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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  January 31, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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neil gorsuch and hardiman is based in philadelphia. along with president trump's sister, mary ann trump barry. and 49-year-old neil gorsuch serves on the 10th circuit court of appeals and is called scalia 2.0, because he supports his philosophy and writing decisions. >> i think the person i pick will be a big, big -- people will love it. evangelicals and christians will love my pick. >> you'll watch the announcement live here on 6 abc watch the abc news special report here at 8:00 p.m. we'll also stream it live on our website at in a move that played out in dramatic fashion last night, president trump fired the acting attorney general, sally yates just hours after she refused to
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defend his excessive order. he said that yates betrayed the department of justice. and lana zach is joining us live with the latest. >> reporter: hi there brian and sharrie. you know the democrats have really vowed to fight back against the president then have very little arms in their arsenal but one thing they have the ability to do is fight back against the cabinet nominee. and they boycotted two of the cabinet nominees today as the party tries to create a temporary pause on some immigrants. for the first time since the president' excessive order that issued a temporary stop. refugees in seven predominantly muslim countries.
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>> this is not a repeat not a ban on muslims. >> and secretary kelly had advanced notice of the executive order. >> the republican speaker of the house, paul ryan, struck a different tone. >> it's regrettable with the confusion with the roll out of this, people with green cards and people with special visas getting caught up on this. >> it is by nature not a ban. >> but the president himself called it a ban. >> the president himself tweeted using the word ban on monday. if the ban were announced with a one week notice the bad would rush into our country durthat week and more from the white house on their decision to fire acting attorney general, yates. >> they serve at the pleasure of the president. >> and we just heard from new
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jersey governor, chris christie, slammed the rollout but fundamentally what he wanted to get at was making america safer. >> well, today here at city hall, we saw the faces and heard from the families affected by the new immigration ban and families are filing federal many lawsuits after saying their relatives were detained at philadelphia international airport and sent back to their home countries. including a student at the university of delaware and her sister studying at the technical institute. within their mother arrived here her visa was revoked and sent back to iran. after a four day journey they were not allow to see their mother or speak to her on the phone. >> this is unfair and inhuman to stop a mother from seeing her
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daughters after years and treating here like a criminal. a retired teacher, spent her whole life expanding education. >> imagine spending 15 hours on a plane after two years of being vetted to be turned around in philadelphia the birth place of america to be put on the same plane and sent back to a country whose government is gassing and bombing their citizens. >> they were sent back to syria after waiting for a visa to live with their relatives in allentown and they have filed a lawsuit to get the visas reinstated at the governor's support. they are now fighting for a hearing in federal court.
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>> all right lots to follow there in washington. meanwhile back here at home, we turn to the forecast and good day to the ski resorts. a little snow today. >> and they will take what they can get. this was the scene today in big boulder and white haven and they were making snow as real snow was falling and the mountain opened to skiers at 3:00 this afternoon and will be open until 9:00 tonight to ski under the lights. let get the details on the snow up north and what is happening in the region as well with meteorologist, adam joseph today. >> brian and sharrie the sun is shining on city avenue, after we saw a lot of clouds today and a lot of snow showers in northern areas, as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan. a weak clipper system moving to the north. skirting parts of new england, dry area wide now and north of pittsburgh and moving to the north and falling apart. 41 in philadelphia that is our
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typical high in january and just to the south 56 in washington, 60 in richmond. 51 in charleston. as we go into the first day of february tomorrow. for this evening we are brechting the cloud cover apart. temperatures in the upper 30s between 7:00 and 11:00. not a slip in temperature under partly cloudy skies and a low of 35 degrees. it will be breezy as we get into your wednesday tomorrow. and much milder than today. then a late week chill will put push. in and we get into super bowl sunday and we talk about a warm-up when we come back in a bit. a woman in south jersey charged with beating her husband to death for the fire extinguisher went before a judge this afternoon.
