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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  January 24, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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all day here in beach haven waiting for another high tide. the bay side is flooded for much of the day along with the streets and the nor'easter did terrible damage to the dunes on the island. if you were coming on to lbi you may have done betner a boat. this is 9th street in ship bottom and this and many other streets were covered in water. >> it's messed up like driving through feet of water, it's salt and ruining them. >> the remnants of the nor'easter dumped rain in the area all day. and the water never completely drained. >> the water has nowhere to go. it's high in the bay and coming of the bulk head in the bay and the water has nowhere to drain. >> it tore slew the newly replenished beaches. the storm claimed over hundred feet of beach and 75 cubic yards of sand. >> we'll bring it in and make it
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safe for the public. pler's pharmacy they found flood water in the store but quickly recovered. the pharmacy had to be gutted r sandy hit but they thought ahead. >> the guys that did the floor pitched it so the water runs out and it worked. the water came in three feet and ran back out. >> on next in ortely beach, the dune that here disappeared. chewed away by waves all the way back to the boardwalk. every time we have a nor'easter it happens and we go and reneckish the dune since tim. >> the damage is ortely is expected to cost the town as much as $1 million just to replace the sand there. you are looking at the barnegat bay and the miss beach haven fishing boat bobbing in the you saw what this did in holgate i checked farther north
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and the des held upbuttely. the southern tip in holgate is ys a trouble spot. i'm nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." >> a lit of encouraging news there. now damage to two homes in newport newcastle county are so bad the buildings are condemned. a large tree fell late last night hitting both of them and the destruction is in the back of the houses in forest brooklyn neighborhood. the action cam was in newcastle address first responders helped drivers to safety and two cars became stranded on airport road near the sheridan hotel. they said they drove around signs warning about the high water. a mess as you can see the storm is out of here now and this is largely a gray day as we get a check of the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist, adam joseph now at the big board. >> the low pressure is now south
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of long island the nor'easter take on a spin around and take time. it's severely wound up with the heavy rains and it slowly migrating to the north and east. some of oaraped by the last few bans of the nor'easter with aouple of showers pulling in from ocean county and burlington county and trenton and mercer county still a couple of showers here but this will continue to pull to the north and east as we go through the evening and overnight hours. still breezy but not windy as it was yesterday. the winds overnight will also start to backoff tomorrow we'll see a calm wind around here. temperatures stay in the lower 40s between 7:00 andnd the clouds holding strong and temperatures back to 35 degrees by tomorrow morning. we'll talk about bright sunshine returning for the first t in over two weeks before more showers come in but we are still
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talking about march warmth and here and we'll have the details in the full accuweather forecast forecast. >> storm tracker has your forecast on our website at republican to follow along as each of our meteorologist post the latest to the facebook and twitter pages. one day before he is set to begin a ten-year prison term convicted congressman, chaka fattah is speaking only to "action news." is he expected to sounder at a pennsylvania prison tomorrow following his june conviction of racketeering charges. the jury found he took an illegal loan and used government and charity money to pay it back. the democrat lost his bid to stay out of prison while he appeals. we asked the once powerful pol significance how it came to this. >> as far as i'm concerned it has not come to anything.
