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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  January 30, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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radar. >> hi monica and rick. double scan live showing what we're looking at right now is a short wave. it's a piece of energy moving through and this is creating the pop-up snow squalls. it's almost like in the sip time when you get those pop-up air mass thunderstorms but they're pretty intense as they move through and they can reduce and visibility and quickly coat the ground. the most intense band right now is moving into burlington county. it's crossing route 70, browns mills, wrightstown, it's moved through mount holly, route 38 and as we zoom in some of the areas that you see in the bright pink that's the heavier bands and that's what really reduces visibility almost like whiteout conditions. this one heading through fort dix road, another one over pemberton road. this is the most intense band moving east at 25 miles per hour. we have a few more developing, though, in chester county and berks county that would be rolling through t so, very quickly, it can drop a quick amount of snow in a short period of time. elverson reporting 1.1-inches, malvern a little less than an inch newtown square and broomall an inch blackwood
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reporting .8 of an inch so quick moving systems. so tonight until about eight, 9 o'clock some of these quick moving snow squalls reducing visibility, localized quick coating. be careful on the roads. it can make things a little bit slick. i'm tracking another system that could bring another round of snow tomorrow. i'll have details on when that will occur coming up in the full accuweather forecast. back to you guys. >> cecily thank you. now to the backlash against president trump and his controversial crackdown on refugees and immigrants from seven countries. protests continue from coast to coast in the u.s. and around the world. >> we have team coverage for you tonight. walter perez will have more from a lehigh valley family deeply affected by the president's travel ban but first abc's stephanie ramos live in and washington with more on the political fallout tonight. stephanie, good evening. >> reporter: monica and rick, good evening to you. yeah, some democrats and republicans here in washington say this immigration ban was
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rushed and that it's just plane slop beach president trump's immigration ban on visitors from predominantly muslim countries is that sending shock waves across the world. protesters pouring into the streets from israel, to london, demonstrations spanning several u.s. states. the order bans syrian refugees from that entering the u.s. indefinitely. and puts a 120 day stop on all other refugees. it also issues app 90 day ban on nearly all travelers from iran, iraq, libya to my malia sudan syria and yemen none of which were involved in a single major terror attack on u.s. soil including 9/11. >> this isn't just unconstitutional this is inhumane. >> reporter: lawsuits are being filed against the trump administration over this policy. washington's attorney general bob ferguson is the first to announce legal action. >> if successful this would have the effect of invalidating the president's
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unlawful actions nation way. the council on american-islamic relations also plans to suit administration. >> we will not allow donald trump to change the tradition of america. >> reporter: the white house says they're trying to get ahead of a possible threat. >> we're not going wait until we get attacked and figure out how we can make sure it doesn't happen again. he's going to do everything in his power to stop every threat that we face in this country and every potential threat. >> reporter: some republicans and most democrats are not on board. >> holy moly. we're -- we're just make pentagon a lot of decisions in a very hasty manner. we need to slow it down, think it through. >> reporter: and former president obama breaking his silence today, a spokesman says obama fundamentally disagrees with the notion frankforofdiscriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion. in washington stephanie ramos channel6 "action news." >> thank you stephanie. tonight several republican lawmakers are speaking out
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against president trump's travel ban. pat toomey called the executive order flawed saying it was too broad and poorly explained. toomey says he looks forward to more concrete details of the travel ban. and a second republican congressman from that new jersey is speaking out, representative frank lobiondo said in a statement "the hasty execution of such effort have created widespread confusion frustration and misrepresentation of what america stands for. >> meantime a lehigh valley family continues to grieve after some of their loved ones were turned away at philadelphia international airport and sent back to syria. lehigh valley correspondent walter perez spoke with their family members today. they showed them a taste of the life waiting for those immigrants. >> reporter: rick this story is simply heartbreaking. the family worked for years to get six of their family members here to the u.s. from syria, they even bought and renovated a home about a block weigh from here as a gift to give them when they arrived on saturday. well, they did arrive only to
