> you literally have a trailer park that looks like it's been disintegrated. you literally have just matterringsmatterrings of what e homes. >> doctors in houston say former president george h.w. bush is moving out of intensive care today. mr. bush is 92 struggling to breathe when he was admitted to the hospital last week and was later diagnosed with pneumonia. doctors say he's in good spirits. his wife barbara meanwhile was released from the hospital today. she was admitted last wednesday after a bout with
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bronchitis. >> it is the biggest game in sports, the super bowl and two players from our area will be on the field with a chance to play for a championship. the new england patriots will face the atlanta falcons sunday february 5th. matt ryan, the leader and quarterback of the falcons is from exton, new jersey. ryan graduated exton, pennsylvania. ryan graduated from penn charter high school. ryan's teammate paul warlow has ties to the delaware valley. the linebacker attended concorde high school and the university of delaware. >> lot to watch there. >> coming up in houston. >> we know it's been a lousy weather day to say the least and turns out we're right in the worst of it right now. >> let's get the latest from meteorologist melissa magee in for adam today. >> hi sharrie and brian. we're tracking pocket of heavy rain that are coming in from the coast and pressing and land especially with that constant easterly flow of moisture. here's storm tracker6 live double scan radar you can see the rain scattered about the
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delaware and lehigh valleys. we'll go in tighter on street level on storm tracker6 and east of philadelphia along the new jersey turnpike you can see from riverside on east into mount holly, medford, marlton, even into that cherry hill, we're dealing with very heavy pockets of moisture that will continue to press inland as we go throughout the evening hours. now another pocket of moisture that we're tracking, little farther to the south right now in tabernacle chatsworth, speed well and hammonton. lacey in ocean county also dealing with wet weather and this will that continue right through the evening hours, then taper off later tonight. as far as the temperatures are concerned, it's really chilly. these nukes ar numbers are dece. 37 for allentown down to lancaster. at the coast in cape may 44. 43 degrees in dover but if you have been outside or if you're stepping outside, wind chills right now are only in the 20's and 30's and the teens up in the poconos at this hour. visibility is also an issue. keep this in mind if you're
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out and about on the road. we're down to a mile and a half in atlantic city, 3 miles in millville, down top seven in philadelphia and down to two and a half miles in lancaster so this is one of those days where if you are travel buying airtraveling by aa to check with your air carrier. here's satellite6 along with action radar. there's the area of low pressure just off the coast of the carolinas and this nor'easter will work its way eastward and staying off shore and that's why we are in and out of the wet weather. over the next 12 hours we have that rain some of which will be heavy at times, windy as well. we'll bottom out at 36 in the city, 35 reading and 40 in cape may for the overnight low. future tracker6 showing you 6 o'clock in the evening slow going tonight. we've got the wet weather all around the region especially in allentown, reading, philadelphia, pockets of heavy rain down across south jersey as well. 9 o'clock tonight you notice that moisture still continues along the i-95 corridor and areas to the north and west. if you look closely up in the
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poconos, we've got some mixed precipitation that is developing as these temperatures slowly cool down as well. overnight tonight, the rain, the heaviest of the rain will start to taper across the region and as you wake up tomorrow morning, 6:30 we're just left with a few showers across the area. so, as far as what we can expect, overnight tonight and into tuesday morning it's very watchedy windy early. that rain tapers after midnight. coastal flooding is a big concern. snow, sleet and freezing rain likely in the poconos later tonight and early tomorrow morning. here's the four day at 4:00. by tomorrow we're dealing with some leftover rain and drizzle, a high temperature of 43. hey, by wednesday it's all gone. mostly sunny, it's milder and at 53. breezy and mild on thursday, 53. 43 brisk and colder guys as we get into friday so lots to track for the rest of tonight and into the overnight hours, too. >> all right, looking forward to wednesday. >> yup. >> we take you to a brand new
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restaurant giving all of its proceeds a local charity. >> we have details about the ambitious mission that they're serving up in center city. >> and there is cash in your actual trash. we will show you what to avoid tossing to the curb coming up in what's the deal. "action news" is about interaction with you. follow us on social media for the latest headlines accuweather and breaking news and to communicate with us on facebook we are 6abc "action news." on twit, we're @6abc. join us and be a part of "action news." >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> app 28-year-old woman is accused of a murder in manayunk. she's accused of shooting richard spattle to death early saturday morning. the two were roommates on boone street. police say she originally told them he walked into her bedroom holding scissors and that's when she shot him. he was hit once in the back.