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we say that these alligations are not substantiated in the evidence and in fact most people would agree there is no evidence actually of me doing anything >> a jury clearly disagreed with that, fattah tells us he is confident he will vindicated on appeal. vernon odom will have more coming up tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. a deadly police involved shooting is underinvestigation in a quiet wilmington neighborhood. ofrtss were responded to a call when amenly unstable man came to the door with a gun and eventually pointed it at them. "action news" reporter john rawlins is live near the scene on wth street with the new information about this case. >> hi john. >> hi sharrie, this started at nd police were alerted that t a distraught man behind me and the police arrived and found the man and he was police were call to east 13th
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street and bruce veteran force shot him and he later died. residents say they believe that altonburger was living in cquaintance of the house's owner who lives elsewhere. when contacted by phone the owner immediately hung up. this comes in the wake of a violent new year in wilmington. there are six other homicides and nine other shootings sin january 1st prompting the new mayor to step up police patrols. in announcing that the mayor says what is happening would border on the unbelievable if not so real disturbing and disappointing and unacceptable. >> going back to last night's incident. neighbors that knew him are saddened and perplexed and
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volunteered he was a pleasant up beat guy. nobody is able to say what distressed him so much last night. >> thank you. a 36-year-old father shot while delivering pizza is fow out of the hospital. keith fredericks dropped the pies he was carrying when a gunman ambushed him last night and police believe the suspect planned by this placing a fake order from an abandoned philadelphia house. today frederick spoke about being shot while trying to do his job. coming up at 5:00. a busy day for president trump who kicked off his day by meeting with leaders in the auto industry. president trump says the push is to bring jobs back to the u.s. and top t long term. >> we are bringing manufacturing back to the united states big league and reducing taxes substantially and unreducing
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unnecessarily regulations, we want regulations but real regulations that mean something. >> from there he signed two executivegencies approving two controversial oil pipelines think the keystone and thexl. that clears the construction to continue and likely spark protest over the issue and there are many in the past and w that trump asked fbi director to sta e j andhe appto 10 year termsintended to carry across administrations, comey who was widely criticized for the handling of hillary emails is i his fourth year on the job. and one that has a lot talking a media blackout at the epa and temporary suspension of all new activity and a ban on press releases and blog updatesial media accounts this comes on the heels of the national park service briefly
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banned from using its twitter account. ordered by the white house after the park service tweetd this picture showing a smaller crowd gathering for trump compared to obama's eight years ago. >> thank you. still ahead tonight at 4:00 gone without a a mom with her two young sons disappeared and an odd series of events is take can place. >> the oscar nominations have been announced. see who has connections to our area.
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of snow. >> a desperate search is happening for a virginia beach won and her children. family members last spoke to her saturday night before a blind date and early sunday morning a fire severely damaged her h and firefighters fououse to be empty with no sign of her or her 7-year-old son or baby girl. >> i try to focus positives right? but i am realistic as well. with every hour that passes what is more time that has gone by. >> now police believe that someone drove lamping's jeep cherokee disappeared. and it appears that flint, michigan's water viceis is over. 100,000 residents were dealing with that since 2013. officials say the levels are
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comparable to other u.s. cities but raegds ss ss residents are urged to use filters. >> serving as a juror is a vital part of democracy in this country but philadelphia leaders say that participation is so lowthey are taking steps inhings ar members of the court say that 42% of residents do not responsiblhe initial jury summons with maps they illustrated which neighborhoods have the least cooperation and today they announced the juror participation initiative committee members will try to figure out the underlying reasons why so many don't participate i jury service. >> it's also important part of the constitution we are held a juror of our peers. but this only happens in our peers show up. >> they hope to educate and
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encourage citizens. the stage is now set for hollywood's biggest night with an announcement of the nominees on good morning mesh. >> leading the pa lala land danced away with including best pic lead actor ryan gosling and leadss, emma and the 32-year-old recalled his days as a nursery school students here in haverford when he screened the film f the home crowd at the festival in october. cool stuff. and among them 14 nominations for local song writer anddmore native and they were nominated for two different the ring nal song category including city of his very exuberant mom pop "action news" today and i'll have that interview coming up today at 5:00 and here is that list of the nine nominees for best picture.
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lala land is one of them. and this 89th ac add my awards is diverse. catch the oscars live february 26th here on 6 abc. and coming up at ben's mom says she is his plus one for the big show and she is telling us what she will swear or not wear. >> a local connection. awesome. time fow for a check of the "action news" forecast. lets check in with adam joseph standing by with the forecast. still green on the radar now? >> especially east of philadelphia on the coastline ocean county and monmouth county and mercer county some rain drops falling with the pinwheel of moisture around the nor'easter weakening and moving away from long island and we are still caught in the cloud cover,ster county and look at this dreary picture, sky 6 hd over
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the ben franklin bridge, and if you are questioning yourself to say, hasn a dreary month? esterday iitting at home and looked up the statistics 24 days so far this month. 16 of those days full cloud cover out of 24 only one day did we have bright sunshine around here. the other seven days was kind of partly cloudy days and the last day we tunshine was back on january 8th and it w degrees with 30 miles per hour winds that is when we had the arctic air. but guess what? tomorrow we combine theine with the warmth and it's going to come back. as we look now winds from the northwest. 43 philadelphia and 4-in wi 43 in millville. and the pinwheel the southern parts of new england and that die rare coming up the i-95 corridor late tonight and gradlearing a temperatures below fre north and west and 35
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philadelphia and 36 in dover brisk we wake up tomorrow with future tracker 6 high cloudsund but for the move part sunshine taking control. savor this. 3:00 tomorrow afternoon you barely see a cloud out there, so sunshine, the dominant feature midweek on your wednesday, and we'll have march warmth aro here and in philadelphia and 54 in millville and 55 in dover and the lehigh valley. and the four day at 4:00 forecast, the pick of thewith the sunshine and a high of then a morning shower on thursday with a cold front returning sun in the afternoon and very windy thursday afternoon, but mild at 57 degrees, finally the cold air starts to pull back in and brisk and colder and sun and clouds and 43 and saturday sunshine and a few clouds with temperatures a little below normal of 39 degrees. so get out and savor tomorrow the first time since january 8th sunshine dominating the sky.
