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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  January 26, 2017 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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kew. thagateder a part of it idds aboutigat fraudt he feelsed during the electnovems her infrastructure money and may be at odds with republicans about that. that is what is on the the president's plane still taxiing up gate. y v erno stand bywould likeore f and entntoce thea quick one. he is expectedive atn e pence is also in philadelphia. thissxp following trump's message aop retreat in center cityso right now lets switch live as we did to outside of city hall as we protesters that are in philadelphia since obviously for the visit of president trump and they are expected to gather here will haves, som messages and then we are told they will march to the lowes
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couple of blocks a and they will dem rally against the visident trump to adelphia. back to the plane now c president trump in that the mexican president has informed td his washington. the president tweeted i belie last night that if mexico is not going to pay for the border wall nd that the presiden come to visit washington and w learning right nowhat thmexican presiacked out of the meet or the president at the op conference in center city philadelphia. he is headed to the lowes hotel at 12th and market that are down as of 6:00 this morning for the visit no pedestrian andes are oundhere thepresident is meeting with the gop leadership. they have a busy agenda there as well. they are hearing from it's president he is expected to address thred there and w speaker paulryan has sketched out an ambitious agenda they want to send donald trump aaralarch and of
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t ed ad elgoing ove for a three day andith andco >t air force e tional airport. president trump's first official visit here in philadelphia. first ride on air force one pr we want to go live to mccormutsidehe lowes o proteed athe secur very v of police a thennie there are last nigh philadelphia police are working re there are measures in place to p out a look behind me what the president will arrive to once he lands this is at 13th and the trash trucks are there blocking 13thth market and like that in on and there is a heavy resence and trom city hals block. over 1aricecks to made ba thelowes nd the police unit when around dillworth park and on the ground officers moved metal a
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this for the republican retreat includingreascted cs p were hu g d adetd t int of the lowesth sts robert overnight shiftg is and ty take the 13 ow veryown to the str iraking r to aourist to sig om aft hotel and e whats on. >> different sig than yough >> b hke comms talki gr a t ihousands those hav tichepr idpridt,ell.s to e:00 tonight.r aor channtion new oesph iiahe s g learned that the mexican president canceled his trip to washington, amounting toent trump werhiladelphia one city he criticizer ney as well vowed to ihe down on so-called sanctuary s. that mays not president trump during his visit to philadelphia. >> as they move the steps closer to the plane, and we wait for to descend, lets go live to chad a demonstration is taking place outside of city hall.
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>> reporter: the protesters are out in ful would estimate the crowd at roughly 1,000, we wouldould be offensive to severe the t i'm h pte re genf e t peopleefearel yotests plannede a mmithe pster their thzasrrth teoext r. >> some pte isim i a dia cl afaow hht meherigs brought m f aboutf o democra here.ld go wdreetrrival of president trump. >> let gort opeissearks oard of air as president of the u up l thee aea o ill be giving a speech there as well as they attend the annual policy retreat where they are coming up with the ways they want to advance initiatives over the next several months and years ahead. >> the retreat, the gop retreat an annual event for the president to tap into the enthusiasm. are we getting ready to see the
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president it gives the president an opportunity to tap into the enthusiasm. and congress and white house for the first time in a decade. it's a split screen the left is air force one we expect president trump to deplane any time now. and the protesters are gathering outside of city hall and already demonstrating and from what we understand will march to the lowes hotel a few blocks away where trump is expected to speak this afternoon followed by the visident mike pence. it's a busy day in philadelphia a number of road closures in effect and septa made changes as well. this is a facebook shot. that we want to show you, again from the protester been here since this morning. this is facebook live at all the protesters here outside of city hall for the president's arrival
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and the demonstrations taking place throughout the day. we are talking about the president but really vips in town over this day or so. the president, vice president and the british prime minister theresa may is expected to arrive. and rport. there is the pr preing hphilatde i n aaiort. ittestsunrw as 0 it but tskim95th his o board th hot atretffhe tre inan ives in y t pla gneot an vehicle. a moves up the ghway tore are many throug s"recorr, v ernon odom is tt.ot see a republican delegation to gre president as he got offhe plane.but veradelphiaac blshoold oncese h ed toee n theouafon el eradel there he is he has been to philadelphia many times certainly while he was running for president. this is his first visit hers commander and chief. and. >> and it's interesting to see if he a gmpkehe ped tesiand from ther e.imeter and arch t ce vehicular epta routehat t thoma t wphere thee
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ive now we are loo from of demonstrators that gathered here protest the vt trumop,f his way ton center city of members of the gop the annual gop expect luncheon any moment now. emonstrators are here all morning and we are told that the plan is at some point to march to the hotel. and whether or not they can do that we'll keep an eye on the situation because security is tight and hundreds of police officers are here as well. but we are monitoring the situation as we take a look at close to 1,000 protesters hall center cityt aers d toheat filding> an argument of money sparked a shooting in philadelphia's fern rock section. police were in the area of chew and park avenues last night and heard the gun fire they said the gunman was sitting f a black done and shot him on sidewalk the gunman took off.
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the victim was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.
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from the sounds of do and motown tamala edwards is on the
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beat. >> judith has been dancing all of her life. >> at age 70 with two hip replacements under her belt she understands you have to keep it moveing moving. >> even when you wake up feeling like 94 you have to say i got up and walked yesterday and i'll get up and walk again today. >> she created a chair based fitness class for seniors and those in wheelchairs and walkers. >> based on a program for parkinson's patients and called anyone can dance. >> the first response i get to anyone can dance, is not me. >> but sceptics are quickly converted. >> you can do actual steps to music and not feel like a klutz. they are astounded by the self-confident they feel about their body. >> judith has classed from the
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spiritual to the physical. >> i hear the music and i want to move i love it. >> i appreciate the idea of having fun and moving at the same time. >> if you don't do it you'll find one bright day or not so bright day are you not able to do it. big arms for the bic finish. >> and wants people to realize that anyone can truly dance. >> it doesn't matter if they are in a wheelchair or walker or their feet it'mportant we don't jus srphy nowweathe. we are getting the rain o st closem are h pd the ocean and medford lakes and places have already seen them. the action cam was out earlier down the shore at ocean city and it was gray earlier and seeing the sun come back ncrossmuch of the region 4 concern temperaturend w from the sou 12 the wins are pick up a bit and they will get day g wndt heyer numbers as the mild air
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coxs in 58 degrees and holding in the 40s in philadelphia. and lehigh valley 5-this afternoon with clouds mixing with sun and wins increase the rest of the day and winds are on the march and con tinuing and 56 is theigh in philadelphia he we'll go for a high of 55 degrees and clouds mixing with sun and windy in continuing to build a gusts up to 30 miles per hour and close to 40 in parts o low and partly cloudy and brisk and cold, and windowses easing back a bit. tomorrow's high the cooler err coming in during the afternoon and evening still with us and breezy i can see windchills in the 30s for the day. the exclusive auwe'll hit t be earn 1: a 2:0hel wind from thet 36 t ay hiand for os ilow 30s at the best of times and clouds ah a high of 40 and sunday night the possibility of a flurr sno showers. of that earl morni mon partly a sunolwell. upper 30s for both tuesday wednesday. cooler air is coming guys. >>
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esilliams rumphia. for ate the first tg urated lek.s here to gopy his isd to the city. plaza the protesters are g for a few hours now with messages to share a tie v the movee manu retreatmist on bring the promised change in a gop controlled washington. lets go live outside of the is being held. proteste signs pressed up against the barricades this is wh
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