4:26 pm
investigators believe the crime stems from an argument. two people managed to safely escape a house fire. the flames broke out late last night along the 500 block of fairmount avenue in philadelphia's fishtown neighborhood. well, firefighters found smoke pouring from the windows of the row home. so far no word on a possible cause. >> well, today is the first day of taxis son and tax seaso. campaign for working families opened a facility on the 100 block of south street. it's named after city councilman alan dom who was also there to celebrate. services at the site are done free of charge. if you need help, the group also operates 19 other locations throughout the city. you can dine and donate at the same time at philadelphia's newest restaurant. the rooster soup company opened today with a pretty bold business plan to give all profits to charity. located on the 1500 block of samson street this lunch spot
4:27 pm
has a diner inspired menu made from federal doughnuts unused food. the money you spend will go to the broad street ministry and services it offers to vulnerable citizens. >> an idea you don't see every day. >> that's right. >> there's still much more ahead in the next half hour of "action news" at 4:o. that includes the very latest on the nor'easter hitting our area right now. we'll show you some more of the damage from around the region and have an update on the forecast. >> plus, call it a miracle on the mound taken. three little sheep dog puppies are found alive after spending days buried beneath snow and debris. why it's giving rescuers hope for other avalanche victims. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> hello again. 4:30 now and "action news" continues with a scathing report about discrimination in philadelphia neighborhood known for acceptance. >> plus p-aphor or malice. >> i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. >> madonna explains what she really meant when she appears to threaten the new commander in chief. >> later snore wars. if your bedroom has found in a battleground stick around. experts share tips to put an tend to that relationship ruining rumble. >> but we begin with the wet and windy start to the work week courtesy of a nor'easter hitting parts of our area pretty hard right now.
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>> take a look. on the right-hand side of your screen you can seat condition live at the jersey shore from our cameras in cape may and atlantic city. on the left, it's what is causing all of that rain and wind. how much longer this nor'easter is going to last let's get over to melissa magee in for adam joseph with the details. >> yeah, brian, we are in the thick of it right now and it will that continue right through the rest of the evening even into the overnight hours as well. here's storm tracker6 live double scan radar. you can see the rain all across the delaware and lehigh valleys. a lot of moisture right now along the i-95 corridor and literally we're watching the moisture coming in off of the coast and then continuing to press inland across areas in new jersey. in fact we'll go in tighter on street level with storm tracker6. you could see in willow grove jenkintown along route one even into riverside on eastward into new jersey from mount holly and medford we're dealing with pockets of heavy rain that will continue as we get the moisture coming in off of the atlantic with that on shore push of air. storm reports big concern.