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>> we'll take that. thanks. all right time now for a check of the traffic report on a tuesday. >> tuesday yes. gina is in for matt pellman. how are weff with a major problem on the vine street expressway here is a live look at the westbound side approaching broad we have that right lane taken out because of an accident and police on the scene and penndot on the scene and a tow truck as well. this is a major could see spillove5 and 76, a majorem and y see that eastbound traffic is heavy and here is another vantage point of the accidents think you sue how it's blocking the right lane if you try to commute westbound this is in your way again out there broad street blocking the right lane, a slow go in both directions. here is a live look at the big picture to show you the speeds across the region 95 an accident northbound past academy road partially blocking the left lane. but on thes happening there that is why we have such slow speeds and
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schuylkill expressway 18 miles per hour and on the blue route, nice and clear. lets talk about what is happening in lower merion a downed tree and that is blocking rose glen road between youngsford road and old creek road. take mill creek as an alternate to get around that. and pottstown earlier construction that happened because of an accident on monday morning a tractor trailer hit the guardrail, between arm and hammer boulevard and san together agive yourself more time. >> thank you. still ahead at 4:00, three employees forced to hit the floor while a robber demanded cash. >> plus the remarkable moment more than 5 months i the making, a philadelphia lieute cleared to go home. we have details on his recould having coming up. and sitting on your front stoop is a right of passage in most neighborhoods, but we'll
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tell you about one neighborhood they are charging people to sit on their own front stoop. we'll tell you where in big talkers.
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septa police tell "action news" they arrested a man in connection with the a murder. they handed him over to philadelphia police. an intruder broke into a home on east chestnut hille and allegedly force aid woman inside to perform a sexual act a point. at one time he set the gun down police say and investigators say the woman grabbed it and tried to shoot him but it didn't fire "action news" is told that the person in custody has not yet been charged. >> city inspectors are looking at the structural damage in winfield heights, the flames broke out in the chung hinge chinese restaurant. fire was showing through the roof at 1:00 a.m. nobody was injured in this. a violent robber convince employees he had a gun and forced them to the ground in a
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rite-aid on west oak lane. the man wandered the aisles and found his way to the back office and once inside he made the workers lay on the grown and hand him bundles of cash and can't police if you know anything about this crime. septa is talking about its plans for the future including the full rollout of a new reloadable card limb fighting the need for cash. and there wil trolley routes and maintenance facility. if you would like to on the budget there is an open house. and students are cng to design their own cars the build it better challm to create a self propel said vehicle and the final products areged onng skills and the budge. the 20 students taking part are ning how tompany and being prepped for g jobs in trenton. >> still to come a philadelphia
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sheriff's deputy is nearly killed in an elevator accident and is sharing his story with n news." and getting into shape without the gym. >> i'm nydia han, looking to get fit and keep the new year's resolution, consumer reports names the best treadmills and lip ticcals for your home in what's the deal.
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"action news" continue with adam joseph alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff.
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it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with a study anyone eing called the wrong name by their loved one willsee. and a sign of a storm. the nor'easter may have moved out but left behind an unexpected obstruction in center city. and stooping to a new low, whyhomeowners in brooklyn are told if they want to sit on their own front steps they have to pay for that privilege and the price isn't cheap. >> we begin here at 4:30 a story of survival against all odds, this is video of sheriffs deputy paul owens being wheeled out after a fre elevator accident. this isday. he is not just ready to go home but ready to talk about his road to recovery. walter perez is live now from the scene of that horrifying accidents with the story. >> reporter: when that elevator crashed through the 15th floor.
