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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 23, 2017 11:00pm-12:05am EST

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tonight, the hardest hit, the jersey shore and a gun battle erupts over pizza. that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ ♪ >> the good news is, the nor'easter is leaving the area and heading up the coast battling the jersey shore with flooding and plenty of rain. in the philadelphia area, wind
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have brought down trees and caused havoc even causing the death of a 60-year-old man. many people are happy it was wet and not white. think what that would have been like. on double scan radar, it's green. we have christie ileto at the airport where the storm disrupted air traffic. dann cuellar is in atlantic city with a storm report. first, the latest from accuweather and meteorologist cecily tynan. >> a lot of green on storm tracker 6. a lot of rain moving through. the steadiest heavy rain was lifting north. we have rain moving into philadelphia. the center of the storm is over cape hatteras. it is moving toward the north and east. it's a slow process. it's going to take a while before getting out of the
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moisture or calming the winds. wind gusts today earlier 63 miles per hour. tropical storm force winds and currently, philadelphia 44 miles per hour. atlantic city airport reporting wind gusts 51 miles per hour. those continue to midnight. a wind advisory posted now. this is for the coast until midnight for wind gusts up to 5e seeing now. the storm system pulls down rain and pushes in the winds from the atlantic. the coastal flood warning continues until 11:00 tomorrow morning high tide before 4:00 and 5:00 in the morning. moderate coastal flooding today. tomorrow more minor because the winds shift as the storm pulls away.
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temperaturewise, philadelphia 38. the poconos 31. this is turning into a icing event for the poconos. winter weather advisory for accumulating ice. at home, cooler weather on the way and the return of sunshine. i let you know when in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you, cecily. dann cuellar is live in atlantic city. what is the situation there? >> the wind has died down. they are kicking good gail force winds blowing around. you see they are churning along atlantic city with debris along the boardwalk tonight causing quite a stir. >> it's scary. it's a scary thing. >> it's a powerful storm. >> the waves crashed over the bulk headausing a stir amongt ce
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what the nor'easter is all about. >> i see it bouncing. i was like what's gownin going ? that has to be water on the beach. >> there were re rescue boats ry to go in case they were needed. the winds blew traffic signs rie sign at the pavilion motor lodge. there was street flooding people were keeping an eye out. >> what is the game plan tonight? >> park the cars two blocks away and hold up here for a while. >> holding the fort down. >> so far so good? >> yeah. >> out on the beach the sand dunes were doing their job to prevent beach erosion as much as possible as the waves churned
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by. >> i think it's awesome. i love thees, wind, rain. it's been great. there are trees down. i feel bad for that. >> we were watching at home. i said we have to see it in person. >> look for yourself? >> we saw the ocean waves on tv wait to get here. dunes hold up.ow well the sand byomorrow we know the story and how well they did as the waves continue to churn away along the jersey shore as the nor'easter continues to kick up il winds. dann cuellar, "action news." back to you. >> several school districts will delay openings two hours, atlantic city, ocean city and wildwood. the full list at "6abc".com. the nor'easter winds were too
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much for this tree to bear. it toppled near carpenter street blocking the road and damaging at least one car. thousands of customers lost power in south jersey. atlantic reports nearly a thousand customers in the dark. pico reporting 3500 customers without power. bucks county the hardest hit. the nor'easter prompted no less than three ground stops at the international airport today. christie ileto is there. what's the story? >> well, service has been restored here. travelers are experiencing residual delays for people departing or arriving. for some three hours, for others, longer. >> it started this morning. four flights canceled.