4:31 pm
port norris trees have been reported to be down, aston arms also reports some trees down, cape may we had winds gusting as high as 63 miles per hour atlantic city a traffic light reported to be down and in bridgeton trees also reported to be down because of the nor'easter that continues to work its way up the coast. winds are a big concern. they're not as strong as they were earlier today but they're still gusting as high as 32 miles per hour in philadelphia, 37 miles per hour gusts in atlantic city. we have a gust clocking in at 39 miles per hour at the coast in cape may. so, as far as the concerns and the impacts, it's slow improvement with this storm. from 6:00 p.m. to 9 p.m. still a high concern with the wind and the rain. overnight tonight a moderate concern ass you wake up tomorrow morning slow improvement on the way as the heavy rain tapers off to just a few showers. we've got more details coming up with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. sharrie. >> melissa thank you. though the storm is peaking at the jersey shore right now, the nor'easter has been battering the coast all
4:32 pm
day. that was the scene off ventnor in atlantic city as the system churned up large waves and rough surf in atlantic city strong winds toppled a traffic light and pushed water onto the road off of atlantic avenue. now, check out what "action news" viewer cindy rugero woke up to this morning. she sent us these photos showing the 100-foot tall tree that came trashing down onto her home on robert road in eastampton burlington county. cindy says the huge tree destroyed the porch gouged a hole in her roof but no one was hurt. ly. >> homeowners in delaware are also dealing with damage today. the action cam was in new castle where a large tree toppled over. it crashed through a fence into a backyard and landed on the back of a house at 8:30 this morning. well, the rain and wind is also lashing parts of ocean county right now and our coverage of the nor'easter continues live from seaside
4:33 pm
park where we find reporter tony yates from our sister station wabc in new york. tony. >> reporter: and brian, you know, we know nor'easters along the jersey shore, we know what they dollar but we also know how to recover. i'm going to step out of the way so you can see what's happening right now. in the thick of it we have to sit back and watch the damage, one of the hardest to take in in this beach erosion. these waves are nearly up to the boardwalk in seaside heights where the shore is taking a massive pounding. >> it's very windy. it's hard to even stand here just pushes you around. >> reporter: it's the wind causing all the problems now bringing down utility lines. these are in seaside heights. several hours earlier up in long branch the winds got ahold of the roof of a condo building on ocean avenue. >> 7 o'clock i was driving down ocean avenue i see a white sail flowing in the wind. it's right in the parking lot behind me over top of a couple cars. >> reporter: the roof lining
4:34 pm
landed on several cars. sharon's car center all that debris. >> we saw this. i was like oh my car is underneath there. i called 911. i don't know if anyone is under the carts or not. >> reporter: the wind has been wicked the sandblasting the areas. some closed their storm shutters. this nor'easter is leaving a mark. >> it's really scary. >> this is the biggest i've seen the waivers here except sandy this is the biggest i've seen them in awhile. >> yeah, they're really crazy. >> reporter: and it's cold. >> very. >> very freezing with the waves. >> i can't feel my fingersism those waves are chopping away at the shore. we know wires are coming down in some places. some places are reporting trees are coming down but where we've been today we have seen absolutely no flooding and very light rain. what we do know, though, is that this wind is wicked also on the highway as we were driving around it is treacherous out there.
4:35 pm
so, if you have to go out in it grab ahold of that steering wheel, hold on tight and get home safe. we are in seaside park, i'm tony yates for channel6 "action news." >> toni thanks for that report. if you have photos or individuavideo have days nor'ea. share them with us. e-mail us at join the action at >> it's a philadelphia neighborhood known for its embrace of diversity but a new report says women minorities and the city's transgender community feel unwelcome even unsafe. that finding is prompting a new push to force a more accepting atmosphere. "action news" reporter vernon odom has the story. >> many people who are not white transgender men experience racism prejudice and discrimination there. >> reporter: the city's human relations commission concludes there's widespread discrimination when it comes
4:36 pm
to admittance and service at gay clubs at center city's gabe hood east of broad. with local agencies that are supposed to provide social services to that population. >> racism in the lgbt community is a real issue. >> reporter: last fall the human relations commission held hearings into allegations of discrimination. the hrc ended its findings. >> racism and discrimination have been ongoing issues for decades. >> reporter: the commission single out two of the most popular night spots in its report eye candy and woody's calling for the management of the 11 different which rubs to get antidiscrimination training and change their conduct if they and want to stay in good stead with the glee hold places accountable is needed to reduce or elimination racism and discrimination. >> reporter: the mayor says he may pull funding from two