4:29 pm
the cjc last august many fears that paul owens would not survive but after many weeks of surgeries and rehabilitation he is now home. >> one of the best days of my life to see the recovery. >> he is referring to lieutenant owens released earlier today from the hospital. >> i am happy to go home and want to spend time with my family. >> it was six months ago when owens was nearly killed while riding an elevator that crashed. officials say he has facultied but remains baralized from the west down and owens believes he will walk again sometime but now he is fighting the good fight. >> just trying to get back to regular life. it's hard but you know it's part of the process. a long way to go but i got this far. >> no word why the elevator ros out of control before plowing
4:30 pm
through the cjc's 15th floor with owens inside. the elevators remain out of service and he has lingering concerns about the elevators inside of the justice center. >> i said this from the very beginning my goal is to make sure the sheriff's office and the office and public is safe. those elevators were not safe and that is the reason why the incident happened. >> reporter: so once again the action continues with few answers at this time. meanwhile the owens family filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the city and the elevator company. back to you guys. >> good to see him h walter thank you. philadelphia police are looking for two gunmen looking to rob a computer store in center city. it shows them walking into the university miko center and one demanded money from the owner
4:31 pm
and the other forced a customer to the back of the store after grabbing $1600 ain safe. the robbers left without hurting anyone. if you havtion on crime police can't southeast detectives. and police have identified a man killed in the nor'easter yesterday. thomas carr lost control on powder mill yesterday and police believe he hit a large pool of water and hydroplaned and collided with a truck, the other driver was not seriously hurt. >> in delaware we know the name of a woman injured during the storm. she was badly hurt. doctors say she is in critical condition she was in her yard when a tree fell into her yard in hockessin on walen drive. she suffered injuries to her chest and legs and was taken to the trauma center at christiana
4:32 pm
hospital. commuters traveling through part of center city philadelphia, had to contend with an on usual storm related traffic situatk out this video. that is actually a banner that blew off the side of the community college of philadelphia. the giant sign was blocking some driver's views, police had to shut down the street and the portion of the sign hanging into the street was taken down by crews and that was reopen at 10:30 today. the nor'easter is leaving its mark here at the shore and new england. we have the beach erosion and that storm wining up and moving on out. as we look at the improving accuweather forecast. low pressure near long island that continues to spin its heels in new england. a couple of showers east of philadelphia and a few to the
4:33 pm
north in chester and montgomery county and other than these few light rain drops we'll clear out overnight. a sliver of hope along the horizon the glow in thkyak or two in that cloud cover 43 degrees and the air temperature. reating a windchill of 35. and up in the poconos it's dreary and skis conditions not that great this past weekend with icing and not many folks are waiting in line to head up the slopes winds there out of the northwest at 17 why the windchill of 21. we'll talk about the best day of the seven day coming in for tomorrow as well as the bigger warm-up on thursday and then a little more rain and a return to winter as we head towards the weekend coming up in the seven day. >> adam thank you. >> well 15 new jersey veterans were honored for their service today. brigadier general michael contive handed out the medal to
4:34 pm
the veterans or next of kin. the highest military honor was awarred teranr the state include camden and mercer counties. this is the start of the two day outreach effort in lawrenceville at the quaker bridge mall. baby monitors are getting more and more high tech but all the bells and whistles may not be the best thing for parents. monica malpass joins us now with more. >> you'll try any gadgets righ who doesn't want t latest technology for their child? but the newest baby monitors on the marketo more harm that goose they do not liver on the promises on the packaging. coming up ton check and new at 5:00 the restoration process is underway for thise i with the hop bringing tour of thes back to the 1500's tonight on "action news" at 5:00.
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>> thank you monica. it is now easier for some local high school students to get a jump start on a college it' tha new dream signed in newtown, hool students from three buck county tech schools to earn credit from bucks commy college, complete a degree there they can tran transfer to fin irtheir bachelors degree. the studented spent three days collecting spare change and they had they presented the grand total of $828 to the travis manon foundation named after a la salle high school graduate who died trying to save other wounded marines in iraq and today's donation will help the foundation help veterans and their loved ones. and stoop shock, why a group of brooklyn homeowners are told they have to pay $1,000 a year to sit on their own front steps.
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>> and if you have given up on your new years resolution to get fit you can still do so at home. >> sharrie looked at me during that by the way. and sleep and the single man, can you guess how many often the unattached male washes his sheets. the answer you may wish you didn't know straight ahead. >> and meteorologist, adam joseph is back with the full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 continues next.