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>> they came from orlando to philadelphia but they are still not home. >> we are trying to get to baltimore. >> winds peaked at 50 miles per hour at the airport spelling out headaches for passengers. >> air traffic controllers were saying we couldn't take off because of what was happening here. >> finally in baggage claim bop any says her delayed flight was forced to circle the airport until the delay was lifted. >> a bit of turbulence coming in. >> i was rerouted through canada to go to buenos aires. >> i'm not getting home later than i would have. >> could be worse. >> for those still trying to make ite -- >> we are going to rent a car and drive to baltimore. it's one of those things. it happens. no sense in being upset. >> passengers are being
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check with their individual airlines for updates. it's unclear if the delays will impact flights tomorrow morning. christie ileto, channel6. jim? >> the weather claimed a life after high winds blew a sign off of a building and struck a 60-year-old man. the victim was pinned against a car. he was pronounced dead by medics at 1:04 this afternoon. no one was hurt when a mural came crashing down in center city. the wind and rain caused the collapse of the mural at falling race. it hit two car in the university parking lot. >> an explosion set off concern. it turned out to be a transformer fire. police evacuated the building, shut down traffic to
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investigate. they have not said yet if the electrical problem was caused by the weather. the morning news team will be on at 4:30 with the latest from accuweather and impact on your early commute. wilmington police shot and killed an armed man tonight. the deadly co confrontation took place on the 1700 block of west 13th street. officers responded to the house and the suspect jumped out of the house with a gun. there is an investigation as to whether the shooting was justified. no officers were hurt. >> a pizza man was ambushed in south philadelphia. he was taking a pizza to what turned out to be a vacant house. two gunmen emerged demanding his money and the pizza. the delivery man dropped the
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pizza and tried to run but was shot. he pulled his own licensed gun and fired back. he drove himself to the hospital and will be okay. no word if the bandits were hit. >> crews are working to fix a crack in the delaware bridge. a fracture was discovered last week and they shut the bridge down. the 14-inch beam was critical because it supports the westbound lanes. the plan is to construct eight temporary towers to stabilize the span. they have not released a timetable. 42,000 vehicles travel the bridge everyday. a grand jury inindicted the arsonist that killed three firefighters. beatrice is accused of assault and murder and wreckless
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endangering. she adm setting fire last september after taking anxiety medication and drinking. the firefighters were killed when the floor beneath them collapsed. ardythe hope died of her injuries last month. >> president trump began his first full day in the white house by closing the book on tpp, a 12 nation trade pack that trump said would hurry american bidnesses. he banned international groups that perform signed the mem freezing most federal hiring except in the military. later in the day he met with
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congressional leaders from both parties. trump couldn't resist revisiting the election telling theeaders he would have won the popular vote but millions of illegal ters voted against the law. he met with leaders and business ceos and to the group he issued this warnings. >> a company that wants all of its people in the united states and build a factory somewhere else and thi product is going to flow across the border into the united states, that's not going to happen. there's going to be a substantial border tax. >> the senate took action on one of trump's main appointees, the vote 36-62 for mike pompe. florida senator marco rubio,
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republican marco rubio ended up voted for him. the tillerson nomination now goes t senate. president trump has been sued by a watchdog group in washington. the suit claims trump is violating the constitution by allowing his businesses including his washington hotel to accept payments from foreign governments. >> still to come, a new philadelphia law bans an employer from asking how much you used to make, and a puppy rescue shiet gives hope that people are still alive. >> two teenagers saved a life. we hear from them and grateful. cecily? >> the nor'easter is moving out. i'll let you know when sunshine returns. >> and ducis rodgers with
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call today. comcast business.siness. >> the governor of georgia has expanded the state of emergency as search and rescue crews scour the storm stricken areas for
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survivors. 15 people were killed when severe thunderstorms struck the state yesterday. seven victims lifed i victims le trailer park. the mayor said it looked like a bomb went off. >> puppies were discovered after five days under snow after an avalanche hit. it gives searchers hope people . >> the mayor signed a measure preventing employers asking what they may ask. >> comcast says this goes too