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tinsly is accused of murder handgun husband in their home last night. police say she hit her husband several times with the extinguisher. it happened on hancock lane and a motive is not yet clear. some philadelphia residents for forced out of their homes overnight are still out this afternoon. the fire broke out in old city and some people never heard a fire alarm. sara bloomquist is live on the scene now with the full story this afternoon. >> reporter: sharrie it does appear that many reads of this condo build willing look for a place to stay tonight and for many nights to come. a 25 unit building. we spoke to an owner of one building this afternoon. he got inside to get a few belongings, he said by his estimation it will take months to rebuild and what is worse the exact same building was damaged
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by fire about 10 years ago. david pulled suitcases down market street today, after salvaging what he could from his condo. >> everything is soaking wet. the floors and sofas and i'm guessing a total loss. >> firefighters got the call at 6:44 a.m. to what would become a two alarm fire. residented heard strange sounds and looked outside to see flames. >> we are on the fifth floor and i look the out the window and saw from the reflection of the building there was a fire above us. >> i called chase, my boyfriend, he grabbed the fire extinguisher and tried to put it out. 5 seconds it's like smoke to fire ball. >> the flames spread spoke buildings on either side and given the small street this was a difficult fire to fight. >> this fire brought 25 fire
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apparatus and partner vehicles and more than 60 people to the scene, that is one of the reasons why because these buildings are often connected. and rarely are we fighting fire in just one building. >> david lived in this building in 2006 when a similar fire did incredible damage. >> there was a fire on the roof that burned down into the units on the fifth floor and i got all the water. >> that fire back in 2006 was caused by care also smoking on the rooftop deck. some residents suspect this could be the same cause, reads tell us they did not hear any alarms and they could not get them to trigger as they made their way out. however the fire commissioner told us that he did hear them loud and clear when he arrived here on the scene. there will be an investigation
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into the cause and one reads suffered very minor injuries. sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. pennsylvania governor, tom wolf, is asking lawmakers for another $10 million to help save people from drugover doses, the governor wants the money added to the budget to pay for narcan. and wolf says that police and first responders have used narcan to stop 2300 overdoses in just the last two years statewide. >> naloxone is the last step to bring someone back with the hope that that person says okay i need to get into treatment. >> the governor will make the official funding request in the proposal he is submitting next week. philadelphia schools are honored for making big improvemented. olney elementary is one of them. dr. william hite was there to
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announced the results of the school progress report. this year 74% of district schools improved their school climates that is a strong indicator of future academic performance. this time yesterday we were dealing with blinding snow on the roadways not this case this afternoon as we get a check of the traffic report. lets go to matt pellman. >> reporter: there are things we can improve upon. but yes it's drier than yesterday afternoon. we are thankful for that, but the normal afternoon delays are cropping up eastbound side already solid from the schuylkill to 95, normal delays on the schuylkill and many cases that means speeds in the teens and word of a vehicle fire at bala cynwyd. and slow this afternoon on 95 southbound from bridge street into the vine and that is where
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we have a disabled truck. and farther south in delco just 7 miles per hour and this isn't helping us out a crash at the end of the blue route 476 blue route, off to the side, just attracting attention and sun glare is an issue on 95 southbound this afternoon. meanwhile after coming away from franklin mills in the great northeast. a crash a vehicle bounced off the guardrail and everything is off to the side now, just 19 miles per hour as you head toward i-95. the turnpike connecter remains closed because of the ongoing structural issues there and complicating issues an opening at the burlington bristol bridge for a ship. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you. still ahead here on a tuesday afternoon investigators are zeroing in on details surrounding the man suspected of
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opening fire at a mosque in canada. >> and soggy ground from heavy rain out west led to a landslide that damaged several homes.
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authorities say that the man charged in a deadly mosque attack is known for his extreme nationalist views, 70-year-old french canadian student is charged with killing six people and seriously wounding five others. police say he opened fire at a quebec city mosque during evening prayers on sunday. canada's prime minister says that it was an act of terrorism targeting muslims. in california, hillside gave way in the hollywood hilled sending tons of mud and debris into the yards of at least two
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homes than landslide buried power poles and took down the lines, more than 20 tons of earth came down the hill, dogs checked the rubble for trapped people and did not find any. a gas leak was reported in the area and electricity is restored to the affected homes at this point and officialed say that the houses themselves appeared to escape any damage. residents many bucks county have a place to go. in warminster the ymca opened their doors today. it's quipped with cardio and weight training and spin room and unlimited fit room group classes and programming based on need. >> now, here is a look at today's closing numbers. the stocks closing mostly lower
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today. the dow jones down more than 106 points and the nasdaq closing over 1 point and the s&p down 2 points today. in princeton they have singing their hearts out to stay open at westminster choir college. ♪ ♪ >> the non-stop performances are happening at princeton's historic nassau presbyterian church. ryder campus has plans to shut down the campus and sell the land and sell the princeton campus and move it to ryder's main campus in rydersville.