4:37 pm
social service agencies that have been found discriminating. this 74-year-old gay man says he was mistreated in these clubs for years. >> you get in there, the way you are treated. they'll sit down there and talk to their friends while you are waiting to get a drink. i'm waiting to spend my money. >> reporter: activists say this is the jumping point off for them to become more aggressive. >> if we hear from one of our community members there's still discrimination happening we'll be at that bar to shut it down. >> reporter: bottom line city hall says racial discrimination has gone on unchecked in the neighborhood for decades but now the government pledges to crack down on it and to monitor progress close toly. in center city, i'm vernon odom channel6 "action news." >> police in cherry hill are asking people to be on the lookout for a fundraising scam that uses a local high school as bait. here's wait looks like. the fake example was posted by camden county catholic high school to show people what this letter looks like. it asks people to donate to their special education
4:38 pm
department. the miss spelled note provides both an e-mail address and a phone number but it's not legit. if you have any information on the people behind this scam, contact cherry hill police. well, students at concorde high school in wilmington were given the day off to deal with the death of the sudden passing of a beloved teacher. thomlabarbera died over the weekend. he had been with the brandywine school district for the past 20 years. in a facebook post the district called his death unexpected and tragic. teachers and crisis team staff will be on hand tomorrow to help students cope with the loss. >> new research shows that many women may be waiting too long when it comes to getting their hearts checked. "action news" anchor rick williams live in the news room with the details we're gathering on this today. hi, rick. >> hi, brian, thank you, that's right. that research shows most women are waiting until they're in their 30's to get normal heart screenings but america's heart officials saying that may not
4:39 pm
necessarily be the case. health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman breaks down when you should start getting checked and what else you need to know to make sure you respecareheart healthy. big news for "star wars" fans about episode eight may the force be with you. we've got an update for you coming up on "action news" at 5:00 until then we'll go back to the studio. brian see you later. >> rick thank you. coffee drinkers help support homeless youth in the region today. this morning mcdonald's executives presented a $20,000 check to the covenant house in the germantown section of philadelphia. the company donated proceeds from that each cup of joe sold at southeast pam restaurants on national coffee day that was back in september. covenant house is a shelter that serves homeless youth. >> still ahead from old corks to old coupons we'll show you what you shouldn't toss if you want to turn trash into that cash. >> plus, something lots to talk about today. did madonna threaten the new
4:40 pm
president. we'll hear the explosive comment that has many people calling for her arrest and how she's defending it today. >> and if your partner snores you know that the sleep struggle is real. but that rumble doesn't have that to send you running for the couch. experts share tips to end the bedroom battle ahead. >> ♪ where things come from?
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how they get here? what they're packed in? it's a lot of stuff. and these things add up. that's why we recycle. [vo:]it's nice to know that raymour and flanigan is proud to be a leading recycler- 17 million pounds of recyclable materials every year. turned from trash into treasure. so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪
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>> ♪ >> we've seen the hard work that it takes to be a firefighter but overseas there is a new technique picking up steam. check out this method being used in dubai. first responderring are using jet skis to avoid traffic when heading to fire incidents along the waterfront. then they use water fueled jet packs to hover over and extinguish the fires. the best part they say is that it allows them to use an unlimited supply of water to battle those fires. >> that's so cool. on health check at 4 o'clock today it's a source of frustration for a lot of couples of all ages, snoring.
4:43 pm
an estimated 90 million americans snore and their partners lose an average of an hour of sleep a night. many of you much more than that. some studies say it's such a serious issue that one in six couples sleep in separate rooms. >> some couples don't even realize that that sleep deprivation increased irritability sometimes even anger are focused on this lack of quality sleep that's building up in the relationship. >> doctors say it's time to take action when one partner is losing sleep or when the snorer has signs of sleep apnea such as periods of not breathing at night or chronic daytime sleepiness. cpap machines are one solution but there are others which can help as well. >> big talkees now and it is the one that has had social media in a tail spin since saturday. today madonna is clarifying her controversial speech at the women's march in washington where she made this statement. >> yes, i am outraged.