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far. >> a company is considering building a $7 billion manufacturing plant in the united states. guess what the leading contender for the facility is? how about pennsylvania according to the ceo. fox con says it could create 30 to 50,000 new jobs. former president bush is out of intensive care. he is coughing a fair amount but joking with staff. the 92-year-old iseireated for pneumonia. mrs. bush was released earlier today. she snt nights in the hospital with a gloucester towns reunited with two teens that saved his life. the two high school students were recognized. they were driving past the elementary school in november when they spotted derrick
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blakestock on the ground. >> i told my friend to pull over. he saw it too. it was a body. we went up to him. he was unconscious, so we called 911 right away. they came within two minutes. >> they saved my life. they saw me. i was straight on the ground. i don't remember any of >> blakelock says he was out for a run when he went into cardiac arrest. he credits the teens and paramedics for saving his life. now cecily tynan, the nor'easter is taking its time moving out of the area. >> different year, different weather pattern. we are looking at wind and rain. double scan showing we have rain across the region not nearly as
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intense as earlier. this is another round moving through after we had a lull in the action earlier today you can see the bands of rain coming off of the atlantic. they are getting the icing across the poconos where temperatures are below freezing. here at home, allentown and trenton 37. wilmington 40 and cape may 42-degrees. the winds are pretty gusty. philadelphia, 44 miles per hour. atlantic city, 46. tape may, 43 miles per hour wind gusts. the advisory continues along the coast until midnight. cape may had 63 miles per hour wind gusts earlier today, the combination of wind and rain loosening the soil. a lot of power outages out there. there's a storm system you can see creeping up to the north and
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east. as it does, it's pulling away from the shore. it bring brings us occasional r. down the shore, you have problems with coastal flooding. gusting winds with gusts up to 30 miles per hour down the shore. coastal flooding tomorrow morning 4:30 to 5:30. tides two to three feet above normal. another round of beach erosion expected tomorrow. the shore feeling the effects of the storm. as the kids head out to the bus stop tomorrow, gloomy. rain and drizzle, breezy, 38-degrees at 6:00. 8:00, 39. take the umbrella in the morning. in the afternoon, this may be overdone but lingering showers. look what happens into wednesday. high pressure building in. finally, looking at a fullayof .
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we deserve it. wednesday will be mild as well before temperatures drop for the weekend. the seven-day forecast, tomorrow a gloomy day. left over rain and drizzle, breezy, 43 the wednesday, mild, 53. thursday nice but a cold front moving through friday. a high of 43 and now, a return to winter for the weekend. looks to be a mainly dry weekend with snow showers across the poconos. temperatures dropping below normal, 39-degrees and monday, partly sunny, the afternoon high 36. david murphey has the latest on "action news" at 4:30. >> tha you, cecily. the girl scouts of eastern pennsylvania had a specialfundr.
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volunteers in honor of the s'mores cookie. the bar served a smores cocktail. not sure what that would be but people seemed to enjoy it. people had chances to win prizes including a trip to las vegas. >> the leukemia society is gearing up for its red and white ball. on the invite list were high level sponsors and volunteers. the fourth annual red and white ball march 4th at the marriott in center city philadelphia. tickets are a a is a proud sponsor. the next movie in the "star wars" franchise isar away. it comes out in december and today disney released the title. "star wars," the last jedi on the heals of the force awakens.
11:24 pm
carrie fisher finished the film before her death and will be featured. >> we'll see all of the surprisurprises and snubs for te academacademy awards.
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♪ ♪ video just like that. or upload your photos like this. or this. or that. it's the only 750 meg internet available to millions, with uploads as instant as completely reinvented it,and introducing fios instant internet. internet the way it should be. >> sixers host the clippers tomorrow night. they'll be at a decided disadvantage. to see emdiid, you will not see him tomorrow.
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he averaged 22 points per game. sixers were with him in the lineup. he will miss the next three games dealing with a knee injury back on friday night. no emdiid, but the show must go on. >> it's about running and defense and getting the ball. you challenge them with rim protection and what joel provides us. the group around them has to perform at a lower level without joel. >> eagle news, they have hired mike groa as sever's coach. eagles have two more players headed to the pro bowl. they have been added as replacements. they'll join fletcher coxe to the team last month. the pro bowl this in orlando.