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this has people upset and they are fighting back the best way they know how in song. from choir singers to pianists they will make music through the night to tomorrow morning. >> thank you. i was writing a check in morning and putting the date and it's the 1st of february tomorrow. and coming with a warm-up. >> adam joseph is standing by we don't mind the warm-up. >> one day. and then a chill down. however, late under that seven day a blow torch warm-up for next week. and now live over the commodore barry bridge light snow shower and flurry and they are all gone. temperature-wise we are right where we should be for the last day of january. 41 if philadelphia, it's colder
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to the north, 32 right now in lehigh valley and 38 in reading but look to the south, you get a bit of sun and a southwesterly win and 51 in dover and along the shore temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. as we look at the month this is one of the months where you don't mind getting the heating bill in the mail, look at these days. temperature as above average for afternoon highs. 22 days in fact in the red closing the month 5.5 degrees below normal. certainly well above the average and snowfall wise despite how warm it was pretty close to normal for the month. satellite and radar the clipper system that passes to the north, north of philadelphia. breaks developing to the south and west and overnight tonight we call it partly cloudy and a mixture of clouds and stars and not too chilly, below freezing north and west and wilmington
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and millville and 40 degrees if you are right along the coastline from cape may to long beach island. the first day of february tomorrow. a high temperature of 49 degrees despite a lot of clouds there will be pops of sun at times during the day and the temperatures go into the 40s in the morning and then upper 40s as we get into the afternoon and again what is just for one day, then temperatures start to slide a bit here on thursday, back down to normal. 41 on thursday with winds more in the northwesterly direction suppressing the upper 40s and 50s to the south and turns colder at the end of the week, at lunch time we are only looking at temperatures around 36 degrees, 29 in pittsburgh and a little bit of a chill for the end of the week, that changes next week. as we look at the four day at 4:00 forecast. as we head into the upcoming weekend milder tomorrow on the brink of 50 degrees with a lot of clouds and sunny and seasonable on thursday, with a lot of sun you would think the
4:22 pm
groundhog would see his shadow, i think they make up their mind before the sun cracks the horizon what he will do. and saturday and sunday brisk and colder and 36 degrees and a lot of sun on saturday and a few flurries for super bowl sunday and look how warm it will get in the seven day next half hour. >> thank you. still ahead miss america make a stop down at the jersey shore, we'll show you. plus, the childhood philadelphia home of princess grace kelly will reopen to the public. find out what you'll find inside after renovations are complete. ♪ oh, it's a good day... ♪ [car horns] [angry shouting]
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four men were caught on camera attacking a man on a south philadelphia street in an apparent attempt to steal his phone. it happened on january 10 and at 8:00 at night on the 1200 block of south broad street. the suspect came up from the victim and repeatedly kicked and
4:26 pm
punched the man and eventually stopped the assault and ran off and they ever really got the victim's phone and the fbi is offering a reward for capture of this bank robber, these clear photos were taken yesterday morning at the bbt bank branch on market street. if you have any information that could get this guy off the street. federal officials and police want to hear from you. >> men and women that protect the city were honored today in northeast philadelphia. saint martha parish hosted a breakfast for police and firefighters and some of the youngest students kicked off the event by saying the pledge of aleaningance. the event was part of catholic schools week. residents in south jersey were greeted by a special guest today. miss america 2017, savvy shields
4:27 pm
make a visit. she warmed the room with her smile to the residents and many living there are fans of the pageant and volunteered in years past and volunteers thanked her for her time and wished her well. and tragedy in buck county what we are learning now about an elderly woman killed in her own home. i'd nydia han if a painting project is on your diy list we have do's and don't's to save you money. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with the reason that titanic director james cameron is saying enough is enough, jack would have died. we'll explain. >> and eight lives and counting, calling in backup to help save a for lorne feline trapped in a tree. >> and a mother says that someone took off with both her car and her child but only one was true. >> we know that this fire on the 2200 block of byberry road was deadly. late this afternoon officials confirm that the 92-year-old homeowner was rescued she did
4:30 pm
not survive her injuries. vernon odom talked to the victim's sister today he is now live from the scene of the fire with the story. >> reporter: good afternoon brian, it is indeed a tragedy you live for nine decades in world and suddenly one winter warning your life is suddenly snuffed out. >> she lived here all her life. josephine told me about her sister whose home was scorched in this deadly blaze along byberry road at 5:0 this morning. it burned quickly so fast the firefighter had a tough time getting inside to pull her out of the house. >> the female occupant was rescued by firefighters when they arrived on scene. entered the structure via the the front bedroom window. >> later she lost her battle to survive at temple university hospital, her 6-year-old son