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be sent back to syria the very same day. >> i'm angry and i'm asking myself why did this happen. >> reporter: talking about president trump's travel ban that forced six of her loved ones to return to syria within hours of their arrival in philadelphia this past weekend. today she gave us a tour of the home that she and her husband purchased and renovated in allentown as a gift to the family members they were expecting on saturday. they have since been working with immigration attorneys and staying in contact with their loved ones who are now back in damascus. >> they are just waiting to see what's going to happen. they were very angry about the way they were treated. allentown city solicitor susan ellis wild says the most disturbing part is that they worked more than 13 years to secure all the paperwork needed including visas for them to enter the u.s. and ellis says not only were their visas revoked but they were not allowed to make phone calls during their detainment at phl. >> they followed all of the rules. every i was dotted every t
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crossed and this still happened and so to say that this was unexpected is an understatement. >> reporter: making matters worse, they are orthodox christians which is a persecuted group in syria. now they say all they want for their loved ones is the same thing they were afforded when they came to the u.s., a chance at the american dream. >> i bought this house for them. i furnished the house and i'm ready to help them to start a new life. >> i'm just hoping that somebody somewhere -- i mean, i know we're getting all the help and just to bring them here safely and be with us the, that's all my hope is, that's all we want. >> reporter: now they are specially anxious to get the young in those photos as quickly as possible. he's in high school in syria
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and he will be eligible to be drafted into the army which is embroiled in a brutal civil war. >> president trump's travel ban rattled market today sparking the worst trading day of the year on wall street. >> it was the first full trading day under trump's immigration ban and the order rattled investors around the globe. stocks suffered all day long. the dow jones dropping 122 points by the closing bell, the nasdaq losing 47, the s & p 500 lost 13 and change. meantime the president's immigration ban has people donating millions of dollars to the american civil liberties union. the aclu received more than $24 million over the weekend. that's about six times more than it normally receives in online donations over the course of a year. the aclu plans to use the new funds to hire additional staff. >> another one of president
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trump's first moves in office is that under fire in philadelphia the attempt to dismantle the affordable care act. >> the purpose of this moment is oppose immediate repeal of the aca without a replacement plan. >> medical students deans and faculty from several schools across philadelphia gathered in center city today part of a national day of action to call on congress to keep the affordable care act in place. in delaware, democratic senators chris coons and tom carper highlighted the importance of the affordable care act there this morning. he said a repeal could affect some 38,000 delawareans who have gained access to healthcare through that plan and this comes in the final days of enrollment for the federal health exchange. the deadline to sign up is tomorrow. in december president obama says sign-up were on plaque trappe, to make a record. the trump administration killed the outreach for the exchange and that person's opinion to suppress enrollmen
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enrollment. >> tomorrow night president trump is expected to announce hihis nominee to the supreme court. u.s. circuit judge neil gorsuch and thomas hardiman are expected to be top names. >> time for our "action news" traffic report monday night. >> matt pelman is back in the "action news" traffic center with the very latest on the commute home tonight. welcome back matt. >> i like your welcome back and the one i got from mother nature a bit ago. the snow squalls that came through the region rick and monica they were right by the airport and you can still see a little bit of snow left on the grassy surface. the road is starting to dry out but 95 has been a mess all afternoon not only because of those squalls but also a northbound accident at the girard point bridge. it's now gone but still just 12 miles per hour as you travel northbound there by phl. we are still watching a crash on the roosevelt boulevard. that also is northbound in the outer drive there by rolling
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thunder skating rink. and we haven't been rolling so well this afternoon along 295 southbound in burlington and camden counties. still a 40 minute travel time which is about three times what it ideally should be. that's because of an earlier crash around the black horse pike now gone. that crash on 73 southbound at fox meadow has cleared as well. watch out for a broken down vehicle by 295 taking out the right lane. i'll see if i can get some better news for you. >> well, you're here. >> much more ahead on "action news" at 5:00. new details about a deadly shooting spree i in a canadian mosque. the suspect officials havely in custody and why they're calling it a act of terror. >> guideline from the country's top doctors about when and how much you should eat. those stories and much more when "action news" comes right back.
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>> volkswagen now the world's best selling automaker. toyota announced today its global sales hit 10 went to 2 million vehicles in 2016 but volkswagen had 0.3 million.
