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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  January 31, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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speculator and the salvation army, the architect and the demolition contractor and the man used to use his excavator to demolish the building and then the pensy phase, how much the six will have to pay. in north philadelphia firefighters are on the scene at girard college. firefighters arrived at the scene just about a half hour ago with fire showing from the rooftop of one of the buildings on campus and we do not know what sparked the blaze and the extent of the fire we do know that firefighters are here getting a handle on this fire there have been no injuries reported. that is the situation at girard college. it is a shot across the bow of president trump's ship of state fired from the tri-state area. three families denied entry into the united states at
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philadelphia international airport on saturday are filing lawsuits again the trump administration. claim that trump's immigration travel ban is unconstitutional. they were all detained and then removed and then sent back to the countries from whence they came. john rawlins is live now at city hall. >> reporter: in the middle of it jim. the aclu held a news conference at city hall and the mayor was in attendance along with a small army of civil rights lawyers, little love for the gathering of the president's executive order, preteching the nation from terrorists. >> using fear and paranoia from zena phobia. and they protested the executive order last weekend at the
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airport and today they announced they would sue the government on behalf of foreign nationals. this 66-year-old from iran not allowed to visit her daughters, who are u.s. grad students. >> unfair and inhuman to stop a mother from seeing her daughter after years and treating her like a criminal. >> earlier today an action filed on behalf of six syrians after more than a decade of planning and vetting were immigrating to allentown and. >> we are asking for immediate relief and their visas be reissued within 48 hours. and the would be immigrants back in damascus. >> it was a shock to hear they were sent back the way they were. it's unamerican and unledgecal not to give them a phone call or
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interpreter. >> they say that the government should pay for a return flight. >> they be returned at government expense and we expect that say remedy that is required under federal law. >> so one suit has been filed and another is on its way the remedy being sought is that the government reinstates the revok revoked visas and pays for the return trip to the u.s. >> president trump will announce his pick for the supreme court tonight. that announcement is scheduled for 8:00 and you can watch it live here on channel 6. closer to home burlington county authorities say that a woman beat her husband to death with a fire extinguisher.
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police have charged tinsly for the murder of her 74-year-old husband. it happened on hancock lane in willingboro yesterday and the motive is still under investigation. philadelphia officials are trying to find out what caused this morning's destructive fire in the narrow streets of old city. sara bloomquist live now. what is the latest? >> reporter: well, jim the cause is on investigation and in the meantime it appears that the residents of this condo building will not be able to return tonight and many more nights to come. it's a 25 unit billing and we spoke to an owner that got a chance to get inside. he believes it will take months to rebuild. >> it's a real mess. >> david moran carried what few belongings he could in suitcases.
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he says the damage in his condo is extensive calling his fourth floor unit a total loss. >> an absolute mess, the ceiling is down and everything is oaking wet and all of my books and artwork on the walls and everything is soaking wet. >> firefighters were called out at 5:46 this morning residents did not hear smoke alarms but heard shouts of fire and then saw the flames. >> we are on the fifth day floor and i looked out the window and saw from the reflection of the build tlg was a fire above us. >> and you can see the little square skylight, smoke underneath it and then there is fire. >> and the blaze went to two alarms, latisha street is quite narrow making it difficult to fight. >> the rowhouses are connected and rarely are we just fighting
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fire in one building. >> david more an knows about this he lived here in august 2006 when a similar fire caused considerable damage. >> there was a fire on the roof deck and burned down to the units on the fifth floor and i got all the water. >> now, that fire back in 2006 was caused by careless smoking up on the rooftop. residents suspect that this fire may have the same cause. you hear residents telling us they didn't hear the smoke alarms and the fire commissioner told us when he arrived on scene he could hear them loud and clear and one resident suffered minor injuries. sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> the developer that wants to reopen the former revel casino in atlantic city has lost his bid to avoid having a new jersey casino license, glen straub
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argued he was exempt because he planned to have another company run the ten casino operation. and he plans to open the property without the casino as a hotel on april 20th but the officials said the opening of the casino is not even remotely imminent. and 25 philadelphia district and charter schools were honored for receiving the highest marks on the latest school progress report and mayor jim kenny and superintendant william hite were on hand for the ceremony. the progress report measures overall improvement not just test performance and 73% of schools increased their claim at score. that is a strong indicator of academic improvement. we are more than halfway through the ski season and it's a good time to check out how the industry is fairing in this region. we obviously haven't had a lot of snow. lehigh valley cordan walter
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perez has the update. >> the ski resort up in the poconos say what a difference a year makes, officials here at lake boulder park say that last ski season is so mild they had a hard time keeping the trails open and this season is not i ideal but temperatures are keeping it operating and a few inches of real snow today is the icing and it's cake. and snow makes temperatures back in order and natural snow is improving the conditions and attitude. and excited because the customer base believes in winter and go 50 miles to the south and it's a bit of a different story. and officials say they are doing better than last year but the mile weather over the past few weeks prove a challenge then just reopened the mountain this past weekend after being forced to shut it down last week due to a lack of snow.