4:31 pm
edward scramble to safety on his own and they found him wandering around the yard covered in soot and suffering from smoke inhalation. they were classic hoarders and that hampered their efforts to extinguish the fire. >> the house was very cluttered a lot of stuff in the house, boxes and boxes of clothes and stuff i guess they have collected over the years. >> edward remains hospitalized in critical condition tonight and a lot of his extended family lives along this stretch of road and his aunt woke up and was confused as to what was going on down the block and then learned the fire took her sisters life after all the close knit years. >> i thought it was a burglary, i can't see quite that far down there. you know.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: brian, firefighters and rescuers spent much of the day pulling out the debris and rubble and know that the fire started in the basement but still not sure where in the basement. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> vernon, thank you. officials in gloucester county are trying to figure out why a school bus caught fire today. chopper 6 hd was over the scene at exit 18 in paulsboro, authorities say that the driver pulled off the road this afternoon before the bus caught fire and nobody was hurt. a lehigh valley business responsible for recycling batteries and other dangerous material had to be evacuated this morning following a chemical scare, firefighters were initially called to aarc cycling solutions in allentown for reports of a fire and they realized that two chemicals mixed together causing a
4:33 pm
reaction. crews brought in a hazmat and decontamination team. and the building was cleared this morning roughly four hours after the initial call. >> atlantic city's former revel resort must be properly licensed if the owner plans to open as a casino. that was the ruling today. the casino control commission issued the ruling after the owner said he didn't need a casino license because he planned to lease that part of the operation to something else. straub that bought the billion dollar casino for $8 million is fighting it with or without a license. the animal in distress will be rescued in delaware county all because of a businessman that provided a key assist. dan kelly volunteered his time and equipment to save say cat that was stuck in the tree for the last three days.
4:34 pm
upper chichester police shared this video on their facebook page it shows kelly reaching the feline and bringing it into his bucket lift and at sometime something fell out of the bucket but it was just kelly's hat. the cat is back on the ground safe and sound. >> three days up there. incredible. >> we had up and down weather -- >> now we go up and then down and then back up. that pendulum keeps on swinging. sky 6 hd over center city clouds breaking apart a little. the sun is getting lower and 41 degrees, winds out of a warmer detection so to speak out of the east at 6 miles per hour with the 6 miles per hour wind no matter the direction brings the windchill down to 37 and as we look at spring mountain, not cold enough yet to make some snow but temperatures are close at 36 degrees and a bright sky
4:35 pm
there with a decent amount of blue and calm winds and no windchill there for the skiers and the snowboarders and you see a sliver of blue up towards the lehigh valley and north hampton county and easton and cold there at 32 degrees and windchill is just 26, we'll chat about the ups and downs with the temperatures and talk about a chance of flurries or snow showers over the weekend. coming up with that seven-day forecast. >> thanks. philadelphia is getting a new museum dedicated to the royal princess that lived at the same address. the former east falls home of grace kelly was renovated and reopen to the public by the end of next year. according to her son prince albert of monoco, that the property will have regional offices for the princess grace foundation and made available for brick events. >> and the pennsylvania state police are changing their recruitment standards to try to
4:36 pm
attract a bigger pool of candidates. >> state police say that the application was so long and drawn out that potential recruits were giving up before they began. so comingp tonight at 5:00 we'll tell but the changes they hope will both streamline the process and diversify the state's police force and coming up tonight on health check the study that measured the impact on children when they are read to by their fathers instead of their mothers. more stories in just a little bit on "action news" at 5:00. til then back to the studio. >> thank you rick. students in delaware came together on this cold day to share a hot refer bath, the third annual hot chocolate festival was today in delaware and the free celebration is part of national hot chocolate day. students sampled fun hot chocolate varieties featuring a
4:37 pm
decadent toppings bar and trivia and chances to win prizes. they are known as the fab four and stepping out of the spotlight for the first time. this group of african penguin chicks made their debut at the camden adventure aquarium. they are hand raising the baby birds since they were hatched last month. they are soon moving into their new home on the exhibit on penguin island. >> those are cute. >> still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, character assassination. the director of titanic explains once and for all. why jack had to die. and she was a victim a crime but her daughter wasn't. why an ohio mother told police her car and child had been stolen. and cats may have nine lives but researchers say that they only have five personalities from personal assistant to private