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coffee giant starbucks says it will hire 10,000 refugees over the next five years. the move is in response to president trump's immigration suspension. starbucks co howard schultz says the hiring will apply to stores worldwide and will start here in the u.s. the focus will be on hiring immigrants who served with the armed forces as interpreters or in support. >> former president george h.w. bush is headed home after two weeks stay in the hospital. the 92-year-old was admitted back on january 14th after he had trouble breathing. his stay included a trip to intensive care where he was connected to a ventilator and breathing tube. he was released today. bush's 91-year-old wife barbara was also admitted to the hospital for bronchitis. a spokesperson says the former president is thankful for everyone's thoughts and prayers. >> big changes in the works for pennsylvania's state
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health agency. >> that's right. soon four separate groups could become one. health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman is at the big board to lay out the state's plans. ali. >> governor wolf wants to consolidate four of the agencies into one single department it would be human services, health, aging, drugs and alcohol, all merged into one department health and human services. now state lawmakerrers have to approve the merger before it can go forward. the government says it will eliminate red tape and improve efficiency while keeping programs intact. new jersey and delaware already have those services under one department the governor hasn't said how many workers will be laid off or how much money will be saved. but the state faces a projected budget deficit of $2 billion. and governor wolf is expected to deliver his budget next week. also today the flu virus continues to wreak havoc. if you get it and you are at risk for complications, then it's best to call your healthcare provider.
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now the telltale signs of the flu include fever, body aches, chills and fatigue and unlike a cold, the flu virus comes on suddenly. prescription anti viral medications can help shorten the duration but you have to take them within 48 hours of symptoms and this is especially helpful for high risk patients. >> if you're somebody who has a chronic medical condition or immuno compromised it's particularly important to contact your doctor if you notice signs and symptoms of flu. because the earlier you get started, the better that antiviral medication is going to work. >> and as a reminder the flu is spread through the air so if you are sick, it's best to keep your distance from others and of course wash your hands and cover your cough and sneezes. finally today, some of the top heart doctors are weighing in on when is the best time to eat and if fasting can help improve your health. well, like many, the doctors say don't skip breakfast.
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it's good for blood sugar control and can help with your weight. some experts say fasting coastal low. affect with short term weight loss and as for what's better three large meals or smaller more frequent eating. the doctors say it doesn't matter as long as the amount of calories are the same. overall they stress mindful eating. that means making smart choices, paying attention to your food and appreciating it and only eating when you're hungry as opposed to eating when you're stressed or bored. that one is easier said than done. rick and monica, back to you. >> ali thank you very much. in that other news, philadelphia mayor jim kenney joined officials at vibe urgent care for the opening of their newest center in south philadelphia. kenny says the center should help reduce healthcare costs by giving residents an alternative to hospital emergency rooms. for years the city of philadelphia had very few urgent care centers most of them were in the suburbs but that seems to be changing.
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>> all right. still to come on "action news" the program launch dad in one south jersey town that is encouraging folks to shop local. >> also the big adjustment for the world's only giant panda triplets when "action news" comes right back. ♪ new year, time to get rid of stuff. simplify, declutter, unplug, purge, or even quit cold turkey. i raise turkeys without growth-promoting antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. if you're looking for little ways to simplify life, feeling good about what your family eats is a pretty simple place to start. my name is tammy plumlee, and i raise honest, simple turkey for shady brook farms.
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>> be officials in china say the world's only surviving panda triplets are adjusting to their new habitat well. the siblings were moved so they could be separated from their mother and begin life on their new home. the new home a popular safari park is equipped with ice making equipment to keep them cool in the summertime. they'll be separated in another 18 months so they can grow independently. a number of catholic schools celebrated a special mass this morning. bishop david o'connell of trenton presided over the ceremony. several local parishes and school gather to celebrate reflect and to honor faculty and staff members. catholic schools week annually starts the last sunday of january and this year's theme system communities of faith, knowledge and service. ly. >> homeowners in a different south jersey town are getting a tax discount when they shop locally. officials in haddonfield met today to launch the shop haddonfield reward program.
