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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  January 29, 2017 11:45pm-12:01am EST

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>> it is a smart decision to
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mess with carson wentz's center. if you cut or trade him, it's $3.8 million. people have been complaining about kelly for a long time. he's light in the tush, as they say. >> what does that mean? >> it means he doesn't have the body weight to go through the defensive tackle. maybe this is the year they save a couple of dollars and transition to the latest player. >> 288. >> there are so many ways you can save space. obviously, jason peters, connor barwin. >> jason peters coming off of a great year. i don't know if you can do anything with him. you have to have two tackles to protect him for another year. they are more important than the center in this position because kelsey has had problems this year. no doubt but i wouldn't mess with carson wentz other than to get him receivers. >> he will adjust. how long will it take? couple of snaps and he adjusts
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to the new center. he has a bigger tush. >> i'm going to work that into the next show. eagles have tough decision to make. jeffrey lori has been more involved this offseason than ever before. is this a good move for the eagles to have your owner, jeffrey lori stepping up? >> normally, i would say no. i think it was his responsibility. the owner has to come in when something is not fiscally sound. there are times that jeffrey would stop and he didn't. being prudent, the owner has to take a bigger role. >> he's on the team since 1994. no superbowl. speaking of the superbowl,
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superbowl sunday, a week from tonight -- >> no buzz. >> no buzz. >> no buzz at all. >> it's a couple of weeks off. do you like the new england patriots to win? >> i do. i like matt ryan. >> is it because they are number one defense. i find it hard to believe they'll win. >> matt ryan landing in houston for superbowl 51. mike is taking the patriots. i'm sure i speak for many that would love to see matt ryan. >> the majority want matt ryan to win. everybody hates the patriots. >> nine superbowls? >> too many. they are too good. >> all right. that's fine. that's fine.
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there's much more tonight on sports sunday. jay wright and the villanova wildcats, fighting and clawing their way back tonight. much more coming up next. ♪ ♪ >> stay tuned for more "action news" sports sunday.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> "action news" sports sunday, sponsored by audi, challenge hall gibbons. >> morning flurries monday, a coating to two inches likely south of philadelphia otherwise colder a high of 39. snow and rain otherwise 32. wednesday, 43 for the high. ground hogs day, cold on thursday. friday, 40s. that's a look at the forecast from accuweather. >> does this team have what it
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takes to get a title? >> we do. we have to get better. we have all of the pieces. we have the talent. we have to play villanova basketball. do i think we can? yes. does that mean we will? not at all. >> josh hardy believes they can win back to back championships. >> they can play with anyone, but they are short in their rotation. seven players can't play. looks like he's headed for a red shirt season. he's a nice player but not a difference maker. i don't think they have enough depth to win a national champ sthp. >championship. >> they scored 22 points against virginia, the number one defense in the country. all sorts of issues. villanova comes back in the game.
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chris jenkins struggles, comes back, part of a 13-0 run. minutes later, josh hart in the second half for the lead. then the play of the day, hart, no. dante at the buzzer, put back. the first buzzer beater since the national championship. >> josh hart makes the play. they collect toward him and he comes from nowhere. they found a way to win 51-59. it's the best run in the country. they fine ways to win games. they may not be ranked number one when all said and done tomorrow. >> because of the marquette loss, but they won't drop that far after this win. >> this is a big learning experience. >> villanova is going to be there in the end. they are short of the national championship team. >> speaking of big games, did
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you see dewayne simmons? >> the wayne train. >> could you have written a better script? the city was career started before mike richards trade. three goals for the metropolitan division. he gets the game winner, mvp and truck, mike. it's the money. he goes i in there. >> put your skate on the gas pedal. >> i love it. he will give the car to his parents. >> i like the skills competition. >> i like the three on three. it's fun. skills competition, sydni crosby, four plays out of five shots. >> i love three on three hockey. you see a few guys playing together you would never see.
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for mike, i'm jeff scaversky, this is sports sunday. goodnight. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> you were expecting marty and doc? nope, adam and ducis here. >> great scott. we've come back to philadelphia in our delorean time machine. >> and where we're going there are no roads. >> the pennsylvania convention center is packed with cars. >> it's auto show night guys >> and you know that means we are rocking the red carpet. >> start your engines, 6-a-b-c's preview of the philadelphia auto show is here. >> the pieces come together each year. >> it's all right there waiting for you. >> it starts with 4 wheels capable of anything. >> whether it's burning rubber, or climbing mountains. >> there is so much out there. >> each piece made with precision, building oc


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