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a good samaritan used his walking cane in atlantic city. he was riding a computer bus when he saw a man assault the driver and goldman stepped in and beat the man with his cane so hard it broke. the suspect was arrested while goad man was honored for his heroism and received two new canes and he likes the metal one best. >> had to put it on someone again, i won't have to put it on him too bad. you know. you will act right with this zp crime fighting with a cane, goldman also received a lifetime bus pass and a thank you card signed by area bus drivers, the
4:41 pm
bus driver attacked is planning to return to her route after taking time off. most cat openers will tell you ta their feline friends are difficult to read. but according to the study commissioned by the spca the majority of cats full under one of five personality traits. first human cat. also known as the love bug, they are obsessed with people and want affection and then the private investigators this cat is always watching but only emerges from their location on their terms and the party animal or hunter, a super playful cat that turns anything in a toy. and then the side kick, researchers say this cat is there when you call them but happy to be alone as well. and finally the personal assistant whether you are reading the paper or taking a shower, this cat feels it needs to help with everything whether
4:42 pm
you want the help or not. big talkers now on the heels of the boy scouts of america's decision to allow transgender children to become scouts we hear from a child from the center of the case his name is joe 8 years old and his heart is filled with love that he can continue being a cub scout. >> little joe was born as a girl but identifies as a boy, last fall he joined the boy scouts of secaucus but was told to leave. and his mother file aid lawsuit and in a few days, the boy scouts responded with a big change in policy. if a little boy identifies as male they can be a scout. >> i am delighted for all the kid zbliz want them to be happy. >> want them to be comfortable how i am and what my identity
4:43 pm
is. >> and remember that three years ago gay boys were also allowed to become scouts as well. now to a story about the the consequences of lying. in this case an ohio mom's fbi snowballed leading to an amber aleft and dispatching hundreds of police officers helicopter k-9 units and detectives and you name it. all because jessica picket was lying. she called 911 to report that her car was stolen but she said her daughter, 4-year-old janay was inside. that is the lie. they searched for the girl until this tip came in, she was at her aunt's house, mom says she wanted police to find her stolen car quote, faster. >> finally titanic, one the big of the blockbuster of our time. if you have not seen it i'm about to spoil the end.
4:44 pm
the end which is the center of debate for two decades, die hard fans believe that jack could have fit on the wooden door and lived. james cameron wants the speculation to get over it now. there is no way that wooden plank could have held the weight of two people and jack let rose hold on as he slip as way into the frigid open. >> an episode of mist busters suggest that they could have climbed on and lived going into detail how they could have climbed off and cameron is setting the record straight. 147 of the script jack gets off the board and gives his place to her so she can survive it's that simple. that is the ending. the director says so. my heart will go on. the end. >> putting an end to a lot of
4:45 pm
internet debate about this for quite sometime. >> that is the way it is. >> the fail in the coffin today. a check of the roads right now. matt pellman is in the traffic center. >> we have a boat load of problems on the way home this tuesday afternoon. new one at 95 and what was the work zone at cotman, this is the northbound of cotman and the vehicles taking out the left lane, traffic is getting by in the three right lanes but slow coming north on 95 north of bridge street through this point past cotman, in delco we have the crash on the blue route southbound 295 southbound and not much left of it at this point. up here still a vehicle or so off to the side. that is attracting attention and we had sun glare on the southbound side of 95 as well. extra slow through delco with the speeds in the teens, because of that crash and the sun glare. a crash in delco to watch out for along manoa and sacred heart
4:46 pm
and mamas in bala cynwyd a vehicle fire at belmont. and a broken down vehicle on the platt bridge and that is gone we are picking up the pace there. and on the tacoma palmyra bridge we are getting ready for an opening. and speeds in the 30s because of a crash in newark approaching 89 6 right lane is out of commission with that wreck. >> thank you matt. take a live look outside sky 6 hd looking live at atlantic city, we want to draw your attention to the sound still fairly high in the sky. daylight longer days we like that. >> meteorologist adam joseph coming up with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. next.
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all right meteorologist, adam joseph checking in now with the accuweather forecast. >> we cool down and then a warm-up at the end of the seven day. so something for everyone. life on sky 6 hd over the commodore barry bridge we see a lot of gray upstairs. but near the horizon as the sun is about to get lower and about to set for this evening, displaying a little bit of a glow along the sky and if you have the breaks it can display for a nice sunset here in the next 20 to 30 minutes. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan no precipitation as we saw a couple of snow flurries and showers especially philadelphia off to the north, especially the lehigh valley and up to the poconos where they did get clipped by that weak system from the north today. and philadelphia itself. 1 degree above normal.