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a murder victim's grief family caused chaos in a massachusetts courtroom. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> well police held a man down after he went after his sister's accused killer. started just as suspect stoney ventura was brought in for his arraign many. police say he killed his 32-year-old girlfriend inside of their home. the victim's mother was so
4:39 pm
overelmed by the chaos, she had to be treated by paramedics. >> we are learning about a huge stash of cash found by federal agents near boston. this is $2 million found stuffed in the bottom of a mattress. linked to a massive pyramid scheme and they believe they are proceeds from the money laundering operation and a 20-year-old brazilian man is charged in connection with the case. and we turn to a musical instrument stuffed down a man's pants this is surveillance video shoving a $1700 guitar into his trousers and the shoplifter was abe to conceal the electric sun burst fender under his clothes and walk out with it. this guy is still on the run today. >> ha, ha, ha. okay. >> popular to contrary belief
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multitasking doesn't always save time and causes more trouble than you think. it will probably take more time to finish one or more projects with multitasking than to do each separately and we make more mistakes switching between tasks researches at the university of california say that the mistakes could have long lasting emotional affects as well hurting yourself esteem or triggering depression. if someone mixed your name with someone else don't feel bad. it's because the way the brain categorizes them. family members and loved ones are all in the same folder mixup happens when they pick the wrong name from the folder and you get called by the siblings name or a family pet. >> send that memo to my dad and
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big talkers now. sitting on the stoop say neighborhood tradition, a place to catch up and chat. but in one neighborhood in brooklyn new york some folks are being told if they want to sit on their stoop they have to pay for thee, a stoop cker $1,000 just to sit on the steps leading up to their homes their ownmes, this is the case for three dozen homeowners in the swanky neighborhood. the homes are worth about $2.5 million but the contract they signed included some type of illegal side deal and the developer and the city. a manhattan court soup judge ruled on the issue and sided with the city and now it's up to the homeowner to appeal the city's rule or sue the developer or not sit on stoop. >> and now a question you may not want answer to.
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how frequently does a single man change his bed sheets? >> never. >> lets start with the recommendation, you should wash your sheets at least once a week. a survey of single men conducted found that nearly half 49% only wash their sheets four times a year. quarterly. and they rarely change the pillowcases they think the sheets are accept -- a place we lay our head at the end of the day. and not to brag women did better with respondents saying they wash their sheets once a week. those are probably the moms. >> i feelneed to defend my gender here but that is indefensible. >> lets get a check of the roads right now. gina is live in the traffic ent ser with the update.
4:43 pm
>> better news as well if you head on to the vine street expressway, that earlier crash we had on the westbound side has since cleared and we are now seeing delays approaching 76 on the westbound side. and eastbound looking good moving along. we are not in the clear just yet and jammed on the eastbound side from broad to 95. lets get you a live look at the big picture, slow speeds northbound 95 in the northeast, an earlier crash out there i'll show you that in a sec and the vine street expressway speeds better, 23 miles per hour and traveling out right now on 76 we are seeing delays as well and don't forget if you travel out into university city an accident at 32nd and market. here are the remnantses blocking the left lane at the northbound side of academy, we have debris on the roadway, but we are dealing with normal travel time. 26 minutes vine to woodhaven, that is typical in rush hour. south moving along quite nicely.
4:44 pm
i want to dry your attention to lowern where we havewned trees and downedwires, this is rose glen road near mill creek road and expect delays in that area but mill creek is the best alternate to get around that. >> gina thank you. >> still ahead theccuweather forecast. >> stepping outside for a live look at sky 6 hd cape may new jersey. >> more of that to come tomorrow. adam joseph standing by with the details coming up next.