4:44 pm
yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. but i know that this won't change anything. >> well, the 58-year-old global superstar then back pedaled on instagram writing quote i am not a violent person, i do not promote violence and it's important people hear and understand my speech in its end tear are the rather than one phrase taken wildly out of context. that's part of her post. madonna said she "spoke in metaphor and she only wants to start a revolution of love. some calling for her arrest and calling her unpatriotic. now, to a feel good happy tug at the heart strings kind of video that one of our "action news" viewers shared with us on our facebook page. this is naval airman michael sheola and his mom showed us his very special little
4:45 pm
homecoming: tina finnigan titled it their sailor is home. michael returned home to the fox chase seconds of philadelphia last night from pensacola and his pugs clearly happy to have him back gave him the tail wagging welcome. tina says pixie pierre seamus and rooney have not seen him since october. you get that vibe, right. he leaves for norfolk on january 31st where he'll be stationed on the u.s.s. george washington we wish him the best and to his four best teas we know they have about a week to spend with him. >> the family too. >> they're taking add advantage of the time they have with him. >> pretty awesome. love. that alicia thanks so much. >> let's get another check of the roads right now. >> gina standing by with the upday. hi, gina and. >> not going to be that heartwarming on the roads tonight. we're seeing so many big backups and delays. we're seeing speed restrictions on all of your area bridges down to 35 miles per hour so something to watch out for sure.
4:46 pm
on the big picture slow speeds on 95. going to be dealing with delays as well on the vine street expressway, on the schuylkill expressway and on the blue route. let's take you outside onto the schuylkill expressway. here's your live look at city a westbound heavy from this point at city avenue on through to belmont and the curve to conshohocken. eastbound seeing delays as well from the curb to conshohocken and then right around montgomery county through spring garden but you can see 31 minutes on that that eastbound side between the blue route and the vine westbound about 26 minutes but still give yourself more time. then on the vine street expressway, that eastbound side is heavy the length 76 out through 95. westbound you're just tapping the brakes a bit approaching 76. and then cherry hill, we have some and downed wires on route 70 both directions eastbound and westbound between springdale road and old orchard road so definitely a slow spot there. old kresson road would be your best bet to get around that. in gloucester county a malfunctioning traffic light on route 42 at greentree road so an issue there.
4:47 pm
traveling into delco we have another issue as well with downed wires on baltimore avenue between lemon and state. brian and sharrie. >> all right, gina, thank you so much. we've got an update on that nor'easter coming up right after the break. >> ♪
4:48 pm
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4:50 pm
you can see the rain in that heavy pocket moving along the i-95 corridor and also some wet weather to the north and west. we'll go in a little tighter on street level with storm tracker6 and visit our neighbors in our suburbs here. easton just some light rain, same thing for bethlehem allentown along 309 and between allentown and quakertown and also to the west for boyertown and green lane. this is where we find that heavy moisture at this hour. we're essentially track something moisture pressing inland from the coast and moving up along the i-95 corridor so for willow grove jenkintown route one and also into riverside, philadelphia, cherry hill on east into portions of new jersey, this will continue as we go throughout the rest of tonight and it will that taper overnight tonight and into the day on tuesday. right now temperatures are coming in at 38 degrees in philadelphia. 38 in wilmington. 30 in the poconos. 37 degrees in lancaster, 43 degrees in cape may but when you factor in the wind chill it feels much colder at
4:51 pm
this hour. just 29 in the city, 17 in the poconos, 33 in millville, 58 thirty eight in millville, also feels like just 27 for lancaster and also down in wilmington. here is satellite6 along with action radar. there's the area of low pressure just off the coast of the carolinas and this will continue to work its way to the north and east. we're getting all of that moisture, that easterly stretch of moisture pressing inland so we're dealing with the wind the rain and the coastal flooding as well. for the next 12 hours it's stormy early. otherwise those winds ease later tonight. we'll bottom out at 34 in the suburbs and 36 degrees in philadelphia for the overnight low. future tracker six showing you 6 o'clock this evening give yourself some extra time for the commute tonight. along the i-95 corridor and to the north and west we're dealing with the heavy rain. same thing for those pockets down in south jersey but you notice up in the poconos as temperatures continue to drop tonight, there's an issue with some mixed precipitation. same thing at 9 o'clock tonight, that moisture starting to taper but it is