4:50 pm
5 to 7 degrees above normal and 41 degrees, the record for the date 65 degrees, set back in 1947 and the low is perfect this morning. sitting at 26. as we look at the numbers, it depends on where you are much colder to the north where we have the brief period of snow and 20 in the poconos, 41 philadelphia and then you head to the south and temperatures there 51 right now in dover, 48 in millville. and we'll duplicate that number in atlantic city. you can see the system to the north now skirting southern parts of new with some snow and capturing the breaks especially south as you head away from philadelphia along 95 and washington to richmond well into the 50s and 60s during the day today. tonight partly cloudy and not too chilly, 29 degrees near allentown and 35 in center city and winds from the west-southwest 6 to 12. the southwesterly component will
4:51 pm
warm us up here tomorrow. and in fact for your wednesday we are in between systems, clouds still and peeks of sun at times and 8 degrees above average as we hit close to 50 degrees and reenforcing shot of colder air on thursday and seasonable temperatures back down to 42 degrees and there is the groundhog as he tries to pop up a lot of sun so one would think you'll see your shadow, but you never know with the rodent. winds from the west northwest at 12 miles per hour. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast near 50 on wednesday and breezy and milder and a lot of sun on february 2nd here seasonable and 42 and colder air bleeds in from the north here friday and saturday and both days a decent amount of sun and highs below average in the mid-30s, super bowl sunday we watch for afternoon snow showers that could develop and at this point, it does not look like a big store or prevent you
4:52 pm
from traveling around fun want to watch the game somewhere at 37 degrees and 44 and turning milder and a lot of clouds on tuesday at 54 degrees, we are going to jump at least 13 degrees above normal on tuesday and if you extended seven-day we could talk about 60s one week from now. normal warm up on the way. >> the meteorologist not the rodent. >> unless it's mickey mouse. >> how to tackle that pain job around the house in what's the deal.
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
the colder weather this week means stuck around the house why not tackle a dyi project like painting. nydia han has money and time
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saving advice. >> consumer reports revealing the best techniques to paint a room and the products to deliver a finish. chances are you made a mistake or two along the way. paint expert says you can avoid common blunders with a few tips, cut in with a brush like the pros but if you are a novemberis, the either is a good tool to try. to avoid drips use the roller to apply paint instead of the edger, when it comes to painting the walls, remember the four s's. >> saturate the roller and smear the paints on the wall and spread it out and then finally smooth is over to get a nice finish. >> a common mistake not getting enough paint on the roller. >> saturate the paint on the roller to the point where it's dripping off. >> the roller should sound more like this -- instead of this --
4:56 pm
next in a two by two section smear the paint on a wall in an xv or w pattern and then cover the paint in the area and smooth the roller from top to bottom and continue until the wall is covered and to save time in money use the paint and primer in one. like this bear premium ultra. can you find that at home depot for $36 a can and lowes val spar for $33 a gallon performed good. and remember if you like a color from another brand you can match either of these recommendations to any color you like. all you need is a sample. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00. for sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. i hope you'll join me tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00.
4:57 pm
>> here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look ahead at 5:00. >> a look ahead. the legal action taken in philadelphia today just days after president trump signed his executive order on emgration and how mayor jim kenney is responding to the proposition to strip cities of funding. >> and in the poconos snow. the business boost that the snow gave the report resorts in our area.
4:58 pm
z1we5z zi0z
4:59 pm
y1we5y yi0y "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. we have received from lawyers from people all over america. and the world. it's just not american what has happened. >> employee local families are suing president trump over the immigration band claiming their relatives forced to return home after arriving in philadelphia were illegally detained. the big story is the new legal backlash against the trump administration over the controversial executive order.
5:00 pm
john rawlins live at city hall with the story. >> reporter: hi guys the next stop is federal court and there was a news conference at city hall held by the aclu. one is in the pipeline for a 56-year-old iranian woman and the other filed on six syrians, the common denominator were send away from the united states on saturday. >> we asked for immediate relief and specifically request that the judge order that their visas be reissued within 48 hours. >> jonathan feinberg represents two families that after immigrating were coming to allentown. the six arrives but then were sent back to damascus. the visas can a canceled. joseph is a relative of those turned away. >> to say the least it's an out rain, as my mother said it's


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