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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 4, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EST

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an all new show with fresh viral videos, "right this minute." >> what's up -- >> it's a swat standoff after a man breaks in -- >> and holds a girl at knife point. >> the mind-boggling reason he asked her to call the cops. >> great idea. i'm glad he did that. a professional baseball pitcher gets his wife in the game. >> he's got the ball, she's got the bat. >> what a video s fire on the internet. >> no one has seen this. you guys are the first. >> why this has intrigued. plus bonus give away day means your chance to win a new ipad mi n amaz e a little lesson at the supercross where the pros -- >> taught oli how to ride a bike. >> see if you can spot him under all those helmets.
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well it's all relatively quiet in russia and by the number of police you know something is up and when we go into this drug-crazed man broke into this home where a 13-year-old girl lives with her mother. this guy took the 13-year-old girl hostage at knife point and demanded drugs. now, of course they didn't have any in the house and that is where this guy asked the young girl to call the police to get them here so that he could negotiate r release in return for drugs. that's righunkie would call the police to get drugs. >> you can see there's an officer in the door. we can see as people are trying to negotiate with him, tryinn. to >> i cannot believe th on this child's face. by the looks of it a little bit later we know that s.w.a.t.
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teams have turned up. one of the tactics is about to a [ screaming ] he just breaks into the room, one, two, three, the guys just basically jump on top of this guy, start wrestling with him. all chaos inside the room. though eventually you do see that young 13-year-old girl she is taken outside of the room, desperately, no idea where sheis and they sit her down and try to calm her down and while people jump on top of him. >> was she injured, i heard her squealing? >> she wasn't injured physically. this wil. let's be glad that it seemed to end with no one getting hurt. the inevitability of robots taking over the planet has long been in the works, okay? boston dynamics the people
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behind some of the world's finest robots had an opportunity where they were showing off some of the previous robot, theas and the spot which is more like the dog robot. they have put out the video which has go super robot because it's a new robot thatever been seen before. handle. >> new presentation. >> oh, wow, look at this. >> wow. check that out. >> this is their first experiment of using wheels together with legs. they believe that this robot is going to be far more efficient at moving around. you can see it constantly balancing and stabilizing itself very versatile with the small wheels on the rear legs. they call it handle because eventually they hope that thiso handle objects. a crowd in the audience gasped when they saw it. >> yay. >> you old videos ba day, they'd have the lumbering, walking robots falling over and stuff. we just had basically a robot.
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>> what you see in the videos seems to be completely autonomous. >> we should be slightly worried beca other day, top four poker players in the world were defeated by ai for the first time. getting smarter. >>pping progress and this is what it's supposed to look like. oftentimes we hear stories of people living to be 100 plus years old. the question is posed what keeps you so young? well i think it might be safe to say, dance. dance keeps you young. >> whoa. >> because she is moving and grooving. ♪♪ >> this video of her was taken at the retirement home where she resides. to say that she can do a little two step is an understatement. r shuffling from side to side. she's got the jazz hands. >> put it in perspective, for peop watching at home. she was born during the first world war. >> yes. old. she's got a dancer's body.
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that's what happens when you have a dancer's body. you can move like that whe. >> she's getting it done. she's got her hands in the air. ike she doesn't care. and that's at 101 years old. she's 101 years young. >> oh, the smile on her face and the everything. sarah rodgers who watches in toronto, is the latest winner of the ipad mini. >> stay tuned we'll be giving away an ipad mini and amazon echo. >> to enter you need to enter in the buzz word and be at least 21 years old and a legal resident of u.s. or canada.stay tuned for the give away. all the rage recently has alancing right? this guy has one. so that they can ride it over this i
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is going to keep going. >> he misses the jump. now the motorcycle is going, but he chases after it. it's not slippery or anything, the other motorcyclists decides to try to help to see if he can help with the motorcycle somehow. by tipping it over a couple of times. >> this is like a cowboy trying to wrestle a horse. you need a lasso. >> didn't even last eight seconds. >> you're getting there. >> the problem is he starts to kick it in the direction of parked cars. this motor oh, no. >> made it worse. >> we were joking about this being a modern self-balancing motorcycle. it's a regular old motorcycle with centrifugal force. >> a balancing kayak? >> more like a self-balancing red bull can. this is a professional kayaker >> nice. >> wow.
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>> wow. well the college students are doing the water bottle toss he did the kayak roll. >> practice. they need to know how to do the roll and do it quickly and efficiently. what better way than to pu. a makeup tutorial just in time for valentine's day. >> make a great firs >> yeah, run. and a plumber is given a quote -- >> can you do it for f no. >> see how this negotiation plays out. >> basically, the experience i provide you with here today you look amazing on your res.
