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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 26, 2017 2:40am-3:55am EST

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n? i pranking >> you saw theno, ave anen>> but this could go realbe islebag. >> y therater >> thatishotyouert n to meeime!ease!pleas rorank. > >> hthis --e, but as u be r chicking prank each other. it's already had tds h? turn arl. has a ton omore. or wll see hroom of the t i could tmost everything. you knos could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. you h the mess. the kids h it's a swiffer wetjet. i can justnd the comes from my floor disgusting. over! you want frien (coughs) cough does take mucinex d i'll text you in 4 hrns. lasli 4 hours. but just one mucinexsts 12 hours. let's end this.
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this whoa. that's not going to responding to sevel cart w sliding you can seemp aroun co reported injuries. take it slow out there. >> unbelievable the timing that there were no cars in the way when that happened. >> yes absolutely. a massive sinkhole is threatening a n outside of philadsome families forced to thei it's swallowed a pickup truck as you can see and out a water main. crews are p co gro bunes before the caused this. today is national dabrat. wams afilliams of the bec the oldest t women's major final. 36.3 years, thest it. >> then it was serena's turn. shnt opponent in just 350 minutes. saturday's final will be the faced each other in a final. serena has won six of those
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meetings so far. venus is like, well, just wait. >> venus is so pumped. so happy for her. and american airlines back here at home ditching those seatback video 130 new boeing 737s. they say 90% of the passengers bring their ownrd nowadays which means american says they do a better job than the airline's individual screens do. >> what about all the don't think about watching till i go through the menu on nomar.mas. t d it's a rough fe. coming up what's towering the air and costsmill took a lit field trip top find out how ther people live. and by other people i mean the theye into our adventures with this barb vo star coming up. s) that cough doesn'tll i think you s easy booger man. take mucinex dm. it'll take care of your co fine! i'll text you in 4 hours when your cough returns. one pill lasts 12 hours, so... looks like i'm good all night! ah! david, please, listen.. not fair you guys! waffles are my favorite! ah! some cough medicines only last 4 hours. but just one mucinex
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♪ >> so bravo's fredrik eklund is used to selling homes for tens of mil he knows a high roller when he sees one. >> yet, somehow he allowed me through the front door. >> hi this is fredrik eklund from million dollar lifrtsing from new york. >> he's the fast talking >> i'm going to get $5 million for. >> face or make that faceso's million dollar listing" fredrik ecklund he can will you understand comes face
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to face with his biggest client yet. who can't make it so i'm here instead. >> hello, hi i'm fredrik ecklund. are you ready to be blown away? >> oh. >> this top big app have no words. i was juststarstruck. >> and the apartment is amazing. >> makes him one of the hottest new high-rise apartments on the market. >> you see all the way to sweden basicaee to your hope country from >> yes. >> we are more than 507 stories above manhattan's flat iron district in a massive pad with wrap around unobstructed new york city views. >> the apartment is $20 million. it's a full floor, 4 bedroom, 4 1/2 bathrooms and views to die for the sky like he do clients. >> when first met ke >> when i first met ken. >> dis. >> i thought he looked like he wasmoney.e kitchen with top of the line appliances countertops views -- >> it is like a palace kitchen.
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you stand here youe doing dishes because you have multiple dis why no you're doing the dishes and king out and like bam, look at that view seeld trade center from the >> reporter: to the study with view lady. >> you can see the statue of rty. there's the party readybuilt-in surround sound the best part. >> yeah. >> arguably where the magic happens. the master. and i'm talking the master the master of the university master. th way. thirenorth, outh suite attac most spectacular bathrooms of new york. oh my that. >> this does i'm at home. >> did i mention the place partyready? check out the shower. >> so guys come on let's try. the whole crew. i want to see everybody. so one, two, three. can we get the camera man in here, too. come on come on. >> wow, this is instain. >> fits our crew of eight with plenty of room for many moore. beyond the apartment, the building comes with five floors of amenities.
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and with new york apartment prices soaring, it's pretty much a steal. >> why is this only $21 million. >> is it $21 million? >> do you think it could be $25 it's ver to raise the price. on because iink it's going tsell. >> despite t all this luxury, i could get us to this. way too much for bank account. >> do you take awhat? cham it' meeyou. it was very nice. >> ie i me gil ialked out the door.nailedh! looty as handymen. h tide podsan ha t by ! liiditha g! h, it'. only uccoth 4 hours stt thmi thm tr99fect yth om thing i could to ouses cosive septic disa d- (cou laske4 ju one mucin want see can'tu'll get icker.eading aookall an see is a c but tecc' beckynores,mblehey,.
