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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  January 25, 2017 6:30pm-6:55pm EST

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marylghere firstime ers aemmonger c.omme sing hall?fo.rsedthe warom we d gnexicans.. ho y at. yre be in a form, perhapteform hadorsta wou i plyeah. wn to therders t oegmigran in this tun p esidenwill hel si t? abc's livethe el fr r thataddillent-calpatrol agent, back c back its borders. r epto pay fo spect waonru p o haveharged with a crime evvet, the criminals and the and gangs ande day is over when they can tonineyo uls adve cia v whit anit, late p t plann thatr after e in ew usfirestorm this week congrs were inved to the e the popular voteary s oubcanvotes.ea rseven s nodent wordsen there is ill >> wn millions ovotes, is something thaxtremely fundamental unctioning democracy.ree election. >> sure. >> you s you're going to start an has e ae reports. >> ialked to the he s why did he write the report? he said no >> he theport? he is to hd an mission inve a none of the votes cast of theme tollr th they o come to oo youregistered illegal. in two states.ome cases, maybe three
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states. we have a lot to look let's >> l to jon who was with us at the white trump saying he has launched an investigation. >> reporter: in fact i spoke ministratias mem theom commence theitould invtigation into the voter e peopld lon ago in multiple states.ould be a biguld like to new r that the a soboutthat r whate durat ha wh hanoboie hy about m concg pompeo w gsah peoplece "d" thesident. i don't wanpe f e ci or an middle east're chri mu the alo're not hillhey do wan d jon, heard president trumre saying h a d twoture gs i kedan te says isage.tat rulchhigise o or mattakadrice. sre walked e asked sayre thanon who marched in protest o this country.whate would say to th chiren whoakesrecomphi interview.10:0he meantime, t reakin. 20,068,sh a s die da n the taxes,e speninld borir li amicanco a of push . herat ttreladl mes wot eingre tmeth wtherou in bu b-e.dison, ite hong h umphwa ing a who c smiorleou g [ laht >> reporr: as mhards, baxter" you haven't
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met m ted baxt. 'mha i w te etim togethason i edswerisiness he decreak ed for t>> in s himse sh s for that smile never she will ben orld newumcountr ywe wherendookt vlelrw om.was mabeforeisriu.tmf ul ve al oig tust unts and higur you while taking xeljanz and monitor certain liver teor if you were in a region wheand if you have had tb, s b or c even without methotrlay ♪. equity tradesr than td ameritrade ab, and e-trade,test investing idea whainvest isn'u worst coli better take somethinels don't treat your runny nose. seriously?cough rst cold symptoms p toass on easrythincer,know. w on met haaring... one feeood outhere. w nd silue heretiecher' faking prost treatments. he s th fis ek and suddenly cured.rt-war mi moment, before the heaepbreater: stud staff at this texas middle school rallng last week, afteol ost cancer.000 toriven giow rai e ca nc 't sound right. >> reporter: s ch oo rker in we vpersoncredit bills, stealing nearly $7,000. he has broken a
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brd. to k stenone do thter: david, the school a get those online donations reimbursed. p us tonight. thank ed t sta home, and thwarning. >>t sinkhole op conc calli u shinro reateqotremela's presc nitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic have a histor uici or if these feelings develop.e ta si may inc y tractinfectand y're ing to be.yourma re mit r exerts 00k is just pocket chancloser to yourhearh ou, tweet?t, mu want when pe that's $200 viit'sx:e uganh calouday. sorful hour cough relief, s bryaw the p go on hikes, nderthat dog chow leadgh q and dog chow in davenport, iowa. mghve hollowing. t itet work huta fcehe alth officialscasenttrec for say it was probably a meteor breaking up in the atmosphere. ier. cliff in front ofil it was too late. he in thesnow walking oute. he e, turns o moment? actress in her own words when we come back. it'll get better. i'm at the edward jones office like sue suggested.
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om her rethe freezing minneapolis weather. the scene parodied by the simpsons. among so many others. even oprah. but no one could do it like her. mary tyler moore once saying that one simple gesture said evneity and joy. mary moore he didn't she0>>s? it's n't be llbo hank true re toniyou for o trump the white house interview tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. our sitdownareantecteboro, north carolina... west newton, massachusetts... ..
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and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" --[ cheers and applause ]thank is.most20
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