5:22 pm
the plan allows residents to get a credit every time they buy something in haddonfield and that credit will then be deductibled from their annual homeowners tax. 20 businesses 790 homeowners and 24 renters have already registered. a primo hoagies customer hit a lottery jackpot in philadelphia, a winning cash five ticket worth 450,000 bucks was sold at this store on susquehanna avenue in the city's fishtown section. it correctly matched all five numbers from saturday's drawing. whoever is holding that ticket has a year from the drawing date to claim that winning prize pacific northwest the primo's location will also get a $500 bonus. how about that. >> very good. still do t to come a check of yu were forecast. >> sky6 hd showing you atlantic city tonight. meteorologist cecily tynan in with that exclusive accuweather five day forecast when we come right back. fios in the house!
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>> tame for accuweather at the "action news" big board. >> meteorologist cecily tynan here with the outlook for the week ahead. >> hi guys. beginning to look more like winter finally. betsy posted this on my facebook page from paoli and the snow squalls moving through there. they're peppered across the region. not looking at a widespread snow event but they're quick moves and they're pretty intense. we have two more developing across the western suburbs right now.
5:26 pm
this one batch right across the pennsylvania turnpike north of honey brook crossing route 100. the other one right now is moving into wilmington, moving out of chester county. they're moving east-southeast at about 20 miles per hour and also this is the main batch that moved through philadelphia at 4 o'clock causing virtual whiteout conditions right now through chatsworth crossing 72 heading through the pine barrens now heading towards the garden state parkway. the problem with these is that they drop visibility very quickly. near whiteout conditions and they drop a quick coating to an inch of snow. right now it's cold enough for snow philadelphia 32 degrees. reading 30. trenton 34. millville 32. atlantic city airport 34 and cape may 33. reached a high of 39 degrees earlier today. that's 2 degrees below normal. so, satellite6 along with action radar showing we did have that impulse that moved across the shore this morning dropped through inches of snow in parts of cape may county. that's now pushed along.
5:27 pm
we've got that short wave moving through right now and that will continue to move away from us as we head throughout evening hours. so, future tracker showing around 9:30 most of the activity is gone but then there's another system moving through tomorrow. it's clipper and looks like this hm focus to the north. future tracker showing 8 o'clock in the morning we do have some snow showers developing across the lehigh valley. thought continue into the afternoon. at lunchtime philadelphia is still just mostly cloudy, still some snow in the lehigh valley and the poconos and then as it crosses through philadelphia around 5 o'clock, it will be too warm here for any snow. so, we're looking at rain showers here but again, more snow showers up to the north. so for tomorrow snow showers mainly north of i-78, a coating to an inch in the lehigh valley. this is great news for the poconos, up to 3-inches. south, though, there we're looking at just some rain showers across the philadelphia region. so the five day at 5:00 showing tomorrow snow and rain showers 42 degrees the high in philadelphia. wednesday we spike at 48 ahead
5:28 pm
of a cold front. that moves through dry. behind that system thursday foreground hog day 38. friday 34. saturday mostly sunny and quiet. 33 degrees. but we could have some snow developing on sunday. i'll talk more about that coming up in the full accuweather forecast. back to you guys. >> okay. >> sounds good. thank you cecily. much more "action news" will be right back. >> okay. ooh... >>psst. hey... where you going? but we said we'd be there... woap, who makes the decisions around here? it's me. don't think i'll make it. stomach again...send! if you're living with frequent, unpredictable diarrhea and abdominal pain, you may have irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea or ibs-d - a condition that can be really frustrating. talk to your doctor about viberzi. a different way to treat ibs-d. viberzi is a prescription medication you take every day that helps proactively manage both diarrhea and abdominal pain
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>> ♪ly. >> "action news" continues.>> hs what's happening on "action news" tonight. the investigation continues into a deadly shooting in a mosque in canada. tonight one suspect remains in custody. plus, crews are trying figure out what caused this explosion in a delaware county school early this morning forcing classes to be canceled and police in central jersey offering a reward after a sacred scroll worth thousands of dollars is stolen from a jewish school. >> now the details. canadian officials say a deadly shooting rampage inside of a mosque was an act of terror. it happened last night in the heart of a quebec city. six people were killed, more than a dozen others were injured. abc's lana zak has been following the investigation from new york and she joins us live tonight with the very
5:31 pm