11:29 pm
>> the superbowl is two weeks away. falcon quarterback matt ryan from pennsylvania, 38 touchdown passes against seven interceptions. he played high school ball at penn charter. the people there were thrilled when he advanced to the big game. >> for me, i was with a close friend. i was emotional. couldn't have happened to a better kid. i cried. there were tears. he's a special kid. to see somebody who deserves all of the recognition now, i hope, and the accolades he's receiving is wonderful for me to see. >> still ahead here in sports, villanova at the top. we hear from the cats about the bulls eye that's been on the back all season long. ♪ ♪
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>> villanova is number one. the cats have retained their basketball poll. 19-1 cats visit marquette tomorrow night. being the number one team brought out the best in their opponents. that in turn helped nova. >> it's forced us to have a level of concentration -- i don't know if you could manufa yourself. ery time we play somebody, they are at another level. i think our guys are used to that now. they prepare knowing that's
11:34 pm
coming. everyday people are at their best. it pushes you to be your best. if you don't, you will be exposed. thanks, ducis. a new city center restaurant is opening up an industrious business model. the rooster soup company plans to give all profits to charity. the idea is that anyone can do a good job by eating out. they'll help provide meals and social service to the hungry it is open 8:00 to 8:00. jimm"jimmy kimmel live" next followed by "nightline." music mcmahan in the wilderness. "action news" continues at 4:30. for the entire "action news"
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team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, dennis quaid, comedian bill burr, jake byrd at the presidential inauguration and music from andrew mcmahon in the wilderness. and now here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: very kind. thank you. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. thanks be to god, god looked down and said, i am not going to
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allow it to rain on the audience lined up for this show. did it rain on you? [ audience: no ] >> jimmy: god has spoken given, it's amazing. we have a lot to get to tonight with the bachelor, football -- that's it, really. first, this was our first weekend with our new celebrity presiddisappoints? well, that was certainly not the case for president donald john madden trump this weekend. saturday trump paid a visit to the cia to make nice after repeatedly insulting them on twitter. he called it the central intelligence agency and compared them to nazis which is the kind of thing that upsets people. so in order to mend the fence, he made his first official visit as president. his first visit was to cia headquarters. he spoke in front of the wall of agency heroes. this is a memorial wall to the agents who gave their lives to this country. while he did take time to tell
11:37 pm
the agents in the room that they have his full support, most of his speech focused on all sorts of other stuff. he talked about tom brady, he talked about his uncle, he talked about how smart he is, he bragged about how many times he's been on the cover of "time" magazine, and mostly he complained about how the media is reporting the size of his crowd at the inauguration.hones million people. whatever it was, it was. it went all the way back to the washington monument. and i turn it on and by mistake i get this network. and it showed an empty field. and it said we drew 250,000 people. now that's not bad. but it's a lie. >> jimmy: he is so focused on size. nobody asked him about that, by the way, he brought it up. he's focused on the size of his crowds, the size of his ratings, the size of his hands, the size offing of. again, he's supposed to be there to make peace with the cia but he couldn't help himself. he had a crowd and he just
11:38 pm
started going. instead of the cia he should be talking to a c-i-ciatrist. prp. >> jimmy: thank you for applausing that stupid joke. i'm sure you saw this. a reporter from the "new york times" posted this photo comparing the crowd at his inauguration to the crowd at obama's in 2009. which it looks like a before ask after picture for rrogaine. who cares, he won the election. but he was so mad he made his press secretary this guy sean spicer, who hadn't even had his first press conference yet, he made him gather the press immediately on a saturday to yell at them. here's donald trump's press secretary sean spicer. [ yelling in foreign language ] >> jimmy: hold on, that's the wrong dictatorship. this is sean spicer. >> inaccurate numbers involving crowd size were also tweeted. no one had numbers. because the national park
11:39 pm