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st up fomeal.i do wh eporter: thiis a new re app and records the most severe snoring events you cank thext day. >> the sad thing that's toring. >> reporter: i'm notne of 90 million americans. >> this is something we see with couples all the day r: so for thees we love we're taking a look at anti-snoring products on the market. >> this is senator mouth gard. >> whoa this thing is significant. >> it didn't an reebate it completely but it did lessenhe volume of the senator. >> i still h to nudge him a few times in the side to get him tonorring. >> the c widen the mouthpiece to reduce the snoring till r completely lnlted. this is the slummer this turning on to your bau have to roll over at t, it wakes youup. >> which is almost just as annoying as the sflorg. >> that's the idea. the company site says this is meant to retrain to you s on your side. throcess they say can
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take 3060 days. >> reporte up my snoring solution >> it's very >> i feel like i'm in traction or something, like i've accident. >> the visual on this product a lot to take in. >> that is not a sexy look. >> w as elegant. >> it kind of looks like it would be a step up for us because as you know many of us. >> w friend hat allhe time. let you sit at my table in the high
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morning, on "world news now," mexico again refusing to pay for that border wall. >> just hours after president trump officially moved ahead on building the wallheid took to television to say, not so fast. hear what presidentold our david muir pay for the wall. plus, the growing protests over more issues than just that wall. we'll have details ahead. and what he aboutthe oval office andet president obama left for him inside his desk. david takes us inside the white house in our abc news exclusive. then remember agentertainment legend from hollywood to broadway we look back on the an cleavements of tyler moore and that special brand that really did turn the world on with her smile. and so many adorable animals so little time. battle of baby animals taking over twitter feeds top each other likely to unless you're
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allergic. it's thursdayry6th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> do you have a panda allergy we should be aware of. >> i'm allergic to all of those things. there's been this battle forget the east coast, wesrap bat. all t zoos tweetings their photos and the virginia out an apb for their animal that's missing. > it's the cutest twitter w ever. we start this half hour with swift reaction from mexico after president trump sign add order to start building the border wall. >> the mexican president kneet totem fat particularly declared they will not pay forny wall. sources say he's considering canceling a meeting with presid next week. house speaker paul ryan acknowledged congress alsot the bill for the wall which could cost up to $14 billion. thousands of protesters gather inside new york last night to rally against the
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president's immigration crackdown. and they're speaking out against another executive order expected today aimed at restricting refugees and people from ct litmus countries. more from lana zak. >> repe samerled a banner with the word resist mayors across the country are plaining to fight back against trump's immigration policy. >> i want to be clear. we're going to stay a sanctuary city. >> this city will not be by this administration. >> this order does not change who we are or how we will go about doing our work. >> reporter: immigration on the top of the president's jands at the department of homeland security. >> beginning today the united states of america gets back control of its borders. >> reporter: president trump used his exe to withhold federal funds for sanctuary cities and order the building i've wall telling abc's david muir he will still ask mexico for payment but the u.s. taxpayers will front the cost for the sake of expendancy. he also says he's considering torture as a strategy to fight terror but will listen to his .