latest. lana. >> reporter: hello there, rick. the police have just released the name of that suspect alexander b sonnet. as the world is trying to come together in solidarity with the canadian victims in just a few minutes the famous eiffel tower's lights will be dimmed in memory of those that were lost. >> tragic for us and we have sadness which we cannot express our sadness. >> reporter: members of the quebec city islamic cultural center remembered their fellow members killed in prayer on sunday. >> we have shop keepers. >> reporter: this man asked that the six dead be remembered as members of the community. they had wives, children, families. prime minister trudeau said the act of terror committed against the muslim communities was an attack against all canadians. >> we will mourn this devastating attack and we will
5:32 pm
heal together as one community, as one country and as one family. >> reporter: investigators are piecing together the details of the fatal shooting attack that left six people dead eight more injuries after initially saying two suspects were in custody authorities determined one was a witness. the other believed to be responsible for the attack but investigators are saying little about the motivation. >> we know that this horror has been based on intolerance and hatred towards one specific community. it's too earl to say exactly what kind of message these people, horrible message they want to send. >> reporter: and president trump did speak with canada's prime minister offering support and any assistance that they would need. according to white house spokesman sean spicer. both men agreed on the need for caution and not to rush to any sort of judgments. reporting live from new york f-lana zak, channel6 "action news." back to you, rick. >> lana, thank you. while the investigation into canada continues, "action
5:33 pm
news" sat down with the former head of the new jersey muslim lawyers association. he said both he and the muslim community here at home are grieving over the attack. but he's also worried about the increasing frequency of attacks on mosques around the world. "action news" reporter bob brooks will have his call to the community for action coming up tonight at 6:00. >> class was canceled at one delaware county school today after an explosion in the building. it happened about 5:45 this morning here at the saint's coleman and john newman school in haverford. tonight the cause of that blast is still under investigation. "action news" reporter vernon odom has details. repairmen work on the boiler room in the saint coleman john newman school. at 5:45 this morning there was a gas explosion. as employees arrived for the day, they noticed the building was cold and then smelled natural gas. first responders pinpointed ground zero immediately. then peco arrived to shut off
5:34 pm
the gas and the electric. the building was empty when the explosion occurred. there were no injuries. but by 7:00 a.m., the homes of students were getting calls telling them classes were canceled for the day. >> they said that we didn't have school because there was either like a gas leak or like an explosion in the boiler room. >> reporter: a structural engineer has been called in to assess the damage. on sunday, there were multiple activities at this school. for students and parents. the boiler room explosion this morning o spared them the shock and fear that would have come from a loud jolting explosion during their pleasant sunday as they rode their bikes today, many students reflected on that. >> there was a book fare yesterday in the library and every year they sell books there and so if it happened the day before, then a lot of people could have gotten hurt by the explosion. >> there was a sports match and then a book fair. i was talking to my friend this morning and i said what if it happened while we were
5:35 pm
all there? >> reporter: late today, the archdiocese said both boilers will have to be replaced. they say the earliest possible day school could reso that friday and that's not guaranteed. in haverford township, i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news." >> from our new jersey news room tonight, police in that ocean county are looking for two burglars who stole a sacred scroll from a jewish school over the weekend. lakewood police released surveillance video of the suspects inside torah zev on saturday. they took a safe containing a torah scroll. this one was valued at $70,000. a $5,000 reward is being offered for the return of the scroll. if you have any information on the theft you're asked to contact lakewood police. flames lit up the early morning sky over a neighborhood in pleasantville atlantic county. the fire broke out at about 6:30 a.m. along the 1600 block of sixth a firefighters rescued two people who were
5:36 pm
treater for smoke inhalation. an adjoining townhome was also damaged by fire and smoke. >> a two car crash this morning claimed the life of one of the drivers. one person was killed when a sedan collided with a pickup truck on princeton pike here in that lawrence township mercer county. the impact sent both vehicles off the road. the driver of the sedan died at the scene. the truck driver was taken to the hospital. officials say those vehicles were traveling in opposite directions. it's unclear how they wound up in the same lane. jury selection started today in the trial of a delaware student charged in the deadly drunk driving accident. police say 18-year-old john kirsch cut through a stop sign here at route 301 and strawberry lane in middletown delaware last march and collided with a tractor-trailer. 17-year-old tyler brown who also attende attended was kille. kelly huschiatti was hurt.