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operator, switch or producer who will make it throughe plumber has given a quote. >> yeah it will cost 50 euro. >> no, sorry, this job is unpaid. >> yeah, it's the exposure. >> what? >> exposure between facebook and instagram i have 324 followers. so this is an exciting opportunity that could be the futu >> we have all heard this. >> right. people at an office people are creative. all that sort of stuff. everyone then goes great great great, but can you do it for free? >> no. no. no. >> if it were for charity it would be a different thing. >> even then show me the money. >> basically, the experience i can provide you with here today will look amazing on your resume. >> i'm on the plumber's side. i want to throw him out of his own house. >> get out. >> what do you for a living? >> graph designer. >> you design something and you get paid? >> i never get paid. >> so basically -- how can you live like that? how do you survive?
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live like that. it starts in april, i started an internship and i won't get paid for the next six months. >> asks a question, how do you feed yourself? >> i just take them. i give the security guards incredible experience. last week one tackled me from behind and tackled me. they work amazingly as a team. >> you just have to talk to them like they're 10. >> i'm going to need actual physical cash. i'mshockei'm isapinted tha a fantastic - >> 15 -- 20 tweets. >> you want to go out and have some fun in the snow? >> yes. >> just hook up with a hoe -- a track hoe. yeah. tie yourself to it have it spin around and enjoy. >> works with snowboards or skis. this is a ton of f you get
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a little bit of aerial going on too. this kind of fun is best captured by -- >> yeah, that's what's going on here. >> mostly thrills, couple of spills. including one with the drone. >> where did they get the they have connections. they did a video where they used the samef machinery over water. they said go have some fun in the snow. >> i like the part they ride in the lift. >> a couple of girls up in the bucket enjoying it. if you're strong enough to hang on you can pull off some super slick aerial moves. an entire behind the scenes video. click on tv show or use our . they do say love hurts, but don't go turning into two bleeding hearts over this on >> wow. she may have tucked herbrows too much. >> slightly too much. this is one of my favorite makeup artists on the web.
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got an e-mail maria. >> not the hot eyes that everybody really goes for. >> the warm and fuzzy feeling you've got. bueasy. you see this she uses a pencil to outline the heart. and she creates that torn skin eftarts sh the shape of a heart. using that -- >> that's the kind of heart that when she gets underneath the lids. see you later. >> she puts the makeup under the latex, uses brown and red to give it that depth of real blood. this is the part where things get real funky. because now she's starting to . and voila. hey, happy valentine's day, everybody. it's a giant inflatable slide and you see a bunch of kids jumping up and down. >> when a child gets sent flying >> oh, man.
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>> promotional considerations provided by -- salicylic acid controls rec plus new gold biosle. breaking free from great. max strength selsun blue® targets the kes and itch. selsun blue®. freedom from dandruff. s a man in in s holding o we don't kno man on lower him de down officials or not, but they got an old rug hanging on a wall so they can hopefully brewow. . >> didn't look too bad.ct he kind of went face into too guys. th guy t up a stairs? >> maybe he will learn that heshould use those instead of the window. >> oh. this is a giant inflatable
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slide, you see a bunch of kids jumping up and down. but you're about to see a fall that could have been you have little kidser is oh. oh man. got kid whohappened to that's why they have space between people going down slides and th. ttle boy suffered a. they're having a baby. if you're padres minor leaguer what better way to reveal the gender of the baby than with this beautiful video. he's helping her over -- >> that's cute. >> they take the f steps right up to the pitcher's mound. so she goes at the ball he's got the bat and he's up. and >> she comes leaping into his arms. >> the cubs win the world series all over again. >> oh, that's cute.
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i like the bow i >> baseball >> cutearound. at video, revealing the gender to their chhere. what does that say? >> you see the sonogram and the trying to figure t what oyster. >> yf course you do little who wansister? >> yeah a baby sister. >> she is whites. >> anoth meanwhile, in here. oh. another -- >> oh, >> maybe if i close my eyes it's not real. >> it's not the last girl that makes him cry. >> >> it will bey. >> well little tomboy and everybody wins. >> can't all b. it's time to give away another ipad mini and it's bonus give away today. that means somebody is goiomebody
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is get an amazon echo. >> enter the buzz word, be at least 21 yearsd be a resident of united states or canada. >> and head over website and enter. >> youan do it each and every >> so the buzz word it's echo. echo. >> so click on the win ipad button enter friday's buzz wo echo. >> you want to enter today because it's bonus give away day. someone is going to win ipad mini and someone will win an echo. good luck everyb talked about learning to ride a dirt bike. >> well i took him to they that. >> oh, look at him go. >> >> watch him in action with the pros. [ laughter ] >> hey, he made it
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the thing in half and use th >> well done. ever since i met oli pettigrew he has talked about learning to ride a dirt bike. >> yeah. >> seople and i made s well i took him to the pressionals, let's just say that. >> oh, look at >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> like whoa you good lesson. >> i like how you guys believe that for a second. we went down to the university of phoenix stadium for the monster energy supercross. we got to hang without the jgr team, they took time out of their day to teach oli to cially westin. he taught him the s. oli how to ride a bike. >> quick study. quicas off learning with westin hanging without the otherpr aboutcycles. pointing things out. talking [ bleep ]. >> yeah. >> the guys were let me bring own bike down to theli learned how to ride we got oli set up. there's my bike. i got oli his very own dirt bike to ride as well.