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>> i ask him the does. does tortuhe answer was yes. absolutely. >> reporter: the message from fellow republicans, torture be d. >> with rbanned. unfounded e of massive not going away. the preside add despite no evidence that millions vote the illegally. >> y have people that areed who are dead. there were illegal who are in two states. have you peopleo states. >> reporter: diane and kendis the story has taken another turn. a florida official that i spoke with confirmed to me that will bannon the ent's own advisor, was vote in t election. it's a rthat voting ing as voter fraud. kendis diane. >> good reminder from lana zak in washington. president trump's youngest daughter also tiffany reportedly registered to vote in two states which often happens as she mentioned, when people move. >> but the president did not back down wabc's david muir asked him about those unsubstantiated claims of fraud. >> when you say in your opinion, millions of illegal votes, extremely
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fundamental to our functioning democracy, a fair andection. >> sure. >> you say you're going to launch an investigation into this. >>ne. >> what have you presented so far has been debunked.ed false. f the they found no voter fraud. >> why did he report. no evidence of. the report?again. i always talk about theporter t somethi want to hear but not nmill or atio investigationhe n none ofome t. comeme.ll be for none of them come to me.en y people registered and some c to going to have morm president later in the half first ifying bys in to e press secretaryresident trump es provide the presourcderal chicago's struggling law enforcement. there were no specifics about what form those might take. hundreds of proteste out overnight in the center city in philadelphia outside a hotel where congressional republicans are holding their annual retreat. those protestsbe much bigg president trump addre galthering. lawmakers say the top agenda items are repealing obamacare and reworking the tax itish prime minister t also speak there today. for any foreign
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head of state. trib bus are pouring in for who has at the age of 80. she's rememred f pioneering on screen rolesork on behalf of curing kibts and protecting animal rights. elevision character mary richards who showed a generation you have who was possible in the male dominated workplace. abc's elizabeth hur backs back on her life and career. >> associate producer ca that? >> mary tyler moore inspired single w their dreams as mle mary richards on he m >> youorn in andancerhe c1960re l on thesh play opened, r: her energy lit continued wit "the ma sidekick rowda, moore showed sien could with golden nominated f a best actress oscar for her role in the 1980s "ordinary people."in her memoir "after all," she ed she was a recovering alcoholic and publicly discussed her struggle years raising money to fund
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medical research. after more than 50 years on television and in her continu r, abc news n >> and also ahead in this half hour mary tyler moore show got first the dow,000irst r dnesscies then thethe d okane,on 90 people.t l 5 ho mac flatede e w re tesnuer ot >> you, cra instead of buying a super bowl adalaried employees off on after pany hopes that the move will drum up some more lisity t auld. pricey.-second super bowl ads go for about $5 llion.aft has mor40,000 salaried employees and also started an online petition calling for the monday after the super bowl to be declared a national that would have happened if pittsburgh was in bowl?mepennsylvania-based? what do you think, jack? >> i don't know. >> it would have and a time. >> i think there were a lot could get behind having a super bowl sunday be a holiday. t shou. >> or have it o saturdyone's goi be struggling. coming up t to david muir inwork tele what he has to say about being in the o david takes us behinwhite
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doors. >> and love is all around this mornyler moore. we'll look back at a recent tyler moore so cast reunion a special brandf >> you can our brand omagic. e that. e that at instagram abcwnn. you're watching abc's "world news now." 0's. i've got a nice long life ahead. medicares, ot a medicare su [ male announcer ] if you're eligible you may know it only covers about 80% your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out care supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare like all s supplement insurance p ha to m i've plus, th errals needed.equest rp might be best for you. there's a wide range to choose from. we love to travel - so we found a plan that can travel with us. anywhere in the country. eadyol he only medicare supplement insurance plans eny aarpation serving
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for supplement iwhatcould save yts. quest your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is.s on unmeand medicih,s' onl hankou verf. wik ours? you for a while. ue? just lost my appet why take medicinesatnlst 4 h when la let's end th ous a or olay? eff who needs dna when you have olay? new total effects. hingoual rid-x helps break down waste.rid-x. wtrump' >> so we're in the oval office>> ts is the this is ul one of spaces andom generalheabor iears and ianth r corin.ornideck. read it t
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butt tt i'm rresentin lotopleg on a v trad a he wants me do reporter: the presidenthen to show us the >> these are some of the fir o about is photo rigi s you t obama's back there. what did you say to him? i saw you smiling. >> there is a warmth. if you see that picture, there is a warmth t an incredibly beautiful moment. >> reporter: just before we sho just oneng this shows here. this woe ds all hdown. nobody sees that. you don't tremendous sea of love i cal a seapecial tsed btry hard for them tse the forgotten and they lov. le t hepridenresu u, he g wh the crowd onday. >> the s was to sneak a peek at the not going tous whae rem >> more mary tyler moore. igh your coke it!ng. ly last but just one lasts 12 hours. ditch the misery. le
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it was a quick witt and amazing dead pan delivery that were among the many qualities that first endeared a of both men and women to mary tyler moore. >> all of it very subtle. her breaking show still resonatesears later. enduring even after her four years ago indicates i couric sat down with the cast that have show.>> they could turn the world on with tir smiles. >> you got spunk.