service, which controls the national mall, does not put any out. this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period. >> jimmy: no one had numbers, bunt it was the largest, period! that poor bastard doesn't even know where the coffee machine is yet, he's already having to yell at everybody. or not depends ou use to look at it. if you use the left eye, yeah, if you look at it through the right eye, still larger, still the same. so that was saturday. then yesterday trump's senior adviser kelly anne amway somehow managed to top it. >> it undermines the credibility of the entire white house press office on day one -- >> no, it doesn't, don't be so overly dramatic. you're saying it's a falsehood, and sean spicer our press secretary gave alternative facts. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: right, he wasn't
11:40 pm
lying, he gave alternative facts. it's like if you told a police officer, i wasn't speeding, i was just accelerating excessively. every week now we get a new phrase. not since consciously uncoupled have i heard something as conveniently skewed as alternative facts. i wish i'd known about alternative facts when i was in high school. i would have had straight as. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: speaking of high school. this is on the full in office. this is what trump tweeted. he wrote, i am honored to serve you. he spelled honored wrong. or maybe it's an alternative spelling, i don't know. alternative facts, i don't know about you, who came up with this? whoever did this congratulations. because can i get a camera over here from above? i'd like if you will allow me, i'd like to share some alternative facts about me. here we go. where do i look? all right. you know, at the olympics this summer, i beat usain bolt to win
11:41 pm
a gold medal in the 100 meter dash. i am the fastest mani have the it. it's truish. furthermore, i want you to know, every woman to whom i've ever made love has written me a letter of thanks. applauding not only my performance but also the magnitude of my manhood. which historians agree is the largest ever recorded. and finally, i would like to thank each of the 1.3 million people in this room tonight for helping the effort -- [ cheers and applause ] the largest talk show audience ever. thank you for believing in me and thank you for this. by the way, i got this for the seco sex, not the race. guillermo, from now on you're 6'3". >> guillermo: all right, i'm 6'3". >> jimmy: even fox news, where they typically defend even donald trump's least defensible moments would not allow team trump to get away with this
11:42 pm
crowd size. chris wallace giving to it trump's chief of staff. >> take a look at these pictures. >> that there's -- >> wait. take a look at those pictures. on the left you've got the obama inaugural crowd. on the right you've got the trump inaugural crowd. which one is bigger? >> listen. you're also not saying that that picture was taken before he was even speaking. you can -- >> i was there. i was there on the mall. >> i was there too. >> this is a ridiculous conversation. >> jimmy: yes, one of many ridiculous conversations we will be having over the next four years. and this was only the first weekend. so then sean spicer had to face the press today and he really had no excuse for what he said on saturday. to give him one we kindly slowed him down to half speed for our first-ever edition of "drunk sean spicer." [ tape playing slowly ]ork time
11:43 pm
print printed a fo -- a photograph - showing that a - misrepresentation of the crowd in the original tweet -- [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: meanwhile, in fairness, president trump tually did draw a huge crowd over the weekend. on saturday between 3 million and 5 million people, mostly women, gathered to support him. was that whadoing? [ laughter ] in new york, l.a., chicago, washington, d.c. but there were protests in all 50 states. in 32 countries. they say it was the biggest protest in american history. which can you man jimagine havi that many women get mad at you? [ laughter ] i get nervous when only one woman is mad at me. it had hands-down the funniest signs of any protest ever. here are some of my favorites, real signs. we shall overcomb. melania, blink twice if you want us to save you.
11:44 pm
usually not a sign guy but geez. this march is terrific, we have the best marches. i've seen smarter cabinets at ikea. trump skis in jeans. this sign isn't very good but neither is our president. he doesn't even have a dog. s simple but effective, i'm very upset. there are kids out there too i hope this kid made her own sign. read into it what you want. other children focused on issues personal to them. i love legos. i heart trains. the real win they are weekend bass the poster board industry, right? i mean, really. now on the opposite end of the female empowerment spectrum, tonight on abc we had a new episode of "the bachelor." it was episode 4. [ cheers and applause ] the women packed up their emotional baggage for a visit to nick's hometown in wisconsin.