5:37 pm
>> happened just before 11 o'clock. detectives are working on releasing surveillance video but right now they describe the suspect as app clean shaven man possibly latino in his 40's wearing a burgundy beanie and a tan jacket. no one was hurt in the robbery. philadelphia police are asking for your help also in identifying the man in this surveillance video. they say back on monday, january 23rd, the man entered the pharmacyi'm a restaurant. the video shows the suspect walking behind the bar taking bottles of liquor and a set of keys. police say he got in through a unlocked door while a delivery was taking place. a the restaurant was closed at the time. >> city council met to discuss updating the city's 10-year-old electric vehicle parking policy. the current legislation calls
5:38 pm
for reserved on street parking spaces for electric cars only but some philadelphia residents say the streets are too crowded to continue keeping that practice in place. this morning a meeting was held at city hall to discuss other options as electric vehicles become more popular. car owners also had a chance to weigh in. >> septa rail riders should double-check their schedules before heading home this evening. yesterday septa began a second round of schedule changes following up on those made last month. the transit agency is addressing times to address congestion and implementation of positive train control. >> let's get a check of our "action news" traffic report tonight. >> matt pelman back in the "action news" traffic center with the lowdown on the slowdown, matt. >> it hasn't been all positive on the traffic and transit front this evening rick and monica. we had another crash in south philadelphia along 95. this time was southbound here approaching the girard point bridge. it cleared out but you're still looking at delays in both directions and wet roads
5:39 pm
remain because of the earlier snow squalls that went through. still have an accident on the roosevelt boulevard. it's northbound by tyson in the outer drive and there's an issue here in olde city right by franklin square. you can probably see the police flashing lights right here along sixth at the local vine. the traffic lights are out so the police officers are out here directing traffic through that manbusy intersection. the vine street expressway will close each night for overnight construction. if you haven't been dealing with that the last few weeks you'll deal with it this week. still dealing with the continued closure of the turnpike connector bridge between pennsylvania pacific northwest new jersey. in case you thought it opened over the weekend w-it didn't. still blocked. and no end date given on that big closure. rick and monica, back over to you. >> thank you will. >> thank you again matt. much more still ahead on "action news" tonight. a heartwarming gesture from police in colorado after a single mother was pulled over for expired car tags. the reason why she did not renew her registration had
5:40 pm
officers chipping in to lend a helping expand flyers return from that all-star break. jaime apody with the second half of the season ahead in sports. cecily. >> we have some spotty snow squalls tonight. i'm tracking another system that will be moving in tomorrow but what you get depends on your location. i'll explain in the action weather seven-day forecast. >> those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪
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5:43 pm
>> a kind gesture from fleece colorado made a world of difference for this single mom. doctors diagnosed naomi with cancer when she was pregnant with her second child. well, after fighting cancer she decided to move to denver for a new job. unfortunately that job fell through and when she found a new job, her car died. she bought a new car but then couldn't afford the $400 for registration tags. and then police pulled her over for expired tags. >> the police officer asked me why my tags were so far expired. i explained well it's between the tag and the groceries essentiallily. >> officers listened to her wrote her a ticket anyway but guess what happened that made up to are that? officers showed up to her work with groceries, money to cover the
5:44 pm