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>> their apartment battles. >> this is myapartment. >> their vibrating beds. loe and the gang before hb o's "girls" there were those other girls, mary georgette, the female leads of the maryyler moore show". yesterday the fierce five played by marye,ie harper cloris leachman betty white and georgia engal were together again to film an episode of hot in cleveland" and to reminisce. >> back on the showing that really started all of this why do you all think it resonated so much? >> it so reflected life katie. it reflected women. >> and then mary that ever popular question how come a girl like you isn't married. >> how come you're still single. >> tell me why you think people were so attractive first of all to rhoda? >> because theyzed can't. i got to ten by end of m once said mary is. and phyllis is who you'reaid
3:03 am
you'll become. >> i thought that >> in our family. you're not her aunt. >> what about sue anne kniffins? what was it about her, betty. >> she was the neighmaniac. anymore. >> they don't make dip like this anymore. >> georgia, what about georgette. >> she was the slowest one of the groupy had fun -- sometimes having the wisest thing ce out ofgeorgette' mouth. >> surprise. >> it's not a surprise party. she expected it. >> oh ex >> this may be the last time the five will be together but wasn't sad. it was a celebration of old friends and a shared past that made tv history. >> as we sit around on the lines, and it's you think what ay woman you to bere theour very good ies. >> it's >> no,ecomece faause yout'slay.g t a ame>> my hea with so much >> happiness life you might just t afte shoatwch he hilarious. a fun fact it o mhewe
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side. washington. n immigrato remain >> the so-called dreamerdeport children they're now protected under ent r , he told david there is no oncern. be very worried. thhouldn bo have a very solidheregreat people here that are herod job, worried.beout with policy on that over four weeks. >> reporter: wil allowed to stay? >> i'll tell you over the next weee e looking at it with great heart. now, we have criminals that are . f is sayirict certain ref seinlkin saying ti nootor anid it's a hurting rpri v hprd thoplee registered in more than one state, cast votes.e saysd despd s mpaign sategy.>>e won gniforniaouple hat i cthaalmu easier nghele, hillary intompaign in california except mos time you but sk anr ep w onechewoates.frtheye vo dr idgistra or haida, regist ed ily a pno a>>iew,ge trepe heoldad en i s tohealth insak pesidght cha i mitch fas we ac aras i ifs gotobu t sothmeow >> thegh to if anything is done ie ea than mine, then i' support it. didnesids inhet in the tertrump campaign events was tom llamas. now some congrats i guess you could say to the gmpsil list ss rep is mocan miust for the reco
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of >>embering a icon h tsi l jusonei girl, riley, maagnaaionce first here's a look at today's forecast. brought getting .at t that might help. show me the carfax. now the car you want and the history you needsy to find. ed trucks with one show me d get at uhed ll old agging. e pill fights congestion nonkou v12 hours?hat a bisqueetite. at only just one cinex stthe li. ditch th let's end this. in the toilet. bathroom trigger...sol powethey kill o sosto-healthh ashe y checkui usaw put up all the decorations. go you know, 1 in a septic disaster, ll of up to $13,000.nth,ing yox. >> could i ask you a personal question? >> yeah. >> who's that man sleeping on your couch? >> mr. grant. nt.
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who's mr. grant? >> my boss. >> what kind owakeyler moore momentm de mo infenefine en. are in now asner ladyed and owe so much iss y her >> er from l they on the d van dyke show" saying simply, there are no words. she was the best. >> oprah winfrey shared this recent photo oprah was a big, big fan of mary. >> and even reenacted that hat toss scene. >> academy award nominee tweeted, thanks for the first real image of a woman independent, funny and vulnerable. >> she did all three so well. that's what made her so great. and the man who wrote and performed that theme song we all know and love, he tells the "new york post" he's just crushed over this news. >> when it came to mary, you know, the words of the song, the words of that team song, she could turn the world on with a smile, many say that she did.
3:09 am
here's abc's david muir. ♪ >> reporter: it's been named one of the greatest moments in television history. that last shot in the opening sequence of "the mary tyler moore show." >> you weren't worried people would expect to see turning the world on with her smile? >> well, you know, i don't mind turning the world on with her smile because at least the smile is the evidence of what's inside. ♪ make it after all ♪ >> reporter: it turns out that knit cap was a gift from a member of her family, her aunt to prepare for the freezing minneapolis weather. that opening scene celebrated and parodied by so many programs over the years, the "simpsons," even oprah. but no one could do it like mary tylesimple gesture s whn s >> that it's o don't be looking for perfection. don't beth lot nicer to be arou everyo >> you have a hat. this is our ve all the way over there. >> did i get it?