11:45 pm
never has a group of women pretended to be more excited about to wisconsin, than tonight. nick ran into an ex-girlfriend. by ran into i mean the producers called his ex-gifriend. put a microphone on her. put her in the spot where he would be. so that was natural. the villain this season, i don't know if you've been watching, this woman corinne, 24 years old, she has a nanny at home. she's the worst person in the whole world. she's terrible. and the women are forming an alliance against her. but nick just keeps voting her in every week. there's a lot of tension as a result of that this week. things got so contentious this week, corinne couldn't even. >> i can't even. i literally can't even. >> jimmy: yeah, that's bad when you literally can't even. because up until then she'd figuratively been able to can't even. i have a feeling corinne's about one week away from going back to her nanny. but we'll see. maybe she'll be the one he picks to not marry, who knows. the matchup for super bowl li is
11:46 pm
set. it will be the atlanta falcons versus the new england patriots. [ cheers and applause ] that's tom brady, the quarterback for the patriots. seen here in a giant jacket. he will be making his seventh appearance in a super bowl, which is nice to finally see something good happen to tom brady. after the game, the owner of the patriots, robert kraft, addressed the hometown fans. this clip we did not slow down. this is sober robert kraft. >> for -- for a number of reasons, all of you in this stadium understand how big this win was. but we have to go to houston and -- win one -- >> robert, jonathan,
11:47 pm
congratulations. coach belichick, i'm going to hand this to you. >> jimmy: bill belichick was not amused. we have to take a break. when we come back we have something special. we sent our friend and number one super-fan jake byrd to washington, d.c. to file a special report from the inauguration. if you're not familiar with jake byrd, here he was at a trump rally in dallas in september of 2015. >> don't forget, i love these people back there. >> we love you, we love donald! we lov >> jimmy: jake byrd tackles the inauguration, right after the break. so stick around, we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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>> jimmy: hi, th welcome back. bill burr, music from andrew mcmahon and the wilderness on the way. first, as you know on friday we swore in a new president. anywhere from 250,000 to 250 million people were on hand to witness the inaugurated show on earth. one of those people was donald trump superfan jake byrd. ♪ >> daddy's home, america! daddy's home, ha ha ha! hey, make it look like my ding dong. make it look like my ding dong. >> i think donald trump is a smart leader. >> i think he's going to make america great again. >> they say donald trump doesn't support the lgbtgif, but he loves those lady dudes. half those expensive escorts he
11:53 pm
hired were part fella. >> amen. >> i think we're going to be sorely disappointed in what actually happens as a result of this election -- >> it's time to come together as a country, to move forward. forget about the past and move forward toward the st. to the time when women's reproductive rights were women's reproductive wrongs. sick people stayed sick. >> you got to just keep your hands of my body. you guys are so libertarian, you want to do whatever you want, you don't want any kind of government interference except you feel entitled to tell me what to do. >> yeah, yeah. >> it's definitely taking a 360 from a typical. >> and he's an amazing author. he writes big and kick-ass. chapter 7, one thing i love is food. last night i came out with the perfect way to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. put peanut butter on both sides of the bread. anyway, we've got to get rid of the mexicans. he's going to kick ass. >> want to buy a flag?