4:52 pm
still a factor later on tonight. by midnight you notice some holes and some pockets in the wet weather that we are tracking here so that is when things will slowly start to diminish and by 6 o'clock in the morning, we're just left with some showers for the commute in the morning. so, as far as what we can expect and a big concern at the coast, we talked about the rain that we're dealing with but the coastal effects are still big. strong winds early, coastal flooding is also a concern. tides anywhere from two to 4 feet above normal right now. near a moderate flooding concern with our high tide cycle and a minor flood concern later tomorrow morning. erosion with waves anywhere from 10 to 20 feet high. here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. leftover rain tomorrow. then just some drizzle around and at 43 for the high. 53 with the sunshine returning on wednesday. breezy with sun on thursday, 53. brisk and cooler as we get into friday and next weekend. tracking wet weather through tomorrow morning and the sun
4:53 pm
come out on wednesday. >> another note to add to what sharrie passed along about nj transit in new jersey we've also learned amtrak has suspended its service in the state of new jersey again that's connected to the wire problems and the weather out there today. more on that and much more right after this. >> ♪ dear fellow citizen,
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coupons. some folks started their own web site for selling their coupons. penny hoarder says tossing empty ink cartridges. but there are several web sites that will buy your empty cartridge for one dollar up to $20 and many of those sites even pick up the tab for shipping. we'll list those for you on and if you have that recently moved and you have a stack of moving boxes, there are resell companies that will buy those boxes directly from you. try box all these tips right now on our web site. don't throw away the corks. >> trust me i'll start saving them. i'll be a millionaire. >> that's right. >> finally at 4 o'clock today the rescue of three puppies is lifting spirits at the sight atf an avalanche in central italy. five days after the avalanche crews heard barking and yes they found the white sheep dogs in the boiler room of a
4:57 pm
buried hotel. the fluffy pups were born last month. the hotel's resident sheep dog. the parents found their way out after the avalanche. good stuff. >> yes. >> for sharrie williams alicia vitarelli melissa magee and adam joseph i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me along with sharrie adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> now here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look at what's ahead at 5:00. hi, guys. >> hi, thank you. hello everyone. coming up next on "action news" at 5:00 team coverage continues of the wind nor'easter moving through our area right now. we'll have another update from accuweather and a live look at the jersey shore expected to be one of the hardest hit areas. >> the crack underneath a major bridge is causing big traffic prob many troubles in bucks and mercer counties.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> i think it's miserable right now. you would almost rather snow. the wind can really be brutal. >> i've never seen anything like this. it's crazy. >> right now folks up and down the coast are hunkered down as
5:00 pm
a winter nor'easter moves through our area. >> looking live at atlantic city. high winds and flooding causing big concerns at the jersey shore with several weather warnings still in effect. >> monday night and the big story on "action news" is the rain and wind that are moving through the delaware valley at this hour. walt perez on long beach island watching the effects of the system on that shore. >> but first let's get the latest from accuweather. meteorologist cecily tynan starts off our team coverage tonight from the "action news" big board. cecily. >> hi, rick and monica. double scan live showing the system we're tracking. the actual center of the storm system way down to the south. it's off the coast of north carolina and what this will do, it will move up the coast just off shore intensifying as it does so that will that continue to bring us waves of rain, heavy at times through the evening hours and also those strong gusty winds. a big problem when you get the heavy rain like this. this is actually the heaviest rain we've seen all day near the turnpike, near willow grove, jenkintown, northeast philadelphia. this heavy rain can really soften up the ground and that


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