3:10 am
>> not quite.>> "the skinny" is >> our tribute to mary tyler moore. is next, stay with u tyler moinex dm. care ofr cor couglet conot fair you gmyahsery
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♪ skinny, so skinny ♪ time now for "the skinny," starting with the surprise of a lifetime for a young musician in southern california. >> talking about grayson earhart who was performing stevie wonder's classic "superstition" in a hotel when the
3:12 am
20-time grammy award winner just happened to walk by, and then this moment. ♪ very superstitious ♪ seven years snce ly sur steviek on't thinkt ge morth >s an i me. onger.sunghe won aa hund. simagi if he sho your n to sing.ri cn forget thee she s dutrngie dtoch out or the time she ended yrics.t her father wked whit h tell they zoom in, you kind of see her. riley wasted no time getting into the action. just looks like she was the only one doin she ended upf. >> and phenol in one of thator c omesacto fh-ace the weekly audience at the vatican. the two had a brief exchange and schwarzenegger showed the pope helping governments around the world reduce their carbon emons. >> then he b him and then he tweeted out this photo. the almoyou know, 1 septibill of up to callt provonly $7 a mo breaing you avoid a septic when coubreasoothingtantayolpoweey chours.. e lly whenus ci (malkid, ft after i bre get qualit with my sparange. neithedid i.r th lo ing lifean affordable rate.ou're
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lasts 12 hours. let's end this. ♪ to make what life's about, yeah ♪ >> nice groove. we're in that groove today. they're two of the world's newest social media stars and they're only 9 months old. >> that's right. the little girls are turning heads because of a physical trait. a very rare one. they are biracial twins and have completely different complexions and their story is inspiring a g numb here's abc's paula ferris. >> 9 monlds kalani with light hair and blue eyes and just five minutes younger, her fraternal twin jerani with brown skin and brown eyes. >> i always have them dressed the same because if i don't, people don't believe they are twins. >> kalani looks more like mom and jerani more like dad. >> never in a million years would i imagine having a lighter complected daughter with blue
3:15 am
eyes. >> reporter: one mom, one dad and twin colors with different skin color who's shared the same womb all live in illinois with big half-brother tailen. >> this is a pretty rare occurrence to have two twins that look very different. but it certainly can happen with biracial couples and it's really just a matter of chance. >> reporter: the babies are now social media stars. their story shared thousands of times online. >> it's amazing feeling like it's one of those feelings you can't even >> reporter: how are twins born with such different complexions? skin color is determined by multiple genes. fraternal twins like the dean girls come from two separate eggs fertilized by two different sperm and the outcome depends on the genes that are expressed. on the genes that are expressed. >> have i virtue o >> by virtue of chance, one twin can inherit more dna from a specific parent in contrast to its co-twin and than dna can code or translate for things
3:16 am
like skin color and eye color and can then result in very physical attributes. >> reporter: and kalani and jerani may not always look so different as they grow up. skin tone can change over time but for now, mom and dad say their two babies also have zing personalities. >> kalani, she has more of a personality like her more set back and kind of like me laid back. >> they are so different in their personalities >> reporter: paula ferris, abc news, new york. can you reaction? are we going to have to go on maury? >> i do love the idea of them being older and like watch this hey, that's my twin sister. >> see the reaction. >> mom says they're the same where it's important. >> this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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ok, let's try thise to me. here? no. ah ok, here? maybe you should read the directions. have a little fun together, or a lot. k-y yours and mine. two sensations that work together so you can play together. k-y yours and mine.
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making news in america this morning, an abc news exclusive. one-on-one with the president. donald trump's first networkw sinceg office. and announcing the construction of that border wall. >> i want to build a wall. we have to build a wall. we have to stop drugs from poring in. >> overnight the president of
3:19 am
mexico appearing on national television with a tough response. president trump is also talking about his plan to temporarily ban immigrants from certain countries, plus what he says about the moment he received the nuclear codes. and breaking overnight a massive apartment building fire. as it goes up in flames new video just coming in. venus and serena williams go-to-face in a grand slam nal.
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