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knuckle bump there. let's hop on. >> hop on. >> we made sure to get oli an appropriatehim. right before the dropped, oli goes the brake is on the ight? but i bro, youd off we went. >> he looks like the mascot. oh. >> hey, he made it go. >> here's oli. >> oh, my gosh. >> he' track. now i'm a little further ahead. i was getting completely sand blasted by thet. >> you? >> imagine that. here's the checkered flaer ] wa >> this is where the girl kisses you at >> monster energy supercross is is showing up in oakland, california this weekend. then to arlington, texas, they travel the country.
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please get out there and show them some support. they're aw thanks for watching. join us on the next brand-new epis" [ groans ] mcnally? yo. up and at 'em. it's 10 after 8:00. we got to get a move on! why -- why are you hollering at me?me up here and say hello. no! you can't see me until the ceremony. hey. get over here. that's ridiculous. it's actually's a superstition., i'm gonna take boo for a walk and then take him to the sitter's, okay? uh, you have like 40 minutes to get ready and get out of here. also, don't forget that oliver's taking you, all right? traci's gonna take me. uh, do you have the music on your phone? i do. okay. what about your vows? i do -- memorized. would you please come up here and say hello? close your eyes. i'll know if you're cheating. my eyes are cl see?you and
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mery high-maintenance, and i ca[ i love you. let's . okay. let's do this thing. nash, where are we on the lindsay mcconnell murder? uh, i've been working it all night with gail and detective anderson.gailill not sure what happened. what are you, new? the hu the husband okay, but i've had him in interview for four hours. his story hasn't changed.he said he came home from work last night and he found her dead. and you bought that? okay, sir, it's just that it's andy and sam's wedding day. do you know whs? the defense lawyer? yeah. he's also the victim's uncle. he called me six times. he wants to know if we're laying any charges. and tonight i'm having dinner at a charity fundraiser. guess who's sitting at my table. before you go anywhere today i need a working theory, detective. i'm sorry about the timing. [ sighs ] traci. aren't you supposed to be helping andy? yeah, i am but i'm not, clearly. okay. what do you need? the flowers are being delivered probably right now to the sally port. i the church. all right. in my lockerfor the mason jars and the projector --e slide night.
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it's a surprise. no, it's cool. i will stay. hey, i got you covered, right? okay, a little star transition, a little slo-mo, a little phil collins -- i got this. nash! any day. thank you. we have tons of time. i should have picked the route. do not worry. it's not us i'm worried about. [ cellphone vibrating ] hey. did traci call you? it's jle snag. uh, she got held up at work, but she's already sending a car.t up? i-i -- traffic is impossible all the way out of town.change of route. 407 to the 9 to the 5, okay? tell everybody. yes, i got it. i got it. i love you. i got to go. don't worry. [ sighs ] love you. listen to her, buddy. remember my we my cousin, and he left our rings on a city bus. i had to chase that thing for like 10 blocks. okay? these things aa way of working themselves out. duncan: fellas. sup? um i got a quick question.le situation with the plus-one? i'm taking chloe. duncan: oh. well
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she's technically invited, so you're supposed to bring somebody else. don't think it works that way. diaz, my man -- nope. so, is this my lucky day or what? just in time for the bachelor party. you guys got dancers? better hope so. dov: sorry. who are you? my name's jay swarek. i'm the father of the groom. but i guess you guys wouldn't recognize me. i'm sure that my picture didn't end up in his wallet. seriously? yeah. you're sam's dad? yes, i am. now, he told me i should meet you guys and hook uand we'll drive up together. is that all right?it. you relax, there, nancy. special parole. just a day pass for good behavior. it's a special occasion. come on. let's go. [ car door closes ] [ sighs ] my vows. [ knock on door ]'re supposed to call when you get here.
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nick. wow. hi. you look beautiful. oh. [ chuckles ] thank you. i thought you weren't supposed to put that on yet. wells just trying it on one more time -- you know make sure it was perfect. come in. you're coming, right? no. actually, i'm, uh, i'm heading to vancouver in two hours. oh. i don't know for how long but i figure it's worth a shot, right? ohh. okay. do you need anything before i, uh...before i go? uh, i mean, something borrowed something blue. uh
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