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ologist, adam joseph s has welcome ntomorrow. >> it's going to burn your eyes you step out and go what is that? in the sky? the full sunshine making a return in over two and a half weeks as we take a look stormtracker 6 live double scan we have a few spitting showers here and there north of philadelphia and a band of steadier showers east of the city scraping the coastline north to seaside that to mercer county near trenton and pivoting southern parts of buck county and scattered showers as medford
4:47 pm
laked as well address glassboro and a shower or two in the region and this is the last couple of bands wrapping around the nor'easter as it heads east of new england and into the north atlantic. right now temperatures in the lower 40s in the area similar numbers with the cloud cover and winds in the northeasterly direction. it continues its the north and east and northern new england and western new york state dealing with frozen precipitation right now and even there it is scattered as we start to unwind this nor'easter tonight it's gradual clearing and not until later tonight that we break into good star gazing there with brisk and chilly skies and 30 in the suburbs and 35 for center city and winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. take a look at this midweek planner for wednesday. a lot of sun, that definitely puts a smile on folks faces and look at the temperatures they
4:48 pm
go well foo the mid-50s here during the middle of the afternoon and staying near 50 degrees well after the sunsets. and it's all because of the wind and a wedge of dry air in between systems as nor'easter races away and the sun returns a warmth and that low heads into new england and of canada on thursday i a cold front through here and morning clouds and showers on thursday, probably until lunch time and then returning sun if the afternoon but behind the front winds gust to 30 miles per hour on thursday despite temperatures very warm in fact going back to 57 degrees before the end of the week. the exclusive accuweather couple of days and tomorrow is the mostly sunny day and the first part of thursday and returning sun in the afternoon and strong winds and the winds still y in fact we wake up on friday windchills will be back into the mid-20s so a feeling of winter
4:49 pm
by the end of the week a high temperature of 43 friday afternoon withlouds with that colder air coming in and saturday sunshine and a few clouds, u 30s okay on sunday partly sunny and 40 degrees and monday and tuesday it is dry and again ith the sunshine and temperatures below normal into the upper 30s, no harsh arctic air coming in as we out january going into the beginning of february.righ enjoy >> soak it all in. >> the best equipment f your home gym coming newspe deal.
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than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. if you have already given up on your new years resolution to hit the gym. you can still get in shape by working out at home. here is nydia han with some help. >> consumer reports just tested treadmills and ellipticals and has money saving advice. the latesteveals good news. >> you don't need all the bells
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and whistles you can we found you can get a good workout on machines that costs around $1,000. testers measure each one. >> we created devices that measure the machine and compare it toth percent i'll male and 5 and percent i'll le. this is good choice well made and easy to use and a good fit for most people. when it comes to treadmills a sturdy frame and good construction is a must have for runners we look at the machine to make sure if there are people at different fitness levels it works from the beginner to the advanced person. they like the down version of this for $2300. if you are not concerned with downhill running and walking this x 53 is halfnd large buttons and display makes it easy to use and good option
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for runners or walkers. no matter you bs a good idea to try it out in the e sure it is right for you. the treadmill folds up to save space and consumer reports says measure before you buy your machine to make sure you have enough room. most are 77 inches long and ellipticals are 6 foot long 2.5 inches wide. you'll be 88 vatelevated so make sure you have clearance above too. >> that does it for "action news" at 4:30. now here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look ahead at 5:00. >> coming up next at 5:00 an "action news" exclusion of. chaka fattah asserts his innocence on the eve of his
4:54 pm
sounder in federaler he was convicted onacketeering charges. a pizza delivery driver and father of eight speaks out after he was ambushed by an armed robber in philadelphia. and the search everyone wants to put on every hotel room in atlantic city with the hopes of saving d jobs. those stories and moreing up "action news" at 5:00. where things come from?
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how they get here? what they're packed in? it's a lot of stuff. and these things add up. that's why we recycle. [vo:]it's nice to know that raymour and flanigan is proud to be a leading recycler- 17 million pounds of recyclable materials every year. turned from trash into treasure. so in the future we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪♪
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. i sufficient evidence for each and everyone of these charges. >> you did nothing wrong? >> each and everyone. >> only on "action news" former congressman chaka fattah speaks out less than 24 sounder at a pennsylvania prison. tonight the big story is chaka fattah's assertion he is innocent. >> first he talked exclusively with our reporter vernon odom. he is live in our satellite center with more. >> reporter: good evening to you mrick. chaka fattah continues to be
4:57 pm
outwardly smiling and up beat just hours before he has to report to a pennsylvania penitentiary in phe sthe a broker h stat g yn senltiple convictions some would say he was up bea just ever. >> hes his charges will be overturned by aar appeals. >> there will be people that attack you and you have to be 100% right all the time. >> fattah continues to talk of y andow h be remembe the work i research and housi iaordinary and helps tens of millions of people. >> fattahnues to refuse to
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