ticket, a starbucks card and even app toy for her little four-year-old. trying to help her out. >> that's nice. >> very sweet. >> time for sports. sixers trying to snap a two game losing streak. they have a makeup game tonight. >> yup, jaime apody with more. >> monday pop-up makeup. >> say that three times fast. >> i can do it. >> monica can't do it. >> remember that sixers game back in november that was postponed because the court was all wet. today they'll try again. the sixers preparing to host the kings but no joel embiid again tonight. he's still bothered by that knee contusion and the he won't travel with the team and is doubtful the next two games as well. jahlil okafor will get the start. unlike the last time they tried to play this game against the kings the sixers were on a roll. they did win six of their last seven at home. sacramento beat them last month by only two. we knew they would no longer be number one after losing to marquette. villanova tumbled three spots to number four in the top 25 polls. wildcats play in providence wednesday. flyers return from the all-star break and took to the
5:45 pm
isolate this afternoon. they'll be in carolina tomorrow hoping to win their fourth state. the biggest winner wayne simmonds just named the nhl's first star of the week. he also scored three goals in two games in the all-star game in l.a. where he started his career earning him the m.v.p. his proud teammates were watching. >> for us all-star game it's good fun. >> it was awesome. you know, obviously it's well deserved him going back to l.a. and playing in the all-star game and being m.v.p. just a little cherry on top for himself. comes away with a little cash and a car. it's a gm weekend for him. >> yeah, it was. simmonds gets to share the $1 million bonus that went to the winning team plus his brand new truck. he says he doesn't need a truck. he has no idea what to do with the truck. he might give it to someone in his family. super bowl weekend all the hype that surrounds it. tonight the always exciting
5:46 pm
media night. new england patriots are used to this sort of thing of course. they're plain plane arrived in houston a short time ago. tom brady looking for his fifth ring. before they left fans held a rally for the three-point favorites and here's what bill bell check had to say. >> this team's worked extremely hard. we're excited about the opportunity go down to houston. we know we're playing the best team that -- this will be our toughest game. it's the best team we've played and we'll have to be at our best and that's what we're going strive do. >> falcons area flied houston yesterday. back in september the falcons' odds to win the super bowl were 80 to one. only four teams were worse i guess the eagles were one of them. penn charter matt ryan has had a m.v.p. type season and so here they are. ryan says bring on those pats. >> i think to be the best you got to beat the best and certainly they've been one of the most consistent organizations in the league for the last 15 or 20 years and so whether you're playing in detroit or you're playing
5:47 pm
the patriots, you're playing and that's the cool part. >> way back in the 90's ryan attended saint philip and james school in exton and today they held a rally in honor of their super alum. matt's parents were even in attendance and we'll hear from his proud papa coming up at 6:00. a lot of people are going to be rooting for the falcons. >> certainly in this area. >> thank you. >> time again for a philadelphia tradition t lottery registrations for the 38th annual blue cross broad street run opens on wednesday this week. that lottery stays open until monday february 13th. 40,000 runners respect expected to take over broad street on sunday may seventh. it is the largest 10-mile road race in the country. >> if you look really closures, oh, that was, okay,. >> no matter how close you look. [laughter] >> another check of the forecast for you. >> in his mind. all right, going live outside sky6hd check, out the ben franklin bridge looking beautiful tonight. accuweather coming up next. >> ♪
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>> this was the scene in cleveland ohio which is under a snow emergency right now. a winter system dumped several inches of snow on the lakeside city which is limiting parking only to traffic tonight. more than 70 snowplows were out and about this afternoon trying to clear the streets.