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>> mlk and it warmed up and the nor'easter with extensive rains and that put a hurting on the conditi conditions. >> we spoke with skiers and snowmobilers that it's here. >> it snowed in morgantown and that put me in the mood to go skiing. >> here we are. last week was sizy and the week before there was no snow. we love it now. we are hooking on skiing. >> officials at bear creek says what is saving them is the december 16th start three weeks earlier than the previous year and hoping to finish strong with what they hope will be a frosty february. coming up on "action news" tonight. you'll soon be able to walk in the footsteps of a princess. the plans for the childhood home of grace kelly. and students at westminster
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choir college voice their objections to a proposal to move their campus to ryder university. i'll have the story coming up. and we have mild air moving up from the south right in time for the start of february and i am tracking cooler weather with a chance of snow by the weekend i'll have details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. those story and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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z1we5z zi0z y1we5y yi0y the childhood home of princess grace kelly will reopen to the public in the next year. kelly's son prince albert of monoco purchased not home in the east falls section for $754,000.
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albert says that once it's renovated it will house the regional office for the princess grace foundation and the extension of the irish library and made available for public events. the landmark hotel dupont in wilmington delaware will be under new ownership and dew point announced an agreement to sell the hotel to thegroup. and it will continue to operate under the name hotel dupont. this is new at 6:00 tonight happening in princeton, new jersey, a full day of music with the hopes of keeping an institution where it is. nora muchanic has the story. >> they are singing for survival. members of the westminster curve
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college in prince on are joined by dozens of other performers for a marathon of music to voice opposition to a proposal to move the world renowned music school. >> this is us saying we are not okay with the sale of westminster choir college and this is us demonstrating the value of this university and what we have to offer. >> westminster merged with ryder in 1992 but maintains a separate campus and now they are facing a deficit and think being selling the campus in princeton and moving everyone to lawrenceville. >> don't currently have office space or rehearsal studios to work with the students in lawrenceville that is a concern i'm no in favor of it, it would be very sad to see it go. >> i got a degree from westminster choir college then
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are a prestigious wonderful place, and i tonight want to say it's ryder university. >> they continue to ask the entire ryder community for their understanding. as they work to make a fact based decision in the coming months. the music marathon began this morning and runs through wednesday at 11:00. westminster students did not go the way of picket signs and rallies, they made their case with what they do best, making music. in princeton, i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news."
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all-star break is over and flyers get back into action and keep up the winning. >> keep up what they have been doing. and the flyers hope they do not miss a single beat. they visit carolina tonight and the flyers hit the nfl break on a three game winning streak and after the hurricanes they will be moment for the next five.
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an important stretch and the game plan sounds simple. >> fine the way to win the game it doesn't matter how. it doesn't matter if you end up with 50 shots at the net -- that the biggest key we have to find out ways to win the game. pretty or not it's what it is all about. >> joel embiid is on the shelf and will remain there for the next two games. he will not accompany the sixers on the trip to texas. he is dealing with a knee contusion. >> there is no red flags we are making sure we are doing the right thing with what we are learning to be a very important person in our program. >> the sixers won without embiid last night and they beat the kings, 122-119. they got 49 points on the beverage.