11:54 pm
>> trump stuff! trump stuff for sale! don't waste your money on official gear when you can get cut-rate unofficial gear right here! you're laughing but this is not a joke. if this was a joke i'd say, why is donald's sex life like his last name? they both end in "p" but it's not a joke. guys wan stuff? are you guys cops? you've got to tell me if you are. no celebrities look behind me. optimus prime! ♪ >> this is where forrest gump got aids from jenny. right there. right there. donald trump forever! whoo! yeah! we got to get his clothes off, people! where's waldo in here? >> the well-known bruce ngsteen
11:55 pm
not be playing gala after all. ♪ >> hello, new jersey! are we ready to show washington how we party new jersey style? ♪ sent him over toiet cong he had bone spurs no cong for don ♪ ♪ he came home to protect his land and kick out all the mexicans ♪ ♪ come on don in the usa ♪ don in the usa ♪ >> how is it to be here? >> wonderful, we have a president who's not afraid to say the things that the voices in my head scream. foreign pres? nato, thank you!
11:56 pm
finally some non-fake news. non-fake news! usa! let me tell you something. the guy who fired sinbad is about to have his hand on the lincoln bible. america's already great again! okay, it's all starting to happen, the crowds are filing in. let's find a place where we can get really, really close to people.♪ ♪ ♪ by like later ton today >> the 45th president of the united states of america, donald j. trump. >> it's all happening, it's really happening! it's the purge! kiss, kiss, kiss! so close. five bucks to give charles in charge a shout-out.
11:57 pm
>> the united states of america is your country. >> and russia's also your country! now we also get russia, it's a >> we share one heart, one home. >> i shared one heart with my brother in the womb but i ended up eating him. >> america first, america firs >> we will shine. for everyone to follow. >> the shining! her we will make america strong it's going to get it! >> we will make america safe again. >> yes, together, we y it! america great again! >> yeah! >> god bless america. >> the greatest day of my life!
11:58 pm
the greatest day of my life! we have a daddy president! we have a daddy, s home! daddy's home! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's very sweet. thank you, jake. how nice. >> trump stuff, trump stuff! >> jimmy: we have a new show tonight. >>stuff! >> jimmy: be right back with dennis quaid, so [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by gsn. the game show network. united they win, divided they can lose it all.
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looks like we're still a man short. not anymore. gus! the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. let's hit the ice. whoaaa! take the shot! (buzzer) that shot was one in a million. so's this. all the money millionaire edition, new from the pennsylvania lottery. with five top prizes of a million bucks. it's a real game changer. (giggles) keep on scratchin'
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>> jimmy: hi there, welcome back. tonight, a very funny guy, this is one of the funniest men currently alive right now. he has a new comedy special for netflix called "walk your way out," bill burr is here. then, after bill, this is his forthcoming album titled "zombies on broadway," music
12:04 am
from andrew mcmahon in the wilderness. tomorrow night, we have a good show. matthew mcconaughey and milla jovovich will be here with music from the americanos and later this week martin short, samuel l. jackson, edgar ramirez, jason momoa and music from lady antebellum and kehlani. please join us for all that. in his long and storied career, our first guest has survived great white sharks, space travel, lindsay lohan, you name it. his new movie "a dog's purpose." >> that can't be him. is that him? it is him! it's him! yes! yes, it's him! >> hey, hey, hey! >> it's me! bailey bailey bailey! doodle dog! after all these lives i'd
12:05 am
actually found him, i'd found ethan. >> jimmy: a dog's purpose" opens friday. please welcome dennis quaid! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: how you been? >> hey. >> jimmy: you know what? i don't think of you as an ethan. i don't think i could ever think of you as an ethan. >> really? it's my middle name. >> jimmy: is it really? >> no. >> jimmy: okay. [ laughter ] what is "a dog's purpose"? it's to hump legs, right? >> that is one of the -- yes. a very important purpose, i guess, with your dog. but yeah, i think it's about a dog's purpose is to show us what the -- how beautiful it is to be alive. >> jimmy: oh, that is a good purpose. >> right here and now. >> jimmy: you've ruined the ending of the film, but yes. it's a good purpose. i want to ask you about
12:06 am
something. i've been wanting to talk to you about this for quite a while now. >> yes. >> jimmy: how long -- there was a video -- >> me too, you.


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