5:51 pm
50 more plows are expected to take over later this evening. >> meteorologist cecily tynan in for adam. we had some fluffy fakes out there. >> we saw some snow squalls and that's moving through the midwest. that will be clipping our northern areas tomorrow. so, getting a little bit more active but no big storms out there. >> good. >> storm tracker6 -- i know you don't like the snow. >> got to shovel. >> you do veneto shoveyou don'tl this. what we're dealing with are snow showers and snow squalls. it's almost like in the summer when you get the pop-up thunderstorms some instability moving through. this is the biggest batch right now. this was over center city at 4 o'clock and now you can see how quickly these are moving. it's heading across the garden state parkway but where you see that purple color, that's some heavier snow. so, that is really reducing visibility. it will continue to push to the east. it's moving at about 20's miles per houabout 20 milesper . we have a few more that's popping up another month
5:52 pm
everything through chester springs right now, the pennsylvania turnpike that just crossed route 100 heading towards exton and malvern and now that the sun has set, these will begin to fall apart. this is the scene though. i'm getting a lot of pictures like this. david posted this on my facebook page from havertown and it moves through quickly. it's virtual whiteout conditions for about 30 seconds and then the sun is back, blue skies and you can see that fresh coating not on the roads melting on the roads but on the grassy surfaces. right now philadelphia 32 degrees. down from our high of 39 which is 2 degrees below normal. little bit on the chilly side. a allentown 33, cape may 30 and the atlantic city airport currently 34 degrees. satellite6 and action radar showing first of all we had that some pull through across new jersey this morning brought 3-inches of snow parts of cape may county. now the short wave, this piece of energy is moving through but you'll notice out to the west the clouds are breaking up. so, this is not going to last much longer. this is the next system i'm tracking that's moving through
5:53 pm
the great lakes and this real clip, the northern -- will clip the northern parts of our viewing area so tonight some early snow showers, brisk and cold, overnight low 20 in the cooler suburbs to about 25 for center city. the chill is back. future tracker showing 7:30 in the morning lots of clouds and notice some of those snow showers breaking out again our far northern counties. it continues across the poconos lunchtime. finally moving through philadelphia by about 5:30 but here in philadelphia temperatures will be in the 40's. so, we're talking about rain not snow showers. as far as the expected snow, again, this is a northern event so reading, quakertown, allentown, up to lehighton, generally about a coating to an inch. the poconos getting one to 3-inches of snow tomorrow. association the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast some snow showers to the north tomorrow, rain showers in the afternoon for philadelphia. the high 42 degrees. behind this system on wednesday partly sunny ahead of our next cold front, 48 degrees. behind it on thursday,
5:54 pm
foreground hog day the sunshine is back but it's colder. 38 degrees. on friday, clouds and some sun, 34 degrees. saturday mostly sunny and quiet, 33. on sunday tracking the potential for some snow developing in the afternoon and evening hours, 35 degrees and monday clouds breaking for some sunshine with a high of 39. a lot of people asking about sunday night's event. the computer models earlier were showing a pretty big snowstorm. they've been back and off. it's going to be a lot of back and forth. i'll keep you posted. >> do you think he'll see his shadow? >> i hope -- >> not punxsutawney, adam. [laughter] >> i think he probably will. >> yeah, i think so, too. >> thank you cecily. >> remember is your go-to weather resource 24 hours a day. you'll find everything there from updated hourly forecasts to the latest from storm tracker6 double scan radar. >> well, coming up tonight on 6abc an all new episode of quote quantico ." >> i need your help.
5:55 pm
>> you're the commander in chief. you just say no. >> i can't. because i helped create the rogue group inside the cia. >> tonight tensions come to hadi in present day as shelby tries to help president claire haas stop a strike on midtown manhattan. quantico airs tonight at 10 o'clock after an all new episode of the bachelor. "action news" follows tonight at 11:00 and we'll be right back.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> right now jim gardner and the the "action news" team are standing by with these stories and more next at 6:00 turned away. relatives of a syrian family sent back from philadelphia international airport this weekend speak of the fears they now have for their loved one. >> a community about to gather for sisters killed this
5:58 pm
weekend by a suspected d. i driver. for meteorologist adam joseph cecily tynan jaime apody monica malpass the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams. have a nice evening. >> good night. >> good night. >> ♪ z1we5z zi0z y1we5y yi0y
5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> monday night. local muslims speak out after an attack on a mosque in canada. squalls blanket parts of the region with a coating of snow but the big story on "action news" tonight is the latest from president trump on his immigration travel ban. the president met with small business leaders today but was
6:00 pm
holding firm on his order tom to suspend the refugee process and ban all immigrants from seven middle eastern countries for 90 days. trump insisted that the chaos at america's airports last night was the result of a computer glitch not the protests over the travel ban. however o-the chaos actually began saturday with protesters packing airports including philadelphia. democrats in congress say they will introduce legislation to stop the ban. and several hundred american diplomats have that signed app so-called dissent cable which says the ban runs counter to american values and will fuel anti-american sentiment around the world but trump countered by issuing this tweet. there is nothing nice about searching for terrorists before they can enter our country. this was a big part of my campaign. study the world. it is


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