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and the sixers visit the mavericks tomorrow night. and st. joes hoefs davidson and temple takes their act on the road to due lane. and jay wright and his cast left for providence. and it's the first contest since dropping to fourth in the ap poll. it matters to us but not so much for them. >> at this point having been won last year and lost it, got it back again. won this year and lost it and got it back and lost it again. >> we have been up and down enough it doesn't affect them anymore. we are far from a finished product. we get a lot better especially in the league especially going up no providence now and this point in the season i like who they are. >> the super bowl is five-day as way and there are five people rooting against the patriots simply because they are the patriots and others that are genuinely pulling for atlanta. because of this guy, matt ryan.
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the exton native is coming off an mvp type regular season but the time in the tell wear valley and pen charter that laid the grown work for his success. >> the opportunity came up for me to go to pen charter and my parents felt like it was a good opportunity and it ended up working well and i enjoyed my time there and really got to meet great people and people that have become lifelong friends. >> we run that highlight more than a few times much the guy that makes that catch is probably saying hey lets get my name on the air. >> the crown jewel of the museum of the american revolution is now in place in old city. this is george washington's headquarters contents. museum officials call it one of the most iconic artifacts
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surviving from the revolution where washington made key decisions that obviously changed the course of american history. a large 19th century painting of washington is being installd this week and the museum is scheduled to open on april 19th.
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♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. there's only one way to travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing. and that's with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. more snow showers today. how long is this going to last. >> we are one snow shower moving through berks county and one up in the poconos, they want the snow. about a coating to 2 inches up there. stormtracker 6 live double scan show that the snow showers were not as widespread as yesterday's snow squalls, one batch over
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reading moving due east. heading toward route 100, pottstown and green lane, getting in on the action. not all that intense pretty light and for the most part saying good-bye to january. january 2017 was our 15th warmest on record. those were the afternoon highs above normal. 23 days and temperatures averaging 5.5 degrees above normal and as we begins february we start on a mild note. temperatures of 49 in philadelphia and 8 degrees above normal and there is cool air waiting in the wings. and philadelphia 38 down from the high of 42 still seasonable. and cape may 41 and wilmington
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41 and the poconos 21. satellite 6 along with action radar showing this elongated clipper moving through tonight and bringing snow showers mainly to the north berks county and the lehigh valley and the poconos this continues to push off to the east and behind it partly cloudy and not that cold tonight we have a warm front moving through and this brings us winds from the southwest. temperatures down to 35 in philadelphia and pretty mild for early february standards. and wilmington 34 with the winds from the southwest. temperatures 49 degrees 8 degrees above normal. would i not be surprise if areas south of philadelphia hit temperatures in the 50s. and a cold front comes through dry and shifts the wind and thursday lots of sunshine for the groundhog and punxsutawney and cooler air will be arriving on friday as high pressure
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building in. the exclusive accuweather forecast, breezy and mild start to february and 49 degrees and mixture of clouds and sunshine and back in the bright sunshine on thursday and temperatures begin to step down, 42 degrees again on the breezy side with winds from the west and friday winter again 36 degrees and partly sunny and high pressure is in cold on saturday. and high own 35 degrees and heading in super bowl sunday we start the day with sun and increasing clouds and snow showers are developing in the afternoon and evening hours, at this point it looks to be a light snow event. i would say generally a coating to inch or two not a big storm. 37 degrees behind the system temperatures start to climb next week. monday 44 and tuesday up to 54 degree, it clouds up and it looks like we have a big storm on wednesday. that cuts to the west. that puts us in the warm sector
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of the storm. it's rain and not snow and temperatures could be in the 60s. we head to march. >> all right they don't often get the appreciation they deserve but teachers in landsdale got the standing ovation, the students lined the halls to do a faculty walk of fame. students cheered them on and it's a great tradition. part of cage lynn schools week. >> world news is next on channel 6 and "action news" continues at 10:00 onphl 17. for cecily tynan and ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00. ♪
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tonight, president trump's primetime pick. about to reveal his supreme court nominee. president trump and his reality tv roots trying to build suspense, moving his decision to primetime. have finalists been summoned to washington? our terry moran at the supreme court. new pushback tonight on the immigration order. the white house press secretary now saying this is not a ban, even though the president and press secretary used that word themselves. and the acting attorney general fired, the white house saying she betrayed the department of justice. the deadly secret raid. the navy s.e.a.l. killed. new questions tonight about the american mission. did al qaeda know the americans were coming? the dangerous commute tonight. more than 200 crashes in the northeast, the storm system affecting millions. and new security revealed tonight ah


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